4PM: Was it time to fire Kidd?

The Wendy's Big Show
Monday, January 22nd
Reports come in regarding friction on the Milwaukee Bucks team and Jason Kidd who was fired Monday afternoon. The BIG SHOW reviews what has happened so far this season and what lead to Kidd's sudden dismissal today.

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Big chill along with our troops former hacker is here retailers than the royal Butler in the water only Steve Sparky fired from Robbie backed off on a big breaking news day Jason Kidd. Is out as the head coach of your Milwaukee Bucks you can get in. On the conversation. About said breaking news at 4147991250. Tweet us at 1057 FM the fan. And there's talkback feature on the fan after the but only the 32 voicemail telling us who you are where you're calling from your thoughts on the subject at hand will play it back. Right here on the Wendy's big show let's get out to those phones though at 4147991215. Not to the south side. For Karl here on the Wendy's big show what's up Karl. We're gonna offer referred all the polls. I actually wanted to agree with the roared for months earlier. Which is that whoever we have a social media culture it's. A home. Again with the blessing in disguise because we all have things negative to say about Q. So for those who are all this is terrible and it almost physical fans understand you've been called for his remarks. So when it happens being appreciative that the ownership of actually listened to. This what I would say that it would bring different video that could be aggressive and discuss. I didn't gonna lead you don't include that's Abu. And if he can land anywhere. You gonna wanna complete guaranteeing they can. And why not go to a guy in that is what I don't care about handing over the reins to LeBron James. Yeah out of concern it already you watched you know. Do you have a block you know enemy Wasserstein in Milwaukee so although Gaza's. Always get a lead and are just that Derrick Morgan and India are already seriously need to look into the unit so don't worry about all that crap. Which you need to worry about is trying to do what we're doing here. The guy to have the report would LeBron James the pocket come to books. That a group as the star power back to Barbara Parker. We're gonna add firepower with the shouldn't do I think in Asia have been fired this early know. I think he should patiently waited. Two candidates seeing them I mean he that you need to add a comment. Does you'd absolutely terrible world war. I'm outcry over this spilled milk doubt is terrible I'm glad they did it and just like the badgers. She kept a low it would suggest to them dangled. At that data several. Thanks a cult Kyle appreciate it this has sustained edges of Hamas credibility you putting your images hired. It's almost like they're going around him. I'm and it just makes it difficult to kind of navigate these rough waters. If you with Dana you have decided once lectured intern got finished spinning out or you try to bring in somebody else. And yet make sure you mesh well which is star. This started that they guy who we are firing. Helped develop. Again. Let the way to see this thing play out the next day or two optics of the players when I'm happy for whatever reason. Kind of pressures. The management to do. If that's the case you use it and if you did not listening to these values are. You shouldn't be letting players call the shots how I would definitely I would definitely seek their input if Tom considering making a voice at the coach at the head coaching position. But what what the caller Carl there's said to it to start off the call which is letting social media. Run your organization. I'd I'd really really hope and there are truly don't believe that the Milwaukee Bucks made this decision. Based in any large pardon on what the fans on social media or anywhere else said about Jason Kidd I think the organization whoever is calling the shots whether it's John horse. Whether it's west seed is it Torre if it is a collaborative effort along with Peter Fagan in the rest of the ownership look like John Norris said. When he joined us here on the Wendy's big show oh how Webber they came to this decision I hope that it wasn't. Beat it didn't have anything to do with what fans were saying I'll social media or anywhere else. I can't believe that it would be those same. Are ahead as tags. Guys steered their urges hammering yeah. Organization every day artist and I'm an artist. That would into you decision means is gonna go into your decision who you hire as coach and then you're not really running you know it is based. Melvin defends the running organization right which Cecil we love the Packers. The fans are gonna position and Ira and I has only organization that almost has more than the people's closing down one of them you know data and Morrissey. Jake on ten god Hamels once had gone I think people or change. Don't get what you just won't change. At you if you stuck in your ways. Sometimes change is good for some you just want change as change. I mean I don't get it because to let things go all right I'll amendment which. This is too late today. You gotta get on board solid that I also should mean you'll be excited. And happy. Is Jason two is there's