4PM: Do the Brewers have to answer the Cubs?

The Wendy's Big Show
Monday, February 12th
Gary, Leroy, Ramie and Sparky ask if the Brewers need to answer the Cubs after they signed Yu Darvish over the weekend.

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Great show a lot of listings marquee fight for an archer former Packers gear Elarton who arrived Butler. I'm running back off coming up a little later on this hour. What are we doing at 430 yeah that's right argue triggered if people get it to that. Right now we wanted to do the birds have to answer and overpay after the cubs go out. And get Yu Darvish this weekend 4147991250. Where you can tweet us at 1057 FM the fan don't forget about the talkback feature on the fan at just hit the button. And the the 32 voicemails let's WR recalled from give us your take and play back. Right here on the air so Sparky delivers have to respond now that the primary competition the favorites in the division. When Adam bolstered there at their rotation even further. All the fans who think you have to go for it this year not. And all the fans howl. Much oval window you think you have right now or do you think there is a window right now. If you figure two pitchers away. From competing with the cops. Yeah I think. Right now I mean you can argue the nationals the cubs may be the Dodgers those three teams are the favorites in the NL at this point. Your two pitchers away. To. Nets knowing I did you mean also Mac and that's assuming Jameer Nelson is right when Jimmy Nelson comes back which we don't know yet either earth we haven't seen. So assuming Jameer Nelson is right when he goes back in June you need to other stud see old with him in that rotation. Now back would be to trade back to be two free agency or however you wanna do it if we're talking about competing. Now all for division title and now for Vienna. But if this organization looks edits as we got five years to get this done. Well then there is no rush you don't have to rush to do anything you win setbacks young season plays out and then if you want to add a piece of the deadline if you're still in it. When you can add a piece. App today they're doing and almost and that's that values and that's what did you gave McCain a fighter deal you gain yell it's a five year deal it I think you ran out and you say that to win that idea here's. Not according Martin's Garcia. At that cuts which can win this thing. Marquette and us he has said and off or add on deck a couple of weeks ago we decided winning in 2018. Was as important as to win in 21 teacher and. And winning winning can be 82 grade three games he's not get to anymore. So back Indy win I think that's what he meant why don't know what he met I'm just tell you nobody admits I'm just telling you. That they won last year without trying to win he said why wait for point one he let go for it now what is go for me and beat. And I'm not saying he has organs and use his bus ticket not on asset unless you're a complete idiot which I don't know and I think he is or isn't that was my statement. Then if you look at this rotation that say you're gonna compete with what Chicago has. You are an idiot because they're not yeah. Thank I don't know that's what he thinks I think I talked to this guy since they just made ideal for Darvish I know ordeal mark things right now I'm not. He hit jade is why after the dog is always an honor don't you must you know if he thinks the first good date with the cubs with out adding. A pitcher or two or really too. Yeah then he's Canadian jogger. What else judges disagree in. These caps a question. They know you're rushed to your your current. I have your current. Because they each house things that they are here we go it is extremely couch and I'm sure there are daily task is now I have to defense. I'm just yeah yeah he's sexier sixties. Sounds are still a he says they can still win the division without adding a Pritchard the rotation. Apparently chuck Freeman agrees with them. Solid value at which have Dulles you do. Most to believe they can't win this vision without adding a starting pitcher Tim thank. I'm not I'm not certain non union tonight you know I I still weekly. Embodied idiots I would guess symbols say no they can't but. I'd I truly as that your favorite order. To get this is hopelessly optimistic awesome awesome pass there I'll. How you can use any type of comments as with most people say I lack. And look at that rotation for Chicago and look at your rotation with chasing Anderson exactly these. Shot scene and then either Woodruff Souter garlic junior Gary and say oh yeah out will compete with the Ers starting five. Sorry and that a huge question mark we Jenny Nelson Donald how good he's going to be. We all assume he's going to be the same Jameer Nelson as last year but like Jabbar you we little. We will not always. And how Long Will take him again up to speed to get back into the groove again. The question is the burst out. Answered over pay. My answer that always had my answer to that is no. They now because they've got five years so now they don't have