3PM: Is Kobe saying he's better than LeBron?

The Wendy's Big Show
Tuesday, June 12th
06/12/18: The Wendy's Big Show, 3 PM Hour - Is Kobe saying he's better than LeBron with his latest comments? Also, national baseball insider Seth Everett joins the show to discuss the latest with the Milwaukee Brewers with the guys on The Big Show.

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Our own but let me. On the way back. Steve Sparky Pfeiffer this Philly got a terrible breakfast Plavix old crease feed itself is so bad are your former Packers Gary Anderson you and LeRoy Butler guy around and met all over tell fact there has never been a piece that I can't I thought was worth even imagine. Oh don't tell you that ran out what folders and I am so all the gas transit now travels tribal pride it's well not tries. The top one. As good as gifts they should be a men's he would pop none of them okay. Yeah the other hour I'll say that right now now five no thank you a graduate of frozen one from from my local grocers frozen food section you can buy an order that only element you can proposal from speedway. There is no. It is throws that put in the those that wrote a note of his peers were real quick eating has ever golf car emerge from a gas station as soon it is these you probably means he's the year and it's a slice of I don't know and he's hard so his brow as if you miss it in a corn growers. Champ is apparently now he's moved on from density and hot dogs or breakfast food and gas station pizza have tried both your I want you to about that I eat out what this movie. A listener and Julian pro zero Sugar Bowl winner can find healthy cereals I can't elect special K with us strawberries is how vicious that it's delicious and not enough that actually low in sugar up a little chocolate granola and they're like Iran holds sixty. Lou it's good it was this Kobe's way of saying I'm better than LeBron and do you agree with Kobe 4147991250. You can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan I read this on the air yesterday and it didn't dawn on me until after we got off the year and for some reason this article ended up back on my phone. As sprucing social media later in the evening and l.'s likely cope just. I said he's better than the broad here's here's a quote. And yet in an article at the Bleacher Report really talk with a panel of former NBA players about LeBron james' legacy yeah. And go does that all I thought about as a kid personally was winning championships that's all I cared about that time valued Michael. That's high valued Larry that's our valued magic it was just winning championships now everybody is going to value greens differently. Which is fine I'm just telling you how I value mine. If I abroad you got to figure out a way to win it's not about narrative you want to win championships. You just got to figure it out. He just said he was better than LeBron didn't increment or one or seven died dodge well they did do you agree with the. It mayors said I've been a mob of senator since the news has to have fairly easily. And I knew all about it I'd love to iron things that says it is is. His nose transgressions. And all that bad as I like you have a fan as the president like I like all the time so you have to disclaim. Everytime. You media people. All OK. Okay. Where she and skip says my favorite. But these ones must go home orders emotion you're out. All those show it is a bunch of them. Some good. Jerked to yes there are just mr. Noah. And up until one on undisputed yet. She's two and a different show. This year on the right thing the chick that was with power that's saying it. Yeah yes she's replacing a growth coward and a girl cowards getting her own show. Usually do two shows ago now the replacing her with somebody else not to customers that not mean yeah yeah. Latest shows that it is right or any air watch in seventy playback. I say look at us Russia and is all throughout the day West Coast east go every time. These people especially the former players could they should know better of speak about a mile Booker. Everett to have you guys. Say. Michael. And the broad debate and don't Brendon de mob. He is unity. It's ups like it overall well. Pressure built three. Person discussion. Got two. Out of those six final. So were we outcome of loot LeapFrog Muniz concerts. It does not like it. You don't think is justified. So I'm right right in your high humidity this is Toby you I don't want to talk about it. Plus five rings what does that add my pin written how. You know it all Friday. Would you sit out of ports. In your boy just got touched by. Yet as we scenario. Come home. Again here's the quote by Kobe Bryant. It they're talking to a panel of NBA players about the legacy of LeBron James and the question was of this region the question ought to make sure that I put this. And exactly