3PM: Bucks Home Opener... Why are there tickets still available??

The Wendy's Big Show
Friday, October 20th
10/20/17 The Wendy's BIG SHOW 3PM Hour: The Bucks take on the Cleveland Cavaliers at home... why is this game not a sellout? 

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I. When he picks and I'm hot and Brad. But he's no Harry Bradley Center it was a mutual Patrick Ford and stay right next not a case that I thought here. Jump start off Harley-Davidson wanted it bad guy who would you like that all that power. Mr. come on out check that out you know it's an arrest thing we talk about this bust cavaliers game plan obviously that is why we're here. They get rated take on LeBron James and the cats tonight. And then you look at it from the aspect of lava coming off that nice win against the Boston Celtics. On the block lots of there's some momentum nodding to the bucks cavaliers game. Tonight here with the miners Bradley Center. You have LeBron James who consider probably great player in the NBA if you don't consider that in depth later conversation. About outdoors Kevin Durant a lot whoever's gonna have a conversation maybe. And that it. You have got us. Who. Is being talked about across the alt national platforms as being a legitimate. MVP candidate this year in helping to discredit that was his 37 point performance in double double against the Boston Celtics the other night. So if we do all of that. And then you say. And it's not sold. It's. Not sold out. I don't. I don't I don't I don't get it but I just I I don't get it not you know we go back to the stadium. If they when they were trying to get the new stadium that which by the way it looks gorgeous and it and it's gigantic. Duke it out become doctors. Op. I remember people think it's not a basketball top without his care about yea yea this town. Is about baseball it's a baseball look at it and it's at Miller Park right. OK and I always said the same thing. With this team win its people will show off. Other steam was it the playoffs last year. Gave Toronto all they can handle. Lost. I gotta come back this year with the same team they attack. It's not like they lost data to another team's offseason not like Middleton went somewhere else in the offseason and now everybody should have their doubts about this bucks basketball team. I get it like. I don't understand. This is not Miller Park not talking about 40000 people that have the fitness they talk about what 171000. Somewhere that area I I don't. I don't understand how all saudis were Scots and we can't figure out a way to sell out opening night for box against the cavaliers. Again. This isn't box came as this is the box and LeBron James Cabot loud. At a Cleveland Cavaliers it you can't sell it out. If I'm an older of this team. It's about a broad global concern to me. If Alec ever gone either way you're social media and other ways. On promoting themselves throughout the entire summer I mean they've kept themselves pretty much Alexei top model Bucs fans all summer long and it into. Now Dave Warren. Your whole campaign tonight wanted to come off that Boston Celtics well I just. I don't understand your. I'm with you. All audit law so here's what you. 41479912. For wanna know why your comment while the number no one would serve another twelve. My deal here. The best player if you BA I think Roger. Is the next great thing in the NBA I think. In retreat. Politics game not sold out. I don't hit. That the bill what I said this are your goal or two years ago tuned. All. Butchered chartered. Jury willful white here. We were trying to named V. Best players in boxing history. In order. At a court. It's got to be greens it's got to be author. To me and it was last year for me I've been. John it. But at this point but they never. Like John it's he's the best block. And the Milwaukee. Yeah that's straight right barring injury at an extra break if you stay low and now. If you get a bigger log vicary if you really think art. Are working your very law. You canal are bigger base. Here at Milwaukee the go to guy. So you're talking about particularly the best player they've blocked history. You're not permanency. You're not I made up big yesterday. What they got off. I fit Tuesday. Or out on a court abroad. To vote. The bra now aren't going abroad. Well because in my mind. Abroad it's the big thing in the yup work. Well. I don't think both potency that brought anymore. And I don't think the brawn parents that draw the department here's the rot in the news. About walking right. Now at Robert. I don't wanna add or deliberately putter hot dog. From would not notice particularly terrorism list you don't what's gone right occurred. But from a truck which you have put efforts I mean I've watched little quarters on that ticket compromise they go. And that he dug. Well I took the rift Mary brought up what brought you let them play the word association game and BA. At Rotterdam. Our water right. Our. Artists and they're yet I don't think you are a bit about Arctic. There I think in the fifth amok if he did. Top three of VP vote. If it's around. Her that are one note Obama. Throw. I just don't beautiful forced them out at 1250 I don't get why this game is not. A sellout maybe don't like LeBron. Maybe you have already done it maybe their bodies to a it gave should be complete. Maybe folks and just by any go to my favorite place the whole lot world to watch the game there's a good. The coverage here accurate. I mean it's great place for both game as well. It's a great place to watch the game cute that's David busters and wallet those that make them your home. For your game viewing experience if you're not coming out here through the Bradley Center with flat screens as far as the eye can see and that amazing the NB sports out of pocket about the green 161. In street. 