2PM: Would you be heartbroken if the Brewers don't get Machado?

The Wendy's Big Show
Wednesday, July 11th
2PM: If the Crew doesn't get Machado, will you be heartbroken?  Ramie, Sparky and Tim Allen discuss and take your calls. 

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I. Buffalo went to Steve Sparky Pfeiffer Jeff Orlovsky on the other side of the glass I see in turn us BP over there. I'm sure he's just wrapping up his bill Michael's duties and he'll be on his way I don't know if we have. Another intern or it's an empty backfield for Jeff for a lot Cuba we got a lot to get to if you. Between now and it's 5:30 including at 3 o'clock get into some bucks talk. The Bucs might be Dick getting disrespecting the Odyssey is definitely getting dis respected and that at 4 o'clock we'll see just how confident you are about the birth chances. In the National League and out of the gates you wanna start with so amber is talking ask would you be heartbroken at this point if the brewers don't. Get Manny Machado former you know the name of Thomas and I so are we what we wanted to go over some of the other suffered a little guy that's right you'd French you did mention that sir you forgot about I don't forget that that's an hour ago Ella that there was a while yet you can't expect me to retain an animation. For an hour there had been some so there's been multiple things going activity this morning address of this is that this is what we've got going nine. As of right now and I'm sure you've probably heard him talking about it and yes he talked Bobble things on the bill Michael shale. The first one of course is from Jim vote in the former general manager. Who'd waited out pretty march. The potential deal of corporate burns Keon brought in Orlando RC it's an Orioles for Manny Machado. And put between that is not confirm OK if you're from somebody I'm guessing not the organization. And he had had a chance to that point called summoning your organization to confirm it. What are the case maybe now we do know from previous reports adverse not wanna put two Corbin burns into a deal that he's there were keeping core burns. So maybe ad ends up being Luis Ortiz with Broxton are CEO or something along those lines. Through too much out of them. Then comes another report later this one from John Rosie. John Rossi. As tweet says source brewers twins have engage in trade talks for now Milwaukee more focus on the middle Minnesota infielders. And portal ask of our Brian Dozier. Then Lance went although the birds did have tossed the line as a free agent. Last winter. And those were the latest ones that I had seen. Prior to. Coming in here and I have been off of Twitter for the last hour ourselves so I'm very well. I was on Twitter for much of the last could have missed some so I don't think we missed anything I think that's I think that's the latest. At this point with the rumors going around about the Milwaukee Brewers and what's going out. Com another pitcher out by the way Bob ninety between Jon Lester will not pitch and else are game as he will not pitch and Sunday good stat that's so he is now out. And yeah that's correct. For me right now we these rumored deals. Appeared like their own app for. You either or or I mean Lance Lynn was mentioned in that but that permit their monotony serious or not that they're talking to writes Jack says that their dark about middle infield estimated throughout Lance land admirals he did because they did try to get Lance went according to reports last. Note the the vast majority of the rumors actually all the rumors that I've seen regarding the Milwaukee Brewers. As we approach the trade deadline lesson in three weeks there right now has been position players they've decided. And there's not a stunt available. For a reasonable price and they're gonna try and make this line of really really good at bats how live right I I don't know everybody else is reading it. But that's how I read it. Right now now will see how this whole thing plays out I'm not. I'm not a Bryant knows your fan not. Ask a bar I guess maybe. I look see what his numbers look like this year but I definitely not. Board. The bandwagon. Of grind older he's not have that great a year to begin with. It's an upgrade and torrential and it's it's a rental but it and and it's not great how much of an upgrade is it over Brad Miller tell me it's I think significant. And what aspect I think he's a better player than what you've seen from this year look at what's gonna change he's switching leagues on top of it. So not you not playing well in the AL not coming over to the Howard got the face guys that. You don't see all that often. That's all I'm saying Imus ours Eduardo basketball are goes. Numbers are horrible. 2785330. On Bay's fourteen homers 54 RBIs. 523 sliding so I'd rather have him and Brian Dozier were organized. Take their one on ago I think either 135 doubles already I think he leads the league in doubles with I don't know I don't know what the price tag would be for Brian Dozier I'd much rather have Escobar as a rental I'm not given up that much for Brian Dozier now I'd rather go what's his what's what's appealing to it for me it's it's an upgrade I think like I said. And I'm assuming you're not gonna have to give up nearly as much as you would and Manny Machado chart do you think they replaced. The shortstop and a second baseman and are just don't. He think they get Machado and then one of these two on top of it and replace the middle infield. That meet that be tough to do that be tough to pull off between now. In July 31 and I think I think you've I think so. I don't think Escobar don't you're with us so much. Based on the travels prop that the pack it around that's a lot. Now ever say I get an outburst but will be somebody else can add to give up you what you battered not give up the top pitching prospect for either one of those two you know no. And I think I think they're satisfied. With the production that they've gotten out of Graffanino and Miller the combination. Of those two guys I don't. You you're not gonna