3PM: Should they be grooming Burnes to come out of the bullpen?

The Wendy's Big Show
Friday, June 22nd
Why is Corbin Burnes going to the bullpen? Sparky is concerned with the Brewers bullpen right now are you? Also, Adam McCalvy joins the show to discuss whats going on right now with the team that has the best record in the national league. 

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3 o'clock hour on the line these big show. Coming up a little later on in the show. That draft ruined for you last night it was kind of ruined for the box in a way we'll explain. Coming up at 4 o'clock Rick talks and brewers with few. In just a few minutes after we do so with oh is he not on the line yet. I was gonna hit the open notion that not hit the opened amid the open now. We don't we don't have met housewares that we don't have an. Mckelvin just yet APB out otter Milwaukee baseball insider at a McKelvey a brewers dot com. In the meantime we're really late thank you are yet to be part of it too he might not be able to join us this afternoon because we're fortunate run and so it. That can happen when you're talking sandwiches can't it that's what happened at a McKelvey and we'll get back to this after at a Macau if we get immoral just keep going. He tweeted out earlier in the week. That the brewers are working their number one prospect. Pitcher Corbin burdens. Out of the bullpen because they think that that's where he can help them win games this year that he's going to be Major League ready this season and when he eighteen. And that's where they think that he can help them win baseball games. Some. Much crazier. Could they uses an arm in the starting rotation right now and high level are Leila de. Court and burns is what they think he is and they think that he's ready to pitch at the Major League level. I don't understand the thinking and I want to get in this with Adam. Of working this kid in the bullpen right now in preparing him to come out of the bullpen for the big league club later this season. When your bullpen is the strongest thing on this baseball game. It's still pretty good and your rotation as. It's good it's better than I think a lot of people expect didn't even really still understand how good it is but. You can definitely use a big garment that rotation out and understand but the brewers are doing by preparing Korman burns to come out of the bullpen to use. Our I get that they want a bull on armed miserable but as far park. Hey are you still draws Jeffers is still trust court to enable on down with those three then one. After those three then what. Janet's continues to give a bronze everytime he comes and Terry Williams I think just tired that's what's happening within he's on the part yard got rid of Matt Albers. I'm sorry Ed this boy you look at his bullpen yet they need another arm for sure they do they definitely another arm. This is my thing you know we saw this before with them and they did it would Josh haters in here is all of the bullpen sets. And when they get paid doesn't mean that he won't to poke fun you have incense but that doesn't mean that he walked these are going to listen when hater went there. Originally. Data while now he's the youngest starter this is just that same purpose and a barber OK and what happens. We. Most of us here on the station the fan. All or all that because Hewitt the cardinals and they've done it for years and look at other organizations around baseball and they date they're young guys import of enough in the bullpen for the second half of the season in the playoffs. And then they put him back into the starting rotation the next year and a way to go you know they get their feet when the bullpen and an eagle on the rotation next year and like OK if Josh hitter. Goals of the moment is never. Himself audible. And the reason this is because he's so good in the bullpen right. And he's only got two bridges these organized third pitch but that's the reason why I got stuck. There's a four rob a little bit confused. I don't understand how why young pitcher. That is right there and ready to come out. Is throwing nothing but fastballs. That hit. And getting guys out okay aim watch him getting guys out. Does birds only one pitch to me. Is this a fig what are did you work. Haters got like what an apt to pitchers are rolled the seemingly has one or two bridges is birds in the same boat as these other two guys and that's light inaudible let. Because it has three plus did just that barge should be in the rotate. Should a Peralta should be in the bullpen because overall the doesn't have three plus pitches at this point now from what I can tell watching me at least. So. Should be the one doubled and burned should be the one of the rotation if he does have more than one bitch. But if he's real like Peru and I those golf balls. I. I don't understand like I I am to hold only confused by this day haters thing made sense once you found out he couldn't those other pitches for strikes. Okay makes sense his fastball so good castle much like spotted it makes sense to put amount of the bull and no problem worked on that other pitch in the off season. Now the did you ever came routes back in the bullpen he went. And now he's been so good you don't want touch. Okay. But this pars burst Kuralt the thing here you got me man I had no idea. Because you would think Peralta makes better sense to ditch on the bullpen and burns does the last Bart doesn't have for equality bitches either. And if that's the case and I guess it doesn't matter which one of these two vulnerable. I get muddy beatable and might. Exiles