5PM: Pick a lane

The Wendy's Big Show
Tuesday, June 12th
06/12/18: The Wendy's Big Show, 5 PM Hour - Ramie, Sparky and Gary recap the first three hours of the show and ask you to pick a lane. Plus, The FAN's Tim Allen joins the show to talk some Brewers baseball and drop some hardball knowledge.

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And sparking. Hours what happened crashed in Burr. Yeah. It's time for the guys to reset the big. Topics from today's big you know and let you take a lead. Pick a lane brought you by the legendary Great Lakes dragged away in union grove with a 28 team racing season continues yeah. Great Lakes dragway dot com for the season schedule daily track updates and to purchase discount ticket packages. Is that time here on the Wendy's big show along with the one and only Steve Sparky Pfeiffer in the former packer and badger running back Gary dollars and with Anthony Mandela on the other side of the glass some Rami Mac laughing here's what you have to pick from between now. And Pella windows and doors up Wisconsin on that show at 6 o'clock right lane. Who was last night's loss on my plane. Was that Kobe's way of saying I'm better than LeBron and do you agree with them and the return lane. Are you worried that the bullpen is running out of steam 4147991250. Or you can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan emotions ride high. When the cubs are playing members especially around these parts sparking an especially when cubs fans come and invade Miller Park so of course. Win the birds lose a game the way that they lost last night in eleven innings seven to two after a hard fought first ten innings. With the emotions riding high at thing it's almost human nature to start pointing fingers and start trying to figure out who's to blame men. I've seen blame go to Jonathan VR for missing the throw from Lorenzo Cain coming in from the outfield I've heard people. Upset with Craig Counsell and saying he doesn't auto analyst pitching staff feet old Garret two earlier stayed with. Stayed with Josh cater to law or didn't stick with Jeremy Jeffers long enough for just for putting Matt Albers in the air period. I've seen a lot of fear forty a lot of blaming going on for the way that things played out last night who do you think last night's losses up. I was mattered council when he pulled Garrett seventy pitches one very happy about that I did that your you bring in hater who's been you know. Untouchable this poignant laws again when she's coming in to us to go to him for two range it's Cory can naval amounts that. Obviously that didn't work out I'm not mad indicator of actually that was going to happen at some point about deciding how was in the and now moment and then Jerry Jabber going to do one inning when he does multiple any dom doesn't resume official anyways because. Council realize NBC burn hater two innings he can't have him out and nights are needed somebody else back there is set up. To be able to 91 without ball the bald cypress Jeffords one inning with a hole that he could prod bring them back tonight that's my guess as to why he pulled them for Matt Albers. Albers got actually rocked and then to plug got put on the DL today because he's been horrible this last few bodies are saying some of his right shoulder now. They're calling upon Jorge Lopez. So for me last night it was council but again today we're Rami said earlier in the show as. If you're playing a team that has as much talent as they do you've got to throw for five runs. If you're pitching staff holds on to two run that should be enough for you to win a baseball game especially apple Matt Miller Park. Where there isn't wind blowing in like there would be at Wrigley and game where you get shut down offensively got to be able score more runs when they did last night. And it would help if they can score more runs the way that the cubs put up their first two runs which got them in that game yesterday. Which is to put some pressure on the cubs play a little bit of small ball and had somebody cross home plate without hitting a home run in a crucial situation. The cubs got those first two runs on the board on a hobby Baez walked all staff perhaps it never happens he steals second base forces a throw. Into center field. Takes third base side mat and then a base hit scores them bends over is presses the issue. And and really drops the ball demands a per week play from the outfielder Lorenzo Cain in the second baseman. And Jonathan VR and have that equation. Did not come through when Jonathan BR dropped the ball he scores on a base hit later around. I told you before her baby in the show and usually what I say some like this I'll get a bunch of answers on Twitter. Nobody had an answer for me on Twitter I can't remember the last time. The brewers came up with a big run via a base hit varsity against the cubs and I'm brought up earlier. Okay how far back are we all of that away and that's pretty far back to come up with