2PM-Would You Play Rodgers If You Can't Make The Playoffs?

The Wendy's Big Show
Thursday, December 14th
Wendys Big Show-Ramie, Tim Allen, and Baby Tosh dicuss the pros and cons of playing Rodgers

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He's a great show running through. Thursday presented by masters he's not running back off a long way Steve's no no thieves market viper a lot went third to former pac I don't know former Packers that's just me. And the franchise Tim Allen he's the only man good enough to fill in for all three of those jokers sit then sit and in one seat. Stealing money sitting in later this afternoon him again yeah well a little bit of relapses. Can't kick at that. Other people get a kick wide this Lou Molly effort. You had a problem aren't. Well I definitely of that we got a lot to get to this afternoon we can now we can rule out and like 6 o'clock you since you don't you're not ruling out a trip to the hospital you do your birds to talk with in store with the balance it now and on the way yeah big show that's coming up at 3 o'clock we'll check in with our Milwaukee basketball insider Gary willful. 335. We'll hear from the man himself Aaron Rodgers at 348 rob reichel bombing in football dot com announcement as his weekly visit at four. 35 and a special prize pack for it they're back Thursday this week yes there. Special a special so whoever wins or how does that work whoever wins is going to get more than we would usually give away on a throwback Thursday nominate an artist while here's the thing. We'll get into that a little bit later I want I want to get into the meat of the subject little real quick here this us will be quick oh that Billy go over the a moves the Bruce amid in the winter meetings. Okay Jeff now. I'm not talk about everybody I'm. About it. Well got a very yeah very far as the highlights I like to be prepared no problem. Who is I got is let's and that is not Christian one of our interns on the job a Michael show I'll look at it side actually chance the interns final date and a really mean I don't know Rami barely got an album nod. I got to no chance about as well as I get to know and include it and I tell. Like editing area at the chance dances in Pullman Gary gave that would that's Gary is most addictive. And gave chance this todays tennis is lest they really isn't like I'm so I sound area on now that's too bad. If the if that is third act out of playoff contention would you shut down there and Roger. 4147991250. You can tweet us. At 1057. FM the fan we went there yesterday it's them all the scenarios and how the Packers can't make the playoffs yeah and who all means to lose and they have to run the table. I don't know what the math is in terms of getting knocked out like if they lose another game I don't know if there router who else needs to win to knock him out. I'm not gonna get into all that right now but if they are not out of playoff contention. Do you shut down the franchise quarterback coming back from a broken collarbone but mathematically yes mathematically eliminated from playoff contention whether that's this week. Or week sixteen. Do you shut down the franchise who's coming back with a broken collarbone get in at 4147991250. You know also tweet the show at 1057. FM the fan. Well we don't like to hypothetical if they lose but we have to talk about it and that is it's it's pretty simple. For me. And that is if there are mathematically eliminated yup thanks for the time we're gonna get you even further healed up. What more can he do all live if they had signed day a young wide receiver like three weeks ago or something. And their needed to be a little work on that some chemistry don't not the one thing that the caveat I will throw out there is that. Here working would Jamal Williams. Might be something. To work toward after your mathematically eliminated. But I think Aaron Rodgers can can handle the chemistry with the running back. So that being said. It comes through the running back is to just hang out there amen yeah football they Adams here at the running back Deanna I should you blocked no doubt blocking assignment that's the biggest one yeah of the so it. The answer for me is if they if they. Get mathematically eliminated at any point. Then Roger's gonna sit down and heal up and we'll see you next year. Go to medical opinion changed your opinion on that now because professional medical opinion now and I don't think so why not. That's I don't think okay. I mean what what's the game. What is instigate what's annoying you know what's really is. Uprising to be here out of Thursday afternoon with Tim Allen sitting in on the Wendy's big show up I had this topic that yesterday. And the reason that I had the topic out yesterday with a thought well. I was in the camp but yeah I should doubt I shut them down if he's if you're knocked out of playoff contention there's no need to risk the well being. Of the franchise if you're not going anywhere this year and I thought you'd Tim. The Herm Edwards of 1057 FM the fan and the guy you play to win they get your that you play to win the game guy that you run that's always you. So I thought we'd be at odds on this and and it would make for good radio here we are. On Thursday afternoon 24 hours after Wright I came up with this question and now you are saying you would shut him down and hi after hearing doctor Brian McCarty the midwest orthopedic hospital yesterday who joined the Wendy's big show. And talked about the Aaron Rodgers injury and we asked them is Aaron Rodgers at any greater risk of re in an old injury. Then he would be in