5PM: Kidd out - now what?

The Wendy's Big Show
Monday, January 22nd
The Bucks GM Jon Horst issues a statement saying it was his decision to fire Jason Kidd after 3 1/2 years as head coach, with the backing of team ownership. The BIG SHOW reviews today's news, we hear from Bucks fans around the nation, and ponder what is next for Milwaukee's NBA franchise! 

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And Sparky you. Hours but having crashed in Burr. I. It's time for the guys to reset the topics from today's big snow and let you pick a lady. Lane brought you by the legendary Great Lakes drag away and you grow. Great Lakes dragway dot com for 28 teams season passes and ticket discounts. That's Great Lakes drag away dot com. It is that time here on the Wendy's big joke that's one big wide open playing in Great Lakes drag away pickle late this evening just taking your thoughts your reaction. To Jason Kidd fired today as the head coach of your Milwaukee Bucks if you just leaving the office just getting in the car haven't heard the news. That is the news Jason Kidd is out as the head coach. Of your Milwaukee Bucks you get in on the discussion at 414. 7991250. Can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan suffering arm Milwaukee basketball insider Gary willful. To join us this hour depending on when that press conference actually does get under way. But the Milwaukee Bucks will take questions on why they decided to make this move right now let's go to Ian who's in Hartford and now he's on the Wendy's big show hello Ian. They. You people are acting like Jason Kidd who got fired after winning three NBA championship. Yet been done anything which I'm. Hello. He's been here for years our ties and even the playoffs. Alexandra in the playoffs with a previous coaches three times three or four years I believe that in the class as imminent yeah. Gets on the ties that were they in the playoffs with the previous coaches. One. But he horrible. Get it all out. So what. You you guys sit here and say all it they've target this right I got to believe he's not happy you actually think he was gonna be happy to keep being 500. Listen to me the season didn't end. All the horses. And right how many times you have this. And that. They're not gonna get any better here's a clue yet it's not gonna change if they make keep Sweeney right so this clubs. And now. Quote you. Know. This you have to keeps winning these guys got running this week runner organization go to a common and are now. It happens. It happens and yet. There's. But picked up. All the problem may be an elegy. And eighties when he's in new head coach. That take jobs few month and the OK so I need for a four years in the playoffs is losing its. Well. I mean. Not only play out here that we want. You're quite how it went under George Karl oh that's right one here with all the Talbot got to the playoffs one year that's it. That's all think Welch. One year. This doesn't happen doesn't look at it practiced very Arturo at 10 OK we'll give Jason Kidd did you think at the same age as my colleague he does and how the horses. Thank you could say it's his. Fault OK I mean you can make responsible for that it has by the reasoning got fired because he was horrible personnel decisions. And that's it if we want to put on that role that's fine. I'm just argue you look at that bench all day long and you tell me how they're gonna competing as most of these teams look at this a better position. Tell me how they're gonna compete at a certain position. Most if you love the blood so the drug trade couldn't. Pretty happy here. They never replace them and now they're getting killed inside and I you're throwing a fit when adjacent to it you look what's so all right let's wait what. But but day replacement little. It did. There's so much stuff going on I'm not saying that Jason Kidd then there's certainly far one or the other. All I'm telling you is is the hottest has to be the most important thing in his old conversation. If he leaves we and that's another superstar the rest of our allies and Bucs uniform just to this point Nancy wants and who else under. I don't remember sing Nelson or Bucs uniform so in my lifetime this the first one I've ever got to seek. Has also had sold this next coach is going to be a huge huge fire especially be sure Sweeney the door tube then eyes is familiar with nobody. Let's go back to the phones and let's go to Saint Francis who might Germany's big show it's a Mikey. When you Sparky incorporated got a job horse. Have a plan not just to get rid he would listen to these guys in the basement with the other kids that are. Scary that that's necessary. You better have a better or better to replace. I'm always I always say they're from day one. Operating collapse waiting until probably the nice guy and we're that there are to rename itself the right to report what would you say I've been through what was brought up Monty Williams. You know ties with Papa rich portrait called skating. I played up tempo defense reminded. I bet that I'd be okay with their mother or a locked up but it would please the big money people of Milwaukee. Doc Rivers. Docking. Clippers. Or pleasure wanna. Ship and we're obviously there's Roberts the other problem. I think in my beat just about over in Los Angeles for Doc Rivers are yet this uneasy. The has seemed I don't know what they're there seems to