of the world to me they'd be bold and how they got three pitchers really that you trust and that's it that's all I got. More than three guys hold on. And if you wanted to talk about Koran burns. Fault lines are near a 4147991253. To set 1057 FM the fan should they be grooming. Korman burns to come out of the pen 4147991250. But. He'd just spurred a whole another question and a whole another topic today did an amateur let's not was I was just giving your chance to elaborate on her etc. get off. Alice and -- listen. I can multitask. Your legit word about the bullpen. Give real concerns about this. I was up last week. I brought it up there earlier this lake and nobody can give me an answer other than three guys there are three guys you trust and that's all. Did he says now that would give up runs since he's been in the last month or so. I'd Taylor Williams is clearly tired or something because he's not saint Patrick he was Albers is already gone. You work from having five or six rooted got another noble and to really be in a position of the that's. Mean listen my missing somebody else might beat. But members a bag of 42 years olds don't but so tell me what the other pitchers you draws outside of three ain't go ahead I'll listen. That I trust to that degree of bullpen that I just to the degree that I trust those three does yes nobody OK but yeah I think are asking me what I was doing or is guy I'm I'm. I would say almost no team in Major League Baseball has three guys that you can trust as much as they can trust those three guys were right but. Most teams that are gonna the web race have better starting pitchers that we deal. So you're bold plan pass the B batter then the other teams once you go to the plants or would you be in the playoff drive in September your bull pens got to do lights out of your star spangled very long. Souter by the way hey man. I was wrong about him. That dude since now giving any Israelis they're regular day's rest and all that stuff has been much better then when they were strewn around before so. I apologize series he's it's much better lately than I thought he could. So that's nice to have him going. With junior Garrett now that helps and it just seems not really got to got three guys now that are going to that should be good enough until Jimmy Nelson gets back. Actually go to and Davies too good enough to keep you off float and keep your fifteen herself games over 500 provide the bullpen as a blow gains were. So I did they need on the reliever clay. I'm toll filing that. But might just deal is birds vs Peralta that's. I need somebody explaining why did you choose to Walter to be the starter and burns to be you got to work out of the bullpen. Because the only explanation that's gonna make sense to me is he only has one or two pitches that are really quality and he can't throws on a pitches like cater like Peralta. Worst case and a decline put between brawl to Anbar as far as who's going rotation I do doubt that. But it's it's brought a shot person hours into gold burnt out of the bullpen because that's who we have laughed a brawl to successful that I'm not know. That's not gonna be reason what's nascent middle zero. Not a chance. Really active leader this worried about the bullpen if there's something not to be worried about with the birds at this point it's the bullpen oh. I know that it's that time I commented we're given up runs lately like almost every game goal back look at the box scores every game giving up front. Every body to make this up jays game and again plus I give opera a blog a big situation than I did in. He can't dig yourself through scoreless anymore to doesn't. Does not happen Taylor what do you say thank you drying himself into trouble. Now are you now that's a U Edward and I was telling you from my standpoint event saying were probably another bullpen arm yeah you're running Lopez appeared. Mean you're running guys in and out of the bullpen trying to keep guys fresh get her over using them. So I'm just a thought process that is a burst into what cater to duke and give me two winnings and I can use cater and the Dave burns is in use and vice Versa. Then at least I got one other solid arm to go. I'm pretty scary when you describe it that way and I'm not saying that the bullpen can't get better. There's always room for the Mets better early when they weren't tired. Yes absolutely and you've worn out your starting pitchers can't go anymore there's always room for improvement in any facet of your team or really any facet of your life there's always room. To improve subjects art can certainly get better but it's. Starting pitchers put you in this predicament to begin with is your goal five innings that's this what's right now is what I told you I was worried about happening. It's a Corey right now fiber faces and now they're looking at a going holy crap. What are we gonna do so. The reaction to all of this this well take one of our really good starters put him in the bullpen and he can help save our reasonable that. That that's that's how they determined but I want to know from a cal leak or counsel or Stearns or. Derrick Johnson why burns and now Walton in the pen that's all I won. That's it and I mean I get an answer but that that's what I would on both counts. What do you think about. Korman burns getting groomed to come out of the bullpen should they be doing that. And do you have a legitimate concerns. About this bullpen the way that Steve's Sparky five for does I don't I don't think you should that think it's still a damn good bullpen if you're expecting him to do what they did a for the first month and a half for two months of the season. You were dream and they were going to be that good they've dropped off a little bit but it's still. The strength of this team it's the best. Facet of brewers baseball that you got gold right now and if there's anything to be concerned about. To me it's not the bullpen you agree with me are you agree with Sparky for one for a question are we asking both of them. We can do to questions were Smart enough to handle that should they be grooming birds that come out of the bullpen. And are you concerned with the bullpen like Sparky is 414. 