5PM: Pick a Lane

The Wendy's Big Show
Tuesday, May 15th
Gary, Ramie and Sparky reset the days BIG topics and ask YOU to pick a lane on the Wendy's BIG Show!

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It is that time here on the Wendy's big show along with the one and only Steve Sparky Pfeifer and the former Packard badger running back Gary Ellison I'm running Mac fluff and here's what you have to pick from. In Great Lakes dragway pick a lane right lane. First 25 in seventeen at the core mark Jimmy keeping up. Left lane what do you think the bucks power structure should be and the return when was the longest. You've ever waited a month for something 414. And one was that thing 799 full figure you can tweet us at 1057. After on the math doing the math Sparky. Bruce 25 wins at the quarter mark you multiply that by four there on pace for honored when somebody would ask you necessarily. If they can keep up this this clip in terms of winning I'm just talking about. The quality of play button when we talked about this earlier decided to me like you thought a hundred games. Was in the ballpark of a realistic expectation. And doesn't sound realistic right button begin near what I say special and that's special detail to it after his bread is it gets seasonal we are singly downloadable tunes that you said that on a hotter when you're continuing to IRN. 88 as yet official production data to a hotter wins everywhere as you have a tingling feeling if they get to a hundred wins in this town. I just think you look at how they've built plate they haven't played great frank the hitting hasn't been great. Starting pitching we'll talk more bosses tomorrow I only that's been great. The bullpen has been dominant and that's the one aspect that may be you can save him he's going over there had a little bit. But for me. Why can't they play 67 games over 500 in every quarter of the season I don't. I only that's an impossible thing to ask for. Dolan for considering they haven't gotten hot yet. They're going to probably while can't guarantee it but you would think that some what they're going get hot and everything's gonna clicked in once that does are gonna steamrolled some people for a little bit. But until that that point gets here and out played your best baseball and to still be sitting here what seven games over 500. Pretty app that. Yeah I mean I can't Rick I think the starting pitching has been better than expected other than that I can't really disagree with much of what you said I don't think. We've seen in the Salina get going yet I am I really don't think we have I don't think we've seen Kane and yet touch. At their hottest we haven't seen well Eric they did have a going in April but. We haven't seen any production out of second base not expect a lot but I expect better than what I've seen I expect better from Orlando Garcia a little bit. I expect much more from Travis shot I expect more for many Pena I mean as far as a lot of in the offense goes. I think there is room for improvement and if it does sound crazy to say but when you consider all those factors and and and and the fact that despite that they're sitting there at 25 and seventeen. You gotta start thinking that night at least 9200 wins. Might be realistic possibility but do you think the brewers can keep it up if not the pace of wins just the quality of play 414. 7:9 a central figure you can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan moving to the Lott blames the box trying to out lined up their organization. This offseason we know that they're looking for a head coach Messina and Buddha halls there appear to be the two finalists to their talking to today. In New York about the head coaching job but GE should they stop there should their BA president of basketball operations what do you think the bucks power structure should be. I think. You know we're soul. I think we've I think we have learned and in sports or in any walk electors more than one raised an academy and its. There's a BC DF from you can go on sale for Brett I mean it's kind of way it works. I think when you start putting words together you you're using most mortal worst of two formal work former cents. I think when you do that. With the Milwaukee Bucks you can do different things which you gotta make war the Milwaukee Bucks every. Unusual situation would ownership were. One gals for five years ago for five minutes and owns a book has an idea which way they wanna go to team that's not necessarily. The good they've got to make sure that everybody is in the same direction just feels like that they're not that way. They can have a situation where there now all these guys together. But it's got to be one important thing that has got to figure out who that one forced these images that we've done here. You'd be okay with that being the next head coach she'd be okay without power and no president don't deny that I mean if they got enough. Policy you would keep it in house they don't need another guy and the others say yeah Peter Fay in your the dire job or a skewer the guy yet jeez what do of that this is the guy. I mean even it even if its last three or unions. Then you're the yeah I mean that will be much like the older Ford were used to be to douse