be a lot of hate for Austin rivers out their man or I don't I don't know what's behind it causes like skin know what there's got to be more to it than that and I want it yellow negro and they can't be thing. He get all the girls the list goes into moving them. It's very guts at them in the mentions 1057. FM the fan prospered dead there it and how many tweets now well written thoughts and reaction up Twitter dot isn't it being fired now not at all then hired to left thousands of mention Marquette de Jesus did play a role and wringing his bags to gather. I was it doesn't matter what decisions get made across sports you guys will play contrary and part of the job that literally every time you guys do it no we're just not as Smart as you market she. Didn't listen. Everybody has their own opinion on this and I think we've all been pretty consistent on this going forward now you guys. You guys write you guys got Jason get fired while you guys and you just get by but. And they are under way and Jason Kidd got fired. So now we'll see what happens going forward they're gonna get a bump because again as a sop harder schedule like we said at the end of last week before. We knew youngsters can miss a couple of games. So now he's on a play now against the suns I'm assuming you all expect awake as you know Jason Kidd to lose the game. So they should have some increased energy level 'cause I'm assuming the players like the fans are super excited that the worst coaching and gays out of a job. So now we'll see how good they are. Or order a find out I want you by Bart comes back like I'm saying all along and they're gonna get a really big bomb could get his scoring back. Out there in the box minus Jason Kidd inaction for the first time tonight the big game. 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Highway 100 just south of north avenue as soon as that game is over tune in to Steve Sparky Pfeifer and the Milwaukee Bucks pick in the same post game show I'm sure much more discussion. On the firing of Jason Kidd we'll see how they look in their first game with out him were hoping to hear from Gary wolf for Milwaukee basketball insider. Before we get out of here at 6 o'clock and make way. For the hot still weekly show with him and maybe tops in the meantime we'll keep taking your thoughts at 4147991250. Tweet us at 1057. FM the fan in the Wendy's for hire or fire the head coach. Yes I think our structure is very very collaborative. In in that being with Peter myself yeah owners. I'll where we all you know we all have a choice we'll have an opinion and we spent time together disgusting and trying to get at about resolve the matter what that decision. As John Norris last week right here on this very show the Wendy's big joke. Jason Kidd fired today as the head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks if you're just getting in your car long day at work you're just getting the news. There is Jason Kidd is out you can react at 4147991250. Tweet this show at 1057. FM. The fans let's get the phones get up to the north side and charger on the Wendy's big show it's of George. You know a special one say I appreciate. Jason Kidd and everything that he's done for the books organizations are not currently up to this point. He wasn't very good culture probably. Smart is quite clam up for the treatment but it didn't happen like. One here almost a little like to work with. What disagreed wouldn't that is yes hey this is how it works every year kicks in the second half of the season but they're there lies the problem. You know we need to start not good in the beginning and that's what we only get stuck. At these lower positions are seeding is concerned not just want. I don't have a problem started blessed because not try to relate this situation for the Golden State situation when out socked with. When they hired Mark Jackson Alan Dennis. Couldn't believe it curry was beaten shot though is an immigrant and an experience speed color no culture and I have a great talent all all on TV and on it turned out so if we should just be optimistic. And let's see what the next higher and I really truly in my I don't believe in on want to leave because he's is that it's between a good example on him. And he wants to be able to bring championship here but I don't believe like you got a pain. It is looking like the book I'm not doing everything in my power to bring a good system in place here that he will leave. Because in a lot overall. In the Indians like you've got a restraining. The Bucs organization. If they don't prove that they won't bring a winning team. In the book is gonna go because they have the program to schools somebody that they wanna take the car but the calendar displaying weather whatever cause they get picked it up and talent. At the start bringing in talent. Inept start playing another team. And wanted to win and someone that they wanna win. Did the players bit the system. So they can succeed without the players without good coaching you're not gonna win it quote an email like oil and an engine if you don't have one or the other it ain't gonna work. So let's just see what they do what are the next coaching that's why I'm mixed and I do appreciate. They conceded everything that he's the Orton. That's all we can do now thanks Erica very well so I mean it's gonna come around everything they have to improve the talent level. For sure on