3PM: Are the Bucks being disrespected around the NBA?

The Wendy's Big Show
Wednesday, July 11th
3PM: Are the Bucks, and Giannis being disrespected around the NBA? 

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The one and only Steve's marquee fight for the franchise to mallet sit men on the show hanging out just sir. Grass stockings embers with you right now and asking would you be heartbroken would have beer gut punch. If the birds couldn't land Manny Machado 41479912. Figure you can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan the voting has closed for the final vote for the last two all star spots one for the American League when for the nationally respectively. But Major League Baseball tweeting out during the break. The winners of those votes will be announced. At 7 o'clock tonight on MLG networks in and out the brewers game and go watch MLB now or idle they're making. A half hours special lot of it I heard about who got him I get into an outreach to players. Making the all star game as the Dodgers play. I don't know. If there and told him obviously it would be a late gave birth we give them well on him and lose my mind. You think it is get rid you're so paranoid man I've than a disease Dodgers or and I think he's an F 9:10 central. They think this is for the LA audio and Seattle plays and final 7 central. So all of it's not his 6 o'clock on the West Coast as solvents Muncie. And cigar networks and its belt and Sager out now or skin belt playing right now he'll be done. The only one who spend days would it BN really would be the right. Of the guys that have a channel doesn't do much and that I'm sure this was the plan all along I'm Sharon as it was they have this stupid TV show you're probably right I'm not all cut Chris Bryant as an activist now elevated today Jakarta at area had net bet I'm not watching. Let's go to the phones that turned out not for yourself Imus and that in turn on all outfitted are lost it would've but he he began to conflicts let's go to break it and no doubt they just keep coming in and keep hiring real good at what we do frank you're on the Wendy's big show what's up buddy. Hey thank particular cause. I'm. One question and I'm not gonna if we don't get Manny I'm not gonna go Carlos Gomez on the Gatorade bottle but. I think I'll do the Mike McCarthy all the money is on the sidelines maybe just for the day. Maybe it is true that they thought. I I am what Sparky I'm banging my hand on the table to man I want a World Series and I wanna hear I want it now banning its. Proven he is the impact Geithner no you start your career record notre guided walk on a team and making a difference he'd be eighty. Walk on the field. The Orioles. Are talking about packaging other players their big skirt that sucks so bad I'm from Baltimore there's no bigger mandate and the main. But the team is just I don't know what they're doing. They screwed up so bad waiting this long to move him. Now very desperation mode because they don't wanna let him walk and get knocked them because teams are outweighed and after wallet able to lately. We're looking good where we're at Waco. You know a year go first you're related. They wanna say. I thought they were and they were packaged back Britain with many more other players if you got Manny and Britain on the crew we're together. You know what that's like that World Series they can put it pretty well until it. This should be more brewers thanks for the call him. But we don't know what the other deals would be exactly Manny doesn't get done right that maybe some other appeals court they're saying and multiple reports have said that Amber's don't wanna include Corbin burns. In the deal we don't even know if the birds did offer Corbin burns now if somebody would outbid them. You don't know how far you're gonna have to go. To get Manny Machado is right now it's shaping up to be a bidding war. There are at least five maybe seven teams who have offers on the table for Manny Machado the process voters have. Depending on what report you wanna believe one of the best two or three offers of of those that are on the table. Which is great but let's say let's say one of the teams that's on the outside looking in one of those teams that as a fifth sixth or seventh best offer what do they pony up. And may and make an offer that doubt does everybody who has an offer on the table not numbers got a thorn corn burns and probably somebody else you don't know. Where the bidding is gonna go to before he finally land somewhere. Don't prospect collectors have a breaking point at some time I would soon so I mean not everybody with Ted Thompson didn't. You can't break a point. I'm just aren't there are some people that never wanna go for there don't ever want to give up the farm sis is one of those prospect collectors big flex in mill town he says no. Are rookies and top prospects are too valuable to our future to give away for a guy that'll only be here for a few months. And I think that's that's what the as you put him Tim prospect collectors yet are sort of hung up on. Is that it's a rental not only are you even get a cross got a player vaccine if Baltimore was Smart they'd add one of their own prospects. They're moving much auto which case they get nothing in return of that if they don't move him. There are also getting whatever. Plethora and group of prospects in and there are only losing one prospect in the in the turnaround. What would you do that if you're Baltimore. Throws what are