3P: Can Ryan Braun keep up his hot hitting?

The Wendy's Big Show
Wednesday, August 15th
Ramie, Gary, Leroy and Sparky ask if Ryan Braun can keep up his hot hitting.  They give their takes and take your calls. 

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Right now seven to bottom of the sixth inning. Tim Allen building detachment in the plant farm fleet. Today's low post game show presented by average hockey coming up as soon allegedly as that game is over November's tree out he left the game with right rib tightness okay. I'm Ronnie there's barking orders are two former Packers Gary Ellis in the royal Butler Ryan what are Green Bay football insider sitting in with us. For this one at the last segment can get your Packers questions and to him. At 4147991250. Greek and tweet us at 1057 FM the fans really tied with the hash tags. Ask what Oprah's not do you think that's what I said. Exactly what I said what now oil rig rig I has not so you know I eat right rob cities have gradually. It. And that's all in the same area could be DO bleak and they're calling it read tightness who knows he's scary word tightness and it's like it's like when the Packers and Aaron Jones had a hamstring tightness and earned Jones Adobe Bakken three days and he's gone for two weeks. Rip. It's never good to open that people's heads right there that it that it does Senator Biden. I just to be a category two allegedly. Make sure that drive the hidden those two home rise. In all we're doing. So I'm okay he argues that yet request to. That Twitter for woody my card tweets at the fan and that now by Ryan wood on Twitter has there been any discussion about getting repels dish out returning kicks and punts. I assure and it runs north south and we'll get the extra yard hash tag ask woody garnish your hopes alive beef on one that no there. I don't want to call players here know who asked that dark drop. Not. Now that would does is suddenly a hole you know I I. Natalie go get that I presented Trevor Davis don't be healthy get out there. They don't take his job they want that skeleton either returned yet Trevor Davis on the big revenues. He has to get out there or he's gonna get cut yeah if Alexander is going to be upon return as scandal and don't be your. Kickoff return yeah I gotta be available. I don't think Harvard makes team but it's got to be easier brought up Alexander let's talk about the rookie DBs and how they've looked to this point in your opinion. Some growth I feel like from Josh Jackson just in the past week. When Campbell and hid inlet Mary good he was he was women a little bit he'd we seem low ones and he got worked over a little boy you can buy he he. It was the last practice Monday. And Israel screwed up because. They can't pre season schedules not on Horton optical scan video we're so so so I think it was Monday he he covered about the Adams deep and a pass break up when they did their combo routes he he broke a pass in the flat. It did it there was some growth in it looked they looked pretty impressive and then. Jerry Alexandria obviously hasn't played in a while it's sure sack you he he thinks he's going to play. Thursday night now when these rookies come in. They have to learn and and and they all learn at different speeds that they have to learn that just as you think you wanna play doesn't mean the doctor McKenzie thinks she wanna collect. And and he is again that and he's he's he's he's he's very beholden to his schedules so. We'll see but if he does I mean you know he's got the speed we haven't seen much from him he did in herself Rodgers early in camp so. He's done some things but just hadn't been able to be out there for a little over a week now. Yeah mock question. Is your doctor and you see these guys quite a bit now that is flush ration tendencies. I have no. Earthly reason. All to see Aaron Rodgers. And appreciating gaming lobby in the plate on. Tell them dual boot. No I am I'm surprised surprise about Seattle area and is starting the plan now. Cool what is our take a first team reps against the cards on Sunday and it became apparent that he's going to play the sweet guy I was surprised I didn't see that happening. Com but he's going to I think a big question do they play in week three as well last year they played in pre season we tune with three. To meet you put about their flight two series all pre season saying get ready for the they're so mean that's assigned to see from adults. I own all I don't I don't agree necessarily. I I I think first of all you have to play media box are in the line got in and the guard if if every if the bulls guard her body healthy. Do you plan botch Ari is implying right mind Taylor's outlined obvious I'm not running about and I can get killed baseless a last rack but if they're playing. I wanna see him get some chemistry with these rookie wide receivers now are bring up when abroad yesterday a neared a numbers game. But Martellus Bennett say you don't like him whatever but even Bennett last year said boy there's a difference between. Rogers in a game vs Rodgers in practice it's two different two different got that your playing with your I think for those are you are receivers who may be out there not some. Here it is in the early going the Dayne needs some game perhaps with him. We'll mortal than it was here for not even one year user for one pre season a couple of games. The practice regiment has been much more rigid and and aggressive and plaster and yes than last year Aaron Rodgers take away more reps in practice and he did last year. I think in large part of those does your rights if she is there's gotta be some came true to his new guys come. I'm just I'm someone who thinks of practice reps have done the right wins are just so much more important than going against Vanilla defense though increases and you can't. And and I don't I don't see the value in that in there's a lot of risk. Attached to it as well and you can't put him out there behind. An offensive line without David Bakhtiar and all anyhow and you can't rush David bock TRE back to play a pre season game just as Aaron Rodgers once again a few snaps canyon and that's kind of lie I think Mike McCarthy the day after Aaron Riley said yeah I expect to play in new bucks yardstick of first team reps and he kind of put the brakes on a little bit and said we got to see I think they got to see if David Bach TRE can go that's the big thing because you're right they don't wanna rush him out there either because. While it's not. As significant as losing your quarterback Dayne about furious the one guy not named Aaron Rodgers on this entire roster that they cannot lose so. Yet he they've got to make sure he's right and since we're talking about David backyard today. Do they have to look outside. The organization for tackle help after what we saw that first game without Bulaga and Bakhtiar kids that I would even at a regular season game Bryant Allen put