4PM: Who's on the cutting board in GB?

The Wendy's Big Show
Friday, August 17th
Wendy's BIG SHOW 4PM Hour - Gary, Leroy, and Sparky are ready to forget some names on the Packers roster... you have any players you don't want to see come Week 1 against Chicago?

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What is being Joseph served up hot and fresh air on the fast he sparked the fire from Gary Alison former factor badger running back. Mr. Pickett said LeRoy Butler here as well you may also known from the Green Bay Packers to put a little while. Earlier in his life Betty Josh other side of the glass from a MacBook ever heard of on the morning show. This more about we clearly back on Monday morning to. And that it's updated where everybody gets. OK. So that it backers put up 51 on the Pittsburgh Steelers yet. Throughout the game. All you Sox where where people ask you for different people to get cut throughout the onset it is dude just kind of made out to play in the second now it is do just cut that Newt. Buses move up so the question is this who are you running out of patience wears. On his backers seem right now who's your patience running fit with where you see a play need do is get agitated. By watching him play 40147991254147991250. Tweet us out 1057 app and the fanned. Gary Ehlers and I've got multiple people myself a little goal just. First up. As lovers and I'm Michelle common com Mecklenburg junior on Dallas him weakened by the fact remove Bob back girl I've seen and so I'm I'm done and we and his move forward. From track rule yeah holiday treats. Thank you so that's that's my first one. All right Gary so I gave you one of mine who was yours who you run out patient with. May your frustrated watching whatever are you wanna phrase. C'mon you did watch a game last night yeah okay. It is an acidic and just he's he's the senate practices two so you you were aware that. Yeah I got more than that virus lesser geared towards you go more oil out. You don't know Steve. The football I mean say. It's still too early. To run out of patience. With anyone right now at this moment. But if I have to say we need some improvement though in. The threat filmmakers to. What you like and that's my problem that's their problem yeah. We need some improvement. Armor. Armor. We got a didn't look well last night he has a point attack blah blah this what's gonna happen if you go blogger and got the use of your dark I do. And now he stinks right justice alerts users Oregon. I have got to police behavior bigger bar Aaron Rodgers Q. The first place is all that's. And runs hit kind of falls on his shoulder every pack of angles liar play in for a law and agility runs and wow. And I'll bounce is that it fits your average actor that should not others went down. Just brought them are at home so. I'm not accustomed to mistakes or the real somewhat. Two mistakes on you know there to like people to him is that what it is to repeat them for heard about this and the company remains there today and at stake to mistakes yeah. Rich white people. You give it. Maybe dots on her to froze in the cardinals are an outside group goes into the body Tuesday. This I've known brand. And purple. Or do but I PB Tuesday. Unilaterally it could well undertook a year ago pink is that yellow Mercury pummeled all that power don't I'd love market that thing well done albeit I was cooked to mistaken you have brighter pink you have off firemen and Steve I'll come home man. You'll get seven month outlook to about five missed the two would have or niece you'd go I'd oh man stuff. Did finally equity this and voted merely being did you turn to grill hot hot yeah. And his burner hot column and you'd turn it did hurt the middle of golf you'll be too swell guy gal related state. You latest Jonas tees it's all the ball followed it in their right you live only here. Who would have made it's comeback that would have made it done. Some tough problem is due to act like. Good Tuesday. Rock. Right right. So are. It out right away and then replaced count. I'm going to work are you doing. Driving in her resolve the blood utility. And a pre season. So yeah Murphy. Is that we gather I'm. Glad there's an and I were at the top into Monday. I as last year me this the first time a long time that I've been afraid of this offered to. Don't seem to have any depth. Packer hall of Famer who run Boller will get you momentarily the first real quickly here jet on the south side once again that is an old old old maegashira to Ottawa Jolie and deliberate joke over America. Unelected but okay so what I wanna try. Are the packer fans broke winging it detonated. It was a guy you haven't ordered that would. I'd run. Right what you've made the comparison. Eric who grow the deficit commuters know compared and that is an interval yet you