double or Al Davis and the guy. But she did don't have that if it's it's it's multiple multitude of of of people. That are making decisions to right handed note left into of the packages say the boxed out you were me I think bush still they all come together though rob me. And what with one sports. I wouldn't mind seeing. John horse handed the final say I'm on player decisions because no he doesn't have. Any sort of track record for us to go on Sparky but for gonna do that. Let him do that are under you'll I don't need to see the meddling from from Landry from Eden from trading and from anybody else are too many cooks in the kitchen too many voices in the room it seems when decisions are being made. Which is. In part why it seems John Norris got the job in the first place I'd like to see and president of basketball operations I don't want to see. The head coach being president of basketball operates I think that's too much for anybody's played except for maybe Gregg Popovich and he got RC Buford there general manager. But I agree with Gary there is more than one way to skin a cat but they need to skin this cat someway somehow because what they've been doing not work. Not of the door you know that well either and I don't see it changing to gals that the they're gonna hire president of basketball operations that would minority. I could have been done very quickly there's probably a handful of guys all the negative thought you got that done on that guy then bring in whatever he wants for general manager if you want to be general Mandarin and bring into every wanna be as echo. On and it Modesto process if they wanted to give up control or power. I think they would have done that already I don't think they want to I think they like it the way it's an all everybody that's involved in the process get to say. In what happens and they go from there so I'll see that happening I think gift. Either one of these guys Messina this Antonio spurs assistant was a finals for the job interview in New York today according Georgian house he has his Boone also former hawks head coach. I think both of these guys are probably gonna have to accept the fact that you're going to be coaching nothing more and that's the way it's going to go but if it was me I'd have president of basketball operations for sure so that's a left lanes. Asking you what you think the bucks power structure. Should be 4147991250. Rican tweet us at 1057. FM the fan moving to the return land what's the longest you've ever waited on line for some then. And what was that thing 4147991250. Sparky tell the people. Which you're going to be doing early early tomorrow more not even bright and early earlier than bright and early if that makes it. Yeah them out while this is the plan as of right now unless something changes but into the wind is they go stand in line to have a new store opened in a creek. Tomorrow morning on Drexel that again they're not only to allow people in the parking lot at 5 AM so. The plan is is to be there is close to 5 AM as possible or maybe a little bit earlier and in San out there for four hours or whatever it's going to be before they bailout assent. To go do your thing not I'm not really interested in shopping for saint. I won't try Wendy's gift cards Basel not so if I can watch that thing with a gift card it's all worth the deadly what is day to me. What if you don't get a gift cards right Iraq McConnell. So you can literally go go there and spend four hours of your time we now what a gift card and knowledge that Sher now absolutely not owned shop is not in the gift card if I just want to get car that's a memo for and I believe the highs different learning the ways like 2000. When he 500 supply dot. So how did the greatest gift card again but I gotta get Carville otter box or whatever at tech take you Don it could be either a lot right. Fell in love go on our side I know we're going to be there are lots that could save me a bunch of money takes four hours of my time whatever. Is it true work that I've ever been to an IKEA. Is it true that there's like there's one path through the store and they and there's there is no straying from you have. While activity for every vacuuming up 39 locations but. In this I would hope you locations there are yeah. And you yeah Gary you know she locations of any thing there are you know. You had you at home except for the was there are one of a guy that all right those are are you on one level there's what I could tell you how but he Dave and buster's there are. I can tell you how many Wendy's there are now when he. Find out yeah. As I'm already out for you is you that I'll copy editor at 39 locations like you work for members of the dry and so this on this video so Larry gonna wait lining gonna rob rob these places. Home opener you're my face amount you plus inferred Jaaber. You don't marry gift card number all forgive our budget this this is that is. Barged to answer your question address on a serious serious or just turn around dobbs they invite. In this Oak Creek location. As of right now and at the store manager it I don't think want to keep this way but as of right now. Very happy shortcuts. In the store to jump from oneself to not out. If you choose to use in there swinging