the right context. Bleacher Report says LeBron has three rings he's been a more finals and any player in modern times but he's the green in six after the series does that matter to his legacy. Kobe Bryant's answer again all I thought about as a kid personally. Was winning championships that's all I cared about that talk valued Michael. That's our valued bird that's our valued magic it was just winning championships not everybody is going to value things differently which is fine. I'm just telling you how I value mine if I'm brawn you got to figure out a way to win it's not about narrative you want to win championships. You just got to figure it out. He put himself in the conversation. Without using his own name thank you hit when he was listing off the short answer the question resentment movies that I valued bird. That's our valued magic. That's our valued Michael are you should have thrown his own name in their eyes so that's our valued Colby yeah. Was that Kobe's way of saying yes but he's better than LeBron James as just be an economic and do you agree with them. 4147991250. You can tweet us that they want hillsides are you. Sent him a conversation but I'm buys so I ask you very biased the step back on this in there and listen to yell go into Bob show red. But in his mine and his. Sick twist it you would have. Yeah yes that's yes man. And I am India for the man both amusement I MI DS ZZ eight. Surely his our series to wait a mama thinks. It would blinders right. He's ever to have always done these shows you compare Michael. To O'Brien. He KEE stop me while he's. He'd have an easier time meeting if you went through that drive third Wendy's Steve started five or. You need to not show going to be all that the law. He has salesman that was Ryan Mack asked problem this mine's in my mind that Israel's. Hello got a house won boy it's great whenever the end it would Nokia's Gregory now what I've wanted to finish the what are they are more they point 08 hour. After my freshman year graduated as his that you want to had a decent these days who graduated with a two point not enough in those what was the point that out of it 10 lately would you print idiot. Had to go to summer school I was yeah he's a school that I'll. Putting it around later and after my freshman and sophomore year I had to go to summer. Did you out of hormonal problems and stuff. Your or. Don't progress reports that this idea is trying to look at progress and that they call again we do kitchen and doing it wasn't that they let me year pitting my prayers and a bad lie or sit out to repair them bring them when you are accurate they won't work in man my dad had to work like two jobs just to make ends meet the whole time Muslims that he molested name my mom had to work to. 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For all the that it was his Kobe's way of saying he's better than LeBron and is he right LeRoy says yes and yes how about you rabbi Gary how about Sparky 4147991250. We'll hear from all those voices right after this summer when he's very. Yeah. Can I. Yeah. BlueLinx pain can pass. Yeah. Atlanta Zane and the easy. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's running big show its journey Tuesday Fleetwood Mac green side of the break after the unfortunate passing of one of their original guitarist Danny Kurt win last week at the age of 68. Preston here right now over these comments by Kobe Bryant his way of saying. He's better than Michael Jordan. Or not Michael Jordan Sumi better than LeBron and his he writes for 14 to. 7991250. To create a set to 1057 FL the Fed that he's better than to men Michael yes. Well according his old theory if he's just got rings he's not. As in his own book right because again these are the comments by Kobe Bryant. In a recent piece by the Bleacher Report when he talked with a panel of current and former NBA players about the legacy of LeBron. And the question of rings came up in terms of the Brown's legacy Covey said as all I thought about as a kid personally was winning championships that's all I care about. That's our valued Michael that's high valued bird that's our valued magic. It was just winning championships not everybody's going to value things differently which is fine. I'm just telling you how I value mine that's Kobe say he's batted LeBron Brighton do we all agree that an easy ride for 14. 