3PM: On LeBron if the Cavs lose?

The Wendy's Big Show
Thursday, May 24th
The Wendy's Big Show 3PM Hour - Gary, Ramie, Sparky and Leroy discussing the EasternConference Finals and asking the question if the Cavs lose to the Celtics... is it on LeBron?

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He's big show along with the American. Four actors are very Ellison and the royal Butler duke and the one and only Steve's mark Pfeiffer I'm Robbie backed off. You know what we've had as well just dedicate this segment to pettiness is going to be a short whatever you ask. I got to be in the bottom left and right I don't you you got the veep though too right or a move which is what about a half out of me I've. It is and and that John well a couple days ago. LeRoy Butler seven years through the entire commercial break. Yeah and the decided to go get water copiers something just as does it met music that you just heard that opens every hour of the Wendy's big Jones. Gary Miller's sin and you know what myself included all. We would and other raw Boller. We gave him a hard 45. Ocalan on state does any better music that you just heard that opens every hour of the Wendy's big show. But yeah. Guess here's what it out of the studio. Did stomach hurts I hurt itself. Dare Ehlers. The April 5 minutes talking to us about it at a I like Chris. Richard on it is great. Think they and how you started the use of music hit and I managed on the news it did when we're due. On your windows and all yeah I think you may have wanted checks on the out here were brought up in the bird it's a matter queuing why he couldn't wait to the next break right god is great I don't know what to say that might have been what half dollar hit it and I've made triggered something in Houston Oakland and and wanted to check points now onto more important matters yesterday on the show. You put up a poll. Who should appreciate Sparky radio NK Boris is wedding yeah. Yet three options people yet three options. You're you're close to getting in my turned off already to be careful what you say. Every time there's arteries are watcher Edley and rob Edwards ticket 100 Jews that tell crawls on the shadow that's good blah that's applause. I'm and it does this goes here not this market watcher watcher commoner that's free that's free you know maybe not a bargain as I haven't said anything I worked up. Yeah. Options people a priest. Me running Mac well if you. Or bill baby judgment. Pulled just close. 259. Votes. 21%. Say a priest. 38%. The same mean Robbie backed off. And 41% say bill baby announcements as it thank you. And I does wonders and have spoken does wanna say to be 106 point 19 to view. Who voted for bill they detach restore you your. You'd think. I'd care to hear for dumb and fearless are they showed. Earlier all over now scurrying around the I don't like you and you are not a good person let's. In the 10 yeah I go to the back at Burson and they'll ME IG men are. I upstanding citizen I am not a banner that there are fine I have been only. We both believe that there. I'm light series. To officiate the ceremony did you like is shooters when it I'm very very. Appreciative that I. I've been blessed with this opportunity experience do you have on the stage in front of a large group of people here we go now we got now we got to measuring how much I'm asking your question or try to figure out who's more qualified that's pretty crazy because I ever. They play 3500 people 4000. Words how many of those values and people how many of those did you do. Close to forty that's nothing compared to MySpace experience hot nothing matters are your old. A lot on the final hole I would argue is that that hustling I would argue that all of his radio time is autumn staked much larger than your comedy takes you. 25 or thirty people thank you very much. Right Amir tells of the time exposure caught I updated blog post post is sure four hours a day I'm sure that you've given your. It's your act like he doesn't have any. You know it's like I like to argue the same job to yeah. No we can I had to my. Here's what I'll probably he'll deliver now compared to what I do here and what do elect will be tonight at 1840 brewing company. Entertaining the masses is 1840 passes yes address now it's 1840 bring madness and are more than two people out of this man as. We fly. Find it. They also do Warner they've been busted this outrageous. And to help the volleys so that voted for Bill Barrett Township Michigan target I think is second in front of the three just close. Yes he beat upper east and then beat the great. And act on foreign above me just be derivative and actually beat a breeze that we're not yet. But I beat the priest in the poll in the votes where at least you got better here and that's also an actor you're not your Mike is definitely office. And enough view. Because spheres where. How does that happen. Is that okay let's get real quick spark here excluded