4PM: Is Mike McCarthy on the "hot seat?"

The Wendy's Big Show
Friday, January 12th
Why would the Green Bay Packers only offer head coach Mike McCarthy a one-year extension on his contract? If they were still confident in him, shouldn't that deal be in sync with the new GM? Is the coach on the hot seat? A prove it deal? BIG SHOW fans sound off!

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Gallery here on the Wendy's big shelf along with Steve Sparky Pfeiffer. And are two former Packers Gary Ellison in the royal Butler I'm rob him back off. Coming up this hour. LeBron went off last night we'll dust we'll discuss that a little bit. Are you lost a little bit there and others in the broadly that'll get into that. And amid a right now wanna do you think Mike McCarthy. Is on the hot seat this coming season with all the changes. Up in Green Bay 414. 79 now it will pitcher you can tweet us. At 1057 FM the fan because Michael Cohen a Packers news.com in Green Bay football in setter for the truck and we there show her weekday mornings here on the fan. He thinks this seat is very hot underneath Mike McCarthy. I think it's the obvious. Yeah we're very and you can't. You can't. Make wholesale changes that you can't make the statement that he made about demanding more talent and then expect another and you know each unit in and stick around. You know so. It's a situation where. You've got to where Arab public but you don't hear that contract and he is on the legal or otherwise. It rarely go in situations where. Lame duck coach so do it because essentially yes year contact Buehrle that one year contract because at some point during the next season. Only to decide to send them to knock them down and I don't expect them the other teams in the league want go into the twice in recent. With a guy that on the final year contract because there's no job security persistent coaches. There's not a security and coach and you never know what happened in those situations but the Packers didn't wanna go to a situation. And beyond finally here contract this year and he can and general manager so I think it's pretty clear that. Or you're done these for my I think a lot of different ways. I think he's got a really really quick statement. You know you don't want your candidate can't be reasonable. Explanation why should be removed as a coach. Do you think Mike McCarthy who will be on the hot seat 4147991250. You can tweet us. At 1057. FM the fan is that how you see a G. No. I think it's. I think it's a tough call I mean you you look at the past contracts. Mike does had a mean this is his a funny situation or just a weird situation in the fact that you so much change. And this contrary it was done in the middle of the year. His country I just wasn't done like a couple weeks ago they they do this in the new year. When we had no idea what was coming down you know holes coming down right now I mean. One would ask that question. Do you think they knew when they semite is an extension did you note did did they already know they were getting rid of Ted Thompson. I'll say yes. And I'm. So mean yes I mean and we know we don't know. Well if there or was right for our reported that Russ ball's been pretty much doing a lot of stuff for six months. And this was done at some point towards the end of the season McCarthy then sort and so do did McCarthy no details leave when he says contrary I would assume some of us all knew that too there was leaving Martin knew that there was Liu on. All lancing areas and not the facts I don't know for sure you but based on the story that came out that Russ ball for the last previous six months pretty much this season and had been kind of helping to run day to day things out here on tapper not to that he made the call on side not at. So based on that I would assume that the head coach knew what was going on. Yes some or most of the game. Why would. Require work my dean agreed to adjust the one year deal. We might get a good enough coach in his league where he could tumble bouncing it in the Sonics this is just lack of access to criteria that Jennifer issue. You can get a job anywhere he wants I mean. You wanna go coast Cleveland but he ghost coast leaving golden domes or was he wanted to be I mean it means. Jon Gruden I think he'd be you know that your free negotiated I think he'd be. So I've I'm just puzzled by why he would just take it one year deal. You had said previously. You thought maybe it was his deal that maybe he's going to have already being done so I thought. My week. Mike conspiracy theory my more anything else. Wanted to see. How things shook out. That may be. I'm and I'm tired arm just don't screw around Brothers and it was my call to take a one year deal. Not that it was their call to give him one year deal. 