3PM: Will Packers Make a Splash in Free Agency?

The Wendy's Big Show
Monday, March 12th
Gary, Ramie and Sparky talk about available free agents and are joined by Green Bay football insider Ryan Wood and National baseball insider Seth Everett. 

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Power of the Wendy's big show along with the former packer and badger running back Gary Allison and one and only Steve Sparky Pfeiffer I'm Robin Maxwell it's a quick update. On my squirrel problem Marcus who is heading up the team that came to remove him from my house. Came by the house today picked up the baby box mom left the house picked up the baby's. Are on to another dead so it appears that seems. I'll indications. But the problem is solved and I'd you know door and wolf and the world's in my eyes and I like the guys who came by house regional group that is where you for free who. Tom Parker. Are bought Tom Parker doses. That's and our original argues I don't you know I same drama that broadly comic guy they can do stuff like I might have attempted to live trap them and relocate them myself do it if not for the babies and did not want to mess with the babies right as you know in the wild you start messing with. Navy is there is an angry mom you're somewhere nearby and I and I got two pretty face to get at all clawed up assuming we squirrel let's get another guy. With a pretty face he tried his work inside the Green Bay press gazette Packers news.com on Twitter at by Ryan what he's our agreement football insider. Brian what hour this afternoon run. I'm pretty. Rider he's surprised that with with Brian Utica and saying that they are gonna be more aggressive in in free agency in an acquiring players. That they have been involved in what's been a busy offseason even though the offseason hasn't officially started yet. You know I I that they've got a clear up some space and cap room at some point and I am surprised that hasn't happened yet. Pop but. It could be a matter of if they don't get to that it's you know clear space until it's necessary so. You know I would expect that that already by. Ultimately naught in the US's. 62 hour period. Between that started legal pampering is officially 11 o'clock some time this morning. And the start of the new league year which beat 3 PM central time Wednesday. Is the rumors fly at left and right and and it's really hard to keep track of what is rumor. What is leveraged kind of created. What Avaya player's agent or Sheen. And what is actually you know so. Pot and it will be interesting that the scene helping to control that it. From first of all I'm gonna cut you some slack as you never had an opportunity to actually talk about anything in free agency before. On until this year but this does go so well when we get rumors about potential players. We get excited and we we go back and forth and all that fun stuff here is so cold water just don't at all Everest he just absolutely happy you just you just go to that. Biggest kill in order. OK so that's yeah that's Sammy watching Alan Robinson those are the two names that are out there right now for the Packers and apparently there are the front of the last. For Sammy Watkins as far as potential teams for Yemen they're speculating and they're gonna get on Alan Robinson. All of those two guys r.s one or both batter then majority in top. Yeah I think so this torture bolts are better than your job. Yeah that's what it's serious OK Jimmy Graham we know is better than them tonight and that's up for debate. My my property that which immigrant lately it's nothing that's in the 31 it's interesting. How how they evaluate it you better look at it. Obviously that's not right but is it Q or. That is a very good question 31 I do think that Packers got to be very. Very Leary and careful not to overspend just because he's better. And what they have currently Tuesday. 31. You don't want to keep yourself in the position you pay for past productions and future. Have you heard anything about true mean Johnson. The cornerback Andre and have not I would I would be stunned that the Packers were aggressive to meet domestic Agassi go out there I don't know that's where we talked at the very beginning. Clearing cap space and we. He is a clear cap space to go after me chopped I think that the guy on the open market will be cheaper needs to buy if you look at. Certainly after the marriage and trade pragmatic and forced himself to be aggressive in his approach to rebuilding the quarterback to dish. They gave away their best quarterback but in doing so they. That the Packers secondary was only so good because the marriage was quarterback last year in quarter any secondary that. He's your best quarterback it's it's not going to it is very limited on the potential that secondary printers that they've got to go up there with you'll hold that position. In order take a lot of progress must do that. Opera update forces subsidies to me is that that starts with school now. Pursuant to me jobs are heard that that's happening yet. Obviously were only a couple of recently there. I certainly it certainly think that that that is one makes odd since Packers. So they've said all along they're going to be a lot of he was shall we hear their earnings rolled plays well would agree with you Ryan. You know why should I go to Jordy Nelson or Randall Cobb or Clay Matthews. When I don't have a deal don't listen registration we know the Packers are begins today just don't have the money to bury our trimming jobs. Right now. Absolutely. Actually