4PM: Should the Packers Have Signed Richard Sherman?

The Wendy's Big Show
Monday, March 12th
Gary, Ramie and Sparky ask if the Packers should have signed former Seahawk Richard Sherman, and do you have Tiger-fever?

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Shell out way to being one and only Steve Sparky Pfeiffer in the former packer imagine running back Gary Ellison what Mike Clemens. On the other side of the glass. I'm Robin Mack I hate to call Mike got the carpet and what I started the show. An asset Mike's three feet to my left eating a sandwich at a slipped to the other side of the glass what's might do it beating others are doing a damn C Edwards had to retreat for a you know. Let it sit when chip and student brings to work I don't know Bubba Franks meant. But a drop like twenty pounds yet and so what you secret he's at night about six and which is a day it. Go to of mobile is do it might. Work it out and play you the NFL what do you say. I think you're quite others save program that's all I'll say I didn't. Not this sandwich and count and happened on Thursday again and Sam are residency just rationing it that's for when you talk to my house to three hours ago two hours. We start the show it to act like we do have yet. Were you once you guys listed some of editing room. I eat every three hours ago. I have something I put something in my stomach every three hours Gonzales is does sandwich every time man like I have visa through a girl like some all men's or something and some beef jerky. Something and it's somewhat healthy a major the Packers are paid up for Richard Sherman. And do they have to sign a cornerback any cornerback some cornerback for one floor to sit back and tied 1250. Or you can read us. At 1057. FM the fan Sherman after being released by the Seahawks on Friday sunny three year 39 million dollar contract with the 49ers. On Saturday. And reportedly according to the MM QB there were three teams other than the 49ers that were in on Sherman the raiders alliance. And the Seahawks are interested at. And resigning him all had offers on the table. For the cornerback but he agrees that the three year. 39 million dollar deal with the San Francisco 49ers. Should they are paid up for Richard Sherman and do they have to sign some cornerback somewhere somehow 414. 7991250. You can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan Gary I don't know if I'm missing something oh with a trade of the mayor's Randall on Friday. I think Lindsay Pickens shout out to the top of the lakers' depth chart. Yeah and also aware of you know before we ended it on front axles and front four and today on Friday. Channels available and there are a lot of people who were asking for Brian good articles ago did chairman room. Now that the money is I'll do three years through three and a 1000005. Million dollar signing bonus. Then you ask them what you've done if you're Erica the viewer no viewer that you want the president to make them with a kind of market. That to me once again like I said no carrier you have a signaled his deals. I think when you look at Richard Sherman. You've got a guy who's come. Two Achilles. Surgeries. That's not a good sign up for is you are rated thirty. A good several quarterback does in his thirties. I mean you're you're you're already slow back to the game. Where you were slow by the begin with and you can throw him back there at thirty in the right now regrets from where they don't know if he's going to be reversed. Richard turns thirty at the end this month. So too rich for your blood Rachel rich and the reason why is the surgeries and injuries can be reversed currencies. There are some talks on rumors that he may now be reversed its. So I know I'm not on the in my dorm. It's. I don't know maybe you object to pick your but I just think you view you view goes on and we do work out. Odds are likely that or if you look at a lot of free agents are you right now. I do like saw who's acute we just to two receivers that were just talking about Watkins in. On problems that I do like that I do like remain Johnson. I mean they were set up 30. Marlin I like it dumped into the right price I'd like Odyssey fit in as to whom it. Is rumored. Insists. It's not dry air Smart war where you want to he's one of those dude yeah. I don't know he Stalin's the only yeah you've commanded double team where would you put. Run it commanded double team he was in his thirties I don't want to do my locker room scene amid want that body is saying. They what did you demolishing yummy and on net. Let Jimmy Graham didn't get Jimmy. I'm not paying Jimmy Graham what would what was in numbers and million. That's number being floated out there not to mention two million. I wanna Cordoba. I don't want Germany that. But it's not at that price young and pay him five million dollars in quite well. He's only gonna get up to 1213 million if he plays like a pro bowler and employer like an all paroled and you get up to that one but. And