4PM: Are you OK with the Packers roster as is?

The Wendy's Big Show
Tuesday, May 15th
Gary, Ramie and Sparky talk about the Packers roster and ask what's the longest you've waited in line for something on the Wendy's BIG Show!

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What is big show on running back awful long list view Sparky Pfeifer and the former packer and badger running back Gary Ellison little later this hour we'll talk about that packers' roster and what do might look like with Dez Bryant or maybe some other free agents that are earth could become available right now we're asking you. Was the longest ever waited in line for something in what was that thing or that event for what four. 7991250. Can tweet us at 1057 FM the fan spark you'll be at the new I key in Oak Creek at 430. Tomorrow morning Ali is a bright and early that's before it's even bright yeah that's just error it's bright and like five now gets it doesn't Baylor on my windows. But the difference but didn't demand the reason this. You talk about Black Friday. Most Black Friday is in this state are Thanksgiving it is now as you outside freeze for two hours at least this deal tomorrow I'm not gonna freeze. That battle Jameer that's the buzz bar has all the pain and be that cold out there are Jack and it's watcher I'm not gonna freeze my hands are going to be number atomic inside if you're looking is our lighting yet it's more just about getting through the boredom of had been now that I got. It's a way to go would mean the fun gaga. In your line the whole time. Like there's nothing else 'cause I'm standing in line not all four hours and all I think they've got a band playing and they're gonna have entertain in an organized I think they're gonna. Maybe bring out food and stuff but they got a whole bunch of stuff or not to heal itself sidled time. Now I'm like black Friday's annual lease places you do just outside and wait the whole time I think. We're gonna divide sometime of entertainment and so forth through and it's standing in line let's go to the phones go to a cedar very getting Chris here on the Wendy's big show what's up Chris. Governor governor out of everyone. I let the dollar abrupt in the but they are pretty daughter's only older and a light and they need to block party and I would never do that might never have put them. But back intimidated. What duke University of Colorado boulder only one year a lot of arm. And we say we actually I was out for fourteen hours. Waiting for Red Sox tickets you know that's have appeared very small place and that was about 1980 do meg grateful that replace. Hi why it'll vary I want very desperately to go to red rock to see a concert I really do good. You know. Yep beautiful place and you know it just a lot of fun of course a lot of primetime god we had a good time imparted away but I am. I don't wish your Sparky I'm Akio but I would greatly in the bed their some of what have you done or red rock as well. Only a few other Barrett I think there as well it's a vague. They have a higher I have that but I also wanted to city concert career it is clicked. I'm Margo on their necessarily to go shopping or anything else I'm goal on their disease biking at a gift card and if a final gonna get ourselves Roland and it says 5 AM wolf the early enough for a 100 person giveaway. About there's a lot out there right now yet they won't let you into the parking lot at 5 AM. So that's their deal allowing counting out there not allowing anything there that they don't want that because. This is this is though the worst part about this deal OK if you've not been over the yet in Oak Creek. The driveway that you drive ought to get into the parking lot okay is shared with the elementary school next to. What. The IKEA parking lot of shares its parking lot of the driveway that goes to the parking lot yet is the same drive what you happened there's only one driveway. That you have to use to get into Dallas and there is hardly a certain traffic jams are people trying to drop their kids off or pick a mop or. Or pay about it if it was me my Q ambulance to the rest of the week you're sick. I'm my daughter. Though or what about the school buses that have to get into the driveway they had frazzled this year or driveway yeah. They have to add some sort of plants close or this it has to be able to absolutely. Horrible I've no idea what do they have everybody all three drew the Glock through Q it's parking lot. EO through the driveway because it's a long dry when it comes off of Drexel. And if you go straight you go in the goat you turn right go to the park lot of ego straining a lot to go into elementary school park there was some logs you've ever waited a month prison. You know idea dead that Black Friday thing whatever just her tried and she worked the whole thing is all about. In years and it was only about march. I mean I got. I mean I. That you just did just in doing things for me I've still got what I wanted to get. You know later you know remember I I guess it just didn't intrigue me. So you have done black front once it has thereby talked about Google Google code where these great view. How long were you a month I've never done by trying to overdo black president you hit so many good yeah especially its own peace once every team in our houses Black Friday. I had a great deal isn't too. He went on Friday but again it's been way more money and accountancy no you know did Stevie felt a bond there is always looking over the deal. There is always not only looking for but