Rivera. One in Apple's. Putting one million dollars in cap room and that includes would be apt get done what they're not the Aussie so you're absolutely right that they don't have the money to go out there. And approach the top quarterback on the open market an amnesty and legitimate way right now op spot. That can change very quickly is that there are areas on this roster he can clear up cap space and. We hope he'll software and how do you clear to experts. Yet that you'd start Scott start with demanding pay cuts the Randall Koppel Torre Nelson and apple that you are. There are willing to it to go that route of the purse prize it's it's both were unwilling but they are. Yet be prepared to release them. And that's where I think you start that the real pleasure to hear about your interest in now problems we seem to lock you know. Either of those is if they were assigned either same walking around problems and that would all have to be attached to it that severe significant extreme taken in or at least with Randall Cobb in two or else. You know what we talk about what they're. Cutting players one or the other we're all focusing on Cobb. And Jordy Nelson and obviously you have to you're tiger Maher getting on a wide receivers how safety thing Clay Matthews as. I think he's got a whole lot more leverage and into innocent or Randall Cobb are I think two person police were Robert right now Randall Cobb because. Yeah 27 and and and theoretically there's because some some good football at a forum. I think of the street is the most easily replaceable which has kept out of Montgomery and and really no goal. Ports are Montgomery and if you remember on the date that they have to type Montgomery. Essential that the Packers scout that that really kind of under ten BC called it looked bigger Randall cops Montgomery they've got you shouldn't slot each. And expect that type of production and so are you looking. Who can they replace actually start with Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson they have other receivers on the structure politically Matthews. That decent needs all the talent can get it really can't afford to to get rid of the talent does happen how would that sense when Matt used. As an add luster of the sack artists as he performed to the cap number that that he has no he has not. What he's still work there to treat most talented players on defense in this in the east and that. They cannot be used the talent and asked her because of that the lap of leverage to Atmel and from Clay Matthews that they might happily at all. Speaking of a defense that's bad in making financial decisions on that side of the ball. We're sitting here talking about the money not being there Ryan but their best safety gets a free agent market Morgan Burnett do you think they they even. Make a run to try to bring him back or do you think it's a foregone conclusion that he'll go the way of of Micah Hyde in KCK were another DB is that we've seen leave this franchise. I would be very surprised if they were bring back Mark Burnett you look at what is open market value is likely to be you're probably look at a canard billion dollars. Annually M. I just. It goes back to what we were just talking about with who what who can be replaced. They've got a lot of young family. Obviously control price obviously Josh Johnson even more would have. They've got a lot of young heat at that position a lot of depth that they don't have most other places on the roster because that. I would be really surprised are too willing to go through an extensive sir contract or not. That is our Green Bay football insider Ryan would find his work inside the Green Bay press is that he Alamo 4011 last one. Door as we look at this would come down this. Isn't it going herder in review at some point today or tomorrow. Imperative right now they need this on a quarterback coming to receivers that's great. But you've got really you I think you bears quarterback in Randall and don't bring you a quarterback. They can only connection with the rookie corner him. Note that it probably. They probably need to go to the top marketing to get a guy like me out to. And then look for my you a little more that I'll. Fasting which which trade from the mayors scramble. I like getting shot at a packed in and actually here's. Creating competition back up quarterback while I shot that. It is a nice little upper it's little but it might slow perked attract top fourth round at the start date triggered a nice. Probably the best part of that trade was forced lagged it to be extremely seriously aggressive. With rebuilding the quarterback position because the secondary. Where it's a score is only goes so they they add to. They had to rebuild that position regardless if you on the sort opt. And not enough they have no choice to go out there free agency and an NB action in the aggressive with their production well that's what I would expect it and certainly that's not what happens. Then there's going to be a lot of in hindsight I'm guessing a trade but. I would sort of be very aggressive with their positions. So this new rules brokered about 4:35 o'clock I believe on Friday as Rona warrior out. Of the show yours. So here are your thoughts are that good deal a bad deal and we all or do you have any inside information. How big deal all came together because of other Tyrod Taylor. Just picked up. Goals goals two on plea and we saw this deal happen. What looked. What you need to know about the nurture a quarterback is clear across to him which order reclaim