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Monday, March 12th
Gary, Ramie and Sparky reset the BIG topics on the Wendy's Big Show.

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It is sad time here on the Wendy's big shelf. I'm running back off a long way Steve smartheat Pfeifer and the former packer and badger running back Gary Ellison. And here's what you have to pick from in Great Lakes drag away quick blame right lane. Should the brewers have paid up for Jake area and a lot blame. What do we do for the left plan that's right do you have or should the Packers have paid up for Richard Sherman. And today after signing cornerback and the return mind what we're just talking about before the break. You have tiger fear 414. 79912. Figure you can tweet us at 1057. FM the fans Lance land he signed a deal over the weekend sparking doses twins. On a one year deal meant it was. On the free agent market had been rumored that the embers had interest in the former cub but he goes to the Phillies. For a deal that was worth three years 75. Million dollars. And anyone numbers to bolster their rotation would you have done it at that press. Now Null I don't lay out what I have one is 39 the first year 2.5 the second one and a third. They have an opportunity to make it a five year deal they want or they can opt out earlier. Than that it's going to be an arrest in the CLU pitches. With a team that's not as good as the cubs behind him in different park. Other than Wrigley and obviously a different division. Than what. It's not up for debate he is the guy in there's going to be a lot of pressure on Jake Carey had a the pitch up to that is like status and that Philly rotation that's not to have proven at this point. So we'll see Ellie how media makes out of Nat TI I I just. I guess I'm more disappointed than anything I I really thought that they were gonna overpay for somebody and make sure they had a pitcher. To go along with Jimmy Nelson and try to make this team a contender for this division this year clearly that's not in the cards Cobb is last. I guess I'm not as as big of an ounce cub fan as other people but Cobb is a lot that might be a possibility I don't know. Really how much that helps to put you over the top necessarily. But I I guess I'm more disappointed than anything I thought they would of got and one of them. And it doesn't look like now we're gonna get any of them. What was a year where was what's the line in the sand that you would you if you're David Stern's would draw when it comes to signing Jake area. I was singing like fifteen to twenty million somewhere in that area I'll really say you're never really. No Larry I seriously shoot 33 years old. And you play a band box so you have to understand there's going to be some inflation here reads this strike out numbers are gonna have to medium better than they work. In order to make it worth it right fly balls there especially the price field are gonna get up and get out quick or a short porch in right field they had them groups section I have off their cell. For me. I just. I told you in the beginning I wanna Darvish more than a wide area out of I had my choice I'll defend our shore area at a it's now got the way to what they do it they're gonna go what they have. Then Sylvia that's gonna be chase Anderson who's been named guilt of the first game one pitcher against San Diego. Should scenes get a pitch one the other games they still haven't slotted Davies yet there's a way to Freeney gets more work. And that after that 45 we don't know where that is right now logical thing suitor should be. One of those guys winnings are all obviously having Souter already is one of those Miley is going to be an act conversation. He's dish fairly well junior guerra has pitched fairly well to this point has sub three aria ERA even after the rough first inning today for the brewer's cell. They're all going to be in a conversation they've already sag got Arnold's gonna have to try and win job by the bullpen now that he's on the starting next. And Woodruff we only talk about Woodrow brazile Woodruff is behind those other guys and just sent so I think he's going to triple to start the season. I don't know for me the 22 point five million dollar range was what I expected Jake Gary editing it all along the thing that. Scared me offer would scare me off a thousand general manager was the length of contract year's reported looking for in the five to six year ranch. I was all about. Jake carry out on a three year deal in a twenty to 25 million dollar range I think I think keys. He's well worth that there might even be some drop off within those three years but. Given what the market is for pitchers and where the birds are at right now having cracked the window open none on. On when they can compete. I think that you had to really take a big step forward. In competing this year not to say that they won't David Stern's I'm sure has an ace up its lever. This is planning on making some sort of move at some point this year to to address Weber weakness emerges throughout the season but for me. At three years 225 million dollars is is just what I'd be looking for a thousand GM I'm sitting out as long are you looking for a deal on the five to six year range. But bet that three year range. I mean I'm a cubs