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The Wendy's Big Show
Friday, July 20th
The FAN's Green Bay Insider Mike Clemens previews the start of next weeks Packers training camp. Then Sparky takes your calls on what topic, caller, or coach/player are you sick & tired of hearing about? BIG SHOW fans sound off!

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They showed up hot and fresh air and the fans see Sparky fight. I'm solo today is Gary LeRoy playing at a golf outing. Day after LeRoy Butler turned up fifty Stacy and everybody that tweet it out LeRoy happy first day gives birth and us just gobbles last night after the show got those. Even some coming in this morning on the fact count and the right appreciates it as is everybody here at the station for a shot not wrought. I'm running Mac wanted the morning show today and else edited and yesterday a great job with a bark when Clark. Do you ever hear that our segment they do they're great bar knack. Now on like this remember Johnny Carson used to do yes they do the same thing oh really Advani the onetime Rodney get it would Bart. The one time on the field and prior to this they did it. And it was really funny and and today they did it for the second time and it was even funnier and I think it was the first time. Above those two guys have Johnny Carson yes come up with a big funny Hannah Ronnie plays a role at the command and in this deal and he's yet to ms. Lawson yes. And it is an Ed McMahon was his sidekick so right Johnny would come out of this world in this big hat on and they would hand them these envelopes so he take the envelope and he would predict. What the answer correct so he would he would say the question was you know what is what sounds like sis boom bah. Sis boom. And it opens up the envelope that says what's the sound and exploding sheep correct sis boom box. Yeah like one of them today was. He puts gavel about a said Bart does call for adults trees. And it was a drug raid. A Super Bowl trophy NBA championship trophy suddenly and Jabari Parker and then you hear opening it up. Everything as you would call boss. So bright that that type aside exactly right. I'm so there's all door a lot of them made it quite a few of them and they were all pretty darn funny like like laugh out loud funny while you're driving it was. It was really well done by routing and parts you get a chance checked and on one of my seven FM the fan I'm in demand paintbrush to buy doubles Buick GM. See in north don't forget download the radio dot com to stream the station and every wind all her stuff on demand as well the radio dot com. App are its attorney camp comes up next week which means my Clemens will be in Green Day for the foreseeable future. We won't see much anymore self. I figure we take this opportunity today a little bit here before 430. And look ahead to the Packers training camp couple weeks ago. Our Sessler. Nfl.com. And did a piece on the Green Bay Packers five reasons why the Packers will make the playoffs in 2018. Obviously. One of those was Aaron Rodgers. And in my opinion that's a double OK we all know. Once you get past Aaron Rodgers then really what is that next big deal. Of why they were all EL take dad big step and are so many different ways you can go win this one and we never really talked to my Clemens about itself. A wanna get Clemens thoughts on this going ahead so for you like. What would you say the second biggest thing is outside of air Rogers. Purring at the quarterback and you know it is going to be defense because you know majorities gone. You can hand pretty much the same running game I feel confident they can come up with a offensive line. They're writers confined time and generate points at least enough points to win. But I'd you know if if you're being positive about this it's either Mike Patton is going to be using more defensive lineman. Not necessarily relying when he's got that saudis are linebackers. Vince neagle to me look pretty darn good if I hear if I didn't know via. But this most important part was just. His motor. And it's helmets and shorts. And to me he got he got just killed physically last year at colony place. While you play much just manhandled when he came back in entry you you know is your rookie season and the NFL and you're trying to find a spot. In November forget about it you're in and out all the adversity with Roger's gone. Every game being a must win casually watching your season slip away now that there was that was a tough place for Beagle via. So it'll be interest to see if he can be healthy. And he's got the burst like he showed this spring. That's gonna help our Mike Patton but probably it's gonna be you're just gonna have more reliable. And intelligent coverage not necessarily speedy coverage. But you're gonna have more reliable coverage and you know the kids that they've drafted that they brought in John Taylor Alex Ella Alexander. Looks like the real deal they'll get him in early this season. Aaron Rodgers was adamant about the difference that. C'mon Williams is gonna make even at 35 years old forget about the pulled the lack of speed that there's. There's much more to playing in the NFL which is anticipation. And being in the right spot. And not being stubborn out of various Randall so. You know and and that's not just arron being the company man he's that's what he thinks that's what he says is gonna make a difference and Alphonso. Coverage should be better. In pass coverage so you come out of the Ortiz in the main camps. And you were installing. A defense and I was I was thinking about this the other day. If I need to summarize what I'd seen an OTA's and mini camps in