have an all start every position you're not going to be the Golden State for speakers. Of Major League Baseball that's just that's not gonna happen there's some positions where you're gonna have the Graffanino is and Brad Miller's of the world that's the reality of of any and our good base. Faulty but if you're the birds you don't have to think that way. There is no reason to be given opportunity get to these guys. And you get to those guys write you add that shot only knew that luck I yesterday I said much idle and Adam Jones do exact. And then tell me how good the slightest if you're a brewers. Why not that add much idle and Escobar or don't measure if you're I would not I don't want those are asking bar I'm good. So if you get Escobar and you get much idle the middle infield is completely redone. And now you go with that. And as Dumars got some pop and Miller Park that you play just fine Miller Park. He's a better defensive player I think Danish law everybody's about our defense for the Machado according to defense rating you said the other day yet. On so he's a better defender adamant Joba to I just. To do you have nobody at second base that you're gonna be heartbroken over Kashmir out is not here yet and this escobar's rental. So you're not stopping Escobar as a are not driving here from plane and two or three years right right you that nobody at shortstop other than do body he's out for the year. So who cares rebel positions and then next year it here is ready which rankings you might be right next year here is erratic get and it's ready now. Yeah but the rest of me I know physical that's the issue that that's why don't not using will play second base bubbles. So if here can play second base may be here I do Bonner of the middle infield lecture on opening day. That's a huge step for here I don't know of the concerns would be okay doing that but. Maybe that's what you do but there's no need to think about that now right now you got to figure out what middle infield helps you get to. The playoffs compete for World Series gaps which you have to consider right now and Adam Jones numbers Jones numbers aren't that much different escobar's numbers. This year wrecked they're really not so you don't necessarily need an outfielder purse say even though you'd be upgrade over what you have defensively for sure work. But. Offensively. That's gonna help a lot of its been almost as much as Adam don't gonna help realignment of its not the same seed beat you be satisfied with that. I could ask Obama John a lot of happy no outside and Escobar and and notre. Men and and and and I don't want Brian Dozier how to set up by about tigers saying you could be Null and he's a bar when Dario for Escobar. And soldiers part of it's no you're not say Iowa ball earned him misunderstood who now my child and one of them. Not say much title and Escobar in the middle infield. And we play without going forward. I get the sense that and that's why we have the questioned out would you be heartbroken at this point if the birds don't get ready which I don't have played in Nevada yeah I have the sense that. Not just you. But much of brewer nation. Is putting all their eggs in the Manny Machado bass which is awesome because I as far as their hopes for what the birds will do between now on the trade deadline right. Yes you put all your eggs in the Manny Machado basket and I feel like. It's going to be not for the team I don't know I'm I'm not saying this about about the guys in that clubhouse. I feel like if July 31 comes and goes or sometime between now and July 31 met Emmitt shadows traded to a different team. Feel like it's gonna be a real gut punch. To a lot of the Burress fan base at this point I just. Think that if you. First of all nobody thought they were even being a conversation for breakfast or to start and I'll like around right so hey nobody thought they'd actually be an. Beat nobody actually thought they'd be serious suitors for him. And everybody's saying no other two or three teams that have the best chance of letting him at this point vs. What they have available while Baltimore watts. So it's a real possibility right now so that leads you to dream and right now I'm pieces of paper what the things don't look like did you get Manny Machado. Why that and then have you had asked the bar on top of it to give you another hitter and a lot of and give you a good defense of peace in the middle of the field. Mad. Because again it doesn't appear they're looking for pitching but the schools seem to meet again. You suburbs pitch last. Yes. Birds. Even though is ERA one all that good because it. Pitch and Colorado Springs big guys wrote ERA and everything else it's just not right is probably going to be number two pitcher in the rotation as my guest. And Peralta probably be somewhere around there too. Not just put him in the rotation. Right want I just put burns into the rotation. And see what she'd. Probably for the same reason that you're not seeing the bird's name come up and a lot of trade rumors for starters around the league I think they're okay with what they have as they starting rotation. I think there's talk that. Are well you know we don't know yet upper -- I think Byrnes would be an upgrade tennis rotation. But if you add burns and parole in this rotation which you're they're both going to be the rotation next year I think it's like to say right. Probably if so burns abroad the bulk of that rotation next year to go along with hopefully Jimmy Nelson he pitches again. So those three at the front the rotation. Which is Anderson and zag Davies or chase Sanderson junior guerra graduation and a lot for have a shot he's in the position next here they're gonna end up having trade pitching. The to me cats. Yet that's not that's not ever problem Davies Garrett just seem to know here I mean you show us Jimmy Nelson Perreault a burned they've got eight guys for anyway Miley you gotta figure I guys surprised by got to figure out the mightily options among those guys but you you never have too much starting pitching because no staff