3PM-Do You Agree Or Disagree with Steelers Mitchells Comments?

The Wendy's Big Show
Thursday, December 7th
The Wendys Big Show-Gary, Ramie, and Sparky talk player safety and the current state of the NFL 

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I'm running back off along with Steve Sparky Pfeiffer in a few former Packers Gary Allen so it's both surprising and then a Butler. The radio don't always post about it on radio during always surprised. Gotta love that note I love morning everybody loved more than any answers for such a long time this in my board that you. Like radio joked you want him a loser oh sparked you'll have a pulse. That doesn't mean I've matured yeah yeah. It's so that you look at your parents basement for a hundred years I mean I was always. Responsible to a degree in the sense that by your degree finally got to put that I had responsibilities. To take care of my take care of them if I have bills to pay and have the money to pay those bills I pay those about everything he has and other morning that there's still something about not living with your parents and more than goes longer maturity aspect. And you in your own dorm room c'mon world's. Mean your bathroom ceiling felling had to get after it and I'm responsible and what you're he went out like the first couple months you were there first you know that up yeah. Charles you gotta get those new windows up a lot there's always you toilet broke ground yeah that's a lot adult problem getting there you mama basement now when Abbott and I'll I'll that I took care unit that backed out there got a couple commenting like I did yeah I'll just Ayatollah broke out. It I was out. Nice. To be blessed beat guys. If it's about my roommates they care most of that yet Billy Dan. Those are coming. Up this hour we'll talk with Gary ball for Milwaukee basketball is that he's matured over the years have been targeting -- and and thereby say that. I. At 4 o'clock. Obey did Tom Brady same dude same dude there's video evidence of it at our FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash 1057 FM the fan or. I'm a Twitter feed at Rami is tweeting right now we want to know do you agree with Osi Umenyiora. Mike Mitchell about the state of the NFL that is what Pittsburgh Steelers safety Mike Mitchell. Had to say yesterday after his teammate Judith Smith Shuster was suspended one game for the blind side block on bonds has perfect on Monday night. This is football. You want the flag football then let's take our heads off they'll make it easier for me now got to Wear head. Give us life for me to pull off that way I know what we're playing in hot on the plate full speed contact football we're not doing that until it got to ask a guy hey are you ready for you right now before it's that's crazy I'm gonna mess on again hurt trying to protect not with the player because he's on and an overall. Then you'll quarterbacks in the food and on this them to have two years ago about I I'm I'm not open at all. Any don't doable but I'll fiber to your vote however added I think we're out in the fourth gut but he don't dot you don't get that's the bread out of my pocket. Because any throw the ball and Edwards are taken money but now you know you got. Lighten up the call me a dirty player and it's my character we've never met before I'd donate more money and then had to under the skin of the public the people on the big. Don't give me that in mind that you go to school there and I think all that you don't know me at a time but they don't which is typical of football my competitive we got do better as players and Nissan and include the united we got to get better leadership as anyone in the league and obviously everybody company is owners players are disappointed and Rodrigo. We just we just got to do better we can't have a guy where you just about this when you see fit their needs to be if that guideline of how we do what we do. Now as Mike Mitchell talking about the new player safety rules in the league who some kind of father warned yes he was. Osi Umenyiora heard what a Mike Mitchell had to say the former giants defense event. It's epidemic come out and speak the way they're speaking is just the dumbest thing I've ever heard there out of their minds. It's Osi Umenyiora. Talking about the Thomas he just heard there from Mike Mitchell. Your group Osi Umenyiora is seems to think that this is. Does the right way to go make in this this league safer with rules like we saw enforced on Monday night. Whereas Mike Mitchell says is becoming fled flag football. And more from Osi Umenyiora racist hate to say it but c'mon former players have died and are dying horrible that's because of head trauma. And your complaining because the league is taking steps to at least try to reduce it make it flag football he putting quote this quotations ridiculous. You agree with Osi Umenyiora Mike Mitchell about the state of the NFL 4147991250. Can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan. There's nobody I can go to first on this other than you there. You played there you know you've taken you've taken a beating your feeling the effects now. Yeah you