finding the deal yeah all right so what's the cheapest TV you bought. Probably is the cheapest TV I Bart is probably the one minutes in. The soreness in the basement. I think it's 55. And energy we want to fight on Allen. Delves in the basement yet where you came down a little bit this way you know war when he walked through the screen. Yet downstairs when that TV we lose director. Ron yeah. I am gonna pay about two and a quarter from it. And you didn't you Black Friday and market street you know that's about a much I paid for are like you know if you if you like front view. Futures turned away Indy and watch for deals and stuff they always mean there's always deals everywhere I mean. And make it specially after Christians there's always Super Bowl Sunday is when they say you can get a green wanted to play more swivels. Kitchen year please everybody wants to achieve these symbols and after Super Bowl Sundays when you drop it and you're there for at risk are eager on TV actor. I do a windy B forcible Sunday. And when it Padilla was born yeah I agree to form a massive. So well people like this stuff for you can't all doom and do. Eloped we would do away with their families in his become tradition right this is kind of what they do on these thirteen. And you can't I just don't have time for. I read. Do you get a lot of that the same people showing up every year coming out what you do for that they do plotting a drinks out whatever or they bring drugs with them in a parking lot of wording of the camera. I just I don't know. Let's get in Jason and Oak Creek real quick which it started muzzled as spark you just mentioned go ahead stay with you this. General public ought to love. Play it live literally four minutes from the disaster right here are that's right. It's my boy go there and to school next night you're talking about there are four or urgent goal. Bottom line they've already canceled a field trip which was well we are eight to this part in the don't want do it because of the buses. And people being laid in because of the second they have European open and now they've already discussed at this school law. Recite here that. The schools now going to be opening a new entrants which it's going to be like past the school also now like here whatever entrance Larry Bird is now we're the same as the school. And then an open up a new entrants. In the near future but didn't think of that before they don't. All of a the new plan. Now that he is president Oak Creek yeah yeah yeah attract a million guys were you guys Oak Creek grew with the Q coming there. Period too much to say about their good and no matter what correct. And then they get the couple also that are in front of IKEA that IQ a ball one of them and the other outfits gardens so there for like a million bucks. Forest and they're not they haven't gotten it but they're all now abundantly and. Thanks for the call Lucia are Como. And maybe not quite adamant scale new things we did a crazy part about this and uses I really hope way to sightseeing is. They've got there's a couple house's lake right in front of that and Drexel and the one house. Sold got out. There's one long standing Howell says refusing in the regardless of what their offer one of all is why I and I've no idea what's going out of the refusing to move but eventually I think what's going to happen I think. Is in front of IKEA there's going to be outlets are gonna have more stores restaurants all that. In front of IKEA. And then across the interstate. To the east of it and there's going to be more development that's me build there somebody told me the other day it bathing Drexel you become the new blue mound. Where there's going to be so much stuff on it up and down that's 127. Street like. All the way to howl mean so much that that's were a lot of the traffic's going to be you know Christian go from some. Small little town you know 1015 years ago and involves an and his blown up with everything -- got Drexel town square their off Drexel a lawless hopes while kids L is Foleo house for a little over two years but as a sort of development would wanna build whereby. Sit sit for awesome right exhorted about a body to get out of my house let them build there no doubt in a heartbeat because a lot of these companies will offer you. I'll probably hold out the see how high they would go right way more than. Yeah for sure but after I guarantee ovals houses got paid. That the first house was four bedroom it looked like the Brady Bunch house disagree sixty's yeah yeah. The first one was probably worth 200000 to fifty. The guy got 2.5. More. That was a deal the Jason we can but he's no longer with the company could for you Jason we shall have my track eight your money you know. We got a call for a lot of money selling one out of a job nobody here later. They've they've come weighed down since then but bubbles party houses some Viagra and they bought up men. Andy and for the village they've got their for title town village. The you know he probably get almost three times a month worth of your 150000. And I want. What I'd want an old bug that is is have their property values gone alt. Those people that are laughed since that title town bill. It was deal Alltel is just for me I just got my assessment and I'm five miles away from were Foxconn gonna go. The went up 27000 dollars and one year on record should. Diskette that from the village. And masculine you go to sell it not great taxes it would go to sell any of you developers out there and Tonya debut is booming you really should consider right read on Oklahoma just right there in Oklahoma. I think the development would be real real nice nice plays three to start a business will be passing hand have a paper. I'm going to. Like pay my property tax. It's the law is ever waited a lot for something in what was that thing 41479. Central picture you can tweet us. At 1057. FM the fan is the Wendy's big shall be back right after that. What is big show asking you what's the longest ever waited in line for something in what was that thing 4147991250. Can tweet us. At 1057. At that the fan. The boys marquis is set to get up 4 AM tomorrow go wait outside IKEA for four hours. This for the chance to win a gift card. To the new story now agree. 