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Friday, February 16th
The BIG SHOW wraps up the week as we head into the NBA All Star weekend with the hotest topics of the day. At 5 o'clock BIG SHOW listeners drive the topics on "Pick-A-Lane!"   And LeRoy Butler? Hilarious!

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You scored. He hours. What happened crash and burn. You end. It's time for the guys to reset the topics from today's big you know and let you pick a lady. Claim brought you by the legendary Great Lakes dragway in viewing growth. Great Lakes dragway dot com for 28 to your season passes and ticket discounts that's Great Lakes drag away dot com. It is that time here on the Wendy's big show along with being one and only Steve Sparky Pfeiffer in the packer hall of Famer inventor of the Lambeau leap LeRoy Butler Rob Ryan Mack law. And here's what you're picking from in Great Lakes drag way to pick a lane. Right way did you have a problem with Wisconsin fans storming the court after knocking off Purdue. Let's blame who you got numbers arms race. And in the return mind as an honest working with Toby scare you 4147991253. Can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan. I'm not I'm not a rain on the parade guy I like fund I like having fun I like to see other people have fond I'm glad everybody at the Wisconsin game had fun last now it seems like. That was a great environment. Lots of and we trickle people refer to it electricity. In the air for frank Kaminsky united he had his number retired grape cool if I was there I probably would storm the court. Just because I'd be at the dumb college kid who pride has few drinks cinnamon I see your body else doing it and it looked like fun so why not do her. But. My 38 year old cell sitting here on the outside looking in as sports talk radio host I'm not against storming of the court per say. For reasons of recreation. But I just I don't know that Purdue is worthy. Of storming the court LeRoy does that number sixteen and an ancient Rome it and knocked off North Carolina they didn't knock off duke it'd knock off. Villanueva who's been number one for the majority of this either they beat Purdue. Aren't you don't give up too long now that's I'm not be a nice guy does and indeed I don't want you to frame it that way because that makes you feel bad about myself. I really have another thing. Guy dot all for fun. Especially harmless bug might that great they were dancing at midcourt with frank Kaminsky and that plays awesome and understand that it does. It doesn't speak well for the program. They were just into final four is back to back final fours a couple of years ago and I you're storming the court could you beat the sixth best team in the country. You know the bar is higher than that the the bars aren't that I'm so are you having a bad year but the bar for this Wisconsin program is higher than that. He noted it was excellent yes. You know your tune yes yes. Do you awesome. Missed yes can you speak up a little bit view and if you make all the way up and a barely picking you I'm going to be OK and yes. Hey man this. Chair. Man. The emotion annoy you gonna you're not and have ten point dog and you beat his team. I've eight we've taken else we get on this court man this man action is not happen again this year. That's his eligibility if you beat Europe underdog bet big and you beat. Somebody in the top six. We note an apartment. Moving the bar there's gotta be eight I don't somewhere. Yet I can't tell us is that the cut the patriots could have barges everything I was just needs a top did she is you have been. Few years you know if you have day. The way they are this year OK a little Brothers 120 Iran Contra. NFL stormed out when I do that now now. If they seek to win that not all right but a week out of the stratosphere and there's six I'm you're known as court Matt and I love it I like the emotion. Of college students I loved it it to anybody that think that they didn't shouldn't do that. Probably either. Learn those. Just so mean. In no boxers shortly planned with the stripes on it. In return all used sprinkler system type guy I mean you see gagged he is welcome but yeah honey. No does mean guys like. Just relax and half. I don't ever about command and agreed outlaws. In the wind you'll know why isn't I. I know and it's. I'd say get because they don't show people how odd jobs because we need to have a higher and we just nationalize of them have ever heard or of that yeah. This is how we do have that happen every yeah I know by. Deal yet one tune it has six monitors you look up directors of the badges man. Maybe don't know maybe big event and I talked to a go bad I know it's just you know I clear out all their record is no it's been a bad you know it takes seven outs is what you are on the days I mess up Wheldon fifteen sub. If if they Leah a top team. And when to turn him you know anything Hamdan gentlemen we still nervous come out looking and he still visible got what you. Look right. I thought you Sega you know these are no. No no you don't have bad this year it's another record