4PM: Are you ready for the NFL draft?

The Wendy's Big Show
Thursday, April 19th
The Wendy's BIG SHOW 4PM Hour - Gary, Ramie, Sparky and Leroy start their preview of the NFL draft one week out!

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Wind speeds marquee fight forever to former Packers Gary Allison and LeRoy Butler less than two hours left. For your votes on a throwback Thursday presented five man okay say let us know who you'd like to hear next week preacher artist at 1057 FM the fan with the hash tag big throwback like you're the Roy just say no hash tag. No vote and no chance to win. 825 dollar gift certificate to masters he's nominees someone with a Red Hot Chili Peppers Gary wants to Eagles Sparky The Commodores maybe tough Boston in the Roy. When with the late entry of Al Green maybe tops of the has a voting update forming which he got maybe tell ya a lot of people forget now hash tag no votes saw Red Hot Chili Peppers haven't gotten. Their doom but The Commodores currently leading commodore on the lead thanks to a technicality of people not including their hash tag isn't something that's so that we ever allow the hash tag resent that we go ahead don't know it. For your vote to be counted do it I encourage you to do it are you pumped up for the NFL draft 4147991250. Can tweet us at 1057. App then the fan because a lot of people Sparky saying that we are not pumped up enough for giving them enough coverage. Of the NFL draft sitting do you want wants garrido outlets started off with thousands of several now let's let's warmup with a little scheduled to Atlanta now dead while it's kind of officially released but I'm very excited and leaking. That the president has its 320000. Followers. In his Twitter analyst at hale Rodgers twelve and he's the one parent. And with a piece of cheese. Com got to Bootcheck minorities GO. But this is why it looks like he's piecemeal together there's lightening are talking in breaks all these other teams beat writer says seemingly piecemeal there are schedules the other Oregon and from their teams. On Packers haven't as marched up the home schedules gotten out. So this is what he's got as of right now bears in week one Sunday Night Football Packers on packer writers all have a home game so that's all. I'm open. We too against the vikings in Green Bay still put up against a bears or vikings then you go to the Redskins. Hole against the bills now this is driving the schedule might get a little bit tougher than you go to the Seahawks in week five holding its diners in week six. The rams in week seven. That's led to West Coast trips there but only in against the niners then a bye week then to the patriots in week nine on Sunday Night Football. I think we five that we nine and think we have byes and their might be tough as that it's holding it's the dolphins in week ten. Apple lions in week eleven app the vikings in week twelve. Now you get. The cardinals in Green Bay and we thirteen. That's the beginning in December we fourteen against the falcons in Green Bay Dutch we're got a Packers benefit. The bears in week fifteen at the jets in week sixteen home against the lions in week seventeen would say UTE. Well I mean you know. It was always tough when you try to you know look Letterman in Mika thank. You try to go lawful use you know we saw last year. Missed the Green Bay Packers for me I don't care who and we in two games. This is before. There just weren't there yet with her fingers as to where they are. And that's where you made in you for being in the playoffs I mean that's that's that's been the same thing from last point for thirty years with them. Barring any major injuries community they do roll action there. We're gonna go through. I think when you look at it there's going to be some teenagers surprises. Me Barney injuries. With the words or did you go to if you like this team last year. I don't know why you don't like here and so what I Rogers. Right I'm surprised that the niner game in Green Day is Monday Night Football. Subprime and prime time not long can you know 1 every 3 o'clock kick. Why because of four and as a recovery team and you got to it's that it was Germans are there. Played defense of John Lynch yet says that so that any if it's very give money an item or balls and I ditto if not Monday. But that rams game. In LA against the rams that that's Dino was actually in the playoffs last year and mascots that now are made more sense to me there would've bought the Packers. My opinion caught a break kind of sort of I have now by we can we ate. Because otherwise is that about bio it would have been a week nine of the papers women we gave it one at Seattle holding its designers and the rams at the patriots got to the last four weeks we're the last four weeks. Home against the falcons basket. At the bears. We'll see red enrolled at the jets with a rookie quarterback. Baker mayfield according to draft next. And then home against a line the no times release it on these things I just days anchor. That we are now they did say the the bears won his son and at the Apollo and that. Right date set right yeah yeah and the Sunday Night Football primetime so yeah seven football they've got according to I'm looking at here in the tires and we want to. Bears in week one at the patriots in week nine Monday night we sixteens niners that's what this guys puts it out when he can come up