any given NFL game and here's what doctor McCarty set. Check out. I really don't think yes I mean he's the only part that would be it are risky because he's still that the metal plate. Sometimes you can he fractured next to the plate right he won't fracture revealed tractor ride that's for sure that's been repaired. But you know yes we combat stress riser where there's that the metal that so little stronger than the ball. And sometimes you can have issues next to that that. You know the risk of that is really fairly small I mean let's face it guys keep you know that you you've played out there. You know I'd get. It's a rough game and any time you get hurt that. I think getting thrown the ball well these aren't at his condition captures great he probably as healthy as he's ever been at this time of the year otherwise. So I expect to stick around play well. So you say to play to win the game but if they're mathematically eliminated right what would be either of the positives to having Aaron Rodgers played two additional game well then why should anybody play. Just forfeit them watcher David Bakhtiar go out there and put his well being on the line why why shouldn't. Why should Dovonte atoms go out there and put his well everybody is at risk for injury when they step out onto an NFL field they are but that guys that got OK that guys I mean that guys dug guy right. And he gets he gets paid to play football and I'm I'm not that I am not a good print edition go and play in these geysers are soft nowadays it's not like back in the day when they played with a broken leg. I'm not that dude. And I and I very much would handle Aaron Rodgers with kid gloves if on the Packers and I thought there is any risk. For re injury Gary asked doctor McCarty what about reports that the bone is only 80% healed as a doctor McCarty said. It's either healed or not he'll carry. You don't play the neighbors say menacing message reasonably good game. I don't think so for that I mean these types of fractures it's if you see we we costliest emphasis right where the ball is completely healed a Krause. If that's healed it should be as strong as in other clavicle. Right so if it's as strong with the other clavicle and there's no reason that he can't play. Tell me and I. He and eat it if this thing gets broken again I've been broken into different places already. Does it matter if it's broken re injured again on one side or the other as far as long term of facts. Well if you look at the statistics. Which I did in preparation for you guys actually. You know. Running back cornerbacks have a higher. Rate having problems returning to normal sport after a injury to their clavicle and they're trying or or are holding handling on. I honestly think a lot of that has to do an older techniques to be to be truthful. I think in your techniques of lower profile plating and that's kind of production of the fracture. I don't see any reason that should be the case. And I know in my in my patient population we've seen a lot of these types of injuries. In most people get back to full activity with no residual this year. So it sounds like he's sounds like he's as good to go as any other football players even set in there that he's probably. How are here now than he is in and most at this point in most season but. Mathematically eliminated why would you take a chance. Why would even take a chance I'm not saying plated professional sports afraid of injury that's not what I'm saying and we can't pretend that people are gonna get hurt. Bottom line is quarterbacks have been dropping like flies this year. And for. Look at your guy you're Derrick Rose Rami there's a perfect example some years ago yes was it a playoff game rose at a stretch game I went from the first time encourages the I thirty delegates as a playoff game one hole he had that they got a rally IRY get an Arab by fifteen or bow whatever it was with two minutes or. The game was not reach right. I think that was the point yet. Game was out of reach there's an example right there of just crazy things happen. And with that in him coming off the surgery. Since it's mathematically eliminated number one that they can make it and and number two. Give me a role. That he needs to work on something with someone. To make this team better next year OK that all but still hearsay and developing a relationship where they stud wide receiver that happens to be young. Doesn't have the raps against with Darren Rogers. That another receiver has Jordy Dovonte accelerant. Randall Cobb OK that I can buy provide those types of arguments but if there's nothing additional are nothing new with that why would you plan. So by that logic than Tim Allen. Nobody else should play. Wakes weeks sixteen and seventeen of their eliminated from the playoffs on Sunday only you guys that affect your entire season like Rodgers does everybody affects your entire season and I know everybody well. Not everybody out there iron and a twelve guys though via. Aaron Rodgers has the greatest impact on the team there's no denying that enzyme is restating neon lace touched the ball every play but if if if David Bach you argue covers his blind side. Was to go down with some sort of injury that affected him long term. Left tackles are one of the hardest things to find in the NFL we know Clay Matthews as fragile as glass. And Clay Matthews is still the best player on your defense he could get hurt at any moment and affect the long term. Future agreement actors and he and and and defense and pass pressures are impossible to find. In the NFL today so shut down everybody and from now on in