5PM: Pick a lane

The Wendy's Big Show
Friday, June 22nd
The voice of Villanova Basketball play by play announcer Ryan Fannon joins The Wendy's BIG Show to give an inside scoop on Bucks first round draft choice Donte Divincenzo. 

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So what he's breaks believable Rami just tease me what he was gonna tell the correct for the came on the air. I feel like I'm the the radio under right now there is show Od Ed off the air shows I think it's easier what's gonna happen for the segment to segment that tees Sparky what's gonna happen for break to brag that's literally what just. Radio. I was sure odds satellite and it was just more hours of just us talking with no commercial that I could just say. What I say to Sparky during breaks on the air before. Break I'd seized the voice of Villanova basketball play by play announcer Ryan fan and joining us here. On the Wendy's big showed what you know there is on the great midwest bank outlined Ryan how are you this afternoon there. Great to be all what you guys just got back from New York to adopt when monopoly or 24 hours what are complete full 24 MarketWatch while cannot solve what is it. Couple titled the dark while key kitchen and so you guys got an unbelievable job and it's great star in the making that India I don't question about. Yet that that's that's an outstanding run that that they've had over there at Villanova congratulations to you and everybody. Involved. It's clear something up for folks around here I tried to cleared up to open the show but. You can do a much better job of it and I can being in the position at that schori and there's this misconception. Amongst some bucks fans who are happy with that with the pick. That even Chen's though is a one game wonder that he made him so he made a name for himself with a thirty point performance. In the finals last year and didn't really do anything other than that folks saying he would have been drafted until the second round. If he didn't do what he did it. On that stage clear that misconception up for folks that he did a lot more than that in his time at Villanova. Yeah absolutely did they cure it died at all. That thing in Jay Wright's program that is cannot state and not is the play your development which in. The time they get dirtier so much about recruiting rank I'll act like your development within until outlook is absolutely off the charts. Watching dot K Egypt he came nanny hat that looked. He's freshman year he had the foot injury had a great church. Always had a bill. And heights in the athletic center out of oversee early on it think it it's just a matter time before it's competence grows it gains Glock and that you could be added BA player on the road you could see from we first came it'll go out of the Delaware player of the year. But this year on the best team in the country that would hurt section four in wonders six turn amid gains why averages seventeen point seven points per game. It's a good diet that Al perched over thirteen point 284. Rebounds. Shot 48%. Almost almost from the field in close to 40% from three key words are very very huge part. All of the great team to go over history one of the best. Teen sweetheart college basketball Italy in the last two decades so he is absolutely not a war game one. It yourself. Odds are that he plays with some swagger how is he off the court how is he with teammates housing in the locker room. He didn't you can Nicole Costa I travel with it and she is just incredibly respectful. He's so well like. Yes you know signing autographs he's great with kids. Whose parents are great people. I mean he accused there's a thing of all eight doubt I travel or Obama in stark would Jay Wright talked this game right just. The culture and try to respect you don't have to be a portable player. And you recruit great kids from great. They're so that com and then they get tutelage under. Even though assault or be sure mr. Richards saw so he set three years in college I think. The whole walked to needy he's got a lot that shocked me he's a class act every cliche. Let's talk about him on the defensive side of the floor walk in bucks fans look for on that side of the floor. He's an able defender that locked it after it lost Jake he charges. You know you've combo guard as an underrated it or beat people talk about it is shooting guard in. All the hype about the mission in game but he's a combo guard he can handle it very well. He can play point in it for us a lot of times. We brought it needed a rest during his time. On you know in the come by yet at least 34 happy skinny vertical leap from the east at trump that this. Lee perks and he's the guy that. Eagle at Villanova Jay is the guy's incredible offensive freedom but if you don't slight heart you don't play so well so. The differences of whole mindset is they are a huge way in Indian BA almost stopped play decent public. Al playoffs anyway but this is the guy that actually able comedy in one play defense. And had. Editor and goes along well with this duty in general and I think why the bus truly liked him and why I'm excited form and this is why one of the bucks pick myself. And that is kind knowing your role and fulfilling that role that ass if you buy their head coach