from the sun does one ask two former Packers. Gary are looking at numbers on Oprah Larry Ellison and LeRoy Butler. If you had to choose. You only have two choices. Mean your baby Tosh. To officiate you're glad I don't think you should choose who you go on with Richard in long. Don't look at me out to all the news out of your answers birds. Ask me on Twitter dobbs has been fun. She says she'll let Gloria I'll do it if you did mine SA neo. But if I had to choose to date what time if you had to seventy yes it's a slam dollar Susan thank you very much appreciate you I would democracy now. Gary Allison and I know for sure it's running that's right more personality you've got a battery that Hillary and Hillary you heard it. Gary Ellis and don't angry and ahead. And around theory that's current and. Other. Given the choice if you were to get married again you have to Jews. These Jones how shall go and our he would welcome an air those dark. Mean if her baby to -- To appreciate your wedding who you go to it lie I lived through to open the clone their ego takes. On the closers on his arm on the headliner and asked okay yeah I agree to maybe touch is good enough to be my opening act and all that often vote until. You hear it yeah yeah. I. We had anticipated event they asked RT era remember we had to do out of your lover who wonder what happens I did argument okay. Got a thousand common number that they rigged ago. That's fine canals advocate for Martin to anyone. He beat you running and on a date that you got to down. An asset on a double and I want an open for you because he wants that you have right. You Illinois law if he did lead to bishop and with the raw way it'll go to law. And I'll tell you get out there fingers are too long yeah I want to. I don't know what you're talking about did you are you know that thing. Yes yeah yeah yeah yeah he's going to edit of it yeah sought out those are like four more slot of the the Dutch is assessing candidates you've come to assess against us it's not Sussex the city in Wisconsin and we generally shelled from Sussex yes she's coming here to live. Armed nation via we are Michigan book that can get Megan Markel on the big show she's a dust up they thought that Israel has always. I'll work on the gentleman in the cupboard and it has given that the critics say it others say. How worried are you proud CG that's what that's like your appointment I know you got laws like yesterday you have my backing amendment that delicious sandwich. With Dietz and Watson and why did you leave is doing he'll always article you rip on me now and he. All our. Took appeal. And it stuck to him that's not a good excuse. Slicker greens and so on of that if you that's so to stay year. When I did it you've got to follow me. And you. UN die out but you got me here. Do you feel when you I gave you gave me like via Heimlich maneuver known and most. Even if it was to save your life you'll want to give me the Heimlich maneuver. That in his chest level. I'm giving that you're joking I'm getting the hi I'm Linda I don't care costs that room who are due to leap on and does this discussion. Well they shot appeals shut up they wanted to spark he's my. He's he's just joking yeah I got a disable this I'm you're given the public and as part goblet. Semester. To messages through a little bit off the world's in a very touch pushes Rondo often mean doesn't. You guys the only guy who rode out I'll look better all I know someone probably joke this. Yeah what Stevie get an outside is my get back to back on I can't enough bubble and I don't like maybe tough to boost. You better officially solved by just be a better officially. A little salty at does it have you ever been to fairly well I have some good friends from the city of brotherly love. And you give these these are Watson started feeling leagues also got an auto meaningless for him in. We all know there's different kinds of fairly wrote cute sure but also you're sport's for him. The boards. In the man cave in when you get together for that toga party or gather round your TV at home for game. He apparently teach in Watson's style. They being obsessed with me achieve is for generations. There when you have eight UB obsessed with them so next time. You can put them together tried Dietz and Watson original. These meats and cheeses together to a whole new level falls you've got no antibiotics ever meet. Our BGH free cheese is saying USDA certain for organic options. Gluten free with no preservatives. Nitrates or nitrates. Artificial flavors or fuel or thrillers. Only beat that bears Q thirteen so keep your sports fairly fit this armor stopped by a local metro market delegate count in export. Dietz and Watson by name. That's Dietz and Watson it's a fairly. LeBron James gets a lot of credit when good things happening Cleveland Xena take the blame. If this goes wrong 414799. Pulpit you discuss next on the one he's very. Purple green side of the break so it's not you like your next week. We chart a sack 1057 FM the fan with a hash tag big throwback they'll hash tag. No vote and what he's doing over there but that better not be dancing. Street artist at 105 is evident that the Fed with the hash tag big throw back and enter for your chance to win. A 25 dollar gift certificate to masters he's Gary nominated Jimmy Hendrix marquis what Metallica Le Roy wants kids. I want Santana may be tough with Paula not go one of those are your own creature artist. At 1057. FM the fan would it be I'm abroad if the cavs lost this series 414. 