fan out there done that instead of the thing Yu Darvish deal that the cubs that I'd rather have Jake Carey had a at three years 75 million then you garbage six years modern 26 men I think there's a lot less risk. In the area at a deal that there is in a Darvish deal and I think he'll be well worth it I think you'll be a top ten pitcher. In Major League Baseball for at least two of the three years that he signed in every the Philadelphia they just bought up money absolutely you better be known that well the a lot of pitchers can back money now man. Let's look at well now about a lot but does and I brought it out let's see starting pitchers how I would guess that that's not that crazy. I don't know I could be wrong or you wouldn't give you two now and I'd say seventy but that's the right lane. Should the birds have paid up for Jake Gary had a 414. 7991250. You can tweet us at 1057 Al man in the event there is making over twenty million year. I would say at least a handful 5672. Portal now there's more than that OK some more right the night and thought ten. More twelve more mean more arm and he was definitely worth that then took money. Sixteen. Last year making 21 million or more yet he's more then and I had some margin was seventeen and nineteen point eight million. Wainwright nineteen point five million. Strasburg eighteen point three Kazmir seventeen point six where the top twenty pitchers. As far salaries go. Yeah well then he's getting an idea. Was absolutely no doubt about it 100% worth it especially when you look at. That the risk being minimized by how short the idealist but that's the right lane. That's just me I have ponied up the files David Stern should the Burris have paid out magic period salary sorry that's for this year Ariana this year will be. Tied for third with David Price of thirty mowing more than him drinking at 34 million Kershaw at 35 point five million. And he's gonna give you a lot more important to see you next year agreement that is. Much money they got out I don't know if he's having more than thirty body to have million dollars when he becomes a free agent next year Gary how is he going to make its regardless like. Was like dry barges were your. Cool little more out of this is everything that they are. He got to play every game warm. Out of the Y just like every football game and is the biggest deciding factor whether they win or lose this dude pitchers every fifth day. Since we're talking about thinkers on how much he's worth over the weekend that to get my keepers and from a fantasy baseball league deal. And output a Twitter poll out this Ali a guy like 200 votes I was considering I went against it but I was considering. Clayton Kershaw with a 46 dollar price tag I saw that I had 260 dollar salary cap I wouldn't have done now. I would not and that's I didn't I didn't do it the voting was so close that is like 52 to 48% in favor of doing it but I went I would against the masses. And decided not to do you Arnold guys and ask them really our blog in my if I was I was leaning no. And so with the voting being so close I went with my gut if if they had. Voted like 60% yes I probably would I probably would have gone with the vote yet but a lot of winning now. The only other keeper I had was scherzer. And you're keeping I have to I kept she's and hardliners are yes thirty dollars. Those are much better bargain in March. So that's that's how I played GM let's keep playing GM and moved to the left lane here are different sport you're Green Bay Packers. They could've been in on the on the bidding fur for Richard German chose to sit it out he gets a three year. 39 million dollar deal from the Seahawks should the Packers have ponied up for Richard Sherman and now that they didn't do they have to get some Conn cornerback. While we're not a done deal Steve broke the art of the deal down earlier and I still would not gonna do where they've structured that. I just figured I would come off to a Q surgery that's tough to play angry buried in the cold weather. You look at an agent corner who this race right dollars about the game was beaten Tuesday and have much speed we've seen them due course would most beat. That's not gonna happen now. He's a cagey veteran argue from that. But attendance at vessel which shall I think when you look around the league right now there's a couple of as the best you can be in on. But you gotta break debate to give them the Packers and have a moneys though it remains to be seen this in Rami. This is going to be crazy if they break down ago here at the Johnson cute does that mean somebody's got to ago. That's can be a big day if we were that were ever come to America and the rams yeah I mean some guys got to go they got Jerusalem. Even if they want you know Jimmy Graham Deming semis so some big move is about to go down in the next week or so with the agreement that there's. But they gotta do something where they have about a corner and the body's always receive misery you know I don't I don't get that they need to be you know corners. That's a letter when they don't do that you've got to that point in the first two rounds. Should the Packers have ponied up for Richard Sherman and now that they didn't do they gotta do something. About cornerback 4147991250. Rican tweet us at 1057. FM the fan and