with all the writers from around Twitter. So rob the mosque you and I definitely think rob has the entire home schedule around probably. The homes federal. Bright we are going on the air just shortly after he went on the air and then other people other teams. Started or to other teams reporters start leaking their home scandal Ayers home schedules are merely by right right so everybody everybody is following everybody and piecing it all together and you can pretty much freer out Packers an ambulance ambulance chasing you or. Was yep but we got it. I'm sorry discredits you we got it because you can just piecemeal together everybody feels like a soldier to find out where they are right. Ali gotta do whether it be nice seat to purchase Koreans well everybody officially releases a tonight don't they have a general idea on NFL network run like 67 as well as them yet levees. It'll literally expecting it does show you apparently. The team itself and leaks I don't care. Ours had to start the conversation. So you Lister conversation started now. So people have their shows the one and I'll show on don't win this one now Lucas. The NFL loves. So everybody allies to if they just kept it ought to that I can put you two questions I just. I just like. People do I'm sure to start red if you're you're one lost oh well well. Denver and I said I want to its get go odd don't you make it's no limit to our right now there are your whip Tom Brady's get used is no coverage there it is that custom. You can really do until the draft happens Nadal starting a real idea what your roster looks like I don't know that there have made no movement there team rosters. They wonder tomorrow aren't well there's two kinds. Woods our league is out all the area deals going on out it ended that although that's that's a leaks and I'll foundries Danica Patrick Rogers who why he is on the box when you win at Miami so they win tomorrow night Saturday you get rewarded from Wendy's yet 24 hours what any participating moneys get yourself a medium drink. And and hearing free small chili or a free junior bacon cheeseburger. But again the Bucs have to win Friday night for that all to come and play as Saturday and so they went Friday you win Saturday. At Wendy's and don't forget the two for six dollar promotion going on going on as well. With any of these two for six dollars. Dave single. Spicy chicken. Home style chicken sandwich. Or the chicken diners get any two for six dollars a guy that like three dollars apiece get those two and any combination you watch. Or just six dollars at participating Wendy's for a limited so we warmed up a little bit a little Packard talk there in the first segment of the 4 o'clock hour draft is one week away area pumped up for it more won four. 7991250. Can treat us if I want a lot. Ended up a sudden they had to do it again you better show some enthusiasm. Or go back to that miserable bought stock otherwise these big cigarette after the my command. No no I mean really. Not even the top fifty went before that's a little before your time unexpectedly called WWE network of undisputed U all the generally. Shooting but we're all little bit partial to those in our era. Our way. This was Meyer a poke holes in macho man ultimate warrior home that was the war era I mean yeah when Gaza. I mean as a kid out little kid growing up I really underestimate how old you are my second aero was the maturity doesn't show really is a bright my second Erika I stopped watching wrestling for awhile and all those guys left the WW us. And then I got back in during the attitude air we still don't poll the rock edge yet and that was like my teenage yours going into college so. Take it with a grain of salt when essay in my air I'm talking about little kid first getting into wrestle they see that's the thing I love wrestling I never Watson towing out couch. I'll wryly I never watch it cost him earn lets say throwback Thursday with wrestling team is bringing us out of the break let us know. We elect your next three creature artist at 1057 FM the fan with a hash tag. Big throwback no hash tag no vote and no chance to win a 25 dollar gift certificate to masters he's so creature artist at 1057 FM the fan. With the hash tags big throwback every vote count it and have a chance to win that gift certificate are you pumped up for the NFL draft one week away from today. 4147991252. Rita sat 1057 FM the fan. Judging by the volume of tweets I get asking us to talk NFL and Packers draft over the last few days. I'm guessing people are pumped up for this but let us know at 4147991250. Am guess and a former Packard -- running back Gary Allison is pumped up for the NFL draft because that's his thing. Right I think pumped are you. Gospels I am she does yeah it does not sound like the bodies piled up program. They can this at the pumped up and go nominal American vessels I gotta be you know I mean. I'm gonna draft until I've you know it you know we've guardrail over her abductors something because they got to be that level they got a couple of TV show we're going to be doing shortly so he. But you know running. A fireman served two and hasn't. I don't know how was last year coming what was I'd go with the cut last year waiting for the Packers to be done. So in terms of the gear. And just just right now and we've been very fortunate as a radio station. We really haven't had this kind of thing