doors so if you hop on a swinging door if you look at the map that they give you are you can get. You can hop into another part of the store but otherwise yes everybody kinda goes I want Patton I don't I don't take shortcuts. We just filed past the you can shortcut. What with the this amusement park. I so it does a little bit you can crop here. Sure if you think you're gonna fast friends they're pretty much to a to a different sections out pretty much exactly what it is affairs if I'm out on a big fan of the shortcuts there is I think if you're working their probably once the problems he's kind of go on behind everything. To get to the next section where I'm assuming there's some workers. Milling about back and throw in the store. I don't like the idea of Cherokee is a fine place and has find products at fund prices but I'd still like the idea of being forced to to walk one certain way through restored forcing me to spend a certain amount of time. In that store and look at a certain amount of your product is what I get in get what I want and get out that's how I shop. But he won't be able to once you go through it once nurse -- everything is it then that's exactly what it'll be old really gonna target or some other store you know word is you go to that's actually get what you want to go cash your check out. But those that don't go to this place a lot we don't know what. And it is an average time spent in his plays is two dollars. I'm guessing you're going there tomorrow is into you a lot longer than two hours to get because there's going to be so many people. So we reset the big topics discussed on today's big show and learned a little bit about IKEA with Steve Sparky Pfeiffer here's what you had to pick from right lane. Burris 25 and seventeen at the quarter mark can they keep it up left lane what do you think the bucks power structure should be and the return lane what's the longest you've waited in line for some thing. And what was that thing 4147991215. No need to wait in line for Brooklyn sheets disorder among moderates market. The good sleep tonight. Yeah you need a good sleep tonight from another 444. O'clock in the morning go try this thing. Brooklyn N dot com allows you to have that goods would you really spent over thirty election machine. It's that huge difference in his sleep enough and I spend a third month. Which edited but I strip yet that Japan not everybody sees much viciously. But it did two years running a third of your life in your sheets and I never was a person that bought into. 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Brooklyn she'd done the best most comfortable she Tesla dot Brooklyn not come as an exclusive offered just for the big show listeners get twenty dollars off and free shipping. But he used from a code Sparky add Brooklyn and I've got. Brooklyn and is so confident they operate risk free again risk free 69 test session guarantee it'll lifetime warranty and all of their sheets and coffers. Don't worry it's one yards off a free shipping is used provoke old Sparky a Brooklyn and I've got. That's BE RO OK LIN EN dot com promo code Sparky. Brooke what it means but the the sheets up. Salad the notice center field Pollack a long. These. So I. This is a very good baseball team. Tough to beat him were read their place so good start in the series knowing we did we do the job. The highlight courtesy of fox sports Wisconsin and Craig Counsell afterwards talking about the 25 and seventy members subject of the right lane. In Great Lakes dragway pick a lane this evening do you think that they can keep up this pace if not the pace at least the quality of play. In the left lane were asking what are youth which power structure do you think would work for the bucks and the return land was the longest you ever waited in line for some thing. And what was that thing 4147991250. Rican tweet us at 1057 FM the fan and given. I'm Great Lakes turned away pit lane let's go to the south side in in jolt on the Wendy's big show what's up Joseph. They were but guys. The start of the box power structure I think they need to do whatever. Obvious why I don't mean that that he gets to pick the person that people but do whatever he's comfortable at the NBA. It's so later drove him besides the celtics' bread even have to disperse a pop. It's you identified by other players in the box finally have their dad I don't think they've and again I sent or any. I mean it has between the active players but they have an epic I doubt it though. Thought he had about a culture in the NFL the Eckert I mean. Rodgers they probably haven't done right by everybody's not going that not a culture and a and a in the NBA guys aren't happy though you. Yet a mixture that yeah artists is happy whatever the reason they decided I don't know what that is but it got to make sure that Janet courtside. Thanks for the call. Question for both PS how much if you could put a percentage on how much does the goddesses satisfaction and approval. With the next head coach and really how this organization is run weigh into your decisions if feared the decision makers at the Milwaukee Bucks. I would've had an interview process in New York today more for both of I don't see what it hurts. You're gonna sitting near