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Thursday, December 14th

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This guy is a little game. Inside. Basketball insider Joey won't fool people by the law offices phone call was full. Only on sports Radio One 057. And find his work inside the Racine journal times Racine. Or zone dot com at wal falls press box dot com and as our Milwaukee basketball insider right here on the Fanny is Gary Wolfowitz called white Gary on this show the how are you this afternoon white haired. Parliament are doing well like I understand we have an update on me is that to let him pitch and his injury. Well units outlook for the briefly about an hour to get out you know there's a report on Bosnia that you know blood clot. That the U read certain Palestinians. You gonna boom. This still. A little on now and some people claim that they they could be serious others corporation that talks. But I can tell you this they were serious about. Two years ago three years ago he played for a Brooklyn. In yet equipped basically in the middle of the reasons you can yet blood clot. And I think Iran one of call. And you can't. That's not too serious condition and that you got shut it down more oil but that. Chris Larson is at those solutions. Via Miami Heat made it crystal clear they want can take any chances could claim. In the end so hopefully you know we'll have this under control and dedication and most of which up or burst of the last couple years ago. Well plea little continues she would be pitches. Gary up until now what were we being told the Mears a two letter bitch injury was because I've heard anything about blood clots until today. Yeah Atlantic in one of all places Bob Wright if you're right I mean. But that would put on India information at all yet. What you had a two year. Allegedly did this. Kyra which. Surgery. It was left knee. But three weeks ago and I talked to them probably cook 45 days ago. It is that you was adamant that it wasn't me. It took a lot of time to work. Q about pretty news yeah well documented. It and he so that. You expect you've been pretty soon so immersive look pretty out one guy doesn't yes you. That's nothing to fool around with no I mean this is obviously far more than. Then basketball when it comes to blood clot and. Yeah but I mean it is completely it'll obviously don't know cheerful and you don't have the proper. Attentions so. But again you know you know until fluctuate some officials. I hate to leave speculated that. A Gary the box on a little bit overall blast that was standing. You get into a track meet with nor was last night but I got to ask you this program. It seems like it's popping up again here at they'd they have the defense of issues. And they address those out west is as it is well documented but. Last two and a half years now. How the hell does this team stop the three how to how are they gonna contend the three little bit better because that seems to be an Achilles heel here Gary. Yeah that's the essence for those who don't question last that it is YouTube didn't confirmed three very well. In an opposing reporter at that the game you have defended pretty well since you've had here through. You know even think at some point they were. You know. They haven't figured out it means that they were previously quite constant treatment groups stepped currently at three guys there where you you know. It was pre pelicans. In two they rejected another portrait of a man attacked two you know go out the week or so they'll. And I sit two on it I knew the answer is that you know what we're keeping these books are more susceptible. Of their defense and he goes quandary. In which. Books and no I mean so the league you obviously aware of applause well. But Gary even though on her talk with our Milwaukee basketball insider Gary wolf clear. On the Wendy's patient even though they can't defend the three very well and and haven't been able to fur for a long time. The defense has improved since Eric Bledsoe got here and and I was reading your piece that wall full press box dot com yesterday. That trio be honest Bledsoe. And Middleton are are scoring. And at a rate as as well as anybody in this league is right now can't tip they just playing mediocre defense probably out score most of the teams that they a whopping a stunning given night. Well unless you reps piece number one. Our Internet I'm not let you know. I was surprised diplomatic that you reserves of the thirty teams that productive with what now border. They might be around ten or eleven you know looked up to score when in reality that number three. You know and number one of course is Golden State with their victory. And remember to Norway and so last night with a box but basically get in what is or whatever you know what that points a game. Of three guys right and and that's really haven't given and without Jabbar. And that's allowed to bar adequate so. You know they can maintain this. You don't you don't plan about what it is and what the article was. Debt of those top nine teams. It would be in the playoffs today there is little correlation between having a victory. In debt being made it clear up Covert team. Speaking of Jabari did the the company line up until now has been February is is what they're targeting but by all indications and and everything that I hear out of practice. He is way ahead of schedule is full speed got explosiveness is playing three on threes fours on fourth five and fives you name it he's participating in it. And it is there any indication here that they're gonna speed up the timetable and bring him back before February. There you know what I really thought would bring them back in jail and word. Especially Friday you know there's been a lot of speculation they want great. And I thought perhaps maybe they would like to show you some. At least for a couple weeks now put the quote yup February trade deadline. But I have talked to you several people in your situation. There and there are great base where the Internet can bring them back so it took you know they sure he has hit one jailed or year. 09 playing you know to go back out well so a aren't so and I'm pursuing these code that good or. There Gary final thing I guess. Heading into last night's game the fifteen and ten and there are a little bit of parole. What was it fourth in the east seventh arrest record and all of the NBA padding in the last nine again fifty elevenths have pretty good. Ready in your heart of hearts. Do you see him continuing nest. Well I can to fuel continues seen them beautiful 500 now they've they've played the whole Freddie. And you think located in you know the last couple they just wince morrow. Bulls. Know how and that he beat me to applaud all accountable to become a forty respectable you know. And they got some captains and on the part of Utah gains after that. Including one against Cleveland. So all the sun you know the Arab and I'd. Confident that their neck of the woods bubble but you never now but will continue Cleveland's a real possibilities so. You know it's going to be actually do you have to know a couple weeks because. In late December CU did it change any word they can be brutal schedule so to get it to Winslow can't. Have you look at a fifteen and ten Rami heading in the last again the 1511 now by Brett just double that go thirty and wanting. That's pretty good yeah. It's really gets to get through that he'll get it done yeah Gary mentioned the rumor mill concerning Jabari Parker any any thing churning in the rumor mill but from your resources lately. Now there have been a couple of teams out of that are intrusive. You know I tried to you. I just met overall not necessarily specifically about Jabari but Jabbar or anybody else because we had heard that the Andre Jordan rumors a couple of weeks go on those of sort of died down. Yeah you know they'll probably UB you know back. Permanent shelter or so from Chuck Cook and went and what about possible and what I spoke of an NBA official today. And then he told me there keep up yachts were pretty you know that it's Phoenix Suns took a bite out chambers contracts and the density and it is simply happens. I think there's a real possibility to go and watch you because. Ian Jason Q according influence. That is our Milwaukee basketball insider Gary wolf Allianz finest work. Inside the Racine journal times Racine sports zone dot com wall fools press box and on Twitter at Garry with an. Wolf full white Gary I'll appreciate a talking and next week affront.