know I. Arguments again the sport and and he's writer in me eat. It is tougher defense of players always going to be tough for different supporters and he's right about the quarterback play MEI I think about my dear friend Elton. You know Ryan laid edge over outline a new into dues and L was best for long long time workers concussion thing amusement park wrong. Income house he's liberally when he was. Him and it was a joke about 6364 back and you can just Coolidge or come across. They can O'Brien easily in my every single game and so it is to Abbas argue quarterback can't protect you. And a lot of quarterbacks are not going. And we talked about this. Little bit this week. Quarterbacks and recorders or should be in an effort started. And I think we count it may be ten. Real quarterbacks in the an effort. Thirty teachings. Recount team. So just think about how much bears quarterback play is in in India for real. Where these guys care or don't know how to protect their receivers don't know article put the ball so your receivers don't they can be here. I give me just point Obama totally against it. Just because we did like that twenty years ago don't make it bright that we can do it like this. Today that we have more information. All on. Football is about how guys have been injured hi guys are being hurt. How how guys are lose their lives are Gaza taking their own lives how guys are. Taking lives of their loved one because of these comparisons. So for me to come ons or Reese's she's misinformed. I mean he really years are. It is a tragedy when we the mood the guy. From CG. And he when he kills and so it is that strategy strategy. I play well again Michael Kamal from revealed. Some of VR that actually have a picture Tom and I Tom suffer from there as well and basically. The cops came in and children. Because he wanted to as he wanted to dot suicide backed up noon and a any server from there. That there have been some players I think they're. Try to take their wives like there's there's they have to commit significant other's life. If they don't know they don't know only bare. So we can make the game safer for. Those things through not happening anymore. I'm all for best. Bread Saturday to fill that we don't wanna see. Really you're darn and you drooling mob and you don't know where you are you killings. And you Q and your loved ones and you leave means you leave it's about. They have to start we can prevent that the list try to prevent what do. What he's saying though Gary about. That some of these rule changes. Guys are gonna get hurt trying to not hurt other guys let my keyboard and out the he talked about the incident. With Tyler writes for he's diving for football I talked about this yesterday in a very large men moving it very fast speeds pad levels are changing all the time. All that's constant I don't know that you can it's it's something that has to be reviewed I think by the league office after the fact but I think you have to take into account. Intent. Did did I mean hit a winner and now I went back and audit Tyler I effort here yet with the bad. I don't care and replay it today uniform and work. He should never made it because they were he wants them but you don't know why he made it is going to be a better example and that when he put out there. And go look at. That. That type diapers and and maybe see his reaction by his par argued. But Tyler art for maybe like two inches off the ground dobbs will ball and he is basically Experian. Them boys hitting him so he's he's trying to put an anonymous that he EEE jars of all he's operates the Boris. Isn't going anywhere. Nobody's trying to ease China's iron and under China's separate receiver from the golf stand upon look at Ireland ire for going when you're taking. That he would. And we know what the results are. That's the irony. Rob dollars. Above him would save him from him. I don't picket below right now are choosing her write me few occasions it would do which was an ugly. But fundamentally what he did it was a bad tackle him feel worse they've emits from him. Of him paralyzed donated. We want we want to go way. What were you saying and I give bush he sounds really on him hole. All of what we. When you slim and hand for mentally ill local for the things in Trenton. Now. You're okay you want him on the box and I'd like them like that yeah Mike Mitchell says the NFL is turning into flag football. Osi Umenyiora sewer and and that's and that's their whole I hate that I had to flip for you know I hit it well it's a bit I really thought you could average Joseph say it with this right now music I I mean it would Sparky says there because I don't have now Gaza say good out of guys they have had I have to I. I have to give it some weight don't know her stupor. Okay and that's it Osi Umenyiora is shrinks too he says our players really this dominate disabled c'mon former players have died and are dying horrible that's because the head trauma and you're complaining because the lady is taking steps to at least try and reduce it. Make it flag football. Ridiculous Roger thoughts after the break Sparky and after you talk about young expressed. I yoga for new career would you like to be part of Christian based family run company how about a coming has been listed on it magazine as one of America's fastest growing companies. Seven out of eight years might be cut time out of successful transformation but I freight. That could be but that's not what I'm talking about I got some other stuff for a while you're in luck young expressed the comedy that we talk about so much is growing there expanding completely remodeling their sales apartment salt. In your harass and doing sales for young expressed this is what they require high degree of integrity. 