the bench and you also have to figure out what you're gonna do with your next head coach. Obviously everybody wants a better in game coach actually knows coach ordered the case may be that's fine but back coach also has to get along with his star player. So there's two parts of this you have to have mole. And we'll find out if they can find that guy that is capable of doing both these this year I don't believe they'll do anything I think you just up front you run and now he's if you bring in a fizz dale. You tell him he's got to keep kids staff for the rest of the year. Now is that fair to say is down now. So I guess left to NC you can't do that we'll get its. Carl's last George Karl's last job and he get hired mid year Sacramento. And they told me to keep the holster and much had the stamina and he brought in an additional one or two guys may be it in order for the most part he kept that SaaS. Save them thing if they stick with prime dear whoever the interim might be for the rest of the season in and you were out their calling for Jason Kidd Jason Kidd said. And hopes that it would somehow rescue this season to make things very you're very misguided. But this season is is all but washed now is it not openly siding to bipartisan make this season. Just fine before it's also and I still think they have a chance it's an apple corps in the playoffs and the whole deal because I think they're going to get on a run. They're going to get on a run routes of a scare Frontieres or the coaches are going to get on a run here. Jabar targets back you're gonna have four guys a score over twenty point tonight guys that's a lot of offensive firepower not to be able to win a bunch of basketball games the rest of the year. Provided by Parker's by Parker which as Gary is that we don't know what he has yet until he gets back on for. Go back to the phones and let's go to let's see mark in New Berlin your in the Wendy's big show hello mark. Oh Rachel what Spain is the assault billionaires. To business not millionaires like Kirby. Billionaires. That public critic in chief at about ten million a year. I think is give me a knuckle of the SL five me in the years and James why would we you'll do just. Just give fifteen men who are. Nor Chuck Norris 37 and a little clip you guys played a little bit and normally not a new practice facility and look at pebble five and thirteen looking unless. I mean any core curriculum 500 this year any coach you could have great guard on the 500. Do you think about it is that good. Partner you think the bench is that good you think Don anchored Hansen are really that good at center. You watch any of the games. Yeah arts and what do you mean ordered. That's one player or sore for what. He's a streaky player he comes and go out there. These experts this series played well yes absolutely yeah. I wonder what both. Did you meet other guy's name so more players it doesn't look I don't disagree you Bledsoe is played. Well since he's been here Bryant had his moments this series been up and out Milton also as a streaky player he's been up and down a yacht has played well I get that OK I understand that totally. But if you look at the other pieces you have no Sadr which is leading big problems around the rim and rebounding and at NATO job blocking around the rim yearning issues with both of Dole's. You have no scoring inside what's while ever other day when you know they're they're going to the rim as far as drives gulp at some people feel Andy don't need deck is just the three point shot oh wait the Bucs don't have the app either for the most part that also has been a struggle because a lot of which has been almost the air. Adult adult and has been god awful for most of the year. So they have a talent to void still on this basketball team that's absent from being in a conversation with Cleveland or Boston. Or hell even Toronto at this point of the year the best OB could have now is that strike catch and the number four seed and see what happens. I don't foresee. I mean look and see who it is torrential. Don't Toronto's up on top two so what should apply sort of sum it up for everything. Might have some of the Miami is number four different you can't have a guy with a whip out where it should be what about 500. Zoller and icons next to it in the next hour cubs next year and what your honor this year. It's an exec comes in next year and their 500 with the same roster so easy gonna suck too. Yeah and if so cute that because. Let's not fly zone so no matter what the coaches if they're just over five minor. They suck aren't credible threat that standard thanks for the top spot critic that's going to be your standard fare for sure this is better. I got no problem that whatsoever not whatsoever. But distinct are sure mixture. If you've got everybody in place to get too boring place your audio stone are urged her to freeagent. I'm just in if you if you do come back again well they should automatically Bieber. Let's go to mom lets see deeds fit a more air on the Wendy's big show let's update a sudden there. My. Welker whistles. Just couldn't folks are won't occur economic banking group. An alarming but daddy's arm it's like OK who's been lucky you know we got from. When trifle a great start going to know Orlando. Susan ethnic David Frum book starts right now since it can you have a starter in guarantees to serve in you know other part that