past years. Three years ago they come off a season where there was a lot of bad tackling even in its latest November and December and bad tackler Mike McCarthy. Or law and the and the playoffs as well so what they do the next year. Cart the orders all these big doughnut pads. And and and he's got guys because he's limited is what he can do under the CPA. But it's like that C emphasis tackle I think that guys on offense tackling. So they get up on special teams or turnover. Everyone's gonna focus on tackle. I did see those at all this spring and I asked around about. This year was playbook. I mean they really. And me apparently get redid the playbook thoughts part of it on both side right on both sides and on on offense won't you say why would they re do offense even though Joseph Philbin is back is offensive coordinator. And the answer to that is this. It's just like just like your that your office. You've got procedures and how to run. The topic machine gun. And nodded do differ procedures and took orders is into the dishwasher and and people yeah and people come up with these. Ridiculous twelve steps of instructions. And people just say this is too complicated nobody can figure this out. Joseph Philbin has gone to the playbook backed a page wanna say Honda we simplify. What do the good plays where the bad place how does this get to be gobbledygook signals that the quarterback's gotta call. That the assistance are trying to call and it that we we you know we we don't up our own communications and offense we've got to be quicker. We've got to be able to teach quicker pop queen make the offense the offense of teaching more efficient. And that's why they spent all that extra time in February when they got the new staff and and that they spend all the or OTA's and mini camps basically doing it and that's part of the reason they what are the vets go for that hole many Kia. You know it wasn't their for the mandatory minicamp and sixteen other players. So. Okay so what's different about this spring as I haven't seen first team offense. Or first team defense. Flying Iran and playing football. Yet usually. By may or June. I can see. Twelve series. You know where they run down the field for 25 yards yes helmets and shorts. But you can see the timing is there and coordination. And that an audible and everything is there and look awesome in everything. And you say they're ready very ill Sodom and here they go for further pre season. Didn't see that. So it's really gonna be wrong. When they come back next week that's you know you wanna see that you can only determine who's going to be first team but get an instinct. I date is the one thing that I'm already seeing on the Internet that I don't like. Is what I'm seeing a report out they're made to the public. The Baltimore Ravens are running a bunch of offense trying to get multiple quarterbacks touches on the same play. Why. On the rate is I don't want that I'll I don't want anything I may have to record bag and I think Joseph Flacco is under. He's done this year I think yes but. I still if yeah elephants according to you want the holy knowing what you don't want on offense and what you're running or whatever the case may be. So maybe there was some of that by design for McCarthy and his staff of our not to let anybody see what we're really doing until we want them to kind of see what we're doing and I think that'll be fun as remember one day they decided they rabbit hole. You know confidential deal Mike would ever going out of the bubble and are running different defense is and not letting anybody see what they were doing and we're gonna bring about a week one or whatever. And then they played see Allah whatever was at an end up being a complete cluster because not clear if you're on and off you're older you aren't there for a two in. Hour and thirty men and 45 minute practice. That are separated in twelve different periods stretching. Fundamentals tackling. Little bit of passing. And backed a breakdown in your group three and running backs over their defense alive and go over there. And you work on some more techniques you all get together and you and you scrimmage for about twenty minutes. In the fifth or sixth period and you break up the YouTube more fan miles blah blah blah but we would have some of these practices were like the first four periods. Aaron Rodgers and Jordy and that first team offense. And disappeared there inside the Hutson center ran out of the fancy place on the special pleasure to have for the opener at home against the Seattle Seahawks. They didn't do that any of that and they were doing that sometimes not season. This year this Packers team. Is learn the playbook first it's is because you got. Get over 50% turn over and the coaching staff and the coaching staff has got to get to know these players as well so they're using it to. To teach these guys that are known numbers fifty than ninety in the ninety man roster to make sure that they don't know as much as they can. Because when they get to training camp next week that learning is over with your can be thrown into drills and pre season games you've I don't know what's going on so listened. Next week the number one story is is Aaron Rodgers sign. And that's not a media driven story stopped. There's been no progress in a deal and they're kind of had a sense. So it doesn't look like Aaron Rodgers deal beginning Don anytime soon based on this or pro football talk the staff. So that Soledad any source to David on the engine that's that story is debt. But well to see. But. Was so what I'm saying it is. Every player in that packers' locker room. Once that deal done. Because that's theater