Aaron Rodgers behind that I would just I would just wave the white flag on that game. If you'd have to go to starting tackles and say you sit the slit up again it it it wasn't promising what you saw from Kyle Murphy at left tackle everything else it I think is okay because they count Murphy just fine right time we put him right tackle. Brian blog can go I think you just fine with comer from there. But they don't have a left tackle behind in a box you are in this roster and that's not a good thing and in the middle of August I don't think the chances are real higher than finding a guy that can do that. Outside. Of this. It on the market so they got to have David Bakhtiar stay healthy that's our that's our goal is. Around here in Rome. The admiral left tackle on this Ross yeah what do you base that was is a plea from Dallas real big bills you know your account yet India. It is about Byron bills look he's in look at these out of left tackle he's a right tackle slash interior lineman he had. Aaron Rodgers is such a good quarterback that they can he can curb on his own the the importance of the offensive line there are things that. Elite caliber quarterbacks can do as you know. To minimize the effect of of poor offensive line play. Would that said. You can't get beaten as badly as comer she did multiple times Thursday night at left tackle on the blind side and and no no quarterback I mean. You can't have that the rusher on the quarterback assumes the balls that. That's right would are Green Bay football insider and aaron's studio guest for the last. Hour and twenty minutes Ryan greatly appreciated and thanks for coming absolutely it's fun and other atom ball a wee while before we let you go your record is perfect as far as making right addiction so far. With its when he eighteen Green Bay Packers who do you got. For tomorrow night's game against stealing it's as good as the quarterbacks and receivers looked for the Packers last week and with Ben Roethlisberger not playing. Unlike the titans who for some reason the markets Marty on out there which I didn't expect. Out of the Packers on but I will say that you know if wanna know him but if if if on the phone run out of during the last very just no no they just can warmed up but if if the Steelers do win it's just priciest. I don't know it's I went on tour no but that's exactly the Packers would you be telling us next week are you to a note. Brian thanks to get better we'll talk to you laden on Friday over the phone this time because and an unexpected make that drive. Everytime a lot of construction or to deal with the dollars for not a national council. He's we're gonna do wouldn't take a picture here yes. If you folks nervously trying to Ryan what looks like we're gonna put on our fans and me I don't election yes Arnold say he should go get issues Welker. You don't care who put a month alien FaceBook. Account and and he can rip brides Jews so border we are and where there something to be whole whole lot clearer I don't know frankly I think you should hold all of that is cutting at all but you're here you yeah. Shoot our car as you miss Puerto Adam plotting to. It goes shoes and we'll get you won't be in here for you bring them here. I'm telling you right now those who goes you lose that big stake only wrong. And Taylor talks about issues. Not only in its well we're taught to motion picture outside and keeps things outside. 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Burris to in speaking up those Burris can brewers fans believe what they're seeing her is it but a mere mirage will discuss when going to make sure returns right after that so Wendy's big show. Thanks again to our agreement football inside Iraq and would for joining us in studio. Since 2 o'clock put up with us for almost an hour and a great -- I'm running Mac buffalo with Steve Sparky Pfeiffer and are two former senator Clinton's and bill says. I don't think soda located in notes he goes right works for us also -- going to be somatic ghosts are stealing stuff like this studio with us twice a week what he's not out up in Green Bay gets a little studio time with the NATO -- can be selves and most honest dealings. These old. Imagine an older gentleman. Clemens isn't gonna be mad because there was no free food here that's your dad not there aren't a savages and Adam Bain free game Mario today and it's true that. Ticket and get the drift. It's seventy cubs over the brewers right. Out top of the seventh inning. Out at Wrigley Field blades farmers league baseball post game show presented by admirals hockey with Tim and Taj. Coming up as soon as that game is over in turn your TV downturn in the big show up let's keep you company in talks Amber's. With us right now as we asked do you think Ryan brawn can keep this up 41479. Now central figure you can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan and here we had this question down and the my answer to wit was. I think I think. It's still Lynn Ryan brawn somewhere he he's he's very talented baseball player and obviously he's got to this point. In his career and put up the numbers that he has up until now but I'm just thought well there's and I can't depend on Brian brought to stay healthy. And sure enough there there as were watching the game today ride Brohm leads in the fifth inning I believe it was with right rib tight yes. If he's ready he's been red hot maybe the hottest hitter in baseball at batting 33817. Home runs. And I know that's his 78 games they really feel I thought I was looking at the August stretch studies and right now in August he's betting 388 with four homers. Twelve RBIs his bluesy Bruce's overall OPS. To 77 me. Which is great and he's been paying them the ball hard all season long his line drive rate is is up above his career average. His average exit velocity is up above his career average he's just been finding gloves. It seems every time he hits the ball out into the field. So it's they are I just don't know that Ryan brought you can stay healthy for any long stretch of games that's the only thing I wonder about. So Arkansas and altered Thomas's. Get a club through notre down altered thomas'. And two. Were solid right now bunker look at his argument. And soul that. Lies your problem. Him being healthy and just having more images mean there is for. He doesn't have it in him anymore to be great. Like she used to be. 462. Yes and made it usually says 182 yeah I give it. To play 82 it was. There's no difference at all source pieces that are more games here. So you're you're the same boat as me yes you just don't think he can stay healthy dogs bestow and so you do what you can do it roaming. Gaff yeah. And your thrill that you got this Iran since the start of August right but I really you can count on getting this from him right. For much longer especially after today's spark he leaves the game with bright red tightness. Which already does know what it