875 means greens. The ultimate. Viewing experience whether it's football basketball baseball Dave and buster's is the place but especially when we talk about football. Check out these were policies especially every Sunday. Monday and Thursday five dollar appetizers like their problem not spinach dip robots that realistic 350 for 42 outs campers of Miller Lite Coors Light. And spotlight as always got the million dollar midway with the latest and greatest in arcade games for your halftime enjoyment. At start thinking about booking your company's holiday party right now. But it copy could even do it Dave and buster's takeover and right now the whole place just called bad at 4144540100. That's bad at 414. 45401. 00 let it it's not that can't handle all the details of all you have to do is each Drake play and watch sports at David busters wallet notes I weigh 100. Just south of north that news this season opener it's the honest person the broad. And it's not sold out sparking Gary. Are upset with few the fan and wondering why 79 well maybe you can read this at 1057. I've been in the span and we are on the scene just outside the Bradley center at the northwest mutual. And sure it's right by the Harley-Davidson display at the back right after this that sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. And is a pick at saint football Friday here on the Wendy's big show but talking some basketball as well because it's the home opener for the Milwaukee Bucks while clinging welcoming LeBron James and the Eastern Conference champion cavaliers that's out tonight. Whereas the B Myers Bradley's that are out here at the Northwestern Mutual. And sure it's right by the Harley-Davidson display and asking you being the home opener being the audits vs LeBron. Wise in this game sold out 799 pulpit here you can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan let's get right out your calls and talk with Doug. In Saint Francis here on the Wendy's big show whats up Doug. Amen it is. And it on the resident. In the early 2000. And it. And use it like it. Will be here. Oh and a night. And are you. Dollars was a customer Packard. Here's your. Ayers. Players. Hours on it. The rams are. On it. And action like in the the think right now and. You do not go to sports all of Saget I'm just curious do you go to any sports events and all are because all these millionaire athletes are making millions you just refused ago. A Betsy you know what Eddie gross stuff but no Packers know brewers know bucks. Not into. Let me write certain though. How many times I have to be LeBron don't act and that won't watch and he'll move great play around the very player out at some monopoly player do. I don't have to golden 150 by L view that. You're abroad that LeBron degree here you go over the best politician if you will in the NBA well. I think just I bought it and point. I think we're praising the community. Out of the game and we got a couple of all respect him and billionaire owners. Asking us the taxpayers to subsidize their investment by perhaps the medium to high dot I I've been arrested. I don't think there are appreciated it looked up at C Robby who Wear the NBA where the box are. For average ticket price compared to rest yet and I doubt for example so for that guy right there. There's no point of I mean really say anything I mean he said it himself about the millionaire athletes IA tapes NBA players dog at perhaps the game on and it's now priced right. There's nothing average that's gonna change his mind what he just sent because that when I asked him do you go to any professional sports but that's because a millionaire athlete he said. He goes back to basketball badger football well Michael the Packers Michael reversal Michael the bucks or watch RTZ. But not go to pay all that money for millionaire athlete to billionaire owners. There are a lot of people that. And there's not a good about it there's nothing if you can do about it. There's other the Packers had about enough in the burst into about it if if your stances they get paid too much money about Bakken help to support out. Then that is what is it then you're right you can watch it at all at UIQ and a at my Romulus. Years ago. Are there were Blackhawks orders I forgot. And they refused. To broadcast home games. I'm TV refuse it for years that our world maps yes the courts that there it is broadcast hope. And right could not understand why. It's like that guys that I can watch box apple or other wrote whatever outlaw at that game. And that was the worst badly it was if we don't put all gave ITV in the east you're gonna have to come watch a product. And our stadium it out be the only way to keep C universal listening to on the radio. All they do mystery anger about the fan base early in the day but Alice premise rivals people well. The artist Frederick. OK but they hope. Don't come. Right I mean I got no problem with that I mean that it it beg theaters for an American born all of for export. But you're if they thought mr. jobs about it the right. You don't like Agassi or capture him that is straight. To me. Your Russian people because they make money and if so do to make money a lot more like oh that's right. Or be lucky enough to do that were urged to have a solid. In the NBA. In the industrial. League baseball. Hockey league. You've got to beat out. That you gotta be less. Got to