ask. You can follow Kate Ryan yeah I've that is what Eckert introduced them and it was not a football but that you're barter but it's fine. Co wrote the mute and actually you are you've got to bear and it Europe grow at the barn traffic. He any kind of remind your car from Allah and similar bill can run route has the ball but we cut the Eckerd and who you. Clinging it is. Well what they'd like that Jules I mean what what are we supposed to do. Feel global animal life and it's slowly especially now with two straight 100 jolt. When he long Florida has two black dude we don't really meant that we really made that comparison but it seemed to be that other people. Are making index compares it is everywhere all over social network all of which were all a.'s well that's always. Nor did the elephant in the room at Y jets into a popular but it but not. You won't want elephant. And in the room Virgil hill and room. Yeltsin and the rumor that your wife Carrie who can run at it don't you think are used to according Coker are you what I'm Garrett. He with a mile breeze you have not Marty there's someone in front of armed you know what to do. Where people clamoring when Ahmad Carroll cut you read a short period. You bet threw OK now I can get to which you're talking about Rodman Garnett if you relate. Pain means these embassy there while there are no he yeah right why don't the heck has put all their money into decrypt what they say every year every year they say it. Packers had a chance because they have ratchet. Impact on the scene and I love rod I love watching him play but he's always gonna iPad and then. Many guys open regular pro aren't aren't the what that indicate you don't need to put money and still. Still players like Amy Grant about Adam because. Those guys can get open up but because drivers that always gonna try to I. Ever what the guy who like derive more else then crew Murrow and import all your money into the secret that your uncle Leo match. Because drivers like us that you Mac and a change in gonna do what you couldn't make an immediate I have money in the opposite. All right these folk broker's years wide degree it'll grow the industrial questioning. Anderson Chrysler offensively is not a body. So black with their audiences yeah you wanna school people and you've got a bit quarterback. And so that's how the cars or build a team but I can also say it is the Packers have missed that. Europe no doubt about it he's Gary Johnson pack all of Famer Roy Boller. Who are you running out of patience with on this backers to take him at the birds are 41479912. That Doug it's more my list as well tweeters out 1057. Back. And I had an idea on. A lot of it is how did you edit near some of these guys. And how this year's big guys and we're just you know to build on the list is all Ordonez billable hours. Heard your Lou bourse screen and him giving that award given what you law no. Now to have heard Jack Jackson was in Rio Hondo yeah I think they don't given what do you mean I think when he actually. Abuse well at all man was reasonable rule as was noted that it was hot as. Is she wanted just a walk around it would actually want and we. They do in May still be hot I don't commanders. Like Earl earlier today. I was driving home and he wanted to go home wake up eleven year old Logan who still let's do it slogan so I see there's an accident on our street. Like right. Not far now for our house. Doesn't matter Eleanor if there's anybody I know that involve us write our house almost result rubber neck I drive. Past our Hollis this boy when it freeze like. And are we don't I'll always grinning his. Off as he don't think in a way well you know would only then yes he does yes he does well I don't I don't you know we're we look. Screeners now when he was awestruck by the house I came up turnarounds screaming all the way back to pulled a Denny was. Names like don't cry don't. Think yeah. Two years old I Kennametal Louisiana there are five Dodi give value back. Like no defenders have been missing yeah kind of yeah maybe alum blaming president. Don't know I'd tell you amazed that a baby in MR de activated LeRoy I'll tell you is Smart hot the other day is wearing a bullet. Yeah he's got his and he's got this thing now he gets Matt he just screams at. And though how that's where I don't just. And you don't do you know it's like Bob what did you. What were you ever do it. Its original that the what were they were and they were too you know ideas and I don't remember last definitely. All can expect an eleven year old and a two year old should act like he's ten endless I as soon. You know. Yeah me too much mud what do what I was given by 27 year old come over to the house. And brought loses do so Google me as soon as we do we. See you want to coach is. I'll save up to his kids do