any season. According to Tim Allen a lot of ticket. He's season where you're eliminated from playoff contention you for just acts no just shut it down just returned to the rest of your games because you could get hurt we don't wanna get injured. Run ads that's not it. It's it's real it's a really good argument around me that you brought up when when you look at David Bakhtiar it was argument that a lot of people were having that. Aggravated me when you're talking about would you bring Roger back eighty not eighty deeper 80s80% or 70%. There football player you're to tell me David Bakhtiar hasn't. If you 70% at this time of the year that's our goal weight thing. Exactly Rogers wants the numbers and he wants to get in there for three more games. He missed seven games guys ya you you don't think that you know I don't know why has seven more. You fellas this I want to show. There are you worried about Rosie you're still worried about maybe an injury that could affect him. Next year in and further on down the solider is anybody's salary into the Green Bay with us being out eight games try to imagine that I asked doctor McCarty about that is well I don't think I don't know. Okay and that's that and there. The big there's a big difference between us and let Romo had just I think everybody on back to that eloquent at the Tony Romo that Romo didn't have it repaired. You know he had repaired the second time in the first time he let it heal and he had a probably didn't have a complete union of the fracture. In Horry did and it was weak there but I think with Rodgers even if he I mean if I was him. And I have a chance to play even if I break it at the plate he can still get it repaired again be ready to actually. I don't see that there's a huge risk from that standpoint for implying. So what is then the chemistry that's being developed to make this team better if Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers are eliminated the Sunday I think what makes this team better. Heading into next year by playing Aaron Rodgers against the vikings in the line I'm not let's face it what makes it better. I'm not saying that there's necessarily anything to gain I'm saying there's nothing to lose and these guys are paid to play football and as long as he's not at any serious risk of re injury art any serious risk of long term effects from an injury then why not play him. He's getting his paycheck he goes out there and he plays if he's not at greater risk. It's it's that simple sort kind of players are are more valuable your team and other okay. So any time the Packers are not got a playoff contention may be shut down Aaron ross' certain certain players there is an injury or there's no injury to shut him down I know I don't know whether the result of injury. Added on not not a there's no injury I'm where I thought were just deal with Rogers specifics what I tell you is this is the same thing as they're being no injury. I don't know I'm no doctor and no disrespect them. Doctor McCarty Bacardi coach. All of Judith Wright says god if I find it I walk into the bed and again I find it hard to believe that that thing is of 100%. Like it never happened I find that hard of one yet. One got in you know these young dudes rob me they wanna make when I make a name for themselves to mean Anthony Barr as crazy as it sounds. It's kind of a badge of honor knock in a guy now economy is look at the saints did some years especially look at that locker room. At the other 52 guys. Look I wanna knock him out as good work this is certain teams are put about owning on guys were knocking them out I mean it's wrong I get it's wrong but this is the way it is of these guys. I just find it hard to believe that he is absolutely 100% like it never happened I and that's why there's a little bit of risk factor. And nonetheless is the risk reward. You know out there because you saw what happened with Hundley in with the Packers stuff Flynn and they bail themselves out the couple overtime victories thank goodness they did but nonetheless you see the impact of Aaron Rodgers Lewis football team you wanna lose him potentially. The first 45 next year and Alison then what do you say. Once it's mathematical and who can you wanna play a couple of series errand I'll meets in the middle go out there and throw the football around against Minnesota for a little bit and then we will see later such is now. If Aaron Rodgers are assuming if the Packers are knocked out of playoff contention do you shut down Aaron Rodgers again. This time for the rest of the season 4147991250. Tim Allen says yap shut him down that's right wasn't a lot talked. Through guy with. A degree in medicine yesterday who works and I enjoyed Sunnis and collar bones and athletes and tries to get them ready to play again he says there is no greater risk. For Aaron Rodgers and there is an almost any up for almost any other player and any other game. So why not. Is somebody is job is somebody on the defense of unit of Carolina. Or Minnesota and Detroit. Do you do you think. They're gonna hit him just a little bit harder I think that I think people are trying to hit Aaron Rodgers every week. Like you said it's a bad about it's a violent game in and guys are. Rewarded for violence in terms of respect from teammates saturates that your. And taking out the franchise yes that's that's that's an advantage for an opponent absolutely. That's every week in the NFL. God with number twelve on his back man I can't risk that when there's no playoffs a Super Bowl on the line 4147991250. How about you'll find out when Wendy's big show returns