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JU and G expressed dot com yeah expressed some access Strauss agree that Mike Mitchell you group Osi Umenyiora and our very own Gary dollars and 4147991250. Let's call one of the flag football and let's take our heads off they'll make it easier for me now got to Wear head. Give us life for me to pull off that way I know what report. Not on the plate full speed contact global we're not doing that until it got to ask a guy hey are you ready for me it's you right now I think that's great. That's Steelers safety Mike Mitchell over the sweet sweet sounds of Stevie Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac gonna throw back there is they presented by master Aziz. Osi Umenyiora and reply in response to what neared Mike Mitchell say there's as a player is really this dumb. Hate to say it but c'mon former players and died and are dying horrible that's because of head trauma. And your complaining because the league is taking steps to at least try. And reduce it quote make it flag football ridiculous are you with Mitchell are you with OC 4147991250. Can treat the show. At 1057 FM the fan when you fire off that we have your voice heard. Have a break throwback Thursday as well but it's going to be like Deere next week here artist with the hash tag big throwback. At 1057 FM the fan and you're a 2225 dollar gift certificate to master z.'s. To Christmas themed nominee. Field Larry Harris human with Bing Crosby Christmas. Sparky just wants Christmas music in general maybe couch carpenters Christmas I want Jackson 5 Christmas. Gary didn't go with the theme he wants journey go to one of those are your own creature artist at 1057 FM the fan with the hash tag. Big throw backs Markey were chomping at the bit before the break on this would do once. I just I think sometimes you got guys forget what it's like to play. And the National Football League what it's like a plane MLB or the NBA and NHL I think. To cern agree with some guys Arnold has his eyes has played and then retire from pocket palm but I think there is with some players that feeling of immortality. Of that will never happen to me. Of Anwar their employer in my level Mallory paralyzed that'll never happen to me all Reich is it that happening here and but that would happen to me I know what I'm doing now is his fault that won't happen. So that's what you have in. That's would you how would this dude I mean this dude has that sense of immortality disputes telling you about writing checks to charities and helping underprivileged youth and. Food aid plus for all of that. Love and all that's great and a lot of players do that and that's wonderful but. It doesn't take away from day here or the style of play that you bar. Well we've seen this before where guys talk about certain guys being dirty players are not playing the right way here whatever. But the guys that play that way. Have that mentality that he had. Or sue now for the dolphins he's another one that's all with a top. Only thing about one thing. So some of these guys have that mentality now the offensive side of the football. Mad doesn't released. I don't I'm not I've never come across an offensive player with that same type mentality offensive player is always trying to get the rules fixed so they don't die and they all knew you had offensive lineman Robert can you talk a little crazy but it's a wide receivers. Cornerbacks act and no nobody did their future their money their sponsorship deals that are global editor in there is on right. There are also super Smart so pay most of them you look at these wonder what test scores and everything else were the highest scores usually offensive line up mostly always offensively. Against the from that perspective are you think the picture always are world lines as. Well they had a grip best personalities. Will save almost via. Yeah yeah it was smartest. You like that I did like got a lot yet you did okay. But but but I I think it was after real lots of personality in what these players have been their head and I get album Mitchell saying I think. I understand his mentality I understand that how he's programmed to play the sport that he plays now. When he's done and he's retired for five or six years ten years what ever and he's just back and he looks at. Gary did Gary tells us oil that's what game was that you were on the sidelines. And I forgot there are some big hitter whoever on the sidelines you could feel like the ground. Move or whatever those yellows was that a game rules are