7991250. Can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan guys you know my favorite place in the whole wide world is Dave and buster's. And wallet toes that's a place to watch all your baseball action with flat screens as far as the eye can CNN that dean be sports launched the Greek. 161. Inch screens an 875. Inch screens no better place. To catch all your sports action. Meanwhile Dave and buster's. Has a new game on the million dollar midway Steve Sparky Pfeiffer you've talked about. Disney World and how much you love Disney World and I've brought up before that Dave and buster's is my favorite place in the whole wide world and is able they don't have things at Disney World does was set ride. That you like a lot it's you'd like sitting in a movie theater. You know what I'm talking about and it's like a 3-D experience in the the seed is moving with then an all out vanity candidate but it's not Sorin at a cut. Soaring soaring past all AR IU were like you're flying over the top of all these big national type deals across the general yeah well now they have. This new dress a world game all at Dave and buster's okay virtual reality experience. And it's very much the same thing is that you feel like you're in. Jurassic Park you're sitting in in his seat and it and it moves ahead on those bars that goes down across lap. You put on the VR goggles on the end of the commit killing and not to you starting virtual rebellions like that. 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Also great place for summertime birthday parties so eat drink light and watch sports and my favorite place in the whole wide world Dave and buster's wallet tell us how we 100. Just south of north avenue. Are you OK with corn burns coming out of the pen. Andy worried about the brewers bullpen the way that Sparky as I don't think there's much to worry about their 414. 7991253. Does that 1057 FM the fan in the Wendy's big chill beer. Sony's big show we're asking you. Should the Burres me grooming carbon burns to come out of the bullpen and you have the concerns. Over the bullpen that's Sparky does 41479. Now central figure you can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan. Registration is now open for the twelfth annual Perkins restaurant in bakeries WS says Pete. Fan golf outing to benefit give kids the world just go to get my purse not nominee can register. Yourself there and you'll be entered into a foursome again that's get my perks. Dot com slash Milwaukee and registration includes a charitable donation golf cart Greenpeace for some celebrity pairing with fan how sports media coaches. And former players 10 AM shotgun start practice catered by Perkins restaurant and bakeries lunch and on course for me to lose a catered by Robert specialty meats that is my favorite part of the whole day and dinner provided by the river club. A Mac one that's all I get my perks dot com slash Milwaukee help us help kids and give them. The world's got hooked up Ryan Shannon put a blame boys play by play voice of Villanova basketball Jonas in two out spot 520. Sounds like a Plano is gonna dryness right now. He gathered melts candy media that got. Let's get the latest on the crew from the insider. Brought you by the law offices of Thomas Motorola. Motorola log dot net or call 414327. This is the only station brewers fans made a sports Radio One 057 FM. And there is the guy who covers the birds fervor inside job. Mlb.com. And us right here on the fan at a McKelvey on the great midwest bank outlined or this afternoon out of. I am act on board are you doing well doing well how's ride brought after getting the crowd therapy procedure to his stump. Well an arbitrator heard about this. Because the key. You know every nominee mr. I would I don't think you're kind of wasting your Turkey Europe. He's gonna have to get in every now and order thing squared up and missed a couple of an absurd sort of what it is for him. And we didn't know that this was important and he'd he'd art director of what they are how are you talk about the bad luck but he's getting into cities and hitting the ball harder about as much to show or Arab. The numbers say he showed. So maybe it's a result of all that hard contact and then he you know develop their discomfort again abandoned urban music out there are shot at certain this is just. You know life with our bodies and even if every comment is nothing else they can do about that America treat it might come up let me on this a couple of day. OK so double date not a couple weeks then after the whole procedure is Don not I remember it correctly in the past. When he's come off these he normally plays pretty well coming off these tax. Yeah because that Cain though when he can you know when the battle without the discomfort but you know like except he'd been. Really did and the numbers bear the thought this wasn't the player complaining about bad luck and you go look a little deeper into it straighter. Actually does have some evidence. And with