7991250. Can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan their one loss away from losing this series as it heads back to Boston where the Celtics. Are yet to lose after they knocked off LeBron in the cavs 96. To 83 in Cleveland last night LeBron in the loss 26 points on eleven of 22 from the field he played 39 minutes yet at ten rebounds and five assists. What do BL LeBron at the cavs lost a series 4147991250. Or tweet a set 1057 FM the fan Steve Sparky Pfeiffer lets you. Angelina now and it's not that I understand last night Celtics had to carry him in the second half and held him in check for the most part. One up to this point in that one man wrecking crew it's been here min. Everybody else and now a lot of everybody else thought Iran Lou. That fell Kyle Korver than last night you've got to be kidding me. You only we're gonna play image of a player on the Celtics played and there when the player the Celtics did he get in there and play. You sort. Out about it and did not get a marble floor. How may you aren't you clever been a second best player outside LeBron and his point. You just didn't put America's big guy the other team orders match it up and it's didn't come of the neighbor Brad Stevens. C'mon man this Isa converts files you can't be doing stuff like that is a regular season game or pre season game held out the first on the play offs. It's at a terminal one of the NBA finals and you're a dog fight and you forget about. He'd UK label brought that that's that's how LeBron small. No no sir. Boston is yet to lose at home in the playoffs. And at this rate they're gonna win this thing and seven if they're not gonna lose at home shot like what 38% of some Idec and steal one in convincing fashion. Gods are quickly in the first quarter and never looked back. Just never looked back another another runaway game in the playoffs which is driving run crazy that's what it was a hint it's not gonna go back to Cleveland. LeBron old probably figure out a way to win that one back to Boston for seven. Then it's anybody's game at that point in Cleveland loses because they can't get anybody else the score. The only other player in double figures last night I believe off without my head was Kevin Love. That's nobody else for Cleveland got a double figures. This is now there's no way this is on the broad belt can't do it won't do art. I don't understand. And understand any I don't know I don't understand Ernest how we talked about this. We've talked about this with the Packers before with Aaron Rodgers was the closest comparison in football to LeBron. If you're gonna give that guy all the credit. When things go well because it's all on his back and he has to carry the team. You can't let him off the hook when he when he goes bad. Race by some Indian Aaron Rodgers. Was an interesting jab each of game who throws four touchdown no interceptions yet and they lose no always whining or rod -- What do I know a lot. However is that I equivalent to scoring two points in the fourth quarter of game five tied 22 at NASA the one game on the five rice at the beginning of my single game Austin while he can be the difference in the series if it goes seven this search is over we'll bras off line. Basically it's over it'll Brock played last night like. The rest surged this series is already over if you play like that Illbruck it'll put a twenty some points every night and not 45. Or forty which has been to the rest of the series you'll write this there's would have been over so Victor our way to contain and again. Like I said for me M I'll blame them if Aaron Rodgers goes on Nancy jammed Jim game. And throws for a buck 75 and one touchdown you were put blame on Aaron Rodgers why they go after on how to win that thing probably it's gonna go on him. But again the NFL it's one game. That's all you get into playoffs in the NBA you have a series of games. Right he got 567. Games those performances. Oh of who's gonna do what I. And bullets won and that's the so you suck and if this were the one game playoff LeBron play like that out with the bridle and I one bad game LeBron. Lots this series Casilla play well last LeBron can't have one bad game but it was just one did not have theories LeBron having one bad game is secret military and writers having one bad quarter and we blame Aaron Rodgers. If he had one bad quarter. You broke down. IMac and Mac