3PM: What do you think the Bucks power structure should be?

The Wendy's Big Show
Tuesday, May 15th
Gary, Ramie and Sparky ask what the Bucks power structure should be and Atlanta Falcons beat writer D Orlando Ledbetter joins the Wendy's BIG Show!

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3 o'clock hour of Wendy's big show along with the former hacker and badger running back Gary Ellis and the one and only Steve Sparky Pfeiffer I'm Ronnie Max loft coming up. Later this hour talk about what might work through the box from the top down. And part of that equation may be Mike funerals are the former. Head coach of the Atlanta Hawks before that is part of Gregg Popovich is staff for a long long time joining us now to tells little bit about mr. Boone older formally of Milwaukee journal subtle now with the Atlanta journal constitution tells a pleasure to welcome in. The Orlando Ledbetter. I haven't done. Are you know it's also pleasure what what can you tell us. About Mike but Boone altered veg diet and and by that I mean Izzy Izzy a players coaches yet tough love coach because I was saying yesterday. As far as the tactician stuff he checks up all the boxes. I'm looking for for the box next head coach I ever heard a lot about his personality the. Yeah I don't have market Lauren this at all. Our bid their not really have led to act not a map better under the learned under aren't that great prop the bit. Happy. More look human or. That code in Bali on a whole lot of gangs here in Atlanta. You know boorda to death about dropped for a job. So he's not a guy wanna get on weekly on the big show them. Probably not buddy you know I'll I don't. Want you excited for our let's let site about from from this perspective on what happened with him why he lost that presidents rolling. He got the president's role at once go to the air gets it for a couple of years and then loses it. Last year in 2017. In and goes back to just being a head coach for the last season in the rebuild and get something out between him and the owner Earl what went wrong. Yeah we're day ownership failed them there and of course when you get that out. I had a little bit of controversy in the runoff there with Danny Ferry and in my. Alleged racial comments that I've found that the that operation upside down world wow. Ended up with the new owner into. He didn't you know back of the job as president. You know a lot of came mineralized. You know being. I got a lot of power take it away in did not net fairly. Generally agree with the direction of grants. So what he appeared gods name do you that you would hire a game for the Milwaukee Brewers are mean she liked. Maybe the hawks are probably have fought in the summer there's and maybe he have some form will you be a guy you want to hire to take over franchise. This is looking to win a play off. In a series that really looking to move out. Are there are here in the MBA. He had area I believe it. Greg netbook well don't seem not. Had to upload your watch him in the playoffs they. Here and that quote about coach blood caliber will outlive the birds out automatically. The Q and again it was bought then and reds' David. We don't let nobody really go Cleveland level as far as. The player that. Certainly not give out coached in the playoffs. You know about this sick there's gore or the bought it's gonna Wear out you gotta keep them. Now but you gotta is going head to head up that team prepared the Larry. Every night. Docking with the Orlando Ledbetter here of the Atlanta journal constitution. On the Wendy's big show so. Basically the reason that if fell apart in an Atlanta it sounds like. He wanted to go to different direction than what the organization did there was nothing. Necessarily where they were pleased with his performance as the head coach of the Atlanta Hawks he was successful basically through the end it sounds like is what you're zen. Are no doubt he went into the I went into it again it would attract take. It a bit in improper and Arnold. Got swept products have no shame there. But in that direction after that kind of got murky to go about it the wide powers which you know failed miserably. You know let. You know you are dead deputy go to burger straighter. You know I'd move little shake their yeah but it coach of the and then you get the ownership Tuesday. Are a lot of learning people out there when he got a lot on his record. There are you you know start poking around looking for jobs that into the Spain and and didn't like and there when he might go abroad and Dario are being here and so that we actually amount. On the market right now on this many up off hire a lawyer appeared here earlier this week. Yesterday there is a report that Dennis Ruder had told reporters and in Europe that he's he's he's trying to orchestrated trade. Out of Atlanta and one of the places that he'd like to go would be Milwaukee is he was EA might booed an older guy today LC I'd iron to DC Boone halls there. Bringing him here as one of his sort of lieutenants to set the tone of what he expects from a basketball team should boo and also get the job. Yeah I would be a perfect fit I think router. They're worn out its welcome here tab. Maybe the other question of whether he blacked out or not but put up bullying. So much so he got me in hand in Margaret some maturity is cute here. I'm movement