work our. All that be bored with all the all I want you not augur a project that just wake up and be the best basketball player probably the year right. Yes partly has all the yeah all the god given up the hole with Andrea in the collar and there the collars that that to issue. Why it. He said yet the brought him straight in Africa can watch dog the basketball you're not appreciating the great up LeBron James obviously the dogs and really. Which you don't see on TV and what I always walk or. Not want to gave live is what's happening away from the ball yeah and that's that's if you're a basketball band. You come to a game that you watch for tapping away from the ball that you don't see on TV there aren't watching LeBron James at his size and his speed. Do what he does up close. On top of the fact that he is as high an NBA IQ are basketball IQ as has ever come through this week. To watch that in person. I've had the privilege and the blessing of doing that on a few different occasions. Both from press row in practice and from up in the seats wit with with all the fans it is it is not bother. To be whole car. You're American art. Bigger fair for armor and number there are. A year and as part billionaire owners committed and asking for money to subsidize their native every owners the billionaire and every team sees the subs that stadium. Just like every other major corporations that their business anywhere just look at box. It's the cost of doing business. Either giving them tax breaks they're throwing in a little light sparked card here where would we do your part courier they re raise the tax breaks here rebellions. 300 million I'll outside of its hundreds of millions three billion daily three billion dollars in tax rates during their business. Mark on the three billion dollars during this. Are unfortunately right yeah there. Through part of hey if fighters jobs here right predator yes absolutely so if you'd like. Don't like professional sports that. Don't get a game they went to badger basketball are on that as beacons as that that's all of us. You're asking about ticket prices spark in how they compare. Q the rest of the VA will say this I'm I'm a little bit surprised. And how the bucks compare to the rest at the end. Now it's it's about it's about what it should be the most affordable. Team and EA really that median resale ticket prices sixty dollars. 68 ounce Beers X they. 298 dollars who has the cheapest ticket in Korea and her wallet dot job. You're not gonna believe this Cleveland Cavaliers are the cheapest ticket yet it has taken in the NBA median resale ticket price for the Kansas 42 dollars that's what I eighteen dollars us but but concessions. And all in all basically bounces out concessions a little bit more night 33 per beard for gatekeepers notified feet deeper on the at all badly cut dollars for parking total Bentley cost and Cleveland is twenty to 67. According to her wallet act now look at parking. I've got sick leave and he spent fifteen to twenty dollars here. That's a little back that parking got to change that makes it the doughnut it's Sam on the north side your equities makes its ups and it. They got a pretty good. So my theory is I'm point five and a lot of kids we grew up watching ran out and that Ray Allen trade. With a bad break up for us it put a sour taste in a lot of kids now so that they instantly became LeBron and Kobe can't. They didn't. Really feel like they had basketball in Milwaukee but think that resonated that that's that's my theory unlike younger crowd. Yeah probably to a certain degree and other athletes who respects McCaw is. This. Branded the market not individual's. Right boarding teams or so that baseball or football they've market on individuals. So this league is based on marketing around project. And that's what it was an assault started at the magic Johnson and Larry Bird and that it took off to a whole different level when they changed right anyway Michael Jordan. Took the league by storm. He like Mike and everything else that he did yeah NBA's Neville back here or marketed that way. What does it make sense to me it is it's even having marketed that way you would think. That would brought it comes to town like what Michael Jordan would come to town. Yankees felt that it would sell out. Quickly every time a single game tickets go on sale Jordan bulls games would sell out that tells me he does it. Have anywhere close to the same poll as Michael Jordan he's got respect to the same place not looked at the same what whatever maybe. There's not that appeal. Like there wasn't Michael Jordan you can talk about who the better players and all that out as saying. For who put butts in seats if everything else does it appear that he has the state law. As Michael. Well obviously. How well aren't you lift people interfered. In the vehicle old and has nothing to do what wrong. How well we were at a all time peak. We're Magic Johnson we're we're. With Larry Bird. And Michael took it to another level. As we're ever based around the United States and there's not that much interest in the year anymore because. But daddy suddenly got a huge TV deal because his wife say that and what was the other plays golf with your you're two way. We get rid of new arena. The next great thing common. With the next great thing you're. Let's just very he's not Michael Jordan my schedule on behalf of the now threaten. I don't know what it. But will be. Should be sold out over there are. Excellent here here on Tuesday. And it's an amusement and general he would go on to a legitimate shot at our right got it right now