that. Where did they were tied or or or it was a close game and they are in striking distance and they were able to bring somebody home on just a base hit with a little bit of small ball. That does not seem to be in the Burris Forte. And really that ended up being the difference. In last night's game if if they could play a little bit a small ball you probably have more than two runs up on the board at the end of nine innings and we're not even talking about what went down. An extra innings so I importing a finger at the offense as a whole who do you think last night's loss was on 414 sub. And 991250. Or you can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan. Moving to the left lane the Bleacher Report did what I thought it was a pretty cool pretty cool deal here they talk to a bunch of current and former. NBA players about LeBron James and his legacy after he falls to three and six. In the finals and the first question that they asked this group of guys LeBron has three rings he's been to more finals and any player in modern times but. He's three and six after the series does that matter to his legacy Kobe Bryant's answer. All I thought about as a kid personally was winning championships that's all I cared about. That's how I valued Michael that's how I valued bird that's how I valued magic it was just winning championships not everybody is going to value things differently which is fine. I'm just telling you how I value mine. If I'm brawn. He got to figure out a way to win it's about it's not about narrative you want to win championships. You just got to figure it out and I read that quote on the air yesterday. And it didn't hit me until after I got off the air and came across that quote again later on Twitter. Like man that is. Kobe saying I'm better than LeBron just tell the rings if you have any questions is that what he was doing there and do you agree with them when he Zaza. Where you after like it. Because told we do it's really omitted in in the conversation. Grace of all time. Is really about Michael Jordan in LeBron James and we Colby's. Maybe he's third and I don't know why that is amnesties tradition it's a mud on the earlier today by. If it feels like he's the third guy in in the news in this conversation so yeah he's comptroller shape but. I heard today. There though he possibly could be a lake so while one that's. Yeah that's so hot rumor right now Yaroslav room his kid is enrolled in high school at four high school in in Los Angeles. A report came out today that says he'd just flat out doesn't like Houston. As a city and that's not someplace he'd wanna play. We're going to be getting a whole bunch of little tidbits is it about LeBron they're really don't mean a whole lot of anything until he decides where he's gonna go this is going to be. Not to say anything a Marty Cuba are always say there's. LeBron seemed like the type of guy. Does not move away from his cute. Now I think he wants to bureau. Soviet Jews is enrolled in high school in LA. I don't see him. Playing and. I'll learn a lot of them come journal Ohio. But the offseason is here now price or we'll this summer British and Indian high school in the summer time they shouldn't be in high school in the summer right it's just. Oft times with me divided they go there in the summer LA just means that's where they go. For summer vacation or whatever the case in 84 little like high school in Ohio are you think that's where this let's what has been. So living Lawrence Summers who are year in when he went to Miami they stating and in Ohio or whatever. My Anderson Brian went Norris basically sent away at them prime and or is basically said yesterday again paraphrasing. Doesn't mean anything. That is just a role in high school Los Angeles theater. He said we're going to be getting reports like this and this it's actually we're all right well advised who and in California. Instead of Cleveland I don't know how he could be evidence in this office works yeah. So you go to school in Ohio. The brought that boggled LA. It's a ritzy private school that you have to be accepted to via. Right he's Ariza so he's OK so I will put application in in case I decided to play the lakers will put it up why don't we stay here we don't know what ever who cares. That's OK I don't. Every intimate he does wanna go the lakers and some of it and not have a chance to a championship little sock. The regular average of an angle just a waste of as well they always with the young players they're pretty they're gonna waste your career you must stay in Cleveland Indian home. As Earth's poles dog back us up to the subject that I am our kids that he had no chance wondering how it's one thing to go to used to want Paula Hart and at least you got legit chance dubbed. Muggles there wars yet gotten a chance that the lakers now you're absolutely right about the start if you make it a basketball decision making a basketball decision that. But if it's not then. Growing it's going to do