5PM: Pick a Lane

The Wendy's Big Show
Tuesday, March 20th
Gary, Leroy, Ramie and Sparky reset the BIG topics of the day and let you pick a lane.

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And Sparky. We hours. What happened crashed and burned. Yeah. It's time for the guys to reset the big topics from today's big you know. And let you pick a lady. Nickel and brought you by the legendary Great Lakes dragged away and you grow. Go to Great Lakes dragway dot com for 28 to your season passes and ticket discounts. That's Great Lakes drag away dot com. It is that time here on. On the Wendy's big joke. I brought it back up that. Well Steve Sparky piper and our Q forward Packers Gary Ehlers it and the royal Butler and here's Richard picking from in Great Lakes drag Olympic lane this evening. Right and I have one lane. Well I mean it really could be did you know watching it again you know content. Just one lane. The blocks for a four consecutive not a lot of good fit it in there and and strong response to what do but as a brother bud was granted they it is they bill lucky bucks. These days so wide out if there's a data do it it's today it started with Gary Ellis at new yesterday driving into the station. He heard some comments from Malcolm broads an bucks point guard this was from back on March 1 on the on the Milwaukee basket bar which here every third. And our own hero fans need to grow to about birds Sparky and a Marcus Johnson got at this week Thursday at the merriment. Down there in Walker's point rent apparent social environment social walkers went. So yes they're playing the sun on the bill Michael's show we played that sound bite on the bill Michael's show Gary Ellis and driving a scar on his way home when he heard. So experienced in both instances. The better we play offensively the more we put together the more people feeling vulnerable to the heart of the plate and the more you will be defensively. We're two with a lot of life a lot of the criticism we can be one of the best consistently. Consistently. What for concert starts on offense everybody feeling involved Michael playing as you go to the more the ball move the games the ball moving really well. Also the important that the efficiencies. So it really started the ball movement and us. Collected in the months. To Garrett took off his athlete cat put on his media can't read between the lines. And decoded and aerial what did you hear in what Malcolm bridled at a U depleted. Our vehicle in the media candidate he told Jason Terry how he. If they're writing him. Number I don't think. Don't think we Lieberman's defense. Oh. That's a vehicle. Well that's exactly what you are there is. Can decode all you want it in the day it's exactly. And again and not talk probably earlier this week or last week late in the week about my exit. What is our mine. The championship mine that is. We will do whatever it takes on the defense team or Carly is if or touched the ball or not. And will keep stops and that's where we'll get opportunities. But again got to understand about our team's young team. That hadn't really experienced. The championship level yet and they still have to learn that ski. Now Gary your decoding went further than what she said right there to Jason Terry your decoding went to the point that. After saying for months now and getting me on the same on the same boat with yet say in this for months now. That you wanted to see this unit get healthy plating gathered gel grub blah blah blah dire not so sure that that's. That's the most the most efficient route to contending for a championship. For the Milwaukee Bucks Jason Terry says. I use light. Rove all over you so what is our. Gruber. I don't put it and take I can't charity Robin what's he brought it irrelevant to our losers surrounding me when he's governor Arnold religion a bad. What are you doing immediately take a bath. Sure it's gonna you vest over your leaders Bob Rombach and your along time ago. Yeah Gregg. The he would get your hair doesn't grow back any minority issues that you don't know from round thing alone. A yeah they're all dissect the U think your Bolden. It showed the early just before Gary because there are seen some pictures galleys were already and are really like LeBron odd enough yet. I'm like yeah. Gosh Brad how to bring it back Hilemon to your board the only guy who's. Does his was. Despite it all out all argue under its killer bought and a lot of knowledge killer the ideal when it went somewhere like hair plugs us on Donald W is growing. She's able to do an area you'll put homeowners and where you're eligible but I mean you Nguyen and you got mine. I don't know what is thank you scratch you know I told you my hair grow back from a chest and then he should okay take issued on the Machida pitch Victoria yeah. This book to put a lot of just showed on your. No more I was yo I think Matt I don't know who would know more. You don't know you just wouldn't that last relentless though you're seeing here is comes. Our aim is cool if we just. Don't do tours and more. And progress. And so I know that I'm I'm an amateur I don't know 49 minutes that you're in a well amid the young and agencies. You don't miss the numbers agent. This to us right now with the jobless rate GO. While you use words and images appeared all of the waters or ports as Florida. Yeah. Well. My game you know that out and throw it. He were a joke and they could jokes