3PM: Is this the end of LeBron's run?

The Wendy's Big Show
Wednesday, May 16th
Is the run of finals appearances for LeBron James over? Gary, Leroy, Sparky and Ramie discuss and take your calls. 

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3 o'clock hour. It's hard to former Packers Gary Ellison and LeRoy Butler in the one and only Steve Sparky Pfeiffer I'm running back off. Asking you right now what's fair to expect from the new Bucs head coach Mike who calls or anybody else. And near 14147991250. Can tweet us at 1057 FM the fans Markey says no matter what. He's got better get out of the first round of the playoffs I think that's unfair if you don't you don't bring back Jabari Parker Horry sufficient replacement. Other than that they got at least make the playoffs 4147991250. Or you can tweet us at 1057. At them the fan later this hour more NBA talk is the king's reign. Over the Eastern Conference over right now let's go to Sherman in tow say here on the Wendy's big show it's up chairman. All data that allowed on the Big. Brother is sure OK okay. If you import to Doug band wouldn't. I am broke out. Are my key to the news guys default rather than likely the second comment what had been towed it to being. The console the only debate about next go. I Ivanovic. Won sixty games and land was coach of the in 201415. Opened ones have been and I lived there landed territory well not won big here right he made exited onto mentally critic. When he Coulter yeah adorable popped up. Please. Beckett and then there late night and Bob Hope who aren't fixed and give him one year. We replaced bill. It's very that would erupt report drafted Tim Boca regiment therefore my Argentinian or anywhere and what title called the donated taught. So. I will use during you know like no we didn't know NASCAR crowd they're richter. Tell me that's who did you want as a head coach you know I don't know be no doubt that Kamal and a bit and not ramped up Hambrecht and Q so how do you call call and rip the higher than have nobody who actually want. I imagine you don't I don't look at you don't. It open territory wedged about this do and I would know walking. I just told you once and yeah. About it and if if they didn't put on my candidate. And I admit I did miss it. It's only a lot I wanted this season I know you're listening to I wanna be seen from the suburbs and you know our troops and put our. Everyday man who'd have been. RT eight is sure once I just uptight for once at least. He's wanted Messina another Popovich assistant the whole time. Who has no head coaching experience and nowhere and nowhere near the track record even Mike Wooten all he's got he's gotten better. Regularly to resort to his defense of who we asked a question and one day who would you rather have blown browser war. Yeah and resize or bundles of peso to that it wasn't a case Nike's. Outlet outlet I was I was. You know crowd out there that I doubt journal and I just didn't did I just anti defense Sharma Arkin to yeah. We do a lot different jobs we reached about we figured we you know. Laporte he did have you portable holes were there between him only to treat him in case you markets overall favorite has been Messina. Yeah Margo that you want got our our oil from somewhere Austin and we do a lot of that you know. I'm glad I don't doubt doesn't yard 'cause you know I'm glad I could you know that prompted the crowd they hoped I have a dog days. Permissions I mention a. As if they would have to do they dare to request despite it. I wouldn't release of new projects. I don't he's gonna get another coaching. Our share. Well because I would beg our state today when nobody nobody nobody understood. Wouldn't nobody give a chick didn't I know quite well. Didn't know about it during my great aunt penny pick as a Bart. But then productive guys and being confident coach Bill Maher. To Wear a cartoon go given that well. Don't network would be young blood tests generation of note this and then to make them guys had to borrow like bishop had a ball. You know what can devastate our debate. Actually there's been no all you don't want to just like everybody openers doing then and I didn't have problems no well. Don't expect it made him look bad debate. Perhaps in the bad lip I did not know this. Understandably don't let everybody know how messed up but we've got to somebody in the last remembered. We need a budget. It's still dead quiet guy who can also collect enjoyed much you know that the tide are that I actually waited. BA to do it and I hope you didn't establish dead here in Milwaukee and still just like we did it. Are you at all when would I doubt about it after the ban or not. Okay calm down as young Internet particularly the one big. Red too yeah okay and this doesn't apply all. Every bit the best didn't last for a minute. Play extended plug in Dallas bid. Madonna's tread a passed ball other guys don't want prepare here doesn't at all yesterday. All right thanks for a good girl sure appreciate your an MR Jackson thirty or fifty years and related ago. Arafat missed remembering this but wasn't one of the knocks on Mark Jackson are one of the reasons that we heard he he was he was out Golden State