a lot of people that are very excited and I got it whatever it is those are they got to live with it. Do you want it changed so they bring a guy you don't want his coach now you want him fired makes no star knowledge and every two years I don't want different ethnic. Twitter is blown up with this fire ever read any of the the listeners are on what you have in the mentions people are ready tweeting different ideas Lou can I say coach of the boxing tweet a picture of Sam can sell. I don't jail to a debit and white I get shots we need the interim title now and see how he performs yeah I mean if you're a senator for head coach and I don't know if he's or not I'm just starting out there. And those hash tag fired did people that are always said about firing did because we know. The one way to call non yeah honest as if swing stays on board that would help right. That that would help a lot area Sweeney is still here alright through to the fan probably Jason Terry is god if he keeps his word. Like his leadership the could use his roster spot for Bogut or a different battered date. Let's see one other Charles we doubt that and you all forget yeah honest clash with kid to one point you never know you might feel of its time for a change. I feel the same weighs 80% of fans in non pressure armament Charles but. Pretty sure that he didn't want his acute fire could be wrong but I don't I don't think they want more called for the break it'll be detonate in Stevens Point your on the when he is fictional subnet. We go to public thanks to a chemical sure. Oh and I don't necessarily agree with the fiery foot there will definitely needed to be coaching change award ticket could be. Well I moved up into like you know basketball president of basketball operations rose from Micah. Well definitely we needed a new coach. There's no way. The Celtics of old looking basically. And our own old record pace right now. And that best and that policy it has nothing to do we Brad Stevens sorry coach we on the great coach in it it's yours system. We have no system quickly are so low yet and go run and took a corner because. That's the artist but. Get a pretty and we know it we're gonna make it seem like bears defense gore no but they're really. There that we needed to be a giant though. Wherever we gave. They're they're focused stereo output agreement go to your grave bring casino that is assisting or whatever whatever do we need coaxed great skiing. Offensively and defensively. Moon. Thanks off the golf did you we read the letter to Bucs fans from Jim John Garcia. Read the statement he released all there's a whole Letterman other as we after the break earned them a letter from John or steal the fans and your colleagues. At 4147991250. Treatise at 1057 FM the fan talk about the breaking news Jason Kidd. Out as the head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks you're listening to the Wendy's facie. And whoever had it was gonna take it upon themselves to scorn and everyone in this league when are good enough to do earlier this has happened before. And we we believe we have wanna game plan that we're so. When we start to trust them to move the ball get open shots that's when we're at our best and and fourth quarters. A great example of us this is selfish and playing. Bad basketball. I might have been the last straw for Jason Kidd was with him as after a lossless streaks and it man at the Mets near the coaches can do about it. This is who we are until these guys wanna change it that's who we will be the someone his big show. Jason Kidd is out as the head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks. Taking your calls at 4147991250. Can tweet us. At 1057. FM the fan Sparky said before the break he has a letter from Bucs GM John horse through the Bucs fan base when he got there. Our dear box fans today we now that Jason Kidd has been relieved of his coaching duties I made this decision with the unanimous support of ownership. And then. Trees and I made this decision with unanimous support sang last three was on. Many factors went into the decision but ultimately we decided that a fresh approach and a change in leadership are needed to continue elevating our team to the next level. Bring us closer to our goal of winning championships we believe that making this change now is important for the organization. Gives our players the best chance to reach their full potential this season India. Jason oversaw an impressive turnaround in his first year led the team to two playoff appearances and was instrumental in the development of our young talented players. We appreciate his tireless work and the meaningful contributions he made the organization and the community we wish him the best. Our future is bright with a great young core Italian guys out your players who stopped Aston. I don't you start telling us now. A spectacular new practice facility and a world class arena opening next season and we also have the NBA's best fans and we are grateful for your loyal support okay go bucks. John Horst. So he made decisions in that is Ohio Ohio exchange for. Dollars this to believe that they can thank you B of course that's heat. Read it first part of it is I have reviewed it may need to hear when you rated are you eager I