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Friday, July 20th
More BIG SHOW listeners share their viewpoint on the Brewers Josh Hader twitter controversy. Plus more on the Bucks, Packers and inside information on the radio station! It's "Pick-A-Lane!" on 105.7 FM The FAN! 

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I corrections job. Jerry just said screw up surprising. So the Phillies they've got to have the inclusion program. Not the same Billy V and I'll go from athletics one Billy Beane. Has yet it was named DeVon does not. This all the Phillies being played baseball as well play professional baseball. And this other filly being. Whose name does not have an. Acknowledged that he was day. One point of his life. It's seen here after being married. For thirteen years. And one under write a book going the other way lessons from a life in and out of Major League base. I'm Dan in 2014. Was appoint an obese first ambassador for inclusion. In this role being counseled David Jensen who became the first minor league players signing MLB organizations come on Tuesday. That of course is a brewers minor leaguer David dense and who I believe is out of baseball now I think he's retired and decided do something different were the case may be. Sell very so that is who is the one that talked to Josh later earlier today. And went from. Focus on just to clarify that greatly straightaway take Elaine great family affordable fun. I really drag way you knuckle heads that like to raise our city streets. Stops you're going to kill yourself you're going to kill somebody else are going to a lot of damage to somebody or something. Just please. Gordan in Grohl. Gold race your bodies your friends are Great Lakes drag away down there be safe house bunny a beautiful concession stands and all the social at a museum down there. Go drag race down there if you wanted to stop doing it on city streets county roads and everything else. Great Lakes strangle a dot com by around all all the exciting stuff going on this weekend air and going out throughout the rest of the summer Roy hang in his guys to just a great job greatly strangling some game greatly strangling. Dot com are greatly dragway takeaways for example I give you a topic I get your way and you call up you good to be apart of the topic or polite. The right lane today of balls Josh later. And that it's a dual question the first one is with the brewers starting a three game series against the Dodgers at Miller Park tonight. You plan on blowing Josh later when he comes out that they achieve what I and cheering Josh hater do you plan on doing nothing just. I cheered our Boeing's got a sitting on your hands and and not really analogy one or the other when Josh here comes into the game the second question is. How do you think visceral effect Josh hater in the second half are you worried about hater I for certain and worried about Josh later. In the second half penis I think. And the amount of abuse he's gonna take verbally. Is gonna be crazy especially on the road I don't know what it's gonna be like tonight. But again it's different from brawn and the fact that not everybody cares about steroids and cheaters and all this other stuff some do some don't most don't as far as fans who are not over the course of time to sports talk radio that. Most media guys carry more than finance. So why he did get booed on the road and so four there was never bad really at home. Is this on the other hand when you're talking about races of people in your talking about offending gay people. This can get to a different level because now you could really see people that don't care about baseball but wanna buy tickets or game just to go yell it astute and that is where my concern is and can he handle it mentally I'm going forward because he's got. You know all of August all of September and the sec average a lot to get through. I sat and I'll say it again he should not being able time the next couple weeks he should be in the clubhouse away from everybody. When it's time for good warmup then he can go off there and perhaps an inning. Warmup coming and again that's how I'd handle the power of the brewers don't put him out there any more than he needs him and it's not only for him but it's also for the players around him. Because you know what's going to happen. He knew he had this tearful apology earlier today to members of the clubhouse. And so forth. And it sounds like everybody's on board with Josh Taylor sold gonna happen is you're gonna go up there empty we don't discriminate Josh cater on the road or at home. His teammates are gonna stick up for on dark gonna get in yelling matches of the fans and and you're gonna have problems everybody's going to be distracted this can affect everybody. The easiest play on this deal is we've won the clubhouse it's always need it. And if Josh here as a problem that too bad you you dug us all yourself now we get to what's best for the team. And that's probably is what's best for the team at this point to the right lane again our unit bu sheer. A do nothing for Josh it only comes out in a