4PM: Are you worried the Brewers bullpen is running out of steam?

The Wendy's Big Show
Tuesday, June 12th
06/12/18: The Wendy's Big Show, 4 PM Hour - Does the early-season workload for the Brewers bullpen have you concerned that they might be running out of gas? Gary, Ramie and Sparky discuss on The Wendy's BIG Show. 

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The Wendy's big shells along with the former packer in badger running back Gary Allison and the one and only Steve Sparky Pfeiffer Anthony Mandela other side of the glass. I'm running back off later this hour about 435. Top Clinton gates spoke. At Packers mini camp today. And revealed why he hasn't been at camp and you're gonna wanna hear it it's coming up at 435 right now we wondered are you worried the brewers' bullpen. Is running out of steam 4147991250. You can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan. An and Sparky. I gotta say you you were the one to bring this question to the table of whether or not Amber's bullpen and pretty running out of stable show yeah. I just. I'm not I'm not a big fan of what's gone on here are brought the sub last week. As well I I'm a little bit concerned that while I'm giving you a lot concerned. A ball where we're going with this I just don't know if you can sustain. Jennings is pitching a lot of innings desolate Jennings this fall off the table. Right yes Matt Albers he's got the same either and now he's got while. They're saying it's right shoulder so what ever so he's on the DL not giving up all those runs last night. Revealing up in the night after you have bubbles runs but believe we will move on so he's now on India. Hater and in Jeremy Jefferson pitch a lot. Are they may also sustain. This level of success all yearlong. Where you don't have to have these pitchers go more than four and a half five innings and you're gonna go that bullpen all year I just think. Means to use some and I saying mama commercial I think you're playing a fire I'm I think they are far editing that's would you do and hear what happens round and how. I used allied do you with junior Gary the first star of the show too and I forgot good crowds can say you bridge and figure out there for another reading your buddy played with fire. Yeah I'm glad you put a fire you can get burned and at any time that's right and. That's Ronald concerned about right now and they don't. They don't really have bad guy junior garrison closes and after that guy right now they can give you. Six or seven innings consistently when he goes out strategist James Anderson yen and again this year like he was last year. He just hasn't Andy's mad that he's bad but he hasn't been back out you don't know what you're getting on a night in night out basis I did you really have to escape the first inning. To see really what he can do that that seems to be in issuing him along forward. The rest rotation has been hurt I guess. Very concerned about this I really am. Because let's face facts in his bullpen comes back down to earth and their middle of the pack bullpen to go of what they've got for starting rotation their debt. That's it's just that they're dead meat you can forget you can forget everything has a go into a tailspin. Quicker than you know what EU. Have babble and just fall off a little bit at this point I have to be rocks are because of their not rock stars. They are going to be in trouble. Plain and simple like you said before about the offense being issue of why they went last night. That that's going to be a problem now below the ones that grace you have is with this burst team is a place so well against the rest of baseball outside of their division. That they're able to stack games and win games that's the division games intend to be a problem specifically because. I'm super. As by you right now. While you're always surprised by it's weird. I've known you for fifteen years yet you can still surprise me. I think that's the sign of a healthy relationship but fresh yes sex who groupie can fix for its new. First of all you bid to maybe next to Tim Allen the most confident Burris ran. That I've talked to on a consistent basis during what I do for a living you have not faltered in your confidence with this team. Not one inch now since that since this season has started out. And every time of there is amiss that aura a step back. And I have a question I'm an anger about a certain facet of the brewers that may be struggling for a very short period of time. You look at me with that furrowed brow. And that vein popping out of deciding your head. Is that because they could hit the ball for two games now or revise or else the panic now everybody is supposed to be worried. About the birds and our offense because they did they couldn't score a run for two games. It's. It's one deemed dune it's one do not now you're on and off the bridge let me just one game and I sorry thing in this over the weekend and are playing a Phillies. When Jennings came inning and gave a what he did you go back and look at his numbers he was a rocks are like these other two dudes we're