goes your 162 game season. Without some injury problems and and needing the cavs argument right now you could trade a pitcher or two at the deadline. He did you may be another bull pen arm. To help that bullpen going down the stretch nobody's time of them trading starting pitching but. It's Gaby is in the pretty surprised if they did it Davis get back on this mound and give him a couple starts what pretty good. Why not why not zagged ABC give you another reliever you're only back to after the all star break at least. Breath of the trade Atlanta and August 31 at two weeks spread some some say if he comes back every also breaking get to a couple starts. Why not maybe move Zack de beast is trying to to another bullpen arm to really solidified a bullpen on the backside. May be in the offseason. Once that once they're convinced that burns and Peralta are are ready to go and raid add to this rotation on a full time basis. Maybe that you start talking about trading some starting to save birds and the rotation right now I can't right now yet but he's he's balances in the bullpen and if they're gonna keep him there he could be a potentially valuable piece to that opening to be the Josh hater of this year. That's our sink you betray Davies add another bold and peace on top what you already have. I just I think you have a chance to build an unbelievable that was one more good quality arm out there dat is solid. To go along wood burns hater. Taylor Williams jumper test scores are only able I mean you you can get to the point that where. You gonna have burns is joining guy one day and then hater page is the next day birds and they're just rotated is that to winning guy right. Going forward and into airwaves can bitch on those days with Corbin Bernsen I you've got to would you guys animals off days when they're not pitching. I just roll the dice again Jennings and see what. I'm glad you're I don't know from mistreating this or not I'm glad you're not putting all your eggs in the many match at a basket or are you. There's is not another person that's gonna have the impact and his team is as much as much on. That's available would you be heartbroken who else is at the there's other player don't land Manny Machado at this point. 4147991250. Can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan as are another player out there and with the impact of Manny Machado. Now another is it a big is impacted anybody available of the trade deadline and that's nice to have but do you necessarily need that. Yes and you're gonna go to World Series let's discuss right after this on the Wendy's facie store is big shower running Mac off along with Steve Sparky Pfeiffer. To and pop and and and today open invite for Tim Allen's not here today on the show you shoot it. Right I can be here out bread and the question right now. Would you be heartbroken at this point if the brewers don't land management shadow before the all star break for no 4799. Pulpit deacon tweet us at 1057. At them the fan you say no attempt now depends what else they do to produce something I'm you have a level headed approach to it because the last few days on the second to adopt but I interject. If you must it's he said that's. A flip and we like all done let me explain something you quickly mr. Allen neighbor guy. The amount of impact that and Escobar or Dozier is gonna happen the twins. Verses in the China is not nearly the same amount of impact not not a not even close ride comparatively now if you add. Cole Hamels. I don't think that's gonna have the same mpeg either Cole Hamels the middle of rotation guy and his latest career. That's not. So for me. The biggest impact player on the market right now you are one of like three teams that legit chance to getting and you've got all the pieces necessary to get a if you don't get the biggest best thing available to you had the deadline with the best record of the nationally a legit chance to possibly go the World Series. Yeah I'm gonna be harp. Rob I applaud the effort. I do we don't know the effort well that's a thing but okay so it's much Otto. Or. Dozier. Rodney. And Familia China vs anybody I'm taking Machado I don't know I'm we're just talking about about Hamels Dozier. And injuries familiar. I know who you're saying to move three Obama get all 30. It all three Vick to pony up for much not only to lose my mind. Good morning to lose my mind that's what's going to happen because we're just talking it doesn't appear there in on any relief any pitchers at all. We haven't heard a really nice catch one rumors out any magic salt okay. Then I said yesterday you may or may not like this because it's a little extreme. But if much model is gonna cost that much and I don't think it's a high price decimal we're seeing right. I'm knocking Tom Jones too while you're there get something with from a child why do we get out and out just adamant shot. Birds and have somebody else a farm system but I want Jones do I want some other guy to yeah. A simple words you go up. Yeah outfield. At yellow came jolts Tebow the ball field a baseball period not even close you're at a usual line up. Brought us off the bench and uses all the veterans you have to cool power bats all the bad ones from the right one from the left. They are they both can play corner outfielder first base nor can play third. It's a big album with shock. I'd just assume you'll see how that's going forward if you get my China and Adam Jones if you get a shot what Escobar the App Store for your redo their middle infield. And you move forward. How how about brawn and and again we heard that pop up was that at the John Decker whatever implant a little second base. I think you'd be a butcher there who think you're sex or not or is this man can't viewers bird it's now. He can't be worse at second base and you would be a third he had so he had Little League and worsens our excellent there possibly in history the brewers yemen's higher esteem has rolled. He was so he won't even consider even going back there to take routers I know but now you're asking him to have range. To