me if you have questions Janice throughout the land ask your questions and if you coaches have questions for yeah honestly we go had to have a conversation. I wanna see what the chemistry is like I think that plays into it I'm not saying. Young guys needs necessarily have final say what I want to see what the chemistry is like between him and the two finalists as you get along better with blonde today. The questions he asks are the coach is able to answer the way you know yeah honest feels is correct whatever and then huddled beyond acceptable for interviews in our gas what did you think. Was a one mile better than the other you go were bold. Branding that stuck out she that you really want to really didn't like. What did how does I don't. Again I don't I don't see an issue with it and I know players play coaches coach whenever. In this instance which he said you haven't had a player like distance loss under so from that standpoint. He should be a part of process not. I'm guessing he's probably not in new York and not part of the process but I don't officer Judy gear players play coaches. That's simple you don't think about it at all William. On this decision no he's not Michael Jordan. I mean you know there are Roger's going to. But some are your writers should get that some might argue that yes yeah I guess and say it's even as the sport. Who. Yeah are the brunt brunt as the GM LeBron is in. Not that I can think Kobe probably adds I'm guessing now lamp or Shaq was on. It probably is a one a lot of bring Phil back other stuff. Anybody else. And other fuel farm to. Let's go back I small market teams in the league currently have a superstar that's a point though that won't just two in the history. Three as it is a different situation here this is an LA New York or Chicago. You have to fight to keep it. Or at least that's why you should. Go back to the phones go to Saint Francis Gannon done you're on the Wendy's picture what's up don't. Hey guys critic Michael. They're good at it would I think in the back at Eaton heartland trees north pagan Null potter around an NBA basketball game. We haven't read Ambien built like what they're doing on the Clinton side with the plaza. But those guys they're totally clueless. Right I think port in the is unimpressive at this point. Bit careful perhaps back here we don't even have a first round pick without. You are questionable trade her blood little but I think we are over that we bring in and out. On general manager with the great NBA experience that build the basketball game. In need get a college and at that title and and his I've been around out of I really don't think you got it should be handling the basketball. I think you need a true point Eric Pena have kind of gotten off the ball. There's a lot of fuel Runyan did a finger at him thanks for the cup. Question people are on the NBA and they were saying the exact same things the last couple years. But the whole point honest things started and it's it's on furcal possessions or whatever game but don't even think about doing it full time like. The Duma Benson and in in Philadelphia or what LeBron goes full time and cleat I think that is a big deal and that's the other thing there. After goddess. 21 had an idea Powell. Said coaches got a plan on using you want an offense and how this is gonna make your life easier or more difficult or how it's going to change going forward. And opposite to ours aren't going anywhere. I would think yeah I was proud to know what their ball third thoughts are on Jabari Parker going forward if he is a big fan Jabari wanted to keep Jabari Parker. It did to me I don't seated outside Patton in this meeting and if anybody and our basketball team now plays basketball with Yana has a problem with that then too bad. That's all I gotta say about that none of your subordinates in fact would agree with. Let's run down nothing and I'm just. Is gonna go back to conversations we have all the time we talk about baseball is Katrina there. Yacht is should be the point forward and some games and not the point forward and others nostrils all about matchups and what's gonna work better against the given opponent. I don't. This thing about pigeon holing people went into roles and positions and spots a lineup Burris spots and and Nana in a batting order or pitching rotation earn a bull pat it's just. It's it's becoming a thing of the past in baseball and across the world of sports to just say eight. Across the board Yana says appoint Ford doesn't work you need to get a true point guard handled the ball well that's sure in some games against some opponents. Look at the fourteens. Bitter or steal and play elsewhere group. Warriors rockets cams. And Celtics miss and what do they really are having common. Dave they make adjustments but he has got a got a bunch of guys that do watch a different things. LeBron James is a freak. LeBron will do whatever means to him on a given night everything. Boston Celtics drafted two guys ActiveX 676 that it lookalike. They do everything. They play multiple positions. Going you really need to talk about gold stake resign or dream or gringo. Almost chokes equipment to writers are delighted to start the game Kevin Durant is a free in his own right right