mongering Al Ahmad renounce it right now is that it was I was as a practice no no that it came out well and Amare announced in on the sidelines and among greens come around a corner. And you can see the collision common. And he's covered are Andy do ask regarded their urge shirt underneath our feet it was on mesh it to myself. Self. The united used to do that. Right and a mom popped up plopped caught like David any other Bebop rattled off. Right but how could I yeah. But not only that but not the former player you see that you're like what the hell is I think and going out there and doing that at that habits yeah that's up here so Mitchell is Larry mark my words. This dude in ten years and he still knows his name. Is going to come back. And tell the story of do not know what I was that you are that stupid crazy cool back then because I'm paying for right now on my knees are shot this jot. And I did what to a game and bit Bergen is our business in this and I gambling vows other Dylan entered a new employees right right. Q. You just kept instead of ripping him which everybody wants to do and I give it got mad understand the mentality that some of these guys have they also have a but there are subsidized sex play with I. With with that being said you agree we agree that you agree or disagree. Armed. Luck at which are others other days you know as a fair which one would you rather see. The fair wants to see the big hits right in this the fan wants this but. Fans are more educated now today they've ever been with CTE. And all the crazy stuff that's happening all all you former pro players Jerry. After the fact. Now I think there is they eat feeling a bomb sympathy. Towards NFL players of what we're gonna have to go through later in life by everybody but by some guys. So for me I'm guess I'm on that side I mean I work review a workable Roy I know all the trials and tribulations you guys have a you're helping your your physical tolls. Is the Aussie that a neighbor actually they'll. Sign up to play this game. Sign up to about near played as it would your body on the line put your life on the line. Mitchell is right about aspect rob McKenna argument that you do when you signed up what this for laws it's not baseball. Tennis and bowling. The National Football League and these big collisions and this type a stop. Are going to happen from time to time as not as violent as it used to be but sometimes you may have a crazy game like this get out of hand and this may happen. And he's right there but what I rather have the safety of the players. You know at the expense of the entertainment value of the national football shirt a rather had received what you buddy Dyer paralyzed on the football field. There is nothing good about that ash is there injury it's horrible but I was a while I was irons as it is now did on. Isn't strictly counted up player at one of the better young players national football and I saw the football and career may be over history. And others they're not want to go there yet and I'm. Cannot ride the fence on this one a little bit today it's icy icy both sides of the argument. On the one side the NFL should make the league as save as they can possibly make it with whatever rules changes that they can make to make a decision for game. On the other side I think there is a line to be drug there. Where it and I'm not just make it flag football guy I'm not that dude I'm I'm not I'm not a meat and I understand what the NFL. Is trying to do here with making the game safer but I think that there is a line where. It's not the same game anymore. Again I saw nothing wrong with the block that juju Smith shoes there may and I'm Vontae is perfect. I didn't guys are going to hit you when you're not looking at them in Cartagena at him. The talking OK with all white trash talking like talking in my sports I'm totally OK with that I've. Got it's it's it's a violent game that's part of what made it popular Wii like violence and that is being taken society let's get violence for the safety of the game I understand that go on for years but I think that there and they should but there is there's a lying where. You're doing too much and it's not the game that we have loved watching all these years. It's (%expletive) and and it's gonna continue to agents gonna continue sari. A fed Garrick it's going to continue to globally a flag. I told you bolt this a while ago. I'm telling you right now it's going to happen. There eventually knock him much touch quarterback in this league he's eventually you Wear red jerseys or whatever color Jersey it is and you're not gonna be allowed to attack quarterback. That's where it's going mark my words you keep having star quarterbacks go out and these other quarterbacks are about quarterbacks yes. But they're not equality starting NFL quarterback. So why some of these quarterback matchup Annabel nobody. And they're the stars a drug delete a eventually that's where this is going to go they're gonna continue to water it down to the point where they don't watch. Career ending injuries they don't want a life changing injuries they don't want any that's stop and more poorly they