but already be the perfect got to come out direct threat did go up there. My point our other book. That is the Orlando Ledbetter you can try on his work at eight JC dot com on the alert an Atlanta journal constitution. And follow him on Twitter at the Orlando eight JC got one more form GA younger guards. All. The folks. All of sick but mayor runs contract. I'm eleven the one that don't know much about the balls. Bob Hope. Well thought maybe but not. Any. You know lead of the opted to deploy up to date it means and you know get numb to that super borrow anywhere for the recorders. So let me you know would have what do Julio Jones and any any anything going on Julio in Atlanta. Much ado about. And you know watch about an article. That back up Alabama. Will break it down everybody. It's not a deal looked upon with the part you know branding bass man that guy's got it. You know on about eight different states and China and yeah I try not altogether it is that those should be your branding campaign. Spoke caddie cleaned today about. Why he talked the about it yet. Are you are never written anything could I have heard from anybody. I'll believe them most social media. The Bible that we run. Once I Malia we should embody. Well let me what hoping without the cleaning up about it and at the branding and abetted it in there not been. Anything more than. Did did did I hear you're right your letter that he he's got business in Wisconsin wants to play for the Packers that would do just that. And yeah. Yeah. I'm Adam get plugged up out. W. 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It's proven power or national avenue one yard and how you carry in a more trip a model and a proven. Best power. Athletic quick. Break on the other side just what will work for the Milwaukee Bucks he should be on top who should be on bottom in everything in between. We'll discuss next on the when he's gracious Friday's big show I'm running back off along with Steve Sparky Pfeiffer in the former packer in badger running back Gary Albertson. And getting some Packers coming up in the 4 o'clock hour right now we wanted to what do you think the bucks power structure. Should be 4147991250. Can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan because right now Sparky we really don't know what it is. All we know they're interviewing two guys. How's that coaching job there files the scene from San Antonio. I was Boone holes are those the ball happening. In New York chuck Freeman to weed out awhile ago Whiting every in the New York in Milwaukee. That's where your owner's list so that's why they're intervene in the New York. So. That's ball those are happening right now now as far as destruction this organization goes whether or not that comes up in conversation it better. And I'll boot Knowles or and Xena dot com I'm asking about. That totally like who's make an issue whose call the shots what happens when the governor. Governorship of this team changes hands after next season and Eagles the last three from USC into what happens then. Am I gonna be in jeopardy I'll how does this whole thing war. Like who makes the calls on trade who makes calls on free agents who makes a call on draft picks. Where where does the buck stop at the end of the day. And that all has to be asked by those guys and I think those are pivotal questions that they have to ask in Toronto you know it's a general manager nobody else. That's that's proven that's been stated time and time again that. The ownership in Toronto is one of apparently few that actually doesn't interfere in basketball soul. That you know what you're dealing. Here in Milwaukee I think there's a lot of questions what actually happening over there. And Dell's question they're gonna have to be answered now if I was the Milwaukee Bucks out of higher president of basketball operations first. And and what that version go and hire the general manager if that person does not want John Norris and and what that person. And the president hire the head coach and let's move full or the president is also the general manager that's fine too hi everyone do it. And then the head coach comes in. As well. That to me there's a lot more stability involves they're. Then possibly the current structure that they Havel birth Milwaukee Bucks right. I agree with you but that's that doesn't look like that's what's gonna happen. At least at least in that order they I think they might hire president of basketball operations they give it to one of these CNET. Or they can do that let's go to looks like whenever the cases the coaches coming first. Right so they could a less than a basketball aren't present as well operate like good l.'s policy in Atlanta. And bulk of these guys may want to. Half final Sampras now with a box to assure that they get the players that they want and they don't get screwed over by people above them that put him in a position where they don't think they can win. That's a big deal and at this point I think if you're one of those two guys interviewing for the job a New York right now has to be able contention. That has to be strained out and they have to step farther I want it in writing I wanted in the contract stating that I do have final say. And what I say goes. Going forward that I'm not gonna be overruled by the owner I'm not in the overruled by the general manager. Whatever