was because. He's one of those tough love. Hard nosed guys same way that Jason Kidd was was in my in my eyes remembering that that didn't end his personality. Didn't mesh with that warriors roster. My off on this that's how I remember plans are your memory or anything like that because if that isn't a lot of others. If that is the case I don't think he's the right after the bucks I know a lot of people like head coach who gets red faced and screamed as players is really tough economy and our honor and that would that might work with some rosters I don't think that's the right fit for this roster Manning is I think they need a more laid back players coach tightly there's more to the story white tank it. Hired not to say anything that I have not not saying that's why he hasn't found a job examine why I don't know I don't think I'm saying that's why I wouldn't personally like him for the sparks job I don't think that's the type a personality they need on the bench. If the if not remembering that read I could be off may be am thinking of somebody else. We're not we're gonna find out what Boone holes there is all about me Majorly a Leadbetter on yesterday's as the city's I was born music on the talked to. So is that golfers decide if that's the personality that he brings to the team where it's just. One level he never goes up he never goes down and it's the same dude every day. I can be good this basketball team and and that is what Bret Stephens is in Boston they said. And he's pretty much the same all the time doesn't get out doesn't it down the same. Guy every day Daniela players who watching tape doesn't get dom players just tells Gaza that you'd face in Yankee some movement. That's been the key for Brad Stevens is and Boston now. That's apparently not hello winning in Milwaukee would Jason did he got on guys in many of these fans want. Apparently they can handle it. So now. You're gonna have I'd difference out coach coming in and I'm sure that's what they're looking for somebody to coddle and tell these pars are great they are. To get them through it. And I'm guessing that's I got to do in the NBA today with the players such ample open and allowed to own or similarities in our skating Kevin maple ridge what's up Jeff Otis. Not look like they do it looked all around midnight movies moon. Boone directory. Were all are you candidates and do it on. And that record today. Anyway now. It. The sound. The on deck on a broader network they had out broadcaster for the Diamondbacks stare. Given course and eight it. They're getting. Them to what inspired you expect the bucks you head coach and hear what whoever that head coach might be candid. Legacies of course they wouldn't you like here you add that you borrowed my breath I do it our way. I'm sure that all the answer airs. Jerry. Yeah right they're a threat that he went to juggle. Well when you probably mention. Of his arms up to what you want to market whenever they're needed at all. Only. Adopt a rule candidate is the only on only dead don't have to stay on topic in over a role of bill Garnett didn't you call. You war. That's right I like tentative. I think what Zack and our Ed we have devoted to Chase Field they Christian the only shooter. Two run homer that made it five to two I didn't see how the Diamondbacks scored their two runs let me the letter real quake it was aid this guy also homered to right two run homer in the bottom of it. This gal so homer or. Former Arizona but the most glorious the most recent home run Kevin was by Christian elegy to runner that made it 522 brewers in the top of the second inning. Oil that's good yes it's always enjoy a the brewer broadcast because I was saying. The deck XTO. Yet people are dead under a program gated state. To give direction and I don't know we don't Jack O we edited excerpt we have beyond actual require a long time and and they decided over their name their pre emption via index show you out there really I don't know they call that the end action had a starter notably years ago. Mean we've had our next dozens let's unsure legs there are a lot of pregame shows around the kind of thrown out all the conduct targeted sponsored the right I'm guessing why good picture of. Sparky yeah most art let's. Oh goody Idec co opted out Bruschi gave. I'll post game show tonight post game is standard eighties couch Gary LeRoy Voller Rami myself because it they'll be done about 530 before addictions and whatever detail you he'll be here. Yeah all you know Syrian honey I don't hopes. I would assume so I don't he not know Tim since 199 now he does not he's totaled 95 it is not him. Tim does not regret never seemed I don't know. Yeah I've never seen him do it but let alone doesn't know he's told me he'd he doesn't or not yet. Wait don't order he does not he does not all senators are now. Well I was gonna write about braille letter if we read it I don't think they'll work you read on air right. Yeah. I must Silas I could write him I braille letter. Send it to your station there just. Yet out of debt. Are okay there is Israel's Iran bud well I tell you how. You should come up here to maple ridge. Four breakfasts. When you have for breakfast there what do