brewers uniform the rest of the year of planning going anymore cain's. And the other question is how do you think this is an effect Josh later. The rest of the are you worried about it 4147991254147991250. Dull left lane. Today involves the Milwaukee Bucks and Chris Milton. A military guy the opportunity to opt out after this upcoming year to become a free agent Eric Bledsoe will be a free agent. And Chris Milton and based on reports we've seen earlier. Doesn't appear wants sign an extension this point with a box month's supply free agent market which is obviously understandable wants to make as much money as he can. I got the thing about this. It feels like a Michael Redd situation in the when the bucks in Michael Redd Max money doubles yours ago adapt to what it was what seventeen million dollars a year. Everybody was just shaking their heads Malone how is he worth seventeen million dollars a year. And push Iran into superstars legitimate superstars. That we're getting now much mining on how to see. Fit into that mold and the reasoning and the bucks I was simple Vick couldn't sell tickets would anybody else on that roster at that point. They didn't think they could get a player of that ability or more to ever played Milwaukee. So they essentially decided Scarlett were Jimmy give a more than anybody can get bombed and hope he stays and will deal with the going forward. I look at this situation with Chris Milton Kenyatta is in fear the same may occur again where. They're gonna look at next summer look at all these teams with a available cap space. Look at the free agents that are available and gold OK if we allow Middleton to go somewhere else. Are we convinced that we can get one to come walking play with yachts. Because if you don't get many to come here on flight and Middleton a flexible leave. You're talking about a lot of next year of Brock did. Broader defense and so. Yeah honest person on and Henson. That's your starting five. Did you excited. Because I start again or back to the board again rebuilding and suffering again for two or three years trying to figure out tiger to get young guys to come here and play. So that's a question you think this is gonna be a situation for the bucks like Michael Redd where there are gonna have to give Chris Middleton Max money. That's the last point 414799125414. 799 it will take you tweet us a qualify seven FM the fan. The return lane is a brand new topping my Clemens I'm bringing a new topic. For the return lane today it's a fun topic to Friday topping everybody's him going out for dinner tonight. Are good to go on out this weekend or whatever. I wanna know what's the most money you've ever paid for a hamburger. And how much really annoys you when you have to pay a certain amount for a hamburger when you go out somewhere to eat. Past or talking about here obviously. You know you fast food chains as is and applied them this is gonna apply to your sit down restaurants. As far as how much you pay for a hamburger. Outside as much. Import. Disney spring. Okay and I know where you go wire to Hollywood observatory. What are my favorite places to go. And highly recommend it to anybody that ever goes there especially yet kids to go. But a burger there is gonna run you about 125 dollars. The cheeseburger. And all these specialty things Madonna had good. All right it's gigantic. And it's delicious and I've been dubbed the bottom as the bread buns I come with our outstanding team okay and the shakes are really the reason we went there we saw pictures of the shakes. Which are like. I want to call but the like mugs. And there's like a chocolate one and it's like all these chocolate candy can't chocolate frosting around the mob would like Eminem's attached to it I'm glad I'm loving out of it yet gone right. And it's their amazing team but. I Thierry who does. Diners drive isn't dives right he's the one that did the burgers and traded as many for them so this is all his stuff OK so it's really Gillick. And you know going there that a case it'll be your money you're gonna pay a stupid a lot of money for a burger. OK with that. But do not okay go around here. And you take the family out and everybody gets a burger. And something to drink and Fries in your spending eighty to ninety dollars that I'm not okay with that. I'm telling you it's happening multiple times now it's like I'm not going back there I'm just not. I'm not going back there and every time like ash we should just want to Wendy's it would have been burger probably would have been better and ought to save a ton of money and it drives me crazy like a flu doesn't drive me histories. Like other types of food a look at a little bit more foreign restaurant but a hamburger drives me nuts what's the most you've paid for hander. Probably about twenty bucks when I was trapped at some stadium something like that and really hungry and there's no place else to get out it's overpriced and very average. In that. I love you pay a ten to twelve us for a hamburger in its paper cent. And the bond is bigger than the burger you get an abundance bigger than the burger I mean