alone to where you've got. Books. Brewers. And him the Packers have been there to kind of on an order where. The Bucs are in a playoff would you like it would you wanna be done and out. There's so much of the stuff circling of the box. That that's kind of QB you're just where his quarterback Jimmy it's. They're just so much stuff for me we a lot so to talk about with with an affair drought but what words. Mean the balks at colleges take it. And slow. To kind of be so concerned about the Packers against the Packers is going to be in there may be in there and it's. You know it's just I think the boxer is really dominated. The conversation you only wanna talk about. The Packers because you cannot talk about maybe the negative stuff that you've got going on all booked at bright why you wanna taught that you'll wanna. If you look at the brewers. Right now whether you like it and not as he had a great top today but would you like another look at the brewers. They cannot be got a good start there about one that beat. And there are some and there you and I rubber we go to spring training we combat was people there about where we're talking about brewers enters abrasive and they're president of the prison with a brewer is the big okay you know bingo game. They mic a couple big moves very stuff to talk about another died doing well. Well I for me I think refers to come a long time. The Packers have taken a backseat. To ball most teams do in real big and real about it a week before the draft a week before the draft. All hell broke posted epic Angela. I mean you know Arnold wrote most of. I'll take a run on why. This is change for them. They have never seen nobody has record draft sectors but it tops its house in draft picks. Are just so fun and rudely. Or dog sometimes that is fun to people who figure out who you're gonna take now they don't know what are expects all. They got just wait and see some way NC and injures right if you stop you know was Steve Oakley 20 creepy opportunity. Book number what I and number one in Oak Creek at number seven. And that's back cricket and what delegate lead tributes to remit. Of serious split and that is bid. Brewer talk there are we alerted on two and a in most people's circle back I don't know. Gruden and so I don't always thought it was daunting I don't always like looking at reports here's a look at mob African ought to stuff. And then eventually you circled back and see where they needs. And then you carry get into it by a when I go to social media people are warned in one week ago about. Travis Ford is not so much in the NFL but some guy asked me about why is this a minute bus. In the first round. As they were Yost out. You couldn't pick coaches arrogant you should talk to Alaska heiress got thinks he can pick it makes laws Taylor and NATO. Because in point. Let's see I got it we all know somewhat. You know in Cleveland and that group club there is agreement attacker group. Okay. They get how Smith and all those guys out there you know wolf. And do they ticker running back. But due to take a quarterback they don't be too with the quarterbacks taken. And I think if that's the case a lot of this stuff are good players have been there and if you're attacked you're Packard. And I mean. I. Don't get somebody I don't know perhaps not seem. For Imus. Here right now comes stop both the U rest is actually not what I can do this because we're trying to books and brutal it's completely taken over. And they and we we. No publicity for the round and stopping you right now because it's it's you know and what's happened this arc as ours Bob story joke pony and don't. Let's let it rip Sparky is draft joy out of his heartland. Spark he's he's dreamt guy. The mistake going to Packers got first I should've gone. To draft diapers to get it Obama on draft gas for the draft I'll do it after a break. Are you pumped up for the at a Padre fans give illustrated book orbital. And a little bit of the book or it was ridiculous I wanna if I was evident after on the fence now I know I know people out there are are ready for the draft and my buddy Steve Sparky Pfeiffer is ready for the NFL draft he's pumped for the draft some of you guys out there nor upon for the draft you're out here and you're number one even at 414. 7991258. Appear pumped up about buying a used car. While that doesn't happen very often you would be pumped up if you went to frontier motor cars and south toward. 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And wore tee to what others say no they say yes a stop in a check out their inventory and to test drive today that's frontier motor cars. On south 47 street. Remember this says I don't know whose music this is hard and you know it really assists. Slick. Sleek and slim towers. Pulled obviously slick jive sold bro never heard of and never heard of that Lewis who unrest and demand that all can add to the Twin Towers. OK now pastor. Was passed I can realize very plays a pastor and now character I don't you realize partner asked if there it's a throwback Thursday. Tennessee maybe we. Eighties wrestling teams bring a side of the break let us know he'd like to hear next week three starts and you're watching at 105 set Yemen armory and treat it at 1057 FM the fan with the hash tag big throwback. I nominate her Red Hot Chili Peppers Gary went with the eagle Sparky went The Commodores baby touch with Boston. And the Roy when that Al Green go with one of those are your own preacher artist at 1057. FM the fan asking you right now are you pumped up for the NFL draft are you feeling it yet. Where the box and the birds. Having too much every sport's attention like they are for Gary 414. 