moving to the return mind Tiger Woods finishes one stroke off the lead at the Valspar championship over the weekend. Ratings were off the charts in terms of a past her most recent golf tournaments. In the PGA I got imagine that if if tiger can keep this up. Tiger fever will will spread and spread rapidly don't you think Steve Sparky Pfeiffer will you watch me yesterday. Okay now I assigned to order that he was playing well as a race turned out via. I was out in I'll just sit on the couch and other on the Twitter surfing the Twitter and every tweet was tiger tiger tiger are watching me formally. Oh yeah they're watch no spoilers. Haven't seen it yet. Why do you see them okay yeah. And I was kind of weird. Okay it's good to know like the whole family thought it was kind of weird it was it does it really liked. The kids who are 1130 also thoughtful thing was we are a little but can you tell me weird and what sets without at a young figure way I thought it was two armed. I'm pretty sure this is not a word sticky. Okay like they were trying too hard to be running in that's the word on to his word that's got to wouldn't it it it felt like I don't know. But I bid you have a different sense of humor so maybe you'll get down to more than aidid. Where is baby get your ultimate it thanks Paula as a as a never heard nothing but good things about four time rag Nora got the most recent Thurman right yeah. Yeah lots of action. As to be expected it was his it was will be different than the other. Movies and dancing aren't of that same or read the rest of us seem like nothing I have it on the I'm on the list for my one week long red stake Haitian the it's it's horror rag in Iraq. That's the title of the movie for. Rank in Iraq. For coal and if we're one or zero dragged Iraq wet. It was a rough I think that's what the lord I on CNET the most the most recent horror movie Edwards and that's about him saving his planet or whatever it is. To which form of blood were that's go to him. Yeah long hair in long blond hair yeah kind of looks like Meebo blonde or he looks like Clay Matthews and while he did. He doesn't anymore. Not the one dollar double stack at Wendy's maybe the double that is his one dollar for a limited time there's a lot of fresh never frozen meat and a tasty two Storey tower. Melted cheese oats would leave and you don't get to the quarterback or just one dollar may bending clay. And shares the white he's double stagger the whole quarter pot of fresh bid as the best double cheeseburger you can get. For just one and two thirds of my favorites hammered by far. That when he's had an overhead on them ball any day of the week and get their North American cod sandwich back in crunch than ever. 100% wild caught North Pacific I've covered and crispy and crumbs pretends it you can hear probably creamy Dell tartar sauce and fried pickles for an added punch. It's and chief brunch at gets in she's on eulogies it so much so this is crunch. Department blew her and for fish sounds model and it's ended a long way at why these Earl limited to athletic quick break you know away follow. What other vein being added to the thing. The year spicy chicken sandwich is back what's for real us. Swear to god is writing about spicy chicken nugget or assured started today. There it is nice. All Baghdad IDs that driving loans that they love the spicy Asian etc. idea what was that. Thing. What the yeah its getting going and our bats as such is that our sleeve but it is nice to you should leave it like this all year I agree. It is nice to walk the dog when I get home from work and you know I like Leno had daylight yes yes. Cool I hate getting up and melts all nineteen Bob Kennedy the dog out whatever time it's like 5 in the morning and it's already bright outside. I cannot stand that he and 5 in the morning with that don't know probably 330 now owns the dog we know it's like every night 330. Words. They don't slower so it holds. And the for realty that god goes out and about 1130 military thirty members of war. Well we go to sleep Beason. Unlike 11 o'clock or so I got a cup water earlier at your stopper on the clock as he goes out. 1130 don't go upstairs. And now we go to sleep at 330 like clockwork Ahmad taken him outside and on a comeback and elect solidly war awful it is and then 113330. All you yourself not yeah. What's right and I was worn. Does come and water offer earlier idea has no reason to get up at 3:30 in the morning hello she's been doing it for a long time. I know you don't just throwing up yeah I I appreciate the help if you want to go once you start getting a recurring in your war. We reset the big topics discussed on today's big show rightly ancient members of paid up for area a lot went. Should the Packers have paid up for Richard Sherman and now that they didn't do they have to sign another quarterback and the return lane. The got tiger fever for 14799. Faulted between us at 1057 FM the fan when he breaks shall be back after this store is big show. Reset the big topics discussed on today's big joke giving you the final say out of here's what's your pick in front and Great Lakes drag away pick a line right lane should the brewers have paid upper area left point should the Packers have paid up for Richard Sherman. And today have to sign a cornerback and the return mine. You have tiger fever for 14. 