your own prospects in the sweeten the deal. So that way it's like. Yell it's was in in in essence ate your number one prospect advanced to the level of success. Quickly. That's a that's re dead. So if you. Get rid of four prospects. And you get much out though I am a prospect. Aren't you really in theory only given up three. Yes. I can't we do that the. You don't have to give up their prospects this deal that's for me out there right now is Q brock's Garcia and a prospect. Of the law. One prospect for my job well I did well I was gonna say Garcia yeah would you do bon. Whenever they. I said that back in spring train not bother may be some people over there that really like Dubai more than they like Garcia. It's all people mad organization and that was going to be ruled gonna have a Garcia struggled and that was out of the way to happening in in Dubai got hurt I'm I've this is this my gut. Garcia is in in a deal. Oh I think so I do believe that yeah yeah let's go back to the phones let's go to cedar grove check in with Rick. Rick Perry and be heartbroken if embers don't land Machado. Absolutely. And far be it from me argue against a deer in the World Series victory and Otto. Robbie I think you being emotionally invested in this team can answer this. Better what are insured and they're eating they're pitching. Once the playoff comes. I think I think that that answer has changed over the last few years I think we've seen hitting take precedence over pitching and to until the playoff comes because that. Then UC staff shorten up your only gonna see the best three or four starters from the other team. Drilling is he the best three or four arms out of the other team's bullpen and it becomes that much harder to produce runs so I think in the regular season. You wanna you you wanna have the bats in the post season you need to have the arms it would to put you over the top. I would absolutely agree and with bad I don't think there's ever heard. Recent history that we had so many quality on our second actually sustain back in the major leagues for. Five years. Guys that have to go take a look at it or not I don't know I don't know if that's accurate at the playoff games in the post season games I'll watch and are constantly 3214332. Games. Yes you get the bubble of game you get the 87 you saw what happened in Cleveland and Chicago we don't go and. So would you rather keep your good young arms entry for Manny Machado who very well again. Hurts it hurts a lot when he switches leagues or who knows market. Well 32 game face in their best guys on the mound I think would. Would lean towards getting a bat. I question is this how more how many more times using the burst are going to be in his position of the best record in the NL halfway through the season leading up to the dump. Looking at the trend of super. I mean look at why it's there and done so far we've gone from a terrible team break goods into a great scene in. OK so if you bullied and Stearns is okay so I accurately if you believe in David Sterns then aren't you gonna trust and if you deals for Manny Machado. Well in our. View. Is correct in Marciano prospect and player. The oval or actually a but what. I believe it would actually make it. Yeah and that's. That's the thing I don't agree them it seems like they want more player more MLB ready guys it almost feels like they think they can compete next year. That's what it's like like we want a public guys the one next year comes you'd be here and play and that will take a top flight prospect to go along with that whoever that may be. Just don't know went so if if that prospect collectors 1 o'clock more prospects and our save the prospects than ten as the tie him. What is that time. When it went even when do you. Unload some prospects. To get something or some players plural that puts you over the top they've now's not the time when as I think some people are. Are adamantly against rentals and that and that won't change for those people. No matter what crimes and I'm strongly against rentals but I think there are exceptions to that rule and I think Manny Machado the lower level as he fits that discourage you moved your ninth ranked prospect according to your pipeline west last year that the brewers at him Ryan Kordell. For renal. In Anthony source troop that's that's a renal now lower level renal the Manny Machado make no mistake. But that is a renal and that is a top ten prospect in your organization. And or Ryan Kordell. What are his numbers this year at triple Eisley had ten games had about thirty team and rank Kordell has been in the major leagues correct. No fee got a cup of coffee did you at Texas in the not this year and talking about all of this year. And he I don't think so. Not so he's in Germany he had hurt that he's only asked a guy he's a AAA yes that's it hasn't in the big leagues at all. There was a suspended. I don't know I don't either way had assumed that act that would come across. That that was one of us what do sees that as you boys being point being that was a renal I just don't know when you go for it so. The plate that the folks in the brewers' fans that don't want a bigger deal this year when is the time just when it went as that time. You can always get. Players stud a with the prospect coming back you can do that to replenish your movement for you get much shot on one I just think that. That's not out of the realm here Cornell has a brawl in the clavicle. Yeah. That's. And. Good from Nevada eleven sale out there and others in April. He's back from a now I'm playing. And his hearing about third. Tim your saying earlier how much fun this is to be just to be talking about this to be this. Excited and jacked up about baseball and in the middle of of July it's awesome that is pretty great you know what else is great in the summertime. Beer. And live music and you can get both going on at cafe Hollander. Downer every Wednesday through August it's a first ever. 