Richard Sherman says that and a column line from Peter King today he's a loud bang and I myself. He goes before. I've no matter what I did it was the same amount of money now all I know I play well all gonna get paid more. And that heavy incentives that he has in there are not only for play but also for number of snaps played like he played 9% of snaps he gets me another deal locked in or something like that. So it's always pretty much to say well what they're saying is. This board and I always simulators or process. I don't know if he sucks so into a million per is not a remember him. It's only if everything else comes to fruition at the end of the day I believe is how I rented at least from Peter -- so. Far from that perspective he's kind of rolling the dice and I settle for a city and if you if you have not had a chance to read Peter King SI column. Talking about Richard Sherman and his negotiation in the niners representing himself as his own agent. It is a fascinating read and brilliant and and gives you an idea how Smart Richard Sherman is at the same point. I don't I was sort of problem that deal. Whatsoever. Outside is much rather have Richard German cornerback in a rookie this year cornerback. Mean if if the debate as what could that Richard Sherman but now since you didn't get him Jermaine Johnson was to line everybody else and I you're stuck with two rookies are cornerback and Kevin King. I'm not gonna happen and that's in there. Just Tanya I'm I'm not gonna like it. Now if you go back to what Ryan would sad and you go OK let's go to south lets you did Jermaine Johnson you cut two or three guys whoever takes to get on. You have king of the other side we still unproven and then you draft to get from Florida State to be your slot card to every nickel back. I doubt that. I like those three that's all plays out providing king lives up to the hype that everybody thinks she's going to be I doubt that. Join us on the positive would have been about Sherman war he could help change. Mold their long range of cornerbacks. He could help you in your belly looked drug king looked up to ride during the cold air really kind of helped it really could of and I. I don't know if you're event Charles Woodson like manager but I betcha you wouldn't admit anti helping imagine you would have been down with a an insult to me. I wouldn't have been against Simon assurance that deal. No not at all because you wouldn't give them that my wife she would vets outbid them you threat to give more well San Francisco did not true attackers were never seriously and it. According Richard Sherman again if you if you read a column he called to the teams over an arrest that he called Detroit instead. What do you think it is the only signal to rich he called McKenzie in Oakland. A signal to rent and there was one other team I think he he call may also they couldn't they couldn't. Part with as much money as he had incentives incentives were too much too much money. The day one apart so we ended up signing in San Francisco at the end of the day he did not wanna sign in San Francisco he tried to leave San Francisco. Fine job once the general manager kept sliding glaucoma or right there let's just finish this thing body wanna leave or whatever else. And then German thought about it he said he taught is you may not be here if I leave. And we've pretty much might not baby is now manager John. Could CFO intent devoted to a three cities and he wanna make a rash decision and make decisions so quick that. He and his stick around and and taking a deal and get a deal that he negotiated himself with a general manager of the San Francisco forty and. Matters in that the fun fact about that is. He gets cut they got a phony neatly with him and set up a dinner with him and his wife. How Shanahan and his life in. Los Angeles or somewhere in California. At a restaurant. Shanahan then calls back to legend says younger than hanging around locker room let's do this and then winch and he would get together on Saturday at this deal done that's literally how quickly that went first Jeddah now with the privilege wanna make sure Shanahan is comparable item in the locker room. And once Jenna and signed off they got the deal done and I just. That's he'd do is it gets super super aggressive and you go with the guy that you walked as a date didn't want him like that. And they just did great they didn't Packers yeah I mean they thought it was too old what ever it didn't trustee killings come off the Achilles injury. I'm mad out for not wanting a light that. I got great gift to the business you'd have to sign a quarterback now yeah that's teachers. I do pickle in the CO2 or three rookies and Kevin king and a second and Richard Sherman. Draws a lot of attention himself on the field. He says outrageous things at the podium but he's a good teammate around them and a lot groves super Smart is super Smart guy. But while respect he's not a coach killer. You'll be respectful that coach and he's a team