what you gotta do I don't begrudge him either way well you know what I mean. Whether he chooses to go and chase the Marines there he chooses to go and chase money Horry chooses to it to do what's best for him and his family. And staying close to them. That any one of those three is a very logical reason to make whatever decision LeBron ends up making out of begrudge him for doing. Any one of those three things but has anybody here think that Kobe would put co beyond their latest ahead of LeBron know despite the rings no doubt right. Arnie I don't think people even people. Who. Simply count rings true that's that's how they make their lists. Would say that because the first three rings that Kobe won he was a Robin to scheck's bat man I think almost. Anybody who knows anything about basketball can recognize that and that takes a little bit. Of that value away from those rains then what were having a discussion of who's to go our ranking our players. However you want to rank them for me build the fact that Colby did it without anybody outside again sole means something. For me Michael never day without Scottie. The browser ever down about another a star player like carrier ring or way in or whoever. Sold for for meat that. That's what it would mean the Kobe doing it would that's best squad mingling twice without Shaq. That's a pretty big deal to me and as I said Abel brought out of law and and Beagle sate this year. For me either from Michael Jordan were dot because my Michael Jordan and anything colts. To LeBron wanna had to go through Thabeet a super team would literally one other all star player on your roster in general lob would have been unbelievable now they got slapped. I don't hold it against LeBron James 'cause they word that I'll match tell wise but if you would have pulled that off. The argued it would been over for me so that's a left. Claim is that Kobe saying that he's better than LeBron. And do you agree with them 4147991250. Or you can tweet us. At 1057 FM the fan and moving to the left lane and that returning to some Burris talked. Sparky you worried that this bullpen which has been historically good is starting to may be run out of steam the workload is getting too. A more that is gonna allow us in before the candidacies council rob Moore and about and Alan Boone Logan wasn't in this. Mobile islanders won't open is going so good since he's come back he's now been very. On Matt Albers early I would like he was he pretty decent house campaign for him to be close like Corey camels out. He had been very good they put him on the DL the day after he blew it last night and allowed. Then if you look at guys that have been consistently good it's Josh catered Jeremy Jeffers. Posted. An court enabled since he's come back you're relying on him to still be your closet so let's say three. Once you get past those three who Welles has there. I'm just I'm Dan Jennings is Jennings has amend that great of a guy either. And his last several starts so you can go to get it in the beginning he was lights out to go to any you know. He was gonna get a 123 inning or not give up any runs he's blown up on a I just being here. That'd this bullpen continues going the way it's going. They're gonna be exposed and this could be bad for his brewers team because they're starting pitching can't get their six regularly last night get those 72 pages and you pulled their sixth giving up a run. Then previously that you had was chase there's a gave up like hit. And he got yanked after a four it is five innings Florida case was. I did you love your bullpen I'm with Kia. But for me. Call me old school Colleen are buying into the new way of Iran wants to talk about every day on the shelf but I let my starters go six or seven innings dating my relievers. To any staff to get to combine for them that's line. You know tonight. Tonight's game will be a good game book Toomey will be really the barometer. Romer said. In the how these guys can come back and set themselves up to take the third day. It means you're your your your currency. Tonight how competitive and how these guys. Can truly compete. With the codes that and I think. That's kind of what we're looking for they will we looking and that is number team. Trying to figure it out and and basically growing in in front of our faces but I think tonight. Is a very pivotal gained four for them. Try to take over MB becomes. You worried about the ball unlike Sparky is well what about everything with the with the brewers as far as the codes are concerned. On the road goes through Boca the Bruins have to get better somehow someway. To overtake the evil empire. Yeah I don't think they measure up to the cubs and and a lot of facets of the team's games but. If there is one place threatening the Burr is are just as good as the guards. Probably even a little bit better it's that bullpen even even with a small step back there aren't a lot of teams in baseball period. That have a back end 123 punch. In the