to answer and no they don't have to overpay right now. They don't know what what are you say you'd think amber is have to answer to the cubs signing of Yu Darvish. And overpay in the process 'cause that's what is gonna take if you want one of these free agent pitchers for white. I war I've yet Soledad yeah legend text they would head and just play. Brent militants on inaudible. You wouldn't have finally and you really have no idea there was no window at all prior to these challenges are losing did draft picks. Al was the plan boys can win day accelerated the process yeah. That it onboard. Or 1479. Natural fit you you can tweet is 1057. And one thing I've noticed was the one thing you noticed the only other thing that does. Matter of the pro football player and it doesn't matter of as a pro baseball players it doesn't matter of as a pro basketball player. Aren't favorable or paying others you guys. All I. Our hoc argument owner. Guys. I'm the oldest Major League Baseball above I don't not a Resnick wild see what they can't do is get a six a once when he five. C Roddick can't do. This. Don't you know aids oh. You hate rush costs commodity Kelly and about don't pay all or pay every people got. Pale that's exactly were on code for him to camp out of the noisy it facetiously. I'm straight 1 hand well I am I didn't notice now that if I cheer on some of draft picks I don't know it at a beach don't get Archie 'cause I know Ramallah I know you are hard. Time relating to an athlete who's making millions of dollars a year I understand that but well. To me if there is plenty of money there were talking about billionaires and trillion there is that on these teams. And they're making money on topple what they already have our does our report from rich church in the Milwaukee business journal says the Bucs are now worth a a billion dollars plus they double the mob billion dollars and lots itself if I have to decide between Marc Landry west CN n.'s etc. keep that money in their pocket or giving it to the working man. Or if I'm talking about markets and not CO keeping that money in his pocket or giving it to the working man that is the player. I'd rather go in the pocket of the working man and the watched the rich get richer. That's just me personally. You know this Graham a and in this small weren't as small as not these smallest market asked. Has. More than the ranking and Tom on zoom while the arena to arena well that's partly why there. Value went out is because after you arena because of the practice facility all that call is woman's cell. You get all that and it's all brand new so we all benefit that that's why the valley well. That that's why as Austin but one that stadium built for peace if the rich keep getting richer and the working men and get his slice of poppy going to be able before pro flowers for Valentine's Day Sparky the thing intentional the box and doing for the working man. You've been sing everything that's gone on with all of the jobs there creating ask either paying off yes you know. In just nine yes sure I'm talk that's that's another working man the players are working meant to just just making sure aren't just making sure having is great with their. Hoosier Ballantine and what do you love most about them. Well I'd say this much. I got my gifts for my bounds on GM's remind me a mine over the weekend I gave her her flowers last week before the week beginning got your site is more kind of way ahead of the game. For Valentine's Day and she load the roses I gave her from parole flowers dot com. Just gorgeous red roses cover his beautiful box. Comes with a nice Bay's flowers. 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Tweet this show at 1057 FM the fan we'll hear from you when the when he's racial returns. So it is big joke. Around him back off that scary dollars and packer all of Aaron Rowand. Wanted to only in our dog I ever. Well I'll and a rest you're right now and the Bruins have to answer him and over pay. After the cubs got Yu Darvish over the weekend on a six year. 126. Million dollar deal for 1479912. Victory can tweet us. At 1057 FM the fan Sparky says the window to compete despite years with geology in Kane. Under contracts for that long time LeRoy says you got Yeltsin came because you're trying to win. Right now you gotta run against somebody to help you try to win. Right now what say you 414. Zell is central fifty or tweet us at 1057 FM the fan yes market the Nazis said. And conduct a couple weeks you'll why wait for 20/20 we decided winning in 2018. Was as important as to win in 2020s with that mind the birds have to respond. And overpay. After the cubs gave Yu Darvish 4147991250. G witchy things. While they should stay. I think they're good blitzer and army I think. By the good changes you're going throw money away they've they've got to be a little bit more. Awful about the process they're gonna go through. Okay actually it all calculated India and destroy I think you've already overpaid in my opinion. Our stress yourself out into Lorenzo Kangyo. I think I think you could you know I think you could