immediately not going to be happy I promise you. Tanner NTELOS as your next and the fact Great Lakes dragway pick a language got tanner. I don't have. Just honest if I were to go to jail. Michael while every other week and I would be. Cheering as loud as I'd vote for Nader. Not because I can build on what he tweeted or are what he potentially stance toward but because I'm brewer fan. I love the brewers won if you don't win. And if you departed in my hat to support it because I support the team and where are more important then that I think. An individual well that's part of the team if you have a different opinion on that but I think overall I wanna see the Burton by out. I don't want housing. You know I'm had a lot of success and I think this could be a that they can do that I don't wanna beef there's at bit to give distraction from. Let's see if that really is what it's going to become as it's going to become a distraction in this because of all the yelling and screaming that's going to know want. The broad thing was one thing that didn't offend everybody or are a ton of people this was now is basically a baseball fan thank. This human being thing and that's where I did concern me Jurgen out even not baseball fans are gonna bite take it just comes her dispute. And that's where I get really really concerned tanner thanks for the call and then again. The natural instinct for your teammates is a mistake from my god that's not only is now leave Malone back off shut up. And then you're gonna have a war of words going on between. People screaming at the bullpen mother be in San Francisco. Or LA or Chicago or Saint Louis or Miller Park tonight. Happen anywhere. First of all sober people are to be madness. Not your little put Al all the people know. What your p.s accused don't get crazy. Good luck. With all upset that as good or lack. All right do you Colorado you're next on the ferrets on the very Norah ORL. Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold this was this is DI on the east side do I referenced earlier. We sent to the cornerback and I cited everybody and said on the air so for those people I didn't know what that was all Boller and how that laws explain it to people. Aren't far below the note for the good are they want to get sound offer to. So called into the shows outer particular color that talk and hammer mean people didn't like. It cannot be which does not apply to so every week. Outlook nominee to go to the corner and thinks long looting and we're East Africa while Erica yup in a rebel speaker. And are supported him check it about people such stuck. Is it acts. Now it was anyway you're right because different listeners had it their old fans. That didn't want them and enjoy listening to mind the air so it really became kind of a battle I guess you could say there were black or white. You should have thought I'd sort of about really okay. Or album you ever without using arts what it what went right you want Middleton. Elena go to military or politics or about got to. Things like this app is the kind of throw you off. Because a lot of times is not really about the subject matter because like keep eke out a lot of the things integrate our yeah. Because of what he says now and that's the one thing that I hope that this is that you have are gonna about the situation. Work to make the situation better not make the suspect authorities say she's great list to the fact that so well they're real quick and it's far Chris little girl. Are there no real dark greens are from Mexican guy. And evil why am not because overpass what was FaceBook and I keep saying yeah center big seer was that was seen it start they have nobody else there. Incredible that you won't be carded at movie come when you come up would spark her right to. Sparking packets and waited for them to print from my old. Like with the borrowers who have value contract it's right like I was I would like to do that because it not be honest. Sometimes I'll bring that subject matter or else we'll talk about it and show some happy. What's with the Cold War. Last I mean it was a George Nokia drive you know all of our situation. Probably what that conversation go all a lot of people don't understand. That people covered not feel cart will actually be an idiot pretty much made up. So that these factory gates to bringing you keep it's you ought to be able to walk around stable outside Milwaukee. You see that subject matter about Milwaukee is ultra negative on the since they doesn't help the NBA circles he's. They don't know they're centered on how you keep going even at another and I don't know something in the city you can have two superstars. What was Ryan bra and so fulfill that amino pressure that it was like better argument backed Fort Campbell all the respect it was saved him glad it. And no doubt that as we can't have more than one here is obviously. Indian nations of books or whatever transition got you got like one million cattle like oh he's so don't say I'll. That's definitely out it's been a year you're right about bad deeds for sure no doubt about it I like Colorado. On the Colorado looked lovely mammal white is doing better you know I mean I paid a lot or in okay. Who worked let them do a lot of frequent dot com and iPad are so it's like eight. On the ice not Nelson meciar gonna get any smelled. Not now literally that's awesome it's where Colorado is more like you that's awesome to be self Utah's beautiful two day had to go on Medicare. So there is. Let's see where we had here are record tape quick time out I see you guys are on hold. It's more you guys greatly strangle wipe it away continues for 147991254147991250. Now let's talk about why bees and now I don't forget what it being summertime that new signature beverage just. 