done well. An undated image and the background what happens and you think you change your mind you think the budget bloat up. It's remote villages or not your does that yeah at the airport you don't want. Well a day if you don't read the Robert Wood a new coach not an author. That's about it anywhere I want and I doesn't really care about you know I would urge you do it is as though. If my opponent jumpers. I'm totally got right now I've got a huge by these government angle. But Steve what to. Assume he was asked to get it today. What was brought to ask just you ought to build Michaels asked at what the final passage of play have to go and that without ideas on March 1 I was a long time ago how and I want out of the each and I know what was asked. Casino it was said he'd been down and they say that they might get a great video. All McDonald's I'm like yeah defense by the book to what's going on I think that's how you got that it's OK that's my guess is that seemingly comes up every week on the show as far as. We'll go and how how bad his defenses that that normally is Arnold plays. They would get an idea now when these guys and view. So that's where where it all started that's really afternoons started. And then did a report came out from Marc Stein saying that the box. Had a list of coaching candidates and Leslie is and. In an Alex last three of the senior vice president about to take exception to that is going to play basketball announced after taking exception to a true or a report by Gary ball full earlier in the day here on these airwaves that there were problems between the Bucs camp in the Jabari Parker camp and it's unlikely. And he's back with the team next year. Alex Landry said that was false outsiders about mark mark marks that reported with small house fake news here is that there is no list there is no list of coaching candidates he did say they're doing their due diligence. But the out of it's there is no Wednesday. So and we read the Twitter beef on the air and it and people are just calling up with their complaints and concerns and thoughts. The Milwaukee Bucks sort of all over the place but concerning the Milwaukee Bucks that's exactly what will do here for the next. Oh I don't know Erica upon hitting got involved fourteen minutes or so until we bring in Jason Terry. And our conversation with him on a Milwaukee Bucks Tuesday. Presented by frontier motor cars get in at 41479. Natural picture you can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan I don't know if JJ can fix this Gary they can fix a lot of things run out they can fix that's. You're right religious conflicts most anything won't you talk about the you build and rebuild Milwaukee Boston beat them out of there. Lost their budget notre got a budget but you know don't wanna hill basketball and they wanna come over and on the war. Is going on your house if you want an on a new room to your house when renovate your basement redo your basement when and a main cave on. Back if you wanna in close something if you wanna add a plea room got new keys that you. This kind of cute and you need I don't know new bedroom moment refers over JJ Contra into law that. You talk about and in new keys lineup you have old outdated homes and they wanted to. Give some new cabinets and some new talent tops in the kitchen and blows and my good friends over JJ Contras can do on a cooperative for injuries and on the gears and you know Jarvis to smaller as they can do now. A quick break take your thoughts on the box and Great Lakes drag away pick a lane right after this on the Wendy's big show on a tip of the boy judgment day and on a bucks Tuesday at present my frontier Monica. And for us to start off from everybody's feeling the ball Michael playing music you know against Baltimore we really won't cost them toward an offensive efficiency is very high. And I have to be told that they're trying too much it's number charge is doing a good. Our own big government Lieberman's defense. Exactly. Can decode all you want but at the end of the day is exactly true mind this. What is our mindset. And championship mine's K clearance we will do whatever it takes on the defense you've seen Brooke Carlos airport touched the ball and lax in password will get opportunities there. But again you got to understand about our teens and young team. Then I hadn't really experienced. The championship level yet and they still have to learn as dealers and skills that you know this medal. Welcome brought in from march 1 want to basketball our Donna merriment social room Yangon on Thursday night with Marcus Johnson. Many are Gary dollars and and then Jason Terry to jet in joined us earlier in the show here on in Milwaukee. Box Tuesday an earlier Jason Perry coming up after five sorties that's good Putin's soul. Animal he wants coach name game may be a coast but haven't talked to him I just. Argue I do I do television. I tend to think that yes you know he's in India TNT at some point audio or this well sundown. Brooke Glenn and that. 