as well forget they don't know but did these doubted that really well reverse you have our house like. I've learned my lesson of these video games. Our medical. Jack I do and video games and and I have they don't they would has on them out of there is dude you didn't you cannot. I was ready years from now he's he's got with a low end electoral has spread whose parents had no video games and their house. And these kids God's ideal park and play they play baseball pick up basketball they had no video games and their house not an animal like group and they seem really good. Current. Arena you know and our old friend to me yeah I just yeah. Dirk did turn out perfectly good they're really athletic and we're gonna give her. Ought to and the neighbors constantly and whatever but and I'm very I house. I can control and the noted argue along with a got good grades and don't bully other kids you knew which Obama eager for his government Charlie hill. You find them in low to usaid dot com. Mentality hill is also in Milwaukee and Madison gratitude to my labs on Monday yes you do get it done. As bad as the doctor is as it's always good news there. But just the bad news just kind of ease a Turkish soldier told. If you got. Why feel like yourself go to your mum and Joey up in Milwaukee medicine to fundamental to US and a. Does it shows that nobody at Brashear on the fancy Sparky fiber Gary Eller send packer hall of Famer mr. Pickens saved. The royal Butler Berry tells Billy Schmidt. Aren't sold Carol accountable for four years other side on the glass. All right let's and find out who is getting and the last nerve oval rug Boller who your running out of patience with. On this Packers team so fatherhood. For me number one has to be triggered days I got so much. High hopes for him copies of fantastic. Returner and I think he's a great slot receiver had a handful of plays for him last year. Khaled acute hill. Open I Kansas City and he's not tiring Kilmeny have an ally and say the use him like you know when he got there. Of something's happening. Every team I call him down in Chicago when he comes OK with you and him as a he has to be a gap that is often these to put him emotions sometimes take it towards. In a figure to the fullback those screen back to him ages to take it to the house. But it. Her. Now available. And he may lose the job because gambling. Are warned to be a receiver I want them to lead the league and returned the kickoff returns. If he loses that because they got Rollins Baghdad government garment on all this stuff. It does is not available. I'm operated on credit hours or so just where my hair we're. Chart data saying that he should be more like I'll listen and Tyree kill Kansas City here at a local and I'll auditors say it is right now Paula. All of you gotta use him like that he's I do he'd like. Took more time on him to hand he they don't ask me like have a does demand a judge does speak to match. If the opportunity. He's dogged two John you really want a job Janice and I comparison between Alitalia. Now. And just Bloomberg for thirty god just they'd asked conservatives they met. I was not even act fast I just quit. Wait. Are you run a full full report three dissent as quick as he's he's a dominant force when he's had the ball in his name gated. Given the public I can even do that. Don't put them by doctors is not available they have placed fourth. Depp plays phone a packed his desire for helping in our dangers you. I'm afraid I don't go away from that tag is because time ran out and give that package to somebody else may give the girl I know. But you can make. What does it give me the club and it's a McClover until the main. And that's to like big one got Landry and only got a hard knocks it went up for the guys you know if you hurt OK you gotta brag to review. Injured OK you just can't do read. But it just got some bags I got that to your agent ask. Got to fight the this is real loud stuff so. He's the only guy has to be rid of her time I don't seminary you know upon model see that number eleven argued flustered because he's a deal breaker. I I I. What made out of three wide receivers in my brand as a driver does is cut that's Liza and I got the three White Mountain now maybe I'll be wrong you'll still make this team. If he didn't even if he makes this team it's because nobody else can return TX. That's how he makes his team stir well you have to enter and I thought it makes you keep those around them were to. Yes. Those guys. Are big hello to return. Yeah what I can't look at that as a return well this illness to blow out areas. And that as a returner Derrick do a little. Is that heat heat being stubborn return so you know yeah. Trevor does is on his team unless somebody really jumps out right park which. Now let let exam Jack Jackson. Have another