right in April. He was one of those guys as you back a look at the last it's now ten starts or ten appearances or saw and it's like his last twelve or thirteen. If he's given up friends and I think ten of them that was one of your natural life got in the back and bold and you won as. By oh maybe two articles with Courtney Love maybe you beat that guy. He followed up. Matt Albers held one in my guys early I think you'll be the closer he's called on. It's nice to lead the but he has yet been pitched well lately so he god sorry guys if you look at visible but right now. Hey OK Jeremy Jeffers five and two naval some are aware of some are against. One else who else are you roll with at this point in his bullpen that you feel every time body goes out there were good does that worry get through and we have that guys. Who's that guy for you outside those three. Nobody answer and at the beginning of the year you credit life. Guys that you were worried about six maybe double butter like golly we're gonna guy which is gay men in April you didn't worry about it all right you give others mass will be fine. Not to worry about Jennings he's he's he's going to be a man. Have worked out. It's not just today became public me over the weekend with a Jennings thing and I started looking at everybody else Samoan. They all wee hours or look at the rest of the bullpen here because this isn't as great as it was for the first two months. Jenny asked Dan Jennings the RA reached a season low 193. Back on May 24. It's up to 338. What does in his last final seven games of his team and James he's given up runs in five of his lag actually and on 2345. Of his last seven appearances she's given up and or drug. So that was one of your rock star so I don't think I'm overreacting. But I've had issues with this rotation to get what is it all year long and they're not giving you want performances and I've always been Natwest. You know like Adam a Calvin note guys up wildly overly worry about that the bull pencil goodies I get to five their five. But it's cool you catch up to them of their bullpen doesn't get fixed again and what they were doing in April and may doesn't appear to be sustainable. That's a concern if you can't get better starting pitching. Your manager doesn't Esther starting pitcher to go longer than 72 pitch speaking of rock stars that's all they employ over it Gary is good friends. Hyundai west Nelson Hyundai Greenfield. Agree locations yes I'm degree field. Honey where sellers to rate locations. To a major steps when you walk in the door to. Hyundai. Well go. Ask from a good frame. Dan richer former marine when you walk to distort Hyundai Greenfield. You have from your friend John's daughter. Also the sound is good dispute there is go back to gulp them down scooter in on us and really attempts to restore screwed. Who's an entitlement that's so much better yeah that's much better was also a former real ornaments and probably to get them now you know what whenever he was to be called EU does let me know done. Right yes yes that goes ready marine what do. I greater value a good does let me know and is there. Just judge pupils and go to the Honda dealerships walk in the door but in my name Gary Olson reaching anyone from the big show. And you're gonna get the best deal possible in the car inside the showroom floor. Parking lot. Really rock bottom price but the go to get their rights image in my name gamut beach. And you've got to do in reaching out to Jon Scott hunter agreed under it was Dallas to a great locations. To amazing Stan. Are you worried that the brewers' bullpen is running out of steam. Like Sparky is 4147991250. You can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan. Sparky. You're not totally overreacting. But maybe just a little bit. And I'm a try to make you feel a little bit better when the Wendy's big show returns and earlier from year right after the national. They we could match here on the Wendy's big show. Paying our respects to original guitarist of Fleetwood Mac Danny kirwan passed away last week at the age of 68 asking you right now. Are you worried like my buddy Steve Sparky Pfeiffer that this brewers' bullpen is running honesty 414. 79912. Picture you can tweet us at 1057. At them. The fans registration is now open for the twelfth annual Perkins restaurant and bakery is 1057 FM the fan charity golf outing. Call for registration in the twelfth annual. Perkins rest try to bakeries charity golf outing to benefit give kids the world is open like I said just go to get my perks dot com. Slash Milwaukee and sign up there. And now we'll have 8:10 AM shotgun start. On August 14 golf registration includes charitable donation golf cart Greenpeace and driving range. Foursome celebrity pairing with fan no sports media coaches. And former players like us at 10 AM shotgun start practice catered by Perkins restaurant in bakeries lunch and on course meet a who's. Catered by my guys over at Robert specialty meats dinner provided by the river club a Mac one. Complimentary nonalcoholic drinks at the hospitality stations one drink ticket per pay golfer. And opportunities to play in a variety of unique Od course contest cash and prizes. And on course raffles as well and they won a 57 FM the fan. Golf T shirt you get all that just go to get my purse dot com and register right now for the twelfth annual Perkins restaurant a bakeries. Fan charity and golf outing to benefit give kids the world August 14 tee he. Are you in golfing shape yet. With that knee. 