stack up now we can see that they have that's that expect they're batting average. Expected within them they were in the that you know the guys are really didn't like a lot. A better offensive players. And his numbers and there like for how hard hitting the ball well on change all that kind of data show. But he should have better numbers than actually have so it doesn't sort of get you some evidence. Of the bad luck factor though you have to go back and marketing the ball hard in the third it would be. What he had been doing the question is can hit the spot where there's not understand there. I don't you know as a hitter EO. And operators do that. All you can control is make hard contact we cannot necessarily. Control where it goes after that I am so not an out become second third in the ball again at the ability the ability so much. Kind of initial four. Let's now on talk of oh this means for to mingle Santana than not. I saw somebody that they say that they had believed to mingle Santana had a minor league option laugh about it that's the case then why descent I'm Donald Plame every day once bronze right ago. That is certainly a possibility that you know he's got a week now are very game. Partly. Schedule and how they need to stop and pitchers you have a much better chance the wind if they could get elected here and there. Arm but. If you look around at the prisoners to. A couple of you know Tom left certain kids. Young mothers elect these past so I'm partly declined by that. He's not hitting the ball hard he's not for them are an idiot last season. Arm hand you know look it's. A possibility. Because that's how important he doesn't play prolonged a period of time he's struggling hitter. Heidi you get out of your struggle you're not that Bob and you start the Mormon you know you can you know argument to be formed or. Nor creek opposite sort of look we want him to go on and player dead at LE Soledad. You often in the from the player out so. That that argument gets easier to make everyday he's not but obviously right now they they haven't made that movie. You know partly if I'm wrong it's also. They wanted to hear things that came off the DL I think you have to give him I'd be just how key was doing and he looks okay at the plate at least driving the ball. So where it's brought them back and show that he felt he continues. It's a no hitter are obviously yellow and Cain are gonna play all the time. It does get harder and harder on sponsored amendment and tan and I think you know nearly you think about option and argued he can't go. Get a little bit about Colorado Springs and and when he'd write it up keep by the way I act and asked him. Sort of didn't take up there and whether I was curious whether they gave him any kind of has not when are things coming up at the L that there could impact he. Playing time and dramatically and that happened. And he would not interest in the parking lot felt right. Earnest for whatever word. You know as best out about what ha bar I don't. Any shouldn't be but did the one name you can bring up there and his old deal and the reason that's a solve this is all falling wages for Santana is because of my guy act a lark. Forcing them to keep playing him at first base tonight or doesn't play as well c.'s Hanson stains went down Santana doesn't have any issues are. I agree with you because they'd be using Spain and you're not brought mark first base so that's that's absolutely right it's like it. Combination of players in the first phase. The corner outfield spot the regular Lane Bryant brought. At creating that no large camp opening of a bigger basically. Watching out as a player they've saved. Performed at a level that demands that image shown they can say. The grind of being out there all the time. Double what the cramping. And so it's you know so that these YouTube corner outfield spot or one corner outfield spot really. At first base for a go our gains on the Santana and is stuck up performance. You can Orion Rock Island of poverty wanted to like it strip. Sort of the deeper data show that you're so worn it out because of the way users are in the baseball. You know having a particular number for a outlet so that led him. I'll fall on the industrial. But I also rhetoric talking with our Milwaukee baseball insider Adam McKelvey that Domingo Santana is actually making. As hard if not harder contact than he has in the past only problem is. It's going into the ground he's not getting the lead after the launch angle. That that he was last year when he hit thirty home runs. Have they have they said that they've they've found some thing in his swing that maybe he needs to get a little bit more lift. In his swing to re find that power and they indicated in any way shape or form. That they pinpointed why he's hitting the ball hard but hitting and into the ground. No they are if they have pinpointed that I haven't heard something you know mechanical that they can now opt in to work on. Armed but that isn't the issue and that's why you know I know a lot of people are kind of down an outlet that kept up they think it's overdone. But it's outwardly beautiful because it's not to feel the ball hard. Where you hit it and how you and are you lifting the ball in the air this whole launch angle revolution in baseball has legislators. You know leaders linger and hang a lot of money to hitting coaches to learn how to lift the ball in the air and having a candidate that really well laughter that was also. That kind of rights and I would call a holding Hernandez our because they remember when he was hitting a bunch of home