good return week and he he will be expert as Jackson so well. Kickoff return to our leaders to do that to work. OK time ago Herbert. To me if I would do. Just focus on the nice and juicy and he stops talking excuse kid or goes like lies. He used and I just have to wait she got to do is to use in light water Roy elects mark firm Davis. I like an anti immigrant I think you can do more for our office if they use humanity again and again there and I'm glad he's capable of doing it. But I think. In mid they have done yet but if they go empty then have to set yet the best match he's got the best ball. If if they do. Oh they'll do that item but Gary key handle normal out of the plot doesn't get any better than they won't dare do that he'll he'll have the best matchup because. You gotta double got a double Dovonte eager double duty. Leave her by a single. You. That. You'll give the last guy in out for for me I don't either one of those two guises. National war there. Montgomery or no notice what they good enough because it's a game a match notes. You start going down okay neglect that'd what do they go LeRoy. You store your daughters and five wide right and GT gold at a match of sodomy good medical deeper into debt. Depth chart him about it. Yeah go to get the best they got five eligible. Erica Rolf right you're talking in it's cog in getting worse devise atoms and Jimmy Graham it's. Wish her well I think the throttle Alice Santoro and I debated Syria for your fifth giants right that's why there are wide receivers combed roller Tom I'm gone up I've ever vetoed. It before our receivers and a back and he's been back but he'll mortgage lessons I caution opera yes legal and zoos and and you just pick your poison or are you kidding me. David is doing and they did he'd cut a bunch of ball lands above. He shouldn't prevent everything and if it's two games against Chicago but what show this Steve you got no. Another one I got another few. I'm coming up on the other side of the sportsline he'll do that as a good and dot org Tehran not at a McKelvey unmet segment after the next only guys or you're fortunate to Major League based. Young expressed a McDonald's so much continuing to grow they've been in business for over 27 years. And a blown out an integral facet and you could possibly imagine zone Ahmed the golf tournament as the jockey on the nicest guys. I've ever met criteria for Josh and our right yes at their table at dinner on mice there yeah I guess super cool guys you'll hear it this and. Currently adding to their dispatch apartment there sales apartment and looking for experience straight truck drivers up or talking about here. Which young expressed now what about if your address and dispatch first off you don't need any experience there entering. But you do me good basic math skills will multitask good ball skills able to navigate. A computer what are you get young expressed competitive hourly wage paid holidays vacation top. 401K. Eight. What company matched not every company does that. That's a pretty cool thing and of course. A great health plan as well with young expressed self give a passion. For any of these three positions sales this batch or your experience straight truck driver apply online today at young express dot top. That's JU and G express dot top JU and G express dot tam express six Astros and. Is shows up but add fresh air on the fancy Sparky five for packer hall of Famer mr. Pickett say LeRoy Butler inventor called the Lambeau leap. Gary Ellis and UT I sat. Out little irritated state fair because you are about you what. Until he has yet. So we saw the Roy sign in our grasp big save like he does every state fair in usual long line like back to the entrance to stay fair and all that stuff. Great to get down walking and then we we became Obama's Packers. Little shouldn't that you tell you edit Packard. A pack a lot of they don't tire life yeah. Yeah so Hillary's I knew there was the second seed from the huge like. Now wonder we'll whatever it's called yet so rebels like they got the Packers to McVeigh had some are faster. Cells Els who take a look at it so. The eleven year old and his buddy who was with us. Bryant they both went in invaded. The virtual reality leg like you're sitting in the stands for battlefield right so they while Bennett did. So worsening Allard the bleachers Lambeau Field bleachers they say they are whatever. It's an apt to look over my right. And see people I try to Lambeau leap a body in this like green bean bag or whatever that they only general affairs. Atlanta's Mike where's the Roy's fiction there's no LeRoy picture there's nothing no lawyer or any packer player of the matter. There was no Robert Brooks there was no one bought them or just got to thank him back. The sort of thing is that. I get so irritated every