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About it but I'm confident that New Yorkers. I think there's a lot of factors. That place and why they're in the way. I think a lot of players and I think it had to be a factor. When. When players like safari. Could go and vote now you know players. Who were more. But oh. Well. They've acquired businesses that oh they. I think mine oh. Well I had to step it I was able. One are kind of doing. Akron these guys are compact it that it worked because is that it's in chemistry. I'm optimistic. He could still trigger. I think it. Is the way better dark. By all Martin. We lost thought it was a very solid player. That's just my opinion about it there. I understand we're not playing good Likud but I think. Are a lot of work setbacks. Are or Don are larnaca. So you think that need to get healthy get some continuity in and let this let this this group of guys worked together in and figure this out. Give some ability. Get to instability. Because it's part of arcade. You know I was I I wasn't that it will it doesn't hurt it all this happened and I'm like can I. For the commonly appreciate it yeah I like. A good call because I thought that's reason want him brought Brandon Jennings in. To do something different which he's been playing great of an accident San to a second ten day contrary to sign the damn is he sees. That's just keep him move mean I think he's passed a trial basis. Because to me where you can share Tabasco always got things that you need. Great it was Tom if you really want the chance to blow it. Now that had to do it may go to new arena into a new coach. You can set a new agenda you can you can give players around. Shooters. Around yeah honest that you need to just what you need to open flora. And doable if you try to do is anal hanging over oil again it just is kind of stale. Otherwise. You know seniors rookie of the year talk. You're directly and an arm and are you shot I penalties. As kind of disturbing new year I think for the most up parlor blown it up more and it really is but is low interest to do here. I want you young guys say something normally. Veterans. Go back to the phones and go to ram on the north side you're on the Wendy's patient what's up ramp. Ailment it is great it is and our meals or room. Is not about money is this does the program yeah outlook that the core cadets as well. Bicycle. Appropriately evaluated. I'll. All you. Leo. OK global protocol could very grounded to yeah yeah program out there. Brands. Program I've got on the ramp. You got a big old huge knee brace on the news in the black Robocop. That included go down yeah Eric. Graham a bad note you. Also if you if you John Beckham down to get rose up against the that Ayers stuff. Yeah this little. You. Know better and. I got the got to apply in the Poconos they have a pleasure to speak of is that. The book remind me of that power in the go to visit. The money ran out. It is people outcome movie. They wouldn't and I am an independent. You know I don't look at it may well Graham with the demand that the group an appropriate for the it is in the people at all popular. Couldn't look at have a different campus. Let you know look on how did you room. Thank you it's. You blow. Don't look. Yeah if they did take it out there and you look at the dates. No communication you know I have no they'll be tough to look at now about the bank and didn't quite hear about it but I want I think probably what I wanna do. The government of united do they wanted to. City got in our culture economy and it typically make I think it's good to see. And capital program. And it's not normal not cut it up a couple of days ago. You've got people don't like into the bracket it without come out this Philip. You know Texas you know it bailout and I get the ball. The market could Arabic that they are they can edit. On the that I have I been at the code go have a controlled situation well I don't know I don't know. Updated. Its people they need to go. 66. It still may come out we have real quick and angry. Name Bakker yeah. Pulled. Separate. One country about the so he got to go. If he creepy you look that they keep it or Patrick or I think if they get a good cosic a prior panel. But you guys created the equipment position. Earlier in dealing named for rim owed more. Okay themselves and Dave Allred. And alma are prohibited in there. They'll probably it is an important route yeah there's. We're the. Our kids lawmaker in an accident here Regis so. And employs one plate yeah. I'm definitely does not against those here on camera we you can whip Jim. Which gives some big pieces that are got to do give up on that bench and jets bombs into areas into it those guys which is a big pieces back for four goals for myself for. Middleton and if you barring him I mean you're seeking you know. That's probably be getting better. Than. This day has really beat me down especially in my box optimism you have beaten man I am I've and we're down Al-Megrahi organizers. Should I I'm not are going to be down for years and appropriate gambit I've tried made often and that's true. I've tried to stay optimistic with the spots if there are gone against the tide are trending in right direction room. The books that you should they need to blow this whole thing is managed to Everest are humans. Mr. tried our rhetoric got right loaded on average rate in the right direction now. Honestly I don't know I can ease pain and he's yet to agree on got a thing. And you ought to be. Clark hit all of Superman. Superman. And as needed me well give me Kate. Well for the government though. I had a guy formula would kill me are these are getting increased by fair. And we do small. Even going through some emotional during use this is serious reference are good use the same advice I gave room. Taught with the trolls. I