to know that they're bad they're twelve and sixteen mood. I was Purdue. To produce 235. We going on and Coca. I. The right thing. Did you have a problem we have is Phyllis and storied record for what Iowa chapter seven dad died 1252 to readers and we'll tell you I haven't met the Fed out like myself a little bit of the if you went to the local. It's a six. Add race for two spots the brewers in the back end of the brewers' rotation those six guys are your body Gallardo Brett suitor wade Miley Brandon Woodruff junior guerra. And Aaron Wilkerson and who do you got. In the Burres armories for those final two spots 4147991250. Sparky. You look at. Column on this Chris young's dead I don't then we'll get the Abyssinian does that say it I got cell Woodruff as the four. And the 5 I am so honorable way Miley and things turned to ride Derek Johnson is right. And then third out of fixed his dude and re wind top a little bit and get him back to pitch well against the law I'll say it's Woodruff and Miley by the way you can't afford a 50 up his numbers before we ever got to him that it started to see on the each other about something else altogether. He had to. Really good years in Arizona. 2012. He win. I don't care about wins and losses but people seem to he went. Sixteen and eleven. With 3333. ERA in not 2013 he went ten and ten. But with 3355. ERA associates who are 35 ERA that's a steal. Absolutely it's just yes there's a sub four ERA for Miley this year it's a steal and slam to death yet per share. At the what are you like 58 but last year. In Baltimore horrible he went 8815. With a 56 YRA and and the year before that it is 617. ERA where they two in five record but he's coming out of the bullpen for some of those as well. So he's has had his struggle it almost lately I love the narcotics. But he told Ed McKelvey quote I admit I him. Well it's I walked eight bleep ton of guys that he is honest and says he's made some adjustment is romance herta when you always outlet I think we're all in agreement on Woodruff I can like Aaron Wilkerson as the dark course I think he could be that guy that casualties as a dark horse he's shown himself to perform in the clutch last year you had one started AAA as sort of an audition for the majors and after seven innings of noted baseball you gotta think. But that serves him well and spring training when he knows a job on the big league team and that's a spot in that rotation nonetheless might be available to us they care in focus and comes out performs. And maybe just maybe has a shot. At that the five spot in the rotation but that's the left lane who do you like to a neighbor's arms race. 4147991215. Moving to the return lane he goddess wants to work out with Kobe. You must it meet up with them this weekend during all star weekend. They'll both be at a at Nike event that's like playing in the Thomas told ESP and when I go to that event I'm going to try to sneak an opportunity to talk to my wanna ask him. The fact this is like the way to work with them not just to go out there and work for two or three weeks but to grab a dinner and see the way his mind thinks this home. If I'm on the right path. Depending on Lamar overtime on a mine in Denver or go out my. Now they started on the basketball court. Just had to bring that dimension. Looked trailer after I had doubt guys is the or what positive people. Yeah you've been wrong or in the wrong damn guy and our viewers you couldn't Shannon Smith why you don't want guys. You don't want him to go to LA and are all before you said. That what we're talking about this year you recovering yup you're coming close to a Brett Favre moment yet what did you mean by that. Yeah be careful where you fall in love with a player forget about the team. Black had a moment what do you do if in database through this solemn day being the box mom and is due roles in three years. Prominent being not very happy lead at the key there was what is was the first sentence that she says. What they screw this up yes LaBelle Valerie part of it was her old that's all that matters now all that's only part of it that's all adult and we will see how this all plays out but. It does I'll get screwed up when he rolls of the lakers after this current deal. He's gotten. A key and if so whom I can now I'd tears in my follow yeah oddest. To whichever team he he may go to if and when he leaves about he may take your loyalties yellow to win the Ottawa the French. I must say about Favre. My beliefs their I'd be about people who jump ship and became jets fan now hiking lions Andrea might be. They let him walk out of here and don't do anything might I think he might take a lot of people with them yeah especially if the perception is that it's the box fault. I can't yeah its like now there are certain teams that can't reform not reform in Chicago so that's out. Fields of the bulls that's now your on your butt and ATP goes somewhere that that's not like he feels San Antonio I think it down that. I am not in now my first syllables and the lakers especially at the lakers of their laying on the ground mark now I am really