3PM: Are the Bucks playing as a team?

The Wendy's Big Show
Tuesday, March 20th
Gary, Leroy, Ramie and Sparky talk about the Twitter war between Alex Lasry and Bucks fans and take your phone calls. 

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Oh I Wendy. 3 o'clock hour of the Wendy's big show on HM and avoid judgment day. We were gonna get short to avoid judgment of the day here but this bought stock. Anger is fueled they missed Bucs thought to just keep on going. If you're just getting your car you just thirty other show we got quite a bit to impact Korea from the first star of the show you guys out all the leg right they'll get to you. And just one minute. We just talked with Jason Terry. We start off the afternoon by discussing some comments from Malcolm brow than miss was a few weeks this was march 1. On the Milwaukee basketball are heard every Thursday night right here. On the fan was sparked in bill Mike Rodriguez got this Thursday immense pride it's Marcus Johnson a myself nice and I am not your Steve Novak is bearable foam he'll be there and some former fashion know Michaels is off he tees with Geary in Green Bay an event. Okay but you were Marcus Giles yes that's more than enough for maker and his outstanding LeRoy Butler leaped into the studios during the break. As well but this was Malcolm rug in about three weeks ago on the Milwaukee basketball are talking about the bucks problems. On the defense is on the floor. So experienced and about the student uses the better we play offensively what we put together the more people feel vulnerable to the heart of the plate and the more you will be defensively. We're two with a lot of life a lot of pluses and we can be one of the best consistently. Consistently. What for concert starts on offense everybody's feeling the ball much complaining to you go to the more the ball move the games the ball moving really well. Also been working Clinton efficiencies. So it really started the ball movement and us. Collected in the months. So Gary decoded that. And came up with this in past Jason Terry about it when he joined the big show on a box Tuesday at present about frontier Modi told me this if they're writing him. Number and it. We very much different. Oh. Oh. Well that that's exactly what you are there is. He can decode all you want but it is very it's exactly. And again not talked probably earlier this week or last week late in the week about a mine exit. What is our mind. That championship mindset that is. We will do whatever it takes on the defense team or Carly if or touched the ball or not. And will get stops and that's where we'll get opportunities there but again got to understand about our team's young team. That hasn't really experienced. The championship level yet and they still have to learn that ski. So he backed you up here to do it he backed you up Pisa that is essentially what Malcolm Braga was saying any saying that it's true that there is truth to it but the run real quick review my notes over two vehicles but if you use. Those comments by Malcolm broaden got you thinking. That this particular group of guys. This unit wouldn't this wasn't gonna work that maybe dead they need our our roster shake up later in the interview and on and some by apple just yet but later in the interview. He says that that's not necessarily the case. That this team just needs to mature and mash and gel and grow into. What we all want to out of them either he says they don't need to blow it up that what Malcolm brown and as saying. Is they ate a temporary condition if you will and it's something that they'll grow a lot of what's your that. On that I would expect project civic is UK Gordon should guidance that lord team what move godly than not you can go here and you're talking about God's movement in real talk you talk your job in the NBA you can do your kids say we're not playing. Together as a team. We can do what is right which is true. Like a marks are tar Obama movement. He doing there. Obviously for me and we've seen it long enough. Did you feel like after her him say that brought NC there. They've been and may not be detained at me this kid got killed. Proceed in his team Joan absolutely Kiel both retarded here. In just. It can also guy sealed for not calling a timeout. And does his goal run to what they wanted to. Those that doesn't help look you guys on this team have to. As quick as they know what well. I think it seemed like a sinking like the players. They know normal you rock and you have feuds. Yeah if any note kids. Should slow count early or Monaro. Coach a little bit. You have kids who think they know at all and they go listen to you this don't do it their way. And they're only I'm not there where it don't work is when they fail. You have to bitch she is fail. And then come back. She just a screw appendages okay this is the way monitors on its job done. This thing called a mere irritant almost a lot and you know alternative coach will be that way. To me. What is that problem. You've been committed dot I can you found them. You know you can take your short game you want to. Got to bat brown. And I'm sure you know each and every. Bear that it is what it is. So those comments are Brockton. Changed Gary's mind had been of the mindset let's let everybody get healthy let's let this unit played