is either. I left and right rear regardless via it is openly in elder down dialogue so whenever. Is it for me I said yesterday. When I was in the post game show for ten maybe taos. A city India that this was going to be a special season. Is that it brought stays healthy for the next 45 days that it truly is a special season brought connection stay healthy this law I just didn't think he could. And furthermore. If you look at how brawn has been the last couple of years and his health goes. This is a problem this is a real problem for this team is this offense is not nearly as good. Vol width. Without rhyme brawn as it is with the Ryan brought. And that's a big issue because abroad Dana four hole Rami and is batting in that three hole and brawls on fire like he was closing pitcher to run and certainly. Deal with that right now right and sell it let me give pacers Sunday in Little League grounds it to the second baseman okay I'll take brought out a line up. And not go OK so now instead of that. Being that they'll line up now all of a sudden it's gonna be out how we stack is batting three and angle are batting for. Sure but now the five theaters Travis Yahoo!. You know what's really good has had his moments this year obviously had a big double earlier in today's game. But it's just not the same without rhyme brought an ally in if you lose him to the ten day DL now or something like that and you lose him for two weeks. That is going to be. Something that's gonna hurt the offense and this offense is gonna be the reason they make or don't make the playoffs I think that that is going to be the reason. You don't you score seven runs yesterday and now you're struggling for two today Matt. That that is where this is gonna be a make or break type. Next month that app is gonna be based on how consistent this offense can be scoring five or six rounds and if Ryan brawn isn't part of this offense it's going to be much Alfred. Do you think Ryan Braun can keep this up 4147991250. Tweet us at 1057. FM the fan do you believe. What drives are seeing when it comes to Ryan Ronnie may not believe what you're ears are hearing with Sparky tells you about the deals over his eye and some solutions as science on solutions now we've been timeouts and sound solutions for a number of years and a number of people have took in my recommendation and have made the switch hitting Iraqi TV seller over to sight and sound solutions. What happened. 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To 6754. 15100 NFL Sunday ticket on it renews each season grilling ray Austin espresso season that parents can't exclude remote Nexus One human time teachers play companies. Yes Sparky was those calling him Allen when you reduce these greens are you know you don't and only met I've met in my handful of times they know the guy I'll let wells that. I finally when I bought my house I was like are adamant get DirecTV Ellison a spark him to go to DirecTV called up and column Alan and I feel like. I'm the jerk. Nobody goes to hell even though. I've met a multiple times before that allows Oregon now just go about what exactly I just tightest read what's in astronomy well I do I'm Ron Burgundy yeah. We'll get a quick break isn't likely to surprise us with his opinion on Ryan brought after a break and do you think. At the brewers out dealer can keep it up 4147991253. To set 1057. At them offense speaking of which. Jeff Orlovsky has the latest Marie the field between numbers and the cubs a Wendy's big shall be right back sorties big show brewers make in some news out at Wrigley Field. They trail the cubs seven at three in the top of the seventh inning with one out but. Bases loaded Mike we stock is at the plate. And that's not my stock is that aired on Perez and I played Carl Edwards on the mound will keep you abreast to any developments. That may happen arrest came in for bronze this would be brought I believe you are correct answer yes. So would go and do you bro bro we're we're Cameron ran here. Awarded a little romance do you think Brad Bryant can keep this sub box seen from him in August for one afford 799 tell adding based. Three this at 1057. FM the fan and again in August. Brian brawn is banning 38819. For 494 homers twelve RBIs that's brought his old PS up to 77 he was 7-Eleven. At the all star break do you think he can keep this up 4147991250. You can tweet us at 1057 FM the fan the Roy you're the resident Ryan Braun Hulk on the show what he thing. At the same day Garcia woody get into a double play with the bases a load of Stiller and drop plant. He has to lie rather you'll Bloomberg around I don't know that I know our dessert and president are good as well as he's been awarded best guys. On the team. And I don't need him to keep it up I'm Ian and his spot duty to be clutch. That's what I need to award these two games he was clutch I'm OK with that if you want I was anti in his. I'm OK with that I'm not asking for him to play all on music to two games. I want him in there what is cries time to come up the a pig every day player would probably CNET as so I'll get I would love to have amend dosages. Surged fantastic. Is just good to see whenever ace playing well it makes that team dangers. Periods prison RBIs singles from Hernan Peres to left field now 74 cubs and still bases loaded with one out Carl Edwards. On the mound actually they are pulling everything out right now what's that eating it anybody you know he did not only warm. And again that would be right and three as but he gets a single it would. Angle. I don't think so it just as. You just let me. Did you keep it up I warned his spot Dodi I don't wanna put on its two game. I want to play 84 game OK it don't matter but says the month of August he had 388. Can keep it creator he doesn't have to really hit the real flat. In all of you are right would it picky in 160. Marmol liabilities and so I just wanna be consisted let you guys know that in time eight is up. If he doesn't damage it makes his team dangers he's only one that has that. I either repeat debt. You know I do. Not that we got it because they Carlson and I know my I have going to be you know. Course he's right he's dipper to get before the rate actor or maybe you answers on the to get around these weird to. Me. Some listeners he made a wave hello I demand that Japanese. Is over no I'm just cute tries to keep people to the next quarter hours yeah. Our view overnight and there's no way he can cry on top. If I. Do you another no go as well the guys overdose. Oh. Avago Manhattan about a pulled a few via at and Algeria emerged through the next quarter I retire. Bronze yet. My nephews don't Omar should land and should not be wearing that nobody numbers too low. Hillary did Kuroda went whereas now warily Legos for baseball to that just footballers baby ducks can't Wear the single digits or anything in the teens or twenties or thirties or forties. Or fifties kitty get we'll