the last couple years and it do you mean you would think that issue. You've already cast first a little bit in the viewer rhyme bronze gonna keep him. So I don't know if you go Loudon. Pay big money to a picture. And in his deal like if you look at what you garbage got to our ordinary repair a huge arms deal for. Milwaukee Brewers Barbara did good got a not a bit should have got somebody in their twenty Rami. I might do some six years but I wouldn't do. Someone asked 3031. For six years as you know what's gonna happen in and a deal. So art art I think they should stand pat let's just play it RC where they are and figure out after all star break and Guzman but. When you're new look at these rotations and you look at these rosters there in the the cubs are the clear cut favorite right after reading Darvish it was kinda close before that after the comes at garbage there the clear cut favorite right. There. And you made these movies. So that you could compete with the cubs doesn't this sort of take the wind out of those sales if if you don't now make a move to try and keep up with them. No I don't think you've got to go nowhere your role as an organization as a teen years you could you can really put yourself behind eight ball. If you're running people with the cubs just go for the cubs go over the co pay pay your money in the and you gotta be the brewers rootkit because. The Bruins have to be the brewers and they don't rely on me social knowledge go back to what you've always done and and and that is. You know you're rely on some of your your arms as you have done in a minor league agencies some sort of those guys develop remember you you hit him being maybe you bring a couple of those. Or electric chair before barely got his 26 years old out there that you think you can take your chance of regular fives that you deal to I'm good with that and far less money. I think you go that route I just think you can't. You can't. You know that that they can't be hit themselves on anything they of the coasters are enough. No not they're not going to spend with the cubs I'm not saying that they should. Sparky said this before they're gonna need to pitchers before all is said and done if you plan on keeping up. But just with the cubs but with the again that's good to me to imagine a panic move would be going out. And inciting those two guys right now spending whatever you have to spend decide those two guys right now that's that's a panic move in my opinion the top two right via. I'd I don't think that is necessarily panic king if you go out inside one. Of the free agents that's left on the market right now and then sort of sit back and and wait for the trade market to figure itself out between now. And August 1 and then you go get that second picture a pitcher I think he got to get one of them now because if not. You run the risk of being out of contention. Before the trade deadline even rolls around or June and then this is one of those five years that you have the coaching cane and you made these moves for. That's right down the drain before September even comes. I don't know about I don't know buy out of contention and defense how early you can Jimmy Nelson back giving Els and I was back in early June. Yet to survive two months without those without Jim Nelson the rotation. I don't know bundled up like they're not gonna be like twenty games that are 500 they don't get a starting pitcher and that's what it is. But but I don't think they're gonna be probably much better than 83. The party moron 500. 83 win somewhere in that area because not yet to face Darvish. Numerous times throughout the years are probably cost you more than likely a couple of games to base and how the rotations match up. As well so I idled the ads doom and gloom as far as all Boyd and Alison there seventy win team relating to Darvish not. That's definitely not it in any case or situation. Boy they will need to have happen is they'll need to Kolb pitchers to step up and pitched really well Jay's Anderson has officially Jay Sanderson pitched last. Zach Davis passed official exact Davies did last year a more consistent as he he was kind of up and now. You need Woodruff to bounce back in. Instead of say you'll funny guy art and all the raw is guy would be nice if he actually looked the way he was supposed to look. What he did two years ago junior Garrett could come back. I'd pitch well that would be a huge bonus it's huge bonus for this rotation if he came out with a three something ERA. Huge then all of a sudden the rotation and look all that bad. But that lot if call maybe ease that you have to have all goal right for you verses certainties. It viewer to go get too proven pitchers are put into the Earth's rotation. Let's go to the phones let's go to Matt downtown your on the Wendy's patient what's up Matt. K now I can't really keep that we need to go all signed an eight. Starting pitcher you look at the small market team to succeed at. Sixteen bit by getting at all so there's an hour and I have been very young. Starting pitcher stepped up big first he would like to self