together let's see. If they can become what we all hope we can become now Gary thinks that maybe it does require blowing up or at least a shake up of the roster. Did those comments change your mind 414799. Pulpit to you can tweet us. At 1057. FM that it reduced or your daughter under the bus. On the radio here and let's go to and what the north side of the Wendy's big so what's up in front. Are you will absorb the well. Man. Rock you do. Very focused on the air for their with a common Gupta you all four quarters. Of the Milwaukee. After February load thing. Little bought. Forward so 11. No. So out of play to win. I'm the worst thing that the bullets did was on Q what did you chunky. Object secure it would wanna probability of racing now hold that held both players accountable. On a nugget records or execute. Everybody but themselves. You got a bit it would secretary among players that I like and you're too young but when you look at. Indiana pension. If you kind of look at that you talked to get BC on. Reform the look at other things that the bow of the boat the certain sectors who who performed. Entered game one and it. It's all about you where and when in. Question Marco. This player what is this player player for them so strictly Q were born player that they'll both players we're accountable. When you but it but it. When Parker trying to run newspaper today move we gave dart often all that extra incidents the defense. What you're Fidel by the bullets for the problem budgeted everything points. I believe they shot over 45 per there. So therefore that term right then nobody's committed to the Dietrich and because everybody spoke to broker in their book per month. Wanna be a few years and here's how to how to how to use an on. Going six okay Justin have you have you ever met a Joker this like 35. And he is very immature for thirty Arturo. OK so therefore the books. And we we have seen guys like it will walk of life we have seen guys like that. Even. Got a caricature about a minute or Robert when it was covered. Our mark got another trial Blair we're virtually all of America probably would look so good ballplayers on basketball will better all of our planet did you actually the Sacramento can be no LA Laker Kobe Shaq. Arm and I noted every for our organization. Has broad front office where cultures. Every championship and the person to hold players accountable. And we you don't got it coach or front office holder players accountable you give the Milwaukee books. But the talent. Or followed it into a basketball players but no accountability so therefore they brought in to do whatever they want and domestic issue on. On that the Milwaukee blows I've done a predator renewable work. Don't doubt my boffo. Thanks for the collar on creation. Law enforcement and tortured you were you here. This is the book it's painful to be it's our president in full nets and compost and last night I paint. Are you feeling you feeling of feeling. Just crushing by Bucs hope. There's literally likes does like putting a pillow over the face of bucks six strokes and printed out stunner there's not a lot of people of Lotta whole block and that's why could it support for the organization for that matter there there's just not. There's there's not a lot of hole. Because the what can you point us then once we get past that then where. Then where do you go these everyone else very well may not be here in two year. Or by next you're Deval what they do this offseason. You don't know with a code is going to be you don't know what this current general manager is gonna do with the owners are gonna do depending on who you think is on the shots or the case may be so. Yeah there's a lot of questions a lot of uncertainty out they want think. There's no way this organization wanted this to be the vibe in this city heading into a new arena next year no that's not the vibe they want I did and there is no way I thought that this would be the five. We're going. Let's go to art downtown you'll know what he's patient what's up art. I mean I don't think it's painful actually listening to this radio station that is one of the best. Days that I heard him in the sport straighter it's really what. I mean we do a great job art but as is. I thought your decision to go to the US which Jason Terry with a good morning Gary took the lead on the interview and that's one of the best interview I urge you to do. I'm the type that looked on the radio. But I don't you know they use in the trash on Al's got a good. Sort of Jason. Bartlett cottage bill the one thing I got out of that interview that that you guys played in the sound bite to what you said. That would separate the other teams from the boxes they have players and I could hold each other callable. And you know that's player doesn't have to be the best player on the team you look at. Cuellar obviously LeBron at the guy. Cheers and I don't but it came hard and I think maybe Chris Paul would be a guy that all guys accountable for Golden State is probably drink mob. That old guy the cowboy more than anybody on that team so you look at the box you look at their starting five big guy got to be in the starting five right to hold guys accountable. It's hard if you're coming off the bench. But you got. And that he would not going to be the guy he got Bledsoe about the guys