a degree. At least be of little more active as that is it is bad is brought back. That I don't care about the arranged fine I'll sacrifice in defense a sack in Italy's broad they're doing now what things in the outfield of seeing him play outfield I told you forever he's brutal hikes is no does not doing out there he he he looks just uncomfortable out there isn't PH that's what he has yet. I would agree with these that's probably the best spot from although he plays a pretty decent first base is not a bad look at our at first base so I think he could be a first baseman in the National League. That position is currently taken no. Casey Sagal are who will find out in less than an hour if he's gonna make the all star Jane heartbroken over that too if he doesn't now I think he's in RI agent is season. So your because Tim the last couple days listening to Sparky and and on Monday may be counters tubby he spent basically an entire evening in his basement with a white board. Coming up with all the different lineup combinations that he could come up with with many but shot though. In the middle of it but it seems to me like a lot of brewers fans are putting all their eggs in the Manny Machado basket as far as acquisitions that might happen in the next three weeks. And if it doesn't happen. It's can be a gut punch not for the team I think they know what's going on here but for the fan base I think for for a large portion of this fan base it's going to be a gut punch I. I think you have the right approach that he had be great to have Manny Machado and that's probably that the greatest improvement at this baseball team could make. But as long as they're making some improvements between now on the all star break us improve maybe they don't win the bidding war from an image shot though but. They do something else a short second base or are like you'd talked about may be adding an armor to to the bullpen. It doesn't have to be Manny Machado doesn't they are doing well the way it sits right now I mean after all they do have 55 view of the war and often the production out of shorts a baseball. The editor via. I'm hungry I'll write downs they're bigger impact. Then another one another as offensive shortstop I just said there is hurting your your high horse a shortstop and you're telling me Brian dole who's gonna give me excited no it's not I don't know what you see is numbers a year or two ago man they were off the charts we do we get to go back and play our jaws I know. Quite dead date everyone as a down year and maybe that's just sit for dose of my office right. I doubt air. We. I know you're here. Org just a couple more months left in his down year to finish. His down yeah. Let's yeah I know rejuvenate all right going against pitchers he's rarely ever seen. This I should go can I bear no old he all around the gone well I'll -- Ryan note note should think he's seen in the gauntlet saying man and I wanna be part of that yeah share. I guess. Can come up but the another time back with broad field and all those guys were they were the past record in the NL at the brewery. Or the best record in baseball the trading our best record in the NL the trading deadline may maybe not with that group and Becker goes good look. Special Greinke they are good that 2007. They were too when he foreign ten. Yet when he foreign ten through the but after that I don't know monopoly closer to 500 in the I don't know man than not they'd they hung in there I think till the all star break but I don't think like that us. When you look at net. Right now as we speak. Let's see six games left if they go five vague they go 500 the rest of the way out just 500 which start to believe that they would right right. They're ninety wins. 500 from this point. So when a couple here built 56 games over they got a shot. Just based on what we know now nine when nationalist I'm 96 and mid mid to upper ninety's right and a chance to have a whole field to halt the playoffs. But debt that dud team of and to the south of us. That team that teaches a good baseball team guys that can they are. This is going to be a Manhattan ride it is not gonna surprise me is bounces back and forth now as an ally once you need much. It. You're trying to secure this the biggest fish you are right there for. I don't check out their I don't sit out as much I know anybody there. It though you could say Paris he sports isn't like real sports bar okay applied to driver their whole lives this is why know about him. What can set his sights on somebody and fancy football you just know he's got to give the bar begin until he gets up tried yoga or whether it's your court get up if you think it makes you. Super Bowl team or potential daddy you're. Tim go go get a one way or the other. All I'm saying is that this situation if you are those calls for my job. I'm assuming he's road to push chips and he can get another piece. From another team. And bring him in together with the with somebody else collapse yes so that we really fell to Baltimore. Whole lot of second on a channel let me give back tee I check -- deal involving different players would Minnesota to go one of the old team now Klesse placed second. And that he calls him back all right I got this deal done all right I'll do this to a fine let's cup. And that you get ball the ball maybe you're infielders and the only done this what happens when you compete for a panel allow it. And it's crazy it really finally saying it right now they are competing for planet legitimately. Then yes they are right this is that a playoff race this is a pat chase did you legitimately have a chance to win the NL. Yes you do and that you know the odds are are bearing that out in Vegas are coming down they started pre season that. But 1516 to one just to make some make the World Series not the winner. There are they were at thirty to one to win the World Series when opening day kicked around now other they'd they'd. Fifteen to one to get in and now they're down about eight to one to get him. That's amazing. It's it really does that they're good baseball