emotion out there well I don't let target had to get back. I think sometimes when little meeting on my I will let you go. It's that you leave. Is this process. Where you wanted to. We don't know the process laws just just given that this. What is sane at face value and deceit its its unanimous support on our ownership is that one structure sure. Yeah it if you if you bought it Cuba which you won your. By all the respect effort on the general managers with a box it in decisions and app works fine so this was that higher fares. Go through where you ultimately will have very few. Hours and then what are. All herb Cole all. So you'd you'd be able to deal we ought. Had no idea you know give itself. Money for their ears. Even set himself I called the cut about madly said well I did hi Terry Stotts said that wasn't Larry good drummer that was hand around. The coach in a dodger forward to going out together. Oh by the way your fired in and we're gonna hire Terry Stotts everybody to Larry Harris well when his call. All the admitted never discovered that was his hired Terry Stotts was inspired and Larry's. So what again. You don't know I mean. Face value the other guys that they have the state make it look like collector fraud behind the scenes you have literally no idea what's going ot it may be as John Morse asked the mean it's not you believe a monopoly. I'd oversee the if you never believe a guy like asking questions I mean I ask him questions yet found a letter now and it would do lather to me that should be closure. You would being free I think it also what are but I'll tell what can be closure of really good people in your camp. For him is I mean what would be closure. I wouldn't be right just on Santa now says went out we don't necessarily know I got my mom made up already how to work I don't like it. He just Santa letters explain outs. Don't believe that. Believe that it's okay yes they have you got played to meet the interview he did last week mistakes changed on him how great Jason Kidd and I don't remember are two things. I don't believe that. James yes but you're gonna look okay. Or that's going very well Romney steers always been agreed to rob me. Because I knew performs at a more general and argued before. And that's. What you're. Actually yes why all logic in the interview did you view them from possible. While I believe he did it because he put his name shouldn't. It is but the name on plug this is that you. Most largest labels on all all do well most guys don't like it's. I.'s salt show you have yourself. You're things now being somewhat over John war's major. Maybe him say I. No he wrote the letter of the polite and all what when they looked it would ever told John ports. Make sure you aren't. All that you do it. Well well well. Did you think admitted to a brighter for you got to do with the owners. We want everybody to know there you do it so gold say that that's the Smart move I don't believe that the Smart yes I don't I don't get down get down about what this base thinks that the Smart I don't. Jackson you have to say they all widget happens Arnold. But he did you write you up for good exits of the week. It. Where everybody would. We made decision gold where were you told us. Initially but you're saying you why. Unbelievable that we make it work what you sir we all do it together. It is that we told you would think he fit that it's week. Four while he's in they don't hear him c'mon they. It. If I don't I don't. On. Doing. Affordably in. It's been nice if the semantics Euro and nobody is going to be happy nobody. So she mis operative yet because also the media is Hannity today but it but if you look at it I. I hired somebody that they might not be so apple piranha you look inside the guy. They happen to process. You gotta know exactly who's was it that way yet on that I think eventually people start to filter through all that but I think right I know a lot of experience are artists and these days they're just dealing with the surface and the surfaces Jason kid out as a head coach. I mean just just me have an open mind based on what he says that interview. Was Steve that's the question and that latter I think his consistent. I really do he says is Columbia collective. The group learn about going to be involved. And that's basically say you know same thing is he made his decision somebody upstairs gonna say wanna ought to know you gotta keep him. Now you wanna see who wins out. But it everybody when he won up there to go to make a change other couple days you know we've dropped out. We've when I did the interview may it was like number six now it ain't it where Paula Paula Paula I want to make a change. Can you guess get out with this yes OK go make too old are you tellem and did he know and I'll it will find that out later connected become messy but it. He's basically saying. That they go on the same page. I think is consistent. Bill Simmons tweets what a potential landing spot for Jeff Van Gundy who absolutely one 1000000% wants to coach again this is the high ceiling job in the NBA. Other than Golden State Boston Philly in Houston. Do you think that's. There is what I am still would have minimal wind you think the books would have wished somebody else. I'd. Priority. I think I guess we