and that meant you do do that math it's not a idle Toronto LeBron having one bad game and a seven game series would be like Aaron Rodgers having one really bad quarters throwing two or three interceptions. So if he doesn't score 45 it's on him he has to be LeBron every night yeah yeah just lost that series in the first he's not LeBron. I'm saying this don't compare that man to LeBron. Anybody you ask Michael George. LeBron don't do it Michael Jordan couldn't let Jordan when scored two points in the fourth corner I don't wanna make that comparison either but you just it Michael Jordan according averaged 45 a game in the playoffs what Jordan did it average 45 game in west that would never scored two points in the fourth corner and only drive to the rim five times and a half plucked the you are saying. It LeBron does that. It is then it's on the broad sense does that. Now get into the rest of it after a break. Is not LeBron if the cavs lose this series 414. 7991250. Can tweet us at 1057 FM the fan I'm C one Gary's thoughts on this before you're on gears sultan is good friends over in northern or northern. Now who all co leader for great prices in the industry. What you're gear and fourth or weakening brew or looking to stock up on ball green. For the summer season Norton brewer it's were too sharp for high quality low cost green. Are you may want and need this Sunday. Bring it fairly powerful one of our free classes as we teach you the ins and outs of making mine in me at home guys don't forget. When you're walking the norm brewer and you mentioned my name Gary ocean. Or the big show you'll get eight range. Clash. We're epics. Jerry goes blue chip market now we do for you guys make sure. You go to northern rule locate our 200 wore your free pre last. When you mention my name. We'll see full roared LeRoy and Gary will be LeBron apologists as well desire runoff from our morning show like that early when. Lot of warily bring it down but what don't what about what is. I've I've watched Johnny Carson died in yet I don't understand that what's that carnac the magnificent or it's mark Blackmon that was a bit. That Johnny Carson used to do were he would if you put on mica a big daddy's got a picture it any holes and I'm over some Eagles an envelope to his head and he basically reads the punch line or the answer to a question. And then and many opens up the envelope and he reads this the setup so the setup becomes the punch line if that makes any sense but he tells you what's in the envelope yet. If that's what bars and yes. We're gonna have some fun tomorrow morning six the tent. Right here on the fence coming LeBron apologists out there. Like Sparky 4147991250. In the Wendy's ratios back right after this. On the Wendy's big show last you for the cavs lose this series that on the front 414. 7991250. Can tweet us at 1057 FM the fan quite treating us your thoughts tender voice search for a throwback Thursday presented by masters he is we charges. At 1057 FM the fan what the hash tag being throwback no hash tags. No vote in through that hash tag in your entered for your chance to win a 25 dollar gift certificate to masters tees and your vote is done and right. Now master seizes their annual ten sale for one more week final markdowns. On everything under the tent including great deals summer savings on bar stools panics grills. Grilling appliances and much much more that's masters these 1006 spring city drive in Waukesha check them out at master disease. Dot com is not LeBron if the cavs should lose this series 4147991250. Between us that 1057. FM defense. Gary Sparky says it is fair to give LeBron all the credit when things go right and none of the blame when things go wrong is that fair. I don't know bar none of the blame book I think when you look at which of course that we. Talk to bar I was trying to think Rummy good bit better at first I only. Possession which Parker know who entered into the final inning I was trying to figure out which teen. Was better. Do you know. Probably this one. It's a little bit better yet they act of love George Clarkson and George Hill announcement duo of and kept low with an all star. So sometimes. But that team that any and have some time NW CO disarmed. And LeBron was much younger. You know that particular. So he could do more he could go longer mean. Right now moment ago total bargain that regular tournament only right now moves is you know. Stamina to view the target them. Boy you know. It's. If they. If they if it were not to make it to the chairmanship game I don't think you can put all alone LeBron. There's not enough talent on his group and abroad is not when he anymore. Did you. Stop what as you step and supplement. If LeBron to just team you want it O'Brien's area numbers used. The Barack. I mean I just love everything about every Tuesday. That you will hear about it you want. To went on. But yeah. An honest here page you'll. Certain amendments that