killed. Gigi what are. Is that there Rogers a superstar. Does it guarantees who blows. Well. But because of that people expect it into Abu key it was really in trouble I'll watch the shift from Bledsoe. In our own route but were black folk are you disrespect. Man I can't say oh okay. Don't go right I must've missed yeah but hopefully have a game like national. Dario you. While joining us now on the great midwest bank hotline front as were inside the Racine journal times a Racine sports zone dot Tom my second period and here of all right here on the fan as are Milwaukee basketball was not as my favorite white Gary Gary woeful power this evening here. I'm was it will hurt or on where you want one of our. I would figure leads in number did Jason Kidd lose this locker room was it wasn't the players who ultimately decided his fate. Yeah I think so that you know seriously. Situation because sport so I mean. The good players aren't in your corner it's pretty. Tough going forward. Would this have been built without elevated Justin happened like Milan weaker soup in the last year. You know. There's a lot of players now who might we ought. You know. We have school we have many years have been quite as Colquitt did it knowing how much some guys don't like. They have a thing about this thing about it is because you know yeah Odyssey M others. We assume have a pretty good relationship. If there was guys talking about this. A yacht as it wasn't privy to it is seen to be dysfunction all in there who got a letter for horse likes like. He says it was his decision where at the consensus from all the higher ups. Now we okay would that period do you think that's true what do you think maybe weren't all aspire to it just told dark horse to go out there. Did you hear about straight what do you think happened that. Yeah I mean it'd jet or made the decision. You really don't question that at all. I was told but Edwards told steep slope left some. LA cart to a couple people that you're you're for the GM position. And they told me that they were soul that they would eat yet. Yet probably sooner or later and they sort letter that they would not interfere with that conclusion they are so. Haven't set that you know you owners really oh. That but he wanted to keep Jason Kidd here he would you know I've been at our older. The year is what actually John. Only Disco wasn't what why didn't players now like Jason Kidd. Much sand yet you've got like sixty seconds at a press conference starts he's gonna have to go out and RT. A lot of go into it more as stupid but part of it is gruesome order. If you don't work. Excise tax loop. Yeah it's gone to you guys like you ranchers who call him about them. In. You know that's part of the whole culture. Batch of our Gary thanks coming out here on the press coverage I'm assuming so. I'd still out of the area Gary wolf one great midwest bank hotline oppressor slate his start here in about a sixty seconds or so I think. And great midwest bank is committed to personalize common sense lending since 1935. When you're in the market to buy. Build renovate or refinanced. Is a great midwest bank dot com it's got a tweet out here from a Erica tweeting out quote from whoa John sports on our. Quote guys as a good relationship with kid he's a respectful guy he's got to be respectful of whoever the coaches. But the organization name sees something there that they felt was going injured that long term with John as he wants to win may feel like they've got a team that can do. Batter. And kid when that needs me that that tells me that. Maybe I'm reading into. That tells me that they at least have had a conversation with him at some point about a potential I'd coaching change in. What is thought to be on it if they were ever to make if you want a good relationship with the car dealer and don't wanna make decision that's gonna hurt you for a long time. You over Gary's good friends over at Hyundai west out. Your friends over at Hyundai west Dallas just awful. Arthur I haven't read this Dallas rider in West Coast here as torture burger for his auto Hyundai west coaster part of the international. Autos. If you looking for a great cop. Two teachers are you looking for. Number one servers if you look at Ford's sales are you looking for costs observed. My good friends over Highlander a west Dallas as usual we gonna do if you're going to any other. Sunday views you. Combined. Group friends in west. The rule. Try and meet or beat the price that you. Even. And he store. Too eager for you know dean Richards. He's the manager and a good act only. Cereals Huber and impeccable. She lord. Brian and they were few and those guys are our number one. Great job would you in the right. And put you the right price point that you need to be coach at a friend's. Over hugged and west Dallas just awful Arthur. Jason Kidd is out you get in on the conversation at 4147991251. Wendy's big show returns right after this. Yeah slash. Now good evening from the after she's the US history sports updates studio I'm Mike Clemens masters he's walking shop the largest leisure retailer in Wisconsin with a over one point five million dollars of inventory stopped in and check out the great deals. The masters he's walking shop online it master's these dot com. First on the fan breaking news that the couple hours ago Jason Kidd fired as they head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks. Last