'cause to me and most people don't feel this way brought. To me my can get any job that he wants in the NFL and harassing gruden yeah he would have did you mean you have have to take with that your. I don't know how much this plays into it. He might be a better coach and I'm during the for some reason hype around John Internet oriented job rules used I don't know for years years and beat. A lot of people think this is because of Monday Night Football no this is people have been Jon Gruden crazy first get go for a long long couple because it was old chuck keeping an right. And and John is like kind of that guy that remains Meehan like that we don't see a full bar that much anymore he's elected Bill Belichick he's cow like. You know that guy I mean. I mean that Steve would love but he's he's like character yeah he's like. Guys in college. Nick's favorite now I don't think he'd like those guys I think he's a character where he's he's a church order and is happy to make savings and miserable Sorgi would you know Jon Gruden doesn't take any crap right Ono. Like Nick Saban all the whole facial stalled and all I felt that goodness and I think that's made up I think that's really job of people that laughter but people who know that's really judge very into it that way. Just take any. Do you think Mike McCarthy is on the hot seat. Michael Cohen says is gonna take a deep playoff run at the least for him to keep his job for them after this coming season of C chairman and C championship. 4147991250. Can treatise that. That will be for me that will be tough and then maybe you can. Blood. That will be tough to get rid of a guy. That gets into the playoffs again. Now the only way they get rid I think they get rid of Mike. If he wins. If he wins the NFC. Or had the first round by. And they lose their home game let did you usage. That's the only way I see anything it's gold. Oh they've got tougher schedule next year to me royally Satan. Don't look at this godly and who's good who's going to be bad. Based on how the season and it looks like next season's title will be to offered these postings come back and wait and now. It feels thirteen theory. And in naked beaten the second round of the playoffs right the first game at home that's going to be a tough sell yogurt. Estimates of self fire and thirteen entering gets fired because a loss in the second round I write people around the league will look at that angle what are they what do you do agreement that would be lie constantly. But best for the people here war one. Vets new Yorker is New York Mike again. Nineteen yeah legit is mediocre man yeah. But that's what will happen and I think they're here a lot of that no. Really Steve you think about it listen they go to save that thirteen three. And then have that second round game at home in May lose to a team come in limbo is twenty below just like you want it and they lose that game. Tough pill swallow. Would be 2011 all over again. Under McCarthy. Rent. The C I think 2 o'clock o'clock. Starts over I think any reason tough spot right and they reset the clock because these because of all the change up in Green Bay absolutely does I think good cuts and is his regime now so I give him a chance to get his players and there. You can give him a chance to get. Everything you want in a front office is doing these are a lot of people top 10 o'clock starts over that's what a one year extension amazed as to me. Is that a franchise tag this or find out is Mike. Is can be is GAAP NAFTA is a different guy came in they give might slow laid out you days and we fired or you just move and got up. Who's seen the track record. He'll probably stay. But again. You know I'm I like just trial and error part of the competitive metallic and human extension at Laguna 'cause it has a five year deal oddly. If you go to the Q Cobo Wisconsin walkers are you'll probably state for a long long time. Because it's fun and good food and comfortable chair it's Friday we Bryant they afford effort and how proud I asked piled up how. How. And the only extra you've always got to rip my schedule I love the pictures or it's actually able search you know shuffle board three tornado foods all tables darts. Ping pond and more. But celeb dads every Saturday night aren't amused by tomorrow night I go to Q club at W I dot IQ club at W I dot com what I Friday happy hour tonight. From 10 PM until 1 AM. Alum late night Friday happy hour. You go I was got a new place for Sunday morning breakfast starting in Nottingham on jot a French toast breakfast pizzas. All your traditional breakfast foods Sunday mornings 9 AMQ club a Wisconsin. Make sure to get their for breakfast. Don't forget there. Personal VIP suite that you can rent as well hold your private parties including don't want jury pool table personal TV all your funds up to go with it to go public got to 2454 north grand view boulevard in Waukesha just a half miles out of my 94 check them out at Q club. W I dot com. I and you can't you can't. Make wholesale changes that you made you can't make the statement that mayors are demanding more talent and then expect I don't know there and you know you can you have that then and stick around. You know also. It is situation where. You've got a winner and not only that but. You'd only got two years left on a contract and users around the league whether or otherwise. Rarely go in situations where. They have a lame duck coach so there were a crappy essentially yet to hear what our contact Buehrle has one year contract because at some point during that season. Though he