back of their bullpen as strong as can able Jeffers hater. They're they just aren't out there and I expected to Dan Jennings of the world beat the Matt Albers of the world. Those other guys who don't carries much weight in that bullpen. I expected for their performance to to to drop off take a small step back but even with that. And even with an even smaller step back from those three guys that is mentioned hater Jeffers and can able it's still one of the best bullpen is. In baseball the cubs the Diamondbacks and the birds. Have been swapping the 12 and three spots as far as ball any RA all season long and I think those three teams will continue to. To swap those three spots. Injury and an aside but I would have beat. Too worried about the brewers bullpen from the sense that it's still going to be very very good for a long long time. I would be worried though if you were expecting them to keep doing what they've been doing. Up until this point the season when we've seen this minor stumble from Dan Jennings and Josh hater and other guys and apple. I am I spending it talked to console. Doctor sarge there are the guys who think they're doing with the starting rotation additional findings will be filed the rest you're doing with his wife. That's not me I'm not bad guy they're the ones that are comparable managing it the way they're managing it. So don't talk to them that's thirdly Obama. So we've reset the big topics discussed on today's big show now you get the final say on him right lane who was last night's loss not let Blaine. Was that Kobe's way of saying I'm better than LeBron. And do you agree with them and the return mine are you worried that the bullpen. Is running out of steam 4147991250. 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Right land who was last night's loss on left lane was that Kobe's way of saying I'm better than LeBron return lane. Are you worried that the bullpen is running out of steam 4147991250. Tweet us at 1057 FM the fan and pick a lane of the Wendy's big show returns right after this. Thursday is a memorial Monday is today's valley Tribune Tuesday. Paying tribute to Danny her win. Original guitarist who passed away at the age of 68 last week. We're hearing a lot of Fleetwood Mac on the Wendy's big chip I think I've had by Philip Cleveland perhaps the but it's big show for awhile. I like government all book fed up we would bag they're all very talented legendary bad but enough. We'll follow up ready yeah. Euro lead singer steaming day just yet but they're girl right you're I know you do you got a beautiful voice yet you know. She likes to camp and stuff like that you know she doesn't she she gears of how do you know this and blah you know camel flawed or you just making all this suffered you know this is shown in shape. Here's what your picky drove it Great Lakes drag away pick away at right waving to his last night's loss on the left lane when Kobe says I've. Olives just counted brings is that his way of saying I'm better than LeBron and do you agree. And the return land are you worried that the bullpen. Is running out of steam for the brewers 4147991250. Can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan will check in with the franchise Tim Allen. Get his thoughts on brewers and cubs who can join us at about five. 35 right now let's go out to west Alice check in with Alex here on the Wendy's ratio what's up out. Without color you. I a picket the reasons for pepper lost yesterday. Just watching that bullpen. It was this matters because. There's guys can pull too early and sit right behind because dugout. And I'd get in the diet the business. As the purity could have been my fault because right after they take out the ball peen. I was met with Hayward and he knocked out of park and elliptical appeared. And I stuck with it for all eleven. Innings and by the end of the game. I would be quite annoying I'll be honest. They altered around and they are all rubbing it in all of become Robbie and it might say. Did they Ozal bad karma coming back to get you in and the brewers are just a by product of that. They were both Asia and pushing. Acted I was really given it any word after ten automatic log off the mound to work on in Ghana. And that I would start focusing on Hayward very very hard he would set triple at the end. Of the game and man he looked right at me oh my couldn't sleep last night. Overall. They truly call. Appreciate it it's their body out there blame Alex west Susan read the other birthday I can refer to game I'm a super stoked. Me too. This is look man I know I'm a cubs fan and we ended up on the right side and last night. But that was a flood in our it's game to watch last night president look. Weitzman perishable products and they were right there are no word liberals go from here. How they respond I am rated C. This is awesome also you have legitimate. Out of these guys felt this you have legitimate playoff atmosphere in Miller mark in the month of June right. Did