received. So he you know I think I was about quarter on the roster but again. If that's if that's you that's what our rosters partnered its secondary so they had to do something. Pop. Or were there could trigger. It all depends on how they go out now addressing the rest of their quarterback position if they're able to go out there in time coming up and and that let's just say hypothetically in the best world scenario somehow that probably got to treat your template. It looks later when change is available to play and they trapped in fourteen trio get in the first round play in that slot. And then your quarterback position I ecstatically. Looks like Jermaine Johnson and can't thinking on the outside their wages and slightly out of that that Joker wild card player. That that's a really good yet that's a good trade at that point if you're not able to go out and get players though the actual tradition that are now woken. It's a veteran it that straight at all wanted to panel and you can go to next on year I'm really curious to see a lot of people. OK so belt while you're on the air I CH we hear from Mike Iraq flow. So gravel says for a friend of Rogers. That Rodgers and Jimmy Graham have talked in the past but wanted to play the other previously. So there's that kind of drop there and money for rod Jimmy Graham. Circle of people. That's the first thing Bryan Bulaga that's not the one that we haven't really talked ballot in other liquid and chop blocked. And so there's that. The other thing they came across while we were talking to you from Tom Ellis Errol amongst others is the vikings are in talks with their agent for Drew Brees right now. Bob possibly bring him to Minnesota. Right now as it sets without anybody being at a discipline rosters as they are now how far behind Minnesota do you think Green Bay he has. Yes good question I think certainly on the eclipses all in almost every every position probably where their closest. Would be. The decent lie and you know controller in my view on their two best. Packers Q best defenders in it and I think they are preached all that isn't why everywhere I mean. As to rushed that that is the second level the quarterback position. Perry today. Right now to the vikings when it comes decrypt aka the Packers at the significantly better off the line they certainly got the best tackle. I didn't seem an end. We can't account for how big. An edge air rockers get heat not even agreed to do wonders potentially for the vikings but even still I Iraq is still. Aren't against certain breeds so we'll be pretty significant edge for for the Packers that the most important positions so that that the vikings have. More edges when you look at traditional opposition more situations where they have an edge. The Packers obviously have a while carbon they've they've got to be against a quarterback can what are you Drew Brees and not. The key question will be what she has passed 39 years so AA and and Kirk cousins you know it is that that number options Minnesota. It is going to be a big question what they can do it and and Ter in terms of terrible and distraught Aaron Rodgers and it's going to be a ticket the most important position personally. I don't think it's all movement who even though the vikings have more to admit this several opposition would have the edge because that corporate taxes. This just make it compensate for so much. So far from the perspective of linebacker do you think the Packers will be in on any linebackers in freeagent like Tom Ali just got cut by the chief's name more. ERB artist especially across the defense side of the ball the way I see it. I would be surprised that they weren't interested in anybody I mean that it it that the defense of these are everywhere and so certainly inside linebacker. Or outside. Talk about backward yeah urged. Yeah I eat eater either area not how are probably going to be 35 you know they can then. Netstat giving you who you'd never watch it for anything you know or because the fish I've asked reduction. I think there's certainly a 35 entrench your your your floating without pre seriously so. I would be surprised if it is that was the case. Yeah I think you order a lot of names you or hurt a lot of anxious because on our advocates say they want to be involved in the process. But you know this time a year every lose is interested in just about every one question is whether terrorists. The question as to what extent according to what extent are they willing to go quicker off on the open market and that's where. You get teams that are here are serious or not. And that would be in Iraq and support. Again the Green Bay press gazette Packers news.com Israel finest work is wells on Twitter at by. Ryan wood and he is our Green Bay football insider Ryan will be checking in with you whenever we deem necessary with what we think will be. A busy offseason here for the Green Bay Packers starting any time now Els appreciate the time around thanks Ian. Anchor for our prime would joins us on the great midwest bank how loud if you're looking for is simple and convenient pre approval process for your new home construction. 