79912. Figure you can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan is more and really. For those who while everybody except for the three of us. Yet. That doesn't work. Sparky said that during the break that and listen to them said the same thing third. When it's him to be fun. Let's go to trial on the north south and here on the Wendy's make show it's up to. I was blown out you and I do not want to we're just armor and a partner she's all like eight and well more than the chip or some aren't what. But I'm not enough amount of world market data on one of actually just in all honesty it at all that they don't have money. This book they've got to make it is the thing that makes. They got a go toward the end golden copy want to take it out of he younger and it is. They got a lot he got sick old lady. Jeanne friendly deal when he has right now you don't want to look you gotta go quite that dollar and figure who wanted his arm. To leave. You know it into him and make resort to get at all this year because he got a lot of money and what makes it. But it got when we get my unit UGU granite future marriage yet but it's our want maybe you'll although she update. It didn't usually remedy usually make up upbeat problems I don't want them see if we had to cut all sort Vietnam. And I'll conducting Montgomery can delay and the role that the walk on our people are back. Outlook and it got problems people in its repertoire. Well yeah they got money to do that do Bob Islamic city economy are welcome bounces. Appreciate the call. And he's I mean truly a lot of it out there but. Whatever whatever additions the Packers are gonna make and you look at the roster and you look at their salary cap situation Gary. They're going to have if if they're going to address weaknesses. They almost have to create weaknesses elsewhere on the roster you talk about. Getting rid of Jordy Nelson and and Randall Cobb were or one of the two but they're already somewhat thin at wide receiver. Behind those guys you can talk about. Cutting Bryan Bulaga but you know have a lot of depth on the offensive line I mean no matter how you swing it no matter what you wanna do. To address weaknesses in free agency. The court have to create weaknesses elsewhere on the roster don't they. For the first time along time into the Green Bay Packers roster in there are feels like that are more holes and there than they've ever been diminished due to. While bad drafting obviously in the secondary he's never phoned. The right people to work at the quarterback spot in the and they live from guys goes from bad decision me and said. Good receivers they got old quick and in knowing that. Your your best receiver Davone come off a series of relations has to be here. Are your and he just sent him to a huge deal Niger solve ages tendered at that Michael Clark was his name. My new wide receiver unit just tender him he's a big receiver 6364. We can program compared to jump ball he's got a lot of work. So there dearth in net at receiver and they don't have a tidy and I don't have a title every Thursday. They missed own Richard Rodgers. Well Jim Michael Finley got hurt early so he had to retire rich rods were where you thought it was you missed on your record to let him go. In mr. Omar two of implementing Oracle's proposal you look at the opera July there in shambles so. Because there by Eisner eager topic. Did that topic let's go back to talk topic the got a broken leg breaks memento before that. Al Murphy not before that and the guy relegated from like all businesses and it's old news today there role now know he was again this will be air now is that Bob on the first for a he was aghast for the year period he broke his leg and had to reduce certain product to date certain Ronan to re breaking into it again. That's when we start messing up on the operas and lime and tackle. You you hit when you got Bryant when you got Bob Barrett Iran Dirk Chirac. Did you made up for their in my backyard which should answer rot in order being you do bookings were not backed. Prisoner Uga blog who's not Asian and sprigs were darker he's been Hurt Locker has been hurt and you you're you're stuck there so you also need Iraq knuckle. They're there. And you look at your linebackers. Were very. Plymouth is done all right frustration got nothing there over to a new parent for Warner were very nuclear when we Keller was back broken off. Which is in draft world. And and who knows until we want it is legal work you know here fewer threes being nobly Martinez improved in the middle who got better. The message on the Josh Jones you guys to Shuster for for next year. And beat a guy they think he can be a blue a lot of coverage and slash or maybe that's too much or complicity in the back deploying regular safety but it's Morgan Burnett maybe patent came simplify this thing and he user. The heir apparent through the strong shape. He's bigger fares are strong the more camera yeah. So maybe he's ago meaningful for Monica and it's like you're trying to plug holes and a damn thing there really aren't any of our loyal taught all of register there against the salary and not to make the packers' situation seemed dire and it could be. There's that can be only thing is they got there are still