don't that the guy Milton topic I am not quite honestly. That's not a personality you about you don't know the personality to hold guys accountable so. The guy a bigger look in the long term that is going to be ecstatic and maybe other personnel and all that accountable is probably Jabbar. And Salma I think is. Let's get Jabari into the starting five. But he had a little bit bigger role like get the whole trying to ease him back into it all but. They do need somebody that's going to grow into a clinic and all the the other players accountable. You're Prince Fielder put power on its backside in the dugout. Nearly a law student like there are probably. That's only get a hold accountable for the bar put upon tiger Gary. You gotta be a major concerns when you hear an interview like that but they're bigger concern is that they don't have a big guy. That can hold anyone accountable and the bigger concern and is quarterback guy going to be moving forward. Well here's our own car and here's the situation with and I don't disagree about Jabbar I think he can be bigger but Jabbar has his own set of problems. Himself. That may preclude her from doing all these other things. He's got he's got knee issues or he's gonna your streak they're more important you're forgot she's fairly new country a handle on the issues. Well you know what I mean trying to come back trying to get that right if anything he's running he's got a lot of stuff going on. If anything Colorado I think Teddy Taylor I'll I'll concede to you some what he's trying to prove that he doesn't have anymore knee under our learn to play. As silly as planned it put the mat drill a 34. Rotation needles and dimple rebounds in real quick before break issue. While we're talking box on on a bucks Tuesday presented by frontier motor cars. Marc Stein and some some thoughts on the bucks already head coach and in its newsletter that he sends out every week is its chances are. That Milwaukee would need to spring a significant playoff upset in the first round over the likes of two rocked or Boston. To give front the hope of hanging onto the job no brainer there's a belief out there that the bucks ownership heading into a new building next season wants to make the biggest splash you can manager. It's a greater given that there will be no shortage of external interest in the job whatever holes this roster sports thanks to the presence of superstar forty ounce data combo. Current TV analyst Jeff Van Gundy and Kevin McHale league sources say are among the marquee names I can already be found. On the bucks list of candidates the former New Orleans coach Monty Williams and biz dale have also been mentioned. As likely candidates as well and word is that even former Louisville coach is something care woeful alluded to Rick Pitino. Could get an exploratory looked at the higher over the man's again Mark Williams now van Gundy Mikhail. Disney Monty phase dale and Rick Pitino. The doctor I'll Marc Stein includes yes. Bottles and a big show yes although there's been brought up yes money Williams now. There is Dell only your bringing me LeBron opera team not absolutely not Jeff Van Gundy outselling messes with this units on the insult. Well bottom line though is Joseph currency could be looking for a job at the end of the season he's smarter driver he's going to be looking for that in the season. The economy booming maybe not for the bucks coaching staff but booming a the last guy expresses spanning all apartments which magnifies the need to increase their independent contractor based. You ever thought about becoming your boss how is that I have let me make them move maybe it's time. For you to join young expressing boy does it mean become a successful transport of expedited Fred. These pick ups up that point they need dropping off a bloody then you call back. Two. This bashed find out where your own manual points he picks up a propping up the point in keep on the win and that is your career that's all it is room. Your truck or you bring your sprinter ran or you when your car all manner you winner tracker trailer straight truck. Outlook this is all about me looking over your shoulder and on announced on your doors most got time all is good and you're making a bunch of money. And because your entrepreneur knew where you are independent contractor you can mix up your route you know local one week regional next nationwide. For a couple weeks however you wanna do we met all investment in your vehicle youngest president by you all joining us every become a successful dressed quarterbacks but I did frank. Looking for full time independent contractors. Is young expressed but today by the met young express dot top JU and G express dot top. JU and G express dot top yeah express success drives but senior vice president Alex Landry. He treated out in response to that tidbit I just read from the marks that newsletter the season is still going out there are two candidates in there is no list. What is big today with more question bar type or reclamation has some please do the better analyst. You better have a damn months. Somebody over their better analysts you might not have a list. But John endorsement or have a list or less heated by our analysts or you're dead better analyst somebody better have a list of guys who you're considering going after. In