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Starting pitchers realize there logo on the clock in the same these ports saying I did yesterday that I haven't done in years till 435. As we have Seth Everett or national baseball insider joining us shortly about 335 to talk about some of these moves that went down in Major League Baseball. Over the weekend memories of last week let's see if we get into the second week of march. Penalty apiece ratings are still out there and then it's something to definitely. Keep an I'll while most of them are gone Alice cops still out their rule talk with Seth Everett about that coming up at 335 but speaking of free agents and player movement. Today is the first unofficial day of the NFL offseason it's what they call the legal tampering period were teams. Can talk with with players that are set to become free agents with the start of the new league year on March 14 and like you said spark there hasn't been a lot of agreements or signings and I say that in quotations because nothing can be signed for a couple of days but. There ever a few players that are on the free agent market now that were on the free agent market yesterday anybody hit the market today that. That catches your after the Green Bay Packers. I guess for me right now. Guess I'm a little confused what they're doing for for me at least I don't know what everybody else I missed. I didn't think they'd be this involved not offense in free agency I knew they were gonna be involved and that's what they said. Now what are not again will they sign anybody who deals well either just talk in the I didn't even think they'd be talking. So perspective. Wide receivers per say Jimmy Graham okay I guess maybe but I'm already seeing a number of ten million for years probably what he's gonna get beginning. Do you really wants in ten million dollars a year the tight end position when you read needs on the defensive side of the football. And you have all of fame quarterback already you're running backs look to be pretty decent that are younger you don't afterward by about going forward. I just. I that's or I I just shake my head and neck here I'm I'm kind of stunned a little bit on that they're looking at a nod and a him Iraq. I love the thought of Alan Robinson playing with Aaron Rodgers I guess he got excited a Sammy Watkins I'm not I don't know I want same Watkins coming iPod is a big fan. So our president who walk ins in buffalo he was resurgent with the rams lash your sock I guess I'm mole. Not sure runs any lock it's I like Roberts insult. What awaits what happens but for me I'm just more confusing anything as far as what they're doing right. Scenario Robinson and the height and the speed. And then you know I was thinking about all Sean Jefferies and all the injuries he had with Chicago. Turned out pretty good for Philadelphia the way that guy played the first step in the suitable. In the nets seem to work out pretty well Gary so are you an honest. Well I thought. I'm with you adjust a little confused about where the Packers are going right now when you know that it and number one need quarterbacks were something there should be done there. I think your view look how long term goal we he should they were going Kucera that are going to be you know everybody and that they are and so I don't know of their urges. Launched our fathers shoot the market works and there were they just move on to the next got an extra added an extra they try to find. Maybe some sort of interest in somebody who really wants to be a Green Bay packer and maybe try to get a deal. Our chief deal on the sly I mean as is just difficult to see where the Packers are. At this point when you know quarterback is your number one need in there you know all these receivers. That that's is puzzling to me I don't know because at some point they have to get a quarterback I don't know big lingo. Into the draft singing and there we gonna have to rookie stars is what you're gonna have to do what the idea. With that some years back Steve where they draft it was that. Did you for the benefit of the Vincent cute they're retreating and CO or among Branson for Vincent Indian who would you have a quorum all those guys who are Vincent was hurt. Pretty much entire time agreement and other guys were Antuan Edwards or not and MacKenzie nine and there are two quarters they drafted wrestled its AdWords that Vincent and MacKenzie okay Keller McKenzie was the third one Alan MacKenzie being in a working out pretty good archer and so then went to saint all right so I think. If they don't give anybody and they gonna have a double up on quarters ago it whenever throughout the price 12 round. And arguably were to root for you oh stimuli tests are right right for you go what are all off Porsche guy were bring Beijing Kevin King who plea will be able to hurt. In the two rookies. If they don't do anything so that there really forced your hand it's a true quarterback very very. NFL trade according to Joseph CNET Anderson and Adam Caplan the scene Anderson. Had at first I guess Kaplan's turning her. Bengals training for left tackle court eagle land from the our Buffalo Bills. We'll see left tackles get treated and again. And it really I mean they're trying to free it was broadcast live is modules leather goods slid the bills would be off the hook for six and a half million. I'm his base salary freeze up more space and brings in another asset because they're gonna get draft picks would be my guess we haven't seen what it's for yet but it. We look at all the movement right now are well basically dumping of salaries which ago right now. Although of a lot of teams so there's a lot of names out there but you gotta be careful Gordon's. The Packers puzzle when you think about it man as I sit here listen to you guys try to figure this fallout. Would you think about the salary cap and think about the weaknesses that they have I just it's going to be hard for them to