4147991253. Can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan let's go to Tim he's the falls now he's on the Wendy's big show it's up to him. I got to pay dues. And call it third and you're patient out all your ears. I let it better. By the color but there are actually a really ought to do it now I can tell them. Own cannot relief. In fact that's got an elegant special or they don't like to pick Atlantic there's big pot and alcohol content. Eric thought our line. Why was lied so long it's the military I would think that that would be efficient in terms of how they would get the food out to you guessed. Is it and get it out. And act like that Eric Becker shot that you have people that watch like that it. Really know at that time of letting people go at it. Has not now the. And I got him and thanks reserves and excellent. For assuring element for sure that lines the longest ever waited in line for something I couldn't even put. A time on it I have no idea how long nose out there for all day. As out there all day when Conan O'Brien came and did his show from the the Chicago theater. All day and here's the worst part about it but all they like eight hours ten hours. Ballpark six hours six ourselves up like that are when you got the ticket in the mail it was a raffle system for the tickets are free it's free to go see any. Late night talk show that you that you might watch morning talk unto life yet. So it's free and it was like a raffle thingy you an affair I think it was an email says emailed in and put your name in the raffle whenever. And if you won the raffle may set you the tickets. It says on the ticket this ticket does not guarantee you entry into the show. It's gonna have to show up. On and said today. Said time and wait and will get in as many people as we possibly can't and the way that worked was they were. It wasn't a line per say they would put you in these huge groups follow like forty people to a group and it was roped off. And there was one group that was right outside the theater there was another group that was like across the street there's another group kitty corner of that group there's another corner. Well like halfway down the block from that group so they let every bit of that in. Group by group you know and you move from one location to the next and he kept getting closer and closer and closer to the theater life as they'd let people and and I think our group was one of if not the last group. That was given entrants into the show you really I would have been. He areas I confess I can't even imagine now that race and that's gonna stop but that's what are oust house. Oust hole and I would do it all over again just the CI showed that was amazing it was so cool. Any to be debt offense three hours at a Circuit City for Nintendo Wii on a cold February unseen or a lot of people who waited in line for video games. Full up. Nick just five hours in twenty degree weather for national Marquette day. Was both national Marquette day they do it every year. What is it on Twitter thing whole big celebration in all forty way to mod four like what is it that your getting did choose our item exists and it's a huge event I've never been to myself. PG 32 got a fan two hours for sort around the world at Disneyland in California. It was a Tuesday in February gala Knowles a lot of people waited eight times it was cool but not to all of his cool hash tag. Kids yes a lot of on Michigan fast passport. If you go to one Disney I don't know what that is. Soaring around trying to explain do you how would be so essentially it's. It's kind of kind of ride those kind of like him I picked type deal where you're surrounded by gigantic just screen with screens in front of you. And it's like. I don't know fifty people say. In one section your all seated like theater seats I think Ed did this I went today you're adapting picks up off the ground yeah moves you and him like with the screen for a player like on a roller coaster kind of up and down martyr and value fly around the world over different landmarks and everything else and it blows air in your face and cents a day. I did that I don't ever fill that Disney World there one of the one of the venues up in adults but never ever doing that when I was little kid it was a roller coaster ride. And you know Jack Randall JD in right in the left and done that yet again remember that there will be some order. Mike says cubs tickets over two hours in the freezing cold Miller Park and yes I said cubs tickets. The face year can't win brewers. Saudis now bike yeah. Jerry it's done and by the way I did not treat that does that by aliens are treated and badger state are badgers student season hockey tickets. I think it was like sixteen hours or sell. Worth at great taste in the midwest tickets was as long. Wait as well