799 full figure tweet us that. 1057 FM the fan Eric Waukesha you're on the Wendy's big show what's up Eric. That. Pay their guys. So but I look at it. That's Michael Jordan the greatest all time. How to and Kobe Bryant played the same game at the same offense. Played the same style basketball in May that same shot. The ball then that it was in Kobe Bryant's hands just like in order. And a clutch moment they hit the shot. LeBron has never hit this shot in the big game. Clutch it was either. Our carrier ring or Ray Allen hitting the big game winning shot or keep in the game. But to me it did you clutch player and then the game you have the ball. You're a better player. And Mubarak ever do it. Thanks for the call yet. Mean Robert Horry was real clutch is and Robert Horry has said five I think Kyra that the F 686. And has lottery let's just put it that way. But I'm not again not putting Robert Horry get ahead of ahead of LeBron or cold we are Michael or anybody else just because he was clutch and he's got rings. Not not put him in front of anybody else he sees clutch has rings. What Laura said earlier about Kobe Bryant wanted to be in this conversation of LeBron Michael Jordan not think it's fair on his part. One Ambien conversation as to why he's not in that conversation. I'm not really quite sure the users not like the well. Colby you know won a ring with Linley Paulus. That's. And then the rest obviously were with Shaq so I get that LeBron has had star power around him. Each and every step of the way a winning history he's not able to win a ring without and that's our power around him as so it'll broaden our conversation. I'm not quite sure how Colby's not. I don't want to look at Schechter calls these you can look at about Kobe Bryant is talking about is the assist right that he doesn't share the ball that well like the Asian at all now he's summer's massive Butler was sovereign. Territory. Eddie he could not will not a lot of people thought he did. How logical buckle we may people buttermilk. That I remember a lot of study was selfish like James Harden and hard as it's not a necessity still cults. It goes back to Larsen good in my portions that you about Paul Feldman do we not. You're Paul Gasol and intranet good he wasn't what the Kobe Jeremy Paul Gasol wiwa. The color everything was out there and fun and happy ninety. So we saw that physically happened in finalists on that transformation happened at a nothing to do with it and the basketball quite at a golf basketball court. So what LeBron does and how LeBron make somebody better off the basketball court when I hear about it and we'll go with it but. In eighty voice analysis. In animal although it was a shrewd I want maybe the raptors wasn't a drama island yet. So am I I think that maybe part of the reason why he's you'd always does he was always viewed as a selfish basketball player I'm now works against them. An idea as to why he's not in the conversation is as far as scoring the basketball. I'd be able back in the Kobe Bryant scored basketball in his prime. Michael Jordan LeBron James articulate any of those. But all around game defensively color brought one better defenders in institute. He defend the defendant while well I just think the selfish player Kobe Bryant kind of gets him. Out of the conversation with the other team. And if we tablets are that's LeBron doesn't far better than Michael. But Colby years Colby. And Michael got in the dunk contest we want to see LeBron never do. But I think he's Smart know years and he does have us talk about Arab. In what these other two guys. Gains slick though because we all see right there. You see right after right there. Yes and and I think were what we are on the same. Reviewing peers. I'm not sure why Colby is Ian with the conversation that LeBron James he's not he's passed over. But I of their or anybody dead boy as Michael or like Michael were called Colby is more Michael. And LeBron James as far as the style of play yeah prisons there but as far as the greatness yeah. LeBron is close. Yeah or because I think is the bronze. Does more in an hour now Kirstie talk about arms. Is Paul Gasol betting Kudlow. Yeah I would says so aperture to say and think about it but I incessant. Publicize a true seven footer yeah. Your nominee have a better shot was on that team. Why delay was hundreds and the second creepy that he had dual hogs all of them there was another guy that was senator that a files. My name's Andrew Bynum into buying spree. As it used be new game you can you be competent you'd want you orchestrate a high school. The he's pretty good and remember we you know over there. Yes so what the courts in years Kobe wants to get back into the conversation that it neo. And I agree ST years having Steve here on the money is that by Colby was seen. To be more I don't know why my joy when seems rebel Colbert would seem to be more of a self selfish player but not a team player. And maybe that hurts him in your right jordin cheated and seemed similar bribery was putting Boston. Iger. You let LeBron James right now. Goal punch all lists a Kyle Korver from. That wouldn't be received the stem a white board. Yeah. And as a legacy that I don't think that will be received the same way I mean. 44. Michael that's like I'm trying to get my guys to play I'm trying to get