want the ratings to go back up rates are going public Peter may a quarterback. Is Brett Hundley a quarterback nobody is tuning in what Brett oddly or Peter manners and the other clowns that are in the National Football League right now it's not you have to protect. You're your franchise your your money guys that the you tune in watch Tom Brady. You couldn't watch. Matt Ryan and Drew Brees tonight that's would you do for that's what this is all out if overplayed we wouldn't kick off this. Sold again I think this protection of players is gonna continue and continue to continue an idol. I really in they're talking about the targeting growth from college of their gonna their time putting the national we'll find a nanny with that they're going to I'm OK with that. But it. For the game to be entertaining for me at least speaking for myself. There has to be violence and there has to be some inherent risk him playing the game and Mike Mike Mitchell said he signed up for that he knew the risk. And playing the game bailed and I think I think taking weight things like crack back blocks. But that takes away part of the entertainment of the game like I just said you're going to get hit by guys that aren't looking at you the game is moving too fast and they're too many people on the field to take that away that's that's just part of the game that's part of it yet that we had on a swivel. And sometimes even that's not enough. They have to reduce the head to head hits like I was just talking about with guys moving so fast. And being so big you're only gonna take out some of the head to head hits the helmet to helmet hits that's just do you you can't prevent some of it. Guys can't measure. Every two with two of my new inched where they're going to hit somebody. There more than having a great suvs in the US so I don't think I'm okay what are the targeting a rule there. But it has to go to review and they have they have people who know what they're looking at. When they go to those video reviews and started jacking and suspending these guys for targeting and for the helmet to helmet hits. Instead of having a guy who never played the game sitting there off the summer watching video and and just seeing a helmet collide into a common non-GAAP suspension it's gonna be revenues were. This Roberts a week so the we won't just say there's a change in possession an interception. Right yeah. This DBS are the ball he's running downfield. Twenty yards behind him as a lineman he's just kind of jaw and his arousal he used it enough if you don't wanna get hit don't chase the play. NC I think that play should be outlawed to me that is a cheap shot. That place awhile be allowed in the game why you why you jogging down the field crews are what you're supposed to do if you have no intention to go to guy doesn't matter dug down the field does America tortures so poll does don't wanna get caught on tape on Monday morning warming up on the play that bad as one and two you're you're always talked to their curb your fumble. It is something could happen in and position Kurtz and bewilderment and where you have to turnaround maybe. Get a block and you consider the same to the guy who are they hit mobile I'm asking users to. He's twenty yards away from the ball. Not gonna make it. Some guidance comes out clean his clock Yugo with that you're just shows that beer at that same play. Used to happen. In little league football now is absolutely our radar Bob Baker Hughes Aoki it's. Here are not accused when they were not even in the play and that play starts in Little League and needs to be. I think a football I think we need rules or protect children more so than we need gruel fortunately guys colleagues show it to you have a protected children in order to protect the main. I see what Jersey net develops the man in the play that you have when you bring to that I see what you're saying what you just said yourself that something can happen the play can start coming back the other way take the guy out of the plane you have to worry about it but now in terms our team doesn't really happen OK well what it in that one and that one out of ten now I missed the blocking assignment and we get an iron in LA went on our way in their 102 and I'm OK with it because. That kid. Well Woolley. Bears Q would not be paralyzed. But a lot of these situations. And you tell me if I'm wrong one in this case at least when Puget. This is an offensive player. With a chance to get payback for a chat talking here that's a player after that tries to light here not every time he hasn't yet now he gets sadder that that revenge now. Go back towards at Jack lifton. And Mike Sherman losers my same deal okay that's what that was but now the going after I got trashed docket and rising losses do it all the term that's another. All the titles and that's Hines Ward get a ticket to phone calls yet we all got on our soapbox here this and we are gonna get your phone calls right after this Mike Mitchell. Says that they're turning the NFL to flag football Osi Umenyiora. Says well that's just dumped. 