guy and now he's pretty good addition and he's he's good show he's courage. John Lynch. You read that column he brings up he goes amen. You know we Donna goal line will pass. And Dallas shot of them running are not running the football passable wherever that wasn't heroic act ended it right now in a driver off right when an arch I'm inclusion of it which made a comment about that and then. Brit I think he told Peter King I didn't realize it was gonna hit home like today with the way you reacted. Kind of to edit edit and that levels they'll still smarts that's. Well they had in right now is still mad about thirteen thirteen years ago that that was under one of their team that they would want to Super Bowls. There would've won two Super Bowls and everything plays and the guys on the defense of sudden football apparently never letting go is Null and it. And a lot of people thought it was between Richard Sherman and and Russell Wilson in their prime was some friction there. But from what everything I've read all indications are that Richard Sherman in the guys on defense. Held a grudge against the the offensive coaching staff starting with there'll bubble. Who is the offensive coordinator it's time for her for making that decision broke out in the offensive players in defense of players but the guys on defense never letting go with the offensive coaching staff and currently don't have it. Yes bill I know he had he got hired by the bears in me I know I'm thinking of Brad Childress now Brad Childress got hired by the bears. Well clout as a special offensive assistant something. You see that I'm sorry. Sorry dude why I don't television in my French got the most Brett Favre didn't meet Gary do Deborah McCarthy now both started with McCarthy but in Minnesota l.'s Darrel bevel and Brett Favre Childress is over there Childress and now than doing. I'm not certain at all by the cargo in Minnesota and urban reform. Is this season you know I thought so ever have to go back and check the numbers from British area's best season number with the vikings under bread Chelsea nagging your first year. Let's say he nagging got booted Blackhawks and no I didn't I would he get booted a Blackhawks got booed big Taft wife because out of you govern dotted and done and it generals and we put the plug in sunrise the try to hit it into an empty net essentially yeah he missile. Now served OK I thought this all theory about bears fans are already restless with thirty easy. Fleet isn't how just how do you miss all three I would primus author you would act and title last summer I don't always stick I. Stick to that point. And you got it and I got at golf and you have no athletic ability dog and your body so yeah now I can drop your mourn you know. No broad Terry absolutely not that's just race. I have more athletes like if you're a raise if he had a -- by Zora liquor bill account -- -- -- if what if we did a cot like it just an an all around Cobb by light measured our athletic ability elect broad jump vertical jump bench press forty yards and our you know you're not tiger by shooting hoops hitting baseballs and some we've got we saw that in their wide and what you're talking about Canada's premier Mike and overall test of our athletic ability it's not just to can run faster. Buyout assume your better than me in most of all let's say. And I wouldn't I would degrees and no mean no need to test and you work hard all time. Governor are I don't work out at the UB demonstrated strength rock are effects are darker take you in anything you're doing was. What do you like like a soldier ought to get cold although helpful are the forties and he doesn't watch the show. Good evening in his ability of the street as part. I'm not scared. They keep whoever I want the every every year that the NFL combat roles around I pitched the idea a war of dot. All of the whole station on their staff. Doing a combat where you know marking it I mean you have to do all the drills like you can't run. In here you can do some of them will keep you were familiar with that if it was guerrilla war. What girl out your way into all the Megan Trainor we're cardboard cut out your best article why. Steve you agree. I donor sent appointment. I don't like a really clear we as a reverse that. I saw the road is a concept behind the same always no emotion what it's done well we're like who's your honors you you reggae sauce did you read his answers songs. Sure she's a four hour. He watched the show which isn't as mobile and orange she does the idea all about that base. Yes right right now there and then. That's a morning show thing is an. Idea of mood I see a bunch of people from the building taking self ease with our Megan trainer on cardboard cut out like a life size you should understand it some people from the other stations in the building that's Orlovsky and Steve's odd key in during the final inspection there but take itself you picture where I saw Jeff. That's a for us a LeRoy Butler take itself