runs. The volume rights and all visitors welcome Angela Park. That's sort Domingo and hand that was really good lap but you're right inserts them sort of beating the ball into the ground. And I'm glad you are really helped them that's not gonna produce. I would add to Cali here on the Wendy's big show on the fan outside about this a deal with Corbin burns others are working mom the pen in order to get him. Ready for the bullpen in the major leagues we saw this you know what Josh hater and haters been able and ever since. Now it hater it made sense because again yet to pitch his one and half pitched an inning and we talked to an organization. And so he was able to get that third and maybe a fourth pitch at some point that's probably where he belonged. Now I look at paroled who is struggling with or anything for strikes outside his fastball for the most part he's the rotation I thought burns had more than a couple of pitches. That were good pitches for a net he could throw for strikes to me it seems almost the reverse of what it should be doubles seems like. Peralta who doesn't have the pitch is set to throw over the plan other than that fastball should be the guy in the bullpen and burns to get a guy in the rotation. Well but I think it was dark and remember their property for all. Irked by U pitching Saturday rank and think it's important. Work. They brought up or comfort and art and 200. Oh yeah ultimately. Harvard earn another victim of the highlight on the dating though it could very well easily be. Com from what it is right now the current bird got a call ready for all of them they park well we're currently. So there you know I I think part of it man that that led group rated but you know I'll call their shall we. Com. You know there are more dark because we're. Looking now they have which Woodruff and pro. Am. All of them and won't let the group cents. You know Peter how guys off. Opera and could depend a lot on court. Hubbard. In the starting out so. It wouldn't release trouble all the trouble that was. Did those source close and so and feeling comfortable. That Japan. And it's just the way they netbook well. How does one little problem. Not an opt in so. It. Starts with a capital but to look at the current and at. What spot treatment that. I got one warm around me now retired about this before you came on. Outside of Jeff first hater and to enable who are the other pitchers in the bullpen that you trust myself finance of the month. An honorable. Yeah I particularly when it's. After heater on that out and he. I put I think they have pretty good a lot of tucked in with the ladies and spoke. I don't trust Jennings and roll lately man I just every time he comes and my mother and give up at least one. In April he was lights out and now the last month or so he's been not good at. All outlook and other. Pop up went out there are. Wary that you're not. Don't. Go away com. But I'll have to look into court alone. Except in new York. Road. When you have a string of how they want. You to overrun. And it is so obvious to you about some aren't so now. You're really struggle were really. I'm. Competitors are. I think. The bureau and that hole will. Were released and if so I don't. I still don't quite well as a and the way he's got. A really high degree of confidence in him. You know fired either so. That's a pretty good spot to he would. That's about what you want just services. He. And I inherited runners in scoring which happened. But I think it's politically on the baseball. They base so a lot. It's just sort of one of those peak invalid. Non profit which he often a couple of guys that. That is enemy county are Milwaukee baseball insider you can read his work at brewers dot com. Mlb.com. Follow him on Twitter at at a McKelvey and here every Friday right here on the Wendy's big show and we always appreciate it Adam thank you very much. And McKelvey joins us on the great midwest bank hotline start your renovation journey with a simple and convenient pre approval from great midwest bank. Dedicated to providing perfectly personalized home loans to those right here and our communities. 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I would like Jeff Allen to replace the one I doesn't corners yeah real recognize real sat outside great food necessary to have us there get the ball for doing. And now. You're not appear under which a spot and if you are beer guy yet you're gonna like Alford I am assuming tweet me a picture of your ball for being at Rami is tweeting I should've lied and said yes now that's our nine at I don't wanna line were honest and transparent here on the ship that some people like Beers some people don't like here I'm threatened but I feel like here. I'd much rather loud loves ball pretty yeah your brother's a big beard nerd draft yeah here he likes the imports is pretty bruised his wedding for more and your bowl putting guys got to got to net some out to help you know I don't have any out there I. I might. I went out there went to the liquor store now court he does what I and as I said you have offered in the lady looked any cross eyes and what are you talking about as a nevermind you know what it is. I think you'll eventually did Milwaukee it's coming this way. I was into my brother suffers berth in just a matter and I got some people coming over tomorrow to watch World Cup soccer at it's old. Two days. Can't choose soccer far please ask that you ask you my good friends over at ball pretty if they can do right now drop offs and probably Thursday afternoon Friday Robin fearless they are old man it's too late