clearly that's what happened at Villanova. And Milwaukee heat may start but more than likely he'll probably come off the bench at least in year wind and being able to accept that role and then doing is the best of your abilities without causing a problem. He played forty games off forty atrial over this past you can walk the pensions thirty those forty gates. You bring the six main role you'd break the team concept. He was the sixth man of the year in the big east. He was outstanding player of the final four you know there's a lot of talk about the 31 point to get finished yet fifteen point three outs. And pillows for Ottawa campus in the semifinal. He's he's a guy that I think I'm just. We all our traffic I'm so excited about but. He mentioned those upside to be a star in the end the agency. Is really. Tell us something about Dante di Vincenzo that we might not know. Our political accurate swagger about yeah he'll be he'll be that guy that I think that you won't find that all. Will end up being someone will. Be on the album on my upper midwest a culture that market that matters but I bet out there a lot as. In you has its Britain. It is that green and it acts guilty in a way I just think he's a guy that. On the court in the community he the guy that could end up being just. Just get so much better every year I can't wait to see him any key to get the time and. And in fact that you know duke coach wants to run out there and walked so good. In open court on just can't wait to watch. Whole community's gonna walk out there in every way shape or are just thrilled for him adoption you know they all future time ago when they're ready to draft few. Well you know what. He show not only by his performance late the year they showed all year and wait for the car buying and away he scratched. NBA executives at all most personal meeting there was no doubt in my article sixteen to forty port range. Armed but what in the last night in Italy it right there at fox obviously were not for optical Jeter's sixteen became righted their lap seventeen and they got got that. Clearly that they ordered and got work through it they'll vote for him. You guys should be thrilled to get a great young man that really play action and we are only a couple back in the traffic it to teams. But it only truly loved basketball it's been like well you know a lot of good. I'm gonna try to work hard hit die. We lost. He wants to get that GME. Execute work out guy. In terms of that. Intangible at reaching more out but I truly truly loves the game you're that you. Talking with Ryan fan in play by play announcer for Villanova basketball here. On the Wendy's big show before we let you go there was another guy from those Villanova Wildcats. But I want to ask you about Mets Jalen Bronson as a kid who won two national championships there won the championship that is high school high school that I grew up. Just down the street from so. I'm a big supporter Jalen Brunson and and I sort of followed him through. Reading the Chicago Tribune and just lot of friends and family that I have in the area who watched him in person. And I understand how a kid with that pedigree. It in terms of what he accomplished both. I'm his as as a team as a member of the team and individually. Slips solo in in the NBA draft what is it about his game do you think that folks don't think translates to the next level. I simply don't think he's eight incredible athlete and we don't so many thought it would last site. That you drafted our potential in tickets so caught up in all of he's got about high voter got to Egypt at all which are actually. In blood and heart everything. Like lightning quick not that. At least some odd that you see it gets picked in the first round. I'd heart and that 26 to thirty. If you didn't go there are taught at worst which slipped between Turkey wanted 35. Important rapper circuit find the greatest winner and a little history that he would beat on their height he sent to. But in terms of a single player that made a bigger impact in Villanova basketball history. I don't think you'll find one bigger than Jalen boxer used all time. Biggest winner simply winner that's ever been around everything is about winning and doing the right way that's why do so itself as this year. And still want national player of the year cause it's all about cheese. And that whole whole strategy build that's what all these scenes are going to be. Through which these two of our rights because they're not about themselves they're not how can I help make the team better in a bike do. Things happen good for me as are a product of that. That's Ryan -- play by play voice for Villanova basketball and I guess for the last few minutes here on the Wendy's big show given us some really great insight on Dante di Vincenzo. The first round pick of the Milwaukee Bucks to do you have a nickname forum that you that you according to while his playing at Villanova I know Gus Johnson. Who does box games he he corned him. The big Wragge who did you get did you have a nickname for even sends a while he is out there. You know we are so far without want it he he was. Referred to Rick Michael sort of 100 yeah yeah Delaware. Pocket Ijaz was a bit of a highlight in the back high school sleeping under what was Delaware just. Take offer don't you figure out and get the rim but this. So stupid ones that we are here and I'm achieved a lot like it it's the versatility. And it and saying. That the coach acts from goat you rock he's gonna go do his versatility. 