3PM: Are you worried about Jabari's and Prunty's relationship?

The Wendy's Big Show
Monday, February 12th
Gary, Leroy, Ramie and Sparky discuss Jabari Parker's reaction (or lack thereof) to Prunty's on court instruction

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An hour of the Wendy's big show that's me trying to queue up I like most catchy radio Joseph drop it was a dollar that's just me trying to cure the highlight putting it on the air by accident because I'm bad at what I do out running Mac lawful lot when you don't say are you money off his check every time he said that you thinking it's not sending an art to your former Packers Gary Eller Sid and LeRoy Butler I was gonna beat you to the punch and you're about to say it's I might as well say it so I don't let nobody out there is saying it. No can do about it what you did you'd be fired gesture. That's your right. Maybe tough to be run on board. No strategy it was out but Doug let me get be able to play by combatting issues. With my computers are interrupted your update for absolutely nothing. Can I help and someone I mean I'll talk to during the break we'll figured out during the break there's a particular highlight of looking for. It's a highlight I'm going for coffee from what we're about to talk about are you worried about Al Jabari responded to prod. On Friday night 41479912. Picture you can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan it was an exchange where up front he was. Was trying to convince to Barney to get back down on the posts and take advantage of what prod the size of mismatch against the elderly. Dwyane Wade Sparky and Jabari seemed to want nothing to do with it and was not going back down and reestablishing in the post rather. Setting up for what he thought was an open shot. By the three point line and there was a heated exchange between the two. Is this something that worries you 4147991250. Or tweet us at 1057 at them at heated exchange might be innings at her pocket. Not how we are excited and I don't they had CDC it's okay drug it was doubly yellow yet again during the play punting was heated and Barger said something once they got the time on whatever. My manager at the top idol. I deadly woody classified as Alison Sweeney yelling no job no houses no worries about what that was an armed. I just floored by that whole thing. Outsold sick already on Friday in law. Option number one. Like he's just really happening aura Marla aching and he's seeing things because in the Madison or is going on here. Because side effects. I wish things this Jabbar Parker lake. Role model square dude like. What do you like why are you where did the other guy goal. Just big just flat out ignoring your call coach. Don't tell you could hear me he was like what. I heard him teen yeah I heard him brought Jabari is here he could not hurdle it's not a alibi that he is flat out shall not Abdul. And Saturday you don't fly and they say oh yes back to back. ACLs whatever. You you say that. And I it now that I believe that. I also did Allen believed that this is this what merry need now blank is you don't Wallin was cult. I also believe that to not to somebody would be fine with the devout will they decided to do to Jabar I'd be totally supportive of the goal right headset. Told a bucket. And just sit there and ignore your coach what he's. Right there. You can't pull the election here yet right no no moon as our gonna work as I hear from my couch now did he tell you go and why issuer perked. My shark like. Your knee is killing you and you can't handle it physically to go do what he's asking you to do. And you'll yourself in front of everybody on the floor took time out then tell your coach duke coach. My knees killed I got to come outside and listen you bought. Have a good arm but not an apple one now that they're just flat out ignored his head tilt. So what ever that's all well. And the muscles it's been a nicely or whatever that's all about that I can't you can't have that on who. You you can't have that from any player on this basketball team. I care if you Jabari. It's Middleton and it's not maker needs DJ Wilson. Kilpatrick I get what player it is in front yelling at you to do something you do it. What are stumbled there is no fool it called maybe he's on this one. I don't well I mean I don't understand. And if there is a respect issue or something else at play here they better straighten it out. Because they guardian Angel tried to coach for the rest of the. I'll say this. If there's more than Jabari that as a respect issue for Joseph Bryant he. And dagger and I have problems it doesn't seem like there is no this is the only the only thing we've seen publicly to the naked I'd publicly yet cracked. And that's why I say Brett. I would never questions such a thing to this point I know written to they're playing hard or they look good. Everybody is buying into it seems like everybody's on the same page and then this dude just while I ignores is tech coach. Pretty easy. So Tenet let me ask you this I wanna obviously have my questions and. I don't want overreact don't wanna set Pete I'm great I'm with you yet but. We we have heard that Jabari Parker and Jason Kidd didn't necessarily see I'd that there was friction there. Now if there's already something there with Joseph prod. Not going all the way down this road but do we do we have to start to wonder. If Jabbar Parker just maybe isn't all that. Coach a bowl Mac home. Number I'm just