you recommend yulia. Trade or eight and hectic and so. Not care about got to know really exactly him an actor's body exit they relives. Still ache there a group. On how are Miller real late. Hired blown. Scrabble. Ride you David we got it. Now can I get a bloody Mary before earn no no we don't. Like going to need one within the skull. Thanks god for god yeah that they are thin on several more then. He does does that mean you'll feel big bird you'll Taylor raji did this limited usually where I have no idea if you're known as they walked into this thing meant to big show you want to know how do you that they are going to be our old boss Kenny from a banking creative solutions zone. I'll get terms of knowing album in the country so don't let that one. Gary does that do you feel they frigate jays or the blame manageable if. Your friends are doing all right north of rubbed on putting the norm in northern breweries the now the low cost leader for bringing. Prices in the industry. Where do you gear and a four week him grew. Luke missed Rocco inaudible green for its pharmacies nor the brewers where to shop for high quality low score low cost Greg. This week in our will be running our first part cider making plants in over a year. Learn how to craft your own dangerously. Drinkable. Schneider in late on. Hands on there. Our expert. We'll walk you through the entire SATA starter making process from selecting the right Jews to who bottling the finished product us. You'll learn crucial tips or how to customize the flavors in Rome to treat a beverage that's. Perfectly Crist crutch. To your liking who also heavier Popper her but she's making class as well all classes. Our free emissions including vulture for 15% is corporate found out through the retail. Northern brewer dot com or bit. Dot com Jay Berger phrase over northern OK we weren't agreeing to. Is the king's reign over the east overruled discuss next right here on the Wendy's big show so when is great show from running Mac off along with Steve Sparky Pfeiffer and her two former Packers Gary dollars and and LeRoy Butler a recap of Sparky psyche adventure coming up. A little later on in the show. Right now we wanted to do you think this is the end. A LeBron to run for 147991250. Can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan they fault the Celtics 107. To 94 last night despite a big night. From LeBron 42 points in 39 minutes sixteen of 29 from the field throwing twelve assists and ten rebounds to do to make. Foray triple double did not get a lot of help load next leading scorer was Kevin Love. With 22 in the near to go all the way down to Kyle Korver who had eleven points off the bench for the Cleveland Cavaliers those base grew LeBron. Vs the Celtics in game two last night Celtics come out on top. Is this the end of LeBron drawn 4147991250. Beacon tweet us at 1057. FM the fan is the king's reign over LeRoy. What now. People saying out. I mean boss and does that they way they went to a holiday gonna go to those two in Cleveland or you your bags scoring and abroad take to district seven and win. And tenacity further as on I expect. He's doing everything possible and anti get a triple double forty points. It surrounding class. Is what it is let. He's don't get no sympathy. Because this is the cats that you want you orchestrated you want your want the other guys. Weather also a good thing a bad thing but it is a viewing you know Kevin Love to do everything. He got to do everything we are adult. You're gonna lose it I mean does he does a lot. But this is did dis is. I made his he's Ocalan debt. But I got going on to the files. Every year since matter of fact I only an army of people watch it. If he's knocked out now will say this I'm an attach a question on to it. Or is Michael. If you say and this is live but he came you basically say is Boston and new each game also off critical of who pretend it was me. Yeah yeah and out caring thing there K eight NG that would generals. If if this is if I. Put him evolves is the new team the east for the next I mean news. Motive for. If you almost got sake of the detained or puts them opulence bigger team to win quality of other guys back or not. So unless I'm not a panic and I'll be you know two new so you think they'll win this year's yes no question of Boston has done this before it did it would boxed. They went to a home loves so fretted about a beat him to. At home they came back here you know they play better at all. And but don't have thing you know to better see you may come out. But none of those guys have been a big time seven game six in series like this I expect him to thank down the stretch and a bronze and pick good pieces. Again Ifill said there's far he can he didn't accept criticism. Sam because you orchestrated this team does to warn you want it but again I'm a row would it. The bottom held out until I see it first knows. Yet despite what you. I might tell you would you watch a break there were few LeRoy yeah despite what your eyes right tell you despite how bad that cavs roster looks when they look bad. I keep I'm gonna keep put my money down I'm not a gambling man but I was to keep putting my money down on LeBron James until