the summer if it's not until front if we don't have all those. How weak if you all don't catalyst and you are prepared. You better have a list. That's like rubble always said it Barry Alvarez always said. You always got a list before he knew it if you what do you mean don't make you more right Barry Alvarez said he essentially had once it not an intestinal. I'll be almost employ poor Scott. Theoretically it disrespect for Fossett or rather which is when. And gave him addresses he's now he's not in turn they removed that. I agree with young man who between. As just words. You can always find a couple guys this guys that you want now to put this together I'll be available after the season on the run out of get those guys there's no hurry. So that is I'm Tanya right now on as a program director radio station while they're being Chicago Milwaukee LA or New York. Most program directors probably do have a short list of people that they'd wanna bring in if something went wrong with whoever may be on staff and raise long one way or the other. Most always have somebody in the hole waiting one or two little. Nobody is the no don't tell nobody that's why I market that's like so when he says John Slattery says yeah we don't have a lift all I'm saying is it about it. The person god in this you know we know why but I say and what article I'll say this regardless now built he got to have. Big Apple isn't getting out that you were right out carried out and have a look I does that loyalty matter analyst you know last week they did Liz gives a lot of really if you wait. And not rush let's look at it can be some of Byron about that may get jerked present. You can add you lists. The. Entry that I just read from Alex Landry started back and forth between he. And Terry got pol handing them back to begin to all that you know how to find those guys on Twitter you do you let it get your popcorn out so yeah. Do it. Kind of an idol resolve after your great ego that needs to get off. Got to rainy snowy dealt. Did he needs to gobbling will that be a good look better Obama upon him come on out as far as what he needs. All of a waiter brought in through. I need to let you know but I I want to know what he's thinking yeah good with a list. Go because I used at major port. Canada as well when these big so we Bagram yeah. And and the wind and. For concert starts on offense everybody's feeling the ball Michael playing music you know against Baltimore we really won't call today and Jordan continued. And I had to be told that they're trying too much it's number judges do and again our. I don't think government Lieberman's defense. Exactly. Could decode all you want but at the end of the day it's exactly true mind this. What is our mindset. And championship mine's K cleared and we will do whatever it takes on the defense you've seen Brooke Carlos airport touched the ball and lax in password will get opportunities there. But again you got to understand about our teens and young team that hadn't really experienced. The championship level yet and they still have to learn there's skill to skill yet you know this memo. That was Jason Terry earlier this sour note last car on the Wendy's based on a Milwaukee Bucks Tuesday when you got talent. Commenting on the comments here previous to that by Malcolm robbed in the house from the Milwaukee basketball our a few weeks ago also right here on the fence. You can hear all about sound best Bucs coverage page at 1057 FM the fan dot com and on demand presented by John Paul's UT MC. Highway 100 in Greenfield those comments by Malcolm broadened and changed Gary's mind about this but steamy thinks. And may require a major roster shake up at the very least maybe just blow the whole thing up. At the very worst didn't do the same U 4147991250. Can treat us. At 1057. FM the fan let's take a vote go to the phone calls. Or get into via Twitter back into battle with Alex last three and Paul Henning guy alms which Sith lord also jumped in on yes it awards in all our golf. What are. Yeah I did. Yeah and it would just it will did it work today we're running out of the how come weatherman. On it that it's really good today. The ads yeah the good stuff bit of Hillary unit and we don't understand is rematch salute one they all Columbia sorry. Like fifty before this is over on win. The last edited out Morlon Greenwood Mel Landry would just about a minute ago just reads we're not dysfunction. Hundreds astute. That's good yeah in between it to rubble would eagerly junior. Yeah. Man. Let's go to KJ zealots you're a columnist Joseph Jonas leakage now. Good afternoon and it showed this dad who has had. See. This wanna do you pick ups. Absolutely brilliant. Job. Site fleeing what Malcolm Robinson. Largest Duma is old and well that's why you guys have and what ratio. Yeah well. And so. Jason Terry Lewis signatures. You know he's always done that I have did. Respect for him I've followed him ever since he was high school player in Seattle likely irons. So me and it is guidance always been a class are. What the blocks lack in my opinion. Guys it is a leader of that do you coach or the player. But LeBron. Michael Jordan magic somebody that can temper and helped manage. The Eagles. On that team we don't have a coach. Like a zen master like Steve Kerr. But apart right in the somebody