I decide to do war going to do and distort and if that is. And something happens where that doesn't occur and you overstep your boundaries and you only in full the contract's void and I move all of my life and I go somewhere else. That's how I'd play it devour those guys right now but. You know again get the chance to coach honest obviously he's a big bone to be waving the matter. What the power structure may be used solid John course interview on the box web site talking about the next head coach. Has to be 80 willing partner with him in Peter Fagan on the basketball side of things as far as doing things going forward. So that pretty much does you guys Peter Fagan and John horse. Making decisions and we on the licences involved making the decisions on that side of the on the floor. And they're telling him pretty much you gotta get down on what we wanted. That's how I read. Now. Tell us how much. Are how else everybody else righted the that's how vibrant. I didn't read too much into it at all that's yes she did you react to immediately knew set way way way Peter Faggins involved why styles because I didn't know Peter Fagan was involved in in basketball talents but. Outside of that part of the quote that's that's that's GMs talk that's what a GM says when there's a microphone earnestness or somebody with a pad in front of the writing words now. It's a partnership discussed that men be able to work between two or three other guys yet. Okay I've never seen it in about an area. From a GM I've never seen it you wonder clothes here Larry Harrison or John Hammond as well at the covenant be a partner would mean herb Cole and this guy nag I never seen it. We hired a guy wanna hire and that's the end of it. And he's I'm a partnership and all this other stuff I. It's different for me you've seen before I. Sparky wants to see a president of basketball operations tired them out that president. Pick a coach and have the final say and really the only say on all player decisions what do you think. The bucks power structure should be 414799. Until pitcher you can Prius at 1057. FM the fan I am 100% in agreement with Steve Sparky five for Gary and the 1 thing that I am absolutely against. Is bringing in a coach and naming him in addition to the head coach the president of basketball operations there are very few guys. Who can pull that off successfully. If you I mean if you get pop Oca. He's not available. Right. And there's nobody out there were looking at right now that. I think that you wanna give Auburn to now do you just talk about the blew holes are in themselves like you know he's. A really good basketball coach I don't know far wanna bring him in. Put him in that water O'Donnell's on ago I think purchase of bill will be too much for me. You we're we're talking about the structure and. As long as I've known Steve she's always. This structure guy and Howard should be and how hard would do how he would do Obama. You know what I really don't care I just want to work then there's more and more ways content. If you don't have to be ABC indeed and so defined. But if you're gonna have now of the guys and every book everyone has should be able to work together. 21 common call the right hands got a note to lefties don't. They're dead and heparin do you find holes in different things and you see what happened in the and so that has happened. Two books were the right handed a note left it was 21 in the car with her. On pins down couple. But I don't think everything is is to an exact science. Are doing things I think there's more than one way to do whatever way they wanna do they get to do and got to make it work. But the way that they're doing now. Certainly is not going to work right where we don't really know who's calling his job tenure as governor ship and switching hands every five years and right so we don't know John Horst really has the power that a GM. Is is implied to have Evan what whatever is happening right now it seems. Like too many cooks in the kitchen they need to put somebody in charge what that might be wherever in the organization whatever title they might have and I agree with you there's more than one way to skin a cat. But the way they're doing right now and work it. So it feels like with the Milwaukee Bucks it would be like you know running your. All of us won the lottery some way in some fashion we all play well one and then we all the friends and the we decide to go by a team. We really have no experience we got a lot of money. But you know we beer free it's such a long time we just gonna go do together we don't try to be loyal to each other as much as possible. What sort of kind of felt like with the books dislike you get aboard you guys their bodies but there were bodies that were very close. That got a bunch of money and decide about team. And this is not a good operators they go operate like the our bodies and that's kind of the way they don't mean you when you read anything about beautifully and I pay my I'll drop over just a little bit. And they've got a lot of guys raise their hands a little bit of everything if they want you just made Peter figure in the point person and he should just be the guy. I love Peter Fay you know right I mean I don't know how deep his basketball and I don't lose but but if if that's who they wanted to beat him and he should just beat. And