did decide to send them or not extend them and they don't extend them you know this rescue teams of elite that want go into the wind increase and with the guys on the final year contract because there's no job security assistant coaches. There's no doubt security of that approach and you never know what's gonna happen in those situations just like the Packers didn't wanna go to a situation. Possible beyond the final here his contract this year in twenty. You're you're not used for Mike I think a lot of different ways. I think he's got a really really make a statement. You know he doesn't want here and become a reasonable. Explanation for why we should be removed her. Go. Out Michael Kona Packers news.com. And the Green Bay football insider pretty chuck and weekly show odd said chuck in my English show heard weekday mornings. Six to ten right here on the fan do you think Mike McCarthy will be on the hot seat. With a new one year extension 4147991250. Tweet to show at 1057 FM the fan or use the talkback feature. On the fan at it has hit the button Lima say a 32 voicemail and could you name. And where your call from endo will play it. Right here on the show let's go to the phones right now and go to Todd he's sincere berg you're on the Wendy's racial what's up Todd. Epic try to guy in the I think I think that first statement by Michael Cole owner is absolutely ridiculous. I mean how can do. OK so he. You people under changes. And so we got the changes in the front off the deep dark political and content dawn but how do we in goal there to do I'm not. And one seed than a drafting. Entry and the the put them over the top I mean don't have Roger next year it needs to be LP. Content OK so haven't X amount of wind based on that. But how do you go over to bulk that how much better that it could be our upper lip and guys but it. And all depends how much talent they think they have vs what they think McCarthy should get out of the talent that's what I goals along with who have every. Owner that it's trying to play GM or every general manager trying to do their job if if they think their head coach has enough talent to get so it'll. The second round and they don't make the playoffs. I could fire in the general manager things that that coaches and uptown to get to the Super Bowl he loses in the first from the playoffs. Then in his mind he's not doing with what are you should be with the talent. Do you think that's fair haired. Yeah slew of events and how much Talladega. There's you know and or how closely thing that they are now every gently. You're McCarthy now has a soul in drafting players. There were definitely Mark Murphy agreed with him that maybe there short of some talent. All that might being getting guys that you want it in so does that give my. Two more years which would you talk in two gay guys that he wants. Are they close enough to do right now. We have no idea what Lisa I don't I have no idea. Well Fort Worth your thinking going on at twelve problem Marty we just have to wait and see how everything plays out when the season starts now. With Aaron Rodgers having Steve garrison is 23 weeks ago maybe we are you got to. I do think this team is what they were before Rodgers got hurt so bolting. Rodgers Greg mixed year. This to mean Steelers who bolting. I think he makes a big difference you mean a talent Don yes so like everybody comes back so Mike if Aaron Rodgers is healthy Newton. And the rest of the roster stays relatively healthy healthy through some votes in that Mike McCarthy has no excuses not to go deep yet into the vocals should be in the hunt. Well that what it then what Michael Cohen is saying if if the Packers are holding Mike McCarthy accountable when Michael Coen assay in a spot on as well look as good as is reporting. About the did you lose in the Mark Murphy their whole strategy is just to give it. There. Ever heard these guys they're watched a lot of sensible but it never really thirty. So the ball that the EU EU Rama they always say we just wanna get in which is when a unit that's that's all I ever you yeah that's probably cost you wanna all right yeah. Does many swings edited all I have been here is that we wanna give him yet. Beer night gallery tweets at the fan I think he needs to win the Super Bowl the next two years or he's out. Using it's that's simple in cut and dry the data when a ring in the next two years we'll bring somebody else is off that thing that's tough to do. Well especially depending on what the talent is that that he's being given instructed. Right. Times I can read it or like garbage yet all I got another rant about something. Oh it's a rant it's like a full blown rent it on tape they want to allocate time if you are. I don't understand what they're doing with the assistant coaches for new defense of corn ironies that help me explain explain instant you may be Clemens that he knows. What got. That everybody put with this new guy coming in was Jim O'Neill who. The linebackers coach and has been a linebackers coach for Rex Ryan and this guy wherever they've been. Everywhere. So she was brought in everybody said well O'Neil we'll just go with them and that'll be the end of