pound gorilla in the room. And it's. And it's not because well aaron's got two years left on his deal Packers consign them whenever they want. No his deal became obsolete when Matt Stafford started Macon. And that's just the way this. Why why should there Rogers did make it less. The Matt Stafford it says I remember Florio's not exactly mr. pro packer guy. I'm like houses that are Rodgers to attract. Pro football talk report from Florida says it's the Packers were right Aaron Rodgers isn't thinking much about getting new dale. It doesn't look like you're beginning won it imminently see any color any chance of Florio guestimate put in the Sparky comment about Enron he doesn't excite. Per a league source of knowledge of the situation no meaningful progress has been made recently between Rogers and the Packers on a contract extension. That doesn't mean ideal won't happen by another will be happening immediately barring a southern Andhra man. It changed at your point who is the source who he's talking to could it be rogers' agent could be. Kubiak could be the source could be somebody within the packers' front office that he's talking to who else. But either way based on that and remember Rodgers is that he doesn't want a conventional contract he's trying to do something new and cutting edge infraction different and this is going to be a contract in nobody's ever seen before so god only knows what he wants in the contract and how different craziest contract will be will all be. Well loopholes I'm sure that he wants deported. And anytime you have something like that like it's going to take longer to get to. He was on the NFL network and James Jones introducing him or are interviewing him. And you know James Jones has broken a couple stories now because former players former teammates have told them hey here's my deal it's out he's the first one to get it out so. He's been joke in eyes he's now you know reporters scoop Jones. But he talked to earn about this on the NFL network. Right. Let's take a break we'll come back I will hear what we'll hear what Dodd and scoop Joseph exactly Jones sat with Mary Jones over the software that's okay with air Rogers. Coming up next before we do doubt be tight about Brooke Lenin and Mikey Clemens will be need to get a bunch of good night to sleep coming up with all this training camp stuff going on and you're gonna lot Brooke landing sheets these are high and sheets. That are. Underpriced lecture about it. I know I'm one of those guys that never really bought into. She's being any different than any other sheets right to go to hotels now are really nice easy is it really matter in knowledge nearly a friend nighter to. I either fancy but it really make a difference and then you get those fancy sheets on your bad you realized and it's a huge difference in obviously. And Brooke went in got cal is right down my shoe that's for you should go to your stupid Vicky and rich husband wife team. I found this in April of 2014. 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But hurting dollar and adding that kid's meal that for 4 PM at Wendy's won't last long and participating in these limited time listen the walking near home improvement show Saturday morning sturdy at the we're live at athletically physical therapy. 377. North Mayfair road which Tracy gross speech from AT&T. Only on sports review 1057 FM the fan. And Jimmy to the next been phenomenal we signed Mercedes Lewis. As wells and now we have you know three big time tight ends. This is who comes out of the the young receiver corps once we its training camp and then put pads on discipline is real football. There is Aaron Rodgers. FL network. Kabul is a couple weeks ago last week that last week last week Kenya last week and I'm in the NFL network's he Sparky five which you might clemens'. Over there will get to sports flash coming up here momentarily. For meet the biggest thing besides Aaron Rodgers. For this team to be successful in the post season is a very broad group of players is this year's rookie class. I think they have to have at least three impact players. That have big impacts on how good this team is gonna be this year whether that means. I corner into those wide receivers panned out to be big time players or a couple of corners and a wide receiver. But they have to get big impact from this rookie class and if they are able to get that I don't think they're going to be a quote Super Bowl team at the end of the year out they may be good enough. To still get to the playoffs or whatever. Well once you get past Dovonte atoms and Randall Cobb and I'm not even really chart Randall Cobb. Once you get past those two Zain meanwhile as a rookie wide receivers get big play I just have to ask. You're you know how Adrian Peterson was rookie of the year yeah vikings know how two years ago. Bull that press cut and the easy kill it just jumped out as who's. One of the Packers had a rookie has jumped out like that every night he was talking BJ raji. And he and I guess that's a good one Claire at these ads and won those two that probably more plant came on the second half the season remember he stole that ball. Up in the metrodome. In the first game was the first game against Favre. 