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And your ears it's all happening at cafe Hollander downer as the first ever outdoor Hollander patio performance series presented Bible offering if he can't get out there tonight or for any of the Wednesday night music series well. It's always on draft both putting is at cafe Hollander cafe Benelux cafe Bavaria cafe central sport club Newport shores. And the stilled house and of course you get it. At total one more at their two locations in Brookfield. And Greenfield all's appreciate pictures of your opening on Twitter. At Rami is treating it be great if it came in the summer music series as Milwaukee's new favored import opening will take your calls on Manny Machado whether or not. It would be a gut punch not to land him for one more segment right after this on the Wendy's Vick show so when these big shelf. Sparky and Tim about to lose their mind like DMX were asking yeah. Would you be heartbroken gut punched. If the birds did land Manny Machado between now me and the trade deadline for 1407. It to us read up its. At what a 57. Them affair are out. You're very clearance of deadly rip first of all this week which I like Michael tweet up effect for small market team had a big advantage of the opportunity it doesn't happen often. Not getting him in a China and just giving top prospects doesn't guarantee a World Series anymore beginning a top end player. Write in tweet at the aunt I think would you guys aren't getting is what the fans are saying is dead birds to be something special could be now. And that I you Earl Russell is I don't know that it he's trying he's going to be maybe two or three he's not in east plus are we really just one player away. Yeah. You might be giving out one player you're one really good impact player like Machado and another player probably way. From looking really really good at winning the winning Indiana wouldn't you rather try and then it doesn't work. Then don't do any thing you know and it doesn't war it was gonna happen is this. They're a trip to China. The trade for Escobar from Minnesota the reader the middle of the infield the goal of the NLC asked bill lose. Then the pitcher that they traded or pitchers that they traded if either one of them ends up making it to it makes it to the big leagues like Brantley. For the Indians and becomes an all star that have guys like Phil who called earlier so it was a horrible trade they should just kept. And date wish they never what I got cranked Kearse a bath because it was a waste your blooper farm system form. That's which are gonna have guaranteed unless you win a World Series. Every person against this will tell you it was a bad. I just don't know for world we're all adjusting to this competing at a high level thing been adjusting for quite a wash you hands were were not used to it so I I get all the different angles on this side do. It seems to you said that you wouldn't be hard. Broken or got punched him but. Everything that you've said after that makes it seem like you're gonna be harper daughter got punched in they don't go on get him better do something let's go to Tony and outfielder other Wendy's big show what's up don't. Hey guys hey you know another point that. It looked like you there after he intern night in our chief medial adopt. And the box to get 280 million dollar but it let recorder. Of the viewers that the brewers yet. You know what was bad about them don't know it up five or 600 million dollar TV deal coming maybe you don't wanna. Or government job. I I have first of all that the money second the issue here. Because they never got the pitcher right and it had just seen thanks for the call. They had just seen but they had stated that they still had enough money to get somebody else. Did when they did they get somebody else he came back out and sat and Stearns both of them said this gives us financial flexibility to add. A bigger contract at the deadline and that's we decided right. That is what I set so where they get a gets up to add that contract so there's no money is not going to be an issue here with adding the China or Jones Adam Jones or whoever you're gonna added the deadline money was not an issue you're right on on the boards and the fan attendance the way it's been issued for sure. You're right on the burn saying that uses the better chance that you're right that he's a two or three which is a good pitcher that's fine then that it would be an absolute stud. Clayton Kershaw Ochs there's a better known a racing Clayton Kershaw now. We're aware of the untouchables. Mean when it comes to goal and four I don't have any are there. Cast Eric would be one if I thought that you play second base for sure but physically we just don't know yet so I don't have. Not even on the Major League roster but a Christian L which hey I told you I'd trade yelled for the ground. Knowles Ali yeah you did bring up that possibility and jelly said he thinks you do it to them. You guys are nuts. Cocoa hot out fielder for a stud pitcher but that it that's just an