like that goes all straight guys are actually. But there's nobody right now jets can step up and help manage egos that. Our arms team right now did that they used to not being together. You know has its slide. Polygamous. Towards somewhat so to speak I mean because they don't know how to play together. And they don't knock outs you stupid pieces in the and be unselfish and now that's the biggest thing for me is. Not consult. Appreciate it's off. Putting it this year. I think everybody would agree that this team needs to be a rookie safety Ortega screen shots now to cause Larry think of the last three. Attesting to meet. Let's mad just you know oh. Tell. Me what I was up well ballots are entering an interaction with the fans man it's great it's a good thing. I mean it's getting kind of ugly right now but usually it's a good thing it's got its good that he interacts and I mean this is providing quality entertainment. For whoever is following along and it's. Malcolm robbed implement them to. Tired little failed poly toady agree did your other way these big show with don't don't know what's up man. Well you know. What I have to say anything different from what a lot of saying but Debra McGuire. Unique unique somebody with a mind like that I've been Turkey and it looks like with a city block. Yell. I mean. It's it's good to have a oh lead you have to have leaders on the team right but. All about what what what it's called what does a coach to coach just posted Beagle we easily heard the call. It in the mindset if you've got players that are blown him off which obviously they are. And yeah. Start over once that the Euro and so was it wants so our succeed. In other than to meet a lot of it and it's just drove it paid so much money they don't care there at a place that we want to play their egos are all the way. I mean you know right yet and it's a it's that the whole different game back from what I grabbed sixty. To your blog I remember when a Bart Scott who will sit there on the court okay. It was a wake different sort of bought. The important prep will be a great team ball back waiting great school what type what was all it was a whole different ways that we. Eight in the weight became this today interview it if you look at all the bad. It's all part of it. You donated NDP pick implement court struck carpet are already our schools so abrupt but yet I'm Marty. I mean but I you know you're never going to be a champion you know what I mean you're just you know programs collected a track. I mean it happens at all sports and yet I felt baseball anywhere. But community need coal which. Our personalities. Somebody like gap that's vacated the if you spyware here who are your market with its weight. You know you get some splinters out because we're not gonna win that way it's just like you were saying earlier the areas that you know what they can't let it. He got kind of let him loose or not they are let him more for themselves what you know what what the right way to do things and let it fail you know. But some arena an actor bill wouldn't think it's marketed by chance chip you know they intercepted at the right call cheap. And owners have there right mindset it can't be rated player than normal rated players. I think the phone thanks for the call I appreciate it. Are they Jason Kidd was afraid of the players in the league it's him. And press cockpit voice they're did. You are going off was player who nineties. He was it because his job. I don't know a lot of things that you would there was one government yeah I was proud of crowd out of hell give me. This is like I said before this is really just crushing by bucks so this conversation we've been having for the last hour and a half plus. Is putting a pillow right over the face of my box so that doesn't happen snuffing it out slowly and it's not a that's Mauer can kill you go onto her look too. On the June even if you say if you if you have until logical what political hot putter as live Anemia up that's a that's stood up like a cup of coffee this is just a strange I don't seem to get blustery it's him against everybody keeps going galleries on his necklace out of drive nice day let us through this next segment limited partners through yet let's take deep. Hot on the trail honey will move to order after a break our we have to do that the care of in a Purdue and I need to decompress time I need a good time after this conversation and that's lemon had over during my seven day vacation probably watch some college hoops at my favorite place. In the whole wide world Dave and buster's and while it's just got a week off and starting tomorrow you'll need to pay you in Simi till opening day I'm in a cave man. Through their nine. They do without. Yeah they are bragging. Seven lead over about favorite plays a whole lot world take America he does that is that taken some college hoops and some problems because I haven't given up on the squad yet at my favorite place in the whole wide world Dave and buster's and wallet Joseph flats greens Delores as far as the eye can see. And in that amazing DNB sports Lundy got 3161. Inch screens an 875 inch screens. And then once I've had my fill of basketball head out to the million dollar midway with the latest and greatest and arcade games including Tomb Raider. Just added great food and drinks