799 to a pitcher you can tweet us. At 1057. FM the fan Sparky wanna let me know how pumped up you are about disarray after should go to the phones for so you tickle our let's go to falls go to curve on the south side near the Wendy's big show what's up earth. As men have been pumped up. Apart one of its leaders that their talk about car. About. What your video in order for Packard your local paper here so and I think that strap it. Article we want our biggest draft the all time because the only court that corn and people wanna be willing and Dylan. On the open that they trade bat there's a lot of talent. And becomes more picks in the tech around I think it's great for starters but saw it on the table out of court Rezko and I think. Anonymous there it is quarterback in panic in that it is quarterbacks saw all the get well we got open here but number we have heard. Britain have let it bounce so that's our report in April and this in new genome. And he had to leave his mark on the intrepid sea what is draft or was when he went before Murphy. If you what you would have taken those raffle. Thanks furcal and I would think that. Sparky tell me because here your draft got on the show and on the station road I would think that Brian good occurrence. And even a little bit more juice to your draft excitement does that. A new GM may be a little bit of the unknown right maybe he'll take a chance that Ted Thompson wouldn't take that adds to it doesn't it. Yeah sure I think it does add to it to a certain degree I'm I'm just will be distracted here. Basketball talk in BC last we'll talk yeah we ought to have Ahmanson sixers Jabari Parker upgraded to probable Izod after warmup Acela in its notre. I after that right there are side. Yes I did that quite pretty I mean for the yeah it's in Munich I only did you got the policies and not enough I don't beat Michigan committed to meet at that must've been the trader even it. Option underneath location yeah it is my partner don't get myself lately I decided to flip the second and third picks from three years ago. He wasn't in the third it was yeah beat right now than I did go three and Malia. Gesture Arctic and the trojans are. Relative. Ask don't basketball. I don't let football draft right yeah. It's that next Thursday as draft show laden bill Michael's Gary dollars in state wide after the big chill ought to keep global Wisconsin. You wanna watch draft bill and Gary Michigan a key club next week. I'm following in more this year than I was last year and enzyme normally close. To the different the difference for me last year on the bus had chance going in class a spot on the hell lot of momentum their playing well. I was buying into what the Bucs team wants last year at this time some really wasn't as focused on the draft. This year. I'm not as much buying into what they're all about not as much buying them having any type of success. So I've been kind of diverting attention elsewhere besides just the bucks one before something like hell is last year and I'm. You only do my normal Sparky like stuff we'll have 56 mock draft today and read all the draft stuff I can get my hands on. I'm during the day to sell I'm definitely ready for the draft this year more so than I was last year by far. A lot more excited for this year's draft analysts last year. Let's go to the phones and go to Brian and Greenfield you're on the Wendy's big show what's up front and Brad Pitt. My call guys. I'm so excited about this draft with a guy performing new GI am. We are right when the typical Ron Wolf it is simply opted you we got Eugene Robinson. You know and outside opt for the Reggie he's got 1010 at bats and key veterans. Patent filings by the Cuban and black Cubans too late. Well we are. This GM will build a team that is they wanna be on National League you don't wanted to put forward oh undrafted free agents under. By Bostick well you buddy sorry about what happened back. But I'm just really pumped them open not. But it gets some good picks and don't take nobody has some putts but we have too many Americans would not take jobs spiritual rod just no one has always injury talk in college. So yeah I am competent way you think you would. I'm here. Some it is rushes like the guys they talk about. Public brigade Davenport. If he'd had a lot you to get a basket remember Jamie Reynolds we traded at some bad for the opposite. Jamie what device Lisa never produced. All Jamaal Berry and stuff I don't know what could trade up get cornerback. But it it'll have a passion actually had a theatre receiver all day long so. Yeah thanks Richard Falk. I've seen Davenport. A show about you I mean. I think it's it's a split. Who they really well. And and net new and improved. War. I think is a dangerous split between four to six guys again they have board set. If three quarterbacks wouldn't. Three quarterback gonna tattoo and a lot of these good players are gonna jump all around. And it's. Here's some glaring needs but I don't know if I don't not a Packers even can predict you can predictive dress different neat. I imitated right now. Dead guard. From. Notre