if you got time to swing by now drop off a couple six fax resume once for a spark a brother not you're just trying to get me on your side. Hey cam. Soon the soccer bar man it's okay you two favorite import both parties soccer fan village total wanting more as well both their Brookfield angry parents originals you do after the anti sub as a subject I get irritated that I know exactly Eric. You know sometimes when you're a fan a bad team yeah. Don't like rap and all the time right yes fan about what alliance you proud to Wear your lines crap all the time you probably don't want Twitter brag about your lines and prices keep it on the down low. He's been sold back for a law or if your Cleveland Browns fan rob yeah. Now guys or the brewers know rule won't trap or shop they brought at Brown's immediate Christian yell it. Helmets came in today what do you think Christian yellow which is good friends with baker mayfield Travis Sean is from the Cleveland area. Trying to shot I knew I forgot about Yeltsin yet. Got room for two more hash tag dog pound cash tank clean CLE ripen. At Miller Park any tweet got pictures of would ship. Cleveland Browns helmet yeah those are real helmets as the real deal right there that's cool Travis I mean yards during that he's friends of the new but. So man I give you props man you. Just you out there with that member also he. Not these browns fan nor should he should it impacts. I know. And we say now they got to the front office and I'm not gonna sit here and pretend I'm not a bears fan and as not a pretty picture either it's a lot of the main number I'm not really oh my god I don't think so how many times if you went winless. Never but still it had blonde ran into two years dude all right even compare apples every situation the National Football League in the payers are. If you look at their current state are almost just as big a laughing stock if you look at the last 78 years or so and that the the complete picture the bears are and what my team is I think the bears a B eight what does it mean to stop loving them I think it bears and it wins or so this year I've been to Cleveland got the air was pointed up on the bears and the brown now finally the browns finally browns finally have a competent front off the turnaround don't hide your random because your team isn't getting ever could hit that you reply expand through all the rough years. All right speaking up baker made until the clippers at east for a long time he he put a problem in sports talk radio host it in his damn place yet. Started we'll discuss that right after this other Wendy's big kiss. So what is big show I'm running Mac cloth along with Steve Sparky fight for my Clemens other side of the blasts within turn many Rami. Is that overgrown with Izzo had decided he hates it which is why I decided to just go with that I don't like him either waited surgeons don't like their nick now it makes me like it all that much more I think he looks anything like me. We sell long dark hair and beard and any time somebody has long while they're in a beard people say they look like me now not remember. Originally yes. When you drew that hair out and did all that look that you golf now for quite some time yeah because when I was after fat running. Yeah but Ronnie had short hair bed and have a lot to do with that I'd just wanted to balls looking for a job out of college it does so I got a haircut then you have a short Erica and then I wanted to be established here in the building. To a point where nobody was going to I've never about tablet Obama Harriman I doubt on me or judge me or even. Passed me over her job because of my parents were so once I was established NFL like Alice sat in her body knew who I am and what I'm about as like a cac and let loose a fierce he should cut his hair as an intern that. Maybe not now but when he really starts getting serious about a job search right out of college yet may be. Okay so are near the end of college this is Ron thank him. We mean it's up to him I mean we go no it's not we could go up that well he's mentored we go to the Rodney junior. Or Ron Jeremy junior. No oh now now we're short I don't yeah he had never liked that one though all the nicknames and I've had you're gonna you're gonna statistic that you're gonna stick with the Ron Jeremy the rest of them don't make any sense Francis is your middle name yes and we can't called Francis about sir rob me back off duties not a seller Aetna rocky California. That was something yeah ha ha what was that Alger pointing are sort name rat rod yup you know my actual porn name we talked about the present in court nicknames and anybody and we talked about this yesterday on the show to it's supposed to be your ear the name of your first pat. And the discrete that you grew up on. But my first pet was kitty. So I went with dissected pat who was rocky can city California out of it he can't. That makes a heck of a lot more sad. If we are important golf yeah that's viewed let's about big debut should buy pork names should have bid. I was to a bears to say that that's gonna happen I would. Oh god now. Hash tag kitty two point a I'll begin. What had just call it media rob me like a law he doesn't like dear god you got so yeah I mean so many rob me make sets. Writes I think that makes sense and he doesn't like it which makes it better when the interns don't like their nicknames it's even batter they do catch a nod to how this whole thing works. I think well our gallery Al so many Robby here is what we're going with for you like it or not dude sorry what's his actual memo to Brian Bryant. I