he cost me some money because up until about human doing that. The majors the money LeBron is may be major rich depending on how much you put down. Every time it comes Tibetans on the brought in the cats and I'm right there with Yemeni keep. Doubling down on LeBron the only head. Anywhere we give him credit when in Lou we wanna actually forget to cast a bit of criticizing somebody he's okay and we keep doubling down I'm abroad to win the east until somebody. Proves me wrong improves LeRoy wrong and anybody else who thinks that way if it is LeBron raid over the east over the 0414799. Poked it deep. You can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan you know what I noticed about LeBron spurt it often looks like he is razor burn ever notice like the the bombs underneath it didn't and his noted Evernote I borrow recklessly now. I do. They get loud crowds of and yeah he is a married razors. Merrill couldn't marys resident listens on is read side. Maybe hook up with LeBron would be nice they ideally work for some other companies have thought I mean they have Steve Sparky five for the spokesman there really need LeBron probably this. Yeah razors that is you lied news nugget at at razor burn on upstart nice close shave much close I was getting on my electric razor by far nice smooth comparable blindly as among all the right marks anymore. On my neck from using electric razor I obviously love Harry's razors and so many others have as well my dad aptly swears by now he no longer. I used what he was using prior Romney's dad hasn't gone away from hitting the fairness he's very tough to please anybody did make a change and grow up it's not only new customers to save big town on every show is that. With coat Sparky and Harry's got comets as PA RKY. 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At Harry's got dropped that means you can get a trials articles and a five blade razor weighted handle folding shave gel. I travel cover all for just three bucks can't free shipping but he used code Sparky and Harry's got top. Join the millions of guys who've already switching go to Ares dot com today use code Sparky and check out to claim your. Off to quick break when he's ratios back right after this study's big shot rob me there's spark in our two former Packers Gary -- LeRoy Butler top of the third inning at chase the numbers leading the the voice Barbara league baseball post game show as soon as that game is over. Right here on these airwaves right now we're asking you do you think this is the end of a bronze run down up down 0:2 in the Eastern Conference finals to the Boston Celtics you get in. On the discussion at 4147991250. Where you can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan Roy and eyes saying before the break that we're all in on the ground until somebody proves that LeBron. It's not the king of the Eastern Conference at least see Sparky fight for you on that same page. Now I think Boston 79 and changes now made it better remember that a big Boston in seven I was only one on the showed pick Boston seven and that's were on that so. Also rolled Boston in seven and again being India follows Michael say like I said sell. I'm not changing. But to what the Roy said earlier others up and gets blocked. That team also didn't have market Smart in the beginning and answers hitting him market Smart back console. The ended that series to Marcus white played an entire series essar may have ended sooner than it did it. Art is Mars legitimate or fair game sixth game of the game sixer game game session and you play in game seven I think that was how it ended or something like that somewhere in that area. We don't we wasn't three or four Milwaukee so from from that perspective. Right so game five so from that perspective then. You have to add that factoring because he adds that toughness he adds that. That mentality that battered mentality to pull guys who gather on the floor with things may be going awry and a role or what are the case may be. This Boston Celtics team. Went up to zero in a playoff series. In the history of the franchise. Has never lost a series. They're like 37 and zero or 38 and zero in the history of the Boston Celtics franchise. So if they lose this series will be the first time in the history of that organization they lost the series went on to user. So again not to know LeBron can't do obviously LeBron can do anything. But the red flag should've been when LeBron goes crazy for twenty some points in the first quarter and hurling up what four or what ever was there's going to be a problem. That he gave all he had and they couldn't pull away and boss was hanging tough. As a big deal. And now you look at that team Horford scoring consistently every night Tatum scored consistently every night Jalen brown looks like the bass player on nineteen finally. And he's putting up decent numbers every night. Ruse series in scoring at a crazy rate but hitting big shots in key moments and Smart is doing what he does which is played tough no defense and his shot or two. I just. So you want about Cleveland I think they're in some trouble here they do and in they're saying that he held the saudis or booting up the series