4147991250. Who do you agree with Sparky woods the inherent risk in bowling. Ole college tunnel you can Brooke breaker race too good break an ankle and ready to re asking knee injury you throw the ball dude lose it's juice that's what I did. Loss of two bulletin absolutely. No did you drink rock Christian ball I dropped the ball and it bounced of him in the face rock cut its symbol India. What did you do not ruffles bowl a ball brought spell on the boulevard hurt his chance and had everybody is you if the ball sticks to your hand that's how you break charisma and broke her wrist. Who abuse cameo and having your heart goes down now Camille back to David test for a second. What it's not that how how how he saw her you'd. Like six. It was like seven years okay all right I thought this is reason parents they probably weren't drinking. If Theres no I was I was taught differently I'll call you probably completely sober us Kurt bowling match it's Lazar Hayward drink. This is right it doesn't slight chances I don't I don't know another. That's what I was saying he said he dropped the ball that bounced up and hit him in the chin for a I thought this happened recently in dude like 64 bowling ball doesn't bounce up to reach in biology says the only point now is making would you think it's six whatever years. But it would hit an inch in this case he dropped the ball bounced up and hit the chip and he didn't say when did panic when I bust my to the open you ever seen a ball bounce that high among debts and that's the point how has the confidence and sparked Braude that you're supposed to use that's it's parties can thank. I castle and you're not talking about common sense are really wearing a Maurice Jones-Drew Jersey that's like hey I gotta respect and sense in my saw the look just like Marie. Not emerge over Sergio looked like a guy who are indoors to right now he's. Than maybe tell us who know or Alger who no way shorter than eight out of he's why does habits he's lighter. Yeah I cattle lanes and racy looks like a bowling ball highway third and one in Racine is where you need to go five dollar a Friday open bowling and on Friday nights at castle lanes. Also got all the mauling on Sunday mornings listen. This is the place where you go for your kids to have that birthday party this is maybe where you go to go have a party yourself action part of our case may be. It is unbelievable feels like a log cabin on the inside kind of like your up in door county or northern Wisconsin are the case maybe. Beautiful bar area redone red velvet a pool table that I have the of the Annabel Sonny take aside all the games on TV plus. If if your stay out all the raiders and vision he left if you are raiders fan and you got the raiders game on your. I'm your lame lighter ball. No problem that they got all the games that you literally put whatever anyone out of whatever lane you want in on it is an unbelievable deal and they believe in great customer service. More so than probably any of the bowling Alley you're gonna go to castle lanes in Racine Phil black on his crew do an amazing job down there checking out your kids love it and you'll love it too. I think it's it's the best bowling Alley instead Wisconsin by far castle and in racing highway 31 and race. Are you with OC are you with Mitchell 4147991250. Wendy's racially back right after this. Its flag to carry Ellison nomination. Next week here would like to hear journey the rest of us going with fake Christmas theme Larry Harris the former bucks gimme joined us earlier wants Bing Crosby Christmas. Baby count carbonneau is Christmas. I want Jackson 5 Christmas. Mark just once Christmas any Christmas. Christmas. Songs from the seventies Christmas songs from the seventies you narrowed it down right alright Christmas from seven he's already got one of those are your own nominate your artist by treating him. 1057 FM the fan with a hash tag big throwback. Annually after 225 dollar gift certificate to masters these that's at 1057 FM the fan your artists along with the hash tag big. Throw back right now rescued you agree with Mike Mitchell. Who says that the NFL's turning into flag football or Osi Umenyiora the former giants defense a man who says that's dumped. 4147991250. Demetrius at 1057 FM the pain I just realized chance to intern was here. I didn't see him over in the box all day its latest while we had maybe touch. A chance let's go to Tony in walking the governor talked assault on day dead until he started saying as were from north Dallas. It's nonsense loaded walk to sell your on the Wendy's big show what's up don't. God of love permanent nerve and outlook on the purple that would. To me are what trouble at all. You know I would bet cut the pay cut or that they'll have trouble in the book. I wanna do it because. You know actual opt in and night created and what a little bit because they. A Primakov Monica market. The that they won't want to have a good Annika on Monday I'm a bit. But democratic problem problem I couldn't give up I don't know opium market you know laugh all you bring up next government go about your heart. But I told them bought that ticket I don't get it. We don't have to pay a much wanted to Packers anymore so adult or