'cause I've wrenched my back through the blood work a few weeks that we might be doubt if you appear fan posts here for him and I don't recover. Quickly we use an hour ago and brought Omar balls there all that cool. Yeah I think critical if you did that I'd I'd prefer you be able to golf here for your own mental well being a gruesome mean. That's sort so the last two years. We've. He's got the pies in the face. Problems here I got to literally see average for some. Five some of the people the work. Com throughout my whole site Lily I've talked everybody. New play with a group as a celebrity only to see hardly anybody in the nude scene of people and five field guide you in and that's and it gets an OK guys and your group or girls then you get it but it's you know all those people like. Hold during the pirate thing I know the same force and never come dressed let's go to man we talk about whatever is going on and so forth and one time I did ID like it. So this way at least sit over there where we sit during the radio show. They still have a chance interact with people as they come around the turn or wherever else you come over to respond to whatever is there is are going through. I just I I like that aspect of I really enjoyed my foursome last year. I've golf twice in my life right. Last year's golf outing this yourself at the feet. But the only dudes I've about life but I've ever golfed and I got the suds last year what I told by force of that. Like upon upon you know getting on the cards and and getting to our first told we're gonna golf. That there are a little bit irritated there Electra and we're really visible does the second time in your life that you ever golfer you have to carrier has opened down his court. But as the day wit they soda. We have now I think they warmed up Jimmy obviously the drinks were flowing a little bit drinking and it turned until I can entered it turned into like a team effort of making me to consider golfer like everybody give EB Ted's. Whenever I do something that was even some what good am I ready would clapped and cheered was real impressed didn't and we all took joy and and celebrated in the fact that. I became a slightly better golfer that day after I was pretty sure they wanted nothing to do with me to start the day because. These teams do get celebrity golfers that are good right Roy yeah right yeah that do know on a play and play a lot. So that was the absence of that and get a slaughtering SS only played once prior to that. Somehow winning okay not gonna win. Lets his kids can zero that's out of my spoken with a rock solid thing that Mike wicket in years past knew they weren't winning as soon as he walked that I wanted to use here yet but he was golf and what unbelievably great golf course if you try to win. Just pray just cross your fingers that your not a bad tee if you need help he won on the road. Although we didn't tradition blessed the previous year are finished in last last year we did not we're like middle of the pack I think considered pretty to countenance against another one Tennessee can't you know. A lot of people. Are you worried that this brewers' bullpen is running out of steam like Steve Sparky Pfeiffer is 4147991250. Can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan let's start with the numbers and Beth let's start there and the brewers aren't numbers but they're not using their bullpen more than anybody nationally. The bad news is the five teams that are ahead of them in terms of more innings pitched by their bullpen. Are not good baseball team's fourteen sessions at the reds the Dodgers the Padres and the Marlins. I'm guessing they've gone to their bullpen because they're starting pitching sucks is getting rocked the whereas Craig Counsell. It's going to restarting or is going Bristol and by choice source when he feels like they give him the best chance to win a baseball it. Now there are some pretty good teams that are in the same neighborhood as the brewers in terms of innings pitched by their bullpen Burris sitting at 246 point two the cubs right there at 237 point two. The Braves right there at 232 point two the Colorado Rockies have pitched their bullpen 222. Innings these are all teams that. Are either in the playoffs if the season ended today or are in contention for a playoff spot if the season ended today. I think this is a trend in baseball where you're gonna see bull pens get used more than we've seen in the past. The brewers are are. Ahead of that curve just a little bit and I think they're probably using their bullpen more than they'd like to. But because of the starting rotation being what it's been because the