going to be in the discussions reasonable largely a receiver that they that they wanna go. Yes almost any got to go get right now they can bluntly I mean if they don't get who is watching I'd love to have him here who's getting out. Ella Robinson loved here yeah. Steve you're not talk about an offer and I agree with it. I don't think Jordan knows he's all of it to he's not going anywhere one Georgia is going to your particular. And he'll be here for the next couple years I think I think he came out here this year you'll want to play for two more yeah I think he was retard agreement that. They ask him take a picker you know take a break currently there would be down and go where's he from Montana somewhere. I don't know. Kansas does he go back and not a thousand heads to America owns them. I mean that apparently he does that in the off season correct one yeah go ahead do you think meant. Wary Sega. Were you studied the big topics discussed odd today's big show there is murdered in Great Lakes dragway pickle and would you give more watched Heath and his as you send them often hear the outlook that they do in the Amazon. Two wars over it warrants or your. Burger for him over injuries that look of that lately and and location Brooke for Obama own choice. City mr. Adams sent their Foster got a new new looking into who is put up there and now Burlington Wisconsin. Listen if you look for very great deal appease the jury. And being here means you talk about time the outlawed diamond ball these great price towards year. Transparency on the news these people so they can use a great deal on dimes. Goes to America for Indy mergers and he has diamonds diamonds diamonds and through the season to start ideas. To be which you were to. Apple's. That's yet and that's scenarios are destroying America and your relationship two years or more. She's thinking about just sort you know. He got a blank you know to pry at it through years of more. If so you have answers talk you look at it in the game and it. Says she's not she is a WG is through years or more you hit the pressure. You have to make a decision. Let me may have. That's regards or guitar okay but you don't you're doing the jury the way the Giroux a cadet because it for you. Oh Oxley you to years or yogurt. These. You may like it the squirrels I'll I'll offer. The god it that authorities that he could Obama is no I don't know she came we followed up. Is he sent to tweak U markets in his own he sent a tweet he said became by this morning check the baby box mama came. That the babies. She's on the problem whole family out for sure nothing's at all. Well I haven't heard from my girlfriend would have texted me by now if you if you heard something in the ball out so I haven't heard anything there's no other living creatures in the. Yes it was curbing global enterprise offerings other cultures and has been open for awhile. Apparently he knows of the vehicle in front of frustration torture are your friends out losers and no they don't BO how I got a different origin to country. Consolidated contractors and it'll create a Smart the actual ship commodities to jury cinematographer and femur locate themselves actually late last new location. In Brooksville blue Monroe dress in national bearing villain in new new new new new new new location in Burlington was gone. Should the birds have paid up for area that's the right way left blame should the Packers have paid up for Sherman and do they have to go and get some cornerback now and the return lane. Do you at tiger fever for 147991250. Tweet us at 1057 FM the fanning gated. I'm greatly straightaway pickle and in the Wendy's racial return their place going to start this jog your your robbing us all a little some funny Jesus and make them feel bought it as a priest threw. 3 in the morning and the parties still jumping cut my mama ain't home it's about these big show over in the midst of Great Lakes drag away pick away and I'm running back off a lot worse is karaoke now let's MC drama argue Pfeiffer former Packard bad already badly Gary Ellis and I got rhymes geared up bars you just don't know is richer for it in from right way and should the brewers have paid up for area at a left lane. Should the Packers have ponied up for Richard Sherman. Do they have decided quarterback in the return related do you have tiger fever for 147991250. You can treat us at 1057. FM the fan. Please don't turn on the mikes were not be adverse ever again because that was. I've I've managed to pull the clean radio virgin out of my backside bed that is not what I was doing before the mikes when I don't rap ever again. All I won't have to worry about turn in the mice on this but did please don't do that to be at least don't have and I will wrap again nonfarm Madonna let's go to you to stop Louie didn't break that your other Wendy's big show what's up loot. What's up guys. And of course fever but. The Sherman thank. I I don't right now as we sit today obviously there's got to be something comic that that that that just doesn't expand by an older it was kind of like a student during a scramble and and they wanted to just kind of let up they've got their best player to additional weakness. Determined Johnson I'd love I saw an article but what do you weren't ranked in pro football focus. I thought