already forgot that many Rami is now your name look bad in this exchange Colin Cowherd. Or baker mayfield 41479912. Figure you can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan this was the app former Oklahoma. Now browns quarterback first round pick number one overall pick. Baker mayfield I'm with Colin Cowherd yesterday on the heard. I'm FS one like this I should give it a little bit more background so that idea yes thank you Howard is playing. A highlight. Of the game against Ohio State. And mayfield throws a touchdown. And you see for a mayfield teammates including the guy who caught the ball. Sort of all huddled together in the in the end zone and they're celebrating together slapping each other on the helmets on the bots whatever the case might be jumping around. Haven't a good time NEC mayfield. Run off screen in the complete opposite direction. Of where his teammates are celebrating. And that rubbed Colin Cowherd the wrong way which led to this exchange right here. Oh like this Allentown right now how can not block or you don't. Or you don't know whether. Our band is over their student sections aren't there and then straight back to our sideline. Well boy did you watch seriously and I watched the whole game you did seesaw to celebrate our team it's like three touchdowns before that's a like them now okay you told the one clip of me running right there to our fans and people that traveled well that game first of all. And then you didn't show the rest of that committee on our sideline. No I don't know you go to go to the site you don't gonna go to the hospital. Or getting after the touched in not gonna go you're acting like I just ran away from everybody what you did but then you came back encircled the sidelines. This is there what does a 52 clip of your showing mean and I'm off the screen at their I'm like you to be your teammates that you watch stress the game was. I know he went back to the sideline Nagano on goat wants the other touchdowns and a very exciting and Alan. Since you think my accusation that this doesn't this is a vet I feel like you're going for the fact I'm not a team guy I'm selfish is that we usually carrier com. It is a no I don't think I think duke. This is one of the most BS answers. I've ever heard given by not just a sports talk radio host. But he radio poster media personality in general. When backed into a corner in that's lab over a bad take that they had he had nothing this is complete. And total nonsense all right Colin Cowherd that you're about to hear I think sometimes you judgments just cannot and I think the appeal the judgment leaked them the game is so fast and they have to make the windows gets really really tight really really small. Demi decisions really respect. In college you don't you can tell he's talking fast. Because he knows he's dead he's taught enough in and incomplete. And total nonsense he knows what he's spewing it makes no sense Ed has no real impact on the conversation. That they're having right now Orlando brown guy doubled our top and look at decision I don't the celebration. See what people do in the league now celebration once. Hip thrusting not a fan. Not yeah. He's got to do with anything hip thrusting not a Fred meant to an overall thing in what does that have to do with anything. And his whole farm following his his line of reasoning and his logic there with that explanation that he ignored interception that estate it is God's judgment league SOB 'cause. He didn't celebrate. The way that Colin Cowherd who would like to read seen him to celebrate. It showed bad judgment which will show up again. When it's when you're under pressure in a game situation and it's time to make a player make a decision that's what Colin Cowherd. Is trying to sell to baker mayfield. And those in the viewing and listening audience right there. I couldn't be further from any sort of truth. In this situation would you agree. Yeah line item to security at all collar look look at complete idiot in that situation. Cards for Smart dude but as table of point out about power sometimes. He gets signed his agenda type deal of what he wants to get out of what every trying to dot and mayfield called an audience and he played. Five seconds of that island. You chose is singled me out on that one particular plate not idea of the background on everything else that went with that driving the net and that's exactly what Colin dollar did. Why do it's gone coward is today's national sports talk radio host trying to get ratings that's why telling coward did what he did that's my guess I had no idea. That's my take on. And very rarely does anybody go back to Colin power it does does does doesn't it doesn't happen all that off it really does very. When you went to a bar ball thing. Lamar balding glad it. The other person not his shell went out at Lamar ball brat not jump right he normally never gets into a situation where he has to go back and forth with a player. Because normally the players he comes and he hasn't gone after before his comfortable because you know always in the laughter. In this situation he got Vista or not and Vista was ready to go in baker may differ baker made. And I know what Colin Cowherd was going for because there are. A lot of a lot of fans and especially old school fans. Who baker mayfield rubs the wrong way who almost a whole generation. Of football players and athletes. Rub rub that faction of fans the wrong way and Colin Cowherd was trying to played of them to Stacy. It's this is what's wrong with these kids is what's wrong. With this generation and and and and