with. Wrestling teams and its throwback Thursday I'm so excited I am there's always meets here on the one that brings this out as one of the absolute best as the Wendy's bacon. Here you go it's easy. Glass shatters. Double fist and fears and our downs and an end there. And it's music for. My man cactus Jack I know this is the entrant who victory stone cold Steve Austin you guys already broke the first we'll throw back there isn't what music plays thirty seconds before it. And does yet. Always played at least there's a statement just as long as stock country music is an ex Enron he just turns his head phones off again was fast they'll let it play for 32. Down. This is he Jack yes I wanna punch somebody right I still listen to this end this was on the like the five songs at least a listen to and we don't play. This was like number three. A look that's just it just fires one of. At the greatest wrestling team some all time money throwback Thursday presented by masters he's with wrestling team is bringing us out of the break rescue the question right now. If the Packers are not out of playoff contention would you shut down Aaron Rodgers what do. We remarked I don't know what I'm doing. It's very right there are. No idea that like three agents from his face barking at him sparking. Better and better about lovely girl is not it is voted by the newbie in seven minutes and thirty. The you can write it down on Casilla on hugs kisses. What these guys and talk about it got out of playoff contention would you shut out there Rutgers oral or. Seven I hope I didn't lead us at 105 evident that the head that was Tim Allen not Rami Maxwell couldn't bring his event Steve. Are you I put pressure so it's it's it's not your ordinary throwback Thursday real quick we got to go through history worry what's the well I'm not there and routers first of all. Next week the the throwback Thursday artist is already determined. It's a Christmas tradition at it'll be eight karaoke Christmas. Gary Gary sings. Christmas songs OK all that's next at all the next week Thursday yes so we're not taking votes after at what we can do is take requests easy working next year he'll be here next event that we check the scandal and everything is under heavy favorite Christmas song. And you'd like to hear Gary dollars and is interpret racing and of bits cut. Tweet that pat 105 evidence that the bed where I had snagged big throwback though so like I'm dreaming of a white Christmas yes Billy what what would Gary do you. And then. Do you boo yeah. Hobo while. Eight crews are. And that's about rush and you get news that Joseph and I don't. I news. Removed. Guerrilla job it would you go about its wish come around this rob dog I mean there aren't many cards over. As our defense of cold Lawton. Oh good dad. He and so glad I'm here because so far everybody's not on the door but not here for the big show today is that an impression of them made so yeah. And both right there for the pro afraid you're gonna want us and the paradox is on the right side of the how I don't think readers are now heard a joke that's barking that in Sparky that's across router to throw it that's a look at elevated Joseph in your Sparky yeah I like this and over and not only is it is it out of the ordinary in that way for a throwback Thursday we have your normal 25 dollar gift certificate for masters he's on the line but we also. Now only this week of for the next four weeks. We have a pair of tickets to northern invasion 2018. It's going on May twelfth and thirteenth up it Somerset ample theater and this is some Jeff for a loss you can get down with here's some of the bad. That will be. At northern invasion 2018 tool avenged seven fold all perfect circle. Chains Breaking Benjamin stow our whole pot it's tight ball over yes is all names of pain and yes yeah real yes they'll all be at northern invasion 2018 you can win tickets simply by getting in your request. For karaoke Christmas next Thursday for a throwback Thursday presented by members remains called tool to. The other big they are they big with like they're huge they're the of their other brand corn note cooler Charles felt it was a real bad of those bands are as huge yeah huge amount by an well it's sure well for Gary Oki Christmas. I'm gonna go with frosty this the snowman okay the apple put that down Medina and one would be agreement play the hits next week. Aerial isn't gonna sing the Christmas it's police not he got already already in the final testament and okay yeah that's my thing yes. I love when Gary does Louisiana yachts would you shut down air Rogers at the Packers are knocked out of playoff contention Tim Allen says yes despite expert medical opinion let's go to Dana. And I don't know what this says baby touch what does that say in line to. Can need help can mean how are you engineer had they not Kenosha. Our fellow alongside you in Louisville OK so. OK Dana Dana where are you. All in type and club does that indicate he had Midas like west Alice is now less down this yeah all right there you go ahead data. Hey my take on this is the start am at all. Whether we're out of period and not pull really look we're not good enough to win an awful what's the point. Take for instance he plays and meaning are getting. It's something doc from being more serious happened and can't wait for a beta right. Let's say he did never is against it causes them to be out homered in eight weeks from there weren't that far. All of appointees in the New England game and now we're we're out there are others for another 78 getting. There there at Dana let me just ask you this there