my guys reached a level cold water on that Colbert what did you do an athlete real nationally yet he went on Cambodia and I don't think it's. Image Shaq got a said that. I don't think it's this stuff together talking about that that Kobe was selfish or or or that jordin punch people in the battling any of this stuff is is why co week. Doesn't end up in that conversation for the even the people who count rains even even those people who just simply Tom brings when ranking the greats. I think they recognize. Most of them do. That Kobe was sort of the Robin to shacks bat man. For his first go round a championship so they don't give him. Necessarily full credit the way that they do Michael Riva LeBron for his drinks he's having he's got two or three without Shaq where he was the man. I think it's to read it 13 with Jack and into without him if I'm not mistaken. So he. He yes viewer ratings and the rest of those guys when he talked about being the man on the team Kobe has less than that Michael I am abroad and on top of that I think. The people who are just starting Raines. You go by eye test and to mean LeBron has a better basketball player. Then Kobe Bryant rains are no greens LeBron could have zero rings and I'd probably say he's a better basketball player than Kobe Bryant because I'm not just gonna sit here and covering that's too simple. The student who wants to conversation. And and and and an evaluation to make to just count brings. These guys play thousands of games and word is an account the ones were championship without a line that's the only game in a decal make him at a valuation. Let's get one more call and on this it's Josh on the north side you're on the Wendy's big show what's up Josh. It was so. And start to lean towards more ago but as far as what coach Stan statement written Leo they can. He was saying that as far as wearable for aren't should go I think authority Hussein will brock's ago where rain is. That Hispanic Cleveland what maybe was trying to do so I think he he's not in there now because LeBron has organic cookies are. Think that the marry you if the book Coca. Particularly. I think you'll forgive. Well a lot of people who. Look at this sort numbers for the coping. Look before prom well that electronics exit thirteen court he's. He was better offensively is the Battery Park. But if you believe in the Kevin Durant theory of it numbers on a bad team not aren't all that difficult then your not gonna buy into those numbers correct if you believe what Kevin Durant sat down. Denigrated just said that the other day that. Anybody can score a bad team. Who used so. Did you know it at you Tom. I just that's just via. You don't want to do is he a playoff team is that just by just an asset that's his worst team we have an outright grants and you put up numbers could ever invite you to death for everybody. I hope it was about that you are just last week encoders and Sony let's out and make that comparison to Michael loudly why are we doing here. It and now the Dow is chimed in with this is a brutal thing about it as he read to you coming here here here yeah zero carrier and is there a photo iris and right yeah I orders right Richard try to do a distilled yet. I see he's right maybe we should talk about a little bit Jewish discount rings and determine people's greatness that way. Just you know what he admitted they eggs and emote Kobe it was learn things these things that everybody should emphasize brings more. Players. But they don't zoning out it is just money even if you look at is what money if a what you do look at the clip trim between Kobe LeBron. Colby will Colby. Lose is that deals abroad. View based on SaaS last five minutes of the game and a close game it would apply now same thing. He's a better world player and all that yeah I mean stick to it not obvious best rebounder. In early this is. He's never Vila I assist to turnover ratio called a kill by another day he deserves a dagger and a. The DC to treat that and that's only good OJ and Michael afforded to us from five reasons sports network. He says to carry this further for those who say Kobe was more quote on quote clutched them LeBron with greater killer instinct clutch equals playoffs. The bronze when shares in the playoffs 51 Kobe's when share in the playoffs 26 point eight. And Kush domain play I don't know what this matter with you know what VO RP is sparking a not that up on basketball and Alito on Google it I've no idea what that is true but LeBron BO RP in the finals whatever that is 33 point one Kobe is in the playoffs. Was the thirteen point three arc from skip whatever that's worth if you believe and analytics but Gary's some people. They just want to emphasize rings it just wanna count raced there might be a special lady in your life right now who's emphasizing it arranged where would you send them