proud. Cody green who works on the AM morning show their freezer it was a Cessna and we clear what he's good he produced the tradition of the freedoms I don't know I haven't parity actually play that it's important in your I didn't hear it really frames now. It's been all over Twitter all day it'll play that before reunited at 6 o'clock I don't know if I believe it's coated. Garland joke and you critical haven't that you are going to shift for a check on its a check it out. But Cody is right along the same lines rate. Smart and always do that Marjorie says I don't get how ya this wanted to work with Kobe can be a bad thing. It's not a sends up leaving Milwaukee won't be because of Kobe it will be because of yeah honest Kobe could only be good free honest. At this point you can tweet at 1057 FM the fan. Just like Cody just like coated it and Cody is well I won't say 100% right is like 98% right the only party got wrong. Is when he says that the honest ends up leaving it will be because of the honest to a degree yes but he'll be. Because of the Milwaukee Bucks. It'll be because he's not happy here right keep the honest content and happy keep this team contending for the Eastern Conference and an NBA championships. And yacht isn't going to be looking to go anywhere else Kobe can talk to him all he wants. Sparked here and happy relationship give a fiancee right now okay for you. You're right you know and has I know and set the table saying they're really married gambles himself that's let's. And that was well I would never forget I feel that they are against. Let's let's see here you had your lady are out to dinner tonight right. Okay you're girl gets up to go use the ladies and Sparky is all by intelligent this is an affair compared hell yes it is spark is all by himself sitting there at the table I won't because I've Jackson you know what I di man stop Hillary ran as an you know what I'm getting yet you gotta babysitters just you would your lady are out to dinner she gets up to use the restaurants and a one time this year you're by yourself as they get the table. And everybody can make up some fictional Kara outcome and let us how said that a book and on the same level as Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers and Obama right now whoever whoever that is a motive right now about that a woman of that caliber yeah. Comes and approaches you ya and start trying to who you now and take you from your woman now you're not interest at right now not even listening to three words come out of her mouth right now because you're happy you're content. Ask your outlook for anything else OK reviews on it costs out of America. If you weren't happy if you are fiancee were miserable or ground couch and and a woman of that caliber approaches you Mario you might miss a little bit you know in my you might right you are going on the road. That's where do you think Janice is and his relationship with a bunch after the bar that you what I'm saying we're pretty sure relationship you need your leisure you think there are engaged right now need to make sure there are three years from now yeah obvious in the box relationship is as strong as you when you have beyoncé is relate what. Right now that's the box RS do what is right now OK but my porch I don't know. Obama after the question it's probably a little rocky rocky brought a Little Rock things in the house and done that then they're beautiful girl and get ready to do dissidents that opera yet and you just added a little rocky spot. Don't war gym three years to fix it our home game three years to close the deal right. Aren't auto related note you have three years to fix it and make sure that this relationship is rock solid they got awarded peninsula that is that. Bottom and never forget and a lot of the thing and a lot of the stuff is already in place there there are many. Situations. Sexier than the Milwaukee Bucks right now. When you look around the NBA and where guys can go to with the new arena with Dion is here with ownership that's committed to winning. It's it's a good place to be. So all you gotta do now is put a team around be honest that can win championships that's all and you can pay him more than anybody else that someone who's done. What I originally got there. LeBron more than anybody else to bet which is you don't tax them rat who went there compared to hear door ripped Oklahoma didn't direct Oklahoma this week. It left bigger there's much else. Why wouldn't want to go very gladly let other stars Kim. We'll let other stars in a Rangoon the rant was in a situation a small market. Another star we just is not outfit didn't get all the way it but yeah is fine but that he had another shark yeah I don't even have a look. How another star yet now now that Russell what. Bruce capability we got three years no. Tick tick tick tick. You colleges. He has no loads and this is always carried. These so scared. As the loyalty. You you war and a good solid you won't have to go no Oscar but he's got to go we're gonna screw this up usually you think I'm scared. You should hear Eller said because he's more panic