fifty's yeah a 5050. Enough of them are yeah. Oh. Has right brawn. And his problems. Has Ron and Robert hurt more. Since after. The whole. Accurately be. Us of course and we don't know but I don't know the entire correlate that person's age. Right Assam since I don't know because there and it's for a ride out there are using that yes. Are you yet how you view real rock call up look this body scanners this opted to hold being what has been hurt. Has he been hurt wrong. Since then he has in previous V before. Or. We go to mount against these plays actually gone down scenario right relief against playgrounds and bright days ago. 12013. Was the year that he had the the fifty game suspension. I was local banker for bio Genesis scuba Brescia or that he means it was eighty resonating instrument or. The following year well before that he had played 113 151585754. Game okay. Since then he's played a 1354035. Last year 104 and so far this season ninety games hasn't come with in. Holes of 450 shows there has been a drop offs in order to look like down there what about a year after he gasses into what was that 135. A drop of twenty Arctic. When armed take back our number one adult thing went down everybody would say while he was doing that trying to keep himself healthier meal we get right field our Quaker right would you bush will miss a lot of games is that what it though if if that's true if that's what he was doing. How different is his career he's only averaging a 135 games every year his career. How different are these numbers how different is everything if you was able senate feel that whole time Haiti now and taking. I think you I don't know which are blindly to but I just assumed you know says I well. Mental rules were blown out Linda Lee rodino lawyers and it is allegedly it was because something there Robin turned into the media. An army and it is a piece of pre owner and chairman Jon Lester got a message about Sonia arousal and. I'm back to Dick area and I wish I. I wish I could take credit for breaking story amended budget not just for the dot break. As ours OJ as I've told you guys report all that they had to now light. Zoom in of the young man on and on a denial. Of their critical you can bring another guy into your despise. Did wrong and you'd. Do that I didn't like I understand house. Which so. I understand he had lunch or dinner with the guys since then suits instead no interest well it depends dinner with a cholera. Get reported positive stay at or above in my house now mean I can get the hell off my property now so. So he's been jeopardized the guy's career grand and is confident in his family okay but a and I can forgive that doesn't mean I let into my house throughout massacre Christian human depth. Probably better than me out and I don't I'll admit that. See you now yeah I didn't mean to my build and heavy taken me to Wendy's Sparky that's being. We might be best buds. I watermelon TA I don't know what is it makes me lemonade. And you are a man accused of a mix all of us I don't know of their ability did special one rent down. And now Howell and Drexel or tolerance how to Drexel army either way you don't wait. I'll throw got the fourth before last weekend Karl or these four before better than erred I get eight give entree options along with nuggets Frye and drank and tomorrow just. Four dollars Dick from favors a double psych that's all night and junior bacon cheeseburger not to go into spicy chicken go wrap and many more available on participating one is for limited time. And don't forget to download the Wendy's app if you do you get a day has doubled helpful on a hot a huge CP. A lot with small fry a drink for just five dollars and you download the Wendy's app that's a whole lot of delicious what he's good for just five dollars. Now all the app right now birds blew a golden opportunity yet to hit hard. They leave the bases loaded somebody's. Still 74 cubs now through six and a half thousand the senate threats of her six and a half to Malin. Phil baby attachment the blades farm with league baseball post game show coming up as soon. As that game is total hear from Mike Patton the Packers defense of coordinator after a short break and speaking of the Packers. Latest from Packers camp with arm batted Green Bay football reporter Mike Clemens right now. We're here it's not a development and numbers and cubs while the Wendy's big show is that a break Alberto Mora. A solo homer for the cubs to lead off the seventh inning and that makes it 84 Chicago bottom of the seventh inning now brought out to Malin. Bill they retire Schmidt in the blades varmints league baseball post game show coming up as soon as that game is over. Packers up bad campaign and a new scheme being implemented by new defensive coordinator. Mike Patton and one of the guys you could be a centerpiece in the future. Of this defense got a lot of Packers fans are high on is Montrae BS Adams he heads into his second year. On this packers' roster we're talking a few weeks go about guys you can make that jump in their second year as Mike McCarthy likes to see guys do. A lot of folks are picking Montrae be sentenced to beat that dude but Mike Patton says right now it's it's all just potential with Montrae resent the right slowed up. I think we all see in my entry list of potential but it but at some work at some point that that word. You know it's it's got to turn enough do you the realization of it so I think he's taken great strides since the spring and hopefully he continues on the uptrend. Is that a message rings center just a guy answering a question. I think is the true statement. You gotta go play hard all the time that's what they want. If you're going to be in a just floored certain packages so you've all been there for a drive. So much on team put together ten play drive in Europe the 45 plays. For five plays I need you to go all out. The problem is he goes every other play. And that's just not good then maybe an immediacy. And one time we split a double teaming gets tired for lost. The next time he's buried. You want to consistency consistency. Of being a player that's ascending player. Especially yet in my day as an Indian Lowry is. Kenny Clarke you're trying to get some timing of these guys and it's a stack to stay up as are the battle for rights are you a muted biggest guy in there that can play yet. Prototype. Three technique zero technique what do they want you to do just be consistent. And you'll be at a place of these pre she's via. Meet him in Super Bowl one day or so but this is a good test from glad you're pretty good off a lot. What do you hear mostly go Rami from. Bottom about defense and just enjoy. What I mean what do way here the most hyped you know we did the. The cover interior of the bad part about defense and Liam component are basically the upper. Don't defense blogs and you don't goal every single flight data did take place. So what the Packers