Dame else's I think as they've he'd drop down and they taken out. A guy at right guard division in the first round in their first round there I just. They need to build his office to. Any past Russian. Relations at us. Pressures. And I would love. And a perfect world. To move back to a three spots and Tikka Steve's book is tragic. I've put a mass saved him and his eyes and yeah I mean I don't fix it make a Fitzpatrick yet if they need a safety day that you may Mark Burnett as. Peek hole. It never ever to well it seems like everybody else water however everyone's here guider when Jane I think it on the gong. This guys ought to check it you know my memorial. Again I was free and in turn Jane maybe talked want a dollar piece on him I think Monday comes out. And he has snuck into had a snuck out alleged. Guys just so being strong. If he's got there yet strategies of the fall by gas that's why you got almost do your homework as some of these other guys. I like Steve does because. They have 45 boards set up regional table or was always different gear you know I always say ago. This guy's. Again I ask out all year we don't know I doubt now while. You would have a fear for Brian Gordon couldn't chip in any given everybody a chance to voice their opinion I think there's little right so you don't know where it's early though he never knew what Terry was going to to. Lists and our registry keys. They need quarterback and quarterback and work toward yes loan and I think that's Chicago even if they've got to move up. I love the war cute I love the war cute enough to move because of mine. I think that's regarding what they want I don't know if they begin their fourteen but thank you greeted human ten. And I think you move at a minimum amount go with that because I think that together in coming into play right away for. It gives you another big corner with a love speed and that's what today's game is all about then I think listen. Other they set up what you guys did I think you've got to come back again and go to court and at third round. The delegate to court relatively our first first or fourth round you've got to get to court just steal don't have enough. If you think you know what's quick Rollins I mean he blew his Achilles out he's more slot got in the more outside guys and I think from my Williams. I like him but who knows he may now be dislike. Then play a long time big during the but in these guys on the outside the need to redo that cornerback Aaron king all right you don't know if you can stay healthy had a certain offseason. With the it's imperative that they be get a corner and if. For a year ready for this come ready for this cop and was am I mean I know what they were barb says I haven't really liked when he books like Steve. I just started getting into the car crash site at a Velarde has not know enough to know who's out there who's gonna work and what we need don't even Ronald bit twisted but I. More than twenty books here one more columnists and Stefano tomahawk you're on the when he's been jeopardy. Yeah ambulance got. Yeah I'm. I'm more looking forward mr. but I have heard that because of the and gotten on the you know go to Korea. And at your current in hours and I feel like that is in a move back. I I can't wait I don't know what they're gonna puke but a lot of things that came to power structure. Are you Garmin have sued the Q club. Who can pick him up and it would end times and I we're not allowed isn't turns to run irons anymore thank not only at the preview good all the mingle. Now if you go in my car full coverage see once that happened I thought that's lag because they've basically. On. And is that a paid coffee runner up bridges there now that would be you know I can do that whereas my allotted by the way and yet we got it was freed out of street. In order to Reno. And them you know who. You don't. Really yeah how that industry ago yeah. Those commercials votes yes and not a government nation are gonna picture I disconnected Roberts who refuse to share I taught me well no big time was down there with artwork confirm that actually to rise work I've this is VG Mandela from you know pillow from pro you know an answer to get the wrong people's pictures. The amount. A programming note there'll be no Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck showed tonight. Before clippers game but I liked it here will be back with him mark on it'll be the Milwaukee basketball are tonight's Agassi who are like I can't handle it's him Michael Steve Novak is Cary Claudia Erickson here tomorrow on the big yes Tim will be an honest data that they no matter but I like to put it it's it's their favorite trailer right me into him. All your favorite tree and we post yup we jump on Lou please. Not a well I don't know where you lose your about the dog about mentality into. Now that. Anti American goad him immediately erupt dug it out mentality though yeah I just want our. I have a group there leading the yeah. You. A break their lot of guys out there who wish you were more active with just a little more and there is due in two who worked there are fewer exhausted having more energy when you know for the war for maybe you want to be more active. In your keys lives well mentality is here to help you mentality. Is a new health care facility. There has dedicated her premiere and just like you feel. Their third field finalized. And