are. Thanks in Milan. Italy faced Jew who should get in the past so sensitive I love about it and then. So when you're gonna sing go out. I'll I'll get out of the baby out street it's not like. To. Let. Me. If you give him all the credit which I do. If he has to weigh poised. To Henry about tennis is at Kevin Love has fortified almost just in the briar troubled though. To me. And this that the team did you want it he orchestrated this OK. And if he wins would this growth. Fantastic. So ornate lucrative gulf are given a lot of life and guess what I thank you man up the hell that's why like. It Renwick from criticism miracle metallic. But I don't give soap stars like this passes I just dull. Knowing. The hall has sort of battle to teach only gave that to do good Q do you bake did you not going. You know all that sort of bad doing black could you won't come back. I come back. So I wanna be fair. Instead they would do couldn't if he gets ought to credit and what he did make. Give. In their permit enough to have a OK this. So we got it just bonus. This. Bimbo I didn't took. When they lose you run scared to give them blame where bite out of the bat out of this. You gotta put him. Up and have nice category. A new. FICO went 32 from this group that we're working on it now have put him in a different look nice article three so timidly Altria. Is it something up again the killing is data on they talked about the whole third according to. Not targeted gays to. OK if that guy. Comes back against it if I again. Mullah over. Him and eyes category. Not many folks can be scared. Category known nobody know he's gonna be. Already in the category. Ahead of everybody except for the so I think we'll get this thing out of the ordinary is saying is that Hitler are when asked are you putting him in the MJ category that what you mean by moving up extended to me. All all men are haul all of the not because I didn't write them because I'm not doing this anymore I'm an update on the I'm here I'm retired and I I don't know if I'm Iran now from memorial behind overnight I trotted out why they're probably a lot of that's their doctor that. Good and the others outside the door shut have a good show seven well fifty and is it on the ground if they lose the series. Not. They lose this series. If they win here it's 1%. Of the credit. That's I mean so what 150 is credit zero. Lane. Our house. Ceres and because under. This theory. Because there. Eighteen we want it and he had all know. It is not only the team he wanted a lot and you think oh now. Anyone not only the team he want it Sparky brought up brought up to rob Lou and and and and his bone headed this during that game which you can argue about after the game part brought it up last night this coach wanted. Cleveland is. The products and has been aware of implant if I'm him so what are goes wrong takes some of the play man. Good a medium to address it. Think John Young already expressed is picking and choosing who works warm and then if things go bad is gonna point fingers low or just fires and hire somebody wants exactly. Right. Open that's all the Brothers endured at the end of what has he run a company and he ended up with this team. This is the team he wanted. I don't I don't think that's he wanted Kevin Love he wanted to give JR Smith the big contract you wanna dig interest in Thomas Thomas I can't jump of the money Kyle Korver from Atlanta he wanted to regardless gone he -- it wasn't working with Dwyane Wade and Derrick Rose the list goes on a non. Okay you're still without an sure groupie you exercise your power LeBron go ahead. But is what you ended up with. Beaten. So by his auto sigh so for you then he's if he's not it doesn't add anything to do with you whatsoever of what happened in the series and the first time we died about those your boarding Yad last night. I agree second out last night. You all that it's all it's insane it's no matter what does the series if you averaged 45 in the series net loss in seven you're still gonna blame him it's a guy that he put everybody out there's no matter how well he plays. It doesn't matter Rami it's still LeBron it's all part of the right and that's the difference afterward if that's why I call on the Cleveland the bronze and that's why that's where we're different Michael never could be the Michael in the Jordan no because the bulls lead the bulls would have bend over and do whatever Michael last four that's why there was friction and that's why he didn't do jazz GI and they let him be a GM rice used gear but that's what we do it Nichols got there and what's that was all the old and I just fell into the trap I'm not talking I'm not comparing Amgen LeBron went OK that's yeah. Direct because the Michael never was able to dude what brought right now OK can give it a threaten to. Yeah yeah definitely the rotted the first I'm not only idols told two different things and so now let's label that absolutely they are two completely