yet. Any you look at Houston may be more what you looking for Boris Diaw Uga CP three. Who is also a shooter you got dog all Harding. And he's like 65. So yeah I it is in India you can get a perfect chemistry it is about seems like. His role in the basketball are there whatever happens happens and they are figured out. There that didn't seem to work in Milwaukee because I think you've got to have guys with that kind of mindset. Well you just don't have to give and take personal I don't think you had the right leader in terms of getting all these guys pointed in the right direction and in the same direction. And beat you didn't have. As far as the schematic smarmy redeemed in haven't you have a set half court offense your defense Sparky has been telling you for years. Was asking for too much of these guys when it was working as an it was something that could work. On a night in night out basis president is just too much for them to keep up with and physically and to do that for 82 games. You just don't. Do what works based on your opponent based on the situation. If the artist's works are the point four and in against the given opponent in any given situation means support for that if it doesn't. Cool have a point guard and play point guard. And really. And I know it's not that simple but at the end of the day on the surface. It really is that simple don't get so hung up Bob labels and and pitching and expressions of that and pigeon holing guys in two. Specific roles across across the board when it comes to sports that. Is going away what is not going away is Gary is good friends over at the jewelry synergy. And her friend Dee Murray. The only 76 and labeling plaza new location Brooke probe Lamar wrote in new new location folks and to Burlington Wisconsin who dean is reaching out. He's expanding and expanding to help serve. The people. Here and in around the Milwaukee area. D.s in business for over thirty years knows what it takes to make his customers that the he's gonna you view the most money for real gold jury if you walk innings and giving cash money to write their own spot. And Gaza interior and you're not going to be as prices anywhere in new York and I guarantee there and when you walk mr. we need to deem that Gary Austin since you're significant discount anything that Cuba are just mention any gas from the picture. Coach read your friend out right now Jean Marie at the jury senator. 76 and lately and plaza new location book for all blue Monroe a guides and new new location Newton was. But why are you so depressed tonight. Anybody who thinks Iraq is gonna win again. But when the series isn't it your declaring this a sweet news and again those are burning there are no heart no one's home. The mother whose primary he wanted to do these are large enough you can article doesn't. You just see this day no Iraqis can't beat him like I sit I picked through wars in five and when there is no. They're not going against what that does them. Well losers publish it's hard blow holes low pay out pick doors in foul to simply rewarding than three. I. Assistant DA on TNT last night. Jack and Charles depressed said. At the showing by the Houston Rockets in game one of that series because I think they were expecting. What I'm expecting out of the series which is if nothing else we all are pretty sure that it'll be the warriors moving on but if nothing else. We would get an entertaining series. Warriors handled the rockets pretty well last night but I I don't know about you guys. I'm not raise adherents say it's going to be a sweep or as Charles said. It'll be the warriors in three I still think that Houston will put up a fight I think we're looking at. Five maybe six games of entertaining basketball and to be quite honest with you. I was pretty entertained by what I saw last night the warriors hadn't had a solid lead for most of the game. But just when you thought the rockets were out and to me that's what's gonna be cool about this series is no deficit is really a large deficit for these two teams because they can put up points. Fast. That the swings are what's gonna make this entertaining. And I do you still expect a fight from the Houston Rockets how about you guys know about you at 4147991250. I would agree I think so I think the rockets are going to work I think they gave it mixed in there at home and think they give that next game at all the odd. Although I mean Golden State made it look easy it felt like. And you know week and only two or talks a lot of Audrey among Graeme by. If you start looking at their team and if you wanna know the holes really of the polls are very team is reliever Mark Green. Now he KG kicked out game cause they do do those bills series he's means that much written about. He is really appalled to think they lose to the rockets at thunderbird yeah. He's a me because I mean. You're year ever talk about a glue guy he is probably the bears blew got a fever pursuit. Well most imports. He sets the tone he says the race. I mean there's all the blue got a calls out Kevin Durant and go do what you don't we need more from you let's have a and again. He comes out punches. Hearted in the chest right away. In the aftermath of what you do that he goes oh I want to make sure we