meant tell. They are real boards are for our positions in the Rio medical facility that for rock FDA approved testosterone treatments for loyalty. You can find them load to USC dot com break that cycle and start to have the way you know you'd gain the way you used to with mentality. Mentality has ignited restricts the third straight and the take insurance. You know I respond in private on Twitter board and here today tell all our listeners. If you're going to recruit or change noticing entries in your body and reduced monthly. And even emotionally yes guys too emotional to you emotional changes you've made a multi. Contact the polls today and mentality. For your free council should. Give more of fall and low to USC. Dot com we'll see what Jason Terry thinks is wrong with the bucks and how it can be fixed the bullets the bucks guard. Tourism Wendy's big show coming up next on a box Tuesday presented by frontier motor car. It is a Milwaukee Bucks Tuesday here on the Wendy's big show on Ron there's Sparky former packer and badger running back Gary Ellison. We had a chance to catch up with Jason Terry the jet. Earlier today he's never a guy who shies away from the tough questions. We did start off with a tough questions. I did what any polite gentleman would do I asked them houses day gone by doing today it is and. Doing well first off. In the overall capital drives on them now but up. Want to jump ball which losses should should just go out so would you get hot on the slash. Well I like to. To handle one spot. We're not. Only their 4013. Audio. Our home and. I got is that your home good to me that they did Saddam by you told me come by you he would yet. You Laura yeah it is Hillary I'm. All our way. Out. They don't want to get to lose debt up to outside this right now man I I could use a massage right now because we've been talking about you guys the Milwaukee Bucks for the first half are the show. And things have gotten heated. And and Bucs fans and and some in the media one who's sitting in this room are trying to read between the lines to see what's not clicked in with few guys right now. And this is a comment that I'm about to play for you. From Malcolm Brockton on the Milwaukee basketball Arab League you've been a guest on that we we appreciate that but this is Malcolm Rogge and talking about. Why some of the problems on the defensive end of the floor might exist. So experienced in both instances. The better we play offensively the more we put together the more people feel vulnerable to the heart of the plate and the more you will be defensively. We're two with a lot of wind a lot of the criticism we can be one of the best consistently. Consistently. What for concert starts on offense everybody's feeling the ball and complain to you go to the more the ball move the games the ball moving really well. Also the been working offensive efficiency is very high. So it really started the ball movement and us. Collected in the months. So jet and I. I hate being revealed it's tough being a former player. They've been doing the job I'm doing right now in his right in Abdul and it'd be a radio guy today. And I had the code. I what did you and don't forget it and there's got to go radio show tunes from yeah yeah that's so I had to decode so between bit you gotta yeah take off my. My athletic cat my my my my jock did you called me this if they're writing him that's number touched on it today. I don't think we Lieberman's defense. And now for people. Well that's exactly which year. It's. Can decode all you want but in the day it's exactly. And again and not talk probably earlier this week or last week late in the week about a mine exit. What is our mind. To championship mindset that is. We will do whatever it takes on the defense team or Carly is if or touch the ball and Matt. And we'll get stops. And that's what we'll get opportunities there but again got to understand about our team's young teen. Darren hasn't really experienced. The championship level yet and they still have to learn. That skill as a skill set. You know causes mental to be held out a middle order to play deep experience in and give maximum effort even though you're not. As involved. On the office is that you think you should be glad to get thing about this. The object of the game to put the ball and all right. Sometimes a guy I have to run at a quarter to open up Elaine. For the team to put the ball in the hole well chorus who does it to be honest. Well our support you for the quarter and also people argue why don't go out the side. John it didn't score idea. So what got her walk up the perk. That team not me individually so mentally you have to take yourself out of the equation and understand that. Not about you touch the ball is about the team getting stops. And if we can stop and get out transition. Everybody will get an opportunity. Now knowledge at this this the nose off slow and all of us were here upset that they let Jason Q ego and and hit. I almost had a baby if a young team we're trying to figure out. Folks are here in a public absolutely no room to the wall for saying that this team is our. But that's what they are. And they got a broken from tough times. In Norfolk and Iraq. Who or why don't you can't call timeout he never let because this joke about it. You know at all. And only went up they don't know if when they fail and move but you're did not walk on all year limited what you do wrong