is no way if the Packers get again. According to you there is no way they can pull an upset or two in the playoffs over teams like the rams saints Panthers falcons Seahawks. Any of those guys ran elbow and Eagles that the vikings. Kim they're they're beautiful bought scene but. In my opinion with all the pieces that are mixing already you know they're not good enough to win it off than we do make it out and that's the we're not going to be New England or Pittsburgh where we'll look at an AFC. Not no magic carpet ride is here I'm sorry how much do you pack the paint load the Packers would love to single one of talks I'm just so realist and I don't think it this year. Or is it because they got a great get more into the packers' chances at 4 o'clock. But I really don't understand that mentality I'll explain to you at 4 o'clock why don't understand them and tell but I really don't. Understand that mentality that we just heard right there right now the question raskin. If the Packers are not out of playoff contention but he shut and Aaron Rodgers down for the rest of the season doctor Brian McCarty midwest are at Peta told us yesterday he's not at greater risk for injury. If he does suffer another injury and what shouldn't have any long term effects at least to the collar bone and you're always at risk for an injury when you step out onto an NFL field. Despite that announces Yashin and a no need to compete. Let's go to the two west on the north side you're on the Wendy's big show what's up west. We're out here right there on its native was that west or west. Wet wet snow tee on the Lance note any mental drain where she's racist kids what's still not back there that can I was going on whether it's. Okay well Milwaukee native dividend LA. Diehard packer fan. You know they're eliminated I'd set it down to. I disagree with previous caller those if they can make it. I'd keep commit and go long he can because that part of the game if you speak spike in my you'll beat by. Would look at the other teams' respective Wes and I would sit there and if you're the saints this say here the saints. The saints are in an and then Packers squeezed in a net. All of a sudden the Packers. And Aaron Rodgers come Waltz in in the New Orleans you don't think the saints and their fans are a little nervous said number twelve could pull the upset here without question they would. There are horrified they're up for that hail Mary everytime debris a couple of if there was an scoring distant or within range Aaron Rodgers. At the ability to beat your and that's that's what do you think you Lieberman. He played out the outplayed for the play. Simple as you would shut him down if they're not got a playoff content. You know I'd I'd plant a couple plays that I think I had seven down because nobody expected him get hurt the first. If there are definitely eliminated that I would at least limited what they mean I'd give the fans. A little bit of errant because they paid for and they deserve it back. And become news show but I don't think I'd be human bowl game I don't they get rescued more than a quarter to. You shut him down in any season that you knocked out of playoff contention regardless of whether or not he suffered an injury earlier in the year. No I think without the I'd I'd play implements it needs it more people get of them wrapped Snead and I'd probably do that differently you know code. Thanks for Collins thank you Wes so what's the difference. That the differences I find it hard to believe that that and I know I of respect doctor McCarty I get it. I find it very difficult to believe comments at my common sense which could be jaded obviously. I find it hard to believe that that collar bonus 100% as find that I believe I'm sorry that's just me yes very hot. Part week there was getting all upset as everybody thought they were a doctor and I and I heard that I heard that on the radio I saw him going off on people on Twitter. Sounds like you know what let's putting into this with put an end to the speculation in the the the those that. Armed chair doctor that the common sense as Tim just reference let's talk to a real doctor. Let's get an expert opinion on this and put all this arrest so we did that and still we have people including you Tim were trying to play doc. What if what if he gets the same hit same injury. Ha he goes is this offseason they put his weight okay the exclusion you go to your rehab he's just for next year you just simply do it again. It didn't compound the issue that you did it again under the same spot while. Sparky as doctor McCarty is there any long term effects if you was to break neck collarbone again I don't think don't know. Okay that's that there's a big there's a big difference between Romo had just I think everybody on back to that I don't know what and that's all we're all here for the purposes of the the question that we're discussing right now. He just told you there's not. Any risk for long term effect. If he breaks collarbone again and he also said that is knotted any greater risk of breaking the caliber or many would be. Any other time if anything is at the collar what is probably stronger right now because that played is still in there. Now he could break it next to the plate but he can break a bone every time he steps out onto a football field could he's getting paid for seventeen weeks apiece healthy place. That's how I look at it Tim disagrees how much you 4147991215. Monies they shall be right back. And this is the legendary name. Yeah giant cactus Bradley music does is not okay there's is that the only wrestler you know well