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What is big show Great Lakes drive away pick away C Sparky fight for my clubs were a play for you. Some comments from Billy V coming up get a press conference not that Billy Beane the Oakland a's but. The data is in charge of the inclusion program four Major League Baseball former major league baseball players who then. Outfielder for the tigers and the Padres in the late eighties early nineties. And then broker does Mary G thirteen years now. Came out as a game man. And then at that time in the NFL was dealing with the like at linebacker Sam again drafted by. Programs you know when they're talking about opened guys. Being open about their sexuality. In the locker room whatever the professional sport. He's now the assistant to rob man for the commissioner to deal with these inclusion issues as they call. I was going to meet what I did find today and that as a young man who is. In a tremendous amount of pain and I I sympathize for him. Arm. Tremendously and I I was really proud of him today to the way he wanted to convey that he. Is it feels like he let his teammates down and and he wants to repair that more than anything so. He came in from the league to meet with. Editor Josh hater today. So here are the lanes the right lane where more familiar being coming up that sports flash and his thoughts on his being with Josh hater but I doubt. The right lane today is Josh cater. Would you play I am booing and cheering him or doing nothing when he gets comes out of the bullpen a rest near a Miller Park and how do you see his second half going time greatly concerned it is not going to go well. Because of all the abuse you'll take verbally going from park to park and I think the mental strain. That is probably going to really get to Josh hater and that I'm concerned about the left wind and today Chris Melton is going to opt out of his contract after this year. I could put the budget situation where they almost have to give a Max money if they fear they can't get anybody else succumbing play here. You certainly don't want to go into the 2019. Season always I don't think. With Brock didn't sterling brouder defense sends though her side yeah honest and Henson as a starting why don't we don't wanna do that. So they may be in a position to do what they had to do Michael Redd years ago the different worship group and that is give them a ton of money. Let's go to Becky in Bayside you're next on the fan. Hi how are you go back to its. It and I'd like eat them. And this happened at your back bat and that is hard not our call her Altman and me. Or and better. And it or not. You know and caught it and they keep you remark he's yelling. At me. Our goal I mean you. You can mark. Out what he NN and be pre. Pre. Are but simply being. You know and eating that he'd become or are. We. A good citizen that they Mickey I agree with you were were together. The thing is there are some people they just don't believe that. A racist can change his stripes that wants a racist always a racist maybe it's it's buried down further but. That it will always resides there are people that believe that now dog and you and I. Seem to think that people can change and I'm with you on this but there are others don't believe that and act is where. The rug is I think for those people and I just arm minded that he's changed maybe he doesn't talk about it anymore publicly that he's a pro athlete. We just don't buy that a person can change and that's the issue thanks for the call appreciate. I'll whether I. It was new yellow in his remaining in paid on judge. Paul may make you feel better but it's not gonna really do anything to fix. Again today. It's really the best. That's on a changing things in your gonna say well he should happiness Hartley that true but in your failure or art and attack. To a degree that's odd countries what. Somebody's big shots up my. All right that government Josh catered. Subject. Written well first of all primary car. And I am I am really pissed that. People are dramatic charge here this kid made a comment. Our own task. The ages seventeen years old. You've got realize when we were 161718. How many stupid things we sure did it sure. It is done well I had the honor guards Eric singer said that look stupid when are that age I BU bridge. Seventeen year old kid is brain even developed. So. My point there's. Give them upgrade you know seventeen year old Paul. Ryan