outfielder. The way you play the game of baseball is Christian yellow it still a sudden you wanna hole. Away a little related at all. Does courage to yell and that's IU plays baseball bats should be a teacher. That's the answer is actually how you play baseball let's go back to the phone let's go to the south side drag your on the Wendy's big show what's up Greg. They do their mom I would I would be very heartbroken. The an all star and playing an offer level in a position that we've been lacking production offensively all year and you don't get any of these chances and prove to me always strong prospects. And with that many people are upset when he. But around everybody was throwing a party. You get this guy every day I want every four days and days. At that. Point I mean you like are you don't get it isn't very much after the jump. And we talked about that yesterday as far as impact goes to them. Machado sabathia who you think has a bigger impact the impact sabathia had do you think the child could have the same page impact or bigger impact than it is about. It would be tough to top CC had just every just that just speak well now he went every days are guys that are out there in September 17 starts eleven and two resemble 165. At ERA he wasn't what he had what five shut outs or whatever was. It was it was crazy good that's a wrong and that probably we won't see along on a ten what is what channel comes here at Miller Park. And here it's eighteen homers and two months and August and September hits 350. And those two months with eighteen home we're gonna love Rome and furthermore I can be a bigger impact than some back what if he does that if he does that I think that contagious kind of deal that an offense tends to go through. These other guys are hound him are gonna see better pitches and don't have I situations. I mean I I get all that but. We have to we have to make sure that. I dis I got it some has got to tell me. What is the discernible difference. Of trading prospects when your quote ready and now I'd that that to me is the the most confusing thing out of all of us. Some prospect collectors the prospectors if you well they say now's not the time but who will destroy them but just not now. Okay and then there's there's others said Demi and say. We got to where people are probably. Those people who are in that boat they're talking about Tim are are probably. More willing to do it when they see that the window's closing. Bender running out of time to compete with a particular group of guys Nadal now than they panic and all of now we have to do it. Run out of time here we gotta do it right. And then and then you make those those trades were you given up the prospects for the rentals and just everything's on various locals saw his chance to the military of. As though Chris Bryant CO there's no slam dunks air there's that that we don't have five or six of those guys who know does I will admit that but there isn't that one guy here. You. Brantley was he gonna make the difference of this organizational sustaining. Success was he would make a difference and now back in 2008. If we acquire herb capped. Well yours and writers at that point wreck in my Carol outlook recite it. So goal for now couple years OK what if they would have kept Brantley they would have kept Cain they would have kept Garcia. And they would have capped. The pitcher who's the pitcher older reason arteries if they would have kept all the old guys with broad and with fielder. How far could they have gone would know Greinke as you'd still have kaine he'd still have Brantley. You may have ordering easy we don't know. Let's not forget Brett Lowery he justice John Markham. Right that worked out real good for the other guys did that but he's not even in leak. Right gone with it these certain number one picks some of these guys are number one Matt what Puerto. Brett loury you at number one clip Coulter number one picks. Who's that kid of the pitcher from Indiana. And Eric Garnett Erica Erica had at least certain number one picks for this organization. Who would raise your hand if you got the confidence for Corey race. Now. 03 home runs today yeah I did he's yet a nice day let's. One more columnist is going to be Corey and Saint Francis here on the Wendy's big show it's up court. And it's not. All right arm. Torre is still there rootkit. It opponent. I'm yet as well as any kind of put all my points while our own which are played every data were pitcher but it it's. You know once twice maybe three times in the period. On. I don't think entry coral burns and we had a great year last year. Every year he been minor he'd been an awesome so it or didn't think that that's. A fluke from parent so -- ago today we don't trade unless we're getting much auto. Bundy. You know and Canadian Brit. Well there there you go I answered I don't disagree a CI think corn burns has a huge ceiling. I do attitude I just do there's some that just may call to god I don't know but remember that prospects are prospects and until they do it. I think he's very temporal. I think birds as baron temporal but I don't think either one has been reading your Willie Friday David. Or David whatever Nokia. Freddie for. One of those for all that stuck. Do we you'd like about the Brooklyn and he. I've seen enough of them to say that those are more plus pitchers yet the minor league numbers say he probably has a higher ceiling and Peralta but. Did I added I eight's of I need to factor in the eye test and am had