asking him again I don't wanna go too far other autumn I'm mainly here to admit I'm not labeling him that as that right now that's got they would know what it. I said I said his visit something that you need to start to think about did that play well no it's not. Tell me I differ because if I files labeling him that I would say Jabari Parker is not coach a bowl but I'll just let out there. I think that it's what's same thing when you see what happened between him and allegedly have been significant and did you did you know and now already. A week off your knee surgery win as the interim head coach that you just got at Jason Kidd was fired him and there's already an issue of you're not listening to what your coach says out on the court during a game when I got here we're just a matter of okay couched. I have to I have to start to wonder. And let me ask that question. If he's if he's on it hard to culture on already I and I love Jabbar. Arcade I love Jabari artistry ever I treat everybody the same. I'm not currently some kind of millionaire you can take the name off the back of the Jersey and I'm I'm just assessing the situation as I see. I can't be nicer of the gas a little rest and it is not and I'm not rushing to judgment I'm asking the question if it's up and that is that is in the back your mind me now. Could this be an issue down the wrote. Makers. I think is unfair to put that Alec he's these issues are. It is even put a question had to someday it just makes people think it. Are you worried about how Jabari responded to Joseph fronting and his on court instructions Friday night 414. 7991250. Can tweet us. At 1057. FM the event never isn't worried whenever Q club of Wisconsin law which keeps our milk no reason whatsoever que Como Wisconsin are perfect place if you look at result maybe a little bit. Look for Ralph Wednesday night many are allocated for the traditional goes sit down candle lit dinner and all that stuff may you're looking for this goal while. Have a fun night for yourself out idea for example who may. The ins tore for something like this maybe. It's you. And the wife for the husband demanding and when you're listening commercial right now. And you possibly if the watched the kids may said the kids and it's been a long time since UN. Now what out of play darts at a couple drinks or one out and shop pool and had some parents may have would you do used to do a lot when you were. 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And those pars a book and a quick your 2018 Q club of Wisconsin twice for fifty Ford north Graeme view boulevard in Waukesha. Just a half mile south of I 94 check them out at Q club a WY dot com. Q club of W I dot com or on face the Wright says or just. Still want these big joke. I'm robbery they're sparking an archer former Packers Gary Ellison and the royal ball are you worried about how Jabari responded to Joseph find these instructions. Animated instructions Friday night and their loss against the Miami Heat 4147991250. Can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan I said before the break Sparky nodded his head in agreement that was a nod of agreement right. That with his his issues reported issues with Jason Kidd and now already. This incident with Joseph front teeth you gotta start to wonder may be asked the question if Jabari Parker is easily quotable 4147991250. You can tweet us at 1057 FM the fan or severed as being media guys. So wants to do it case. Area totally let me let me be meat is normal for a long term aren't. So as old watching the game you. Can hear Marcus Johnson. Dean explain like what was going well he and basically. He was just trying to have a mom I mean you can hear the exchange market you know with which sort of go to. I'm in repose at the net stop the connection on the economic. Donna Reed also get to the ball. Well it doesn't go. All. What would you be in her article to read votes to get ball. Global war. You Woodruff. But did you see Jabbar hole. Expressed or are you alcohol thing. To me what member crew this was Marcus Johnson's analysis of it on fox sports Wisconsin excuse to pour audio. Recalls. If he's still rusty is and have gained on Israel mostly Korean Peninsula with that player rock but he doesn't don't Ross got endurance and aggressive and is not of had no he is no new loan note this market has gotten into it there. Not you guys doing Dakotas foods course for a did you want to know coach billionaires. I'll I law and medical moderates awarded gimme more liquid and more is just how you do it. Just how you do it I don't. He's yeah it doesn't to me you won't be beautiful ball more I don't care that I valuable to its legs anyway no one you know 101. Boom and have failed your aggregate later today they beat all and go right down. Now you're whatever story of the artist blu. Yeah. I. Yeah and according Ron Hornaday. Does it matter yeah critical view of we believe it yeah hello all I really enables you normally like to move already at that point. I look out there yeah. And the answers out of the block in the blue collar no doubt in my adult. Look outlaw. Ardently. As we write downs. And had. Done. There. Are all wrong. And yeah. And iron. Vista or ignore and let me just show all your negative view you mean. There was all. I a strong. Agreement he's actually saying this game that was give Maria Grey's. But badger Jabari. Thank you can pick it. Palin a logical now I mean. If you are supposed to be gospels beat him in on