stricken at all and I you've picked another did it down. I'm embarrassed and stay home he got started out as the carnage joke. Weaver is all that we started dobbs has been topics discussed today's big deal for a role model that you get the final say autumn right way did you have a problem with Wisconsin fans storming our left lane who do you got numbers arms race and the return mail don't camp you were working with an hour. Scare you for one glad we're down to 799. And you can agree to stop at 105 does not let them the fan boy you all I'm glad Jameer Nelson soccer and the cubs I mean. He's glad I got stranded we need to me notes as we watch this hot in many of our problem in the quarter gave the South Korea I don't have a variety in the food we Sarah bellies didn't. Cable YouTube can be champion. By shopping at Robert specialty meat giant just a meat counter at the local grocery store. And Roberts who find gold medal worthy hand cut steaks are old little word yep that's right awesome casing sup port growth stuffed chicken breast and so much more. 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Meet for the best election if you give us a check to prop up but and and Robert specialty meats balky shut out to us in Colorado specials a buddy saving coupons for the best to meet show up Robert specialty meats your whole. Tout the I don't know what that stupid things called a half. But our thirteen year old is a big hunter fisherman yet. He's ally feel that they showed they highlight is as one event half fleece Wear it to them like. I've never seen it did not want my idea would a guy but yeah I have full I had on my login. I'd like yours is Dick got. Doctors thought it sure these targets do not put the rebel back under Maggie did you see that's crazy I don't know how that because we're Olympics I have no idea. I know all his balls they hunter Paul Roberts a run especially. What was I didn't that was in a deal with thirty dude view in the I'll call gazing at the sound bite or about the cheered by clubs sports flash of that you'll pick away with a Wendy's Big Ten returns right after this. Yeah slash. Now. Think for the masters he's WS his. Stop and check out the great deals that match as he's walking shop online it master's he's dot com. First on the fan baseball brewers position players arriving in Arizona and they report to camp Monday morning in Maryville. That pitchers and catchers continue to work today including. About this Jimmy Nelson been injured since last September sliding into first base or Wrigley Field. We've visited Belgrade nexis search for our last month and and finally. Got cleared we we can Africa distrust us are doing this week and just looking forward to get more frost sessions under my belt. Bucs lost to the nuggets won 34 to 123 last night at the Bradley Center and be honest now on his way to LA to participate in the all star game play for staff Korea's team. About some of the other players Erik Wetzel what do you do over the break to stand say. Sort of time Nomo fan we get away what little progress so it's through. Noses. Last says today in the NFL quarterback AJ McCarron becomes an under stricter freeagent march 14. After winning a claim against the Bengals CBS sports mock draft has the Packers taking a defensive back. But the fourteenth pick overall Ohio State stands L ward. Great Rosenthal nfl.com says that both receivers Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb are strong candidates. To be released by the green bay Packers and in Florida 35 year old Danica Patrick getting you ready for a final. Daytona 500 this weekend boyfriend Aaron Rodgers is their trackside. You can read more online at 1057 FM the fan dot com I'm like Clemens sports Radio One 057 FM the fan let's alive. On the WS has been Smart phone app at AM 1250 rom line. 1057. FM the fan dot com. Mr. badger pilots last night. I was thinking of Letterman is this a throwback. Badgered game it was Steve Yoder years. Because. We beat number six Purdue not number one number six Purdue. Is so bad to badger. Season that's our guide JJ watt of north side using the talkback feature on the fan happy can do attitude just hit the button. In the 32 voicemail let us know who you are where you call from. And give your take like JJ just did there will play it back right here on the Wendy's big show right now in the midst of Great Lakes drag away pickle ranked. Here's what's your pick in from this evening rightly did you have a problem with Wisconsin fans storming the court. Left played pretty got members arms race. And the return mine does god it's working with Toby. Scare you 4147991250. You can treat the show at 1057 FM the fan Ehrlich had just set like you just heard. He's a talkback feature on the fan at we'll play it back on the air let's get right out your calls in Georgia on the north side you're on the Wendy's big show it's up George. George retired lying. As far as and working with Colby. I think that's a good thing I'm not too much concerned about on and leave him because I think is. It was passionate to get better in Britain championship in Milwaukee like the