enough of a sample size of versatility birds and then in the eye test there. Yet the the the amount of pitches he's guise of four different pitches with burns of Roth is still dealing with too yeah I think burns could. It has a very very high ceiling is he untouchable no but I do think. That is a has a very very high ceiling and it would take a lot to pry him out of my fingers and a lot out of their loans amid job. Right back to that. Yes that's I'd I'd have to include him in that package very I. You guys been there talking brewers baseball like you are we almost I'm brewers baseball yesterday as very topic. Both like one yeah record 80% of the show yesterday all right what where's your mode and more attention is focused on the brewers and the trade deadline on LeBron James in the like no more talk about the boss coming amid talk some bucks next a cabinet out of one. Seeing out of Atlanta this is not a bug I. Everybody says oh aids the honest where you go it alone he hates the buck eagle ranch and they're gonna get he's somewhere in a a contingent of some repeats card security I wasn't for him off. And they told me to get its members of the big show. Oh okay it. Why doesn't exist on the fictional he was for a solid hour ahead lawyer I've been here for two days and Jerry has been the big show still occasionally joins up with. With that stir the blaze charred flee baseball I was like yeah I'll give them a couple grow higher doubles anyway he. Pizzas for a. Why would they have to talk box with a hug and I sure don't blow Robby do no problem of if I'm useful sometimes Laura tablets didn't take it inside of a break the Bucs might be getting disrespected. Yeah does is certainly get a dis respected. And I don't like that no Sparky doesn't either. Now think you'll either Wendy's big shall be back right after the sororities big show are running Mac off one and only Steve Sparky Pfeiffer to my left we brought him blaze pizza and we bribe Tim Allen's. Yes to throughout what port Segway speaks a bit silly I can't wait for box basketball the truth that Brooke will I. I'm obliged yup three Leo so. Are the bucks at the office. Being disrespected. By the national media 4147991215. To treat us at 1057 FM the fan I guess we can't. We kept our old national media under the bus is really just five riders that espn.com. They did the staying. The five on five debate assessing an east no longer under Kim James king James rule. And asked five questions only to. That were really gonna touch on today one. Who are the top 3 teams in the Eastern Conference right now in Bagley says Celtics sixers and raptors don't you mention the box. Chris Forsberg says Celtics sixers and raptors but does. Sort of give them an honorable mention he says the odds that a Colombo and the Bucs might be scarier playoff opponent in Toronto at this point. Chris Herring doesn't mention the box Jimmy Jack McMullen a doesn't mention the box Kevin Pelton. He did mention the box but sort of in and that and in the same way that that I referenced earlier he says the pacers bucks and wizards. Can realistically aspire to crack that top tier. With offseason additions but for now I see no good reason. To expect the top three to change. So they only get honorable mentions. By two of the five writers. Asked in this ESPN article. Yet they could have the best player in the east and that's what we're just about to get to attempt. They asked which players the new king of the east. Bagley this is not a question real legitimate and did advanced while they asked. I'm just saying legitimately and honestly this is an odd conversation and tell you read this Bagley says I'll take us that a combed over Jolo and been. But says MB it has a strong case. Forsberg says carrier ring says the opposite try the best player in the conference but he doesn't have the supporting cast yet for his team to be considered for any sort of conference road block. Hearings says the best players probably honest but I don't think any of us or him or the box as a lot for home court in the playoffs even after Boone also. McMullen says it's a beat all day every day. And then held says yeah honest but it's going to take improvement from the supporting cast around a deadly combo for the bucks who emerged. As the east's best team so three of the five picky honest but sort of separately and like you said Sparky. There should be no what's happened is no hesitation about it whatsoever. Goddess is hands down. The best player in the Eastern Conference that's flat out disrespect by those five writers and it's still it's slightly disrespectful. That they don't put them in the same class okayed the Celtics are they are talks with the pacers in wizards yet that's they are better than those two teams especially. With the offseason acquisitions that they've made this year and a new very accomplished oceans are very accomplished a new accomplished head coach and Mike Wooten holds there who'll like I said. I think there are five to six more wins in this team last year. That they didn't get because of the coaching staff in and the scheme and everything that that goes into coaching. You add to an older there's five or six wins right there you're at the players that they had this offseason if they can keep Jabbar Parker is looking more and more. Like they can't I think you can add five or six more wins right there with the additions that they've made this off season. And some of those the what are those additions came from those 76ers who everybody