mr. There always should you ought to just kind of take that. You know it's taken out over period. It's what you want to say and he's team player not a but it's going to be some sort of frustrations and sort. Just you everybody wants to beat him in here about what people look at Joseph Barton of the unknown one to me for and so now. Really doesn't pass him. Now all all the because. Jabbar has been hurt so just pass tomorrow. No certainly got its contract this looming. Game. He needs to get numbers. And then there was talk earlier about his relationship widgets again I don't know it was a barely Georgia's juvenile but it will we heard they don't fit you see this. It is. I get downloaded. Well and we don't know the whole story barred him from being an employer. Agriculture every day trying to get me more that's Alan that's pictured here in agriculture chairman each arguably more charges of love and I mean that's. That's slightly brought Caylee while we go to. We gonna play we're gonna play you have to only cover two and unit and mrs. Hogan which. Literally. Do's and into bargains. Yeah until they are the goal and it. Already did that. British Condit. Probably the team a second wanted to know and I think there's like six games. So you you do see cause for concern here I don't know reforms concern. Rahm is I think he's got a lot going on. And I think frustrations. Came via old. From the big guys got to get paid this year. That's probably the number one thing he's got Ukraine I think if you look at yards behind these costs and I think that. Mr. wood. I think to be fair value debt led to take notice. Yet to take notice and watch everything now. Out of concern that you know I don't know what else are critical greener over an arm bar which almost digital it. A little concerned and winning all concerned that reason why you didn't play. Was because of the accident he had apparently within a pro when stings. And we extinction wells goes through when his numbers vector year. People. It is disgusted with yourself crusade yesterday. A year and yet but you know I don't have as ever player all players agree with you never show your coach. Just right led to coach Dooley doom. And. Their machines bull about what about it is Santo present a fan I'm more worried about Parker being afraid of mixing it up in the post that I am daddy's on coach of that. All the manager. He doesn't seem to have a rhythm on Friday night he didn't know where he was supposed to be our offense a majority of the basketball game. He can't go or not once gotten any and there are any kind of Romany stop beating Kyle look around and try trigger or is he didn't look. Like he was in June at all genre and the offensively and the whole offense was disappointed yeah Majerus him but. Everybody in general looked past. Yeah when I LeRoy say though you just come back too early. But if a guy treasury post as per surfaced. In that would've been some say Brandon Jennings. People lost from. And that ad didn't say some of these other guys that and then like and they just ignored a coach people of Los are not a lot of people like to buy barker. Clinician. I get that you can't just ignore culturally and make you know he's not sorry I don't care unless your heart. You physically can't do what he's asking muted due. That's acceptable but it you could physically do what he's asked you to do you had no sharp shooting pains in your meet you have no back issues in you can re post. And you gotta do what he's the man I may ask pat look at general that's a ballot for privately because your players I'm listening do you. That's about look for the player who's going into restricted free agency this summer. Yeah if the bucks to throw this tape I don't like Jabari. And if it happens two or three more. Does he get the label Ronnie talked about and that's gonna hurt when it comes. Time of nazism. Weirdo guys you'd pay per view yes we got without multiple port ACL and a played more than awful season he may have played a full season he has multiple torn ACLs he's got that working to get some already know he got to meet another negative I knew was right now because. He's good are you worried tan. About how Jabbar respond at the front date and his on court instructions Friday night 414. 7991250. Can tweet us at 1057 FM the fan if you're worried. About what you gonna do for Valentine's Day Gary has a quick and easy solution for you. You know do guys biographer is over at the jury sir dean Murray the only business world with thirty years. They've got some great deals for you over there you're looking future girl somehow I came we give god some for yeah song actually could. I got my Valentine's opens munger. I'm on Adam got to choose our side that they came in early. 