you asked that they got a veteran John scenic yeah you know those two games yeah Johnson his music isn't the how is on the play well yes I yell that last time I know he's not an hour's out and I got a masters argues here today conspired. They're back curator good okay as young as all the honors that his new one. I don't know I'm not sure. But I think it's on the playlist that's all the mono care he's and he made a great parties at Pearl Jam gets its voted in Perth are back there is that we don't only play their stuff that's twenty years or older will play they're all cataloged all the way up until their last album like that's why not play of wrestling her husband's voice or reason Ryan Mack life. That's that's my role here on the Wendy's because I'm still trying to figure out if that's true it's a throwback Thursday presented by master Z is that you were not taking your votes for next three because it's a karaoke Christmas we're taking your requests if you have a favorite Christmas song he'd like to hear Gary saying. Tweet that at 1057 FM the fan at the hash tag big throwback. And on the line is as usually 25 dollar gift certificate to master Aziz and a pair of tickets for northern invasion going on offense Somerset. On May twelfth and thirteenth at Sierra request at 1057 FM the fan of the hash tag. Big throwback usually Gary has armories are you during your Gary Ellis an impression again by raising your hand on set question tonight and I nominee won more. One more yeah was that one more song church Mariah Carey's all I want for Christmas is you is that guys are going to be in their audience now picture and Rodman for us have to hear that. Processing your right now the Packers are not out of playoff contention would you shut down Aaron Rodgers 414799. Full figure tweet us at 1057. That's and the fans go to walk a shot check with Rick you're on the Wendy's big show Rick what's up. Say that that academy and gentlemen first time caller. I'm some uncommon that job I would rate this Chicago but I'm I'm actually steelers' sense I look at it at a different view not just as the Packers fan. Hello I respect your locker shop but in all honesty I gotta agree with terrible. There's no way. Layouts are are are basically. Are not in our our future. I wouldn't risk it not necessarily because that one I come here up in re injuring. More appeared in just didn't hurt in general. I I'd rather take those alleged a couple games view games and not develop Bob Hartley a little bit more. Okay thanks now if there were Smart people out there in Waukesha if you have very Smart people about their want to thank you know if five. If there was something to gain in terms of chemistry or read some more about certain you know play book. And experimentation. And if there was. I don't see any of that do you maybe I'm missing something. Hear me I mean I had I don't it's that you're right there is nothing to gain but there's nothing to gain for all 53 guys on that roster. Whether it and their navy and there may be nothing to gain in week fifteen and future seasons were Aaron Rodgers didn't suffer any injuries well and that's why appearing in and around the players I mean people do rest their players late in the season Ronnie heading into the playoffs mean they do. Mean that's that's sole purpose that'd for the risk of injury. I mean they do yes if guys have in nagging injuries and you wanna get them healthy okay. But Aaron Rodgers is as healthy as he's been in week fifteen at any point in his career. There is no injury he's healed. There's no risk for re injury this interview that he gets hurt again there is no long term effects from that injury I heard Gary say at the other day doesn't seem do you guys that just seems to be more injuries. Less injury had more injuries yet there is. It's not just it seems there is that's a that's a fact that outside the numbers dictate that. Right OK that is number twelve yes this Alley is number seven is yeah twelve yes. So hold when to wanna protect number twelve always I'll do my best to protect number twelve while still having him do his job. Are you getting better having him play against Minnesota and Detroit despite them being eliminated are is your team getting matter. Guess maybe you are getting better by playing David Bach carrier Clay Matthews or anybody else those those those pertinent and Paramount guys' side probably pull back to clay I'd take out of that equation Kleiza clay places there. These is still the best player on that defense. And I I had question that. Until I saw them without him for a couple weeks and is injured and then I saw them win good evening he's area or Internet or hop yes. I don't know about that I think he's the most impact full in terms of opening things up for other guys nick Perry is a different player when he made that is on the feel like Martinez is different player. When Clay Matthews is on the field he'd he changes the way teams will scheme. And it opens things up for other guys on that deep but that and that's and stoop Blake Martina is a much different player when Kelly Clarkson on front and German double team absolutely so is that another guy that you would sit down as he nursed. An ankle injury the last three or four weeks if guys are talking about a guy that's not a 100% guys not if guys have nagging injuries if they're less then save. 8085%. And there's nothing to play for shut him down fine I understand that. Aaron Rodgers coroner what I heard from a medical expert. Sports medicine and joint therapist. Specialist. Is not. Is not in any way injured and is not in anyway at risk every inning