it. Okay filing any sounds good linebackers are big deal on this defense. And alas I come toward the raiders are hiring them. And income for the Packers are bringing in the defense of why coach. Because it is so old. Formally of New York Giants and all this guy was with the patriots it's all white but for whatever reason laughed out fired quit I know what happened there. And he was linebackers coach in New England at some point. All. That everybody was an honest I was gonna bring him was that guy invading them now we'll see if there's any other guys. But did to meet sees little weird. I don't know who symbol of the interview process I don't know if he's in the room I would hope so he's in the room what McCarthy interviewing these guys that Yucca according going to bring him in. Did you think this guy was what pop without football but he wasn't technically a coordinator roar and position coaches kind of like. A consultant type deal with the Seahawks last year. You'd think Gerry he would have a list of guys you'd want to bring with them what would John greenhouse for Oakland are these are my guys a break in my arm you guys enemies who are locked there as short writes this our first bracket who I want I don't get on that we'll start talking among other guys. So far I haven't seen or god that they said this guy. And again we'll see Elvis big plays out but I'm not overly impressed so far that was the one guy I thought they were. Again in India. Speaking of being overly impressed three while you're not you really spend a lot of time on FaceBook I think you were tagged that it though. For your very inactive for a kick out don't use that to talk and nobody. Somebody if somebody tagged a newly tagged me in as saying that they went to you were in the Roy is Wendy's and no cream trachea and said that it did not disappoint OJ. It's just folks I'm telling you man. They do it right over that one seasonal crate now mulls what these are all doing it writes about distill creek obviously but admiral we go to good stuff out of the box a win tonight. You win tomorrow at one morrow mother playing golds and he Myers browser and will have Milwaukee Bucks post game show tonight are actually stream. I do it you'll see going forward we tweeted out it's in the bucks game is oversold you don't follow one of my seven FM the fan on Twitter. Follow us right now sees it that when secure listen the shelf are also on FaceBook. Also on our web sites and be able to see that went across. All three platforms is clicked on it. Youkilis in the post game shortest commercial free so much bears like it. Average on the box when that 24 hours away participating Wendy's get either a free small chili or a free junior bacon cheeseburger. With the purchase of a medium drink so again medium drink. A free small chili or for junior bacon cheeseburger tomorrow. If the Bucs beat the lawyers and while you're there check out the Wendy's new four perform better than ever hopeful folk. Or perform night at eight different and Andre options along what nuggets are small fry and a small drink all for just four dollars. They're from favorites like the double stack junior bacon cheeseburger spicy chicken go wrap and many more available at participating Wendy's for a limited. Speaking of feeling the heat and LeBron James start to feel the heat. Went off last night during a time about I've never seen the bra Mike that we'll discuss that next right here on the Wendy's big it's slash. Well from the masters he's WS his. Ring in the new year with a great deals over one million dollars of inventory at masters he's walking shop. Online matches she's dot com first on the fan. Lots of phone calls this week responding to the changes made it 126 and five Lombardi the packer front office so today the Packers CEO and president Mark Murphy. Joined us here on the big show did you feared all day that maybe your fixing what isn't broken by changing the line of communication within the organization because of one bad year. Now I mean I I felt that this was a right thing to do meantime Alltel you know I guess I don't tell parents don't you know it's not as dramatic changes you might think. Carolina Panthers make it not change today they've hired 65 year old Norv Turner as their new offensive cord or turner brought into improved Camden is passing numbers. In the meantime Mike McCarthy. Planning to have all of his. This new assistant coaches hired by sometime tonight. Baseball brewers signed several players today the one year contracts. Including pitcher Cory can able second baseman Jonathan VR and utility man and and Perez. It also signed Jamie Elson the crew able to avoid arbitration. We've all those players basketball boxing Golden State Warriors tonight at the Bradley Center. Golden State got in a day early to have a shootaround. They see this staff Currie will be out tonight he's dealing with a sore ankle hockey tonight the admirals are in San Antonio to face off against the Rampage. Aron says that the pre game at 7 o'clock. Game time at 730 on the thing. Read more on line 1057 FM the fan dot com this update is brought you by studies. Second a national watch the all pro football playoffs