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Are you put out there on the screen man leaps there and sings some organs and holding him up on that after it looked Liu would the government will get your did broke I'm Jamar are. I'll give my opinion where the Wendy victory Terry Wright under the. Keep your clothes on Darius the Wendy's big show. Asking you right now are you worried about how Jabari responded to Joseph prime date. And his on court instructions Friday night telling him get the post take advantage of a mismatch against. And Jabbar I thought the three point line was a better spot for him 4147991250. You can tweet us. At 1057 FM fans go to the north side get in trolley on the Wendy's Rachel what's up truck. There are you don't go well you know. We're up first scene has supported the stakes involved. Beat because that are part of appalling when I think I couldn't sleep at all. You know while other cereals in the pit. Desert at all our fit. You know they'll. Well as well so he quit process. Wired is bad Jason Kidd. Wanted yeah artists talk Colby. Will be different than. Forwards apart Parker never clear. In a lot I asked myself. It's been barred Parker that he really wanted to be here that we Michael did not straight you know O gon moved out nausea re both tired bitter in the summer. I know it's gonna happen and another thing without that sense popular with tar. I think there's a little bit ancient unlock cool. Towards yardage from the wreckage orasure respond Parker ample Middleton and I think inept or well. But I think. Jabar partnered to execute problem that. Do our part to me he's always been a very talented player ever gets in jeopardy art school but he's always been a player that always had other. Being born on it are gonna rouge mark felt. He he doesn't wanna be great. He just wants a commanding in his twenties some points or bad if I won't sport. And that's about it and I think that's what page educated they were not because she our national and the more ways not to eat it to be great. They doubled the robot can be 28. And Parker. And I don't know man job really wanted to add to that the artist Barbara Bain work and not wanting him to be peace in the future to cook is corporal. There because they don't think we have been going. To right. Wait a culture involved. Pretty much do what he wants to do you may not be declaring an end and that they're pretty in the bigger problem with. Is relation with artists and how to get suspended even though he was the highly touted not to become an out and popping tapping guys are then. And he may not need to be here eager well. Are confused when it com and its keeping Parker. What does it made the feature that sort of thing not concerned about what it would mean future. A million units and I've given much chance of that oh. This rig apart argument for being. A better wobble Jarvis. Squabble. They have words and you know it's kind of stopped in order after him apart Gregor talk under pork wouldn't look Oreo. The certain heritage in the law kind of slow about it to get back up to its second app in the third quarter when it start to come back. With debt load at all now have an exchange in the parking immigrants artwork that. We can end ultra hope you feel better. I said I just don't bail on again backwards you know them. I'm down only thing anybody here's bailing on under bargain or did you just used to know in March growers here. While drove starting to have the same doubts that let's start to have doubts doesn't mean that you build on an outlet as to our objective to me is too and we different but nobody out I don't believe in him not I'm starting to question I'll say look I don't think this guy is it. Bailed on me in a negative come in when you think is no warrant as. Let's get a legitimate chance to buy Sherman you're on the Wendy's racial it's a chair. Hey hey that I got on the paper and our culture. Good armed consummate listener Amanda you know LeRoy I agree with to a 100%. Route where god has come out for a man. That you would pay back what I gangs. You know he would do know that whatever demonstrators urged to. Wear and I was living in Atlanta. Win. Jabbar you numb week. Where we're coming out it's winter buys shares. That he wanted to play in Milwaukee you want a bigger defer create. I'm migrate OK we got so wanna watch to be. Cool now the young bears just like to rail Soviet he's been a star so high school because it could be in BA. He care debate field. I'd never had eight CO chair I've never been a potential superstar. In BA player to have a great field care and know what that experience would be. It's broad that would come back by all accounts the English well. OK in golf always had a high basketball IQ. Did it happens to gain in the meantime. Yeah this has started to blossom wouldn't change. OK so now this kid has come back he's trying to. Insert itself in the assault there's been sitting here thinking about. I don't know him personally but just from watching Neiman observed it is saints meet his demeanor is more. Okay I'm on a fitting. Albert certain myself when needed or went held true. And just try to try not to be worried relatives. Now what happened out today thirteen seconds well. Where markets to explain work work work work coach Hartley was stronger say in duke made perfect sense but I looked at work. Jabari. What you seem to be. As you pointed towards you. But I cavalier lead to believe that. Jonathan you've called football. Or injured and I can fit a ball mobility not. So that's why he didn't really publish it yet or not shouldn't have. I think so yeah as the region's own way he probably about thirty pounds bigger weight but I don't think he's spirit yet met to. I don't tickets it has anything to do which you know be in a malcontent. Were trying to show the culture up amid bid dances maverick. This is never caught up in the year that has been in the spotlight for the arts school. You know he's never never displayed anything like this topic is premature. They rarely turn unfair. You know put their top gear like that there are good they are upstairs that just market. And thanks again and and unfair. Are we being I'm opening the idea that we're being unfair