offense struggled. So badly earlier in the season and you're in so many close games that Craig Counsell felt that he had to go to those guys more often. You hope that the offense and it has already started to wake up and gives you some more comfortable leads for your starting pitchers or for the relievers. That are. Not Josh hater and Jeremy jumpers and Corey can able to guys who are less important to you can eat up some innings when you have a sizable comfortable lead. And take some of the pressure in some of the innings off those guys' hands. So I don't think it's it's it's panic time I don't think that the birth bullpen is at or anywhere near a crisis. But if you expected him to be that good. All season long. You were kidding yourself. I think a lot of people. What terrible and found it could be counter top final year long I think doubt was believed they can't be that could be anywhere historic I don't think day I don't think. I just don't don't they can handle this work globally that's my thing. And SN UK continue to go bad guys at seven pitches and okay adorable but for the last four innings. Yeah that to me shake my head and don't beginning OK this is cute it's working great. But now you have to start looking into the differently here and I think if you're David Stern's you have to go get pitching you'd do I don't. I just don't know how much longer you can wait what you have before you go get a starting pitcher or two who backing gives you six innings consistently honesty. As far as ERA goes the brewers a 12 and three in the National League throughout the year. And that's still the case Arizona 8253. Milwaukee at 827 know the cubs at 273. And then it's a big drop relative to what I just read there the San Diego Padres have the fourth best ERA for a bullpen. In the National League. It's a full half run more than the Chicago Cubs at 322 so I do still think that the brewers bullpen. Will remain one of the best probably in the top three throughout the entire season because. Josh hater Jeremy Jeffers and Corey can able are as good a back end of the bullpen as there is in baseball but those other guys. Gary's Q were about a month ago were your you know Steve. So they won't erotic. Ads numbers you're seeing embark. Steve you're seeing long haul during the remembering to thing he had gotten that yet but I'll tell you that the the numbers are now now as far as owning term as ours is for nine innings and ERA as far as innings pitched their numbers aren't so off the charts compared to other teams that are contending right now. Bull pens are just getting used more. And Josh hater because of the new wherever the right. Josh cater agrees saying boulder they'll be in the same old politics with the cubs with with the like I said the Rockies are a team that's been using their bullpen quite a bit. There are plenty of teams in the National League. That are contending right now were using their bullpen. Close to as much as to Burress not as much but close to as much as the burst and I spectator Jeffers and can able Gary to state. As good a back end of the bullpen as there isn't baseball. Despite the heavy workload that they're carrying but it's the other guys who I have been expecting a drop off from the Dan Jennings to Matt Albers. Of the world and again if you're expecting those guys to keep doing. What they were doing to start the season and the bullpen as a whole to keep doing what they've been doing to start the season you're kidding yourself. Other other parts of this team are gonna have to step up because that that part of the team. Will take a step back he's expected. Like a third fourth think. Did they need if they can do is true Frontline pitchers what they need. There they need a guy that. Craig Counsell can go to Dick into two separate. Added he's just following game he's been have to worry about it and that alleviate some of the pressure. That you may have on your bullpen. And just right yet are they can trust anyone or maybe there's no one there that can do a year according to Craig Counsell. I think yours that were to happen. I think there would ease some of the fears that Bear's teeth. Mean hair. It's funny we're talking about this and I just saw a Chicago sports station was promote in an interview that there are they doing Jon Lester here. And one of the topics I was asked Jon Lester was should Joseph Madison with his starters longer than years would listen I don't know belt tees meaning they threatening the same conversation in Chicago Bob their team and now buddy starters going under. Knowing John Lesnar opened his answer was yes yeah because that philosophy that's a guy who's prided himself on going 200 innings soda every year that he's been in the major leagues that house reading an article in the Tribune as the season was starting. Saying that the cubs had to sit him down. And explained that because of aid the way that the game is going but beat. The stage of his career that he's at his age we're now let me go 200 innings dude that's not happening. Yeah I mean you know Robert I think if you look at football mean