team and I don't know if you could make the argument that they're gonna go anywhere could do. I don't play that good of baseball in my book they're not playing great baseball can we all agree there dagger. They're not playing great baseball and they get on great runs which all good teams do. But they're not a great baseball team the out or sewer service does. The numbers say if you. Buy into the analytics and everything else you'll get run differential in and all the numbers that baseball people. Put a lot of stock into. The Burris shouldn't have the record that they have right now you're right based on the production. That they've had to this point in the season that's council and some fight in that team absolutely. So now put some additional talent around rounds. All that and say who knows now. But it you don't have all your eggs and the man image out of Basque he'd love to get it. But you're satisfied that that there in the running as long as they do something between now on the trade deadline. You're gonna be okay as long as David Stern's shows you he's taking this run seriously yes it does something to improve this baseball team. You're going to be all right even if it's not a guy with Machado on the back mr. Kelly yup that's SE it's well that's that's a much more level headed approach and I would expect them to balance I'm not gonna lie I. No I yeah series well. He just thinks their closer to winning this than I do. I think they need another impact player and you don't have one in a pitcher unless they sell the farm they're gonna have some farm to get to grammar senator. So unless there will Russell park morals guys or bomb garter by some miraculous deal comes available. Okay and once you get one of those top flight pitcher is the all these are clowns that are available aren't huge impact I don't know much Barrett what you got now. Discord over the yesterday's stats wise. As the brewers right now. Our tents in starting pitching in baseball sixth. In overall ERA in baseball. As a staff its outstanding okay hitting their thirteenth in baseball runs scored. So I did not not saying if you have a chance to get a stud get a stunt I've point is there aren't really besides available. Unless again and you go to the maps or the giants and tried so far the fine go agreements on tape do it renews. It gives us an argument when they get them right no hold dotted all would what are you go to port Virgo and not at all I do think though courtroom burns. Here to help this team win games yes. He's not here to showcase Donald and I don't think he's here to it to give some other guys in the bullpen a break like they've done with some of the other guys who have been on the shuttle back and forth. The Colorado Springs he's here to find out. If he can help this team win baseball games in the second half of the season and make a playoff push special stories special season here's a tweet from crest. If you closely Manuel Arturo Benschoten was a bonafide diva he'll only play shortstop his way or the highway BS parental. What happens a shot goes dot Hu Mans third match not of course but he won't do our clubhouse is good as is goal outing gay jet Lowery. And Larry eight on the trading block that don't they a's won seventeen of their last when he two games. They're not they're not selling any time soon just the other lossless audio that was that's regrettable that was. One of the most ridiculous endings to a baseball game Luke and I ever seen did you see that now. So I don't know I don't know who the bad all the Francona screw with a bullpen that was crazy to the Astros a name is playing its tie game eleventh inning error I don't recall who the batter was do you temp now OK but. It's a bull's Webber out of the box. And it looks like it's gonna go file and has some crazy spin on it so maybe 56 feet from the plate. It's spins back into fair territory who Croix picks it up. The runners starts to come out of the box and does the old the old. The although lay and backs up from the tag the ball for no good times and just pops two feet up into the air. Out of the grays and the letter goes taken off down the first base line Luc Roy goes to throw to first base. Into right field. Run scores game on why and how of the batting helmet at the do you know what I know right field a debt off the bat until you're ready to catch that yeah. You know what happened why that's fueled suitcase injury Monday. Right I am still hasn't recovered riot at a of these funds Randy Wolf was at the rumor. That's that's you know Eric that failure that's your regret I'll get I was excited about as used to Dallas area had solid call I don't know where idea okay. Would you be heartbroken when it big gut punch if the brewers don't land Manny Machado between now. And July 31 4147991258. Into a stop at 1057 FM the fan what a lot of people don't want my child I mean I'm seeing that junior dollar trade a lot of people don't want any rental player. We'll hear from then I'll just know rattles stimulus aground you know are Amir cruel and also bribe a set of headphones or take some calls right after this guy's a wanna. Is that what homeowners. And I don't know we'll hit good value prosper I don't wanna what's your umbrella sales Haitian maybe there's a point that they don't wanna win they probably don't venture out on away and we'll be right. Sunday's big show are running Mac laugh along with Steve Sparky Pfeiffer. Tim Allen coming back in the studio our eyes outside job partaking in some. Activities which upper Lonsky OK apparently got as you'll aren't well he might stroll back in here he truly very level headed approach. To his old man image out I think I'm you sub I don't know that's a surprise. By two ballad what I as did god the questions that were asking you right now other ads really is the senior would you be heartbroken if the birds don't land many image out of at this point 41479. Dodd told that you can read us. At 1057 FM the Fed yeah we got the Big Three league up on one of our ABC ABC audio video flat panel here in studio I swear to you. I knew that Michael