get into this world coming in very close anyways you think Jason has cost them maybe 55. Many others under fire to campaign price say they don't have one loss they fired already. Because they think they have a chance. Can I visited my writers are if you lever next to this team is gonna take off. I said they were gonna take off when device Parker came back we're parallel with the coaches knock knock knock you argue Melanie do take up would you like part comes there are Arctic tablets go. For our guys that earn a spot a soft. Part of their schedule so this I did you ask why now what helped front becomes and and I get away and now everybody will see everything's working great now. That. The hole that make sense to me but whatever different things not working great in your home and you need some repairs Gary Ellison as the people for you. The difference. JJ contracts we don't. Mixing words you know what we say we say what we say you know we mean we mean what was so there's no reading between lines go read between your line care dwindled doors. Citing. You looking for roofing work if you're looking for two remodeling your house America freeze over JNJ card charges can get all of that darn. And the number they quote you is the number they quote you. That's that's how it should be in this Howard should it. Guys they came out to my house I do or windows argument doors. And they gave me on his true assessment. Of what it will cost me. To get that. And they were right on time coach of your friends out all right JNJ country slackers here before no jobs too small music into. Jason Kidd is out in you can get in on the discussion about Jason Kidd being out for 147991250. Tweet us at 1057 FM the fan here more from you when the when his picture returns right after this. Slash. Okay. Jerseys WS his peace what's that they've studio I might clemens' masters he's walking shop the largest leisure retailer in Wisconsin. With a over one point five million dollars of inventory stop in and check out the great deals that masters he's want to shop online it master's he's not come first on the fan. After three half season though the Milwaukee Bucks have fired head coach Jason Kidd today. You're not to be his last game over the weekend and Philadelphia as that goes for their lost 16 to nine. 116 and 94 course they had gone itself Mac abroad and out. And we've played without guys before and it's always. And there are a close game mode right there we just have made mistakes what turned the ball over or we can rebound who were wounded we thought we got better you know tonight without some good guys. A short time ago on a team statement the Bucs general manager John horse says the move was his decision and was backed by all of ownership and the team's president. The bucks have lost four of their last five games at 2.3 122. They've fallen to the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference. Jason Kidd leaves Milwaukee with the overall record below 50039. Wins against a 152 losses. Reports say there's been friction between kid and some of the players got us out of a couples had to be disappointed with the move. The Bucs host the suns tonight at the Bradley Center assistant coach Joseph fronting has been named the interim head coach he filled in last year with a 44 year old kid had hip surgery. Guys will be out again tonight with knee soreness Phoenix has lost six of their last ten. Tipoff time tonight 7 o'clock followed by the pickets say post game show right here on the fan. By the way today as the suns fiftieth anniversary. Of becoming an NBA franchise. The brewers in talks with former Rangers and Dodgers pitcher Yu Darvish the journal says they've offered him a contract. Six foot five any area of three point 8610. Of 1210. Wins and twelve losses last year. For the Rangers and Dodgers on my comments on the fast. I Jason Kidd as the head coach and how do you think he's out so far this year. For all you start it at halting credentials. No of the game as well anyone inside and out. I think JD and gotta go to great got to try to put players in in that awful position if he and I highly competitive want to win. If you're great stop at that adults players and so. There's a lot harder there. That's John Norris last week right here on the Wendy's big show here the full interview fan on Amanda at 1057 FM the fan doctor Thomas presented. By John Paul's Buick GMC this is the Wendy's big shown taking your reaction to the news today that Jason Kidd. After what John Norris said last week on the big show is out as a head coach of your Milwaukee Bucks get in at 4147991250. Can you show. At 105. Simmons Berlusconi's games the last two weeks. Did you see guys just taken off shut down. I mean are you are there things you saw on the court that probably the owners are saying and these Katyusha now he's losing them ma. Now in this is the same and consistent energy and effort they play with some skill has been here. But it's also very similar to what's going on in the NBA type revolution you fire today I. It just did just got fired a couple hundred in 48 points over the week in the cavaliers are in a game dating go to overtime on 148. It was an a year year and a half ago when Jason. To it and that Friday practice just blew up went nuts