spinning at that we get our shot like the royals what what. Big ankle allow this site that you or Terry or Jewish or making under a lot. Now they got big debt they get James Shields in the trade that was their big deal from the royals are for no reason. I've seen she'll be back great. He was good for now skip we kept Y all go out terror watch starting pitcher you always. Say hello all I pulled I want second on site I want an eruption but almost like so it if you say to Kansas City Royals. Then the team we that was spanning a ton of money in their division was the Detroit Tigers so. They had the tigers and they had to worry about spending all that money. And the brewers have a cubs that they have to worry about spending all their money right so that NASA compares America. But the problem is you also have the cardinals that you have to worry about to do the brewers who. Seemingly every year outside of maybe last year. Are kind of in their hunt every year they already made did move deal sooner this offseason so it's not just the brewers and cubs you also can't forget about the card. I agree with I'd think of the cardinals are kind of wipe it out I'm. I don't think we have to worry about it Backstreet fight urged the they are at every year I just I have a feeling that. A change that can be all all person opts for the this year. I hope you're right I'd be helped kill that you know trading Alvaro she over packaging your work I. Getting one's starting pitcher signing and he connects seat which you guys stepped off the plate. He's been hurt at all what you number chain or she quite this year give or what Kerr shot and Jack we don't know what's gonna happen with hater. I think it's Jupiter if we go out and try side any pitcher over or it's not what you are Christians at the spot. There. Did you want him last week match. As well OK only you and I. First. Record is really governor barge hole for a NASA Islam I excellent skiers and so a lot of people on Twitter. After the Yu Darvish signing. Saying along the lines of what our collar their dissent is going to be a flop that I'm glad they didn't do this this'll be a horrible deer for deal for the cubs. I don't know what on good authority that they write down your names when you're saying just the opposite the weak now there were a lot of people saying just the opposite last week now there have been quite a few people that I've been anti Darvish and that was and his radio station on social media. I'm I have seen consistently. Anti Darvish anti Chris archer. And seeing only to the same people that have been against ball for the last you warm in here. Well there you go why don't yesterday morning now he's not a community a music. But everybody holds the poll seasoning and stars that's that's really what this is all about. Rob Johnson the and I'm Chicago I'm not paying for the regular season campaign to win playoff game the World Series games and it doesn't get done and he's a flop. I mean that's it. I don't care demand winced when he regular season games but because in the post season. And has a five ERA. Then it doesn't matter that you won't want that that. Bob Bob the cubs that's how I look at. Even if they win a World Series let's say as a Yossi as a rough post season but they still around got when the world you 145. Million dollar sent in 3-D Anderson. I need more than one. You're gonna have to give me more than once I get it or not I'm not the owner of the cubs I mean you know it if he's the richest man in baseball got blossom. He's got a pond revenue coming in from all the deal that they get around that state to renew in that stadium. So I'm sure he's got eight Holland a money coming up plus TV deal radio deal. All all the merchandise sales and everything else I'm sure they're loaded when money and that's what the brewers have a hard time competing against these guys. But for me. I thought all this money out there. Yeah I'm gonna need more than one ring out of this whole run of 678. Years whatever it's gonna end up being before this thing. Central America otherwise. I'm talking. Earlier today. After Elena who has listened to about. Who was it was the guy out how he too is Chris Russo. Men don't match and a year ago back on TV right now on an Alina it. Talk about how you'll get breasts Austria's house that is a big fan you'd still. Get a lot of credit. For building EC. And you can't practice our systems you can't knock is international signings you cannot orchestrate. What the one area where he seemingly. Has not done nearly as well is free agent signings he's had free agent signings blow up in his face the brutal one over like six of them. That we're just. Horrible deals Hayworth he called one of the worst deals in sports news Dodgers baseball just in sports in general want the worst deals and sports. Odd that he paid this guy anyone over they do it like five or six of I never would reported to gathered to dig up all the deals that he's had gone bad dating back to Boston. And Chicago with the cubs so as a burst and put a smile not facing an okay well that makes you feel a little bit better