feet. With the army in trainer cardboard cut out can be repaired. There. That's what does it feel like. Boards and to remove him OK I can move him mentally I can move it I can move start from one place to another which is all they do over at young expressly refused Steve Sparky for different. Absolutely right the guys I girls already young expressed suicidal as Java guy being successful transporters actually guided trading you can do the same state of the economy booming our expresses is standing in all departments. Which magnifies any decrease in about a contractor base if you ever thought about becoming your own boss now is the time. And Simon joined in the young expressed in my Sammy white go from point a to point B pick stuff but dropped self Bob now what will tell you is. Was very crucial do you make it all want to money seven a good dispatched teams and barely 24/7. Dispatch seemed extremely dedicated. It is very personal to keep drivers moving allies had a big deal is simple he does that remove some of reported appoint a big article backed on the move to where to next. You don't want to be stuck in a city for two or three days on making any money waiting for your next call. To go move freight and as a wanting Yang expressed. Address make sure you are not doing and yet are expressing go over the road what are we can drop local the next you set your schedule whether it's local regional or nationwide. You do it your way. So what's a drum roll for two weeks seem beautiful country but next drinking out of a bad back common Milwaukee you know why the stock in Georgia mr. mamet you don't wanna get mobile we can work. No problem. From local that week with no investment in your own vehicle and right now they're looking for people with cargo bay and spread her brand straight trucks and tractor trailers. Don't express provide the necessary. Training for you to become a successful transporter expedited for. Looking for full time independent contractors. Drug yardage resting today you define and Ed young express dot com mentioned JUNG. Express dot top. JU and G express dot job done X. Success or should the Packers have ponied up for Richard Sherman and do they have to sign a cornerback now that Sherman. Is off the block 4147991250. Can tweet us at 1057000. Fred people want to see this now. This tour these top bind style competition between beards are I don't know you and you're not an average thirty. Now I'll tuchman to a known you were children Iraq. Stories big show I'm robbing their sparking the former packer imagine running back Gary Ellison. I did some things sports related I haven't done and as long as I can remember yesterday we'll talk about that coming up at 435. Right now resting you should the Packers are paid up for Richard Germany gets a three year 39 million dollar deal from the 49ers to leave the Seahawks. I was Sherman now gone today have to get a cornerbacks somehow some way trade create and see something. Other in the draft 4147991250. You can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan Sparky people want to see this decathlon count mine thing. Does not have an incident. What I have to do to make it happen. Not an unarmed man I'm 41 and and on the order to remain and I don't know why it's you're Gary always say he's a grown ass man he knew Arnett are not doing serious physical limitations saw a lot of him from doing it I'm old. The dude and man. These days are done you wanna do this resort Donna's like ten years ago I've been pitching this since I got to the station to do I have not yet. I've ever is every year the tigers did not now no current yelled are you started doing this crap was when you alleged leak kick your boy in the face. After that that's what they're currently backing him in the way that's when you determine you're a lot more on what you realize there is no alleged you get how could never talked about. I'll get my on the phone gonna get among the vote. Yeah Glavine walked is that they guide you okay I'll go go to junior three to one crying out once that yes 345 guests and how does it 63. In your 565 may that's seven and I have five that he was 59 Gary now Delgado Ayala said five it has never changed and go back and check any tape you wanna check iron and five minute Kuznetsov my doctor measured Miette yes I kicked and 58320. I kicked my Fred he's 63. In the face in the nose no less as elegant as crazy does change his don't want knows all are right I mean I love you for I don't buy dot offered sued to recreate it out baby touched. I don't think it's quite as impressive now after a lost our way content for Arnold what makes an impressive is a fact I can't light up there like that writes Iger let's go to glad that Waukesha you're on the Wendy's big show what's up -- An acre development just like to discuss the researcher I think I think it's a good thing that Pakistan that you know an unfair. Thirteen million. Per year at the world to view and with a capital I don't think they'd be able to sign