even more worse that sixteen hours for College Hockey tickets for a no. Sixteen how does 68 hours for College Hockey ticket. Talking that popular I don't know what year that was the back in the day man badger College Hockey was a party. There was drink Dan and party and go or not it was no place to be if you were college student in Madison when you go to school to. Yeah I don't remember anybody talk about hockey and thousandth. I don't weigh in line. I go to if it's a movie years something like just turn around leave guy I've I've seen and done just about everything I need to do I didn't wait because the family trip to San Francisco. And my daughters really want to go and Al contrasts we greatly two hours right we did get tickets and get down. Does that sold out of your go and see that he's got a book before you go like weeks in advance though I didn't know that we were looking gone. Why as a kid. There was a show on TV called the Gong Show. Your. So they had auditions like American Idol on it Alpine valley. This is wanted just open so I mean nobody had worked up and act and we had to wait twelve hours in line. To do the stupid five minute audition. We passed we get to the next level but that's that after that it's that time. My way to flying days are over I've got friends that they go see Saturday Night Live Deidre. And they have to camp I'll York's our promotions department at the camp out at 30 Rock like a demon half to get to maybe get tickets and Saturday Night Live. Yeah I I wouldn't do that but I know a lot of people do do not quite that I heartbeat. Eyeballs on to go check out senate laugh if I ever go to New York it would be like it would be a go your attention for col Baer go catch taping of a sudden now like that would be yeah that would be number one on my list log out they're not the rest ros not whatever the tourist attractions are not trying to go to the Eminem's store the Disney store. I just be trying to head up as many talk show tape face as I possibly could I don't know if I'd be the only one let's get denied Derek you know creek real quick Derrick on the Wendy's Rachel it's up. They guys violated. Three days in line wants Wear out like they are you Linux or. Away away away away away what do you mean you waited three like you were camp outs. Camps set up my body and mind we have a little tense and the heater the November and called in the work a few days. And you know no one of the first secret number twenty lines of Turkey also had a lot. That is easy three days. But yeah. So I ended up actually a way to learn. Got one of the last ones they have and then wrestle with in the parking lot. Worth of hours. Home. There are three there's a guy that was an investment of your job. Oh yeah. I would do that anymore when you know currently seen earlier early twenties but outlook on tobacco all about it even looked at the mine if you go. Obama. Economy that Russia is an effort. That's currently 400 a day that sound you know that's great work Tony the next time there's assailed his rationale for that aren't nice for the cup. Our monetary get up and four hours a Disney World and it was to meet and Els and sleeping beauty. Dot dot dot belts but that's why ego that's for the kids upon assuming our motto has just it wasn't for himself but I'm not quite sure. Along those same lines of that last collared if you saw these trees come in these guys are. Full disclosure buddies of mine Jake tweets and Corey plagiarize tonight waited in line for Burris tickets for two days in a snowstorm. And folks start camping out all week cash tag get a job. Course stuff that such a sold sixteen tickets and made a grand and they limited it to four tickets per person. Ticker applied way to ruin it for everyone down pretty much exactly frog dame fan or he's to blame you guys are -- at the fair Danny and coking meet up waiting for two hours he's that was here I didn't wanna go buddy got out of school early that day the well there was a Danny goalkeeping here in this bill I talked about the other day and was tea I remember that that was here I Revver looking at all those people and going none of you will care about dating Nokia in two years what are you doing. Turned out yeah I there's just no three weeks right. Right. Idols Robbie zappa fan my friends and I league for a music possible next Wednesday at midnight dropping a Peoria sleeping in our car. Have been getting align it by 6 AM for when gates Albany new to get a campsite in the woods can't wait what is it possible as I say it again. And Cassel had a big music festival in Peoria. Volunteers. On the rampant in the world. That's though it's the summer camp music festival and chill copy Illinois right outside of Peoria look at Marty all your you. You read data so as that weren't there what does New Zealand now sorry it. I was younger is that it used to maiden north but I can't deal with that crap that in mind. All right but you're probably a fun and the only that's there problem Derek says all I also wait like six hours for Eagles Super Bowl parade. Just to get a good spot Abbott you people do that in the congress via when they Packers won the Super Bowl. Especially the first woman Brad and Roy how bad you people were definitely doing that city tweet at a fan twelve hours for Elvis tickets in Duluth. It was freezing. Yep Elvis I was Lacey Michael Jackson I'm surprised nobody has called public more concert. Deals to get concert ticket because that's what Michael Jackson for empathy you know or I mean rents there are some people who