really. Drastically improve that roster because he. You viewers see that you want to add a wide receiver like Sparky is talking about Alan Robinson but you already have. What looks like mad money at wide receiver and Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson you want added quarterback but. You already have some money on that side of the ball to it's it's almost like everywhere that you want upgrade. You almost have to let guys go in order to do it and I you're creating weaknesses elsewhere in order to to upgrade at a certain position I think I think. Bulaga makes sense to me god. I think jordin cop makes sense to be gone. I don't know what you're going to claim. And my question. They're the Cleveland Packard trade on Friday it's like Dorsey those driving the bus. As soon as he can secure Tyrod Taylor and he knows he's gonna get his quarterback in the draft once he completes that deal that he can go back to Green Bay in his body goody insane. OK now I got my quarterback I'll give you Kaiser. You guys while old Randall because he's a head case he's up and down and all that and this saves you. 700000 dollars in salary cap now I don't think has yet one point four yak and Kaiser's like 600000 so they're saving. 700000 it was Ari can I was more about being the blues Alley thing it was more about being on the cheap for three years of back up quarterback not having to worry about and get a McCarthy chance there. Groom and eventual replacement for Rogers and if he's now but he makes American training in Soviet. I think the key to that old deal was moving up. In the fourth and the fifth round the first pick of each round. That's how we dad's day because as we know all Green Bay route 51. Pick in round 51 pick. In round it up for figure around five. Or four for figure on four is a big deal because after date to now everybody really does or draft board. Everybody's looking at OK who's the top three picks that we can move up because our guys still there and I got a chance to go whopping get somebody. So that's gonna put the Packers in the catbird seat sitting out one on day three wood an opportunity to have retained some picks it could be. All right we'll get your first figure afford one your third next year many could be that. It would have to be moving back in a big this year to be acquiring a pick for next year that's better than a value have. That's why I like that deal it's more for meek. It's more about the draft picks in the outside of Kaiser and the faith I have McCarthy maybe do some not only did you really were on Lee's party you identified. But I still have faith that it in Kaiser and McCarthy go on for itself. I think it had more to do a draft picks. On and being able have a backup quarterback that's cheap I'm not a worry about anymore and about a fiscal find a forty year old veteran backup quarterback and now were not drafted a quarterback in the next three years. That's also a lock stock and Ehrlich and his move that's why I think Kaiser. You should everyone about losing sixteen games last year. But that's more gaming straight to hell we have before the year that's still working experience and only had after last year for God's sakes so being in it. Not be on a good football team grant you remember he did have Josh Gordon all year. Mean just according came in at the end but he wasn't the benefit of having Josh Gordon all year yet you'll a bunch nobody's for the most part a wide receiver. 22 year old kid and a bad team. Two degrees and he's got good size he can run. He can throw a little bit I think you could develop more sober years and maybe get a kick back former you don't think he's the guy for rockers but you could still turn around slop that for something. And Randall movement a safety. I'll believe that when I see it if if that's actually it's. And pins are honey please it's going to be an eye on when you I just don't see it and an employer. We'll see other odds say they always make him a slot aft and you know that's a little beat these guys troll on the Packers you C Casey Hayward. It towards doctor gets waited out or whatever else he reaped tweets and puts nickel back. All he had did see that you see you quoted that being regulated improve and also through the hash tag nickel back Aaron Rodgers ul wryly yes. Now that's I'll tell you this right now though you can't. If estimate is Randle goes to Cleveland and and does some good things like we saw Casey Hayward do. And like we side arm who's the other gathered I'm missing now all up Micah Hyde doing buffalo. Brian Utica is as talks back and start at the intelligence help and don't let it is no sir you weren't as though it was her no I know but I've been saying in terms of perception. And people who are already calling and enjoy it out to pursue this talk about perception let's say I agree with this. The perception is you're as the perception is perception should be. It falls back on Dom Capers as sort of perception or is I don't capers is on Ross ball now our Ted Thompson and this is not. That if you read the mosque he's article the players in that locker didn't want him on this football team and an eight. McCartney told them they want it rattle off the teen. Let's don't always hold the vote off Porsche are talking about on the perception of if he works out. The perception all on the mood they Micah Hyde and perception of losing. Who's negotiating Jason Heyward vet that falls on and it Dom Capers here. For two different markets in the if you let those guys what. Right yeah. So that does not I don't dom