GE. Well for you running. Within hurt you assume the Jefferson. Of is the best emphasizing. Half of these coming. Now we're good isn't actually that as a we're good. Yeah you have three kids get to sound will sit and listen in as rob it's almost Father's Day era that did next Sunday night and dean weighed in Renton. Went over arm if it is where did you view the bear and you yet have this view you've ever before and did not target women right now. I'm talking women. I'm talking to law. Sons and daughters. Dad those days are over the soap or role Rezko. I don't know and so morrow. Noble profit or the other day no more hacker go home Knowles life. In the white while the days ago. Coach lets your -- you do you know shares much about your articles. On our. Religious. And accused. I podcast. Taylor games Rutherford is soldiers and dreamer is the only parties and I actually love the new location Brooke problem erode trust in bill. New location in new new Burlington Wisconsin these Garrett make sure. Did you let folks know they thought Tuesday its comic. And I've got some great deals or a lot of things you're inside my store. An omelet and a look at digital work with a anybody that wants to be work with. Here major beef let me give you the best deal increases your are now and don't forget. Don't forgive me give you the most money for you or Bolger now a lot of people turned around June and what their wars to follow the gear. If you like if you don't have he'll make it for you didn't get got a blacksmith right there on it. The jury sure. Service agent lately and a new locations where they're going to be a black mile road atrocity nationally dueling in in new new location unit in Burlington was. You gotta get to set that everybody has no I love NBA pettiness. Yes and you'll see a second in new easy to enter Rodriguez weary at the parade today. What is it with Brasco or burger that earlier LeBron. Treated up the Arthur fist. Drew about where you are a shirt with an Arthur the study it literally has three reasons. I'll I vented as I've got alliger monger and I also like that governor nationals they call Saturday he does the Wendy's big show right after the. The big show as the crew covered and now we check in our national baseball insider. It is time to check again we thank guy whose work you'll find that Forbes dot com on the hall of justice and sports with friends podcasts. Then there is Seth Everett on the great midwest bank hotline what are you chocolate net over there's Oregon vs plays Matt Albers and Leo well really. Bruised ego a full or a low desert off Tripoli are right. Seth are this afternoon a friend. I'm Lebanon you guys on our I was everybody Purdue well. You know I'm glad I wanted to go to bed. You know emotions run high around here when when the brewers in the cubs play in and that emotion tends to tends to be anger when it plays out. The way that have played out last night when people are angry about something like this but we do in sports Seth is point fingers and asked who's that loss son. And that's how we opened the show this afternoon a lot of people upset curry council's handling of the bullpen going to Josh cater to earlier keeping him in too late. Going to Matt Albers at all not keeping Jeremy Jeffers in their long enough. Lot of people up upset with Jonathan VR for dropping the throw from Lorenzo Cain. At second base. If you're gonna pinpointed who is that lost some last night. Well I I would love to always expedient hindsight it's that he should have expanded Beverly did you at any time and experience. You know jeopardy if another situation where the brewers score run. Earlier in the you know either in the night or in the pan. You know you you're he had all the open perfectly the problem as. They're not built to have a guy to go long and you don't wanna burn starters so. Beauty go to kind of a last resort and yeah Albers is not the guy who wanted to match situation but that's. That's kind of the way it happened and you know the reality and it's one game to get by it ought Ike. You know chase Anderson about. As a spokesman Gil voter little odds and I think it's baseball I don't dwell on one loss you're not. Now I do not want caught off Jose losses are there one in eight and I want you should that if your competing with two windows division I can you win the division had at a broader wind out of nineteen hot. If they don't start would get the cubs are gonna win it cracks. Correct and that's why everybody's freaking out and they don't start winning their product and when the division and time's running out to replace him nine times out. But. Tonight a gay rights and by ethnic urged it. And in this band aids I don't make promote gay but that's a big game that the bikini got into the game he got to listen to this engine built in. And when you negate where the crowd should be