I think unfair I don't know and I thought they were. I don't care it out have been EJ Wilson ambassador earlier I don't care it's a rookie. You don't ignore your head coach we all human. But you don't ignore so if you don't want to be an issue then just do sadness. That's all this is due to Orlando and large he lawyer says questioned their. And these are what the coach ability aspect double nobody tells us they show all day as far as I know and lets you all got information that I don't have. About what all the deal was between gazing into barb barber. Always always want to report about it yeah Jabari downplayed it. It really adds inane thing about it one way or the other. Okay. This is what I do you know one what I've been told over the course of top U Bard never seemingly is one of those guys that doles it works out late with jobs. When they were doing all that stuff last year not that Jason Terry was one of those guys those guys would go back more with NASA might remember last fall. One Middleton was real was rehab and get back out number one of those guys remembered that everybody I talked to was never in that group goal Mac working late. You buy puts in his work and then does his own thing. To Mir feels like maybe I'm crazy to me. Jabari. Has a lot of pressure on him like Roy said about being paid this summer to what she said about. Toward the highest bidder. I think you'll score a hybrid or is this this thing about hometown discount it was. Then 33. Years of 54 million dollars reported. What was it couple weeks ago or whatever that he apparently turned out that pagan and wanna talk about but. If that's the case we turn that now. Trying to get paid as much as humanly possible and me and rot your argun about this earlier today off the Robby said that on yourself eyes absolutely not I got to torn ACLs I can get 54 million guaranteed can't I'll have a chance to go back. In the free agency in three years and get more money if I can stay healthy I blow my knee out between now and the between now and the end of the season. The playoffs I did not then I'm totally stupid I got three torn ACL not really not gonna get anybody give me any money adapt point. And I'm polish her everything else up so now you have to hole it put yourself in a position. To where even though you may not be a solve his basketball player to a certain degree he passed to become a salvage basketball player. Because if you skull or I didn't pay folks. He's just not illegals out now averages. Six shots a game is on in any money she is not gonna happen. Any can't have negative publicity and negative attention drawn to himself by doing stupid stuff like he did by going punch on the basketball court that stuff can happen. Just came. Joseph are part of agent. I out of my Parker's friend. Duke don't ever do that again I don't care where he told you a gold just divulged no just. The first year the five year deal where you're gonna beat their longer than twenty U bold may not be back next year. Any race to yourself of money somewhere else when they look at jungle. I got questions about the coach ability to meaning if you're not Ellison knee and what makes me the hurdles in a bite. That's going to be an issue so the what I deal we don't you begin the rest of the year is it fair this. We did see this part in all right we can't seem do this decay between all of now. Over the what I am isolated incident fine but it can't happen again I haven't again and there's going to be a big problem. Against kids he would actually coached they're human. Hasn't played a full seasons though animal. And wonder fuse the real thing it is really do and it. One army exists I don't know if you've really knew who he was aware player he was I don't know if you release saw. Not a mix apples. I mean edges. He missed games we think about his tenure here we're kids was right or three years yet foreign. Where years he's been hurt who those four years. How much in Iraq and there was because like I said the other day when you're injured news or away from the league from its right. Your nutrient room and you come on do some jobs extra row homes ago. It's worth wondered if I often wonder about to let you know. Or is geo front is that's a joke as affords him. Bird that is that the flow Gary ties losses. And him. At a ten month jail if that doesn't want to high definition of not thinking hey I had friends this is Gary dollars. Sort of random. I told me that they waited waited. 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There expert Dick you out right now to get the most of Wisconsin winter that's argue played the WD year if that is the winter deals fail. There's nuclear winter though so stay warm dry and it's Dolly winter clothing and from lacking George local outdoor spiritually richer. Over 170 years of serving you with the bears election. Best prices and best servers out there starts year OJ outdoors dot com pick. Thoughts and in my Parker for one more segment right after this summer when he's ratio. Eighth so what he's big show. As men's number on a Mac plus that in masons or your former Packers Gary Ellis in the royal Butler won only Steve Sparky driver alongside. Asking you right now. Are you worried about judge Breyer responded to Joseph fronting in his on court instructions Friday night in a loss against 841479. Central figure you can tweet us. At 1057. FM the fan let's go to Martinez. In Port Washington bureau the way these big show marked out as just talk over