on the menu at Dave and busters in the menu always getting battered new items like V with pigs comply vets. Barbecue pulled pork sliders with chicken tenders and some of the best prize in the city of Milwaukee out of what you guys. User enters I didn't know summary of why that a lot of Hillary edit the video guys shot in the mold for pop. And entry to that from start making a lot. Study at all let our co workers at Dave and buster's and polite and next big company team building event. Or us bring rob hardy graduation party whatever Jud party whatever side party just all bad. At 4144540100. That's bad in the number again 4144540100. That it is awesome staff and all the d.s and landing some offshoot to. Each drink play and watch sports that Dave and buster's we would hundreds of south of that puts you on you know announcing the Roy just brought out you're choking use that it's so hard with Wendy's big Joseph B Baghran after the sorties big show around him back off along with Steve Sparky Pfeifer and the former packer and badger running back. Gary Allison. And talk in bucks on a box Tuesday present back frontier motors. Right out of the gates and hasn't stopped since. It's all gone off some comments by Malcolm Rogge and on the Milwaukee basketball are heard every Thursday night. Right here on the fan essentially saying that their problems on the defense of the side of the floor start on the offensive side of the floor. Now when guys are involved on offense well they don't really feel like playing defense Gary. And talked about those comments with Jason Terry when he joined us in at 2 o'clock are the ship. He called me. As if they're writing him it's number tragedy when it. I don't think we Lieberman's defense. That's radical. Well that's exactly what you're. It's. Can decode all you want audiences say it's exactly true. And again not talked probably earlier this week or last week late in the week about mind. What is our mind. That championship mindset that is. We will do whatever it takes on the defense team or Carly is shift or touched the ball and that. And we'll get stops and that's where we'll get opportunities that but again got to understand about our team's young team. That hasn't really experienced. The championship level yet and they still have to learn as ski. So that was Jason Terry essentially saying Gary is right Jason Terry said later in the interview and only to blow up this roster they just need to let this team mature. And gel together. Gary has changed his complete perspective on the box things. Our roster shake up is necessary or maybe even a roster blow up is necessary and everybody gone. But the honest are you feel on Bucs fans 4147991250. You can tweet a sad 1057. FM the fan and we'll get into the Twitter war between Alex last three and and well Bucs fans on this in the next segment but first. We wanna get to your phone calls together been waiting patiently and starting with the trial downtown near on the Wendy's big show what's up the truck. Was there are born I'll go are you. When it. I don't want. Like. It right back at the problem right at those guys. Did they hit the eight. Tired of course that the that it you know. Made it would air. He may whatever. And you see Britney. Great. It was and now you know. It. And yet yet on. What are our point 30. A very. Buried. Well. Who are you. Over that you hope you. And how are. We. Sit they are OP from lack your. Outlook. Everybody. Is art. Ordered our of their rope where. In order. I think our. Guys we thought it. Britain and lots of areas like Obama is not. We have no. It is not by. Phone or. Yeah. Are. What we. All. Our ability. Version. And any of the other. All. True. As reasons. I didn't. You're gonna be okay. Went through this or right I mean I went to the Super Bowl will it we didn't Judas. God help us if we have penalties again these are I I really can't I can't do to seek to add I can politician out there and clear lover. I can't do you see it I think your outlook herb called that he gave alt a bunch of money dolphins and it's worked under him that people don't do that I use it read doubtful and I love the fact that we don't drink till the new arena that you're seeing going up currently looks to remain in new realm on looks gorgeous so all of that out. I didn't love the meddling in everything else that went along with it but I loved everything McCain after a crucial days deal medal. Fine you know and it's all to a certain to us all a tall to a degree which denial. I don't live and that that's what this in a green guy they haven't had anybody meddling until not why we keep going green that's just it would because. Mean there was a precautionary where oil and nobody meddling with Sally Rogers a point where there was nobody ever mailing with ten primal they both got to do whatever they want it. And they can hit anybody with their feet and topped. That you always had a good dream that maybe that would leave for the Packers will run because that was the perfect scenario and that's why would love for Milwaukee to beat where it's well how would not not only out three and bank but how was where her owner. That gives your General Magic key it says you're charged basketball side I'll take care of the business side. Good luck and I and beneficial goal longer afford here's Jack racquet. And