you feel out last night. Sparking a. I don't want that atmosphere at Miller Park ever idea. Now that's fun man elders now about the fumbled cub fans I love all of that. I just mean the electricity at the end artist have a playoff series Albion on file and anybody I want you load them and as you it's not somebody would probably physically assault me at the end by the end of the A playoff series with the cubs yes and comes as a dating Miller Park and all that time I'd do it now. They're on to argue that happens in the play out there will be a record number of flights in the park. Just mark it down yeah probably and you'll have more cub fans there than ever has valleys as long ago. That's a possibility to let's go to new blood dug in Saint Francis here on these big show whats up Doug. Doug. Doug. Yes. You know are entitled to an opinion regarding the cubs brewers right all but it. If you might and and sort of important. 11 of the things that debt is interest this morning I think you brought out and oh it don't you got were interviewing somebody from the Chicago Brett. That was brought to. David yeah David Caplan there TV pre and post game most join chuck and Michael this morning. And that's been one of the things ready to say which is very visible when you watched a game. It's obviously that can't happen certain pick up in I didn't have a certain swagger I do about. That the brewers you know I. Now they've won a World Series numbers have. Well this comes at Miller Park with an attitude that would reckoning and execute tale of take games away from you and distort. Am in right now when you look at the ball worse. At least it appears on television dice seemed to be lacking that swagger that attitude that we're gonna do whatever it takes to defend our house. So so you got that. Good karma bad karma thing going right now that bit liberal or they're called that are obviously in the borrower is it. And until terrible blowout win that's gonna continue number one number two it's our last night. One other thing that we're mentioned this morning in that interview was that we are seeing now lack that one little thing that. And from the cup and look at last night's game and it accommodation of bank. Think that it commander a wonderful job in encouraging and he only got that basically to its height of Jews all crimes. You look at you know look at the fact that we're not at all what a combination together on offense. You'll get dropped a call from kindergarten are which allowed sold it to get the second I hit a batter later this quarter rotten. You can't you can't win games went that would make little mistakes that we continue to make. Josh hitter again they've got thirty that there are 37 vs left handed hitters here comes according slot but he said. Abby got a little bit so watch the numbers just don't ever Josh theater these things out as baseball. But again they need to find that mr. blank they need to find a way to win and it better starts that I ordered they're not gonna wind division. They need and thanks for the call appreciate the need to school months. I know that sounds simple and basic but they need to score runs a debt that's been the story of the head to head with the cubs this year all year. You know I mean you haven't. You haven't lost because of your pitching when you face the cubs haven't lost because of your bullpen or Craig Counsell when you face the cubs. The birds of lost because they can't score runs when they play the Chicago Cubs for whatever reason. And they can't manufacture runs really period against the cubs. Or anybody else and again you look at last night solvent against using daily news business. Against the cubs artisans are they can't manufacture runs I mean you can go and up at 500 below are no no no this Burris team is going to be around for the majority of the season there yet. They're going to be around in the division deserting the majority of the sees our. What do you mean because date they have that much power and they have that go to bullpen. They make up for another facets of their game. But they need to find a way to manufacture runs if they want to beat in a class. With teams like the cubs and other contenders around the national I'm OK with 32 wells that they weren't world's manufacturers runs has a record number and I honestly couldn't I don't watch enough to the other teams in baseball to tell you there isn't any how they're doing is the only other team Indiana that has a better record than a cub and a bottle of as of Australia cup yes OK in that sense yeah and nobody else is close at a site human terms of teams that were playing good baseball and are in contention right now. Comedy have to find ways to win 32. Exactly yes and that's not a lot of runs they have profound ways of winning 21 day when you're from one run games this year and I don't know. He I don't it's when your talking about one run down apartment against the cubs now. Just talk of politics weaknesses out ago. On