at Milwaukee's number one sports bar standing second a national. I'm Mike lemon sports Radio One 057 FM the fan let's alive on the WS SP Smartphone that AM 1250 online. So what is great show out Rami there's Sparky and are two former Packers Gary Eller cents and LeRoy Butler. Coming up at five your chance to win nine your last chance to win a pair of tickets to the night before in Minneapolis with the Dave Matthews band and then we'll reset the big topics. Discussed on today's big show give you the final say on with Great Lakes dragway pick a lane and if you missed our conversation. With Packers president and CEO Mark Murphy it's coming your way again. At 535. And if you missed it you do not want to miss it. Again what did you make of LeBron James timeout tirade yesterday 41479920. Victory you can tweet us. At 1057. FM the fan it was in the in the midst of a 133199. Loss to the raptors yesterday. And LeBron didn't really get into what he said exactly is he wouldn't expect him to after the game Gary but did say. That his team is fragile right now do you think LeBron is maybe cracking a little bit under the pressure after losing Tyree over the offseason. Well no I think you know and I think he's gonna happen to the book to some degree I think. You know win they are trying to incorporate. Who's a guard when you are from off Isiah Thomas Isiah Thomas and trying to incorporate garner as their terms in two though. Game play and he hadn't been playing well as of late like he's cured me over. Com that's gonna cost of some adjustment I think that's where they're at right now within Tyrell Luke arms arms there's. I think he's they have some sort of hidden agenda now I don't know what they are you talk Amare would agendas in agendas. But to mean that is being raised were concern were what agenda do there is only one guy has got an agenda. And that's LeBron James the buyers go getting when he traded. So you'd see hear and read much into it at all. No I just think they're playing very because of trying to incorporate. Easier terms into the game. And he's not playing well. There are some reports out of Cleveland that the players are around LeBron James aren't happy because the ball isn't moving fast enough that LeBron slows it down too much where you also go one on one maybe. Did you hear when time runs that in a period just referenced it. But that's admin agendas wrecked but nobody seems to know what he's talking about your cabinet loaded nobody was talking about pride in noting his talk amount. It really nobody really knew what was going on of what he was rough thing. They're obviously are some egos in play here as far as what's going on and passing the basketball and that's what. Isiah Thomas and after the game we've got to pass the basketball not play as much one on one basketball we have to trust each other. And that similar of the crap that was going on Oklahoma City beginning here with a with Carmelo Anthony and Westbrook. I'm Paul George a lot of isolation one on one basketball and arrogant their butts handed to them. And then they pretty much talk ML ought to try to beat app player is much. You got making yourself jump shooter out on the wing and once they've done that they were able to start to pick up the pace will do it. We've got to figure out I just. For meat. LeBron before the game in pregame says I'd. You know that's just us it's is of course the regular season it's gonna happen and then he freaks. Now. During the game but he just got does say it was no big deal no breaks out and loses his mind over what is going on. You remember the first Blount came against the timberwolves in Minnesota that was the very same night. That the bus got blown up by India sold the top often be two to come back and play that gave they have had what two days off. To get their stuff straight to come back and play the next game and that it happens again now again. Oh against a decent basketball team but. That that that is not going to fly in the one thing abroad also talked about was this whole flipping a switch thing. Everybody says look on just flip the switch and I have to I think Romney's one of those guys always as a flip the switch and I have to when they'll be fighting a LeBron specifically will flip the sweep it. Felt like LeBron is as convinced as everybody else they're going to flip the switch and they'll just be fine. And now comes rumblings this morning. That there and arrested a moving Tristan Thompson for a DR Andre to. Now why in the world the clippers would want Tristan Thompson's down awful contract is beyond me. But that apparently is a move that they want trying make next trying get a different Sutter in here I'm guessing they don't get damage or in the traffic DeMarcus Cousins and they don't DeMarcus Cousins. The drive for somebody else so it sounds like they're gonna try and yet. Legitimate setter in there. On the can score the basketball. Well a little bit especially discussions or at least block and rebounded better rate interest in Thompson gantt has a shorter term deal. Interest in Thomson gal from underneath that that cap held at themselves. Rubber when Aaron Rodgers came back from the broken collarbone