run him through the polls are on this one. What he's had withdrawn are ready and all of that but you know what he's not funny pictures all these probably smarter. And understands what polite talk about. And I just say give this get a break. And let them go on a murky guys aren't ours are okay. Appreciate it thanks for the yep thanks take care in Saint Louis hater by 24 not. Just don't want it between retire muted as that is eight. Yeah I get it in dose of those people that are OK with hater and accept the apology. And he did have a tearful apology to all of his teammates earlier today. So that is Don. Everybody seems to be on board with supporting Josh had gone forward so that's silently and what's not on the way is how he's going to be received. At his own park at Miller Park today. In my as a before sober people are madam I poured alcohol on those people that are mad at worst sober. And now you really get liquid courage and now you really get things and dealt out there. So I said before there's there's just no way there's just not a chance that he'd been able to and it was me. Now some want to pursue mean club policy entire tab gets a sports flash with my Clemens will come back we'll hear from Billy dean get back to more of your calls. As well when he's fictional served up hot and fresh will have. Frontier motor studios on south 27 street here on the fact. Yeah slash. No. From the masters these WS has these sports updates studio I might Clement hits grilling season. And masters these is the place to find your new grill each other great selection and why are there. Check out their patio furniture sets for your house it's all of masters east and want to show. Online matches you start now. First on the and the brewers for the Dodgers brewers catcher Manny Kenya has been reinstated from the ten day DL. Of course a lot of controversy about the Josh Peters story today he met with a Billy Beane and assistant to the Baseball Commissioner to talk about inclusion and sensitivity. David Stern's. Is the general manager of the brewers and I think I know who Josh in areas and a high personally do not only did these comments represented who. The person and Brad Phillips is haters will make I don't know Peter back into when he loving it sounds like. You know who's in a dark place and just not a good person but that's not who it is and I know a lot of people. Aren't going to be on C passes but I'm just here to tell you now have known in the past four years he's won my best friends in baseball and then just out of baseball. And that that's not so obvious anymore. First pitch at 710 we'll have the latest brewers use 6 o'clock Pella windows and doors a Wisconsin on that show presented by those Zynga here on the fan in Chicago. The cardinals rolled over the cubs eighteen to five had a rain delay in that game cardinals reliever Brandon Morrow placed on the ten day DL he's got inflammation. In his right hip. NFL training camps opening for the bears in the ravens. There's receive an hour Robinson is practicing back from a torn ACL colts say that Andrew Luck has been cleared to return at quarterback. This update brought to their human Lloyd he's been arrested for drunk driving any other criminal offense sculpt and the law. 2679014. Number. Overkill avoid dot com they're your best offense I'm Mike comments at Sports Radio. 1057 FM. The fast. He's jealous that another hot and fresh air the fads sparking my Clarence. Gary LeRoy Iran held back on Monday a fun show to the corner a lot of fun from 430 to five. Ole Sparky did that a man is tribute. At age regulate pick a lane continues on George on the north side you're next on the balance of George. We're able to say you call and could I wanna protect all the young. Seventeenth and output built because I'm not. I'm not going on with C I'm young and I made a mistake have a situation because every child is not like. No one has won a racist it is they've learned behavior. And he may have been raised in the situation or an environment in which. No one told them that that was wrong and just made that decision I do believe so you are to be forgiven for what you make mistakes but a lot of current candidates where are you young did not rule. Will take that step because a lot of educating young Smart people. That don't make mistakes like that and are raised and understand that they have to be responsible. Let me ask you this do you think he could be changed. All he had no doubt seven years now I'm not perfect all of us have done something. That was wrong in which we had to apologize for it because look Pollard I don't mean people want to give. Sharp but does that mean he should get booed. Some people. You know I didn't gel that you've got a meeting cool people and as well you know you're gonna yell at him. Yeah in the dugout right you're right party they shouldn't put him out there aren't we YouTube this didn't happen did Tibetans get out what. Because what's gonna happen it's his his teammates are gonna stick up form two and then you're gonna ask little patches. It can be bullpen throughout my lucky day on the stand up it will be