to. They've got to finally went to wanna go to clubs and a fun it would it would be two games. And the more to the more ways that you can score sure the better chance yes during those show but he committed mistakes stow. When it's too bad. You just cut our game but the mistakes mean a little bit less if scoring runs if you had your audience three nothing on our store at 31 when it's over it's only the second the manner you understand the procedures shall march. Greater pleasure in the game is like that in the game that allows mystics to a minimum in the better club normally don't. Meego was that to me that's what made championship team. When you can't score. Then again humane. And when it's cold five. A sixth round to mean death for me there are a lot of playoff baseball games that are played exactly the way. That that comes spurs get it out to the yup that absolutely. You know if brewer. Every day gasped oh boy here in the clubhouse that's kind of what you warned that its use. It's yours or your it's and we used to argue you know what that every individual player. You know what you. VR OK maybe maybe he now knows. If I catch that if I mean that or maybe Craig is probably the meanwhile more. Mean it makes you analyze and dig down deep inside yourself and give something maybe you thought Judea. That's what America. And China. Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck shall get ready for that game. Coming up at 6 o'clock and then after the last pitch you make the switch to the blades varmints league baseball post game show. I Trammell presented by admirals hockey I just got distracted by something that yes and that's allows leading to Tim Allen the franchise from. The blaze farm fleet baseball post game show he'll join the Wendy's make sure after the carrier board tells you about mentality go ahead GIZ. Who are you were talking about how are worked out in this morning I got up and I wrote back bicycle about taco four miles had a nice record out of her swearing in and then. The kid off to golf lessons in there with injury. Korea. And then came home and mold the law and in gallons of folders to overturn it now. Steve is sparking and we had our free ads are students are also brother and me you know. Robbie Stevens. And just below and you start interviewing but I do it. Where have your trick and if you go to Hershey record rains over at me Antonio. In Milwaukee medicine. Those things normally don't happen to confine these folks who folks note she USA dot com a bigger log out there who see where. More active. Just little bit more energy. Maybe you worked with off to an exhausted. Every morning to you when you get home. Your wife or maybe you ought to be more active in years. Cuba well today broke out of a game effort but it's not going to hold of me I am the gear back coach. Here's the way it. Give back coach what does that mean. It's your job as a coach Pia is okay. First base that's an important first place you wanna not have to get Baghdad Baghdad in the world first got to hand it back for of the until for nordic give back coached well. You can't do all that when you've suffered these side effects of Mozart's wrong he would tie you have low energy use Tokyo electric stuff anymore. When you were government tell you working with the with real Boerse sort of propositions in the real medical facility that provides FDA approved natural treatment they give truthful. A lack of the places mentality takes insurers. These guys who G with the neighbors it serves rate. These guys want to be and make it important for your free consultation today meant throwing up in Milwaukee again in this little TU SA. Dot com are wondering your spark can beating Cuba. Are Smart you'd be great in thank you he's got yet wars yet fresher. Doubt no doubt and also he loves doctor so he loves whoever he loves to overreact to news you don't. Get a scare those kids back the first they don't measure. Toaster thing about being for what's that. Mark the first yet you argue you much. That's a good cost you Wear helmet or is there anything and sort of plan your protection. At least a couple of accidentally D'Amico way. You know yesterday I talked with today on the on the on the on that show and he said that these series with the cubs in the atmosphere. That it brings is fun for him we'll see if he's still having. After the way game one play that meet him Allen joining. Us. On the did you. He's on them. Yeah. Now than ten. Character. No job instance. They can do at all. In dual. Dual. Oasis. You name it my good friends over at TNT contractors. Can get it done for you called it a friend Jason. And he was and his. Best workers over. To try to get you Wall Street knotted it is and contractors. No job and small. They can do. It's been a tribute Tuesday here on the Wendy's ratio paying tribute to Danny kirwan original guitarist. A Fleetwood Mac who passed away and the age of 68 another guy knows his way around a guitar guitar and microphone. And you'll hear