and made among cancers and stuff like she. What he's done that earlier this year to he's had a really couple our practices did earlier this season and then they give out a little bit of a run bomb makers cannot talk about. A players only meeting every player got to stand up thing get off or just or route was ever on their chest they've been through all of this who we've gone through all of this. So again and so we're gonna go out front yard font so let's approach he has. So before sitting didn't we Jabbar part comes back they're gonna get an uptick because you're gonna add a bunch of offense now if it's true what was said earlier. Then Jason Kidd and Jamar Parker are on the same page. And weren't talking or whatever else may be that was part of it too if there was some in the organization has begin by Parker fan and had had enough. A these 21 back and forth and did want to buy Parker being match where he wanna come back to the bucks after this season because he is a restricted free agent. I and he is going to be available this offseason scatter these phone calls and seed north Centralia on the Wendy's big shows up trust. Well cool moment you. I've been born ownership. You know law. I arrivals here. Why the Bob Kagan probably should fire anybody who fought and as well. The British have beauty and we know that changes not. Play to that level. All upward. They're viewing Britain it was an energy advantage to Alter. Public status of the it was cancer they're called in Syria. There are more aware. He's start quote indicator Lamar songs so much better. All of this organization racial validity John Everett is all important rock and value particles said about. So mark updated it wouldn't India and desperate strongest organization. If they don't it is next hire right. Our dark from now or use fire cute people talk about we wait to. What we. If they don't existing together. Quote I don't hire right coached they don't know where it got to get the right calls they got it right support it aren't and then next. Two years when those are three could be got three years ago. The pain is then two years and last year the globe are small side because it can be evolved. Go box on more people become so. All in order to open up right now they do everything you do. And it worked and the view and me no matter what that don't like it got last basic goal in the basic car and got a hold what might win. And what side he. And I meant I decide whether baked in the Lackey really don't want them what comes out the GM. And make a fire moment when Ron can be. Quite believe it or. But I let it. You don't believe he fired a. Smoke but they are in the dirt you don't need audible bottle if you make it all to orbit. Because what would letters that we we are organs as we know we get started won't. Well a lot of people to run and I I agree with you put a lot of people I think had he said will you. Hello all what we're not a black debt like Steve where I would not like that you don't won't go to work week. What I mean there is insecure he's being led to what people believe you know that he. Well everybody wants to know about wants to know who that who's to blame and he visas. I put all the blame on him what most folks like. Betray you and I agree we're we're on the same page but most folks don't. We really we're talking about two words. In week I think most. Fans want to hear. Other than that. Sometimes it don't matter of Spain sometime. I don't model based on the global banned them because sometimes you don't vote don't talk. Well. Well what took it to a certain point that. Don't think it's a very serious are people may not believe it but I think. If we don't need to get we don't get the right coach what you get it while coaching at an art an article two years. At a gulp back into work or British model that didn't work I. I had to go I don't disagree. You better not screw this up as aren't as you just got Gabbard won his allies the other allies Sweeney so he goes to you better view we hope you'll screw this up. And after next season Middleton a blood horrible free agents. Jabar is a restrict your agent this year so there's a chance you may be left with only got us standing on this team. That's all after your first season and into arena you finally get a superstar in this town and you may screw the whole thing I would contend that the next two years. For the Milwaukee Bucks. Huge maybe the most important two years in the history of the Milwaukee Bucks us and we've got to also know as a business knowing he's starting to see yet but he wants to he currency he wants to be in in a situation that he's comfortable in and he feels like he can succeed in and that he trusts people and worry trust people you are always to the release on a real serious it's like when it's like when you go over to northern burger you trust them. You know you can succeed there. Everything's working for over an hour the birth. With the senators they go for your right it makes you to succeed. They let you bureau ball. And use your old boss but fraud ago. Draw Jeremy sometimes you make a little bit of the year which you come back in next time and you perfect. What you're trying to do with your textbooks. And you experiment with did you learn. Different ways to brute Euro