electric. Iran both cubs fans on but. There are dulled the a lot of tonight is how nods as well worn out before you came on we figured Eric things would get a start tonight. And he did get a start tonight and he is leading off for the Milwaukee Brewers tonight. Christmas. A it that is the report. I think I read our before so it's dames yeah Alex Kane Sean Santana DR Pena RC I don't know chase Anderson that's a lot tonight no brawn no hagel. And a lot of tonight against the cubs oh let me ask you this are you. That would hurt it correctly that's who wants a bunch of guys so hopefully along completely SEC RE 3 I I am a little bit concerned about the book ball bullpen usage as regional that further into the season here and these starters going now last figured out six but. Going all four and a half strong and get you find it easy go to the bullpen and are you worried about that or do you think they can keep all this bullpen usage all year. Well I just don't think it's something that there there that that problem is you need to band. There are a lot and what I say a lot of scenes of apple and issues. And there's already talk about you know relief pitchers acerbic talk about converted starters are our update one rumor or. Zach Wheeler is being shopped around at the setup guy he's been a starter you know Korean government relief pitcher at their. Bullpen help especially in this thing where it micromanage the filly eight capital into the same problem. With starters only go for instance if you get into the time of the season where guys start to get fired. And the problem it gets worse because we haven't hit July yet. And it is even batting an app over and not a lot of teams have what 98 game. 98 games and that's part of the finger at. So as we were two days you know breaking it down put to bed together analyze and we did a lot to do Packers. Yeah. But. I think for me Kabila simpler maybe you can hear me out with the deserve. The elite talent separation. Between the cubs and the brewers. There at the cubs are mortality. I don't go on the radio station and say that it problems like and because. I don't think there's any relevance in in the answer to that also the ones it's not that it but it's also the reason why. At the end of the day IE. I'd pick the cubs to win the division and I stood by that I. Never got. Are protecting their mortality seen I think they're better baseball. But you know the games are what unsealed and radio stations and not on print. And now on blogs and Twitter. You know to me baseball game one on field and that Milwaukee Brewers have shown a crook well they have shown. Did you read up on his. Don't know blood has done a lot the public view this is where you become army's. Your who it is. I op did you guys heard that. We've been asked except by a compliment to me it ever give a baseball. And that is just that their ability to take a punch. And the ability to take a punch and respond. And be able to continue to fight the next day and that's what the Milwaukee Brewers at all. The brewers have actually demonstrates. How many teams that are in first place sort of era firstly I'd have greens at constructive. Ahmed the Cleveland Indians actually came off the top my hat. And when we talk about the elite teams in the nationally. Watched Atlanta Philly Milwaukee Chicago. Arizona Colorado on the dot. As a. Brewers are in the hat not I have not they'd be active at the deadline. In the race. And nothing was what last night like I said all I I turn my game on the ninth inning and all I was very it was somebody and that I wanted to bet. What do though doubts in your social. What would they have to do so now. Being cute catch. The coach in that what what what what will be the brewers deficiencies. Different. Which a positions. That they need to improve. I don't I figured out there are here for all started that the brewers don't have I think the cubs have. You know starting staff that it battle that one World Series. I'd think they're better baseball and I don't think that you're gonna. Fixed that. In 18. I don't think that all that all the ill or you're late in the game tomorrow. You know art and I rather well and tomorrow for that matter you can win any beauty and then go or I I'd love to see it. But I don't think they're the brewers. State or their roster is going to be greatly affected by the results of an aren't tomorrow. Yeah and teller come that you talked to the big Chilean let's ago. You know Bob I blame there is all of our Jeffers didn't roll you know flawed and I blame this on all the bad stuff disturb garage show all of Ryan Hart. All this kind of stuff did you just get out their system. Because to me how mark question was quote you think a good had a best chance to be an all star Izzy Christine yell is amazing Cain having. I hate your Jeffers I don't know I make a bachelor fans look