and is set I'm not I'm not coming back to save this team I yeah I'm not coming to save the day or whatever was that it's an. That's what LeBron is doing when he says I don't know if we can just flip the switch. LeBron uses the regular season. To see what everybody around him can do and just what he's gonna have to do himself. When it comes to crunch time once it comes to the playoffs. The other wanna do it all himself it's hard to drive he gets tired it's exhausting what he has to carry the whole team on his back so uses the regular season as an experiment. Let's see who can rebound let's see who can create let's see who can play some defense as you can. Set screens lets you can pick and roll and then I'll do the rest whenever whenever these guys can't cover all do the rest because dammit I can't so what he said I am we can't just flip the switch he's doing the same thing that aired Rogers did. When he saw exactly back to save the team air Rodgers was coming back to save the Packers are to attempt to save the Green Bay Packers here what everybody else letting their guard down though. He wanted everybody feeling a sense of urgency like we all got to take our game up to another level that's LeBron James the same reason I don't know if we can flip a switch or some deference. The difference as this that. Her team hasn't won Jack crap and a long time it's like they were just in the Super Bowl last year that packer team. This cavaliers team sick all the names in goal every year to the finals so don't got an ad team and a bit tougher wobbled. Bake does do that whenever they want. To get it going again. GY know scene in duo whenever he wants to get it going again he's got it a bit of the finals. No it's just that he does these guys that have been there and beat those guys on AB don't know but Kevin Love. I'm sure he's thinking the same thing play Astaro play harder. Tourism dollars play out start I'll be fine. Dwyane Wade thinks the same thing LeBron thinks the same thing whenever I think in the same thing that leads to crap like you saw the last two nights in Cleveland. Now the reaction and the cavaliers fans I would love to know Gary compared to that of the box fans. When the box do something similar to that look he's on the similar to that expired Jason kid out to go. The cattle to something that would we have more talent in the Milwaukee Bucks have ideal customer Irabu to be fired I doubt it. No I'm Erica I think you're right army will cause your tournament to give a franchise in two different places play to have issues matter yeah and bigger you know we look an indicator of the principles Rebecca and cherish your game again have you asking about earlier you're itching to be well. Did you beat Eastern Conference in there and I think that's what all you've got going. So the expectations are a little bit different but I think when you look at. LeBron and what they're trying to accomplish in burger get blown about like you know thirty points when it wants I mean that that's a lot for them. To get blown out by when you have that amount of talent something's just not right there in the mix with them. What did you make of the bronze timeout tolerate much. About it but most certainly he was frustrated. Have you seen him that and that's before him like that before no like that. We've seen him shoulder off right and we see them sort of coaching in the huddle be lower your starters calculating getting a little enemy with cuts and no he lost it lost he lost a little bit yesterday what did you guys make of it 414. 7991250. Can. Tweet us at 1057. FM the fan maybe the pressure of getting another ring is getting to NG its can be it can be pressure packed our get the right piece of jewelry in. NB a mobile we gonna do Romney's make it easy for you write it can be pressure packed Obama your friends over the jury soon. Makes it easy for you would you cut mean. Other store. To Bach pieces jewelry for your significant other and each house was behind something and job and I don't want our leaders are very very good approach and we Tehran of Jean Marie. Over the jurors and he's the owner and Natasha vital ring elect Obama the jury recently Valerie gradually as always there. He's there on almost every single day. He's the owner and alike or that shoots in his store Knowles would score and all and that can talk to each and every person or comes in and out of the store to mean there's there's a lot. He's been business for over thirty years has got some great people there that works with him enough for him works with them lightly you work collision pledges yes that'll certainly. If you look at the most money for your local jury that's going badgers are looking for great custom servers. That's going to be dangerous and guess which of them of the jury service set residual lately blah. New location field and we always trust there. We start rumors of the you doubt that children and that's just one of my ranking exactly you two hours a baby Tauscher is a big the other way and these men and you get married. Yeah he talked regrets. And African American young lady and I think it's back I'm exempt. I don't have gotten that's not a nice. Thing