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Thursday, December 7th

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Is right now gotta check in with this. This guy's on the inside. Basketball insider Gailey won't fool people by the law offices phone call was full. Only on sports Radio One 057. And that you'd that covers the Packers the Packers the bots. The Racine journal times and Racine sports zone. Dot com joins us now on the great midwest bank count land we call might carry around these parts of the very hard this afternoon like Garrett. I am doing well and yeah. How active are the trade talks for the hundred Jordan recite rumor that the boxer interest and how active are these straight. Well I think they've and then join unions. You know these kind of later content people it could be aren't going to go February. When the deadline occurred some you know the boxer what do you know fourteen. Express. Consider interest in this bunch whether teams that are interest is what you know the clippers obviously Ernie and Bernie. We will wait to look at the bill still can and go Cabrera. I like with the nets are doing I'm marks is a nice job as General Magic it's De'Angelo Russell it's horrible horrible contract to Brook Lopez a last year and now. He gets to Lille Okafor installs kiss in another deal today including a second round pick. And India will really anything and all hot I just from for me even though yelled there's no guarantee Okafor is their pass this year Virginia as option picked up. I just they had adding him in De'Angelo Russell to guys that are lottery picks high and lottery picks that you know workout and their situations. This this this is how you might take a a horrible situation and turn it into something bright if Okafor parents ought to making keep him along when Rossi got some. Now you're absolutely right and I mean they have actually multiple winners you know they can throw darts and in history yet you know all all the better. You know I heard the books and bought weren't as good as well what. Okafor who talent you know the problem is off the court could it. You know he's obviously and so since then yeah yeah million some teams don't want you old bat. In. You know I think Brooklyn that he aggregate place. In a bush said they went and find true you have Jabari Parker here they're both good friends. And then that would have been negated it was a slip into what actually a local for your idol thing you and handles off court issues. Yeah and at Brooklyn really didn't give up what you mean Trevor Booker exactly as I see nothing. You know I mean yet. Look at the record books you know let he's matured. You know I'm not sure people understand is. The price for Okafor was there a point lower than that morning. Sure. So all. America Rashad vote. Bought I bought it clear he. Cries and Hugh we all reactor which we boo. He had urged Russia I'll play you. Mentioned that the sport last night. Talked about being professional and one of the rap but shot and his maturity and the lack of but you know the guy. Retired you know and find out of this contract was extended. Mean Chris Middleton was called me last night that. He's worked hearted practicing staying after practice of Gupta setup so. Not yet given credit. Well and now now the question is whether or not it'll stay with him. Or not we see there's a former shot Bob plays two or three games and and we don't seem for three weeks. So the question is whether or not it's coach staff or stay with it and believe in him or abandoned ship like they always do. Flat at the bill played game by game were shut on the equipment but that it you know they'll go to them what you're ready. He'd have played the last two games. In the scheme that equally quick one minute so it's not like get cute as a lot of captains and him. But again without Jason Terry here for a couple weeks mile away we had Jason Terry on the watch much pigs or post game show last night presented to buy puller Mozilla team frozen cheese pizza and Terry said I asked them and not all he talked a lot. But I asked Jason Terry about how how how his victory is is that gather saying two weeks I'm saying I'm Rebecca Fortis. He as I know my body and be back in four days so. Mean that's a big difference from two weeks to four days but even if that's the case that still puts him up to this weekend. So you have now two home games coming up against the mavericks and the jazz rematch against the members who embarrassed you and it's Jesse doesn't play pretty good as of late. For me Vaughn meets the flame ball polls games continue to get his 1518 minutes and every play bumble those games that your urgent time in the next game on its next Wednesday. Yeah I mean. Again I think just gonna play it by year's it would happen. The critical thing about it was shot actually will put. Compliance group the grateful for the decides not to and kind yeah. Union you know he's become actually a pretty decent three point shooters so. It'll be interesting to see. You know they chrome and some gobble packaged deal you know the deadline or not it's well blocked at least. That's another player on the net Simon precedent may not have these guys that were worth ought to be. You know gimme really great players that are really still very young or shot bought is still very young. To take a gamble on him makes all the sense the world at your try to shed contracts are long term deals were. Or whatever the case may be I think were shot Vaughn is gonna make these guys regret now plaintiff that's how I think this will play out. Maybe I'm wrong but I. He did he's not just a shooter he gets of the rim he finish around the reigning gets a little the free throw line obviously with contact I just think there's more to his game then so you can you really just do. God we're all other I don't know toward job interiors are due tomorrow I'm warming is a coaching means to used by our side well Charles. Mike is great if you Steve tells it to what's wrong. Well I don't really Russia born camino college remember that yeah. Logo area. So what you broader where's the disconnect. Well I think part of lose you don't have speed trauma it was shot on now let me. I think he's gotten sick gather more this season. What do you know previous seasons but he is very mature I don't think you spoken competed good player but you'd be happy to be in the NBA and you know that's what happens to see that up with a lot of guys that you can't get either. So it works for his work ethic is and needs to be better mortars. Yeah I and I think they have gotten better to its credit you know what you unfortunately it. That was between them Laura you. You know it happens I think. Is it happening and I fell as much as did Diego area where guys are just happy to be there in that that first Patrick maybe not work as hard until after there looking for a job. I think so I mean it comes to laughter well I think it helped as morsel in the NB a then in then you have the two major sports because guys can come in Seoul young. And they've had so much success in college and then all of a sudden. They get smothered right away any would you go forward fifteen. Guys on the bed to me fifteen gather the team yet but they haven't built those guys more than any other sport I think it because. If you look at baseball guys got the minor leagues who they can go to and kind of get it figured out. Comeback in the limp yesterday the only Arab well they've got a Gatorade leaguer Woolsey about ends up being that waited to see they're out. Considering putting a Gator league team in Mexico City now that's can relax. I did see that it. It went to wait and see. What we're responded and they show I saw that as he's playing really well. They've got a lot of guys that have been one player of the week already in insult formats and in it a very exciting product to watch right now third. You know I've got to or Peyton. Junior the other day while finchem. He's got it's actually been great up there really likes it of course you don't want to make it a permanent home what. Yeah that the fans at Oakland got on board and extremity. Really positive situation. It's also find his work inside there and journal times racing sports zone dot com wolf pulls press box dot com and on Twitter at Garry. With an. It.