time I seen him do something and it used to being paid for. But regardless we're 534. Right there you Boris earlier you mix them I'm sick and saga and I'd like only statue two months ago. What GLU pointed at state fair they had that packer life thing. You're going when Adam Matt and they had a virtual reality saying all that has evidently does green bean bag over here on the side if you can rod jump all bonded with a Lambeau leap right you know you should it be a commercial like that now that your pick is for you shooting a LeRoy anywhere around I think. You see a picture chloride in the background jump and I got a bunch of fake people as a picture behind it it yeah that's all it. What do they call I don't know they call it. It has to go independent people job a lot agreement is that whatever is you know it Roy that just aren't there any illegal cubes or Oregon scrutiny to fall. Probably a here's one OK you'll have done now he and I can hire many well known nominees on the show and we're gonna help the viewer. So Robert Brooks. All that whole thing that are too easy to. PetMed they are very. Lofton called you on a first pre season game view that there are a lot of gold on there I said man. Of RJ is undergoes medical Roy would just got to ride this thing when he first did it he may help kinds of money right now but Tom by the way everybody is doing is Lambeau leap all over the league your mood of the case maybe. I let my. Did existed to army all of argument bought a bottle opening which is more or bunting right yes. I want to have. Our you know thought about you which is do you. You come back all the where is all the are looking back at young Roy you've got to go and unity that you could have made. About the weapons that. Are. Yeah I already. Well we didn't add McDonough coming up Ramona Jones and that's why the rest of itemized list that give you amnesties Dmitry Goodson he ride them out. About him to meet you good to. He after your colleagues about your guy. I'd do not understand what about not only do you need your dog. And guts and that Ireland seal by a building community so it's it's a dog good Tim's gone right and doctor. An option to be on all his back there Demetric Goodson bolt those two I don't need your Richard may be gone. Are testing the and to let me or is not gonna. Grow. There on the bodies morgue at the rewards but you're. Mitt theory Klamath view the complete harmony. Twelve is that fiscal year. Bull can be heard. It was back. I'm Reggie video over and back. In. That'll you know being human editors would be yet. Not yet arguable more offseason cigarettes through 30. Man. If you keep them and other equipment. And we outrage and you don't play games. And they both may miss the same day. You. They may have enough. Gilder did hit him in June but anyway I more four down linemen now. Yeah I mean they got an editorial chair that maybe this with the help to do mortgages in this short yet you are in your brave just try to do it and you bringing. On these guys availability. But let's they've missed maybe a couple games at the same time. If you were. Very you know limited there. Both those guys and I'll bulldozer yeah okay and got double IC and office breaks and I I'm Zito a sort of answers the year or so ago operated volatile that's a good luck Tuesday the car was good Indian man left tackle bag. That guy fees or atlases room. That gardeners grew India arsenic a plea for years in that joke was in Rio deal mean I don't know. What happened yet so those are the guys do not know what I'm ready to move all of our government. Yeah I got eligible like this guy I don't need to you know what's on the early error details. But Trevor Davis. Use whose anti Montgomery though they call me an eye that you get some overtime Montgomery if you trail. Sixth round pick several bigotry of some sort of you anymore I don't know maybe now. But yon could they have enough running backs out of the good of a wide receiver I don't think Ty Montgomery. Do need to danceable too quick timeout comeback we'll talk with at a McKelvey. From there I count MLB got talent coming up next like. It is that Joseph served up hot and fresh here on the sad time for this guy right here. Let's get the latest on the insider Adam McKelvey. Brought you by the law offices of Thomas Motorola. Motorola log dot net or call 414327. This is the only station brewers fans need sports Radio One 057 FM. Various cells out of McKelvey on the great midwest bank hotline. All right Adam over under how many runs brawl to gets up on the first tonight. Or operative but I'm happy. Yesterday Adam does did too I I will move on to the next question. What tableau chances do you give brawn and up on the DL what is right Medicaid rib cage stiffness. I would say that quality got a better I think are likely at Butler