perform better when you suffer the effects of low testosterone. You're tired you have low energy he just don't feel like yourself anymore. When you were with the mentality you're working with Rio board serve for our positions in Rio medical facility. That provides the FDA approved talks wrong treatments and gave a lack of places meant to exposure. These guys Lejeune it was in the percents history. Do you think guys you want to be and make it important for your free. Consultation today mentality. In the more again that low key USA. Dot com let our weekly visit with Wisconsin Saturday John MacNamara right after this on the Wendy's based. Foundation read parts being so. Go back there has been my favorite renovating our. Look at Bristol brother. Okay do Brothers go to Bristol yeah what their name investor road home. I don't noted that the risk American dream. You know a lot of activity very like two because it defensive. What they want who well you Rhodes yeah my skills were off that aren't all that hard. I scripted the American dream very. There's nobody like that wrestling I think I'm probably a rock is usually the grotto zoo wanted to delicate it to you don't don't don't poisonous by you overdose rules yeah arrows and me clueless on date. And I don't give you two would L boiler 120 and how you look up in a pin. The American journalists here do you drove it up by and I. And it was debt problem is cigarettes what is just the general area he would do coconuts I did I spoke about your incoming. What I love counsel at all just wrote thank you nobody else could pull that I'll go back. That is the real clear victory. The American dream news. You Wear that away. Good now though. Did you wait again. I don't have to say I'm not at all. What about the way up till about. No and I'll bet he'll line up and leave them a good place hey good putt there. Does he wrote that a bad thing. What god damn dog out of my day. Oh yeah it's now or ever had a good day. And I've ever. What. And let's. Yeah they do a lot. Welcome you know. My dad. I'd like to act. As though it like it is temporary. It's are hard at 105 solid advantage with the hash tag big throwback in your enter for your chance to win a 25 dollar gas industry at the masters these you know who else has some really find my skills. Are Wisconsin insider preventable that stock down part of the rivals networking is John Mac mini joins us now. On the great midwest bank hotline hours this afternoon. I'm doing real well can't compete with dusty rose. I think I think you could follow dusty rose that's not a tough path to follow by email John I think you got this. OK maybe a doubt. I was -- yet John MacNamara as Twitter account that's at MacNamara rivals like I said part of the rivals network and I see. Now that that day and he hasn't committed to well he has committed to Wisconsin the running back Julius Davis. And he's still hearing from programs like Alabama and Florida State that's so that. The batters are pretty good company in terms of the other schools that they're recording with now they weren't always competing with schools like that where they got. Yet they deal when an early commitment from him last fall. In your at that time of that commit to Wisconsin with its first power five Auburn. European and take it a lot my career early in the you know this summer. David picked up offers from Notre Dame USC. Couple other schools and then he had gotten contact with him yesterday. It's an Alabama border state of reached out to him as well so I'm pretty amount of attention that any permanent stay crop with it it's certainly unique in. You know I can't think of the last times you know escalate US skier Alabama has come into the state of Wisconsin were skilled player since. It just doesn't happen so you know you receive a mystery you know compromise from a nominee calls. All this spar spring practice are wrapping up on Qyntel receives a sub back on the field right. Yeah so he's become as schedule I. But all of you know going there this spring that he would probably missed all of spring. Are rehabbing a broken leg that he suffered during the regular season but. Yeah I think yep big catch it gave that there are some video out of a big one etiquette to the end zone so. You know he he's certainly a guy that you know Johnson. Relied upon wording probably left here you know. We don't and is wide receiving corps and how good the freshman a look now he looks pretty good coming back. From his injury as well plus on top of the fact of of what failed leftover. From last year I would assume this this is gonna make or number of look really good this year based on all the weapons he'll have. Right no black Q you talked about you know how good the defense could potentially be here I think deeper look up to it. You know going into this season when he eighteen Eden. It it kind of slip where you think that the offense could be you know an elite group bring you know like you talk about receivers. You know if that group LP with protests he says it's. Any Davis of came up big true freshman season 88 Taylor can require you know those Edgar stab. In there's a lot of young guys on the quite that are that are kind of flight for playing time as well so. You know I bet that receiver positions probably that he'd that this bad. And maybe the most talented it's bad. You know the last tenured themselves so well Cordoba would have