Dave Barr radio ahead of the curve you know that way it's forests were more complex than anything else they wouldn't give much but. Just not working you're you're older guys are veterans I think you know the best of came into play at mobile Washington brought in Tuesday. In a trailer and I think you look at the Packers right now they've kind of gone crazy with a book. Did you do that older veterans a lot of guys just don't do much for I know Jordy Nelson Olympic years it. Having wanna Jordy Nelson biggest fears was going to Oakland and that he may get overworked. By. Grew. Because gruden likes to health. A hard grounded out practice vessel where you think you can get stuff done. I heard shortcoming he goes well well hopefully. Who knows no more older veteran and he just would Wear me out practice. It's tough for a lot of guys like Lester. Old school guys get down with the new Wear pink underwear adorned they've got to have some results first in order for them to buy. But from the brewers' standpoint. They just knew they need they need a guy today they can turn to Inco to me just. I think there what did you think it would do. Maybe a little or onwards trust and love it more often yet but I think that this is this is a new way this is Craig Counsell and managing style and you've got one. Because not everybody but if you had Claudia. You're more apt to do out agree. No doubt about it but I think if you look around the league baseball. Many of about a half that number one guy has an ace is good I guess I've said before there may be depends where you wanna draw the line. On what an actual aces there is maybe ten in the league written tops. So those are at he's not wearing team. Not anymore now on offense is still pretty good. Burger but not no he's not and it's you're an ace a sandwich making G. Thanks to Dietz and Watson reference yeah. Yeah. We know me you know we go will run record here. And because it's Tuesday the day after the big baseball game hold on board does not mean that we care and saying. Well in my Borg watched it last you know went down even though number eight. Was off the wall amazing New York yuk it doesn't quite go at it didn't quite go as we ago. But you know what made you use wonderful I had great food former sports them serve well. From Dietz and Watson we had a little apple would smoke and I am. Maple hunting him in my favorite the oven roasted Turkey that's fair to do certain. Couple slices of yellow chatter and don't share or just made me realize it's the moment with greens and good food. That count not in that game but I'm still no Chicago for its. Some Dietz and Watson next time you watch the big game. Perfect for my family perfect for Europe fairly that's why Dietz and Watson. Phase if they limit things or keep a fairly short so keep your sports fairly fair. This summer. Start by a local metro market deli counter and ask for beat him Watson by named Dick Jim Watson it's a prim. If you've been wondering where how hot Clinton Dix has been during voluntary offseason workouts that no need to wonder any longer he'll tell you live right after this I'm Wendy's big just. Seeing as. He Mac T games. Yeah yeah. And the EU's. Fleetwood Mac very tricky and Tuesday here on the Wendy's big show. Paying tribute to Danny kirwan original guitarist of Fleetwood Mac. He passed away at the age of 68 last week coming up at five will reset the big topics discussed on today's big joke. Give you the final say on him with Great Lakes dragway pickle line backers up in Green Bay. Reported yesterday for their first mandatory minicamp of the off season how hot index has chosen to or not attend the optional. Training camps are many camps that they've had throughout this offseason first appearance he's made at a packers' offseason function. As he opted to skip. The voluntary workouts that they had. Throughout the rest of the offseason and you found out now why and it's. Really two fold the reasons why. One his godmother passing away of heart attack at his commencement and graduation ceremony from the University of Alabama. And on top of that Gary is sounded like he was saying. I didn't have a contract that and I didn't have any contractual obligation to be here in the offseason. And on top of that might fit it was a time where my family sort of needed me and I needed my family. After a tough loss so I did what I was fully allowed to do which was not come because I was a contractually obligated to cubs that would what you took out of it I mean you are due later out. Which is OK Brett I mean a thing go. If you stick with the families. Good to me to have to be what would be devastating there where I mean. I'm graduating my grandfather or grandmother passed away had. My graduation. How tough was that sell damning and I gave delegates are you need good to hear your film even if you have contractual. Business to be here I think he fewer chose to be there or whip his family. Well one of the quotes that's not in there. And any yen because there are so many people. All gathered around these guys. News media sessions you know you walking