Gary's singing on. It trailed the bank up on the called beer that they are you saying. Bigotry I think you walk. Out your witty. The ball. Into the it's been doing when it beat it or elm. And made all week. Know what it's got it immediately. Art are going to be and and right elbow injury in the moral high school they want to do. Tom Jabari art art we got it won't depart. And it's harder and a lot of its plan about. What this our board yeah. Like U a RT if you tell our. You don't write. All things in my money went now in doubt now because unlike. Well it probably got it department Albany nobody else you know a couple point like I do. But it all Obi got. To. For our. Debt now about the now. Want to be ready right up there I don't know what I'll I'll pick it apart that no one truck right now because aid out there. And what price we all know that pop up you again. Our bill others in the water everything like beer at people I. That's different Atlantic get the indictment against my. Goal every thought to argue that aren't they could no rhyme speaking. What you are that your with its own well I'll pay it out drug. Wait. Wait. Wait big ball. Eric Eric Idle it may sound not a true but while praying that lightning. Round the green light. Artwork that he wouldn't eat what the goat. Argued it don't netbook or doubt eight billion of the eight the people our goal. If you want air. It and I wrote about a lot of money it took them out there too scared to. Thanks for the call Martinez reproduction jump Lou. Three years at a weighted. I'm watching a mess it's I'm watching ales silly money get thrown around a game and double that their guys some better than I know about it and I can stay healthy for three months I know I'm better than and I know I'll make more. JJ Redick got what. When were here yesterday I know what he got away because still heading into this hour cap floor I don't that is got silly money is out there man yeah I need to stay healthy for three months and it's mind. I can never even more than the eighteen million they're honoring her ears yes thank you. I'll wait I'll bet on myself we got time for one more columnist is going to be George Georgia on the Wendy's facie it George. We will try to look if I'm sort of look at everything in a vacuum. Are barred Parker. Not those of course when other when we don't you know looking at. Players and India play basketball and we always a possibility of coast outlook the bat looked. It has not done a situation when he yelled at the Italian uncle was a bad looking as well. I'm I'm trying to look at Barney unit is that yet to make deals surgery. And that I don't believe that there's any animosity there but I do believe that. You know when you try and so late for a contract that a lot of pressure on you now think that it got anything to do with gel the or any pain with that I think is more bad. He just walked so you'll like he's going to be party's future and be important feature happen contract. We had a eight have been made a bad decision. Citic comparison I'm a three year deal that try to go back to when curry the cardinals problematical. And Golden State refused to Max and now. Say hey you're bet for a year. 48 million dollars if you can stay healthy we will most definitely play and that's basically what the bucks. To some certainly don't need here eighteen million dollars a year you stay up and these years will take yours. And I mean Barney. Agent to be really fired or not even interred in and take I don't know begin encouragement not but I believe that. And not taken up money could be a mistake you don't wanna receive. Wait three months anything can happen what he cared Indian security unit career probably over it'll be career aren't. So it light. Feel bad for the situation want him to look at very embarrassed and I don't beyond that cult that I found out really don't think it's anything to do with him. And I'll be honest I believe can one be part of walking if you if you listen to him talk about eighty. And yeah everybody about this too and and how much I'll go. Everybody in the Indian and one. From high school to college yeah owed eight amended it will be in and everybody definitely what the man. So I think it's more about man I'm insecure. Too bad knees. I'm trying to get the consulate he didn't play a normal. Paula again come normal and everything give back too much pressure on him. I think he could not himself into and that one call it like Derek comet and take it in about in the year but if you got a good bit. Thanks George. As Google. You said that already here that you can tell that knee is on his mind. There's. I think basically which is beat you know. Physically he's runs under but even once here physically right and it takes a minute for the mental part to catch up Intertrust. There everything that's been repaired and and all the rehab that you went through a minute running all the ordinary and don't fight. I hope so man I hope so it is scary to it to sign. Any contracts really and even when it comes to buying a carpet does not when you shop front here. That's frontier motor cars on south 27 street of them show you how easy it is to buy a quality used car. In Milwaukee some used car dealerships here one week on the next. Not frontier David in the same location former 44 years right there on 27 street. Big ball up front they on the whole block you can't miss it and I believe in fair prices superior service. 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