has their top three. And they lost Marco Belinelli and Ersan Ilyasova who came over the bucks at most you guys their three point shooting. Is really what opened things up for Philadelphia. When they acquired them at at the trade deadline. Can I ask what they're over and under is the box I have not seen that number I can probably find it for you and seems seems inconsistent that these guys have to throw in the supporting cast all of that the question was who's the best player in the east right right. But they've but they had did bid to damn me honest because one was hurt or capsule one person said. And the box finished in the top four. In the east. That jas could be contention for the MVP. That tells you how little they think of the boss. As a teen your third saying. Just being a top four. We have to win the east you have to be second at least you got the big east just. Nearly did it arrive at home court advantage in you could white hat when the MVP. That tells you they don't think this basketball team for Milwaukee is very talented. That's what it's saying because as ride one out. With a new coach most people Ron here's a look at now problems fixed org but there was never the talent was always the culture. Okay fine well the national be able don't agree with they doubts either Kate and they don't know this team at all. And don't I understand it or B we have a way hire her opinion of the talent on his team that we should it is one of those Stuart's out symbol not. I don't know which one it is because. I'm obviously a box that's why am I don't count in this deal it's like asking him about the brewers. You're always gonna think maybe your team is Barrett and what it is you're always gonna put all of this happens and Babbitt and it happens that yeah. OK so I think. That they should be a top three team in the east that's what I was 48 wins I don't know yes ordinary or without it he wins what are. But as I said and I've been saying gonna continue to say ten I don't care how many games they went. The regular season I don't care if you don't win a playoff series it's a failed season plain and simple bomb that's all I gotta say. Tim asked the over under for the bucks via. Look Vegas is is very good at what they do they build palaces using all our money who likes to gamble they have. But I don't understand how they come up with this number and maybe this is the number. Without Jabari Parker but even still. It doesn't add up to me. Vegas has the bucks winning at 42 and a half game hole. Was sort of sets Joseph just left the building that's a game and a half text I sent him since I'm gonna have less. Than what they had last year I just sent him some money and I'm a and give him call myself a yeah. Who would have had gotten their gonna win mid to upper forties minimum. They brought in a defense of minded coach guys. Just happened over there really is just W totally annoyed I already had a hat okay. 421 half that's what Zain the water according to the network asked Jabbar on her right don't even think about it right now. She got its Jabari Middleton. Black so all Brock did all healthiest buys I don't right now you know all. You coach yet yeah you had a legitimate SATA whether you like him offensively or not is besides appoint a legitimate offensive presence. Broke all of the middle now which is better than tents and are found in the middle offensively. Plus you actually at a shooter knew Ilyasova who is physical can rebound inside. Wants to be on the team lives in the town he's been here forever. And a coach that won what sixty games or whatever the hell was a couple of years ago with Atlanta. In had no business have eased that tedium another. I don't understand how it's only 42 an app and what isn't you. Wince what are the bad could not an act. Cleveland at 35 and a half. I Indiana Pacers. 41 and a half Fred don't get an idea what Toronto Toronto they have and he's 47 and a half here's your eased. A 46 and a half flat earth puzzle and I asked here's your Eastern Conference about can do some fly sort of got The Beatles have more than a box and done that aren't broken down by comparable to if I can do some apply Celtics at 57 and a half sixers at 56 and a half. Not raptors at 47 and a half slam a huge drop out now after the first two wizards 47 and a half say apple will yes. The heat at 43 and a half. And the bucks at 42 and a half pacers at 41 and sixth. They could be five or there they're rejected going to be the 560 and they have the knicks at 39 and have Kansas 35% this may not play this year and the pistons would round out the Eastern Conference at 35 and a couple of games better in the next source is may now. How how that number so I don't know man is now this out in fairness this was done before the sourcing its news this this was put out July 5. And every zoo and that was before the Brook Lopez needs to. I don't know how much Brook Lopez right aligned but. Are the boxing me out as being disrespected. And in these early projections by these five NBA writers. And thorough in the base projections. As well 4147991250. Between us. At 1057 FM the fan are we all saying yes we all say the box and especially honest deserve better than this well they should trade for Machado on everything. His example direct store is big show I'm Rami there's Sparky Tim Allen of the planes Barbara league baseball post game show festivals. Festivals church trust that was so fun I've been to one island with few. Also Mary's church are warriors area over here hills