have done in years he's going where a guy wiwa. Hat. Old mold. And our motor. Admit it looked up at the guy that would go to get it. How mode of every single play. And the toughest part to me about drafting Defense Department. There really truly intelligent warrants. Also have a I'm older but he also have a toggle along with what most common knowledge you mostly due to guys. That either have a Honda Motor orgasm geeky to you every once again but it watts yeah the reason he's JJ watt. He gets to talent and they can crumble right but I take out the right. Is it owes you. Know. Today. There what do you talent OK the wives do you know I'm older sister. I know I don't know humble. It's almost. Tough. Put the spot in their frail bridges get a boat right gadget he wanted because. You know. Meanwhile while that that. Not only how well they will play but calling the plays and calling that defense Mike Pence talk a little bit about that. Well usually we put it on them if they can handle it so it's it's usually it's by player. Point certainly she's. Seems to me to be the type he's going to be able to handle a lot for were were still very much in the early stages of of getting in in in. Doing what getting a lot of reps of certain calls and getting that chance to practice kind of all of us. You know the trouble spots incidence of certain calls that that that the Mike linebacker can can get us out of and but it but at this point you have to guard against kind of teaching these exceptions so we wanna learn the defense first and then start to circle back and and no where we can tweak something or change it. And he says it's absolutely crucial that they figure out what they're doing with those inside linebacker deeply involved to the point. We're reform backers have a really good sense of not just with. Truck mechanics for the run but the but the coverage part as well and has been on for referred to him as the nerve center the other day and that's. That's really true. Like at quarterback on offense those guys. Need not only to know where they need to be at any given moment they need to know where everybody on that defense needs to be at any given moment that they have the guys. To two run that ship. Tarnishing your own. Toby. Well or they were over on Berkshire are in the reverse numbers turn cars you know. But at this point Martinis blood Marti Martinez's establish today. How is literally three Austria Italy had a lead in tackles 3003 guys let me Todd. Yeah he's ready. You know. Normally it's a new defense doesn't look so who do not grant us up take military and new Newark new terminology. The voices to the coaches will Kirsten Clark and Daniels and they brought the deepest lastly you're right. We're gonna come replied yeah then they've got to reload not at all. Right bridges which took over years ago which the whole defense of last EU. Is it. Yeah they've they've got a really anchored his defense take pressure off everybody else they really do and include stopping the running get a little pressure on the quarterback they kind of got to do everything that's where they invested. You know of time in the money I guess to a certain degree as far as Daniel's obviously has been a Pro Bowl player Clark took a step I think last year and I expect him to you know step. Mean you get walkers and on the cheap. With the roll the dice that says look if he plays the tell what he has that's huge difference maker for the defense on line if he plays like he do he first came into league before. I think he had just in arrested with the jets losing in discounted checked out on a little bit but if he plays up. But that's why could be a difference maker takes some pressure to album Matthews and Perry's staying healthy they can do there to. Yeah I think that's I think that's what they're banking on is that that defense of line will set the tone for the entire defense and the rest of the guys can can feed off of that. We Elvis looked up at the TV has read all had a nice look. Following Obama how about you know there are a lot and we would have looked at his race car event that do. There is just a moment of debt aaron's all our heads of all our. Boarded up at the agency. Audio video flat panels but it was a foul ball yeah blame mainly to lay out here okay this is a coat finish. Can you save it for next segment that is what appears get through these animals are who will no problem breaking well Joseph. We sell library Padilla defense and that and that opening week of the pre season the Roy thought that we would see more you predicting some some blitz packages and more than we usually seek. From a defense in week one of the pre season Patton explain why that was we. We didn't want to disguise anything with scheme we wanted to see who could lineup in place who could who could win their one on one matchup. Now and that's what pre season's Ford and then then as the as the added bonuses do not want to. It took the hand too much of of what we're gonna be playing when we're get to the regular season but. You with with it as many guys as we head out as well you know it wasn't. Elaborate game plan. But it says that is about to change could who could you deed fraud wire two could knock the guy back in front of who could release off the block. Knew who could cover their man won't want it was all simple fundamental stuff will and so it was all about winning. When in a matchup so you're and that and that's where we are arena and a I think that's it that's a great way for us to to evaluate her young guys. But as I said wolf we'll start ramped up what. Obviously doesn't talk more about the game against the Steelers tomorrow on the Wendy's big signature ready. For that green Jersey and match up I'll be on the chuck and wait their show I'll I'll be shock for the morning and Friday morning and Monday morning so tune in. We did six dissent here on the fanned the right how much more do you expect to see from the defense. Well they don't do see a lot of property trust of those just basically what is weird. Because you got a new program listen. You don't want tipping thing people know desist he's gonna run every office cornyn knows because. Coaches are permanent most narcissistic people eroded its Erica it to everybody thinks there's stuff works a much different does change at all on what's different is patting stuff vs what Don. I think is relatively different because you're asked to do different things. Would dot it was just certain packages. That he fell in love with an office coordinators know that they just kind of know that because they think is to have them work. Edits cease to be I would change based on my personnel. So peeved by that these guys can't play book around he won't call a lot of it was just. Get them off and just drove slave to down. You'll be there have been Allah bless you may give up. We had in ninety yards forty yards. Would do not let teams score. That's basically what he's