2009 yeah. I yet has he was that the pick they got from the jets they used on place that was kind interest thing. Com. I don't know I was trying to think though I mean who's the most in the most important rookie from this Green Bay Packers team that for 25 years as we build through the draft. And a solid they got a lot of rookie of the year candidates. Arm but it's you know usually that's a running back may be quarterback serve or you know oil Julio Jones wide receiver. To me you know it is just have been thinking about this and really researched it. David bond TRE. Bakhtiar and essentially a roster are rookie year plays really just the guy out there that no one can beat one on one including Clay Matthews. Eons of starting. And he's never left that job helped me several office job left template record job. And that's triple what NN if you just stay there or look at the right side of the dolphins why I'm sure there's question marks the right side dolphins a line. There's questions about who the starting running back is gonna be for this team has a lot do a thing or Jones should be a starting running back this team is I get to a suspension to start the year. A Jamal Williams really came on and seeing solid Heath yeah like he started to see the field he couldn't he did know where the hole was the first half the field. And the sad thing the McCarthy talks about is run to the color. Which means you know you've got half a second to decide. But the point is would the way they run that zone. Deep offense. The wavy that when there's a there's a delay and the quarterback is bringing the football and you look up. And they're gonna take two blockers and they're gonna double team one guy. So when you see color color when you see green in green. That's where your poster rob you don't run the whole BC were used you wonder where EC two year blockers are shoulder to shoulder elbow available. And you take the ball and take your first step toward Barack. Because by the time to hear third step. That's for the holes can be those two guys gonna push that down to the side and then maybe go laughter right author hip and that's where your whole Kennedy. It took until week eight to figure that out. Yeah enact that is crazy for sure no question ministries I took a narrow line figured out let's get to sports lessen my Clements and coming up next to the corner Thursday. I'm wearing tight Elvis goes so we can get into this and get some calls right off the bat. And it's going to be a voting process. Don via the phone. Abbas probably uniqueness is I'm not including social media but this is all gonna do you have voting process done via the phone call all right. We got to do one more thing what before you set that we've got to play that comes with Aaron Jones whose contract. We do that you're right Rogers yeah yeah what I say Erin Jones act so I took it is there engine and this is Aaron Rodgers targeted James Jones. Hartman you know on the school zones and man and a whole world of wonder when you gonna get this 300 million of any talks here let me let me say this and if you wanna find out when there's a contract extension just follow my guy James Jones. Either on the network. Or on his Twitter handle which I'm sure he has to put it to them at the bottom of the street mall but now that's when you find out what's going on. It's I had used foul James Jones. Ridiculous. Some news out of the brewers. At a McKelvey an apologetic Josh hater shed tears while addressing teammate at 230 this afternoon. That came after he met for several hours and MLB executive Billy dean. And again and league mandated sensitivity training quote we can't fix everything in one day and quote. Billy Beane said. So we'll see how that plays out right now to the corner of theirs back tomorrow. This is all this is gonna work back in the day when I discharged today madness. We would do every Thursday we differ half hour. You would have a chance to send a caller. Or a topic to the corner for the entire next week on the shell. That person would be allowed to call interview apart to show or we wouldn't be a lot of talk about that topic. So back in the day Brett Favre was atomic organ sick of so if the most votes came in for Brett Favre we wouldn't talk about Brett Favre and at that show back candidate for the next week until the following Thursday. And then once he gets a five there's he can't vote the same thing back to back weeks. But most of the time it was collars they got thrown to the corner and they were barred. From calling into the show for that week that's normally how once sought out and just reminiscing. It's like to do to the quarter. Thrive Thursday but now here on Friday. And what this is gonna be is the same exact thing no topic or no call in this out are the shell on the big show for the next week. The call to the corner Friday 4147991250. You can knots. Nominate a host. That does not count Gary LeRoy Iran any untouchable. Anything else you want a bad for that half hour. For the next week you can do to the topic you're sick about hearing about if it's a caller you're sick of hearing about on every show. Whatever you condemned for shore it's on your travel for more from 43 to five you won't have to deal with that. For the next week 4147991254147991250. Let's find out what goes to the corner coming up next. I welcome back. It's like he's just not as fresh air off the bat a little old school 2007 stuff here Michelle back in the day when I was a spark his mandate that if this was our theme music. Saying the membrane. And every Thursday. Marked as fast we here on this the station from time to time doing it for bill Michaels in the morning show worked. Once in a while Saddam afternoon shells he was my producer Baghdad and he and I used to do this debt. On Thursday's commuter from ten at 1030 and Thursday mornings and it's an opportunity for you to send someone or something to the corner for a week now you're suited for our whole show for an entire week so. Somebody called and said Joseph knew burrow into the corner and there was no votes via phone callers. And that's what one than Joseph