week kid disappointed when the Bucs lost the Miami Heat. Ball to start. And whoever had it was gonna take it upon themselves to scores and everyone in this league or are good enough to today here this has happened before. And we've we've we've we have wanna game playing network. The bucks a loss for the last five perhaps at rev rubbed that locker room all the wrong way. Our bucks insider Gary wolf wolf. This has been building out cell every it's just gonna happen like more recruits to remove him back last yeah there's a lot of players network who might think ought. Bianca. If truly amazed at record of Colquitt did knowing how much some guys don't like. In a team statement Bucs GM John horse says the move was his decision and was back file of ownership and the team's president. At 23 and 2.2 this season the bucks a phone to the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference Jason Kidd leaves Milwaukee with a overall record below 500. 139. Wins 152 losses. Now the task at hand tonight they host the Phoenix Suns 7 o'clock at the Bradley Center it'll be assisting coach Joseph prompting. He's been named the interim head coach the box about to begin a press conference downtown will bring that to you here on the fan. And of course more covers tonight with a picket say post game show right here on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. I'm Mike Clemens sports Radio One 057 FM the fan let's live in the WS is be Smart phone app. AM 1250 online 1057 FM the fan dot com. There are two former Packers Gary Ellison and LeRoy Butler you need to talk to me offer author OK Aaron. Jason Kidd fired today as head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks are taking your thoughts your reaction. At 4147991250. Tweet this show at 1057. FM the fan. And doesn't even in Rome live at 1057 FM the fan Nakamura says they did kid wrong in. That meant in Asia about you Indian West Bend your on the Wendy's big Joseph Lisa. Andy West Bend. Did you and Carmona. To go on guys online on and they I got my car at like 5 o'clock cited here sparking reaction to that I feel like keep that in like like we should be it has. It looks at. Steve is the gals got the update now I am concerned about what they're gonna do next but I I'm not sad about it. I just felt like you know at this point people are part of the deep sense of like what we saw that they are now we still need to get another day. We you know what the new coach gonna switch with his defense the scheme you know on an invite who we on the same personnel I had to elect. It didn't have the personality in the big at least at this point right now to be what Milwaukee wants them to be you know I mean. On and they you know like last year. Game three to adapt playoff series would like. I would then like you're euphoric days you know I had not seen the like that this. You know 2000 you know and even when Gary Payton came you know I went to those playoff series than there has not been ever like that. And I felt like that they came through with this example these and just in the atmosphere Milwaukee. And I don't know I just wish that he could have finished felt that he then get Parker back maybe at a big closer to the trade deadlines. In what we can do the I just felt like he was kinda. Didn't get enough. At least this season to get an up front that finished what we we want and and I want. Free agents here that we can see and I mean I remember the data Greg Monroe came here. I'm an electrical engineer our my paper and air Mike I'm going to department elaborate on Lockheed because I don't remember the last time we got creative like. You know. A you you electrical engineer Indian was led yeah and the about fifty C fans put up an idea America. Carbon electricity you know I'd design and then I doubt it collector. They are mixed together make your big island league of managers showed a historic elections you anything really thought it Horatio. Alger who don't apply and Hillary gentlemanly. Is Smart guy he'd like. Stefan is bringing were you library into it and make your country type stuff. You know I don't run you don't talk about rubbing. He's talented there and you know. You don't like them rise to Disney World most of my department at this and I had this that makes it Rihanna and cultural practice. I got out and I like people again. Smart you know hermit when he's mentally I. A couple of Jesus good. Genes. Known to use terms of yesterday do they develop stuff for him even look. Then I didn't count on. San Fernando Valley got it what sent an out oh okay. And Israelis are my friends that Veronica penny he makes one. But it is on a certain type either and he's he's very sought out. They're about all day and engineer. Now and now this. In different areas that Jon Farrell's. And then go. Well he built a robot it okay nice note top what I had to give back and back yards I. Column you don't goes up. A brand. That grows. Did pass. That grows that's. Visuals. You've embassy. It just rivals to organic. Run well here in I didn't know it was I didn't know the world like. You know in disguise for. About four probably yeah yeah yeah totally value genius different I have no doubt as to. Yeah a genius I am I am. You gene's room let's go to Jason Rea. Really you only Casey knows that they're using to mean doing nets more where you're profitable listening to protect a two year old