were ready to play. A more teeth fool that'd be gone forget I'll wanna make sure we're ready to play that we didn't come off flat sum raised the stakes. No you can't go buy that anymore. Reason states got you. So I mean. Yeah I think I think Houston's Jim excellent compared to series it just goes features they got two monsters to. It will still be a fight it will still be a good series right ankle in upgrading color warrior and think he's made that all they do is isolation ball has picked general. Golden State began a place to do to defend that they've got Houston's got a hell lot of guys that's gonna have the stuff over and that's your. And one thing that they're pointing out on on the broadcast last night and a sub bunched field including matters on Twitter was that the offense seemed to stop. Once the ball down to James Harden news or receive a zero chance and you wanna wash rockets earlier Brussels where is the slams and NHL to Google wants the regular season nineteen for the playoffs. And I think pretty much in the same thing same thing happens to the NBA happens god vastly don't watch a majority of the college basketball season many tune in for the first time and the conference tournaments in NCAA tournaments that's when you first learned about these casket and pay attention all your ass which you have not you have fans that I don't watch rockets all your haven't seen how they play. And our stunned that they play the way they play in Dan Tony said after the game you wanna watch is all year that's how we pulled. Would you be better on the job on the defense is on the floor and do worst holds we do and I give him Klay Thompson 153 attempts to ridiculous and I grip and don't. Direct you'll get hit it what have. I I don't even care about to rant but you can't allow everybody else on that team to get don't tell the thing that happened last night was what Nick Young. Got going a little bit from outside he couple threes and when that happens. It's like Jessica for equivalent. We win both streaky shooters hit a couple threes get their confidence going. That helps you see they shoot the ball well that's the first thing is far from three point land. They were cold I rocket standards NG the ball and on outside. She better I would assume later in the series going forward but eating what that. I still don't think they're they're good to be that the worst sinners I don't think the worst sweep but. I don't they're not the state polls has got too much it just. Ball yet no Golden State will win the signals it's gonna win the championship we know that person's game one of the season tipped off right. There is not been a lot of mystery Alice just looking for a more entertaining ride there. And I'm still hoping we get I thought last night was good but I am looking for better from an entertainment standpoint from the rest of the Western Conference final. The mystery goes with it is in the east. Yes that's what I mean we thought it will be well not over think it will be and we are just seen him yet. Mean that the ministers in the east we thought it would be the cavaliers. Lenovo but the way the cavaliers got here. Barbara you know a team apart in the in assembling a new team if you look at Boston. By ago. If you look at Gordon Hayward in I read. I mean that's the debates ago very different path again. Ever really. I mean als picking LeBron to go to the finals and then had nothing to do with the guys around and had nothing do with the moves that they made in the offseason then and what they did in the middle of the season did nothing to Jane remind us picking the bronze. To win the Isa server guys around LeBron don't mean all they mean very little. They mean next to nothing and they made no trades at the trade deadline this team would be headed to the finals while LeBron would be added to the finals ferry carrying all those guys on this back. And he is going to lose his mind tonight I'm Jim put it on the Celtics. That Korea. I don't know and Isiah Thomas is still on that team he's been talking shots out Carol bronze up there and advisors can hit shots. I'd be interested to see of Dole's guys are all still there. By Jae Crowder was still. Eagle added the whole situation you wanna be there as Thomas they wanna be there on a whole thing would function. It was so dysfunctional they had a blow that thing up. That's how bad it was. And trust me LeBron I guarantee was DI bull that they don't they can loan these dudes out and we give me he's GM can't play these guys get somebody else this is gonna stress and Yahoo! have gray hair get rail. And they did and they brought in several players. And then got a role play and then you go back to hood who. I like Alec to go to college Allah to mean Utah I think he'd be a good player but this open and he apologized for refusing to go to a game. In a playoff totals out of you gotta be kidding me do they were up fifteen with just couple minutes left I don't I'm not here's the reality is about a missed annuity are about a thousand all right lose my high. You you are gonna go to the game I mean that. That Mac app I just yet that that I'm guessing will follow him. For a little while now as far as other coaches that deal with the studios here at me about tonight in this