parties. Panettiere seemingly created date or upper thirties are out. And you pregame you know BP. Running all that kind of suck as usual to help our annuity yet and I if you get through. It you got. Shut it down and out. Apple what it is but he's been through this on an up time and all that through. Just can't predict it you'd have to account I'd go to your workout then and you know deal. And be careful so it. All that unfortunate for him because you're ready to talk about that the that your heart on that. And other lottery adult yet be getting all over the last week. And then boom on the fly a ball outfielder yelling at that they're it's. Yeah how is that when talking about Braga and have them available that not a lie and have just cannot Adam. And I think more to biggest thing I don't know if you had a chance to look at him and that's what most people. Have been look at that comparing the lion compared to how good they are defensively. Hoping that a guy averages self out do you think SOK with that I just play the best guy. Who can just whoever's hot. Well I mean maybe a the decision and I like the doctor Jonathan though that they're willing to trade eat them or. Awful. And probably there's so far that on the open market at any opt. Well they are going you know and and that there was though quickly I think what kind of the best example. Anywhere. Up that tree not hurt them there were places where are the other ship I think overall it and all that that you're the shift hurt them. And that's a game and out popped a center. The lack of Marines trump. Saw a second base opens shortstop. Definitely showed up at some critical moment but after they're going up against today that they are. You know sort of Auburn chronology in the back of it is. And they're not going to. You know have a knee jerk reaction when I mean. Happen like that like the one when things are so we'll see I mean if if there are more like that where you can. Hurts them and they could he could not get anything from Donna and go I think you can think about what is going backwards and ordered the just live with the defense and you know last. Com and at least that are here that idiot that. Sort of great range and you know the if you can't sort out so it it's an interesting gamble and you know you can't two weeks and erotic you can liquid diet for a little longer than that you Aiken. You know I have this straight off. Adam opt out what more for that I got you to Craig Counsell they're like three minutes. Shot scene gets out moved into this Sunday's start four of the brewers and a call earlier today sends pointed out how bad chest scenes numbers are zero point seven with a 69 ER eight career. Not against the cardinals has had eight point 59 ERA in two starts against them this year I eat your thoughts on them. Yet interrupting me again at the fact that. Going with your hottest pitcher. During the blow up back at other media mob that look at it lap. You know in part out the alt wired you've been really good serve them. Or over a month now and they are betting that or series against the united charging at the bird banding. They wanna have their back pitcher Matt theory and they're betting that they historical numbers last. And the way he's going to ball recent. So where that that we or our crisis occurred outlook oh. Are you kind of make a determined by what is the number of the cardinals large art are. The uniform right it's not the same outlook in clutch player right there Matt carpenter got here Molina. They called long and you're talking about other guys out beyond that and I am just banged up but now a lot about. But is it entered you know and then that they got him about a great numbers. In his career against the cardinal so it. You know it it it will look at it up again I think a real let yet are they are back starting pitcher. Recently. In two. Of an important. Makes you got to be he is at a McKelvey MLB dec com brewer's knockout half ongoing talk and a current council and hopefully the birth when the series sector. I got. There is that Mckelvin bit midwest Bangkok podcasts about Jameer Nelson has done yet looks like he's out there and start a renovation journey with a simple and convenient for approval from great midwest bank dedicated providing perfectly personalized home wants those right here our communities since 1930. Not a chance to win a thousand dollars and our national cashed out I NG comes up but it just a minute or two and then a sports flash from our god to be touched other side. Israeli strike let it land at five and and our schools are my big damage ever joins us at 535 to look ahead at week one. Of Friday night football sorry tonight along with his when he's varsity with scoreboard shows are tonight at 7 o'clock with coach Ron Davies that's all coming up in the final clock now.