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Race hero and car right there at Great Lakes straightaway right mark drag racing and don't go out and do it in the streets and race at the actual blazers balls a drag racing with the Smart way dude and a controlled professional environment over there and Great Lakes dragway can get information. And how you can do that. On when they have two races scheduled you can go watch weather reports directions to the track. And back whatever you need to plan a great day out at the track in great place drag away it's all up there and Great Lakes drag way. Dot com here's what you have to pick from in this evening's Great Lakes dragway pick away no right way and what are your expectations for di Vincenzo. Left lane should the brewers be grooming. Korman burns to come out of the pen and argue is worried about the bullpen as it seems my good buddy Steve Sparky Pfeiffer is. And the return mind your draft week's rule in the draft for you 4147991250. Or you can tweet us at 1057. At them the fan sparked dog. What are your expectations for DB and tens of ID this first year. Now it's forty minutes a night ten points a game something like that. And then as far as career goals probably are out imagine somewhere fourteen points a game off the bench for somebody. Maybe ends up as a starter simmer elect. Ryan fan and a diploma play guys are talking about him possibly being a star I don't. I don't see that. I IC nice you know traditional role player. That fill the hole fills a need for yeah. And he does become a star now be great for the bucks he did. I see more from role player that that's how I see with the domain I got every some leadership. My sentence lag. Two got role I think Justine government lacks that confidence that they need from time to time throughout the status won a championship in college. I'm glad I played at a high level in big games sell. From that perspective I just I love the pick I thought it was a good pick and so we'll see what he does go forward but Cyrix comp for him. I centered guy. Gerald said Rex Chapman. And again listen to what I'm saying pour man's. Matt regional that's kind of policy informants managing notably at the next level not that he's a hall of Famer because he's not going to be a whole Famer I don't think we'll see. But yeah I think he can be a solid contributor for this team. Alec. I. I know this sounds kinda crazy some of the things that I've seen him do in the highlight films then and a little bit that I Solomon the tournament he does a lot of the same stuff. Now maybe I should I should preface it with the same way that you prefaced it which is to say. It may be the poor man's version of a healthy Jabari Parker I see a lot of the same stuff. And their games in terms of their style of play they can shoot the three. And they can they can get you with with that little pump fake at the three point line in and get around you and take it to the hoop and attack defenders. Under the hoop they both have a good birth they both are. Aggressive and assertive in the way that they play so here at some of the things that he does not know they play different positions threatening basketball's sort of position list. And 2018 anyways some of the things that he does remind me of Jabari Parker the other count that I southern account alike and this guy kind of is a poor man's. Healthy Jabari Parker what we think Jabari could be if he was healthy is Tim Hardaway junior of the New York now. I don't mind that comparison Roscoe just tax means that all high in Klay Thompson's we've had a couple people say that. I just Arnold he's clay Thompson well lowing Gerald Green I don't see the jogger in comparison necessarily. Is your agree when he came only he was wrong can do anything. For docking Gerald Green now I lean trying to fight its way back in and not really that great a player. Yeah I I guess some more aligned bull's eyes I just don't think they're similar necessarily for me. So that's the right lane where your expectations for di Vincenzo the Bucs first round picks more 147991250. Or you can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan moving to the last blamed the birds apparently. Are grooming Corbin burns their number one prospect and pitcher. To come out of the bullpen because they think QB Major League ready this season but they think that. His best place to help them win baseball games is in the bullpen to me is marketable item is still despite some setbacks the strength of this team. There are two areas where I think they could use an upgrade before the playoffs come around and that's in the lineup they could use another bad and somebody could produce some more runs. And in the starting rotation I think they can use another big arm why not. Group Corbin burns to be that big garment he's going to be Major League ready. And bring him up to the major leagues and Adam to that rotation where you could use another dominant guy. Within 100% with you Matt I guess that they need no bullpen arm. We're