Rappaport the actor. Was involved in the Big Three he's sideline reporter yeah and I looked up at the screen or and I see it guy Scalabrine take it a shot now is like well they they put. They put Michael Rappaport is the game we went from sun reporter to player but doubts excuse me right calibrate the brides still Brady's injury. That is not Michael Wright John Stevenson. To bounce back there and punch guys in this thing and now we're gonna take your calls at 4142799. Tropic yet Carla Collins and losers are he has them through our watch old people play basketball they're going backwards any after the game called he man to do they have to call me waste his time that they now hold we'd have to get Dan's car right you're really excited to get to cut your wasting time at LeBron let's go to oh yeah. Yes let's go to foods Peter Berg and your other Wendy's big Joseph Phil's gonna be gut punch if yelled go led made image out of. Now on in the gut punch should be a if we give up too much for many in the shadow I don't spark you know it said the thing he loves that so would vote. The marlins' approach which is you've got your farm system take a one shot. What the fans we actually like to see. Good year when did you see that and when did you see that again. Are. I'm asking you win agency when have you seen the brewers be Goodyear engineer out in your life. Went. Al two years in a row does not mean anything I mean be good year in year out like the Packers the cardinals like that line has just seen two World Series titles private care a World Series titles he does Wannstedt to have a chance to be 500. But Richard spark wanna have a chance every year we would only my attitude at Serbia and we got. Daughter did agree that we not edited for us sabathia. Doubles the ball horrible times. That you're in the first half spark yet but at least the next three years four years Ottawa. I'll tell you right now if you're gonna World Series ring this year we can such an extent I don't really care I want a World Series before I die. I just to it doesn't have to major I'm 42 I've watched forty years of mostly crappy baseball. I want a World Series before I die that's all I want if you if that's a big deal do you yet at this ordeal like that's fine. For me is a broad Matagorda county stadium and watch him suck they're forever. And then go to Miller Park living near two and had over a hundred loss season what you saw there. I had my fill watchman suck just like the box no difference there. And note about the Packers knowing that eventually they're not gonna have a whole fame quarterback and that runs gonna stop and nervously looking back on board how to we only have a two super bull rates saying things are. Yeah. Our system for. Everywhere they don't it doesn't. Get these opportunities I've ignored. Kind of they've been the best record in the NL rookie all star break action that just came across the stat for me as can stats and info Bruce 55 wins are the most they've had before the all star break amber right but treat it like it a year when they have 46 games like anything different or extra special that's no different last year. The best record in baseball when again out on amnesty they get the best record. Why would you want to upset the apple cart your what you guys. I'd rather see them bring up bring it has been structural bring them back it's eatery that double. You don't have any. You can sit in here to bury Obama first at this important. Edit oh how can anybody thought here's all robbed or your health field or they don't exist in this farm system until the fights are the cult buddies illustrator are like the idea to we just disagree I don't mean you're fighting the fight that I fought last year but I. I'm gonna take up for failure a little bit you you say if we if they went a World Series this year you're OK it was sucking for the next ten years. And I always I'd get one I lighter side I understand you may think you're gonna know the company finish calmed down and not fill. Bomb I understand I understand that thinking. And I'd and almost any team that I root for. If you if you gave me those two choices I'll take it I'll take the championship and with us for the next ten yet but it's not that's not. That's not the choice that's on the table he brought up the Marlins option and how I like the Marlins are given the right idea because it worked for the Marlins doesn't mean that it works for everybody who tries that many good shot oh. Gives you a better chance at winning a World Series at the expense of a lot of fall possibly he I'm Brock says not I don't Garcia and core member opens the slot eventually. Might Machado gives you a better chance of winning a World Series at deep potential cost. A hurting your chance to contend in the coming years don't get in Baghdad and I stole it I got I was a couple of times like these I said potential. And prospects are often bonds prospects it's up to about to kick our exam I'm glad I know that some say but getting Manny Machado doesn't guarantee a World Series it's not a choice of well do we win the World Series this year and suck for the next ten years. That's not it. That's not the more swings you have that it the better chance you have of winning a you know we cereal has Zach Jackson active and I got ready as I guess he's about how excited and worked out. Because prospects don't always turn out more times than not. They don't that it allows very careful in choosing my words at deep potential cost shot shoot down not being historic contender for the coming in you have a chance to make a deal that based on what you just said yes. But Rodney which are missing here is and I love you because we've disagreed on this for our entire lives yet you're happy making the playoffs haven't swing and it okay five. Look in most dear is going into the less you know what you write. They were going the World Series last year were number Steve you knew what it was you knew they weren't good enough to beat. The potential contenders in the nationally the problem wasn't going to occur. This year's team has a