all of us in. Mr. appreciate that why you're surely goodness and America's natural Justin in North Carolina has always all right so what's up Justin's. Maryland side of animal little bit this point here right now there's got. Got a little excited potential totally as our original point what I want to spark here that aren't. But it kind of sits right in the kids being fired. And I feel like sometimes we don't have law does necessarily because of just JT we have organizational losses. And what I mean by that is the guy that fired him. All well did not play his part well this year there are guys that you. There are out there that we should have made it tends to try it I understand the way try to get equal work with. Yard straight sorted but we have spoke out this side that guy again that they can't get the rebound we got to that. That I played a better position. That don't wait for the study that we keep attacking kept it come. And we got it back up equity is on break up as he could add up toilet. The second all these people aren't crime epic did it I don't think they remember. Sparkly aren't you definitely know how would call the old and so again we want fifteen gantlet every home. The next few we've made a play off with they struggle we we we can say that since being part of this game is I had this team look at a high level. And high level meet in order backlog right now which you went thirteen games it was forty games to epic playoff and had thirteen and up with economic well. High level when it seemed to be in the draft to wrap it all too well Alex Ander is going up and down like. If the organization doesn't try to change the way that it's right is not gonna get better that's about it you bring it has dealt you break it. Pet rod whoever you ought to bring it if we can't get a consistent system in place from the top of the bottom we're gonna continue to be mediocre. I hope Jabari come back I hope pride he can lead at the play offs. I mean I don't wanna go back to go but we're we're looking at the lottery we're looking at the draft we would bring it eligible spike Oklahoma lord I hope it'll get its radio. No argument they shuffled. At a course of history as Steve just don't Twitter amnesia. Poor start boring Skiles. Made the playoff with list. You agree with her well of course then MC percent. That date they didn't have us a superstar coach I'm not sure Skiles and asked of coexistence. Nadal all launch area and home. This coaching one and Damian Miller now and had another one. As well he had two superstars in Portland and hat has had success in Portland weird year Terry porter's oddly. Boylan is an assistant coach in Cleveland Larry Drew. Credible than they were at Fred write a table including so yeah. So that they're both so obviously easily. That but again I sobbed the fire Terry Stotts bandwagon I was there I'd had enough Terry Stotts though. I was on that bandwagon and thought it was time for him to move on but again I was younger and dumber back then. I thought they had better town than they did. And I thought he was the reason why this whole thing was Austria clearly looking back I was the idiot on this one. And they didn't have as much talent as I thought and that's why I'm hesitant. To get on this whole Jason Kidd thing but I get aggressive before a said he didn't know he wasn't a good in game coach you know heeded makers just as I say it does bolt on how light like the defense. My concern is honest so if you're confident that the next echoed to a no bearing on it got to stays or goes regardless of what happens. Then go. John sources said two front you'll coached at night by Friday's vote will have a plan and please. Dark. On East Asia dark golf it don't you don't play. Reaction army how are possibly Kim I just left Steve gets. One more calls Tony on the north side Tony on the Wendy's Rachel it's meant to mock all you. They are wrong married I'll work practically Arctic in your. Eyes are you guys. The record. On moral well. Just on an educated knowledgeable Friedman is the orange which five firearm as good play originally an adult male no. As. According to how much good to hear well we're going. McCue are not sure they have a play embryo that's what we always what happened and what it. You that people are well let's talk what do you think you were put the law. I always saw do you think it would be a great culture. Well apology thinking of retiring out recruit until gonna make a nominal co. Well I don't will be JT it has won nominal. He will be a great coach. The bigger problem is I think he should not at all that don't quite know what he brought by a likable. Okay is that you should call on somebody to watch. A vehicle Nabih navigate. Personality. Doubt he beat he went straight comport in. Coaching. And that's the problem you know if you're currently right now where you need to play. More than nine players BK because you have enough people engaged. Active for the game which immediately engaged. Go practice. You need gauge book don't. I need to know if he's going to play a colleague is outlawed. Jack and Billy. You know one ticket buyer you cocaine and go to Cory would not doll what that. Alcohol maybe called you home we'd go golf you don't final three straight years. Winning two. Fabio they would do right now. Okay who comprise a player doesn't know always what got scoring help. And good ticket I believe the court to