going to do. So it just is time analogy should not be a sentence. Or paragraph. It should just you want to words and you know what it is. Defense is not that hard I think what makes it hard is you're not running your stuff. Because you're holding guys back you need to run this stuff now so he's gotten big game experience in pre season. So they'll know what to do when Chicago rules out. Because he's got to say listen I got let. Because. I was able to run the book aren't out of announced Obama better blitzer I didn't get to distant hole three season now got to go to another team. And hit it a mass action we say we missed on that guy. Because within shoulda stuff. So showed his stuff against Pittsburgh. Not a common opponent you don't play a lot AFC teams. Well let these guys go man despite what you have. Re asking that Sparky because you side even though it's tweet the MS. Saying that dobbs it's dom and Patton are very similar scheme cries around my life. 34 but they don't. The quarterback. Pen is here cited different in my. Head at the quarterback. Has to guest who's to free guy had to bring him more to you to blocked. Would dobbs system you know voted three guy is coming. Is up to you to give him so you're gonna get as a lot of guess work. You gonna here. What you're doing here from. Dumped debuting its informant for. It's awful for per share. While bush adding brokers and you would assume that's what they were thinking ice on his former form in prices were ones that. He needs to run that much so noted and makes sense so you're gonna hear is played and the one back curtain. I say if de LE and I'm gonna go to France and here but if they keep play an ad. We'll Mac. And at all same goes in and saying there in that same allotment Mac would stay on the or they'd have Mac good hand in the ground now yeah lefties that I play in the middle. Yeah put him on the left us a little bit portable Pro Bowl to bowl loses abandoning me pro bowler doubts about your name and it's time tiger got into burger. Mac I'm. You could a Mac inside when Matthews and Perry outside. I think things get real fun. At that yeah as do I had a similar thought I'll stick him Mac and Perry on the outside and play on the inside it gets it all less than that ago. I know you to note here that make it happen Brian Dickens the blood cells sounds good to LeRoy above. Gonna we're and await your oh Oakland is desperate yours and that's what's right out of cholera. Well I don't think here. JR I tell you can't where you have what you call Obama is not rated doing thing right here is like gauges current C alone consider out there. And maybe he can season. Two Americans. Is very rejected all sorts. He wants more money more guarantees. But they got to figure Dave Allred talked but. You've been another guy on the twenty which nobody dare us and next year but that given those first round together the couple started. Today Mathewson cubs money from explains. I get an idea that there isn't out of a lot of books you can renegotiate some other contracts like log at a few other guys period of first drop a much much higher the money is there a I think that they can fitted into their books directly back and resume. We're talking about NFL football the college football's even closer you guys and both parting beer presents the college. Football kick off Friday August 31 at sports club downtown who have the batters opening their season when the brewers. Taking on the nationals and you'll have to take the cake competition order the last offering from the keg. When a fifty dollar gift card the sport club no limit. On the number of tags throughout the night there'll be a lot of kegs tapped in the last person at her to get a beer from each day is gonna get a fifty dollar gift card. To the sport Klug also batters and brewers raffle have will have raffles for brewers vs cubs tickets badgers football Big Ten tickets. And everyone at the bar gets a raffle ticket and you get additional raffle tickets earned. By ordering a ball pretty beer or Rambo or insider raffle drawing is at halftime of the batters him there also be a special menu. Featuring specials on both bring beer and ram born cider and here's the best part of the night. A Rami Mac offer parents get the ball bring Sophie with Rami you've always wanted Rami will be there from seven until nine. Yeah you want to go pitch I don't I don't you do. A meant. Marble assured that it appears about it tell people think about to be added at a public appears that no pictures. I'm too hideous I don't know how to smile don't it was sad you grew. Yeah outlook read my profile is the absolute worst I do not take any pictures with my profile voluntarily what do you think you Lou. Pro for. Constipated I know app now has not announced they can. Those. Jabbar from Aladdin is what. Both reflect pretty good look at don't know he has. No yeah right to vote. It was going to far apart is an event that was the idol and what is the OK yeah yeah that that's not who you want to. You look here are are going on your studio garner me yeah there are wanted to thank the guys from offering him her and everybody who came out to the twelfth annual vote to Perkins restaurant and bakeries WS SP charity golf outing yep offering was on to roles. I was lucky enough and it was just pure luck of the draw random drawing for all the all the pairings and foursome is out there. At the golf outing I was lucky enough to end up. With my guys rob and Kevin along with their friends Eric and Randy. For our foursome out at the golf outing and we'll look we had and no losses on the that was a lot a lot of violence and we did a lot a lot of good. For give kids the world so if you missed it will come on out next you'll have another chance to. Argument shirt and red shirt and it's right on both injured yeah those who look she would color and picture right and listening right now rob givers or bad art. And you're not already been runner at all certain. Deal with it people. Gore is due to the Easter I got a Y green you're talking about the debris like green colored culture can. Horticulture wanted to owning white via both on the buy back the white tee yes yes and then I got both. We'll did you desserts out assess their wholesale and PM on the first hole and a boy and girl named Samuel and and that has and then later by herself she was super that Roberts specialty meats me off man every year out doesn't sound good lord abandonment glow about this for real. Or. If we were Smart we are Smart reverse order yeah we'll have a mattress totally sponsoring they next told I have Roberts so we'll take it now. And then continue on in the day. They did a Ted is a little over some guys badgers and chuck do you look for is a mattress company or something he did around he's OKMR mayor we get them on the hole right after Roberts there writing ago. All in together yet sir. So again thanks to the guys from offering. Roy from Great