legitimate. Chance to commodity and now they haven't had a legitimate chance to come by the NL since the Greinke team. The last time with fielder abroad. Everything was going right. This is the best chance they've had since and so this isn't just up let's get it has a wildcard hoped winner wild card game and get beat in the next round is on paper we just don't have enough to compete or these guys aren't you whimper. Us those Stevie. I am really impressed with some brewers France. Are so dedicated that they follow those prospect lists and they follow the minor league says more so now than ever I absolutely not so much more over the top I mean we ought to be our head and we were. We ordered the thanking Jim Powell for the down in the rough Madonna farm report year ago now and that's a good dog was coming up again and all those guys you know and it's funny because. What what really has prints and doing this year. Well what really are is money Harrison do an issue what's he hitting this year. What do and I lemons into an inning Jose Nunez and and what what what what is he hitting what what is Mike ideas. I hitting this year. As MAY and to look to see because there are a lot of people that. Were were mad about it Mike Harrison is hitting to 38 with a 322 on base percentage and 396 slugging. That's what he said. Can't be afraid. To move some of these guys you can't be afraid to you and I wish I'd be afraid to Izod Diaz right now is hitting to 32. With a 356 on base percentage and 384. Slugging percentage. It's at I immigrants and Sox commensurate. So that means that those are three of the four guys that you gave up an ad deal and none of them. So far down that early and Al can get better thousands immigrant though that that's a little bit different because yell it's was far more than around. No one's saying as we freak out about giving up these prospects like all of getting caught in my theory is as impressive mining heiress and had a big year last year right. And I jumped on the bandwagon I've been on a bad rings I think he's an unbelievable. Athlete I'm still a fan of his right I don't care what those numbers and how do you translate to this year and he goes right back into the tank again. Diaz is an attack again after he had his one big year a couple of years ago I just. Again Tim always says that and I fight with a month some guys are follow them on those two guys. And not think these guys are legitimate acting these guys are legit into more says you just don't know you don't Null until actually gained here now we find out biggest attempt. Is an alma blood fiscal either because Tim is guilty of the Matt Laporte it's gonna be all favor Stevie you'll see right in that you'll see watch he's going to be a study he was the biggest connoisseur or church in the world. On but in you retire he's not a baseball. Yeah it's go. Yep and you just can't be afraid to deal would put the cubs did Ron labor Taurus and him. I mean that paid off or you can lose not a comfort taken a shot I don't know when and I it's time I wouldn't know. I wouldn't knock the brewers for doing the same thing I realize that I would talk to a lot of brewers fans like are filled guys that has called and I would I would just ask this. If what's the difference in moving a few prospects now. When you think you have a chance. Then moving a few prospects and wanting to wanting to what do you think you have tears. Watch for brands as as many gonna push us over that edge or is waiting another year for pitching to blossom. Hater burns Peralta can't jump on one guy named three months expect the World Series look at CC didn't happen with him and he was historically great that year. Right but she got her that year and our our own her that your came back at the end. And ever on the red author pitching staff. Pitching staff was our drew told that's starting pitching staff was garbage soup blog Dave Bush almost got all over four ER raise Seth McClung. Horrible if you look at this pitching staff. Now Greg you there's no CC your Ben Sheets okay agreed but just overall then you're right why is just that spirit in what they had why does that help tennis much better than what they had. Why is it okay. In for two years to trade a handful of prospects are not as if I'm not say act collectors I don't know. Well at some point. You have to do this do you not yes and not necessarily but our. I'd there there are more optimal times and others to pull that trigger guy David Stern this isn't why I don't I don't mind I don't know what is and I got a choice for David Stern estimate but not the jars for the all right make your question right now is would you be heartbroken would have big gut punch if the Burris can't land Manny Machado 414. 7991250. Can tweet us. At 1057 FM the fan or this discussion when the when he's picture returns somebody's big show I'm running Mac cloth along with Steve Sparky Pfeiffer Tim Allen sit and end until bill may be attachment comes and picks them up to go at some lunch until about my friends said Dietz and what. Now Gary is out today it look at this no Gary today Polaroid literal LeRoy they're not he's up in Green Bay and I K you ain't gonna. Caught donate elegance they're both cleared via this address here right now would you be heartbroken root beer gut punched. If the birds don't land a man image out of before the all star break I feel like you put a lot of your eggs in that basket birds fans pour one for. 7991250. You can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan let's go to Mac one get in Jim. You're on the Wendy's big show what's up Jim. They. You know what I. I it would it would not gig sport which all is I think what's gonna happen after news that probably. Request burns in that deal. And in my opinion you're going to be something that nature bench got that kind of stopped it there the two trips to war. He's got that demeanor his sides not to use and number two stroke patient now. My biggest problem where one burns and is the fact that next year. All the tickets OPEC will smolder talking about is based on January we