yeah that's gone on goon who now if Randle is a whole different deal in my opinion. Is because you Archie trader guy got something back for him. That's their their all through those guys and one on Tuesday. But my deal is I think they think he's a talented cornerback in Green Bay but the locker doesn't want on the move and not simple and sweet. That locker who didn't want I'm told that's candidate and lets you always can get form because. They obviously didn't think he was. Number one necessarily. That obviously wasn't deal and if you read an article that wasn't there some speculation whether any it played the last two games or whatever else was. Think it. So for me if it don't get that reports George are believed it has its mossy if that's true. Then they made the call between. The the power structure agree bail they look we got the woman's locker emotional. And let's just move four from there and I I have absolutely no issue with it whatsoever dwells on a play one Cleveland sold. Soviets told the BB Cho chose on the tour and if you saw that trio about Dovonte Adams. Late at night true dreamers and one dramatic when he Osama playing with the browns a man and yeah I think it's on the go to sleep did you just goes please real jackets he said who Watson who was a play Madden. I got the browns or something like that. Olive laughing face whoever else there and them that the Monty and I go to bed about eight. Came across the locker room to talk to to Marius specifically just to sort of engagement conversation. This is after Delonte sign away. And they were tied about contracts and you know he's talking about maybe this is G should be thinking about it was lighthearted. They are talking about NBA contracts. And Randall's shown Dovonte on all about the money and they were thrown out numbers back him for the laugh and but it was an unusual circumstance for receivers come all the way across that big fat locker room and talk to this kid but in a way it's kind of like. Street down and thinking your few they give you wanna get paid you very figured out and it was a very demonstrative moment that you don't normally see. In harassing you normally see. Are happy people leaving the one he's dropped their walking out of Wendy's or even happier nowadays is you get the double sacks for just one dollar at Wendy's up a lot of fresh never frozen beef and a tasty two Storey tower of melted cheese for just one dollar and on Tuesday. Getting into north you can easily eat two or three and listening bare cell and a whole quarter pound on fresh beef is the best double cheeseburger you can get. For wind that dollar by far my favorite and of course don't forget. The box when you win in the box when you went out when he's ever done the bucks when you have 24 hours toward any participating Wendy's which means they beat Memphis tonight which they should degrees is awful. If they beat Memphis tonight you go to Wendy's. Tomorrow and get yourself a medium drink and that you get either a free small chili or a free junior bacon cheeseburger. Throughout the day tomorrow in the box when you win at Wendy's check in with our national baseball and. Sadr Seth Everett next you're listening to the Wendy's space shuttle be right back. And. And he's great show arrives back off along with Steve Sparky Pfeiffer the former packer and badger running back Gary Ehlers and another chance street when a thousand dollars coming up at 4 o'clock. And we'll get into some Packers talked joining us right now on the great midwest bank top line. Most of the us fourth with friends podcast and the whole justice podcast and follow month where south underscore average. It's a pleasure while commend national baseball insider said the average hour this afternoon set. What are growing armed. I want you boys were doing while we finally have some movement in Major League Baseball free agency and only took until the second week of spring training before Lance Lynn. And still those seven you are you surprised by the the market value that was deemed for these guys after a long off season. Well 88 you know to throw back to I apologize and almost on repetitive view but firm listeners it and get a chance to hear last week segment. This is a bigger problem is a big problem. It is something that the union is digging their heels and four and there is going to be a fight about it. The wave of metrics have changed the way players are evaluated. I mean there's been such an emphasis on prospects and they're designing guys that can build specific roles and it's specific positions that once they become free agent eligible than know who walked. And it's it's something that's gonna continue. I thought they carry it was gonna have to include upper right there that you guys in pain on stand by that. A three year deal. That's surprising. Because he had wondered four with an option for accepts he conceded. And the Phillies are gone for it IAA give them a lot of that the Phillies beat. That this competitor a couple of teams are going to make headway this year and they're gonna take advantage of this new metric. And the union that likening him. That's too bad for them. Are you. Is that I have that kind of be a problem these you know that. If the union if the union in the league did not get along does it's going to hamper growth and they have had labor peace Fareed Barea and. It does Matt look these next offseason harbors and get paid a ball low Kershaw Xenia paid a ball low and everything go back to a whale was that that's what this is I. And about raw and also out