Lakes dragway our gold sponsor all our sponsors and people who participated. In the golf outing yesterday again we raised a lot of money for give kids the world which I can't think. Of a better charity what do quick break on the other side a lot of people talk about the problems that college football as you didn't play college football we have two guys who did. And they'll talk about it right after this on the Wendy's big show. Would talk about athletes who are working to be at the top of the game but I think your job there will be delivered via law want to be in the top game. Have the most energy being the bears never part of life. Jerri Nielsen government Tony hill and Milwaukee medicine compartment go to USC dot com. Mayor tells a new. New health care through their dedicated government just like you through their burger through violent perform better. Maybe you serve your fix of dog low testosterone might be time you have low energy or maybe you have trouble sleeping just don't elect yourself and we know or folks. It's okay there for help and mentality it's going to help you with a real board sort of propositions and real medical facility that provides FDA approved testosterone treatment and it is a lack of replacement politics insurance. These guys that you are in their pursuit of history. If there's enough room through what guys you should be making a poem for you free calls placed today am Anatolia in Milwaukee a again this mentality in Milwaukee airmen and and load to USC dark room. Aren't too get LeRoy and Gary's thoughts on on a really sad. Story that's come out of college football before this Burris cubs game is. 84 cubs and Tim Allen bill baby Todd Schmidt. And the boys farm fleet baseball post game show coming up. As soon as that game is over but his two guys who have been there and done that when it comes to college football on the grind. Of making yourself. A college football career. What are your guys thoughts on on what's gone down in Maryland to the for a lot people who never played college football talk about this and if you haven't heard the story. Maryland has accepted responsibility for its role. In the event that ultimately led to the death. Of offensive lineman Jordan McNair back on June 13 two weeks. After being taken to the hospital suffering from heat stroke. The university president set on Tuesday that the school accepts legal. And moral responsibility. For the mistakes made by its training staff McNair was rushed to Washington Adventist hospital. But it body temperature of a 106 degrees and but according to McNair family attorney Billy Murphy nobody called 911 until an hour after. He had suffered a seizure at 5 PM. On that fateful day the university insisted that no student athlete trainer or coach. Has a 45 PM seizure however athletic director Damon Evans admitted McNair quote did not receive appropriate medical care mistakes were made. By some of our athletic training personnel among the mistakes made they say that his temperature was not taken. On the practice field after complaining about heat fatigue they also did not try to apply cold water Immersion treatment. And did not follow the correct emergency response procedure and according to some reports. The head coach after the kid. Had had complained that he wasn't feeling right. Made him go ahead and finish the drills that they were in the middle of doing head coach DJ Durkin. I'd I don't. And how the dude doesn't lose his job and a lot of other people. Don't feel the brunt of this Steve I mean is there. Is there any excuse for what happened. And here area old Roy are so my childhood friends named Greg prayer plays from the universe from Auburn we played the government has for porting. Grit Fred died running series of 44 partners were the terms and do. At all. In nudges flawlessly together we we visit floor together he was one year older than me sort this Karrie hits home. To me a little bit. I was a freshman at Wisconsin sophomore. Oh over soared. Now remember when opera house and our whole community was just a young guy is trying to dock like that in in their football practice. And I think there was under one wounded dies or forget it was a pet Darwin to die according to court and universe arbor. The minute didn't find them to do anything wrong well I'm sure there are some procedural things they did listen this happens almost every year. In football were cute guys. Mean this is not. Uncommon. At all in his and it should be. And you hang out. The problem that you have Rami is you have guys. You're taught to give everything you guys MB pushed the limit. And kids would do them. There's one reason why chills to coach could you got guys out there I don't know DJ DJ Durkin. Yet and already there's strength and conditioning coach Rick cork. Has has resigned from his position as a lot of the blame. As falling on him and in addition everything that that I laid out just a second ago according to a report from ESPN. There were detailed allegations of verbal abuse and bullying by both Durkin and strength and conditioning coach court. Before this thing even. Even through. All that stuff comes out. Blow their verbal abuse. OK. A lot. In sports in general and especially in football and yes it gradually and it right now yeah I mean sort of and I interviewed you for your boy. If you're a bit of broad views on all arming their. Program. You target him another thank you. Some more than others. But that's not there because it's just a way to thing and tool. Know you ought to know what your kids. To run I didn't know you. Dirt some kids. Visit there play fort night to force them. And only go laughs don't do enough adults and then all of sudden trying to kill a big article. And done Nutten. All but as a coach. Your job. Well who'll support kids are these. Days. 304. Kids art of the keys are actually trying. Is it for him like advocate did you dedicate. Like everybody. And enjoy football it. All of this. A critic calls. Coast from being built to speak about if you care about and make sure you're not putting him at risk correct forum. Bottom just got it there as. Motivated as a great coach. To integrate our culture news to report it out of the keys from this war. Betty and step into them so so. Later on in life. They understood the value of and due to difficult about it is as important they. Announced war ball. And a Cornish who urged her by. Highest gas. You know this is like a soccer blurred line between. Being coached and pushed to limit and in a tough guy. And I pay investors a lot more parents are becoming coaches effective and we have coaches this to our shows all time. Be great one day into perspective but in this case to accept responsibility. To me you. I mean as else matters. Who you accept responsibility. Not throwing it out all Suze and defend in this that I think is remarkable when you accept you're. You know the responsibility. Of the I think I liked to have