reenter even with no injuries Rami when it's not mandatory that there's something on the line here for an NFL team quite often you'll pull back the troops and sit him now. Even did no injuries at all hollow as soon whoever's not under contract for 2018. They did all their life. Now our future our engineers I mean I can't believe I'm on the side of the argument and you two are and that's out of the argument. You're play to win they get to win the game guys there is okay on the east and so it's over ride this summer time so then just forfeit door even show up at the -- it may well the argument would be. It's MB and and tiger I hear what you say Enron because you know were all about and you know winning arrive at least I am desperate for Billy. The argument and really is do the final two games late help you win a Super Bowl the following year. Know what. What can you say what can you say in the Minnesota and Detroit game. That can emphatically Tellme and I'm open to it and maybe a mess and so this what they're like twenty teams in that position should they all just shut down all the good players. Tell me how it helps you win the chance the next championship that your life. OK sad that's how that's how I'd look at a 2120 teams in the NFL right now should be shutting guys down injury or not. If there'll that we had one regimes that are eliminate what for all intents and part of the table playoff spot. A lot of those are now a little different situation rom that they have younger quarterbacks they have younger receivers that there is a development that needs to be. You know out there with chemistry and and things like that that does you could say. That does help you win the following year's championship we'll take your calls one more segment on this at 4147991250. When the Wendy's picture. Cactus Jack. I'm ready plus. Cedric fancy music tour Shane McMahon never heard of preachers Simi is doing the dance. Won't flew here are my Shane McMahon to step dancing around here all it has been the Hokies hope he. I governor dean moves and that is whereas if you're gonna show how bad. At the back they're not out of playoff contention do you shut down there and Rogers despite medical opinions that say he's not had any risk. Greater risk of injury that he would be in any other given week in any injuries suffers now it doesn't have any chance of being. Having a long term effect than any other injury and I just asked this them or 147991250. If you're mathematically eliminated yet playoff and yes bowl contention yes what is to gain you know what we got a tweet about that Priscilla tell about I want to tell about match a season what they had gone out of their great holiday gift ideas from bonds' fans spurs fans Packers fans. Tim can get in on this. At the Waukesha store only autographed bats 30% off all remaining Bryant LeBron has right now. Limited Kwame avail quantity available 50% off all baseball acrylic and glass cases including bad cases. From those souvenir as are overtime. Com and also right now can't miss pennants and three sizes free badgers fans starting in 1999 also have available. And I Chicago Blackhawks pennants great for dorms. You know cubicles whatever the case may be good over to a masters these. At the walker shot or Glendale location check amount at masters c.s that come in getting your request for next week's karaoke Christmas throwback Thursday. By tweeting your favorite Christmas songs at 1057 FM I got another one with ash tag being throwback Josh Groban the first Noel. Who. I don't know I wanna hear Gary do that I like Alec up beaten the offbeat yeah via a little slow for me somebody requested ave Maria the the I really don't. Our that would yeah RB I get the fight evil that I'd be guarded Bryant in in response you're questioned him on what's to gain in terms of any chemistry or or development they might get out of money or not is less recent attempt. Routers and played with Allison all season how about getting back. On the same page with top Montgomery I don't care about getting wrap our comfort within your running backs and doesn't the running back again as I mentioned that you said A-Rod doesn't play pre season so these could be valuable game routes. Gas that's the argument you could make because in theory then develop further development of that chemistry. May help you want to play. That you learn in the final two games may help you win a Super Bowl next year. I aghast that that part of it I will I will accept like it is interest thing Tim when when you talk other running extra mall in an air and Jones. Old vampire pass blocking our our sub par I think Jamal Williams hasn't beat a little bit little better there's. There's a technique to blocking for Aaron Rodgers that back guys do have to learn. In figure out how he's gonna maneuver out of the pocket where you can find your sweet spot fallout on giving guys bringing if they're bringing the linebacker that's on new idea why you wouldn't want even have him brisket. Because he's the money well what happens if he misses a block in the moxie crunch all the sun AM. Don't know the risk you take is that a wrestler but they you know the same thing you're watching relaxed you and I don't know what else was kind of move a Milwaukee thing I guess happy days. A bomb that was I what's sad bossy brother. It's like an old person with guns yeah maybe Kouchner completely lost here's another treat from Danny says football's entertainment right. A lot rockers to play for playoff possibilities sherbet even more than that I just love watching him play that's true he's possibly the greatest to play