wasn't allowed to be on our show for the next week. If there was we order any Brett Favre topless for the next week on the show them that was banned from the shelf for a week. I'm nothing could repeat back to back weeks old that call that was that was able to get back in the next week. Onto the show or that topic was allowed to come back so that's kind of how works you can nod and a host. At some else's brought it to me in the break you cannot ban a commercial I'd say don't even think about doing now like you can't say it. I don't wanna hear Gary do disagreed no you can't do that I. Parents of those those two things are out on update from Wrigley Field not 'cause making a comeback is now sixteen to four in favor is cardinals and it's nice. Hey Al we did get some odd stuff sent back to us from Miller Park. I'm Michael and little old run that down of the Billy dean press conference involving Josh hater. We're gonna play back Torre coming up and about 535 so stay tuned for that you won here Billy Beane. And use one Mela Josh hater today about his tweets and everything else and he hears and what Billy Beane had to say coming up. An hour from now but first let's see who's going to the corner kick in Arizona your first up onto the corner here on the beach. TD there. And who. And they did a good good cell in Arizona and checked out Clements and see if he's still Jeremy and so so you're next on the fan. Great Sparky. In contrast to what I'm saying I just don't want to hear anything about the actual. I don't personally think it's all that important at this small and so. I'm Donna that. All right Roger start drag want that gone thanks slot for the golf and to clarify this people on the phones volts are gonna count that's the only volts were taken. I'll care about Twitter and FaceBook you have to call it and vote on the air it's just easier. For me personally to keep track the votes this way so that's how we're gonna do it so he wanna throw somebody or some into the corner from 43 to five every day for the next week you can do it. Aaron Rodgers contract talk gets a vote. 4147991250. Tom in Waterford your necks and the Wendy's big show it's a time. That guy's article on that. Gonna wanna put this in a mole creek in the corner. EI a couldn't beat Packers stand by and Elliott C China Tom Brady. And yet the secret sign of the copy is even though it occurs. I. Understand their whole pack her cubs thing that's like Joseph for a lost your producer here he's up Packers fan and he's a cubs fan and I do not understand. It's like tickets I didn't you know where your legions probably don't cry about it. Right exactly does it make any sense to me whatsoever Tom all right thanks for the call appreciate it so Tom is going after a caller. Jason in Oak Creek gets above the first caller to get a vote to be banned from 430 to five on the big show for the next week. Mark in Waukesha you're next on the fan. Where it was going on longtime listener are great Robert while shell thanks. Our home they have traditional structure your thing I don't wanna hear an artist or kid and he's seventeen years old just. Already doing that seventeenth spark add to what I would do a seventy or not. Lot of good you don't saint yeah yeah yeah yeah stuff that's potentially away and it hit me in the state. The Q varnish and roll worried about the kittens and it's got a fragile eagle. The article well for. And it's he blows out the error and a lot of trouble because they don't Jerry Jeffords has been really really good dominant like Josh hater but. Hater eating a multiple innings as much as he does and getting you on a big situations that strike out and guests are current and if he can't handle what's coming at him and what's coming out and is gonna be people yelling amicable manner storm yeah slower or out situation and I totally agree thanks for the comment appreciates Josh bitter tot he wants bad. So right now there is no leader in the clubhouse nobody has multiple votes. Actually when this thing right now Aaron Rodgers contract is up third Jason in Oak Creek there's more people that wanna hear from him hater talked Josh Peter talked. Also there as well 4147991250. Pete in Arizona you're next on the fan. Yale law partly our doing good buddy how are you are united too little technical quote we don't hear how warm isn't that what our whole. No dry heat deep right it is it's very dry sticking your head in an oven turning up to three since that's what it is yeah. What's the little a little note here but yeah or. I felt that Dominic that you are more showed. Yeah you know that's right yup as she does quite well is gonna have a I bought. Some of our regular callers are Colin allotted shells were gonna be the ones are going to be gone after of people saying I wanna hear from this caller I hear from too much. And all these different shells are Rihanna had too much of that all right so KJ. Gets a vote as well all right thank you very much appreciate it Pete in Arizona. So we have Roger contract to starched discussion Josh heater talked with only a ball and so. One this is it's a tirade also numbers and a thorn in the corner unless somebody or something starts getting multiple votes at this point. At sea where we go and axles go to Ryan an oak tree you're an accent to the corner on the big shots up. I'm number two or creator Nomar greater top. No more haters suck yeah. Right that's the second boats that does drive you crazy it's are you hearing all this negativity about Josh could permeate it would raise corporate up front. I'm an important part of that appear to boulder. Thanks for the coal Lotta people don't wanna hear about the Josh hater thing tonight. Josh