are listening to a soup pride done that back in the day but they don't do that anymore for concert tickets now it's now it's all. I can online raffle sort of thing every. High demand concert does don't want people. With their tents and cramped. Cluttering up the streets and sitting in front of these businesses mark shot three dead and four hours for your honest aside my Bobble head. Ash tag boxed in six yeah honest yeah he demands big lines are. Altoona Coachella thing. Quote show me you know it's welcome news for us yet. Did you see your record as you see the latest agreement factories yet. Running a did not let. Under Steve's what. Instances of that a document like they released somebody who is the latest Green Bay Packers regarding Ian Rapoport you're floating around. So we'll talk about that and that packers' roster and just how it's looking to you right after this. On the Wendy's big show but GE I know people via a line up for hours for that that you'll feel kit over northern over here man. They say they are Rami and this. Here's what I do OK because we prepare for new stuff coming down or cure it or. Not. Via the low cost leader for grain prices in the industry. Whether you're gearing up for a week in brew or looking to stock up blow growing for these summer season. Nor the brewers were to shop for high quality low cost great. This weekend will be running our first heart starter making class in over year. Learn how to craft your own dangerously drinkable slider in on. Hands on (%expletive) Our expert walk you through the entire side or make your process from selecting the right Jews to bottling the finished product plus. You'll learn crucial tips on how to customize the flavors in a wrong was to create a beverage that's perfectly Prius to your liking. We'll also have the cover art that she's making classes were. But here's what you do both classes are free admission and included voucher for 15%. Are off in store purchases sign up through the retail tail at northern brewer doc or. Yeah very bright UB ENT be all right T he picked bright. Dark. The guys don't forget. If you mention due aerial from the big show you would give the three. I go go to our good friends about it northern. Look at Hollywood hunter angling for. Running is great job running that buffalo when Steve Sparky Pfeiffer in the former packer and badger running back Gary Ellison will reset. The big topics discussed on today's big joke give you the final say out of with Great Lakes dragway pit lane that's coming up. At 5 o'clock right now we want and oh are you OK with the Packers roster. As it's 41479912. Figure you can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan Tom Silverstein with a piece. At Packers news.com yesterday thanks us for months have passed since the Packers picked Brian Ricans to be. Their tenth general manager and it's still too early to say whether he has more Ron Wolf for Ted Thompson and M when it comes to roster billing. Here's one way to tell which direction Utica and decided well we continue to pursue roster improvement or just leave well enough alone. When Thompson was in charge player acquisition was pretty much over once the draft concluded. There are examples of him adding a veteran here or there but he never wanted to create an environment where the focus wasn't. On the development of players in their first second. Or thirty years the Erie OK with the roster as is. Or would you like to see the match. So we just told Dez Bryant thing has been floating around robberies since. That count as early snows in government cowboys let him go because I think you look agreement backers. If felt like there in desperate need. Maybe your veteran wide receiver out of the release of Jordan counselor makes sense when they went on drafting three. Really nice shots receivers. I just didn't feel like that there was any room for it is bright and I don't never say never with them but I don't didn't know what they wanna put him and if you're in this whole draft and development state. Maybe this is more or less like god and he is an outside death. If you bring busy and do you that Randall Cobb go. I mean I don't know what he's looking for our report he turned down our a three year deal. A they'll compare must celebrate me in a year from from the ravens. By then I had heard maybe he only won a one year prove Ricard drive which makes more sense for the Green Bay Packers. But an experience of the three receivers that you draft register and see them doing nothing in the light beer. And receivers that they have a distinct thing they do is fear what they're doing. If you ask me what they most certainly need I would. If there's a veteran pass rusher out there. That is worth anything. Maybe I'll kick the tires on that. But right now I think you know all or maybe a veteran offensive lineman but all these things are part of gonna hash out doing training camp. Because I think they're gonna grow the young guys that they have to see what these guys are gonna do and being go from there. So if you could add a passer or do you let him pass rusher this were some that will be what I gore. You can never have to mean those who think there any of those guys out she's been drafting. Right. All right so at linebacker. Brian Cushing is out there. Oh Clay Matthews buddy from back in the day USC he is out there and also what that allows you to do. Is pushing goes inside and Matthews goes outside. Correct Tom Ollie is still out there Lawrence Timmons is out there Connor bar when is still out there Navarro