be done in Indian whatever Jauron horse because to me they have the players there. To do at the roles bridges nod to find. Veer all over the place with a rolls. And then it felt like when one guy wanted to pipe up and say this is my role. He far Jason Kidd out of nowhere. And not trying to copy to let noted these deals gone. Quarter Steve the walker somewhere in bay view. Grocery. Money liberals. Really in no I don't know that. So I mean. They may view is. Here when isn't. Yes and so that's what makes him look. Rag do it that way they just. They just the cute together leave it there first thing wasn't it felt like in the gallery John Hammond what acreage and him. Well John Hammond left knows they push you or him. Sure but I mean the ultimate decision when it when it actually did happen right is John Hamm is right in assuming if you knew what was coming in those companies saw the writing on the wall the one of them. You with a one of their boards. And so for me binges. They Disney fell on the hierarchy. With the inside. Of their organization and who listen to him too. And looks like. A lot of those guys dual battery thing in the in the if you call comfortable with that but then at least two things that has happened with the books. As for errors. The whole thing John horse. We were having Kennedy's. That I told Steve this is an oil on the there are still here whoever of ago was. Message just didn't feel right why you bring him in fifteen of the guys. When Janet Lindsay anarchist Reeves right they're just how it carries recall. It's guys aren't just existing systems were right to me why I went back to Utah. Why not miss. The bronze should be. And then I don't we ever really gotten to by come to find out that. They all couldn't agree on them again so he was out and it okay John you'd. ID nine tweet here from dozens as Jimmer coach always need to collaborate. Where things will fall part of the owners do not have 100%. Aid and horse run everything that you bring in a president of basketball operations otherwise. You just that nor shall build a team our next head coach to win a title with. No in eruptions box owners. That seat he you're acting like dark horse is doing everything by himself and doesn't appear to be the case. That's the issue. Even when they were trying to find a general manager they all couldn't agree they set it themselves and that's all they ended up with John horse you had a search committee plus you brought in. What's that guy's name. That was David Stern's right hand guy ran the bulls and Gretchen Michael Jordan a local Angela are no I don't I am original old man got a draft Michael Jordan bulls which he heads with the gas for a minute and it would allow. Rots drivers rod sterling yeah is that yes anonymous as you did so they brought him and help with the search as well. So everybody has their picks of who they want to do it none of these guys get down on any of those suggestions or any of the guys that they after they Eleanor you don't. So they end up going with the guy sitting in an office that was just sitting over there mine is all business and I'd make him the general manager because I was only got a category. So now he comes in now they all understand I'm sure that went well OK we're a name here but now will be able to have some say what all happens here because. Obviously that he probably what necessary read for this job so won't be able to control this will be more the way we walked. So that's exactly by the sounds of it is kind of what's happening here they're all collaborating amongst all those chefs in the kitchen. As far as what they're doing day today. So we'll see if this continues my guess is it well my guess is they want that power they love that power and they're not going to give up that power anytime soon. I hope. They do hope they sees the error of their ways thus far. And decide that the same work in and read some a little bit more organized in a little bit more structured. And Gary you're right it's some nice say all the time on the show there's more than one way to skin that cat nip the Bucs don't do exactly what I'm saying they should do what Sparky is saying nation do. I'm not gonna lose my mind I'm not gonna knock him for it. But I do need to see some clarification. Of the structure and the way that things are being run or their because of Rome well if it keeps going this way then. We're never gonna see the future that the buck said that they will one dale. This just not gonna happen if they keep running things runway or right here rod sterling wasn't right what are born here yeah my daughter of our secure clippers one. Restaurant O'Donnell's live. I'm having trouble with names today when name ID you know listening JNJ contractors. Rod sterling was an American street Louis the fifteenth. If you listen to it so yeah. Well it'll tell you what you're not in a Twilight Zone common phrase over JJ Carter is here Rio. Board certified few Beers and come on do you view him real good honest assessment on any damage that you. To your house my good friends at JNJ cartridges Kmart to my house today. And found fifteen tennis balls in my daughter and three golf ball. Yes and how it happened temperature now. And if you have used to I'm sure they damage your house. Just like my keys gamers right now I mean they do cages where during your house may have