were not saying you know what. That rotation sides is how much we all were scratching our heads or how to put this thing together. You know we got college and it pretty often on paper. Next year I'd end up being kept the guys in the kitchen undermine secure now if you lose burns. And you'll be rented Machado and you'll need into the second round of the playoffs in just only because we're we're not just the travel where another pitcher pitcher actually as well. Next your your net you launch or top pitching prospect in it an orientation that importers pitching prospects that is. And you're reliant on the same pitching that you let your beaches about pitching and so spent now to win streak marking department Pakistan there. I just don't think for the rental price. Drawn Barnes and it is is work that you trolling or are Arsenio Ortiz. Proxy and helped draw an array I don't care who destroyed just controller top two. Global prospects in Europe and the burn. That's what if you got back with much auto however. Eight top prospect in there are there organization I don't think that'll have been well why. Why would you add to it at least attempt it because they're they're trying to rebuild why would they be giving up prospects when they're trying to start a redo some reports are saying they wanted some Major League ready players church. I have heard that report. Yeah I would I would by the league prospect back I would do it distorts a pistols think that. That Baltimore starter on low under prostitute trying to get them back in but I mean but my point here in India and its. Don't give up arms while regular anybody else you mean the urgent yet birds. You mentioned before earlier. There are no 512 prospects in this organization there's not too. Ryan brought comer help Prince Fielder and so you've got a bunch of good talent may be summed up my rights and it took the cream of the crop leveled by. Destroy anybody to stone thrower popped up and rental player expression Nevada pitching that. That in the free agent market next year we will make the World Series which is the goal all have a goal. Were. Line and these seem spies its meaty you know Nelson comes back and you're the inspector normal oh what. Earn a psychologist generation Jimmy Nelson an ambitious here. And it's becoming more more unlikely I don't think so I'm on top prize is not an on his reenter his birds lineup is out on her. Aims Cain yell Litsch angular shot salad Dino it's short pear is that Sackett nodding and catching parole up pitching. And again only two minutes to go according in my clocked immutable. That's it. To moaning and I now sit at 32 ruling so I know how voting closes at three very close that throughout and I'll I'll take them to tell them vital security you think it's on a computer protested generally don't need to like sit there and count ballots are a little concerned that they end chads and what not -- concerned that they sent out an email saying at a large in the lead sinkers and only but they don't give you numbers no. A little bit concerned about that a little bit concerned about the fact that Monty from the Dodgers is already in a home run derby comes out and. All star that help things I think the president I think it helps I think it helps because people if you were close. Then you'd have a bunch people running to vote. Rent for the second right place guy I agree I think it kind of helps some. On how they might think it's a foregone conclusion on this. This is straight season. David Stern's we're gonna find out. And we did last year to a degree we're gonna find out whether he thinks he has the ability to win a World Series or to get to the World Series by what he doesn't. How he handles a sing in the next twenty days. We'll find out because if feet here's the gut punch you guys are asking gut punched. It's to me it's not a bomber shot. To me if he doesn't do a thing and he picks up and Japanese wars back again. That's the gut punch for me. That means he has underestimated. What I and again I'm not meant negotiating rooms so maybe sometimes things don't pan out a little bit but. I mean we've Benny thinks that. All go all the in the way that you guys are are asking him to go all and by that I mean giving up a handful of top level prospects for a rental maybe rentals. Are just not something that's that's in David Stern's. And Mo that could be why you know he's been conversations in the shop that's your yeah that's why are exceptions to every rule someone in return with much Otto. And he would be talking to the twins does both of those guys are rental also addressed a bar note here it's also feature either he's doing this or it's not just telling him you need to do which is a possible that's also possible I don't know which war is not even really matter at this point. I can't Yemeni wedding receptions coming up at all because he cuts deals I would have to imagine he's going crazy right now. He's last year you didn't get the starter and you barely missed the playoffs. This year your better than you were last to get a chance of winning and Alan apple build through out you have to think he's talent. Him dude you got some. We are not gonna just sit here and not do ending on Guillen flexible money here she needs some body I got some cast shared whatever you need and that's get something done. Will keep this discussion going with full fault lines asking year. Would you be. Heartbroken gut punched if the birds don't play a hard shot out. Before the all star break you know the real one that means clothing has voted for the final vote on the you know all star ballot. I just waited a big flexing mill town I personally voted 2100 intend or did you ask -- good OK yes Arthur back Thursday curator who's playing a game last night a pace you Cingular does this I'll vote this maritimes if he does that although he ended up. Tallying up over 2000 votes nice over the course of the game that's it's I think we did you think so I think so I hope so. We'll take more recalls that 4147991250. Am Manny Machado when the Wendy's picture returns right after this.