watching guys fall around him that are either living up to expectations or getting tired or now are on the DL. They need help in the bullpen again let corporate burns throws from what from what people were were tweeting Amir earlier in the show throws four quality pitches. Even that's the gates then he should be in the rotation. And if you wily Peralta and their finally for Alton their two little bold stay in there and take somebody else and put them in the bullpen I just. I guess I just don't quite understand it we add McKelvey on earlier in his point was well. Just got unlucky I guess reported burns up a multiple scheduled to pitch that one time they needed a pitcher. So he was a lag card called up over burns because it was a bird started to pitch Peralta pitched well so now he's in the rotation of birds as a by happenstance. Which is crazy because based on everything we've seen out her wildly throws a fastball right do seem forced him ever thrown. They don't go watch anything else for strikes and then the walk guys. I don't understand is that indicate that just like what Josh was same thing and you poured into the bullpen and he's a dominant guy can he doesn't have faced guys. 2323 times through the order that's why he's as good as easy as part of the reason. He hits a third or fourth pitch third and fourth pages of one hater then Eagles in the rotation we see woody can do there. But until then he's in the bullpen is one of the more dominant relievers in baseball I think Walter can be very similar to that if they put him in the bullpen but obviously they're not now going to because he's had success at the start of Major League level snob Urban League and I think they're making a mistake but was. So that's the last plane should they be growing burns to come out of the bullpen 4147991250. Or you can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan and moving to the return land Sparky keeps on having draft through and fought for him by guys. Like Adrian votes throughout skier was instructed by his bosses at ESPN to not leak any draft picks a last night. He is the following terms rather than saying so and so is going to pick so and so he used locked in non. Focused on zeroing in on prefer is has been focused on targeting cleared the way to choose Lott Dodd determined to select fixated odd. And zeroed in on. As. Powdered I don't know what the word is us. Andrea. Instead of saying that they were going to pick player acts he used although assemblies but I just listed off there and that. That was a good enough for Steve's what you fight pretty big cover his tracks and up for its teams rocket fire for a doctor gruden is strap that India arrogance is it's remarkable to me a lot of. Yelling at him into Ronnie do the same thing who now also was attached ESPN indicted start a draft express which is a great draft web site. And I knew him back when nobody else knew him but that that to meet. Are performing that this is it immediately that does ruins everything and I probably ruined the boxer why trade. Because again daylight general manager came out today and said they had a deal pretty much implies with a box and that right before a base odd that. We're the bus or take that's not who they want the nudity reform what's your take a guy so they backed out. What poll said that he had heard the bid deal plays nineteen and thirty for seventeen that was pretty much a done deal. And then they backed out so the buck had 21 tropics and I don't want got the guy they wanted out of Villanova any Al and added another player but now. We have to be smartest guy in the room and tell everybody. So in case people didn't think we knew what to do our job now available that we know how to do our jobs we told them two minutes before TV told them. That'll show old. Brilliant now I absolutely imminent it through the draft show a ban everybody and that's no libel for half as anarchy I. -- so I grizzly I respect hate I respect that decision because of will a lot of the people who are listening to you want the same experience that you want but that's. That's your decision as an entertainer as a radio host here on the station and that was in my bag decision while I was the NBA ESP yeah it would be the same decision Rami. As an entertainment venue you can hide for I'm a free press hot dry yes I can't make my week anger why they don't tell people you can tell thankfully they can tell people not to talk to major motion Rouse either a lot to do that. But once he gets that info he's fully within his rights. To put it out there to us the consumers. I'm four my righteous to miserable I'd lead them to your. And in terms of why the Bucs want to cancel some credentials oversaw. Get canceling his credentials to accomplish not have to tell you why it can't wager what draws these credential and accomplish not running us on site. Making a point in the boss cancel any press credentials they want they probably electric semi or your dot. Credentials and that accomplish nothing okay what guess what they can wonder why the privately they can do whatever they were. Does not matter that's virtual it's so the FEA if they want to take a hard line stance unless they can again today baking whoever they want. 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