not they may when I arrived I was back Brett I'm eager to get on for free basic area I don't really call it for public you know I don't know are there. I want to care and crew are telling you ask Gary that there are free tickets to be adding remain right now than a runway from what I hear it is dirt dirt cheap if you wanna make the trip to Cleveland. Nobody wants somebody might pay you to take their titles I don't think the trip to Cleveland if he will be nobody missed it if you go to cleaning. The rock and roll off. The house. Definitely I spent three hours and rock and roll hall and really do it's out to you know we'll be rotten hole at I Eric I was elected and on on Monday. They're paying people to go to that Christmas Eve game in Chicago and it's browns in Bayer's. Really us are paying people believe that that's before a Merry Christmas and a and again hey rob. And how I do this is the top one day. Why. Do you like the national football. One is topped I wanna know how many people actually like national football league for the violence. What do what do you think that that's an outbreak Donna Gary. Well we asked that we did as a topic name you know and actually. Why do you like the National Football League how much of it will be the violence and again due I don't know I mean Eric because evidently arbiter if the results are high. That could explain your drop off in TV. And I don't know we know what the drop to look I'll take NASCAR. Muzak is an example. People want the big crashes everything else look the reason their highest rated races most years are the super speed ways are because that's where the big racquets with seventeen it's one cars and that's what. That's what the casual and wanna see not a core fan. The the the car door and stuff yeah that they'll watch road race and all that other stuff about the big racks. But the casual fan they comforted Tola but the bigger they comfort Talladega for the big Iraq. Right or Bristol you know in on the new gifts from Rex in Bristol too but. That's as it is I just wonder. If the way the rules been put in place lack of violence everything else I wonder that had an impact on the National Football League and other thing. That I wanna check into maybe I will. The National Hockey League have they cut down on their fight national hockey we are they less now have in the past that's why I thought. And if that's the case how is that affecting their ratings. Are basing this same type of deal in any Joan they've attempted to date bile duct as the playoffs none of that happens they mail a while fighting the plant you are not fight. But in the right receded you know that loves every circles around watch Steelers beat the crap out of each other. But hey it seemed like they'd try to take that out of the game I just wonder if that's affected the ratings as well as gained Kendrick on the north side you're in the Wendy's big show it's up Ken. We're target from a guard caught day yesterday about their. Eerie you'd eat you know you played air felt that. They would know what his guard like aren't meant to say you know. Flag football. You've made it NF LN. I look at it on a packer game when these guys Gary you were there you targeted to be cream of the crop. Professional athlete. That went on Antonio while when he told tapped you have to have. Unbelievable ability you have to have what is it quick tweets I also like they Kiko Alonso it. If he would not he had every intention of hitting Joseph Flacco no matter what he's done it right and they say he he we're wrong. Why are you coming it would this year elbow that every intent in what I'm saying it. A lot of these guys. Where on Mitt. I don't know what they NORTHERN IRELAND in order to. Know what point I don't want to hear there you know I don't wanna hear oh they're trying to take our football a lot of folk for. He had every incident is he ran out gonna hit Joseph Flacco may be I don't you know I'm gonna hit you would not been. He had every intent is so he's got me outcry they would be adored. Thanks reform Persian. But they don't always know with not every helmet to helmet hit is meant to be a helmet to helmet hit right here. Sometimes you might target a jokers chest some time and he's moving towards the ground and that any it's at that Korea but sometimes a guy is you know horizontal and parallel to the ground diving for a football it's hard to measure where his head is going to be when you're trying to get him in separated from the ball is 07 in the trenches a lot to yeah. Let's go to Jason on the west side you're on the Wendy's big show you with OCR Mike Mitchell. Yeah we're both feel that on the extra mile. You know like Korea with a cut a unique perspective partner I played. Note Kirkland current school college and then outdoors so that broke. And I'm gonna also coat you book offers earlier that the people at the coordinator. And wallow still play an outdoor Arco and figure that our troops were using was. Had until below what we had and are outdoors semi pro practically rec week. And I went before the board every year certain look in commentary about the part of that is not acceptable. And the answer