you're not. Bears player in the NBA not right arm it would as the best player in the way. Will this place so now. Because the bulls with Michael Jordan was sold out there like they're like Lambeau Field. But it unity and if you got a ticket you had to make triple on what effect that you caught. Because from my. 791252. Readers at 1057. At the and that meant a lot about it what do you don't know a lot of people want it and not sure yet we have a lot apple to the art directors and appointment because of that eviction notice and it's gonna. Percent back also because butler's way out here right that we yeah I can we our whip Roy yeah if we'd make it makes. For the weekend. But he's not eat my effort as a tree might hurt it early and Agile first hour there through around the world title as I called it senate as lepers next. For tell me about yard express. He adds is on out Purdue we're out he drives successful transfer up expedited break and he said he's very happy thank slapper (%expletive) about with young expressed. You can be that say it happy for it while it's having a lot of fun and making good money yeah that's what that's about them. So about perspective. Maybe it is really something that if you don't like the refrigerant. If you don't like really have a oft percent or whatever it. You wanna control of ours we Q were you wanna control what the case you've been a year you wanna control how much money you make. A successful transport expect Ricky do that just bored with this album will. Except the desperate separate it just me to pick us up for point eight drop off to point B right. So I could turn the radio outlets whatever Wallace at the big show every day like back guide does. Are pretty liberal when nosed out and you're underway you could be a local driver could be a regional driver or you can drive. Over the rough which means they should watch. And it doesn't have to be set forever so what do you say Abbott got over the off the first Bob but I gotta come back first week. December I got the article about the parents to drop local that we probable back out. Back over the road again after that you can you can pretty much dictate your stock. All we ask you make himself while insurance at a good vehicle they like cargo sprinter that's obviously carried more break. But it get whatever the case may be get all the guys at young express two day they get featuring on the road pretty much the same day. JUNG. Express dot com JUNG. Express dot job. Yeah expressed. Your success drops when it. Picture out here at the beam our parents Bradley setter at the Northwestern Mutual and sure it's right by the Harley-Davidson displayed wondering. Why this place is not going to be sold out or at least isn't sold out as of now. With the season opener a team with a lot of hope. And the best player on the planet coming in to face maybe the best player but history 7991250. We'll be back right after this. Yeah we definitely got the ball covered here on the Wendy's patriotic in saint football Friday but we also got to cover basketball. On that night of the Bucs home opener and rob just outside B Myers Bradley center at the Northwestern Mutual game. Right by the Harley-Davidson display I'm running back off long ways beats marquee Pfeifer and the former packers' veteran running back Gary dollars in the packer hall payment I've Butler. Is saunter out through our broadcast station. As we speak and we're talking about this game tonight it's it's the home opener. A team with a lot of promise LeBron James arguably the best player on the planet. Committed to take it on the static about potentially the best player but history yet not a sellout and were wondering why. I guess there's not a lot of ticket evidence I think there's probably come water to get 300 tickets wherever maybe not for us. But again as Michael Jordan should be art that gay single day ticket or not the date of sale. It would have been sold out Arctic there's going to be. I did there should be any chance for a walk out tonight you should be stuck capital for scalpers that night that's what you should be sucked it right. Well it is at odds and it happened. Let's get in Georgia and north side. One on. Look at it 360 degree that you you kind of its argument though that we that it only a few hundred ticket let the debate coming early is he's got to remember. There's different times when people get off and also that might not even weaker person you pay you know it's something would you pay biweekly and then another thing also is Cleveland and many people just manage it currently is not there anymore. In a Telecom heat and light and deceit Tyreke. LeBron and maybe ivory with the main attraction but I want to I want to god to bring that up again when a mistake to come to town I guarantee. That don't mistake he. It will be hard to eat. But you look at people financial situation to I wouldn't be so auto fans may not go to the book and a lot of books. Which you know what I'm not responded to us yet I don't happy I wanna be there but not try to support the best I can't always watch it on TV. But you know him about the musical that we don't get you know forty I'm not made a few good. It is played terrible lot people don't come I don't think that that spans the Milwaukee. Don't wanna support I believe everybody involved in. You have to be able to open up the market be it may be a financial aspect that some people everybody don't have money like that. I'll tell you right now you are sitting here right outside the cavaliers jerseys. On in front atlas you have a hard argument to me problem walking on at. Obvious