corners you can actually go and on this week in summary on back this weekend it's our it. Wasn't as horrible as I think he thought it was going to be I don't think it would be Orlando I had no idea what to expect that never been my very best and I think that's the best search possible in areas that are wrong there and it's odd that one as cold beer you got game easy but that the whole key I scenery but how. All tickets a year corn that song church hustle solid gambling via a century ago yet some don't. But yeah I pile of church possible sorghum either wrangles saint Gregory the great that's another good on that led to Vance plan that my events for him. Where saint Gregory the great. The church yeah saying Drexler is I guess here's a that they bothered you bed that's a really good cars out there might get those that want every year you know. Really and Thursday's September 6 you're deafening after Miami I'm never remembered Oaxaca in the first place often. Or call or how to get a scene like a mission first paper has passed lacking continued try to drag myself out of the group. So what Yorker was all these right. Yeah pretty much let early in the night I guess I haven't heard you yet that this this new group one of your five million bands you've been in your life Oca. Do on time in my favor. Group as the doo wop daddy's man. They are good axle. Yeah I really like Pamela really did a lot of Beach Boys like surfing music well you figure is eighty Frankie valley I know I feel it yes the lead singer of the does Frankie valley. Is as I money as any Frankie Dahlia I. They were at that yeah that's why we're right we're glad you're right gas. Probably I don't see you on surge festival dude. I like SS united artists and Iran and what's wrong with the perfect for a nice nice weather cold here scenery I heard yet it. Baby taos over to your house yeah I did is I did. Grilled up some hot dogs mocha and of all things you make peace document pot because I knew he had to get going all right coming from should point out. It's study from our respects to meet her and I got ribs on a sticker some hot dogs or from Robert specialty meats I'll camp yet they okay so there wasn't some store now all of these are quality dog I'll and I'll I don't I don't meet Ernie. Well yeah I understand so let our guards that right now. That's my my pup dog doesn't have a first name or last name. Are the Bucs being disrespected. Did you get that joke are you getting a are the bugs breed disrespect is a jab at 185 Bob's five. Article last five expert that he has DN. About who are high tide Andrea teams in the Eastern Conference Bucs only getting other bowl mentions there and then the question of who's the best player who's the new king of of the east yeah let's get some love there but not as emphatically not as clear cut. As it should be to everybody who watches basketball I don't see how he's not the best player in the east now. And then we look up the Vegas odds to mess is to look that up already have in this discussion they got him at 42 and a half wins are the boxed. Any honest being disrespect at 414. 799 pulpit to your tweet us at 1057. FM the fan was go to the big oh he's on the north side Nuys on the Wendy's big show what's up bingo. You. On I'm getting kind torture. Thanks college should hear it take you more often. It. Bag and on your role and I'm not. Europe is. Became these sort. What. Carrier ring do better than yacht a southern other than pass the ball. Our dams are rather than shoot the ball yacht is just as good a passer is as as as carrier Erving if you ask me he's a better defender. He's about a rebounder. What does carrier ring do better than down Snedeker rumba. They're Karl urban planning in the playoff series what are played the book doesn't go that the reverend gang and they will be. Got a good plan donating all the books. And it goes seven game he can't get a Bill Curry got the car really believe and if you go mad you have to get passed now. Now I'm not I love Boston you have to get past I agree team. The Boston shelled with Al Gordon Hayward without carrier ring they're still pretty damn good with all the talent great coaching a half will see a great Kerry has because former addict every wants to play for the next so after this year when he's double brass even to those New York. We'll see how good Karrie is at that point. Are they remembered it. Deep breath and don't back off a car re being present way. Yeah that's true they do in the right guy doesn't Jonas doesn't have a shot appreciate the call it's given battered go big go Adobe estrangement midrange jumper -- of a burden to be irritated to colleague columnist tells were great and Smart you agree with everything all in more daunting. But it seems thank you go coolest guy in the world these companies that I don't like that on him. What could not just call had an opinion on got a real problem let's not towards you know. Call operator and tells what your opinion is on whatever to very. Look. I think there's an argument when it comes the audits that that to me is clear cut. Now they could be what you said Sparky we're here we see out this every day may we have this over inflated image of of what Yana says. But to me that's clear cut when it comes to the box as a team. I get why experts. Question the box as a team because you know better than anybody Sparky. They've not lived up to expectations or whatever wins you add up got a piece of paper when you look at a roster. For what. Two decades now Cuba