when we spoke over the weekend that that you would even bring pretty low actually pro football focus. In it and how it went with James Shields. Instead of trying to return him. I don't know LA where would mark his cheaters and Aqib Talib instead of trying to resigning. I thought to reboot on tomorrow but I could be wrong anyway. What I would I'd like to see them do it maybe go after somebody archer main job and not gonna cost you that kind of money Opel slow and late morning. Purity EJ gains. And then what I also like to see them do is. There and a unique you know army and security on the flats sometimes they're a unique position that they're never in in this draft. And I would love to even try to get that maybe seven or eight. And then from there try to take the kid out Alabama or cattle on they'd be like a letter more. Or Conley or someone like that. I do I also don't yet all of this. You know I get to the grammar critical after Corey Burton doctor Clark you're much younger. But the you know Kenny Watkins Alan Robinson I just don't kid at stake in court on disgruntled directors. April report out art or touchdown. You don't need that the pay all of those guys they're they're probably back it was to perform when he played below a certain level headed so predictor we can't win football game. Because of their defense. So I don't know why we want every cool. All that when it when you really need to start going to New Orleans streets approach in that instead of building on his arms they'll route it aren't built started. That have impact. Tailor them every level the defense and that's permit and they're paying guys. Are Pro Bowl level play. And they're not getting Pro Bowl level play at a book Geithner from your target market that's perfect them. Quite correctly anymore in the period was overpaid. Like being its growth is really good but if he is the only only as it on the line and I don't know. And then we you know what it's made you more comfort or about worker per the tickets can cost you six or seven million what we're gonna do I mean it it. It's right to go after so it's there and never been there there. But you know and watch and I'll pick him topic of burner on the offense that all the top off like Greg Jennings took a pixel like that. But I I took the right circle and after some of these guys are caught some. Pretty decent money and better a little longer Wacom company you know that are hurting not burner so that that might take. Appreciate the call Gary and you touched on some of that Richard Sherman. He gave Richard Sherman any morning comes when you're talking about to kill these injuries at at the age of 34 years old in the NFL. He comes with high risk and you don't know necessarily how much spring isn't that's that right. There's arteries and slippage or are known and and you. You couple in the surgeries. Just don't know what you gonna get your means uses shooters. The Packers to a new QB because there would necessary care bill they need to hit home on word again. He can't be a guy that's coming off surgery and then of Robert Robert Sherman every rated recruit the first of the year for the first fruit for doing so. And of keeping his bank on I think they need. Something more. Sure. That's what they gonna get I think. I like Johnson maybe you guys think you slow but it 28 I like him like the agent like that alone you'd like him I think he's out the Packers price reductions should be. So is anybody else will run. Right noticing what we see also our way yeah is out of his first race or we aren't they gonna do some movement negating these. It one more call pickle and is well on the northwest side will go ahead meant. They get I don't. Oh but Tom. So word or term thing on automatic to the players on an all these are all that that fueled happy. Are but on. In in the division and I think even the Packers. Would have offered a deep so obviously they what do watcher I'm much sent this goal. That that would have gotten it done anyway. Now they would like them at least kick the tires. Rogers from Marty. He did get released by the giants recently. Now polygamy pass rusher with a few of them signed maybe two guys on the people decide violate the I'd like to bet that previous caller so that were involved at some right before. I'm you know it and even you know the actor's name mentioned going. Boy it would trample our percent tiger I don't like that idea and that kind of typical packer and value here than say. Well I don't ones but the money are we shouldn't spend the money and that's actually what thinking I mean at this point he needs some I'm not only because of the you know they need to veteran leadership I think I can be sentenced to and that's what's been the mystery I think Tom and Richard community here or something and and that decision. Bomb. Writer's market it would be realistic I think patient. Really tried to keep Welker and can't get him signed because I understand your. Com or that we need to get if you like it and get a few veterans here and they. Mom you know without pork you think you can get are tight and I'm what we cannot keep just relying on the draft and then expecting these young guys and rookies. You know to come in and and part of the likes of Leno jokes. Thank you for what you know what to workers and his command