that you laugh about. No no doubt about it sometimes in life I mean you know don't your failures you'll realize you greatest successes. And I it happened in the early on in my career I'll with the NBA finals at all Bible six was up who all. Got got complacent. In a great Miami eighteen came back and beat us four straight games in a row. And we had no doubt in my mind that we were gonna win that series have a parade and pop champagne all over. It's not the right to pray it didn't happen. And I thought that next year we won 67 games number one in the west and we automatically give back an affront. Well we'll be O slapped picking him to knock out in the first round by a Golden State. That would exceed so. It took me four years by six almost seven years after they get back to the finals. And actually realized my dream but I had to go through it and fail first no one could ill. I had to experience it myself. OK I'll go back to fizzling you your time on the rock and sent and I was on its own anyone in one ear out the other year to pay attention to it and the reason I didn't pay attention to this. Other watching this in the NBA in college basketball hell watching in high school basketball. Hitter if guys aren't involved in the offense and then they are more likely check on the defense event. You could say well that's not right they shouldn't do that but we've been watching this is a box issue I guess my point is not just the bucks and have this issue this is issue across the league. Via a realistic game within the game. And obviously TP the older more mature teams to championship teams. And that they nordic. That they're not going to they've got guys know each other accountable. Obligated just takes some maturity. Optical out here and have that mindset. So you think then jet were talking to Jason Terry on the Wendy's big show on a Milwaukee Bucks Tuesday. You'd think that they can work with this group of guys is Jim is just going to be a matter of getting some experience jelling. And playing together but it can work with this group for guys because people are wondering if it tanner or if their needs to be a major shake up with a roster. Well I don't think I'd know I'd know what can happen with these guys again when you're in a playoff series you play in the same team. Over and over acute. Something ticking and I thought last year we have made tremendous strides. In that series you get to Ronald. Which just came up short because we didn't know how to wean. A playoff series this year I think will be much more better. Career. And once we kind of buckled down here. Start your it will take that we want the guys that work on the count on and that chemistry starts to Berlin you over the next couple weeks here you'll see. You need to come which of course will get the right matchup. And gain in the playoffs is all about Mac chips and I know right now as we fear they are real or teams in the Eastern Conference that to not want to play this Milwaukee Bucks. Our Jason Kidd during the Wendy's big show earlier today. On a box Tuesday presented by frontier motor cars and GE if there is a dysfunction that locker room that. A lot of people including you coming around to that side of things. Recently if if it's as bad as they think it is and Jason Terry is preaching to these guys the way he just preached to us. About what's got to change for them to to win a playoff series and going further than that. They need to listen because that's a guy who knows how to get drinks. No doubt about it another guy who knows how to get rings and I've done my guys care Ellis walk while most. Of the jurors are those outages from dime and right now my god jurors are indeed Murray has diamonds you know a lot of diamonds. And it is here I got these diamonds at a great price. And I want to pass these deals on. To my customers with the got a permit asked before I got to term is what I got loose diamond is diamond rings diamond gave his dream. Guys 'tis the season about time you know you want it proper course to your girl. Records they've board's view those buys. Two years or more you mighty viewing they go by she's thinking about it for show you 2 years' morning I'm just like he went on. Try to help you also don't cost you a whole lot of money in my guided jurors and Andy Murray is now all of a dime as you may want in your life. And a great front the jurors look at those services lately blunt new location for your problem I wrote frozen out from bill. New new location is noon news and Roger was not. Not only that he's here let him know that you're the most money for local jury given cash from spots and go check mark dean Murray at the jurors. So when he is great show final segment. Spark we haven't had a chance to talk about. The big news in baseball today and I kind of fax numbers if you're still hoping that they go out and get. A free agent pitcher. The last big prize on the freeagent Marlon as far as pitchers go is gone the Orioles according Ken Rosenthal of the athletic. Are close to an agreement with free agent right handed pitcher Alex can't expected to be at least three years. Sides had been talking about a deal on the range of three years fifty million dollars. Deal first mentioned by just pass and did you say that fear David Stern's markets announced their locker. That's over fifteen million dollars a year of compare that's Lance when he said he was gonna get more than landslide outcome was very. For