would vote that they you know that we separated upon a player he ordered that are you know pinnacle note that it was defeated air. My last year we re kept current up to ambulances not thank god that they are there were all okay. But though they agree with that organization allowed McCain remote planet. You gotta do what you can't protect everybody keep the game a lot of the entry enters you know there were people. Walked away from watching the game at Keeneland before I ask can purple. When they stop you letter called. Love the game but you gotta protect a player or make it. Really the dollar record book Arabic and other people feel. Would I would go there. Appreciate the call I I I don't understand anybody who. Resists. Improvements in pads and helmets. That's what they I cannot understand if you wanna talk about rules changes I'm a lawyer to have that conversation in terms of what it does to the entertainment value of the game. But there are people who are fighting it. These these new helmets that are coming up because they don't look cool. They don't look like the helmets here used to wearing. That's just stupid if any any advancement. And in pads and helmets that can make players safer and reduce injuries and reduce the long term effects of playing football. I'm all for that there's there is no debate. To be had there you want talk about rules and what they're doing to safety in entertainment value OK let's have that discussion. I heard how anybody's gonna resist the advancement in pads and helmets that's that's just idiotic Sparky would you put. Out over the mouth and missed nothing Russia related now it related to sports related to what is now tell me you can't Hillary actually embarrassed illustrated for Goran. How can. And you wanna be Gordon on the birds they urged a low dips he's RT if I did and if if we have the bail out contract and want palimony again economists who work with these things in to him for last pills for Illinois or orders so far today Sparky wanted to let alone a foregone attitude and that's okay and he wanted the Gordon he's he's on the Mariners it's been a good day. You always get what you want over elect in does this never any it taken out from right and use that area. No. Never to return to the Euro was. But their friends my boards over rated market due to you know on they're hitting down to Miami and matter of fact I'm going to be here in down to remind you about it. I'm going on come on he's going to be in and out. Cornyn won't fly out to Friday night flight d.'s in 1030. We don't go Obama's self. Like gays in at 1030 strongly you mean somebody it is. Well my my my my house fellow actually. Is what David where you'll Butler. So how's bella went into college and I'll meet the roommate. They come at his house now their voice and never anybody referred to in his house follow what the hostile because he. He ran the house he ran the dorms Al got a whole middle was the RA RP IR OK I'll I'll organics are kept. And in Dave Napoli. Stop ought to go backward in college that does some things that need collier Butler yeah. By house fellows Salmonella are so he did it with the RA though Gary yeah I'm gonna go with him and a couple kids hit his two boards. And were flat out Friday giving it to him thirty at night. Dangers gamers Saturday. Among the first flight smoking at 545. The food will be back into and the barrier to do degree angle post game show figured sleeping dirt. It's so great is that not when he's really going to be rundown now the only way president when he comes here on Monday because he goes and tapes eighteen TV shows. And the cubs are here to do for our radio show all the things that he's probably headed up the caller for the horse blah yet are we era that over larger job mets' Gary Ellis on some of the Packers lose because he's a retired he's not going to be in the mood. And they lose to the browser people are gonna all negative wanted to fire everybody gears and yell and everybody and well. Let's cheer go Mohammed as a particular bruises this holiday season looks very. The festive season even more aggressive with a holiday victory it's only a few weeks before the holidays in steel town to make it to lacking George you're gifts. Are you give giving destination. Did you see the picture I posted of me air my buddies on FaceBook. I was decked out head to toe in electing George here and you can be to the entire perimeter threat. They have the best outdoor. Brand sports where police. When jackets no chance it's based noble Sox Mitt and glove and that you name if it keeps you warm and inch doll. Lacking George has it. The brands you trust the north race Patagonia allowed budget friendly. Packages on that too with expert blue theaters. For the. If from. June. And let. Monday's keep Goer that. Some feel okay. And I. Legend George has we keep Wisconsin Mormon drop. Profitable for over 170. Years long and back doors out there starts Arquette to Matt okay. Outdoor words dot com had a quick break on the other side OBJ Tom Brady's aimed at the same duty don't believe me video evidence at FaceBook dot com. Slash 1057 FM the fan we'll discuss next on Wendy's big.