my on the microphone after tonight's game in most every game turn at the birth flamboyance farm fleet baseball post game show presented by admirals hockey is the franchise. To Melanie joins us now on the great midwest bank outline how far this evening temp. Nor more now last night I had you on the on that show up and I will again tonight 'cause I just can't get enough of Tim Allen. But you said that this atmosphere this environment that comes with brewers cubs went both these teams are good. Is something that you enjoy it's actually fun you still haven't thought after yesterday's attempt. He had a weird way this is this the fun factor a couple of weeks ago. You know why I had. You know throughout the warning there that this is gonna be a back and forth affair all summer long buckle him schools blood now graduation. Parties and ceremonies to the wayside summer felt someone up would better weather on the way and it's gonna go back and forth and you know not only just between the cubs and brewers but you look at the cardinals right there is sort of surprised me that. In a week. Matter on ten days 1422. Whatever it is with the cardinals take their time at first place that since they won't surprise me and this is another strange way part of the. On concern about his bowl time starting to Wear down and blow up as really right now you have hater Jeffers and maybe Corey canal would you really trust. Albers on the DL yes invasion well Jennings doesn't pitch well for quite awhile at this point Boone Logan has been nothing short of horrible since he's been activated off the DL. I am really visible brand he isn't the same open it was for the first couple months of the season. No I am and that's why you know I got to tax last night when when council made the mood to lift junior gear after 72 pitches and kind of role in a little bit. I understand that at some point. The he's gonna have to alleviate some of the stress the stress and high volume on the vault them at that at some point whether that's. You know picking up an extra couple of bowel so whether that's picking up David Stern's and counsel pick it up. Another arm and I wouldn't rule that out either we always talk about you know whether it's the batter starting pitcher. Not gonna rule out of these guys make a move for a bullpen arm as good as they've banned but. Down at some point did they're gonna have to don't let these guys go just a little bit longer just just a little bit and it. It comes down to you know last night and specific and particular. I would've made that move I'll make it again tonight you gotta we had a one run lead. You know heading toward the latter stages of the game I'm don't watch it tonight yes there there's no later tonight so who is it's not. Dog in this Dennis Jefferson values such deference to one inning yesterday and wouldn't it be funny that. You know the stars just line up and and you know that the target own on the calendar lands. Right here in the middle of the cubs series that. Josh Taylor and Jeremy Jeffers have their little picked up now again that's a bad timing. But guys I think it's got to be job for us I think you know I don't think that Jennings as it is out of the picture here. For tonight and then Corey if you get a save opportunity late it's it's going back Corey. AT and we've been bringing him down and put him back to your level review here today from burger part of the big she'll win. We sell ever ever on in I. Asked him a question I wanna know view. Agree or disagree with her and this is not about bringing me down put about judge's words of course is there are a eight talent separation. Between the clubs in the brewers'. Yeah I think there has the cubs are more talented C. I don't go on the radio station and say that it pop them like and because. I don't think there's any relevance in in the air and that is also the legal and it's not that. It and it's also the reason why I at the end of the day IE. I'd pick the cubs to win the division and I stood by that I. Never got. October I think they're more talented team I think they're better baseball card by you know the games are won on the job in radio stations and not on print. And not on blogs and on Twitter. You know to me baseball games are won on field. Agree or disagree to. Yeah I know why I agree with them that if you mean if you're gonna play it on paper the cubs are gonna take the division was without question and part of that is economics part of that as the talent. V dies seven other 6080 million dollars to match their payroll that's not the reality here. Just take a look guys Gary in the NC Greg questioned but just take a look at the 6789. Hitters. But there needs to these these obvious that this despite craps in VIR. Being in that lower and lower portion of the lineup in the two solo shots yesterday. You look at VR. Crafts. Garcia and pitcher's spot that's 6789. For the brewers yesterday who jumped for joy and that offensively. And you look at the cubs to you got Baez