that's funny it's funny is that. So when these big government. I'm Robin Mack off that I would you list material me but I'm a laugh hitting a lot. With Steve Sparky Pfeiffer and are two former Packers Gary Ellison and the royal Butler. Yeah I was testing material on the raw about it during the boring products aren't that many have stated that night Matt Barr art gallery 8 o'clock US open that would add them right now we're asking you I will. Right now whereas here. How to what what did you make of the bronze timeout tirade yesterday I consider that animated guy he's a LeBron defender he says he's never seen him that animated Gary is a straight up LeBron apologist. And has no shame about it but things this this is different than what we've seen in in past LeBron out burger says. They lost the real wine. I think has been something going wrong. To go to state. Is just because the he had a championship. In his hand they were three won or lost. I can't these. As it is statistics with the same thing with Cleveland Indians I mean. You don't win and then you know kind of come back and beaches at does sound to people. Go to Kendrick on the north side you're on the Wendy's big show it's up ten. What fellas you I LeRoy. That he ethernet spectrum now. This is in the bargain those 31 he met quote space where it. Our our I actually like. I actually liked it LeBron. You know is. So it's almost need a leader detained leader and a MBA yeah an old guy always somebody with a one off on the book the way they've played the other night when they played a lot. Like if not it's what it like total god to keep is that you know what. Why are you if you guys Rabin made a comment earlier if you if you really look at their parent. Of that toxic means. You could honestly say that all lead. Rock and LeBron of course this taken Mardi equate it maybe I think it comet think cantaloupe. Was start. On the crops sixteen overall though batted just want to Arctic LeBron makes it means go and until. Nobody does it become a still don't believe the Toronto because if you guys remember. Went to mark the world they'd sent up aircraft compensated. If we have the bar and we beat great. I can't I can't art with a guy like that. I can't Arctic. They can do isn't like JR Smith averaged like 78 points is somewhat. Always aren't shooting guard. Eyes Cole he's he's very hot coal and I think bill guys don't have that. He got to have a defined role victory if he actually did get the plate these grants that's why I've failed spotlight stake in Q above the but it. Some stuff that we build and spark it brought it up while back about it being treated if you have for a college that I classic game against. Ordered while Maurice Bates. It wouldn't want to anyway. They say they would leave it pocketing three point shoot Orlando. But then it would they were caught it and albeit wrecked by the elbow by a three point line and he walked right past support doc. I don't understand are are really don't you got a great debt. Yeah ever I still think there is favoring an east where there are Pennington and threw it works. And and and reruns what's on Vietnam on who will almost. It's been who's number two. Known them sooners led them to Wendy's and actually. And out of three. It's Toronto Boston and Cleveland yeah you're asking for specific order you are exist I'm we're. I'd ordered only thought of three your rallied for four right now no we're sure. He's not ask him about the standings he Sega and Steve sprout lesser power rankings at the actual standings themselves Boston Toronto three games back Cleveland six and a half Miami eight and a half Washington nine and half the box are right now 610. Out. And that Detroit's also ten out. And in the eighties Indiana eleven and half and then you leave on. Behind the line and nine it while my half knicks thirteen dead gears question would you talk for. Forget about the odds Boston Toronto Cleveland and I think it's opened between Miami Washington and Milwaukee. Mean I don't titles I don't trust in Detroit Miami and they didn't Dion Waiters for the season known yeah mine he's also trying to move us on why it's a jury of yeah get the mark discussed how some love him on sale ads as the roster stands now minus Dion Waiters. I don't see how the heat are in the mixers the fourth best team in the easily almost generally goodness pay has to weekend yeah. Let's. She I got your own. Yeah your well you're gonna DO Johnson are all they borrowed. Oxygen environment when they have militant in your what argumentative. More removed. Leo. But it sounds like society wants a son a legit center which bugs Hanson. NASA. And they don't they don't have the earth is at a legit center. Because like me when they're trying to imprisoned Toms and it sounds like. For a better setter so they're trying to go after the average order notes on how we don't Ronald Kardashian. I don't listen to intranet and no no Oakley and you're through what I may never be in Cleveland oh LeRoy and she'll go to Google are playing is that she is given that. Not the reality show is not in the process and aren't becoming locker room. She brandished is that yeah. I think I sought a video