looking is going to be bad mistake. You're right it's just keep him away from all that right now let it die down a little bit and then start easily put them up here you know you're out of their right about that. Yep get it like two weeks then go ahead and put a battery. Of operation my my first reaction was seventeen now he's 24 did know is going to be famous then okay. It was a stupid thing to do begin member accused by doing it for shock value. To draw attention himself to. His buddies at the high school all that. But I told this to my 23 year old daughter. MI seventeen year old daughter. They are they roll their eyes as you know man you'd never do that. I wouldn't do that back in 20121000. High school and Mike seventeen year old says there's no way you can get away with that these days you're you're gonna get in trouble and 1211. That's to a three years into the Obama here. And players were come on Ford that were gay and all that kind of stuff. I mean he was really out there at seventeen he noon or Owen Nolan Miller is doing an end and you know this is probably more than a matter of him being stupid. Not believing that stuff. Guys who want to hear from chef Tony. Twitter says some people are racist some Heidi that Holman somewhat the world now. How he feels don't change or he wakes up and not racist until brewers. I'd trade them all stay in my leg the classy thing for the burst would be to release him and forget. And forget about it I guess that's what he's trying to say that it wasn't easy to read a day three dead a fan don't cheer or boo he made a mistake letting goal it was a joke. How broad got an ovation and there. And he's got a hero yet the old rod Braga each at Miller Park after the PD suspension was beyond stupid to me at. I'll never understand that. Just that in North Carolina you're next on the fan. But thus by determined not you re not going to say that it felt like I'm obligated to call in on where are you. Got to come around. I'll just say it's raining here too that's was asking where you are okay go it. Because patent. So are you at the pleasure beating Italy came by drop off that I did. We look at Butler back to create a unique diversity inclusion in orbit the crawl across the country. Spoken everywhere or are they all across big eight schools right so I'll have a dialogue with him in action on the year. Yeah it would curricula for five years ago we used to use gate and increase her if you get something it is quote local call that it. You would call it K. So that's what is your country they did get a lot Scotland Ireland PG it to the other people who elect article utterly that came out. We start to take that back in the person they hate in that adequately. Right and it is pretty purple people. The Kenyan passport to Wear dark. His stuff can upset you are not an excuse or aren't already I I looked up that by what he did quite it would hurt. I think getting upset about it it is different but you wouldn't it you'd think with the scripture pet food on its lead up like that you would think they look at it for Patrick. What I hear what a coup. I'd probably be different. Because I have got bigger conduct and we're better. And it's not because of anything that it would be to construe that I. I'd quit with the dip or giving a path. But I heard the caller is from people that could act. They'll bring work some of the other derogatory to work with the community. And how that. And I think there are part of myself that grew up and walk without. Gluten out. Reporter a community I think that you can say and I think. And I'd. Yeah you could make a lot of politics one that I don't think it's that I could do. It is crime beat the united united and laughing with market when he was using Hitler. Jacket kind of quick victory did he even told the court couldn't quote and these Iraq. The correct conflict the word is in the segregated. So stupid rule he'd probably be greatly baseball park but we all made mistake and we should all forget that should be learning. Kirk for the rest of the country to look at the way that. Something who don't can hurt equaled its netbook are great so I think we're rock out to myself that I look forward to listen to my own pocket to. Appreciate it just and I take care of my good rest of the evening. I don't like I say I without knowing the situation what the idea was. Obviously the title high school he went to his weighed different by squeal when I went to Clemens was talking about this earlier ruling in have a Waltz. Like they were partitions that you could move and it was. Modern school yeah yeah it was no wall saint just those partitions it. Was this break off into an English group over here and I don't understand it whatever but obviously. I'm I don't know what the point was who was team trying to bring everybody gather whatever clearly it can work. They send Josh your tweets may be should put walls trying to drag on the south side and X and a fan. You know the total later in order your art gullible but for their numbers you have habits hamburger you have and what you guys and I did that put the walk bigger or who