needs these millennial and and they like to celebrate Mitt and they show bad judgment here's the thing though. Colin Cowherd. Much better clips of baker mayfield. That he'd pulled in that to support his our bid. Ed to Ed to sell button here. If Japanese he's used to a kid like this. Mac O Rama just back to our call yes that was a good oral sure he he's used to that he's collars used so to playing some of these clips. And a guy back and off he doesn't know what he's dealing with what mayfield he did this guy took him by surprise another guy who has done the exact same thing. Is this Josh frozen food group. Both these these guys talk and who language of those 45 quarterbacks. Outlets and Joan neighmond back in the day. Confident little cocky and had some fun with it. But these geyser really aggressive in their confidence. In on Aaron Rodgers when he was a rookie incomes up to Green Bay. And I was disappointed he had to wait for hours. Buddies companies gonna win and he talks about some things he did in and I'll I'll show the league but there's there's there's just this mix of humility. And so modesty with super confidence and saying hi I can prove to you. That I can succeed mostly these two guys act like Ari work on their second Super Bowl. It's it's amazing. And they are cocky at times they have some fun would it there's a minute though that they'll go breakaway not talk about thirteen. And and watch how important it is to be together as a team and that's when. You know you're respect for the goes up a little bit but these two guys Rosen and mayfield these guys are different cats when it comes to how they're gonna talk and yeah now. And iRobot you guys grow like it. I like the attitude that a baker mayfield and a Josh Rosen bring to the table and the fact that they're willing to question at what a lot of people. Just either take for granted a or they feel like they need to they need to bow down to two previous generation and and the way that they thought. And the way that they played these guys are saying no man that's not that's not me that's not who I am. This is who I am and tell me how that hurts me from winning football while we're gonna. I crowd ever at these guys to come by we had 2030 minutes with a hundred guys from the national neither you know throwing questions and as I can these are you kidding me. So the answer is these guys had about you know you know like talking about probably is really dead okay. Let's see now this is gimme a thing now you can be brash and you can be cocky new connect like you know everything in everybody bold before you do know crap and I know better. Outside you don't have to respect the past you don't have to respect what everybody now locker room is about you do you I'd say right now. You do you when you screw up there will be nobody there to catch your fall because everybody a watch you fallen way Bubba I TU on the way down. You watch rose is gonna say stuff during training camp and in September there's gonna be better defensive players realization this guy that's gonna happen. But again he got dollars us until that happens and he's gonna put a target on his back around in his mouth. We just fight like Robbie said hey man beat you don't don't change who you are just being UN get down with that and let everybody else deal with the our attitude that's fine. But right now. He's good they're both gonna do the ball and get the clock cleaned but if they do it to the wrong part of shaker mayfield doesn't succeed in the NFL it won't be because he celebrated touchdowns the wrong way. And it won't be all because he's rat race touchdowns wrong way but if he runs his ball to the wrong person or wrong. Says the wrong thing about teammates something like that that could be the end of baker Mi fi demo like you said there's no indication that he would do it I know I'm not saying there is to saying with the brash may. How he responds the thing the whole thing about planting the Oklahoma flag at the in the Ohio State logo at the fifty yard line. I thought that was outstanding but they could get to punched in the mouth and stuff like that in the NF right exactly as we saw drivers voice are trying to clean TO clock track when he when he went celebrated on the stark correct so in your quarterback and your opening get hit pretty much every single. You're not a wide receiver right not gonna get hit unless you get the ball throw at jobs that six times again. If he showed that. Ed said that that there's an example of bad judgment that's. I disagree with Colin Cowherd but I I see the case that he's making I understand. The case that he's making again. He just pulled the wrong clip and for a Smart guy as successful as he is and as as experienced says he is in this game in this business. That that was a a huge. Huge stumble for Colin Cowherd there for eight pull that clip and using that as your example to tip pitch that narrative. And then beat the senate just going you know what bands you're right. I'm wrong when baker mayfield came back Adam that BS explanation that he tried to give. That whole thing was was a a black mark on what otherwise. Although he's not my style is a very very good career. In the sports talk game I'm not here to bash Colin coward on to say and that right there. Was not a good look. Allentown cowards like you know dads on some awesome let's arm wrestle right here exactly table if that and the first time to visit all the way through the table yet. Broke the table and that's he was an artist and actor Russell Michelle Yeoh and I got a good. 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