how much of that is just us being stupid. Realistically though I'm not as I told myself stupid umpire did how how much of this Oz Oz has had a higher expectations for Tina doesn't deserve. I'd rather last year that team last year the players and the coach staff had Irish vacations for themselves but maybe they showed up now. Wrenching day suffered a bunch of injuries right to wonder which killed a twelve the players were saying. And now are we a national letters on ESPN yesterday during this whole big column. Disrespecting the bucks not paying him any attention whatsoever run every double Vegas odds there fifth in the easy according to Vegas odds. 42 would have said. I think the problem is us. Not all us fans have to I have expectations for this team and his talent maybe they're just not as talented as we think would base as Jonas improved every year. Without a shadow of an okay. And who's to say that will stop this year while we don't know does he know all week trying to do now but this is the issue I think youngest now that's not the issue the issue is what's Jabari going to be no issue as what's blood so going to be cat rog can stay healthy will plot have. Any impasse so as these these guys are gonna they're gonna get down on the honest because he doesn't have a supporting cast the question was who's the best player in the east right. Yeah carry artist Chris Middleton to enter the picture here. Why does widest the supporting cast and there were just talking about yacht is he the best player in the east was that the question yet. Who's the new king of the east with LeBron going to the lakers have the wide of the immense and the rest of the team before they even mentioned yacht to get I I does that even factor in the question is who's the king of the strike right. I think king meaning who'd you have to get through to get to the finals. Jonas is a midrange jumper is improving and he's working on three point shots come in all institute that will work on his craft and he has still developing. That team it is is a better team right now that it was last year would you agree there yes. Or support what some. Outreach staff is better plug Lopez and nearly a sales Toronto Toronto's going through coaching change to they just promote their systemic errors yet. Either there that's pretty stable as far as that goes. And their one bugaboo was what they could it be abroad ER I do like Toronto yeah he's got soul. I just. Toronto has never ever impressed me. Throughout this whole run I've been saying Toronto's a paper tiger and I'm not I don't know what brought this up now one more columnist going to be Jim and Green Day earlier on the Wendy's ratio hello Jim. Yeah well. Equipment under. Him in any order but you are for and so a lot and keep up that. Actually. And the box. But in the today. Friedrich of the winning. Shot. It's all right you already said drinks on him yeah thanks Jim I look forward to it. Yeah then that's a problem with the overnight lenders you have to pony of the it's even money. So like when you got odds idea bucks. To be whatever to eleven to one to win the Easter whatever might be. She's just throw out of 4050 bucks look at the money over 500 government that over and under is just even money you just. Do you want to pony up to make 500 you look at cash outlay 500. Me yes no I don't have 500 dollars and 90 yeah would you would you prefer got to feel the lights on break a longer shot throughout 25 blocks and cash in for 500. Yeah how would love to do that's the problem with the overnight annoyed is down on that's that's outstanding. To pick a team. Pat like ten no one. I don't check Fiat currencies at 101 Oka and out up there is a story 25 bucks ex Demi motivates them but I'm. We can do us what he meant to think you can get. I'd legally I don't think you can do that Kenya although I wouldn't I would never do that I'd never again I was joking illegally I don't think you can give people money at about forty in Vegas and you I don't know I don't UK we have a full cellphone made it bats in a sports book at right now not at that you can I sit back out of the sports book with my phone yes buffer if you get toward the out the window I don't think you via phone at all. And all right as you've been a bookie now correct possibly. You could be talking to your identity and a baseball game mentally. But they see you about all they're gonna figure to no good and our team ice and Joseph with us some money out about the Packers minus the points and until he doesn't know if we can do this it allows sorry. Pretend. Packers minus the points in the under in week one of the NFL season they've already got that yeah yeah I hate that week one. Iman are at. In depth and does money who would have on blocks a threat assessment yeah. Do Mormaset solved here I don't I don't know. I don't know where they are miss I'm still around there I don't think young baby and goes up but ticker too if Jabari sides. But I can't imagine that having a huge impact on the overall number jolt on tomorrow. Guys leaving tomorrow he's done already those to a bar on Simon tomorrow unless in its budget. If that was something that you do mature and he's back that's illegal he said he via the sports book by like noon or one. Oh what a quick break on the other side yesterday sparking intense amber spans are griping about the power rankings but do you feel any better about the brewers in those tolerate you might indicate well discussed right after this. On the Wendy's makeshift.