wrong of Bryce Harper is author come spring training and always want to pay that guy a lot of money. Kershaw south they're all this other stuff that I'll go OK while they're gonna there there's you know a big problem is going to be a strike but strike over Jake Gary yet and you Darvish seems pretty stupid. None I don't know if it bit but it it docked all I'm saying is look at the bigger picture they did beat. The conversation that we have had about the emphasis of home run strikeouts and walks. Has diminished the value of Neil Walker. Certainly diminish the value. To carry that has happened but the deal might Stamkos got. He had a sendoff in Kansas City. And now he's back for one year just to sing for a separate the Rockies are reluctantly. Bringing back Carlos Gonzales who two years ago was at all. I think it is just fascinating change it's not jut Bryce Harper in many much out of clunkers. If you are the brewers would you have given the same money to area. New Year's three outlook I wanted to with a club option. That's what I or I think it doesn't show two with a mutual option if if the bet that my offer nothing if he comes back and there's three guaranteed. I didn't want him to floor and that's what he had been asking for is his representation headset at the very beginning of the offseason he was looking for five. And then they changed it writer in the winter meetings before and I had been on your show back in November I wouldn't touch him for forty years. I I don't want him for more than two. But I think that if you have to give on the third but that that's the nature guaranteed money. Just thought I thought there was a bit too much money for the Milwaukee Brewers aren't most of which are you look at your idea lesser. This start off well and I think India and it should have played well. I just don't know how much good will won't be easy 32. Minute DO UB 35 would still have it at 35. I don't think you know. I mean I'm on record as saying I think his best days are behind them. I won't actually well which is given certain arming and answer. It because I think he's a different maker a team that's a contender. He did carrier impact on the brewers would be greater than his impact on so for sure. You know music is still bat that the logic that bye and and you say if you work separate private market. I see that you athletes with the utmost respect yeah what are any of these guys work. I don't we've discussed work because when we're talking about that. They're even that small percentage or what owners make on the franchise. Well well we'll show up this is it's not like women and and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If I get so nervous when you go there but okay is everybody else did you hit it. What Alex stopped because we heard we are debating house Connell a bit earlier in the show it is as far as what he is in a champion sign a rotation. He's too. These two and it you know and it is a good rotation I think I think he can help. You know I think I think we're broke the brewers are are looking at and they they think that Jimmy Nelson will be their mid season acquisition. That would he's back. You know lavishing June parents and optimistic June July I think that bear their midseason move. And they are counting on the weight Marlys in the US just seeing their counting on those guys to be consistent. I think that this is going to be a question mark going into the season and there's been so much talk about the additional offense. And I'm not I'm not trying to to rain on the parade I've I've loved. Both moves I have sat on the record I loved Miguel let's move and I would love to have Lorenzo came. However. Every team in baseball scores. So you're gonna have to do something else that differentiates you from the rest your division. And the cardinals are good. Cubs are still the class of the division it's a fight. And that's why I understand what and fancy all these freeagent go out there and thanks to Regis get one of these Chris. That this is what I think this is my interpretation of the brewer fan. Screw the rest of baseball let's just win because. A lot of people for a lot of years thought the NBA had two good teams but no Oakland all they cared about was that one of them was that. And set right he's what do you think of of Alex Cobb because of I looked at his numbers after a couple people said that he might be good enough to be a number one or number two and you drug nation series the number two not a World Series Sharon rotation do you think is that a good number two and a World Series championship rotation. I think they're World Series champion I said number two on a contending. Outside. And in baseball and we know with the addition of the second La carte contending it anywhere from 85 plus what. And and we you know because he's in Tampa Bay and they're never on national TV and really who's trying to watch rays games I don't think that we really I'll admit grasped how how good a pitcher he was can you compare him to somebody else in terms of the the style that he takes to the mound game inning game out. Well he's the guy he's he's got you know nice stuff he's more of a command guy than anything else he's a guy that you know the only pitchers. Ahead of the count. I'm trying to think of a middle rotation guy that. Kind of remind you of Alex Cobb. I would I would say he's not as good as Gary Cole. He's probably committed as good as you look who look. You know as a pitcher in Seattle. If he's either he's a solid. I'm probably being Jaret Wright say that to an