about the situation and it doesn't that parents areas in. He won in Boston and they want Chicago. With field feels one bolt he broke both senses. Up and they brought the only two win. At the higher in eight years of being. Everything and it did up until then to me is recess. Now. What's recess I it was a bad contract. I don't know what he's saying is a no deal came Boston. Yeah I went and brought free deals he's been a lot of money at guys that produce the numbers yeah and out here Hayward is operatives into the numbers he's getting paid. As well now you're saying rightly say which is. I don't care how much money you spent one world Syria. I'll wait seven years to get what world's. And yet they went out not necessarily outlet that Hayward deal ideas that ugly if for example is wearing contentious World Series for the first three or four years in like you have a real shot at a World Series year end and year out for the next four years. Darvish and Darvish was a big part of that he was worth it. If you shot yes you don't need to ring there'll be a plan out because you know my stance on the right rings are important you know that's why I was old enough now. And I'm not your golf lover or what are we gonna probably implant had a chance lesson plans that would have a chance to do work at night renderings aren't important rings are the ultimate goal that's what you're shooting for every year and you do everything in your power to get that ring. And and there are things that out of your part out of your power that you dissent hope they'll right right it's never it's never World Series or bust now. Never brought. Are Super Bowl or bust or nothing else like a set all the different people you. Absolutely no estimates showed up more to the brewers have to respond and overpay after the cubs and you Darvish over the weekend 414. 7991250. Can tweet us at 1057 FM the fan they need a boost you might need to boost out there and Gary Ellis and as a guest for. As you were talking. Ball hard work out. I have coached my science will see yourself in the engine yet and I you know I love it. Along in great shape and being in bad shape journalist Gerri help. Me. Out in Norwalk. You can find them low to USA dark now. I bet there are a lot of you guys out here who wish you were more active with just a little more energy. Maybe it's getting through with the working with golf you're an exhaustive. Had a more energy we do you know home through the wives or maybe you want to be more active. You can live well mentality. Is here to your. You mentality of the new era here of fuel that is dedicated to helping me and just like you fielder bats. Feel revitalized and perform better. When you suffered the effects of low testosterone. You're tired yeah low energy and you just don't feel like you're suffer anymore. When you were mentality you're working with more Boris are frock physicians in a real medical facility. There provides FDA approved. Testosterone. Are treatments. They get this folks are like other places mentality. Takes insurance these guys are legit with 9% success rate. Beauty got you want to me. And make it a poem for your free consultation today at mentality. In Milwaukee again that note to USA. Big show Great Lakes are way delayed covered up. That's there BLX. A bill baby dodge red leaf whose disappeared during the break it'll be here at six along with Tim Allen for hot stove weekly from six until seven Paul Wagner former brewers pitcher. He joins them at 535. They play the game on paper or they don't play the game on paper. The reason he never lets go to Josh and today you're on the Wendy's big show Josh let's say user. I don't think. Are a thing or. Made forma upload much. Starters thing you know you're ever guy who spent seventeen and seventeen. Are simply came back from surgery. And our wins and losses don't matter for pitchers. I understand that really I mean you to track area are from the rotation you you put our players. You haven't they also they didn't have Jose can tonne from the start of last year so they've added since last year started if you don't compare the rosters from the start of last year to the start this year. Because of added to Frontline pitchers. Okay and you got that I was at the B Tyler chapel is that correct. OK so I mean yeah I think numbers to me to pick up. They want more pitcher but I actually. Think they can wage should that would guarantee that compete with the cubs. For. Are gonna out on last year. And yet you bring up you know can targeting adult probably should include opera or who your ball on better. I'm looking out you know it's Internet the beat keeper Ian Anderson gave that they have like they have last year. Or maybe stop off for even if they regress slightly. I think they can put up similar type. When totaled a bit last year and man from. What Nelson on the shots I current pick and wait curse Eric I would rather wait and I'm. 121. Year ever are due for Darvish. Guidance I don't I don't I was really against it repealed that there are met him in the first place. Uncle al-Qaeda are just a little bit back or