you're pregnant and now bush yeah it still though she was more Freeport when she had the other portion. Again. LeBron does not like the card matches only now no no there was a video there is a video that would mar a few months ago. Right after I think they lost in the finals and in other having a team worked out. If for some reason the card machines were there LeBron put her up on its two Grammy could hear zero men the bleed show is geared. The week's show is here no way yeah maybe she's right. They're not as Steve says it bad bad day there was after two ago president. Instead but LeBron LeBron got his time journalist not an LeBron James nobody on the team is definitely not true anyway but you grew it to you Wayne mad both do our yeah did you choose to pretty well yeah it is an eye on the ground. Absolutely this do you love about that we knew and when he. What went into prison Townsend about it was stupid amount of said go get your money on money argument over it was a lot of contacts I always somebody give me stupid money. My little list of art and I would occur if the thought I was your intent now. Art galleries help encourage the bar art gallery aria that aren't that far art galleries are are charming honest 88 Rio is no one's a comedy show at an art gallery in one is that the jury you know what is a car showing drank when you go look for the latest and greatest in automobiles duke can be sure a partial I would I'll do comedy show anywhere give me a Mike in the stage and of the art galleries being Colorado. But always sound Booth through. Inquiry negligent or asks that I thought you are collaborators that's thought to but it doesn't it's a done shows at this venue. If you can Nomar or do you let loose yeah. It in his Cadillac Eddie. We train a week we everyone is sort of sarcastic way we treat it we treated like an art show. So little. Yes so we give an artist's statement at the beginning like we write out an artist statement and somebody reads it for us. And then we do our set now at the end like you can do at an art exhibit you will all go up onstage and you can ask all the comics questions. About their crap. Dodgers on black and white jokes and races yes that's the stuff that's funny. I meaning you if I appreciate any. You see is this show on TV the floor. Battle for started yeah see yeah Alba and daddy and the four DJ Khaled. Whenever we saw last night for the first Erica it's about who watch it. Was about like a spirit of American Idol it's got like American Idol but it's different but you just got for the war there all American I was at its ditty. DJ count me who's a check the singer is it for you the highest average Pittsburgh Megan Trainor and trainer Max traders I judge. And and a producer so mega trainer did need DJ Khaled and Wendy's which shows producer on fox fox but so that they have. They qualified to get in these four like pod seats right so now the F four there every week so now is these people come up. One person had Todd has the same whatever their songs for the judges. And the judges each have to vote if they get to challenge one of the people the pot until all Ford don't agree. Then that person can make a challenge in the rough the show me move ma am confused. Okay oxman Jessica. Oppenheim that is just and union address when it's news or else volunteers who rightly so that if if that person wins art can advanced data to pick which cover one of the four people. To challenge and then they sing off Nuys now song again and that only the people in the audience their vote. To see who gets to go to the pot or not and so for the first out last night. It was really got and that's why girl comes out. And let's give any failure before she says her sock. And she's like I Yakima family here and not Tehran is my whole life and on my grandmother is here Dion Warwick. I know you didn't like real slow is that what you are what we're here he's look at turned Russert followed door so now she's six usually get so she's held his future. And I'm ha ha ha. A high and it did he did all right I'm a little nervous right now to even tell you what to say I think you're rebel mummy tell you the truth so that he'd ever Rouse. And they got all but he kind of looked over showed measured Elmore was a mallet and whatever else to see advance turning shiny portions of season one of the four pots of fortunate especially youth she was gonna put you out but there was one girl that was really really good. And that's cool producer do just flat out so. You know but let's before pots on the problem for you and everybody in the audience will lose in their minds. Did indeed DJ Gallagher whatever they are mad they're all marriages do so it comes up so what happens as I talk about fuel the judges say. So they stand a signer. And then there's a circled angles around on you know so you need for blue circles of all around you so the first one blue sequins blew their one's blue and now everybody is looking at his producer like don't you dare. And I must rat out often now see off. She was off she was she was awesome. She lost one Clinton met in your country Berkeley and sheets market. 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