go. What's the plan go forward every I think the she care. Maybe not to the extent that we've seen don't have a vault. What the Jerry Kill him out Kennedy did Jerry dumping of senate passes a France's and the GM to undo everything not not anymore but he was a front Al Davis the Al Davis was a fraud he was he was called bush. So you're I don't know I don't. And one more columnists and we're gonna give you the blow by blow of the Twitter war to announce that Hillary please now and it's not a hundred plus he's quite what everybody home he noticed dark amber did that down on the fly let's go to Indian fan more here in the Wendy's big show it's a. Man I don't know what elements you know Mort. Bug out and she's. I've been honorable our house that got them now like the other close bike path I'm in. Between chemistry and stuff. He could tell by looking at all of those screws. I don't know is this is really really weird in the trump organization on now is kind of look circle. Like. And we blogger pat back up and make our decisions become a part of our co. In Africa and World Series people metal. But our owner what we're primarily because you want to meddle make it a little better known as they relevance but shutter. So what we're about taking what about the fans who like our favorite books movies maybe my want it crossing point into the they are now. And his book organization right now we gotten on which we do you reiterated we felt like things don't change and now a slight. Everything they do other than our park stadium it seems like people onto the wall album which fixed. And I didn't think everybody quote adjacent you do a lot of you ought to reject Q right now. Don't quote everything. To the point of our call Cuban government. Normal flight this man the folk art and mutually determined I don't wanna live. Nobody wanna hear it now if you call not talking about. They got ridges Q were these people make errors in you. Electric rate. Learn about maybe are being ego comment inaccurate ought arm. Small it was Kyra you know we always have that we can't do a better handle better. Don't historic barn that was quite an immediate push. Mean I figured what we're gonna be like wait awkward. It came to become a candid talk from my job to keep on Google be nineteen when a truck you. Start. Part postal kernel is just like it's they don't part of the hopes of being sarcastic. So are the box ring worm in apple you'll apology be I do. It's 22 total strict. Orders not like Malcolm X right now. I. Yeah. I still I still think you by the real little bit too much it's dare I be reading a little bit too much yeah. So caught up in Bill Clinton slot. We're yet correct itself. You had Mark Bryant caught up injured Terry even agree and say we're seeing in all the dignitaries at what else about the party. Because let's be honest marker check yeah see I'm OG. All of stray bullets on the lot we of course I can't tell you know ability to look like electric airlock. And it's far Sparky point two probably better probably are rare material like this may follow our breaking my heart letter for me in how water well. It's a ground I need to find out nuclear Harlem and so on you know booty we'll let you only like six months before that report. Love. Hewitt and about and and G he had a list so yeah they are our. Future life. In these men prepare things for the column you know where he lives Alia now we. And friends I may need to be analytical limit. And all that they do this tournament different at all. Notices on Obama and breaking case of emergency. Yoga or throw editor Oakland and good idea beta monologue is no drop. Are you going to hear again and you don't quit due. To report now though. Bleacher Report and see what sport. There would hold would think along with. Well they put it out alone. She'll see that now. Right now without it yeah. You know now that's done all accredited website you have done this is forced got a month beautiful. I like it elect and a lot keeping. We're going to die after the break through I took a break yet. Are we don't now it is 353 out rate while okay are right now then let's let's you deserve it disk but he's dessert that's good do right now. That's mob it okay. It's. I can whip in seven days ago so really Mark Ross really this all started when Gary willful are Milwaukee basketball insider origin on these airwaves this morning reported some friction between Jabar is camp in the box campaign. There willful set on these airwaves in thinking that the chances of Jabari returning to the box next year was very get outs Landry took exception with that. Claims it's not true and said so on Twitter right. Told state news so that hold early voters Marc Stein put out. The now would put that announcement or tribute to his dad is what we're used it in so he's one of us so that let the line you know I don't know why you know Internet is so well a man has just given you don't know what he was the reality is you know who anchors let Marc Stein put out then you put out a report in his newsletter. That. The Bucs have a list they're already coaching candidates at saturates that your. Alex last three saw that tweet me says the season is still going out there are no candidates and there is no list what is happening today. Gary's got Paul Henning. Says a quarter brilliant move forward and I don't