an especially. Considering that you come not articulate and probably going to be slower. As far as where they should get a corner. I'm not sure they can get somebody cheap enough where he'd be able to you'll meet other additions settled they're looking at wide receivers and they are looking at low percentage though. Oh probably about China and 81 Dick ink the refs have come for the draft. Yet there did you know we should call glare babies who. We need coached him there I'm assuming you're coached well yeah well maybe he's doing my job wicked Jews yeah reached up and up people globe. Oh I am. They did that extreme. That he's so. Yeah big soup. If they took it all babies do we appreciated. Thirty agrees that they have to go out and get somebody who doesn't think it necessarily Richard Sherman was the answer but you look at the free agent class. And guys are either so good to. That they argued that they will price themselves right out of the Packers market or other guys that don't do a whole lot for yeah. He mentioned Jermaine Johnson. Who comes from the rams 28 years old. He is the top cornerback on the free agent market and the right page right and Andy's at just the right page yet so he's he's too rich for the Packers blooded and eight years on the cuts nest and after that got Sean Smith coming from Oakland he ordered jail he's not available yet that's right David Emerson coming from Oakland is not going to jail and now he's not. And that really dot com YSE intra and not here with the tiger in the likes of Pacman Jones at 34 Dominique Rodgers from Marty who's 31 years old. Principal Camara with a solid season for the bears bow think that fixes anything's a role guy. Jonathan Joseph who comes from Houston at 33 years old Jeremy lane. And that might be your best bet 27 years old he comes from Seattle. He's now locked in he's not a lock up but not I mean the only the closest thing you have to locked our garner. Corner on the market right now is Jermaine Johnson needs to listen he's too rich for the Packers as big big category unknown ignore them they can't. The money's just not there to go into why it's. You have to cut people whether it's Alan Robinson Jimmy Graham Jermaine Johnson. Sammy locking and they're going to have to cut people or gay guys take big pay cut I. I don't see any other way around us he either wanted you to see anywhere they're going to be able to do the slow. I don't I don't see anywhere around they go to the spotlight right worship earlier it's going to be overall. Mission that. We don't work as you're going to appear OK there we called Jordan Hill or rent apartment or pages were we gonna do this or we bring him in his will when he for an. That's on its gonna go to. But knowing you're talking to those guys before him if you're you know if you don't have Medea. I just you know is just a fortune all the sudden that Google's wanna be you know these guys which got no monitors on. None. They're joking here if you can get. Aaron Rodgers to go ahead and do some right now you save a boatload of money about Ron's Waco. Rightly so and can't blame. Kirk cousins that there are two teams apparently there was an offer Kirk cousins three guaranteed years Denver the Denver and Minnesota out its. As much as Von Miller has been recruiting and and recruiting loudly for Kirk cousins I had to think Denver. Is one and then the other one. Obviously Minnesota the Minnesota check in on Drew Brees now based on our ports everybody's checking under reason needs a quarterback I get that. Well would want as a sexy situation a year on the vikings are the same to this point. And the vikings. I know you've got a heritage built up in New Orleans with. John and I get tablet right now that defense in Minnesota to go along with the album could come back from injury and running back to go along with what they have on offense. I think Minnesota's a much much better pay bomb Drew Brees firewire wearing trying to win a ring right now because yes you have green baggage that. But Chicago is not a threat Detroit's not the right right. So that division is yours you son marriage that you side more than likely that vision is yours and was you'll get hit by injuries. And then you become one of the favorites then. And Nancy along with the rams and the Eagles. For surely as you three and then he held the second tier then becomes the Packers the falcons a cowboy isn't. In those teams from a standpoint I don't helping to say is get him in that conversation if Brees goes back to the saint idling during the conversation to be a top team in the NC. Why is not a question is a top tier place to go watch your favorite basketball action you club all with Scott's a great way schedule your favorite. Action going on in basketball pool tables Schable more tornado through small tables for those like trying to darts. Ping pong and more to come home later this summer Joseph other award winning fish fry and Wednesdays and Fries for different cells fish file hi how. And