barrier along the way. Bruin year old beer is a lot like life trial and error. And he's turned the screw up you better. In better in better. And better and better and better. Did you im very new and different ways to make your own beer wine so. Just let your friends over northern rule OK on Hollywood hunter. And green of grief that we'll show you how to grow your own beer they're brewing classes going on every Saturday. Gosh on a formal coach at a mile and northern applicant Arlen hunter green from there. We get to more of your calls your tweets your emails your messages on the talkback feature on the fan Apatow or once or. 7991250. At 1057 FM the fan live at 1057 FM the fan FE using that talkback featured just hit the button. On the aptly the 32 voicemail less than who you are where your call from it'll play your thoughts on Jay's. And we got that Jason Kidd fired promo produced quickly here on the fans this is the Wendy's big show. Taking your thoughts on the news that 4147991250. You can tweet us at 1057 FM the fan email the show. Live at 1057. FM the fan back Arianna talked to a year willful or is that I know there are five he's a member on the songwriter having a press conference at 5 o'clock A jails and soul will be at. With downforce to talk about how he made the decision argues it all right so maybe we. We have hit by the federal talked to Gary woeful at 535 and play little bit of John Norris comments before we get out here it's 6 o'clock I don't know Holland oppressors and bills will soon we and it will turn all around four is because we can't just like we did at that from a cardinals go to the phones go to cut it around here on the Wendy's big show itself yeah. And I hey good afternoon about stop you know just give way to look at this. Not from the individual roll off ardent fans who wanted. Kid out. But maybe the average fan op who just was looking at that teams and ones and a lot wins and losses. Was hoping for improvement especially. As they get into their color green op. I think from that perspective of life thing I noticed that I guess I'm saying I've fallen to that. Category wise that lately. Obvious June and yet I was getting more concerned. The only way the main way I like that evaluating and I think others were of value waiting until it was. To a greater extent on is one I think is our ability to lead that team that wins but also. An explanation and in terms as some when he didn't lose and a lately. Bomb team we have lot ticked off some of the players but. Yes comments regarding being Lee who all seem. When the actual it didn't jive with the actual. Age makeup of the team summit the obvious comments. It's not latest post game interviews. Off concern me and didn't make any sense and it's from that standpoint. I think going into Nazis and I ended new arena that it probably was a good old. And we don't know who's gonna hire obviously no accident and that's that's a large part of it as well thanks for the call. I think there is that pressure that goes along with the because going into the new arena. I think this organization wanted to be in a situation where they were contending for the Eastern Conference going in the next year. Where there was a chance to be in Eastern Conference finals next year in the first year of the arena the chance maybe to get to the NBA finals and now likely that obviously goes up if LeBron James leaves his take. Jordin Schultz who's a reporter to Idonije skit went to the last three out of four years of the box. This year he had no Jabari Parker injuries to Middleton and snell and still managed to keep the ship afloat I get that it was imperfect but I disagree with the firing as well. Spiral upward. Steve that you if you're desperate and I just wore a the only person I care about in this whole deal was honest I don't really care about the rest of India other veteran like I said earlier in the shelled are better axes and those guys are better in game adjustment guys. Those guys exist all over the NBA than Jason Kidd I understand what are shortcomings are totally get it I here's defense ST not bang and a defense the scheme for three years. So I get why everybody wants Jason get fired wholly with. But with what Roy said what everybody else is saying is true you have two years. To figure this out trails attitude you have two years and you better make darn sure that you make the right higher here and they win your music and if they don't win. Or this guy doesn't get along with John as. Its cards on him being in the south and so you can yeah what Oscar who were you being gone. But I just I'm just as you yes of course I don't have a yes or no question I talkative. I want the next guy does betting on how he worked in the honest this next guy doesn't get Dow goddess and honestly because of this relationship but obviously it was a horrible why did you read that she. Well that at least bring you feel a lot better about keeping on has going for. You know it's one thing if you're just you're knocking on the door try to get into the NBA finals and you just can't get over the hump. That's one thing that. This T career but look at that bench and now you could say we'll do is get a control over that OK maybe he did but he you've only got what you got on that roster. But