go. Josh let me ask you two quick questions or do you want the brewers to win now. After after the after the Kane and yellowish trades is that means that more urgent in your mind that the Burres. Win now and take advantage of this competitive window starting in year one of their contracts. So me we're a little conservative this year and that kind of once or back up he's an outlook that that they've made moot now. Among killed that you think I think the next two years between this year boxer think. Are going to be one may need to start. Be marker out of our. If you do you think then if if you. If you do think they should win now are at how how are they water to pitchers away from competing not just with the cubs but it with with the competitive teams in the National League in general. I think they are tender one pitcher oxygen you know away from in competitive okay. I think you know our debate go on you want our goal to figure out overspend now maybe that we looked at my when you are. Our Margaret look you guys. Arm I think. To me I'd like all right the idea Chris larger writers on all but right arm to that article. You are a couple guys hurt and you can throw in there. From that actually in our whole urban so I'll give back for a topic you can. Our dominate anybody here a year or you know there. Are a great number 23 RER. Server Obama or fire. The first couple on you know. Thanks for the college Sri creation if you think there early one pitcher away. Likely to Jason Nelson means to me Nelson being right there early what then you can weigh. Tigers and then you can weigh what he said competitive right that does not mean winning yet now that means being competitive for a playoff spot. And they are one pitcher away from being competitive for a playoff spot that I agree with yeah they're tool away from competing for this division and the now. After piano is now the kudzu the Dodgers a nationalized it too I mean two and Jim Nelson right right yet so that Firefox and if you need to. And if if your window to win starts now starts and 2018. I think he ought to go and get one of those to right now. Both of them right now you can trade brought inside I know but I'm saying that the archer is not much stroke I don't think stroke its contract is gigantic I'd have to look at it but. Bring those other guys you can do yet. 88 if that's something that you're looking at Dillon it's a little instruments contract here artist Romans deal. Here. Mean 3.4. Million dollars last year right arbitration year number two is this year. 26 years old third every arbitration 2019. Arbitration fourth year 2000 when he free agent in 2000 point. Yeah and though and that the guys are out there to trade right now on the same as ours what you have to do now. I think if you think you need to pitchers you got assigned one now and you could trade for one out week I think that the the second pitcher you can wait for. Until the trade deadline I had an option I'd rather trade for one inside one. I think I'll be what slot I'd rather trade but I think I'm with you and that they need two more and a healthy Jameer Nelson right so I say get one now. And if the trade is an out their four year. Then wait until the trade deadline and I think you can be good enough to hang around the cubs in the rest of the playoff picture. Until the trade deadline comes or somewhere between now on the trade deadline and then you get that second pitchers he can swing with a big. As I say I am is I'm not in them I'm not in the mood overpay in these guys that are a lot. I'm just not so they don't wanna come on three or four your deals and I'll need a little move on. And let's see we could trade one of these other guys sit and worry about finding the second pitcher like that that's that's all I'm saying I'm not. I'm Mike given air yet six at 130. Or six out one to 45 or something like Beckham terrible Darvish net. Not happen if you want to come here for and all hundred OK but I'm not long past four. Speaking of deals that are better than anywhere else Gary Ellis is here to tell you about his good friends over at an analyst knows are friends over at how many days where styles of how are 100 and Arthur avenue. Folks just were there doing. I know Valentine's day's run run a corner. But if you look into the future special sudden something a nice new shiny car. My dear friends over red Hyundai. Less dollars and give your best deal. On a new or used vehicle right now today. Tortured or friends out Sith lord. Dane Richards is the general sales manager. Former former marine. You're my good friend Brian Butler. That is awful that these guys are there to help you facilitate video to hear you get the best deal. On a car there's pop. Which you must know. Is that I have mine used. Genesis on the lot right now ready for sale. Get the best deal policy Denmark that did you draw on that she's mark down because that's the way we were. More down. To sail to you right now and like you start me also. Can hug you. Imagine telling your friends as well car that hon Gary that's hugging you now we all holes. The. Go to your friends