their friends over in our holes at all. Did you have to redo the carpeting up to redo the history do that not one of those. Well my good friends over JJ countries came Mortimer house course or remove a tennis ball but this hasn't got a damaged. On top of that because the water weighed down a gutter because he was entering plea came over him for cigars which tobacco. Also knees and low pay worked on two on the outside my. Good friends or JJ Contras came over ended there. One of my when bills fell out of socket ride for well. We're good friends at JJ contractors. Came over and putting new windows now I don't know if you bring your house were. 20/20 five years and if you have been at some point you in the new windows you in the new doors are just kind of investment you've got to put that into your home. Well mugger freely JJ Contras came over and gave me new windows and they've got a plane and this is journalism we don't have to put all these bundles and it wants. We can do it you know six or eight at a time we can do golf front we come back later in due to hold back. When you have no Montague around on these kind of people you worker would they wanna they wanna earn your business Komondor Fraser JNJ contractors and estrogen. After a short break are we putting too much. On the broad in the camps will discuss next on the Wendy's big joke it's a rod sterling is another thing. He he did. You can pilots. And hit my brain isn't really working today what a quick break and on the other side like asset or putting too much on LeBron and his mates the bunnies make shows back right after the Friday's big show I'm Ronnie there's barking in the former factor in badger running back Gary dollars and put off the LeBron topic is we have some folks wanna get in on. What we're talking about just before the break what do you think the bucks power structure should be. 4147991250. Can tweet us. At 1057 FM the fan sparking I wanna CAA president of basketball operations calling the shots have in the final say and really the only say that matters. When it comes to player decisions Gary is open to a number of different structures. For something better than what we got now 4147991250. Can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan let's go to LaBelle. He's on the north side guys on the Wendy's big show it's up about. I eat that we went and this definitely and I got it wrong does that you know. In light owners when their own general manager. And I'm at the moment because whenever they of the decision that they vote disagreed with they wanted their particular general manager lock down on air. So then they pick if one due course whatever is right. So I guess both whom feel like they do influence. I don't like the structure I believe this in the one main caught and sat what I wanna know what you guys. I don't know anything about it or is he qualified I want to get out of is he quad flat or eat at somebody. They can both agree upon EP is what the F Scott did he work in their true thing that he go up finding talent but Indy now what he'd do. I use a cap numbers. That guy is a numbers guy help with cap and stuff or he's watched he's watched tape and stuff but as far as you know going on the road. Counting on an honest nothing about prisoner re going to be taken what every 181970. At all the pack. So he doesn't know. How to put it seemed to get to pick and latency on the back of the Arctic. Now he technology he has said that he's watched game film before and he has an idea and he's surrounded by a bunch of great people that. In all day today until one team everybody makes it takes to gather in the draft and so forth so. Now he the defense that Stanton says that you know he's watch stable for a Nino is what the player looks like and that's awesome. But as far as where he came from there he was their numbers guy you know a lot of that had decided on contract construction contracts. He Eads the parent to evaluate the court well and if you look at San Antonio every year they pick somebody and something and they play. May end up making between Andy and I make a contribution somewhere about our. New week I mean. Do we have those type of eye that never say. Why don't we have a pick up so I don't know. Maybe it's maybe the spurs get the same passes the patriots do from Gary of what other disperse you can't hold anybody to their standard. Maybe maybe that's maybe that's what it is in the NBA maybe we shouldn't hold the box to that standard. At this point thanks for the call I. I don't know are also and that is. You have all these different guys have interviewed for a GM job. One after another after another everybody had no disguising every in this guys interviewing they like this guy they like that guy no body. Nobody. Talked about John horse at any point until all of a sudden one day they said John portion in general manager and we also The Who what why. That's it was a reaction of everybody not just in Milwaukee but around the National Basketball Association. So that tells you where he was as far as on the radar possible GM candidates so you can say well. They knew he would be a star and they did while losing to another teen so they made in general manager and they're gonna look like superstars before this is also Lynda could beat you could say well it was only got it cured could agree a. I'm so they just went that