the position he's a joy to watch I want to see it. Potentially a monster rock bands and a while all I'd it's an effort to win a super ball next year. So what ever helps there I'll be open to any. Any conversation. Or argument. That says once your mathematically eliminated this year anything that helps you win a Super Bowl the following year our moment. So can I leave it at that yes. I mean it's kind of a way to back out of topic again faster if it's gonna agendas. And the other one of the big generally subject. Our guys thanks for taking my call all I gotta I mean a thing I've had a problem with that guy from cut anything in the packer fan. And saying we have no chance of winning I don't think we had a chance on winning last year and we made it to the NFC championship game. And arm as far as maybe shut down airing it might not a bad idea. The only good thing it would probably happen over the if we get to a music Carolina. We probably lose the next two games and we do have a third place schedule instead of a second place schedules so that would make next year's schedule little bit easier. And that I have a question for him as far as you know shutting down all players what if and major league baseball players say any team whatever it was mathematically removed from making the playoffs but. A pitcher haven't been a clause in his contract that if you made at certain moments arts. You've got a million dollar bonus and what the franchise says all were shut down because we don't want you to hear. How would that go. Perfect example Sammy it has Zach Davies Zach Davies thanks for the call it it's a cost him 123000. Something like that to get sent down. Just before the all star break yeah I'm not all for that I mean. I I'm not about that. Amid these guys go to war for yes and and you shouldn't I know although economics is part of the game. But I am. And you do stuff like that when you would you have shady dealings like that comes back to get these guys all talk to each other young male audience agree right exactly. And and when it comes time to try and and bring a free agent here. And they took they talk does that Davies and he knows that they cost them money that that affects guys decisions now that stuff travels. Regardless of that money thing now of baseball I think it's slightly different because you have to take a look at the opponent the opponents pitcher that weekend series at final. You know tour three games to say that. Are we gonna face in that be facing this guy next year in an effort to win a World Series and can I get some some live raps against that pitcher or reliever Lleyton gamer I need to come up with a big hit next September. As some of we set about that you. Big tax Hank 96 tweets at 1057 at that the Fed what to gain. About appreciation I've paid 350 dollars a ticket and airport air I go to Pittsburgh let your. Tickets there's less games I want him to play what about the product keep the hope okay all right I get it I get at the entertainment value not this would. That situation darn near cost you shocked to make it into the playoffs did it not. In hindsight now looking back what caused you shut the back of Cordoba. And the way you played around him. Yet to a degree I mean I'd to a degree I got all the blame on started seven games I doubt I'd I don't think. His his play was disappointing and not gonna sit here and tell you that his play individually wasn't disappointing. I don't expect much better than a three and four record Saturn routers are regardless of how the quarterback play all right well in case this happens again. Maybe hunley. The final two games once mathematically eliminated aaron's it's down and passes the time to Hundley only gets a little bit better next year just in case it happens. That be a bonus. Little bit share little more developments in a humbling yet I'll just maybe a grasp I think we've reached. I don't think there's a lot more to squeeze out of their element that's your really do. You call them lemon yes. But anyway my game wraps bump your your decision making that got a lot better later on in the year it did. It by its so unprecedented because week. Since Rogers concerning corporate you haven't been eliminated since the first year but live game reps for Aaron Rodgers. Yeah I know and that's why that hypotheticals hard for people to wrap their head around. It is you've never been knocked out of playoff cabinet just to help the Aaron Rodgers but it but the way Tim is is is thinking in and speaking. It sounds like you're saying that if you were knocked out of playoff contention with the help the Aaron Rodgers. You'd shut him down I would via a 000 and are consistent across the board and overall for sure you're not you're not going right and ask an expert medical opinion if a if and then I appreciate I have to make the decision a problem. You know cement Tim Allen comes paper stock that's just part of the deal when Tim Allen joins the Wendy's big gentlemen it's only gotten. And I'm looking forward to it Ivan what are. Earlier this week Jerry said this on the air yesterday sparking I had Burris talking Gary looked as news like not really Phelan billion relentless hazy does don't do it real quick before he sets up the next the next segment. Billy let's go over the winner activity are the viewers at the winner meeting and ready pull up my shirt she Jiri don't simple upon later. That was it that all right our bodies that were all get out there are a lot of people this year backed them up yet and I can make you appreciate it. Subvert sought to balance that's right here right now on the left his big ship.