every Saturday night light night Friday happy hour from 10 PM a 1 AM make it to go about what's gotten your new favorite place. Sunday morning breakfast starting at 9 AM I'm John a French toast breakfast pizzas and your traditional breakfast items. Also fun place was a private parties including a personal VIP easily. Reflecting pool table. And personal TVQ club all Wisconsin to 4454. North brand view boulevard in Milwaukee shot. Just a half mile south of I 94 check them out at Q club a W I dot com. Q club a W I dot com or unfazed. Great break on the other side that I did something sports related I haven't done in years as long as I can remember and I'm bad a lot of you did to his Wendy's big shuttle reback right after the sort is big show our running back off along with Steve Sparky Pfeifer and the former packer and badger running Mac Gary dollars in your chance someone a thousand dollars again coming up at 5 o'clock. Also Great Lakes drag away pick a lane where we reset the big topics discussed on today's big show. Coming up at 5 o'clock mean and give you the final say on me got tiger fever for 147991250. Can tweet us at 1057. After on the fan and I said before the break and at some sports related that I haven't done in as long as I can remember it's been about four and a half years our member now after reading. This article I'm looking at right now because Ford after years ago was the last time Tiger Woods. Was in contention to win a PGA tour tournament and that was the last time I turned on golf. But I turned it on yesterday because I saw that Tiger Woods was in the running was in striking distance and ended up fishing at finishing justify not mistaken one stroke off the lead. At the Valspar championship. And I've relied deposit I set aus intuit gear head and that's its golf I don't get that into golf but. Als watching and apparently a lot of other people were too because I guess that four and a half years since the last time. Get a chance of winning a tournament they had for a half times the amount of media coverage. On Thursday currently Thursday through Sunday than they've had. Since the last comment more Tiger Woods is relevant and I don't have the number here funny but the the ratings. Went up as well for for the Valspar championship. Because Tiger Woods was in the running I can't be the only one who's got at least the tinge of tiger fear MI 414. 7991250. You can tweet us at 1057 FM the fan. So watch it there from. Indiana would have to lob mad he's borrowing grew alone Sunday. To relaunch. The gap is birther dude that are there. And missed cuts bacon on all or was in on the name of it no it was just where amenities. Brewer me Eric Shubert. Is usually in a restaurant Jerrold just point at somebody else's plate a little bit there from a imported pictures of the net okay. So table six blues. Very similar ordeal literally or even half way crowds are and what you're joke. Yeah I literally appointed him in years you are. I don't know the name of that as a would like to find out what that is you got a picture. Or she goes back comeback when they can't demand he schedule the man that. And a but if it's always great. When you kind of go on a setting like that there were a lot of people rooting for tiger. In a bar it was it was unbelievable. And he had this. He was on the last 376. Holes were huge discount around around it could really make a putt and you're really close. And just watcher I thought the. The popularity of tiger head that I thought the people that like tiger wanna see them do well. Was gone way Becker heartedly from the children. There are a lot of people in a bar rude and retired and people were itching for the that's what it feels let me know he goes through all that would everywhere through. And then other people. Really root for tiger and I I thought of around it. Strange almost strange yeah why strange. Well I mean. It's a document what the guy all went through book. It just our vision thing he was do you have this kind of a fan base because he's been out of sight out of mind of missile. I don't think that's the case with them. I got imagine for golf fans. There's like I said I'm not even really gulf I'm not a golf fan at all not even just not really golf fan I'm not a golf fan. At all I never watched 888 hole of golf before Tiger Woods Kaymer around. If if if I have that itch even I didn't know I had that itch I got imagine golf fans. Had a serious sin itch to see Tiger Woods be competitive again out on the golf course don't you think market. You know base and those in Zola gone crazy on Thursday and Friday watched Tiger Woods here in the studio and needs a now he's a die hard yeah he's a golf nut right yeah he's all over the top. In a golf sandals he's. One way or the other I think it doubly. Took over social media Sunday afternoon a lot of tiger target social mile their house a minute awhile. And the first thing that I saw was. What he had the quickest swing and the hundred in 26 miles per hour probably