only way only way that he's leaving Milwaukee is mad at me. It doesn't put effort in bring in players around him because if you look at the person he's trying to model his name hacker Colby with electrical twenty years. The heat that one game look at players like Jordan. You know he left because he was maybe bring back retired like eight times. Yeah well the baseball and you retire because he wanted to keep vehicle they want to make another run. But the boast it didn't wanna go that direction. And then you think about it the player that they want to arguing. Reggie Miller great play epileptic and the passion for the game. You know we don't all the team that debt actually track them gave them opportunity and what they know that because but. Believe in him more than anybody opportunity is to get the opportunity to. Put people out amount each economy. Thanks a phone I agree. It has 30 are you talking to a guy is paper wanting. Mean can I like you've got back Uga or not YouTube. You know. A doctor's list Hazmat units and yet but really I Uga fans like Steve. As like 50% of you. Because at the end of the day it's about when championships. And a barbershop and thus it would did you did you guy I want a championship. If you say yes or no 41 and and those. And best of one thing the reason why people. LeBron. Jordan argument Jordan Guatemalan Chicago. And asked doll peeps some people he's always been number two could he had to leave. To go. Out get a chips yeah honest wasn't champ ship here. It'd be just like decode did at and they used. To have to. Well don't sit well what I write about without a nice for me. There will be no drink and if you very NIA is in Yasser VIR guy will put his statue. The house. But the tea leaves. He just like every other player it was to differ. There would if that's the message heard freon from Coby. What are what are they wanna be like me you stay in one place for twenty years. I mean there's not a chance you know one that's going to have zero chance none whatsoever. If he's going out to LA. Okay. Is LA different in Milwaukee the road I know I know I never been Allen. Come on man goalie yet different. It's different it was dead. It's a lot days definite date but we may have bigger things that we guessed the clearly Lila today. Iowa bigger build things when Larry LAX the cars are completely changes on Chicago or Milwaukee to try to get as warriors. You makes you want to note. That pieces while back Haley ad that these two as when you Geiger. Understand what you say dipped it's just a dime pieces in LA don't have orcas. I. I tell you right now overall. In LA but it has the adapter track that we had out of Milwaukee and I am in LA and not everybody needs that Assad yeah. Alas you don't pay a lot more about it plus I don't like any paint a lot more OK but I mean and you have a chance to go real big in LA has Arnold wants as far as the pace and I didn't know it he's as president decent lie and then though the weather and everything else I'm I'm I'm better off fear I think I'm better off here in Milwaukee and am now. I really stay out of trouble I don't get army it's probably our whole lives Saturday Night Live I don't I don't need jobs being I don't care if it's cold out output on the jacket manned up to that lived in in my whole life got a thousand I don't care. Ram that's glad for you your whole body so you can live in the middle of Alaska and you'd be fired he can always visit at least who. Has he brought his mom is telling you is I don't think maybe I'm wrong. I don't think he's ever spent extended time on an LA one. And then there got his first chick else then no money on that he just mostly basketball. This is all right. He's not generally as normal are part of an ID so let's say I. Columbus and the I don't know about how easy he doesn't seem to be the type of guy who need not fresh like that it states right you watch a Pratt and Jose crimes saying to me from from my perspective from where I stand. He doesn't seem to be now that we got I could be wrong you did you get as much damage or you might love maps and religion and every everything that goes with LA you guys watch every day until a year though not yet been here with a backdrop for make this a championship franchise make this someplace he's happy wants to be like I say it doesn't matter who talked you are rich you have ship your hubby wouldn't be. You. I'll I'll say it again feel it will get a bunch he's just another you know on my body Eric Carson on Twitter just reminded me that there earthquakes in California it's ultimately mean it's irony here Melissa again summer of 2019. Thank you or were gonna find out how big my trashing on assists for other all stars and Leslie Steve do you know he's on we'll find out. They won't suspects. Who brings people in here just in the news. Let's get one more call Arnold goddamn he's got robbed a lot of play with guys. In Milwaukee area I don't know women are exactly right yes it if he doesn't draw anybody he will now from the media and two bronze Jimmy Cleveland cool. You can make any Playskool Martinez and port watch how to back to