Bowman is out there. Vols are linebackers are elements are there. Might do something and yeah there's no real. And so even if you bring those guys and that takes away from the Q did you go from Vienna group or an Lauren Burk skier. Just means you special teams player and probably on some package guy and I guess that's which you know doing this SOA and I think they wanna play that him and the with a move up to get. As far as offense aligning gul Jahri Evans is still there so the word is in Green Bay that they're gonna play this obviously they need him. In the mirror their bring him in don't care when you explain me why. Why so he gets beat off for the spot fine and he's a back up and he gives you battered cap so what we'll be not cost anything because you because you don't want him to address from the guys that you have you know Victoria resident either. He come in he can plug and play do. But why. This is just difference of opinion I just don't understand why risk possibly losing. If he can be a veteran backup. Then I'll take him if he wins a spot from somebody that's fine too if not he's a veteran. Back up otherwise poor your backups bunch of inexperienced young guns and sonic goes down a Jahri Evans has snagged up by some other team in the meantime order or you're screwed. So why not bring him to say you can compete for the job and whoever wins wins that's it and go from there. It did is that a cause inning all these guys are left now. Should not cost you much of anything because they don't sign they're just going to be sitting there not collecting a check at all and most of these guys they wanted to retire they wanted to walk away. You already heard something about about this point he did all these guys cheap right now. I outside Dez Bryant who apparently wants the moon for one year deal. That's the one guy that mean you can't get right now you got to think that prices coming down soon no right. He's Dez Bryant I had no idea couldn't tell if I can't read as Bryant and you learn Nvidia. Mean Penn may it may be has set a dollar amount grace says you know what it's not worth it to me to put my body and my brain through this anymore I've read a lot of money. It's gonna take this dollar amount for me to play anywhere or on the same I'm. Where I think he's going to win a super wal. And go to extra boost corporate border is only team has been through its New England everything I've read is. It's not about a Super Bowl ring for him right now Saudi morsel about I'll see you snell well yes but what he wants is a one year deal where he gets paid good money worth his value. Have a huge year and then get a huge signing bonus in huge contract again. That's what he wants. Not trying to cipher. Less than market value according to what he thinks is market value is for three years or four years he only wants a one year deal Cheney. And then let me how a huge year and really get paid another long term deal signed Morris might follow. That's what it sounds like he's looking for now what that is I don't know was it one year at fifteen million. What he is looking for I don't know I just don't think. This whole Aaron Rodgers extension you know I'm not the smartest guy in the world as far as how this is all the work and how much money they could possibly say if on that deal when they do it but. You have some more in that area right now cap space I think. If your gonna while their impressive but how much extra money do you want underneath the cap. To play with occasional training camp injury or something like that occurs that I don't know. And if vis is about what Brian what a Super Bowl than the Packers make cents. The Minnesota Vikings make sense why wouldn't you want to play for the vikings at this point. They got a great defense they got a young quarterback in Kurt 'cause when I mean young anymore but quarterback and Kirk cousins who can throw it you've got two other receivers so you're doubling and a prominent player and an offense because there's only two other guys that wires your position that Amy cares about. In feeling and digs and then you. To meet Minnesota makes all the sense in the world and at this point if he wants to go try wondering somewhere. Green may just wrapped the three wide receivers so really how hot are they to get does Brian because three wide receivers. Are you good with the Packers roster as as does Bryant decides part I wanna veteran safety I. Sailor every want and there's a bunch of safeties another safety yes I not I'm not only on Josh Jones. Light apparently they are I'm just not want a fallback option if this doesn't work out. And got to plug somebody else and instead of having mistakes all yearlong like apparently they had blaster when he was on the field. Give me somebody a complaint to safety position I can comment here has played in 34 defense. NC while. That's not a bad call a bunch of guys trade Buffalo's although there was on the roster marketers or. For Green Bay via. Outside of just Jones and he got Bryce Bryce now and they love Marlon Goodwin the kid from all Corey and Brett but I brought in a price it price they love yeah any anyplace carpet Manny gets hit like three times a year early because he's not he's. Nods because should be used for. The season Victor. But I know they like him and big hitters and a small package relatively speaking to give her well to get her fifth it's usually how that happens not questioning you. The guys that are available right now. You've got. Guys that are out there Tre Boston is out there. Teams targeting him