at one point with your recorder in the new walk out. This quote here Clemens didn't get wasn't their furthest part pot clinics quote. This is from Michael Cohen I don't have a signing bonus to be hearsay double and played a big role in mean now being here. I swear on my godmother not making it it's kind of like I can just stay home on my family enjoy my talent time so this is why I have downtown grandmother. On this as godmother according to. The quote yeah I heard god yet it could win this season kicks off it's just opt in it's just me up here any Wisconsin. That's life. Goals. Blanco is out from time to time. But this year I'm saying not to have their bonus and there though honestly because I would have definitely big here for my money. So that to me. Reading that quote from Michael Cohen from eichel index tells me he wasn't here has you losing it paid to be here so he wasn't com. That's exactly what he says. Is if he would had he said he doubt we would have been here for my money and equal. Well yes it was going if he had a contractual obligations to be here to Fiat and letters and he would have been here yet. So if he would've lived up to his obligation but given the circumstances I was in don't have money I'm not coming. No and given the circumstance said he was in and the fact that adding that he wasn't contractually obligated to be here is thought it was probably better for him to stay help. You know the the green bay Packers and account or how they operate. What do given the money even had he not came to that. If she is god mother passed away. And he told them there they would've said OK because they've had guys who have not. Com. And they were OK with. So I think that to mean supersedes all the cast of the board. Are they gave sixteen batters out just told a goal we ought to be here. This mini camp the slayer half or judge your great we don't need you here what started training camp. I owe it. So you'd and so you know they accuse them an opportunity to do. Where Padilla and yet it seems so young is always going to be where are you more individual attention. Who the second time players and coaches. He's got to stock and today raising the rookie wide receivers. Raised in the Q wide receivers a lot of low from the coaches and that's what those and that's what you know. Those guys do when those guys and girls older veterans doorways as a younger guy you've got to give and you've got a dollar ripped you can use. You don't mops local mob and judges give the in the U you don't radar in danger rating go. We in twin training camp starts Angela. So that's what that's about that's where they don't want to to a fault the veterans don't need to second. This team has always Jong I can give coach of some Asia. Or otherwise it would futures to. I'm totally tied with the I don't know about you guys I've I mean I almost never ever problems the guy. Holding out if you wanna call it that to get to get his money but especially. Under these circumstances. It's bright especially under these circumstances aren't see how anybody could take issue with that we got a couple tweets while the press conference is playing. Along these lines from Cody says so the job reporters pressed hi hi Tommy tells them about Zandt. And they still ask the contract question they just could not letting go but it wasn't a hold out they couldn't handle it. That it wasn't the answer they wanted what a joke and okay yes says those reporters pressing how Honda's ad since nine giggling. While they are insinuating that it was contract related are absolutely despicable I didn't hear that did you guys risks you did you heard him giggling I didn't hear delinquent. Who can play back the reporters at what point right in the beginning when masked. He said it was personal reasons as what he says I think as and they giggled and an asteroid. Is personal resentment and do without being a contract ball a look at that part okay I thought their timing ordinary ending when he said what happened. But they were giggling in the beginning and ask for real and how wasn't giving it up and any finally did it. I didn't think the line of questioning was out of hand at all I mean that's our McGraw I wonder if log. You're damned if you do dim view dough right because they always say that the media here is very soft and we don't push for stuff and then when they do push yourself. You know despicable despicable. There's laughing going on. Behind me because those guys probably assumed. That it was about his contract because he is an excellent for a year. And so that's probably not right there's probably not good but asking the course and you have the principles that portion of future. We're gonna turn the attention back to the birds among some other things and Great Lakes drag away. Pick a lane and just a few minutes here and that big baseball series with Chicago going on this week at Miller Park and after tailgating before the game or watching from home. Make sure the food your serving up on your guerrillas from Robert specialty meats. 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