T. Well is that on Saturday or Sunday air out what they atlas. Think it was Saturday or whatever out there whenever that popped up by a quarter of as an OK he's back the difference makers back here we go he's he's ready go. And sure enough he did now as is part of a non little bit a guest on Sunday. According to him but. If he is back. Oval. The war as then you have something else is talk about all summer long outside of baseball league as fact of the matter are the PGA gets side about a little. But not very much in Warsaw greater across this country unless. Tiger Woods is doing something. And of Tiger Woods gets himself back to being similar to what old tiger was we insert haven't talked about catching Jack for majors and all this other stuff. Had a huge bird the PGA for everything and it would be remarkable comeback story for Tiger Woods he is able to bounce back all these years later when. Everyone including myself dot. He was pretty much done at that point I thought. I thought he was done to I'd. Came across a statistic this morning that makes me think that. Perhaps reports of Tiger Woods' demise were greatly exaggerated. And and maybe this this dry spell. Wasn't as bad as as it might have seemed because of how great early part of his career was all have that stat for you after a short break Reggie out of. I don't know edit the tiger this weekend but well you got a little bit of a boost that's all I know why don't. Maybe do it may be it but I got some good friends that give you some. Does your retired about hard work on our have quote us on sports team. And I think you know I love being active in being in the bad shape that I king. I want blogger friends over there mentality though you can find them vote she USA dot com. A bit there are a lot of guys out there who wish you were more active. We'll just a little more energy maybe getting through the working with our feelings off. Having more energy when you get home to your wife or maybe. You want to be more active in your keys lives well mentality is here to help you mentality. Is a new health care facility. There is dedicated to helping me and just like Q. Feel their very best feel revitalized and perform better. When you suffer the effects of low testosterone you're you're tired you have low energy use don't feel like yourself anymore. When you work with the mentality you're working with Rio board served propositions in a real medical facility. That provides the FDA approved testosterone treatments and give this a lack of a places mentality takes insurance. These guys legit with an average interest rate. Be the guy you want to be a make an appointment for your free consultation today mentality helped in Milwaukee again that load she USA. Dot com you got tiger fever. And I am a statistic story that makes me think that maybe you should miss the Wendy's big show on her back right after this sort is big show. Pick a lane and your chance to win a thousand dollars coming up at 5 o'clock asking right now and yet tiger fever for a 14. 7991250. You can tweet us at 1057. FM the Fannie finishes one stroke off the lead in striking distance all week long. At the Valspar opened and ratings showing that some people do have tiger fever the ratings up for the PGA tour. As tired competes for a tournament for the first time. And four and a half years he got the fever 41479912. Feature you can tweet us. At 1057. FM the fan where people declaring Phil Mickelson is golf career over when he went through his dry spell. Yeah yeah and are not like tiger has certainly we're not not to the extent that tiger was no because again because they were still playing novice golf fan at best. You're speaking but the Golf Channel. During during the at the Valspar opened yesterday tweeted this out. Per Justin ray of the Golf Channel Phil Mickelson when drought lasted 16187. Days. Sunday at bay hill. 16187. Days since Tiger Woods less victory at the same. Exact amount of days in between Phil's victory and tiger is near victory. If Phil gee if Phil how's about safe Phil Jackson if Phil Mickelson. Can bounce back and breathe some new life into his career after not winning a tournament for 16187. Days. I got to believe Tiger Woods can do it endured even matter because he was a better golfer where you and Tiger Woods Avaya MI oversimplify it that crew. You onset if Phil and Phil Mickelson can revive his career and and not too few wins under his belt after 16187. Days without a win. Tiger Woods can certainly do the same can't be. We're talking was the better off we go through that sums it better natural ability to so and I'm one of lump everybody who's who's. Or you are right over the everybody who has said that to tie tie with tiger will never be tiger again you'll never catch. He'll never catch. On him during a blank now who has the record for the match at a is it tech shall act okay. Miracles and yet everybody is say that I. Tiger has no shot added tiger will never be tiger again if Phil Mickelson can come back