the right in immunizations and they get more the last land. So a Baltimore spent a lot of money on him he stays out east to say he's in the same division and he was in in Tampa. And we'll see our pitches for Baltimore going. Well the oddest. Looking at the numbers I didn't know a lot about Alex Cobb before this offseason they don't follow rays baseball that closely because they're the rays. Looking at his numbers and looking at some of the scouting reports of satcher that that have come out since since he's been on the free agent market. I think that's a steal quite honest with you now that's that's as somebody who hasn't actually. Seen him physically pitch that I can remember you know what I mean you might have been a pitched a game against the cubs or the birds. But I had been watching but I don't have a distinct memory of watching Alex Cobb pitched right just looking at the numbers and what people who know a whole lot more about baseball and I'd do. Are saying about this game that sounds like a bargain to me. And we look at the age difference between him and Yu Darvish and to me that's that's worth it to and that would have been that would have been a move worth making for the birth he's what 27 years old. All depends on if they feel he is a front line iron. And if they'd all think that he is better than Jenny Nelson or at least act you mean Olson's level. And I probably don't do that via Seattle and that's that's my guess what they're looking for they were trying to get somebody I think. That was apple level Byron and Jenny Nelson that's what they want it. And I don't they must not have felt like Cobb was worth the money. And that one going forward. And get concerns we trust right that's for sure soul. That's more wrap the role of the year is usually disappointing and we'll talk about that more tomorrow on the big show but. For premiere at least now you are really rolling the dice with what you have junior Garrett today five and A third innings. Eight hits one walk three runs. You 49 to setting nine pitches for strikes Tom Hart reports as on Twitter our memories ever afford my only option. So did very well may start the year in the minors. And then we're talking about. Who weighed Miley is going to be. In that rotation. A lot you November and suitor could be in that rotation possibly. So we'll have to wait Seles holding plays out but even there are going to be competitive for a wild card spot and they're not gonna add another pitcher. On their gonna rely Jimmy Nelson coming back at some time in June or July. Then this rotation will be the reason they win. Or don't win and whether they make the playoffs or don't make the playoffs these first you know 34 months of the year for shore. Will determine how good dispersed teams gonna be for the rest of the year is you can say well when April's as big as when in September. And some people say that people act April it's really who cares of their own three or five or one and Ford doesn't matter but. You dig too big hole early in your be fighting all year to get out of that. That hole and it's all your pitching is gonna have to be that they're offense they're kind of they're gonna score runs yes I worry about the offense out worried about the pitching the pitching is. Middle of the pack number should be fine. And last year they were upper half they were what top ten and I think. As far as our rotations speaking of the birds Brett Phillips hit a home run in spring training today in the cactus league he had been struggling. Offensively throughout the Sprague and at a McKelvey asked him about those struggles did you see this quote for Brett Phillips. About the squirrel yes he says no listen pay attention to detail here legend media's squirrel. And in the fall he gathers up balls doesn't stores them away I worked hard to the fall together all my nuts and here comes Spragan next thing you know. I forgot where I hit that might hits my nuts subs could dig them it's looking like they're probably behind the dugout Colorado Springs or in the clubhouse. I remember being there in the all season to bury them but I think. That's where they're probably going to be at which is by and I'll go get them I'll gather my nuts and I'll be eating again that's basically. Where I met. He's gone he's probably going cholera spreads. Yeah a brush and he's probably going to mean yet as it did yet that's just aren't there because her and Perez play in the outfield if you're gonna keep saying team playing out or not well. Do you play out their Broncos play out there you've got three guys at all complacent a field. If you for a day off both those guys are needed Major League level start the year and neither one of them is getting trade and enough for the both gone. Our thanks to Jason Terry the jet for joining us on the big show if you miss that or anything on today's show check out print on demand at 1057 FM the fan dot com that's presented. By John Paul's Buick GMC highway 100 in Greenfield later tonight here on the fan admirals take on Grand Rapids 630 pregame. 7 o'clock puck drop with aaron's Sims on the call I'm off per week hopefully these knuckle heads keep the train. On the tracks for Steve Sparky Pfeiffer Gary dollars and LeRoy Butler might Clemens and turn obsolete I'm running Mac last saying thanks for listening to the Wendy's big joke and these guys talk to again tomorrow starting at two I'll see an opening day. All right don't do it.