game between the Celtics in the cabs we see what this is. What we were saying about jobs now. The bronze guy who grew to four or forty for a yeah or have a hand in like two thirds of their points is feminists older Robin Wright some like that Kevin Love must play. Pass the playoff and then when Tristan Thompson's forcing you to start an extra and they're seen so he can glorious Horford dozer. That there was that looms. Tyrone lose our adjustment to affect games to start now. Tryst in Toms or at least to play more they play. All the money he's making and will see if that the jewelry and that was a big way especially. Some of the dead and yet GM cannot martyrdom usual Brad. Chip Burress Steve Phelps what is argued that bar hop or losing 696. Tenths only that. Currently. Lows you know. He started your yeah but if you look at the big man and leader urges slow slower. And if you're looking for new car and no one or pay if you don't want the Tristan Thompson of cars. In over years different. You know internationals. Is there. For all Internet. They have two great locations. In west Dallas and in green fruit bowl stores off award winning. Customer servers in amazing deals if you move closer to howry 100 go to Hyundai west dollars. It's humor different game and Archer's. If you're results are you close the software it's mystery. Goes see my good friend John do and Devin in theory no matter what store you choose which you're you're two of them. That icing that Geary Austin's and you are you a very right now. He can get an additional 1000 dollar rebate you restore. Both stores are run by former Marines Jon and damn bowl served in the Marine Corps. There is no better place for very ago band to a store ran guy. Veterans and their gear extra discounts to them. International autos Hyundai remember two locations Hyundai were doubts on how we were a hundred and Arthur avenue. And Hyundai Greenfield. On software and service for just north of college avenue make sure you tell them that I think you will be. Geary. And New York it's enough because remember the blue dress school dress controversy and got an opponent yet there's another one only this one is audio. Well people are hearing different figs. In the saved SoundBite. Just listen they got one yet we're gonna try to settle at next right here on the Wendy's big ship we vote are heading uneasy but we'll try to back and it will be accurate passer and our friends as. Offering career. High quality beer yeah country Luxembourg the number one selling beer in Luxembourg and Milwaukee's new favorite import. It's a family ovary they've been brewing at the same high standards and 1764. It's a rare craft imports made in small batches and I'm telling it. There is nothing else like it on the market eight premium quality beard dude is appearing your ingredients 100% natural ingredients and fresh spring water. Are only used in the production of both parting and it's three varieties available. In the United States the pills that are the triple and the fruit the pills they're like crisp refreshing. Yet has a lot of great flavor that's their flagship beer and it is damn good but my favorite. As the offering triple because it's strong. Like 8% alcohol by volume strong yet unbelievably smooth and drinkable. Very rare it can get in trouble so enjoy it but enjoyed responsibly in any got opening for which is made with real efforts chair is plums blackberries. A Mike majority fruit Beers which provides a superior taste don't believe me while going tribal footing beer at cafe Benelux cafe owner camping in the Bay Area. Cafe central sport club Newport shores or the still house were available. I'm draft that's opening beer that's also available at total one or more to locations. In Brookfield and in Greenfield a normal vector for good luck yes there are you can bring to dark year. A lot of dot bars. Big fan of dawn part of their conscience doesn't do the nice thing. And I was gonna play this story has real quick we have like a minute left in the show here and you just tell me what you hear okay people are having a dispute as to what they are hearing. In the sound bite and I'm about to play you. Yeah. The air what did you hear. Laurel Sparky what did you hear more fire power people hearing anything other than that. There's a debate as to whether or not that boys is saying Yani. Or laurel. And people are on these people are very different things. My did you hear anything different Johnny. He's it will hold right now okay just wanted to make sure. You aren't you held its laurels it's everywhere all I've of the whole Internet is Friday about this that was the new blue dress Burris is the gold dress. Which are very obviously a blue dress. But I'd I don't know and said these things are how they happened or how they work or how they go viral. Everybody here is hearing moral matter and I don't I don't understand and are based in the Orlando Ledbetter. Of the Atlanta journal constitution and Mike fair and I'm serious XM radio and T backs pre and post game speaking up pregame I'll be back with the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show. Built by dozing at 730 for Gary Sparky LeRoy my wife just called she said as young intern outs I'm Robin. Thanks for listening.