know maybe it's a Nazi is this is trying to better around stays out of this one's not calling marks title liar fake news by proclaiming Bucs have no plan for head coach. Not great. Alex Lazarus says about calling subtle wired don't put words by about the and I didn't say we have no play and we currently have a head coach do not twist my words if. Saying you have no lesson isn't what he's. All Paul had a response moment. Well you said what your report is also there is no it's not sure what else that means and based on the kid and horse tires the struggle to find confidence especially at the statements like you just made told you only Carol carry him well we'll get there. We'll get there usually aren't dumb go to blow by blow. Paul or Alex response. Paul just because he reported that the for Gary that was factually incorrect as a B you have to get high and mighty with me there is no list of candidates because there is no vacancy right now. And Paul heading I didn't reporter confer do you think for Gary I just shared what he set on the radio. If it isn't obvious I'm quite concerned about the future of this franchise with an upcoming critical stretch of decisions. There is no room for error. Outside preset welcomes sorry for your considered all. It's floods. Do you think like that the bugs are dysfunctional. No idea why you think you should get smarmy. With a guy that wants nothing more than the bucks to be good. Ancestors that were not its functional and that all hell broke Sith lord jumps in. Well actually that's what Gary just did with his gentle Michael Jackson topic accordance with mount. Yeah discount is far from Alex Latin what is it. What's that Gary. Or as Alex I'd be really really worried. If there was at least the thought process going on as to who you think to be the next head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks Alexandria. Says. Do not twist my words there is no list there are no candidates because we have no vacancy that's right Sith lord says I don't know how twisting them also didn't say that to be a jerk it's really just what I think most people would assume. Go bucks that's ivory says he wants to heavy secret list of candidates to completely numbered undermine a current head coach. Lower in the midst of a playoff run breach at this true simpler says no we're getting a little off the rails here sir are you mad at me it seems like a pretty call two weeks ago hard yet. Alexander says I'm not mattered all I'm saying we don't have a candidate or a list because we currently have a coach. And are in the midst of a playoff run is their due diligence yes we do due diligence on everything and anything but there is an unsolicited. Oh yeah. For. Oops and Sergio says he says looking at the other replied nothing done this threat not having a list does not having a plan so that's my bet is somebody who has gone through a lot his Bucs fans I'm very worried. About this upcoming offseason I got jumpy about the whole not having a listening Alex has no worries that's why I'm here to correct the record and answer questions. Nine hours suits you do give. You a spot all that you had meat chili employee. Can you say that goes. And there's more. There's a lot. It's all ever. I interviewed did you ever get my came out of pick up on the right move no stranger looked every day you know he's. I don't have a physical looks with the neighbors in front of me I just grab my computer book we're talking about Gaza we're talking to yeah I wouldn't dude does it. Check out people's contracts in what there's that you are they need to. What demo we of course we're doing our due diligence. So put done in there and you go to Paula aback but you could see this is the issue. But all my fab PR doesn't he once yeah if Vick did try to three year deal. When they fire can't say he's our coach for the next three years back you didn't. Does Brock you said. He he can have a chance to be our head coach about what happens at the end of this year you give him a stable three year contract or some would say he's our guy gold Ford product know she's probably out of a job again the coach Staten knows who brought out a job at the end of the year. There's now. But again if he would not be on Twitter he wouldn't be a situation Bleacher Report what it made it into a damn story and would be wasting our. Obama missed I missed maybe the best week of this whole exchange while trying to edit on the fly in response to Alex Landry say we're not dysfunctional Pawlenty said. So we hired a GM six days before the draft and fired coach three hours before game. I mean come on please try to tell me that was all planned Paul let the conversation after that it just drop them. You walked and walked away cameras into our work. It's not a big bulge Morgan base and almost leave without popular guy a break in a great great gonna bring than a front page I don't not to mention because. Got a lot of course not if you brought everybody else could this ever thrown out. And we're gonna come running all the door what and. Yeah. A call pol who. Wow. And it's I enjoy that guess what slow often I'll read what I will be doing what was ahead run on Bleacher Report genie out of all those twelve a look at them. And how I would like to move on from this and the chaos continues right after this on the Wendy's big shift.