hater it's gonna be an apple I would assume for the Milwaukee Brewers and we'll see of brewer fans. Are OK with it we'll see of brewer fans don't go after Josh data when reasonable and we'll see if there's not name calling and Josh later. In the bullpen and that's what we're gonna have to wait. Well and find out at this point and we won't know that until obviously about the sixth seventh eighth inning or so tonight. I hope they have security kind of up in that area. Where people can yell down comfortable that help they are aware of this and then there's that deer promotion. That as of right now I've not seen anybody say that's been canceled for tonight the deal where he when he made his own beer. And now people that they have a special ticket whatever can happen tonight fluctuated C are all. I see more calls coming for callers. So here we go caller on caller. Starting to have in this is what he's cabinets markets today madness as well see who gets more votes. Zero collar gets sent to the corner or what topic gets sent to the corner up next and when his picture. When he kicks yeah I've got hot. Breast and I got different their daughter studios sounds like seventy check reference here motors proud sponsor all of the Wendy's big shot they always Amazon listened to us appreciate that. C sparked by the way they Gary LeRoy were in a golf tournament today. Not sure that she flexed its pouring out right now policy they'd be done by now running back off filled in for the morning show. This morning and yesterday did a fabulous job with former clerk. So you have me in my Clemens so the rest lead to 6 o'clock in the afternoon Mandela think dollars and on deck tolls. Windows and doors of Wisconsin on Dutch American saint coming up at 6 o'clock all right to the corner Thursday. Continues. Let's go to Chris on the north side you're next on the federal suckers. What porno Sparky and it feels good man weakened this year. I. Wouldn't it. Com com on. See that's what makes this this is what makes this followed mad callers get to go after collars normally it's taller Burris always wrote. This changes it up a little bit Chris I appreciate event thanks for the girl. You betcha there is Chris on the north side. Let's go to exact in drafting you're next on the Wendy's big shot to the corner which again. Amen ideal and they have current plan is they didn't know where those guys got an eighteen hole there a strategy in any impact operating sign him and does Oregon you know. Any of the morning show I did today. I mean. And and fired their guys or are they heavy roll and there's a. All the great bar and actor whatever is just hilarious. Robert barker threw me. All yeah you're talking about the quote. Yeah out there producers sounding like all of the facts that guy's name knocking her arm Rea remodeled right yeah yeah that's all started in all actuality that's all started because. They might buy yachts were driving into work yesterday we had it not that she's like he's a great remodel and as like you know I think you I think you're I think he does. And that brought it up Dakota yesterday. During the big circus he was hang out after and then made to put a metal stick together today on the air. It is pretty good exactly you wanna centocor. Oh that they were losing Zach. Bad weather and cellphones and other grains really yeah down one Zach was gonna say Aaron Rodgers. Talked in general contract doc thanks for the calls that. So I'll put him down. That's a nice thing either took Austrian or at least they can put it up to know what it is. Got more calls coming here to cut one dollar said the same thing his entire about Aaron Rodgers contract. Yeah right exactly 4147991254147991250. That's only way to get in and vote to send somebody to the corner. Brian and saw six your Macs and Wendy's big show. Mark you know. It happens man I understand I get Dagen money. You're right by our. Double up on our largest concert it. We didn't get it done well in all our guys to get it done so the votes on Florida to demolish those who worked with thought. Right exactly right and like we talked about earlier thanks for the call it it's going to take. Time for them to work out a unique contract which he wants or a different type of contract. A that he wanted and that's on another gonna have to figure out in its cardinal take a little bill while longer in 40 earlier today I'm pro football talk saying that they're not close. So it's probably not gonna happen any time soon into the corner and I if you're just tuning in a summit we did on sparks the day Matt is back in the day. You can ban a caller or a topic. I get it back and if my entire show for a week for this purpose is really doing this one's. You give back from the 4:30 at 5 o'clock segment of the big shall for the next week. What had a caller or something else Matt in west Alice you're next on the Wendy's big shell Matt what she got. If our period longtime listener is very loyal listener and reassure our. And I Yahoo! won't retain Jay and everybody else out there for Colin Campbell from Baghdad through and a little while. Take care place in the gulf are voting update KJ is tied the Aaron Rodgers contract doc as what should be sent to the corner for the next week. Josh hater tock is one vote behind. Then. Let's go to the market your next 9157. FM the fan what's up mark. I jumped and about hater but app that you agree and I actually don't need cheered it will. And shared everything that you know out and. Changes I'm over that let every year and early credibility. Not that I don't know boarded into the corner so what don't you wanna hear about. From 430 to five what color ball that Sharia or.