better. You know and they defended. You know send away and just have you know while lawyers and Tony you know lawyers in the armed and now drawn. But it does not gonna get a lot of because of what happened would go on camera with the Catholic churches and priests in Hollywood to kids and stuff. It just so just so sad to be. When you talk about a young man doing his job and dying. Who's sips a responsibility as cynical answer do the right thing by spam and stuff like we just hope it never happens. We all be there are kids that play in hot weather. How does this happen though every year. How how does our user how how are there's still coaches out certain who aren't so. Fixated on this tough guy per sonong and his attitude and and this old school way of doing things. That there and they they don't learn the lesson from other people's mistakes. We got a medical people round you write about their medical peeved are scattered coach of the medical you don't have Ron. Order breaks now not take him out water breaks are got to practice do what is nice five degree. Take five water brainwashing you just get it a code to your point if you can finish it. Spark is reacting to. What just happened in the cubs spurs game in half crashes doesn't drink until the law making eight leaping catch on AM a line drive Christian gala. Now one out in the top of the ninth. And she wrote to you you won't know some and I know that this thing right here who. What are you gonna take for gas that is hitting too well we all know that that's gonna happen at some point. What do mean with a brick wall crashes another loan Villa. And spry as it hasn't happened on sure it has that your guys. Well what happened is that it is not safe but that is people. I have IV. Say for player. I have I've what. All right it. The old. Country with Jennifer got it and it did again and I commend I have a lot of what happened. We know. They used abusive. If it is predictable. And is preventable. We know that predictable we know it's going to happen at Wrigley Field. We see we loved me. Never been brought up my confidence and I haven't heard any major outlets not. His crap I've never brought up he's got a good price 50000 Europe lately. At that sort of stuff that put the net wouldn't have to watch in balls so why wire. Ron Rivera got the work that you give the name removed with Alabama. And Alabama fifty years com. There is movie about a thing maybe Bear Bryant took on these keys out somewhere in Alabama huge trading there. And I think guys are path and I'll tell you and in. What was that I was able to Alabama yeah an amateur and if you walked out there you exist you know you're Europe and the bases there are really really in a solve that kind of walk of an up and it is now the bases well. The slope of these my crap you made it. You man don't you took the ball which could break out at you brought him back now drew little ball player. I'll just say that or remembered it tightens those are coached assistant coaches try to tell Denzel last call we got. Help put Holland and go Kart. But eventually he you're right came over eight he had to you wanna keep you love these cute and imitate some our coaches. They love their kids. Which are your kids they do they love they do more for. Figure region their pocket. Take these kids all gas from junction boys who your. Yeah I mean I appreciate all the coaches and what I coaches we will have news you see I think that is not every coach is like. I think a lot of coaches do love their kids bright they don't think I I I think probably as many coaches. Are so hung up in this mob show yeah old school. And I don't I don't know how use separate them how you weed those guys out and get back crap out of the game. But man so it's got it it's got to happen it's amazing to be that it's what he eighteen as the coaches still think they're tough enough kids by not giving him water by making him go through drill even after he told you he's ready to pass out. And it's what eighteen man we got to watch a kid. Whether it's high school or college or in the pros. Die every year we got to watch parents not to see their kid come home from school. Because you wanted to be a tough guy he wanted to turn boys into men might not even a water runs. Cooler temperatures risen to Europe for example. Brought right now. He's at home bonds for Eagles football. Right so. She argued that morning. And cooking breakfast because of I don't cook and Brooke we like eating it in half. An hour I don't know you're sure this is why would I yeah. Oh yeah we're at war. OK so I couldn't rent for. I'll make him give it a bit less ago. Give. A bit yeah because of the water. Is huge right auto and auto. You cannot do an audit war before you go. Practice. The mayor went up to. And their dogs. For our practices right and at great mixture you give a look you gotta go look. Why don't you take it to the lowest ever did you me and sent it to reliable air because you don't you don't do and nine people and employees buttressed by boat is also the former president elect I have are off with him a four hour that you can go get a new mortgages or as it was it made that. Mission huge meal pitcher up debts which would put in your bag because I wanna. Of his. Article don't these cute when. A lot of colds don't execute in the morning and he doesn't see the kid in Manhattan who doesn't have a sent Chauncey a lot of coaches don't know that it he would have. It's a win it we can get to them. He wanted to. You know not know why do you care. To put up fuel there to be written. It's a sense. Story and yeah we're we're out of here don't think it's a final no so legally immune offers for at Wrigley Field sites help lead that series of put up. It's put on an outside counsel to balance us a lot of people say and it's on current counsel I'm sure well Tim says Tim Allen will maybe Josh Smith will break it all down I guys that can avoid blame VR and get to the bottom of this thing. Meanwhile our thanks to Ryan wood who is in studio with us for a solid ninety minutes if you miss that when. For anything on today's show check out fan on demand at 1057 FM the fan dot com. That's presented by John Paul's Buick GMC highway 100. In Greenfield yeah I know I'm wrapping it up Tim I got I know after the last pitch they are making the switch to hear you talk and maybe Tauscher I understand me and I get it I have to go through the formalities of radio though you understand you're pro for Gary Allison LeRoy Butler Jeff for a lot of these Steve Sparky five route running Mac while saying thanks for listening to the Wendy's big show if these. Tell that it now has dragged it out it's the best that I thought yeah. It's not did tomorrow at who I'm with chuck in the morning Thursday Friday. And Monday so two and then secondly clear what I said SM with chuck I'm with Bart no on the heart no I'm I'm with mark. To an end up being that. Let's give him credit to this crime.