target date for the cock eyed look that old biweekly pay paying all that rectitude I get that right until we understand. My point is that. Is that wind Michael what comes to town this it was sold out like they to dwell on what an opportunity you'll want wherever else. So we're not all the broad days vs Michael from that aspect. But we have another aspect there. Hackers of state the box it just never lots happened while its people were expected. I. Why weren't. Along go back and by the way a very negative state university's unique and come back in eight weeks. That's right yeah. It's. Back but that also helps or are used to let it. They. Expect everybody at the team in the state we almost. Op. But late Pope on this perspective echo what the last topped the box had a superstar. Right after the problem. Right wasn't when he was three star now glad wasn't that more than Al literally one year that they had to count and okay. Early Michael Redd or that you are 100. Well that there all of this level that's at what was green and Oscar that was one oh. Yeah. I have great strength in being player right now in the day. And the way it looked year to rid ought to go the guys talk about you artists. You're you know he's got him for five years you you'll probably be the best got the best player in the Viet. My best players amber yeah I mean I go on there. Let you go thoughts about it but that's neat if you could be the best player and franchise's three. That that's that a lot could that mean your your your fraud Karine that your front office. Went way audio. I have to match health wealth and here they sold out every game for our polls. I'm your doctor right at the Mac yeah I would imagine that now Arctic it's yeah. You want. He wouldn't talk about you were you talk about eight yard Gary wouldn't talk about it would you work in the early eighties that's not brought Arctic about it. Wait let's say it's over here in America right now. On note that tag on it. Iraq I do for me Thursday thanks watt. It shows it will buy about it date is Michael or anybody else obviously. Tuesday and I don't think we're I think you're BA is popular to the like that it team me it TV coverage it got snookered. Product you and argues that these are well that's a big mistake about it but. Right. Ryan I don't know voted out that morning. We kept it out of your right now as one got me. The problem. That's out on. Which you talk about out of low and having a superstar. Like we said it would Rogers. I was that a bright spot there's no guarantee you're gonna get another top guy in the last superstar thought that was ralphs and are outlawed now. At a very young eight there's no guarantee your ever gonna gadgets widgets that you have to opt to not necessarily. I care about tonight when you go to public tickets of lying but yet be bought the view all your ticket say they saw yarder but the big futures solid. And your opening night you brought it on. Your nets turnovers yeah that's true at one what does your thought there. What are not leaders are better ride Friday night's work that a lot of people out of an early start time. So maybe not a guy. Friday night at work on fri 3 o'clock to 6 o'clock today this article on over there. Though it's and that's why her goal for so many years lobbied for Saturday openers let's gated Josh block it's not your army of. You don't take on it I'd work got done I think he would agree three days in Milwaukee. Her long term I think. You could do for basketball it seem as Michael Jordan did for basketball. And what regarding their goods bought. He could bring. People who like you I've never been to a buck and never had any interest but now I'm starting to had been through heat content in. That's interesting why what does he do that that that your retreat by the you haven't seen from other NBA guys you want to be in Milwaukee. You want to view. That's worked at are right side will mean gaining that rookie and it gravitas. As whatever. Think it's opera. It's so many NBA players now they wanted juncture or your borders they have no loyalty in nothing. So why should I don't want everything is kind of expensive sometimes we go you know people are just handed a way it. There are any way tickets this week at Wendy's. It yeah populace in the dictionary that we talked about urgently tickets. On Tuesday I think Wednesday it different when you look at that back. But what do bro and I got to do you want that place was packed with people try to get free tickets from the box I'm Wendy advocated. The blaze restaurant in Racine I believe that app that's were they war. A ticket stamped what they're trying to put butts in seats and make the Mike backer concessions or whatever the case may be thanks Michael. Yeah the united I brought up. While Friday Night Lights playoff high school playoff football that's eating into its U. I. That's eating at disarmament you picket school football and basketball. Player. That. While appear high school York. And it you have that would not that play in these games. Now. Magnetic dart at you. You're at you you love ya like you know playoff game right and you're gonna tell your brother and yeah. Knock Obama goes abroad. I'll. Might that might do it now. I know you love your after more than anything active there's no way well it amendment needs a slight favorite but you know. Up air Alice again. Mr. irrelevant. Okay I'll buy him out. That spark yet you got a favorite. Favorite place to go get a bit that is you've club always got a grip let's get to higher favorite sports action app pool table shuffle board. Flat screen TV. I promise you