or whatever else is being so physical. Do you remember what happened in the marquee series. Of books were man handling them. In that series now for game four brassy it's came out or was it three. Three or four residents came I said we're getting physically dominated any needs a spouse to door right and it needs to stop it was during that series your right it was an Oreo game for a while those two games. They see he's starting physically dominated has to stop growing the series. And at that point. Bosnia and a flip the switch became more physical to empower their more physical I think the Milwaukee or it isn't about playoff basketball did not correct leaderboard for so. Cleveland. Hey man is playoff basketball this is all this goes figure it out at some point in due to tell love. Some of pausing again he's got to go off. And just you know tablet Kevin Love all star type me in 22 points and 35 minutes last night says he's percent from the field which is great. Because there is lacking other guys that can score. He's kind of got to be. Those are no west were to the Durant or is the wade two of the LeBron or however you want call it. He's just got to be that guy. That hits the threes pulls guys away from the basket. Able to rebound at 81520. Rebound clip. I know that's insanity when I'm asking for but I think that's kind of what I asked to be yeah. I think you're wearing a young Kevin my practice just sort of set in the book but for map perspective who also an acquittal roster is goes above and B for. Or it can a bill of being different I can play a higher level of their playing at right now the OJR. Smith. She said dude and I game right Marcus Arnold running on how to. Should know pushing. NBA. Good doing didn't care and things and Scott Williams gets suspended years ago from bat by David Starr for way less than Matt. Dame playing games six and answers I'm not elect tackle. Let's say somebody else of that in JR Smith was rob JR Smith when you play the next game now so I think. Mike with LeBron. Continue to play. NBA conspiracy theories chicks stood. Gary is no way he's a lot of plain and next game as a Rhonda I'm not LeBron is to reign over the east over. I'm in a bit with you joke with me and LeRoy yeah until further notice via it's a bronze conference here. It's a hit a fairway three point for a that's ridiculous Yemen now. You referred yes fadeaway three point yes that's it you've got to score at least forty. Did is he still aren't you nervous the bronze here. At 39 minutes sixteen of 29 from the field five of eleven from three point land 510. From the free throw line if there's one knock on the promise that it wasn't any it's free throws he had ten rebounds. Nine of those on the defense event twelve assists. And 42 points just six turnovers. Any loss and a loss the through put triple double and an impressive triple double bright. Yes and they are trying to get there about it and volumes trying to have Cora to hit some shots. Then on that a distant shot coming off screen is a different or ordering them to guard yeah there to them nations sassy now. But I think. Yeah just. It feels like this is Boston's premier. If you go about it sidelines as Steve talk from a two month so I mean. Maybe there's something today too because teams. Just have played well the boss. And so now they bring this thing that Cleveland. We'll see I mean this next game your beer to reward scorn on LeBron LeBron although I hit in the face or whatever. He seemed to be out of it after that and it felt like and abroad it is a movie do. And it just felt like. I'd like to have been ordered to move these are mood dude did you elect he was out of it after he got hit in for. And I just care hampered. Me the opportunity for him give sixty he's category which is sixty. And that it happened last Hideki did that call that in. I love these big commentators say he doesn't. The reason why he doesn't is because Serb refugees goals through people and it's tough to make a call. When Joseph is because she's normally when you hand check or dire you aboard got the usual as followed article Roger's run right through. So there's a troubled army should begin and was where he just make it looks pedestrian and and I met a little book is enormous problems so. What audit don't want to Russert who DeLia does your gorgeous young town right jam robbed or result to you and as much. Register as like Boston's is for real. The world. Well now confused you does that Europe via the Roy and I say it feels like Boston is believed it does if you just look at but use steel. Google LeBron when I you I am. You're gonna go abroad until further notice and I wanna I wanna look at it from the other side of things and relieve he would if he were to. Duke is running yet. Peoples it's obvious the Celtics it via this thing be very impressive and to be very very impressive. We have to talk marketable of all you want. Kevin Love is not what Kim loves used used to be I really thought you're about to do when a soldier I don't wanna do. Tiger let's take it down and erode but that's for the. I don't know me don't know any goat on injured market. After the Italian. The drug tested alone it and you the wrong on