has been I had a good I would current vote virtually your vehicle would put curled for a that I. Good are we went we were still at Margaret Farrow order a flight certainly have a bird virtually and the thought I did I would like eat huge part of you'll. With what you are into sport look like yet I coached the bracket looking at called the elder. Bees he's whatever the borrowed or debt so. That included the third thought that the one thing about this is an effective beetle with a party who guard their right. That's a big a fourteen mile or pulled pulled like I listened. Is they don't put prices on Emanuel I'm not that that's not all done it. That I'm not so bad now thought I didn't articulate you know what that is going to be real deal whatever was at our current. If this late into record. Before you don't speak burger try to elect the you know period she at a triggered the public what hamburger or. When he side. Cook. Who would dollars. Would apply it and the bitter eyes don't look now should get there without bill would overburden our dollar without a step of late. Did you grab your show us how to grab my chest I don't doubt that they were there there I'd rather go to our culture to get it. You did your activity at a regular. Sixty college or amber how yeah I thought that you know what do you know but you're so cute audio and with a calculator a variety of nuclear monitor it and don't. You can view stupid to drag out passion that I. For the call out and that's not I tell you something else you talk about being in Vegas. Out by somebody else when you're in Vegas you go all while not a abuses but you should go money that you can afford to lose right not like Brent. Or your. Car payment but why did you set aside just to get within if you lose it you lose it. And it's amazing when you're in Vegas how what are dollars the you'll hold onto. Until the very last moment. When you're at home you don't wanna spend your money. Her biggest wideout monopoly money that's twice gosh sugar soy dollars per odd Jackie cult. Problems criticism might just got to just flowed right out if you're at all. They charge you seven dollars for jagged co Q can go to Notre Dame coach you're on your mind biggest point L rob. I got it all those extra money woody Paige you know agree or holiday job aren't yet so we're talking amid the Super Bowl and we got on this topic. And he said it's in it's in London it's called the glam Berger think lamb burger in London will be beef. It's lobster. A bunch of the southern seafood stuff truffle oil and that it's got this big this edible gold finish to it. 17100 dollars edible gold finish yeah if I eat this can I who golden cell. At the thought 700 dollars brought him that's a flawed and tonight is no way now that he had won his and I was on the company. Yeah now the last day at the company I'm sure Brad if you walk here next on the parents of Brent. All the way. A little more there are. Minorities are electrical from the they speak about their own apartment and there are you know upright and so while I'll open. Right might have won are accurate air but on the road is where really. San Francisco and LA are going to be bad. Yeah both are right probably inside but I think the more. We've gotten about the computer I think you are right you'll have one record guys that public or expose itself but. I don't walk you are probably more quality or maybe they're not gonna move back here all it all over like that yeah wrote. In the. We'll find out tonight it's sort sat against the Dodgers thanks for the conduct show coming up. Pella windows and doors Wisconsin and actually baby Tauscher fond of filling in for anti Mandela tonight than he touts hosting the show. Coming up here in just a few minutes say quick timeout rabbit up coming up next. What is that shows are not hot and fresh air the fan battled to a Wendy's big show coming up next day he touts. And Smith. In a house back from his vacation where he almost died on a mountain in Colorado. Got that story coming up on the city that you're gonna tell that story. On the outpost in juvenile you know we're actually gonna save that for the jets and Josh morning podcasts and come up on. Monday morning at six right. It's it's got to be non filtered look at what happens as I am most Diana mound you know you count on I was laughing hysterically I mean it's not funny because I gotta be honest. I probably would have thought I was gonna nineties and it's pretty launching its its been kinda funny title one but it was not funny at that time helped your friends like he's alive. That's your yeah I'm lucky I was I was with him I would've killed me how big is he thought 245 to fit also been a good fight. I am not a good sweat exerted ready to throw on yet they know and a good scrap. And frankly I don't know how he didn't turn something I'm because it's a long sort we'll hear about this weekend we are more important so we got baseball based on that show coming up next. And up more than Josh hater situation start Lansana fonts are coming up next. Here's the Wendy's big show in joy we can everyone. All right don't do it.