down there he got Russell down there contreras is down there in the middle. Portion and then a little bit below also. Warmer batting batting sixth last night to end this war reduce sector the effects of this. With the audience in without being figured you agree with so. Then what what do the brewers. Meanwhile Britain had put about job in game one because it didn't do it means. What do the brewers need to do as an organization to clothes again. Well it's gonna have to deal with some players some maturation some development some better management. They all need to improve all of them from the top top down and Derek bell admit that Syria I don't know though. You know necessarily jump jump from the highest mountain and say I need to improve as if you're talking to Greg council but. Everybody needs to improve and you need to make good decisions and that the but you do play it on on paper but so for now Gary it's got to be. It's got to be would gut and dial. And it doesn't who's going to be. Is that schools nickel. On every other new player that they're gonna call up. The word girls looking for is a Yiddish term could spot that I set maverick wolf frequently use what he joins us as our national baseball is that richer today assailants are. Yeah it has got to be don't gunned down has got to be from them good coaching staff the managers were arguably just prime example of why I don't why this rub me the wrong way today I'm not sure but let's take a look at last night home and we'll talk about it hopefully we get to and on the on the show tonight. May doing get to a tomorrow to a few bullets but. Craig Counsell. Talking about the play of BR. When BR drop their baseball yesterday that was the distance double play zero McCain makes the grab fly out. There's no rust attempts to tag on that put the pressure on the on the defense. Cain makes is one hop to go to BR BR Dolly justice caps ball turnaround is god so respects street happy. He drops the baseball. It's amazing to me how managers have this this weird vision. And I I can speak about eyesight. They'd say but often times happen not to see sex. Key moments of the game crack there's one baseball. And one base runner. What were you look at that you didn't see that fly. I I wonder about that sometimes. There's nothing wrong with say and he you know he he dropped baseball is gonna make that play. There's nothing wrong with taking him out of the game he doesn't make a play which he did Shaw over the weekend. They have to improve moving forward at every phase of the game they do. And and that's that's fact adult belt tell you that still a good run here at once as the cubs are clicking on all cylinders yet yet there's still. You know right there in the insisted does leave in first place the brewers haven't either guys they've been real really have not. Played their best baseball gotten despite that there's still twelve over. That's Tim Allen kitchen tonight and after most every game on the plains farmers league baseball post game show along with bill baby top Schmidt and you'll be be right back on these airwaves. In less than an hour joining me on the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on dyke show. Built by dozing up I am so looking forward to attend my weight with bated anticipation different. And I waiting for the call up. I've gotten Guile. Symbian and cuts but don't forget it but who's. And it's. The who's this makes him is his big gun down his face and simply to enjoy the sun. The great midwest bank hell I'd start your renovation journey with a simple and convenient pre approval process for a great midwest bank. Dedicated. To providing the only don't. Perfectly personalized home loans to those right here in our communities since 1935 shows two to six every day. It did in Toledo they say yeah it's time now. I've floods again fund that god. Are they students at the Everett who dodgy area about cuts both. Also Tim Allen for joining us thanks to Michael Evans a series give us. You'd shinseki diluted historic event is Smart you'll drop annoyed Ayodhya where it was Iowa as an ally yet. Don't repeat. Yes as the language of the Jewish people know it's a real good way and you'd senses yes Yiddish Hebrew yes well. Same thing what was I know it's a real good word was that we got on the planes currently baseball post game show opened soccer. Movements in soccer have you heard that it up. Looking up it's a good one in a previous segment tomorrow unit that who know something else happen and I don't know it does not know it is unlikely that they got have a Bible for date it is not food is you're not it's some it's a made our midwest Wisconsin Mike Mingo jargon that he learns up and every day here on the Wendy's bacon and sites there buddy list that contributed to the show on that show coming up next for Sparky scary. Anthony Mandela who just honest about who and soccer I'm running back off blueprints and thanks for listening to talk to tomorrow to boom that sucked. Corner.