your own plan and Christian. But if she can do users. I mean that prior wanted to bigger feat she's that it has completed its best. To. Put my it would depend on Cashman added to play and would it have been might it might have been because it was a might be two through these are. Trees and talk he would harm them and go. Right he missed. A Kardashian girl. Blame you you know what damage or rubble bureaucrat. Who Michael yeah yeah. Will be your car right. Remember my ad break bulk fuel leagues you were. I. Pummeled. I don't I don't there was beat fatigue in his car and my Charles Oakley who was Michael's guy there was traded for Billick are right now and Michael wanted nothing to do those come yeah. They've they've got some common ground I don't know what my covering both the only. Both your mobile Internet user is there and no doubt about it but it almost randomly cubicle mr. woods on it was in them over there who. It was to John it was was gunning. Guys can. Go on all gone on and he play not our scenario played four. You play for the Detroit Pistons I think it would news. I'll doesn't have sat on the steps. Was named John Edwards prepares to big mustache yeah that would be Wednesday are always a bad guys are bigger and John Edwards I remember was the is going on in terms of gender and there will go with him to okay John Edwards was senator Arabian that I got the nod as the rebels aren't on them later cheated on this month. That is no heed it now it DCI NEV I just ones and I think there are pictures. That'll mean and. It okay is I would like to dilute the homage don't think I would like to let the work still look for no other side what me. Ed from the Celtics view yeah I'm hoping get to later today on the show might have to wait until tomorrow to America. You wonder right after this after break her right up the pressure on those products is well under I don't know what was on the rundown there with room. She's is that we're we're arena where we are darn well too after the LeBron topic alone do desire the air here after that underneath where it's does this the end of the bronze run I thought that topic underneath that is where they would go easier. Well well bed. Hey aren't observing his bike often okay. So is that what you wanna do that aren't put a bottom line is he after respect when Danny Ainge has built there in Boston I don't know that a lot of people. Really respect for Damian has built their boss will get. Will get heavier into that little later on in the show maybe you left footer off tomorrow. But speaking of things that are solidly built GE. Demographers averages are contrary it was probably deal in the mean that you have trio. No wants on route known and unknown one number two son are yours today getting. Willful ball. And you know as you guys know have been talking about this over we acknowledge it's 162 balls. In my daughter's. Hand has three golf balls and Gaza fund Al. The jokers and trying to put to hit the golf balls was golf club insider who. Yahoo! Prius facing two left the house has to write the bills had to be in shots. I'm taken my knees and new windows at some point roms I had a column down on there so yes that's over digging due to willful balls yesterday that it will balls and none got overruled listen if you Jackie. And here playing ball in the backyard you maybe you do like idea by the balls are in my gutter. And it calls when we had all the rain here last 2323 days. Caused my gutters to really overflow water and all the way trying to. Movement gutters Alberts of the common good friends over changing conferences come on look at my gutters. And as you guys know and you knew when those are some form of life and you know this if you bring your house 2530 years. At some point unity new windows is as part of maintenance where enter. House built wherever that you don't have in your home. Good thing about most Holmes is in the investment. So you can thank you bet which you put into your home. Normally that's where my good friends ovary JJ cartridge is gonna do the best job ever on your home if you want to Richard future. If you need new windows if you need new doors if you need gutters sits in the first quarter pain in your house. No job is too small as they can do at all common good friends over jury in Jake archer. We have developments there out at Miller Park spurs now lead six to two on their fourth home run of the day this time it was Tyler salad Dino with a solo shot. In the top of the fourth Tim Allen bill baby attachment in the glades farm fleet baseball post game show. Coming up as soon as that gets attorney Mike back. Baghdad today did say and how it's just to let it does cut that I didn't would you go to Carl's Sloane and number two yeah I'll have to sell a Dino please via. It is and I'll drug. Got into the park home run now and in the run homer in the here and the other is the confetti in numbers I would go it'll run also liked it. We confetti today and I can. You talk about that nets suddenly go to the other thing that you do let's leave it got to what does the other we do IKEA the start when you're a title IKEA character plus Turkey has built back. Thank you know it's not and this goes when is it.