different and yes so let's not right so let's not compare. All I'm saying is an idea war correct I miss understood the question and I ended up with us because that's what he asked when when we get the question and I thought it was about on the floor and I realize all that I didn't realize you're gonna bring everything else into it cell. Yeah I mean if that's what you're look at that. He's running the organization so whatever happens is on him or not so does he get credit that. For being gee am as well in Miami and putting that orchestrated metal thing they'll be committed to get credit for being because she can't finally Cleveland that was the one time LeBron submitted and let Pat Riley were on the show I do you know other. Because Pat Riley your eyes and show activist Pat Riley yes well that's exactly why I'm I'm assuming that because he's Pat Riley is not backing down LeBron or Glendale on the artistry. The whole thing go little Brian and certainly raise and I guess they get way to do all the players certainly he certainly had a hand in it he certainly had a hand in Miami cleared this. And they drink and I'll those guys they're Pat Riley was a guy who or who put it altogether and yet he cleared the cap space to get those at Pat Riley didn't want. Dwyane Wade he went ahead Dwyane Wade and Pat Riley didn't want Chris Bosh they wouldn't have had Chris about Pat Riley Hillary's so that probably ain't on the line for LeBron or anybody else that it rallies his own man I appeared all the wrong. Oca I told us you are really you know because Pat Riley understands that if you have the best player in the world got a chance to wondering. And the best player in the world wants somebody even now with pat Riley's gonna help the best player in the world get that. To give him another era with the best player in the world and even with two hall of famers by his side he need the ray allens of the world any need the other role players that around that team the Mario Chalmers of the world all who fit perfectly into the puzzle absolute served their purpose played their role. And got them to it. Why did get along with a one of those guys they wouldn't have been on the team. If LeBron didn't want any of global broader right to get along like Rondell rating along rail would not been on the team what do you think your. Wolf the dollar round is more news. Mean if you really thick at all Brian what has got Pat Riley would give anyhow here on the team that was not happen nurses and no chance. Oh. Like attorney Mecca and got a title by your parents and at that. I'm gonna break. So I don't mind yeah right there. 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Adds JEU and G express dot com Gagnon has guys great company you worked for young expressed. Success draws them. Story Greg Jeremy purple green and us out of the breaks them let us know you like to hear next great feature artists. 1057 FM the fan with ash tag big throwback. To a baby tout for a voting update here in just a few minutes nominees. Jimi Hendrix that was Gary Sparky wants Metallica LeRoy once kids. I want Santana maybe tops wants hall announced go with one of those are your own preacher artist that 1057 FM the fan. With the hash tag big throwback no hash tag no vote include that hash tag your vote is Goddard and you're entered for your chance to win a 25 dollar gift certificate. To master disease to spend sitting in the sound file for a few days now because we keep on running into breaking news we had. The birds game yesterday we join forces with. The blaze farm fleet baseball post game show but this is Aaron Rodgers earlier this week up bag Green Bay as the Packers were participating in their OTA is asked about the possibility. Assigning Dez Bryant. Well again rob I'm. Paid to play quarterbacks all right the seasons. That's. Do you think he did you guys are receiver. We're always like young receivers don't. I'm assuming a story and keep going. I don't know why it. Coach Julien William says it's putts there is town employees and end up somewhere. Must visit here we'll load hugs welcomed with open arms and then regular speed is responsible. What do you make of those comments buyer writers 4147991250. Can trade as. At 1057. FM the fan because I don't one guy in this group. Was being media guy the first time we heard that and sound bite and it blew up that right after I cited as an I think you get price figure out who that guy be media guy was as my good buddy Steve Sparky five for Sparky what did you make of those comments by Aaron Rodgers. Clearly still salty about the whole thing majority. The 21 she gets to result. I'd say he did the right to be salty clearly I wasn't the only guy being media guy has the story completely blew up. All across the Internet or library dads out there. Exactly I was doing my job so from a perspective yeah. The curse if you. So the body every shortly to talk always debt is and what does would bring the locker room