and there. Yet we haven't seen any numbers amount are the speculation. Rumors speculation has been in the eight to nine million dollar and per year. I. Well he is making what twelve or thirteen with the jets. So you know in early got as a monetary too far step back in on I mean here and neglect and carry a lot there you got him sue was gonna be out there. From the dolphins you've got a bunch of gay. Fat defense alarm and they're going to be on the market brokers and more in fact bush that's that's not fair to him he's not fat cat but. You have big Ethan salaam and to me on the market for people take for. Just like you're gonna blend of veteran running backs on the market for people to think from. And bringing a lot of these guys are going to the money they want they're just not all these big defensive linemen are not gonna get paid the money there. Outrunning it's nice to call people fat GE but as folks get up there in years guys especially in the impact on a few extra pounds and thing that they can do about that that you know geared. Why yeah immunity Kenya. We we. Place our mentality. And that mote team USA. Darko. And those guys mostly in Tokyo even with that your we talk about worker now all in all I think guys. You know you gotta get through Jim I know you're you're busy years ago lot of things into an issue Mary decades are running used or where to freeze up. But some point you gotta you need to take term restructuring. Mayor Richard have a farm there is forced from executing gyms do something for yourself. Mark your friends government tell Leo this is in Milwaukee that you form below to USC Darko. Are bigger lie you guys out there who wish you were more active and just have a little bit more energy. Maybe skewed to the workday without fuel and exhausted every morning you when you get a home through to the wife or maybe you you want more. Are you wanna be more active being yankees live well mentality here to help you meant Charlie is a new hip care was soon. That is dedicated to have remained just like you feel they're very bears feel. Revitalized and perform better when you some of the effects of low testosterone you're tired are you have low energy and you just don't feel like yourself anymore when you work. With a mentality you'll. While you're working with Rio board search for our positions and they Rio medical facility that provides the FDA approved toss wrong treatments and uses. Elect other places mentality takes ensure these jobs legit with a net percent success rate. Because you want to be and make an appointment for your free consultation today and mentality helped them a war here again that's loyalty USA. Dot com. So what he's big show. Final segment before spring training live takes over these airwaves to malice bill baby attachment Tompkins numbers with you for the next hour then it's admiral sunrise. Starting at 7 o'clock in the Sparky tonight with the Milwaukee Bucks pick and same post game show after they take on the grizzlies. I've brought up earlier in the show the idea of a like account bonds tell Tom bind style competition. Between Sparky and myself and really anybody else at the station wants to get in on that Gary can't do it as the new senator well that may it to. Saying I'd win I'm I'd I'd just like to compete are what you do review don't think you can win because I like to compete I think I could win. I'm not saying I would I think it could you want to take numbered talked northern and whatever I set anybody at the station. Anybody at the station. I would like to do this river Charles as colorful bar sure homered for cute cute. That's supposed to scare me yeah. It's no it doesn't just carry a lot as does it you don't want any of us not at all site that scare me at all. So we're talking full forty were gonna go three cone drill is Al's about to propose to Sparky doesn't wanna do it at all somebody had a good idea on Twitter. Where if it was me vs Sparky one on one he takes half the events and I pay cap the events or could be what ever Sparky watts it could be like pop A shot involved would spark is really get at. You can pick like bowling like we we do a frame of bowling. Do you pick the guy you can't the events I can't the events and the Miguel and not months ago. He dinner please don't wanna do it I did not even if you again. I'm angles to your view do you really. What are your natural born athlete I believe in me who insults the beat you when you were trying. This that and does. I'm done going to the kids that look good feel good play good. The general David. Gold and walker I'll look for their program. Oh it is. Play out. And it's a deprived them across a little notes that pride and even fall and you lost our thanks to ride good I'd rather lose and not fall in breaker written I'm waiting in my throat cancer mentality. I used to ride what are greens because that's ultimately penalties that covered our national baseball it's out of the missed either of those interviews or anything on today's show fan on demand. And 1057. FM the fan dot com spring training lot next admiral Centre right follows that spark is back tonight at the Milwaukee Bucks. Vacancy post game show for Gary Ellison Steve Sparky five for Mike Clinton's intern hearts. I'm running Mac plus and thanks for listening to tomorrow to. Caught.