that's all you've got and you've got to have Jabbar Milton jas played together for a full season. And just got to this so you still don't know what you have on this roster kid still has may have the cultural fields got together either. Now Taylor Jabari aren't talking like according to reports which. I don't know mature now but if they aren't talking. That's a big factor too if other people on that front office like Jabar Parker won in your long term it can disagrees with that that could be a difference maker took what. Analysts are speculative so then you're saying that the cute child might may have gotten a raw deal. Because you have had all the pieces of other core I think that's reducing absolutely and as you but but again what's happening in but I agree with your right I mean you if you look at. I don't what folks are thinking you know that's right because you're you're sharp gains because a basic got how old she is in game an adjustment yeah. And it's not that I should lose and we talked about that does is remind you Mark Jackson will be. Yeah Mark Jackson like in his job either they're both similar type got Mark Jackson was warmer rob rob died in the Jackson in the -- diagram most of his office supplies on it's not send dozens and run down that she didn't he get Golden State to what that is in my citizens around you mark Jackson's situation and just treasured when he was fired I just answered it are you -- defence of your world when nobody's fighting with you would you just for me what's it like I didn't understand why I'm sure they pulled -- a different way than just answer if we don't know eight Atlantic City he's an as the mighty Marchex usage yet he's not getting this job either correct and I said like Mark Jackson he doesn't diagram has all profitable instead elect Mark Jackson he's our rob -- they're like Mark Jackson was I think Mark Jackson got angles eighteen. The fifty well which Jason Kidd never did when this Bucs deep pocket. So I mean. That's all part of it now they went governor Mark Jackson hasn't had a job since so there's something behind the scenes going on there as well. And then you've got Steve Gregg comes and yeah it gets them over the top when they thought they were among top got the big Wendell whatever else already go with top Rick Carlisle desperate in neutral about just. He had multiple picked UNC's as they fired into regular route to give up. That far to fly him to get somebody over because he's never had all the tell him thank you Steve. But it is not very good predict just horrible but the drug testing is still there and so it again pocket change anything. If the vivid Madison your on the Wendy's big show some grit. News go to Barbara and American and I hit as my fault I had the wrong on vivid Madison ire on the Wendy's big shows up this. There are quick thought here I don't. I wasn't necessarily on the fired Rick I like it trip from the start but I mean. What I saw recently was deflection of responsibility. Sort of putting things on you'd like was mentioned earlier consistently just blame energy and effort. It's pretty clear that he wasn't taking any personal responsibility for direction the team that's what sort of soured me. Now my background is in statistical analysis but I mean what got us off the floor we are when he aren't up at the efficiency of collapse and be. When you have middle and got it yet Middleton what so. Brought in yet we do not have a seat that. But that's not acceptable was a solid. All the roster of outside of the operation so far we haven't seen all the way back former Larry troops are firing into the GM's search recently. It has been a PR. You'd think it'd been a TR Knight and I think that's what course statements reflect so yes. A few people talked about how this one of the most desirable jobs moving forward in the league. But until that they showed at the front office in the ownership. Can run that ships credibly. I don't know that's going to be the case I think we made. The right move today. But like you guys and that is. It's Golden State is that mark Jack analogy. And I hired somebody who did not of the deal there at Riverside there I do not re up there for less than Max money. So we are at a crossroads as gold but it was saying it out of the park. I don't think that we are a step away from championship contention but I do think there's definitely parallel I think the biggest thing to me is that. This this game. The without the belt. We haven't organization completely abandoned statistical consensus. About our team and I'm looking forward to a code issue. Who uses. A moderate and BA view of statistics of player acquisition. In in moulding this game. Appreciate the call and be later I mean the numbers aren't pretty when Udonis is an on the floor. And there are plenty of flaws that we've talked about here on the Wendy's big show with. Was Jason did scheme run on both sides of the roaring and you can can pick at his rotations or whatever the case may be. And apparently the box saw what you saw fire kid folks because he is out. As a head coach of your Milwaukee Bucks were taking your reaction at 4147991250. Can tweet us. At 1057. FM the fan we'll keep taking your thoughts right after this in the 5 o'clock hour of the Wendy's big ship.