route because they don't want to control over things themselves. Could go that route. I mean you'd you rejoice however you want a look at this but we're gonna find out how much these days. The law of the structure of the currently out of the box which I think they do. Vs not if there won't be able power of final Sam personnel to whoever they hire as coach and third intervened to finalist today bundles are. As well as mussina who's coming over from the San Antonio Spurs he's had. Unbelievable success. Overseas no matter where he's been he's one. And now wolf find out if he can win the NBA level of the bus or to get on the head coaching job he was. Bob images riding guy and Santonio eco jets bursting in the playoffs when posh wife died. So Woolsey. You know I've I would like didn't John horse to as far as his role before he became the Bucs GM is Russ ball with the Packers. Is that a fair comparison would you guys sent out I guess auditors are now is the salary cap guy that was the GM's right hand man finally seen the only differences is now. All I actually coached and did other things prior. That's cheerleader like it did have jumped more background in his in his sport for a I mean I think I think there's a little bit of a difference there he was more of the more well versed a crossed. Doing different things Russ is on fire to played center correct or John or John Norris played in school. Doesn't matter either. And I really don't care who play basketball or not now that you but yeah you're right Russ balls former NFL player. Let that comes into our has been terms of his role before he was promoted to GM. And to two compared to guys your bag I had her who sports fans in the state might be familiar with in terms of what they do or Andrew Brandt before he got jerked the role of Tennessee that type again. Yes absolutely. Thank god in any Green Bay these guys you bury you don't hear from a I don't let's start bail them out to media. Every organization. Knees at temple I'm sure they got a guy like that over at young expressed market share they have made a Russ ball John force type. Very well very well amendment doesn't really matter than they do you because you're going to be your own boss you are going to be a successful transport expedited fry which makes you an independent contractor. Which means you are your own see you old you are running your own business or at that point in your essentially using young express he's been business for 27. Years. You're using them to makers of a bunch of money. People making six figures a year working with young expressed. 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Thing in the whole wide world. A young vice president go over the road what we drive local the next week. There's a lesser of the book for two weeks they are beautiful countryside. Next we get in an event back on walks graduation whatever the case may be you wanna be stuck in Sig Georgia missed it back but you don't want to give up. A week or not have local that we. Would melt on investment and you'll vehicle yeah express providing all the training necessary for you to become a successful manager or transporter of expedited for. They're looking for full time independent contractors toward the end express seemed to day you can find an edge young expressed dot com JU. And Jeep express dot com young expressed success Raza I don't know why but after working with this man for twelve years Steve Sparky Pfeiffer. Still baffles me at times are still can't believe soma things but boy does we'll talk about what else are you for tomorrow now I'll somebody. Right after this it's the Wendy's frictions. When he straight shot from there Sparky the former Packers badger running back Gary dollars and into some Packers talked talked a little bit about Dez Bryant coming up. And the 4 o'clock hour right now wanna what's the longest you've waited in mind for any thing 414 and what did you do what was it 4799. It will figure you can tweet us at 1057 FM effect yet and what is it that your waiting in line for because my boys Steve Sparky Pfeiffer outlawed. Well I've done. I don't Black Friday when he lied to him and I'm Tom black holes and on one I've dubbed Black Friday waiting in line before as we all must talk about it on the air right where you get somewhere. Couple hours before something opens likes a target 6 o'clock. Goldmans from Black Friday get there like four claw continuing live for a couple hours outside in the cold to get your TV that you Weiner. Whatever Black Friday item that is me you may want to I've done that before and that's pretty much longest I've ever waited in line for anything. Was it gobble offers. While it's gonna change tomorrow. I'm gonna change spark was a big Gabe let's go to anyway it is lie so I got a partner in crime here and there has to be like a big movie really is there and Gary calls why is must be a concert just because they're happening Derry calls an eighty Spicer aha but he does the Al world according to Sparky podcasts had me Andy. And I he's got the day off drugs just to goal. To distort tomorrow that's opening it is day off on this but he wasn't planning on going early in the morning and I'm convinced him to come with me early in the morning so. If you're if you're going to the IKEA opening tomorrow in Oak Creek. And at 5 AM on cars and in the parking lot