this Dave will be out all over the place probably I tornado whose fault it was riddled electronic arts take bought and or opt into other award winning. Fish fry out why they can't Friday that beat that night. With all our different styles of fish file hi I would all the I'm. We're not. And it operate like I've Friday happy hour protect it until 1 AM. Celebrate Halloween execute called me up next Saturday October 28 or had bad wind tricks battle it cash prizes. That's got you. Details on FaceBook you've caught up with got a 2454. North Korea view boulevard. Waukesha we ever show every year yes there at the draft chauffeured reed international the bucks there every year to embody half mile south I'd attic or check out lots the bad it's like coming up tomorrow night. At Q club on W I not like it's the best arm are. Voices and carried at any remote that we've ever bit that people across the street looking over. What else grieving I'd and it's got the win and also because we're sort of in the quarter area and there's canopy right next to us I think we echo. Out to the magic it was stand up set the like the most people I've ever had. To actually listen to my stance and now I can pretty much guarantee they would like you Duchovny shot here before you think sought to all the Garrett I got were clean. I would think nevermind that a quick break up yet it is not through market ticket number between one and four please. Three and a half. No actual number we can't take that three and a half caller. What what first caller to 79912. Bit you'll play against it when these big show in the big show notes fantasy football. Beat everybody on the show and we'll be deepen our prize closet and see what we got for you that's next week ago that almost no way Tennessee football. On Sports Radio what do fives evident that the man at live from the people here is Bradley Center. I. Think you know fantasy football and these guys don't. Am I wrong. Show one last year's 157 lead. A lot out here outside the owners and they say that north. That's their mutual red Harley-Davidson. Display out Robin back off a long it's been Sparky vibrant art and former actors Gary dollars in. And LeRoy Butler it is time for the big show notes fantasy football this outward we make our picks to click for that we get. It fantasy football points are awarded any standard VER basis quarterbacks getting six points per SE touchdown. Place finisher for the week it's ten points and second place third place X so on and so forth outlined one lucky listener. Played against this should they be everybody yeah let me show while they eat our prize closet antsy weakened reward you with. Goes opposite order of last week's finish. Gary Ehlers you have the birds snakes that are living here Drew Brees. Threes against the Green Bay packer article don't know who knows her career and that's this week is. Our good buddy Justin and North Carolina justice would you like. Arm or wrong Obama. Struck the world immigrant. All want trees. My immune. Our thing. You drink it at all we Gavin knowledge of the lord Brit Packers have a drink at all week all of man you intricately yeah. Then they'll go to take all weekend I'll take marking mark goes to eat correctly. It. A and who would you like optic Burnett and tax board. Net as he does a quick effort we got a minute here before we got to I don't think he's healthy is on art or is he says he's gonna play at all indications are that he will play. Pick somebody else that's up to you but outer outer that was what the jaguars assistant coaches are assisting coaches who played against the jaguars last week. That we haven't seen a running back in the NFL what this combination of size speed boat Jackson. Yeah yeah Angel. Well like you know it is. Rick Taylor tied knots it. The French Arabic through now. There impact the attacks her life and it's. You heard earlier than he's used it behind you vote but there out though there are people one's. Which I tell you always close to. It's Herschel Walker. He's more like Hirsh and well partially in Georgia. Anchors through. You know bull bowl poker jumble on wall and run markets way. We don't really do. The reform. Next. May I can't thank vote to opt and it's. Taken markets area. Strategies does it beat whoever goes against the browns ever back going get the right there are you doing it at that snow leopard do we have our work the car from harm yet you have only last that your last place right now at thirty points or listeners aren't fourth place with 34 points marquis in third place with 36 points. Roy's second place with 38 points. But that's the rarity right there in the first place with 42 points on the left. Org right. Like the end of that plant and adding ten more this week that's the big joke knows. Fantasy football speak up and football but not bother fancy football next. Yes I asked him and all right why Buffett sent well fifty email lots and lots that it happened that made it back on what did. At 10 pots that it at that the man. Got it will take your questions right after this I'll always be routes at the Bradley Center. At the northwestern England right now partly it's that the at Stanford here odds with their prayers that are. So far early early early yet I don't mean there'll there'll there'll what about two thirds of its. I have at least half the people it does not want to do this outstanding radio show. Are wary catchers either can't care of right now girl who just fine. They are read it hard this week and I regret. Note that back it are talking. All right if there's a it will be right back and forth it went about seven.