Nicholas. Thus Nicholson yes. If Phil Mickelson can come back after his 16187. Day drought I think Tiger Woods can't do that we did. Did we topped tiger route too early I guess is tournaments in. The problem which we're talkers the injuries you know could come back from all the entries run and that you didn't know I mean you saw Joseph you know. Falling down you solved and always on the in the tournaments early you were you worried about. What the hell's going on we're Tyler Kennedy you know sometimes being gay guys it is injured in your injury prone surely can't come back they can't do. That was raw milk and I don't know has been hurt. I think he's he's been playing bad golf. So there might have been it was to probably a bit of miracles and to give his games straight now target was he finally be healthy. Has bounced in the hundreds and sold it is jokers that felt yesterday right but don't over here red bat broke before. They flow out your Don Esther. And has been a problem that don't yet certain amount. Right now belt in the eastern you know it's dark. Somewhere warmer in the golf ball. What is it portal where you go for orbit so. And it's it's it is McKinley did you don't know India as of them right you know fallen. Loeffler. So we're tiger you figure all the twitch and have been you're talking you do with a back nine and hit as long as he used to that's very evident. As very limited by a real hole number eight team worry just imploded in little. The fair which were he needs to be but I think yes I know that when he was sure I mean he was short on for. He's not hitting it like he used to I think SI yesterday he had the second longest average drive off the tee for my tournament. Right of me if he can do that yet as with with as as as talented as he is elsewhere on the golf course. He compete week in and week out you know if he's not the old tiger. The body count to tire out a little bit too early TV ratings by the way say. That a lot of people yes. Do you have tiger fear they got a 3.2 six overnight rating. On NBC that's the highest third round on any broadcast network since the 2006 WGC. Bridgestone invitational the final round. And he five point one overnight rating and NBC that's the highest non major PGA tour broadcast since the 2013 players championship and those who didn't watch on TV. Nearly five and a half million minutes were streamed on Golf Channel and NBC sports digital networks up more than 600%. Compared to the Saturday of the same event last year and the ball spot Valspar sought 27 point two million midstream. Across Golf Channel NBC sports digital platforms which may have the most stream PGA tour event ever. For the network according to Adobe analytics. A player who's open tiger is back everybody out the PGA tour and everybody in the front offices of the PG and Alan Babbitt also be able. At these TV networks other TV networks of people that own sports bars and all the social there remain MB is a get back in the day when tiger was hot. When there's a major on the masters US open it will go on to the bars Ashley washes you play golf of their bodies have a gobbled Beers or whatever and sit around and watch golf. And you got a lot more people in the club also these golf courses in the summer hang around after they're done golfing watching tiger play it's a little while before they want back home profoundly. That's almost going at it. You still some guys are still gonna hang on watch of icons are dorks would you open to a certain degree and love golf and that's fine that everybody's got that that's more than they love and adore. But you warned in the casual fans to do that right now figuring it those casual fans back if indeed he is for real and if indeed he can stay healthy. He is while he played well you still have to question health and need some stamina for her. Our next unit and an economic way anyway let well why we're gonna we're gonna dry got another kid here at some point what is happening. It's a boy are we working out right now I don't wanna project currently not. Technically not this I didn't mean at this very moment. A bit today at this very moment no OK but well you were you know these guys within them intelligence. And that's true. We'll find out that works. Does that whiskey that yes this does it you guys still having you be a clear cut answer that doesn't really have the mentality. Elements and it's I don't managers laments it's a little thing kind of guided as his mentality whiskey. Okay does not say out there have been done to have the boost that I. When they're good people bluntly nor are you wrestler Rourke. Would have. Well as yeah well do I. Where there weren't things I think when yeah when that when they came out ya slotting gaining so he's still have a Xena socialists Steven in New England they got did you learn. Yeah. It's my chance to reference. 10 boast of their term and those in the room and I and I know why go to an app questions here. 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