be a great coat. But right now he did not need to be a coach who were critical and open bench Greek and how to cold and how to navigate. And deal with Ford now categorically. That's nice for the call Scott grass you've been to get to gauge just read another quote from John horse quote we have goals and expectations for this team. We think making a change now guess is the best chance this season Angolan forward. I know you also don't believe anything the man says in an interview but didn't he I asked him point blank about expectations last week on the shell around. Yes the engine he says you that they were meeting his expectations and things are going by comparing last year to this year how much better they were considering everything Canada. And now here now we're talking about well. We are out of your reach our goals they're backs I take it and overnight they won over some some mustang. Samsung world was just in Detroit our daily without goddess and rocket went. Don't let anybody think they had a chance to win that game if they were in it going into the fourth corner real quickly he had that press cap vetoed by the players as he he had he had enough. Between now and those questions we asked in sudden change. What target they're saying we'll try and play a few minutes of the John Norris press conference when the Wendy's big sure. Guys it's not the shop front tier that's frontier motor cars on south 27 street let them show you how easy it is to buy equality used car in Milwaukee for over 44 years they've been in the same location. And I believe in fair prices superior service and treating customers bright they're friendly and knowledgeable sales staff has decades of experience right there. In that location so you know they're doing their right they're gonna help you find the car that you deserve price to fit your budget. They even have their own service department most cars come with a wife time engine warranty. Frontier has the best deals to save you cash to date have a tax refund go further frontier motor cars south 27 street get your car the credit. And a warranty to when others say no they say yes they do their financing in house stopping to check out their inventory and to test drive. Two day want to bring you a little bit of John Morris talking about the firing. Jason Kidd before we get out here and make way for hot stove weekly here is the Bucs GM. And scientists. You know when did you guys come when did you and in ownership come to this decision and why I was now the time. Yeah I think you know we made we made this decision relatively quickly. Why now at the end of the day we we believe this gives our team best opportunity to have the most success this season on this us that we expect. In going for the long term and so. You have short windows in the NBA team to build towards contention that actually contend in we wanna waste time in winner in the best position is that. Jason and I that mail later on this afternoon earlier this afternoon's. Game. Yes. Why was it important to make this change in season John. In it this is sometimes coaches can play out of that sequence why wasn't in the season those answers yet I think Eric like like Edison and Matt for us. At the end today we have goals and expectations for this team and we truly believe in the changing out gives us the best chance at success. I know this he's going forward. When Jason can walk you as well established a personal relationship members of the ownership group how much of that. Complicate this decision to make you more difficult and let me be drinking a little bit more was that a non factor. Now so so I value in this on the recommendation alternated decision and you analysts were from a ownership. On this and that's when we come to all our conclusions and decisions that were true offers on the business side and the possible side and appreciate sport we. John I got proceed with the head coaching that head coaching position after today. So Jannero. Joseph on he's gonna coach tonight's game. And we have another game on Friday in between that time have a plan will put in place that'll kind of flail the rest of season. In local and this summer extensive. Coaching search an opportunity. So I agree with this organization which to approach he has every opportunity part of based on. School report. There is bucks GM John Norris that the press conference today announcing the decision and the thought process behind the decision. Too fired Jason kid has to head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks. You'll hear more of that press conference tonight Milwaukee Bucks Pickens save post game show after they take on the suns at their very own Steve Sparky Pfeiffer. Without got us again without jealousy captains Josh hater coming up 605. To lead things off and not so weekly would maybe township to amounts to stay tuned for that and tomorrow. We'll have our own room here on the big show 535. Tomorrow night and 535 the rest of the week will Denver we will center is mostly the rest of the week here at Wendy's three Jan Brewer fan and obviously dig deeper into the firing of Jason Kidd tomorrow and where exactly the Milwaukee Bucks might go from here. Until then perceive Sparky Pfeiffer LeRoy Butler Gary Ellison and Mike Clemens I'm running Mac glossy and thanks for listening to the Wendy's big show. And we'll talk to tomorrow starting at two. All right don't do it.