a lot of weapons there I edit the ball well and you know Heisman Trophy candidate is that the. Now we're agree with that I think you are fiercely primarily very and try to be the most dynamic that they've. Kind of been in in in a long long time or even if you look at the offensive line I mean there they're pretty much said the offensive line. Right now that you return. Real Americans. We're in. A ball bad call Michael either. And then you know you you kind of trying to find rap all those guys that are they're gonna have a situation where. You know maybe John. You know that deposition that offered the wind is is the deepest on the scene right now. Probably feel really good about and guys right now you could put into a game and so would get about so. Army it is a really good proper Joseph Rudolph they have it'll be interesting to see the five starters are some fault. What about I'm the defense aside the full bowler of the biggest questions. Leaving spring practice here in right for fall camp. Yeah there's there's a lot of question mark there I think it starts in the secondary where you know you know group of quarterbacks are largely inexperienced. You about the Carrie Williams who was. And you know you're nickel guy here for a quarterback last year. You start to come back injury. You would imagine that he struggled and as one of the starters and op opinion. It's got a wide open right now about it in Cologne. Who played the compressed in the past all the navy guy who emerged as a starter you know he's a Williams dot paper who graduated early. Are they on hicks so you know it they're really really young group right now. It'll be interesting to see who comes not fall camp because nothing is settled at this point this spring. Court will probably go big kid from Georgia far earlier what what roles he playing this year. Yeah Arrington for our love and so he started the state the big bump from the middle linebacker. And this year he's working at outside linebacker. You know right now he's in that too deep right now. You know and then you saw an index ought to be healthier crop your starter but. Opera art is built on the whole direction this spot right now and outside linebacker. I bring out east cellar in the positions so that you would expect in the big the big jump this summer all camp. I mean the guy you would expect the unit to be eaten any push for playing time starter. That's all you can kind of learn that position. Yeah I've I've got a question for you. Whose is quarterback did they recruited chase wolf is that his name. Yet es you because that they sign in the when he caught oh. Right I write this story got him talking about how the Urban Meyer in and those guys trying to. Recruit him even though he had committed to Wisconsin already and all that stuff and then what the story it said the badgers coaching staff. Wasn't allowed on campus of that high school not in Ohio what does Donald now. Yes so Jesse temple wrote the story right it's an excellent story I recommend anyone that he also Scott Reed at story. So you don't want hawkers Negroponte took over at Pittsburgh there was a kid committed from. They need your high school in Ohio and if you follow you know high school football nationally that that the power you know they have. You know 5678 guys every year they go division one so it's it's a big time program I'll. What was you know allegedly you know what's gotten in or commit acts and they doubt that they call credit that depth. Didn't honor a commitment from some of that school and head coach there essentially said. You know YouTube you'd be in Paul Kristen don't go along warlock recruit my eyes so you know what's interesting is that then Wisconsin like you match which peaceful. They landed their quarterback Matt Light for I get going behind the scenes are not going in at a high school. So if they're really fascinating story is just scene despite that I school go to court and up against the they can program but. It's what I read just use a great job of that story. I can respect that format head coach. While that you're that they went into the cookie transition there you know what what Paul crook and that is that look we would not have recruited you. If we wrapped it earlier so it is that if you find a new home now what's difficult is that the is that a lot sign. You know you only have a handful of weeks and I didn't score it is difficult not being you know for both sides but hypocrisy was open and honest up front. You know there's there's not a whole lot more than he can do there I think it that's it doesn't go to that score that have to transfer your later you'll much like our defense. Right now. That's always doesn't insider John math declaring he brought Steve McGregor yeah yeah. On his work at badger blitz dot com part of the rivals network and follow him on Twitter at MacNamara rivals and catch every Thursday right here. On the Wendy's big show Mel's appreciated. John MacNamara joins us on the great midwest bank hotline if you're looking for a simple and convenient pre approval process for your new home construction. Or renovation loan called great midwest bank committed to providing uniquely tailored common sense mortgage products. Since 1935. Coming up next week next Thursday Q club all of Wisconsin that's where our draft show will be with the aforementioned. 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