interior rotation. Better than Jimmy Nelson or not. Yes my debate I think they're very similar as far right now okay so I'm such. Yeah but I don't know I Jameer Nelson response you know so how fast he gets his it is you know it's shoulder enters a big injuries so let's let's just say for the sake of the argument. Pre injury giving out and I take him post injury came up. We don't know right. Not a about and that's very that's what I'm watching my weight just on this whole thing was they needed somebody better than Jimmy Nelson if they were gonna have a chance to defeat for the division. And they're not going to be able to get that right now doesn't look likes not your last two looking at the version on well may be a wild card. No I let let let's deal with Davies is this year that you attacking his this year. I do you think that if David Stern's. Knows better and I know he's just being politically correct or not really trying to rip on them but don't mention there I don't know commitment conversation. They're moving into the bowl and they said to get him ready to profitable but. But I saw parents I guess it was a fox interviewer or something where he didn't he say he comes out and says that's. He is well you know we think the addition of therapy had a veteran presence minorities are much. Here may be on the airplane. I don't know about a on the ground yeah. That's our national baseball insiders Seth Everett again follow him on Twitter. And it's that's under our average check out the podcast the hall of justice and sports with friends podcast. And catch him every Monday at 335. Or right around there right here on the Wendy's big just south I'll appreciate it we'll talk again next week for an. I just think about this way Richard Sherman to become of the Packers you're grateful for that. That's what we're talking about next meant thanks for setting and up retreat a bit of a career. Brcko the exact. 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To the manual Dave and busters like what I tried last time allows there if pigs could fly or when pigs can fly it's barbecue pulled pork siders. With chicken tenders and some really really delicious Fries. On the side to start making plans to watch the march college tourney action with your friends and coworkers also play next big company team building event. Prom party graduation party no matter the count a party or the size departing only got to do is call band at 414454. 0100 that's bad at 41445401. 00 let him and is awesome staff handle all the details of all you have to do is eat Drake played watch sports and Dave and buster's quote Sosa how we 100. Jameer it'll run so what do you mean she is true. When I physically years she just looks out of place out of place and she just filling in or is she a national from an Dave had they have like a rotating. Third person we're talking about highly questionable with them avatar so it's stand in poppies Dan's dad and then. I don't think they. But money Jones used to be the third down we noticed a difference and yet he's getting ready to start zone just they've just had a rotating third panel member I'm sure you are wrong. I mean Garza is six gone convergence all born Michael Smith south via the both up. They asked the BR with a far and Jim Melbourne. But said she asked to be out she wanted to go and focus on writing for the undefeated. Walker Michael Smith I don't know the whole story with them but both are out as hosts of SE six which states. For our purposes the 5 o'clock sports center. Every night and he has Booker. 6 o'clock am that's. That's east Padilla both era and they haven't decided how what they're gonna do that artists all art Carrie champion. We're among board she's on sports nation now. Okay because Michelle beatle left because Michelle beetle is gimme part of that new morning's sports center with Mike Greenberg. How they gonna do that is hands and she has her NBA duties. As well with. The creator and champion notre out Michelle deal a pedestrian post right NBA and the SpinRite and she's going to be part of a morning show with Mike Greenberg. So mark earlier so Margaret Margaret Greenburg or we go to begins to golden west is being a centrally yes. He's going to be hosting the morning sports that are. All Greenberg Greenberg is hosting the morning sports and yet. And they have been warming about my putting him on weekend sports owners views on sports center with Hannah Storm all weekend currency that yes it was and then you'll be doing the morning's fort Sutter along with Michelle beetle and forgot it was either as there is a third person now rumor has it Greenburg wanted to. Of. All in all the little might wanna Dow OK here's greens as he goes and talks to gunning for a dude you know we we got some good where would you you know we give over as we go right. Which you wanna do this now and he also wanted to moved it wasn't new York and Mike Greenberg wanna be in New York is going to be in New York yes it is Alito went on it they'll do it in that sports and everything's from New York yes or you don't want. Yep I'll clear now on New Year's PM lineup I'll I'll write it out I'll write it all up for it because armaments and again I'll put it all and excel spreadsheet. And have a ball at the bureau computer. No I'll printed out for okay. I'm an excel spreadsheet. That you can use it as a reference or go get down all right let a quick break out the other side he heard Seth Everett bring it up Richard German. Maybe could've been a packer who discuss next right here on the when he speaks.