at games like this would they wanna vote. You know so you guys step up in big games like this. So one has got to have a big gala you Alex no warranties don't have McCain that's when people start divorce specially and other parts. So what do you they had the best chance at this point to make it. You know that. We're boys right yeah you're all right yeah there are market arbiter some very condescending when I pick. Up a if all star voting. Is not a barometer for how good of baseball in the it is a doubt a level below are notch below. Americanize. And the bad American Idol remake might not even the good American I don't with the Rubens. Uttered at home and non American Idol Sparky sitting right here manhandled get you get a half and you see. These. And why. Why American Idol would vote for them purple haired woman or as a bit of the black dude with the Blu-ray. Any of those reasons at the elementary and going and matter of fact the most recent all star balloting update came out. And believe members of the Atlanta Braves. Are winning. Why height. All of I mean there's no rhyme or reason for all star balloting. The brewers will have representation. But I'm sorry just sit in the player ballot. And mortgage in the coach's ballot and and the fair and balance I just don't think the parent. Fan vote stupid and I expect that. And out of it all on like he used to be what we are growing out. It used to be that you had to get the ballot at the ballpark yes yeah and got art would do it. I remember gas station I remember me to have also about the gas stations. Nice to go to my parents sort of develop their part that I would get a bunch of ballots. And I would fill out that many of my code and stuff the ballot box before the tank wishful like you're a bit fat. That I remember growing up well now it's all online. And it's all you know some twelve year old kid who has an electorate in Billings Montana. And what players he has seen on Twitter. It's that stupid. And I I have him by a little that little war. With the official MLB account I don't know in in the account did not that MLB account. All they meet our homer. All states we are home run never liked to wed Jun. Could you give me any adults and seven nights playing or Archie cute and nice catch in the outfield. And that was big the logo you know get the most to reach work like. Give him a target given. So all I'm saying. To me I would not be surprised if Christian zealots get it. Came to edit or starting pitchers to edit it ought to do with making sure that everything is represented. Which is a positive because. There's a twelve year old kid for every scene if it means something modestly or god I'm going to the all star game this year and you know my favorite part of the whole thing at the ceremony. Once we start talking past the band once we especially in our sport is when that went entirely online. All I can say it and boats to. And sun this has nothing to do with baseball talk with our national baseball insider says the average here on the Wendy's big show Forbes dot com you you mentioned. Voting for the all star in stuffing the ballot box and gas station there reminded me of a short debate that we had earlier here on the Wendy's big show our I have have you ever come across. Pizza from a gas station that was worthwhile my friend. But okay all right thank you could buy guys gives. Are you saying. Go ahead of all if they dip from a from a gas station is like one by people like if you can get it resolved yet. Go Klondike bar that would be that thing I would and I would try to eat so bats it forward and I don't want evident when I get a hold. Like the drips some assurance that was drive with a club. My guys dean's party five for here is now making yet I'm happy to have a gap they had to give gas station pizza for breakfast I'll man regularly slogan on electricity. Again it is beginning at the end of liked it right I did well. The wells ultra edit the actual salty but Matt is so good I actually just what the bread with them like all know we. We are all brand you can buy frozen if you want to get all the mega yourself is made for its made right there in the end physics that is made right there in the GAAP and dollars. Life. You are you overpaid. It's attack it smells like unleaded plus but its own lives and it's still Asia and in. That is our national baseball insiders that the average bodies were hit girls dot com check out. The hall of justice podcast the sports with friends podcast and every Monday normally hear on the Wendy's big jump he's busy man so we had to get on Tuesday this week. Yeah go ahead. We will be yesterday I was at an event with Eli Manning and out this week I will be covering the US open the other golf nice Eric in a cock. I think tell me if I left now I get there an eighteen hour. 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