their front what he's doing you know what's up Martina walk off comment. Oh logo minute at a white T what it. I never heard you do it aired or model we never had a superstar in our life in this position mantle out I'm older true but man part. The book. Dayton much it and that they added that a hundred million dollar mayor I'll more lenient. That they would prevail but it will be real well. He brought power and don't. And the car we're under this girl and decorated holding out the ballot there are not at this sheet man you not consider. About LA he's been adamant that all year about the big city LA number of fake people fake. Women know it. It's not working negative and if you want me wonder all coat and learn how to label cogan a moment and listen have a mental. I am not exist apart I am not against war now Kobe Bryant. I'm not against that at all Kobe Bryant who who'll be a huge help to him and other every other area yes I agree. All I'm saying is if you look at the last week we have a Magic Johnson. Then we have this Colby saying and then in the same day the yacht has Colby thing comes to light there's another story stardom by Colby saying that while only asserted title player with a right have a mental toughness complain if the lakers this is all transpired in all week. Yeah trooper threatened about it. In many Andre you're not going nowhere do not hold into that lease you don't almost certainly got on that Nigerian you know they. Yeah I just like abroad and that's about it Teradata bridal I don't know about. Because and I just two different now I know it's not face the called Martinez doesn't this is a strange couple Brock told Cleveland right the Brad said. I'll leave July what did you throw into man how. For all off a health problem big here first ever doubt that all right T man must you've grown man then just laughed yeah that is and we just allowing guns run brought him over animated them and get just lab and got this kind of smoothly two days ago LeBron is that if you wanna go tomorrow whether one taxes and it was warm weather not married I stumbled guys to go play and right and it went one Jenna jets and what are they doing Cleveland burn a Jersey watch. Jordan we're gonna it goes. We're gonna rich did you. God you must know don't Cleveland's you're. Says cleaver as everybody else is people with him Hollywood and leave what African vestiges Saban did and you didn't know what did you do a few hours say oh he's truckload of BP should talk to BP's well LeBron to not believe every agency are all gonna burn his Jersey Kabul like now. That order don't don't don't what don't burn things here it's really burn larger engine borrowers you'll learn favre's jars your last month these balls councils. It's absolutely draftees in Milwaukee you wanna championship. And he forces way even in Milwaukee and the mentally right he hate it Milwaukee and they. Bet you like it. Happened that's only because they're wasting your and remember what happened if that in the social media or without crappy pulled back then he'd be the most hated man in walking sports history. What Al question. He was a complete pitcher. But again. Everybody to remember that because you had like a newspaper writer to where the case may be. Everybody's too young to remember how that all one don't ya all them he would see you would gut tell you he be the most hated man Milwaukee sports history. If people were rotten social media was around how that whole thing played out a little out all I would agree it would be brutal. But doesn't. But that was also a different time were playing in a layer plain New York meant a lot more than and I wanted to be some. That too but I am saying as far as the deed that the glory that comes with. She appear exactly yep but when I wanna air on and I know Brenda sinks present notoriety and the spotlight that's not new even winning a championship in Milwaukee. Doesn't do a lot for your brand per say back in the seventies round in 2000 and in 2016. Winning a championship anywhere and being the best player on the planet is gonna get you noticed is gonna get you in the spotlight is gonna did you do endorsements well. That's the case then they should have no problem recruiting stars come and play Odeon agreed if other people agree I agree I have no problem if I agree don't agree review rated it is still about the weather and still above being a small market and everything else. Then they're going to be intro. We're gonna find out which one is true. 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Bob but I made that that really is going to be one of the stars is yankees had a body transformation he said so guys atop votes on Jack got this in a journal pretty jacked up sell it not like not. We're ego. What he did dude I don't I'm I don't know imminently and have an electoral now are reasonable. A reasonable level of jacked up OK again yet about it also thinks it's a severed our national bay only only at face value for listening. I lecture beating two the Wendy's big show. For Sparky the Roy Mike. Even Gary I'm Ronnie Tim talk him Monday its thirtieth two. Art.