or should be targeting cowboys rams cardinals they say this is on CBS sports Eric Reed. Carried a Carl's on a tour he was just in India the jets have a meeting lined up with him. He's a better CD from the saints and LeRoy and I both want it and so he's still out there TJ ward is out there he's hasn't had the best of careers are very funny as him and we first came in Italy. TJ award is still up there. Eric Reid obviously we always talk while Mike Mitchell is out there. Overload you get about 45. Big names on I think he's bright and then got any big money girls schools and overall for the defense agrees not a good job than it used to every call for what are you he you know judgment for which you still got four guys out there on that list is pretty electric cable Karl yes from saint and I started and it bring him in fervent. Overall for the news and more of the same and Austin. One there's options in your not making an attempt to get optimism yes and that's what it sounds. Buddy get. I don't know all the all whole workings as far as Rogers extension and how that is doing their cap. Could Rogers extension means that more there can't get to you not because they're gonna take some ice cap space to throw that part of his new deal I have no idea what that could. So are Margaret. Just overall on defense every one is as rightfully said what do you do for past fresh doesn't sound like Clay Matthews got the speed name nick Perry is not that guys eases Brad Gilbert hasn't looked good at the end of the season. He had been Spiegel for Madison you didn't really draft anybody. I you know what. I'm just thinking and at the end of the day this might look like the giants defense where they put four open fraud in the ages Rodham. Four downs. I think they might be more of a defensive line team. Then. In on edge rushed game. Raw read don't those home blitz that kind of thing I just I think there that's what they're gone as and that's what they've brought in will percent. And what they've beefed up with her defense aligning guys that they hope to get back like my entries Adams. I think that's how they're gonna get past. Can just wait looks on the roster right I just wanted to. Let's get an collier 4147991250. Mike in Greenfield are good with the Packers roster residents. All I neat guy and of course I disagree there are armed. They need to do so on the market Castro. And are an alternative blindly what you helped by. I don't think we need just write you there aren't stirred up. Bring up about ten points but I gonna quote that logic thought and their. It used to be happier Reggie White it's kind all. Green Bay was like an attractive place that got Reggie like it was really. You know so ultimately it was sort of great it's kind of all time in on court. But there doesn't seem like guys aren't excited to come to Green Bay are for a life just inventing something or not. Have a I have a great they're not all that's good quite a lot thanks. Thanks for Tacoma on here. You are no choice is do their work is it's about the money the character and I will in the real real relieved that anybody is trying your buy them cheap. And so they waited for the last week you guys who look to come template. Yeah I don't think there is the the image the perception of Green Bay they used to be out their pre Reggie White I don't think that that's. That's the case again Mike you you travel around the NFL and to different cities talk to guys in different markets. What's what's the perception of Green Bay as far as a destination for players whether or not someplace that wanna play. You know small Tom there's an awful lot of guys that do like it to Green Bay and gay get a chance to you know. Martellus Bennett came to Green Bay thinking he'd get another ring there and play with a Aaron Rodgers. And deserves is Rodgers went down we know what happened I think there's plenty of good football players they'll wanna come to Green Bay. And get a chance to get a ring I think Dez Bryant again it probably would like to get after Green Bay shot. Early do. They apparently are not interested though what happened according to Ian Rapoport Sparky over here shaking his head now I and Gary Gary's brought up. More of the same. Maybe maybe that's what is going to be locked went five and I just. I get frustrated by the whole thing because depends how close you think these guys are if you think they're close to getting a ring. Then why not do two or 31 year deals. With a culled these guys are left to wonder Dilfer safety to a one year deal for another linebacker that's a Vatican common imply into one near Guilford offensive line. And be done yoga Dez Bryant but I get a dollar script locker room whatever I doubt I understand. But you could definitely get a proven guy and offensive line did you know or you had a last year for no money. He can get one of these safety's at a played in 34 defense to come in and give you gap in case Josh does doesn't work out that's not gonna cost you any money. And then you can go wanna give yourself another linebacker like at Cushing a player with Clay Matthews and all that stuff. I can bring another person in that locker room again. That's played in a 34 defense and knows how to play unit gives you another veteran in the middle in the middle of the field I. 31 year deals at minimal money what what does it hurt I don't I for the life and I don't understand. And I just I don't get it and there's no competition for these guys that don't sound like. So why. 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