out today would you cited for a about it youths where you sign headrest should yeah. The only time one address the only thing Obama's signing it internally thing about that room yet. When you lean back a little but I like carpet on the back of that yet and you put him on against Mars because kids preparing. Don't want that all men homework nine bought that car I've kids that's what's nice apartment yeah. Go check them out today honey honey let's go smoking an awful hard. LeBron is not the only guy happy about tonight he's a whole new guy over in Los Angeles when you think of it now it's the Wendy's big shall be right back. I'm. You know young team. Like you know and that's my style place and I'm excited about the opportunity on your company's web bus tour. Let's start ups and I'm excited. Advertising it's not. Ask your back porch and point guard out lakers point guard moiso is even when he's doing what I think I'd like here are less now and go on out no matter. To mega fauna problem and wanna hear what he's such an era. Way yeah down yen from the way yeah that's. It's a good thing and it's immediately. People tell me capital W we'll tell me how kicked my coverage all the time and I'd take no offense to it whatsoever had no Kirby is just keep assistant captain meg is there. It's did acknowledge inseparable thank you very much right now about that promise Holland on the right to keep gold medals Isaiah Thomas now he's the material 22 point. It's in his lakers debut after things went like very very wrong very very fast for him. In Cleveland what do you think by team now 414. 7991250. You can tweet us at 1057. FM the fans argue pointed out last week that it wasn't just the behind the scenes issues that we had heard. With Isiah Thomas since he got to Cleveland but he was we don't have the audio either is not very good on the court. Escude I told you I should have told about the article I want to play a that was the one you moderate thought that was gonna wanna go I've plenty of an hour. Modano tonight. Like you don't and that's my style place so I'm excited about the opportunity of your help in any way possible and I superstar it's I'm excited. Now that's not it OK I'm what is what we're used to it yet so listen in this this is my deal with with Isiah Thomas. Last week as Romney pointed out. And I said maybe we should play the conspiracy music theory before I said it. He said put it this your goals the lakers and all the sudden remembers how to shoot the basketball. And I'll shut sought and starts playing really well again after being complete piece of trash on the basketball floor for the Cleveland Cavaliers this entire time. I'm going get really really mad because as much as you don't wanna say some really screen. Volumes as to the fact that that may be it what happened and Isiah Thomas when he was in LA. And it's a situation now where you look at it and now I'm convict her Hinckley and during Cleveland entered manually Cleveland I'm convinced. That that may have been what was going he didn't wanna be there so not only. What is their problems in the locker room because to him and Jay Crowder and those Boston guys in their help in Nevada locker room bush got Dwyane Wade you know LeBron decides that he's running his mouth trying to have this his guys cited locker room. I'm guessing maybe I'm wrong I'm just LeBron I want the most vocal guy and a locker room or this whole thing just trying to keep it all on the down low. Now Isaiah talking media after every game throwing Tyrod Lou under the does throw everybody on the bus well on defense it's all about you're on your own island nobody held some offense original passing data data back. Never talked about how bad he was point. Now against the lakers they try to the lakers his agent with acquire all on the bottom of ESP had an NBA no work in capital letters. Said Isiah Thomas will not come off the bench in LA. And that that's what is accurate I think it will not all bad letters. Animal in all but this is not going to be good news group. Is not going to be a good look at all. If you goes there now so are sort of effect. So all what happens he comes off the bench. And he went out there and he played. Anyone know what we're. He looked like Thomas Austin didn't. Sure. Didn't look like there was their issue. Whatsoever. Overtures to him play with a bronze. He thinks he's LeBron quote. I want Chris this was that audio I was looking for Ronnie quote I wanted to bring something to the table I followed I got my power's back playing on this team. Here are just said it dude you've got to be kidding me. How he did a ball under the basket all the sun. He's going into the other they back barriers and as bad dudes give me a free agent you have I you can absolutely have to do. Even have a all day. And we'll see how much he gets paid the offseason. And all that but. I just I. You can't tell me could score the basketball Cleveland you can't tell me that. It's called accidents and also and now we can score now that he's pleased with the lakers and away from LeBron approval point. Now Dick crater Jae Crowder