something or blog regularly for thirty yourself. And then the first hundred people in line to goody bags and a chance to win a bunch different gift cards are doing drawings and all that other stuff. Throughout the day. Were given a shot we're gonna go wait a line like four hours ask Jeff you were all waiting line. From my 5 AM until I know I AM na and oh we now are we going to see what we don't let Al what I some right. I have a lot of here don't have time for fill in the blank has I had kids spend more hours way to monitoring reaganite key to him I don't care that is going to be South Carolina and only time I sleep running and you don't use that time to do the things we talked about the plants and I don't it's not margins well Sarah Rami. He Easley and 9% sales that you try to get it in Los and a lot fort. To me that's all we're doing nevermind just go back to do which are good don't think English for the war is that a little idea dude you got your card. I'll I'll do I think it's 2000 dollars went on I give her back on Robert and back he wants to. I don't know. Bradshaw break it was him and you go get that to guard your cardinals. Not his eyes on it in the that are. May resembling his kids have never done anything that's crazy center Al silent for four hours. The differences and you don't and he can't wait and landed the worldly. Now our next. Panel says. As well as Obama go all the way forward. You don't see a difference okay right so waste your valuable time being on other rides and having a line or wait in line there's nothing else to do my morning anyhow. Yeah it's not it's 4:30 in the this morning sure you'll all people like the jets went to grant I think you might ticket to the jets went to grant. Not maybe don't need the money it had to be really good chances for me get up affordable way for me I'm not waiting with 30000 people I don't mean to be 30000 people there. But either like will you how. I was tomorrow morning. And that I'll report back and they showed miles out on bills the way I see how many other people have waited in line how long way to look for I would like to know that as well for what very hard on 7991250. Was the longest you waited in line and what were you waiting for Sparky gonna wait four and a half hours. Starting at 4:30 in the morning tomorrow. Frank Kia I choreographer guys potential and I Kia gift cards Peta gallery just text me said he waited alive for seven hours repair issues. Seven hours. That's almost double when I'm gonna do tomorrow as for a pair of close you have guys emotionally at least you don't shoes man those and getting the majority does Mike Timlin I don't auditioned Jordan's. That are like gold plated by people of things I'm journal Tyson meg on me now. They're American Villa or an hour 79 natural fit what you're really in at 1057 FM the fan outside. Right after a short break on right after you tell us about signed south solutions who never make me when it's thieves market Pfeiffer never have they made anyway when I did the services. Of science council which. Nine and they have great customer service are we really should talk about a more than we do I'd. Tied to buy in the passel fight about it again here sights on solutions of us together watching disable your cable and you should because. I've done some Romney's done so maybe tell us many others and and so as well Angola with DirecTV now they got a great promotion going on. I'm this is what it is 99 dollars a month to start out. Would this holing package AT&T home phone. AT&T Internet. DirecTV which is the destroys package which includes fox sports was. Plus you get the genie were to their home DVR. And charging that. Plus you get free home insulation of your DirecTV which will be set up by Alan over at sight and sound solutions and his crew double bass time would get also up. Plus you could ever else on I take it at no cost for the upcoming football season only on DirecTV gets every out of market game every Sunday plus watch games anywhere in your favor device. Call science on solutions today to 675415100. You also get this exclusive offer 400 dollars in visa cards with sight and sound solutions any enemies cardigan is an anywhere visa is accepted. It's not just the signs are solutions adjustment AT&T or just what DirecTV now. Anywhere it's accepted. At a sign of the customer service aspect does what happens without sight and sound solutions couple days after they saw your direct TV or call you mesh everything is good. Couple weeks after the icing call you again couple months ago I get and that after that. He's out yet to call came as something goes wrong and they'll work with you now to fix it it's a much better option having somebody local here on the ground back in respond you. Maybe quicker than what you're you're with a 1800 number if something goes dropped call Al today signed sound solutions to 62754. 15100 take imagine this great promotion that they have going on animals I take it I'm a greasy cheesy drilling Reynolds espresso seasons enhancements would mourn axis wonderment and attorney Michael Pete. I do have something I waited a long time in line for I got a feeling that the answer this question for Gary Ehlers and is nothing idea is not a man to weigh in mines its foiled since he's like what eighteen but we'll find out what the Wendy's Big Sur returns right after the.