if your still salty about something you bring up the past and compared to the present. That's what you do is guy in the locker room they were roommates right there is that what you say yes you know they are romantic drove in the game together all right. I don't. Had to do as much to do with on the field as it has to do with everything off the field in his comfort level Brett Favre went through something very similar when he was here at the end of his career. I wanted to read a Peterson but he did have a guy anymore and then he was kind of haven't try to figure how late everybody else. Rogers the gonna have to go through it now two and socks but that's life and the thing that does Brian could help this team and comparing that Jordy Nelson that. Did the reason in my opinion or drugs or Nelson. Is Sam. We do or another. Veteran receiver. He's an Iowa view and other veterans could just care to. Why don't ask for majority yet instantly just compares veteran receiver desperate well then why don't I did it matter receiver but that's his opinion or are deeply rooted out of those 68 to establish. And they got to have a chemistry winners out photos bring you good to. Just got to put it back in theirs and and Robin great job. And you want to amount paid big quarterback he went our way. Put children's. You say and I think that the devils. Low. So that's why did you wanna get was it. Did like young receive. A week. Daylight young receivers massively dollars. So rob push McLemore and hey man this wanted this prize could get majority saying you know. And productive guys on but if we don't get it will welcome him in the locker given up to snuff. Out. That. That's a lot made of it was he was making the comparison. Saying it it would make sense. To bring in Dez Bryant when we just cut ties with Jordy Nelson. It would make sense to bring in days Brian if he goes when you're three million dollar deal MRI they don't they don't. I'm just saying it would make sense. It is right until here for one year three million dollar deal that victory that makes. Or are you saying that during Nelson's done Dez Bryant is doing and how's okay that's what comes via Gary would you rather than. Jordan. But that does matter. Move on now did Brian is available. Didn't want they want you three million dollar deal. That we have. The quality about the way now. If you don't play out and mine and his radio. Yeah well it's yeah. It did. Well out. And we had a mind. You know this indicative it's a real threat that you know is in sync. Once you admit it will Rogers led to a noted that budget notably just what you were better. It. Oh. Hundred get a we've been an enormous amount did all of this you know right is that what you're deal right. And no. If you look at a bowl. Where I don't know who would you go into blue. Great the don't know three years ago where. People all. And we see him. And that's what you do is that. I would do if peace agreement. It would do you look at what you really mean. Did you see this did you see this as. And I'm interpreting what's parties and market them from doing wrong as a shot at the organization for letting Jordy Nelson go as well certainly I. And in now. And it's. All these joy he's. Leader. Are she what these young guys all. Yeah. So memorable. Ma and I. Yeah but our guys know nothing. Yeah yeah you're like now. That was seven days. The I get stuck. Well let me tell you yeah. We're playing what other. Receivers. Confront India finance its Arabs but more important just as from Kaiser yet Maliki to. And it doesn't Merrill Lynch and let the record I have to do that after the birth are. The threat now we're asking you. Iran. Is the senate run could. What do you make I'll stop what Gary via media guys Sparky being big and can. Are the what are you may criticize rod as being media around home. When he reads so it's an account that's not there you're being mediate. There we go. Yeah I'll stop once again it's what do you make of these comments by Aaron Rodgers what do you read into them all play one more time before the break. We're always like young receivers don't. I'm assuming a story and keep going. I don't know why it. Majority William. Says it's quite tough these town of players and somewhere. Emotions appear hello and so welcome with open arms and an American votes. He was responsible corporate what do you make of that 4147991250. Katrina sat 1057. And the fan no need to read between the lines when you deal with changing contractors yeah. Country no job is too small as they can do about it dwindles divorce when those windows. Siding. Roofing interior. Remodeling your house that remark you bedroom remodel your kitchen. Playroom downstairs Medicaid outdoor races. Whatever the whole knee JJ cartridge can do right now call market frees up. RG IndyCar charged their beat James. Gary thinks set another sound bite will strengthen Ian spark he's cancel find out when the Wendy's racial returns right after the.