elves and learn how to play too and his new team. That's a budget as a bodyguard when others are. Was that it was in the locker room I think that because little guys allegedly or whatever it was the browser. He's in leader he had me get a fix everything they win. It's all around you lose is all of Iran is out and to bring his guys together and you had this. In agreement and I know that ever happened you did you having remake Jerry in the eighties where US bears players from Dick are coming to your locker room. Right force when a lot right. Okay cars which you all got to run at you Ed McMahon in yours yes and may not at all. It's seeming Michael and I love mom may Malkin. In this situation here no dude. Hated the cavaliers do one not a dual abroad hate what they were all about catering into with them they get tried it how did you take out. Everything being equal in Bosnia professional get over this move but you know. Think that's exactly what happened. Think there were a lot of stuff gold out of that locker room because of everything and a nap in the robbery everything out and it was is never going to work. And that's what I Hannibal all up and that's why everybody all the Sunday evening Cleveland as laugh and have a good time lenders relaxed. Those do not let everybody is happy now what are out there are relaxed and happy wage doesn't have to fend for his guy anymore he can go back. To where he wanted to be with in the beginning Jerry title one and retired Miami so he gets to go back there. But Isiah Thomas I Gaza before. I I figured this was gonna happen and I set it last week before I got sick. And is exactly what I thought watch he's averaged over twenty points again the rest of the year in shoot like he did boss on. Yeah I wouldn't be surprised. And I don't know that you necessarily blame him for everything going bad in Cleveland could this been a bad fit all around you guys just not meshing with each other and everybody is to blame. But he certainly part of the problem. That was there in Cleveland and it does seem awfully fishy that you get to LA and I'll send you know how to put a ball is absolutely appropriate forgotten for the last two months. And I don't like to cap I'm not a big LeBron probable way the whole thing went down is absolutely more. I. Should it use of pro fires to put a smile on absolutely ridiculous. Would device suppliers that Britain that we aren't mostly what color rose and after bills you definitely every row. Yeah own. You know I don't know not now that it knock on make anything about what what type of cholera or roses with me and Al Rosen payment differing colors yeah come on man his dad's life is like friendship. Or yell as jobs go right go producer and about a wife rose wasn't market wire mean you do a I'm like a senior package. Now and read his love. Our red white yell those illegal deals for sure. And so why doesn't have a meaning why you've proven you can say it's not like my Mike Maynard paying. Her right does that AMP rye bread is love your peak is grace admiration and elegance and the paint has no idea there this later that's and illusion. Deep pink is read Richard refinement and appreciation and orange there or drove. It. Fascination passion and desire and pride coral and his desire and fascination peach. Is quote believe me modesty and sweetness yellow or better no there's now yellow is joy happiness caring and true friendship whites. Is innocence purity and loyalty so I guess he might put that on and on a graver than you on a Madrid Rome to Arthur and on top of a casket Burgundy. Undying love and unconscious beauty. And lavender or love at first sight and in chat only see. Why was on and on on the Euro on a cast. Four during that those. In downs what are you talk about dogs. Yeah. What did you think they married in a more I mean they were all I believe that all didn't hurt. Yeah I believe you do yeah LeRoy that we really really low level. Great vision or. Is marble column you get up Mike Tyson now my mark doesn't. Haired appeasing who. Did he do I clap on this we're. On government house. Yeah everything the video of the past series goes to release a dove. And the team its its energy. Oh lead and then yeah. I don't know. All over the place that we violated does dole thing where you like you separate your hands like let it fly and squeezed especially about. So you have to go through dogged. And an animal ultimate David that videos but yours and Sparky you give multiple roles. Or malt collars. You meaning to you yeah pearl flowers is Lou way to do it got my girl. Her about that they flowers early she absolutely love him Biddle we get apps Jeff Jeffords do gold's drop still go instruct. I realize some review. May not be announced Wednesday. Get the congress just content Geoff boss how many you've got to get a great deal with individuals into the big joke unit did a great deal pro flowers sold even admits. I don't directly on Valentine's Day. Only he'll be you know about that they ways that. Jack. Salt eight. The workers. And she passed. 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