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Thursday, October 19th
10/19/17: The Wendy's BIG SHOW 5PM Hour - Great Lakes Dragaway Pick-A-Lane

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Here's sparking. Hours what happened crashed in Bern. It's time for the guys to reset the big topics from today's big you know. And let you pick a lean right take away that brought you by the legendary Great Lakes dragged away in. Growth for the 20s17 racing season continues. Go to Great Lakes dragway dot com for the full season schedule daily track updates there. And to purchase discounted ticket packages. 5 o'clock hour of the way these big show. I'm Robin back off along with Steve Sparky Pfeiffer. Surprise visit from LeRoy Butler who texted us that he was out to get your hands up a box wag men get their heads up a Bucs rank. And all of the bucks wag the royal Butler Jerry just got his pants on. And it is time for pick a lane. Here's what you had to pay up front it's your hands off the box wag Newton. If you're supposed to get when you got on here's what you have to pick from right land. It's sort of a post game post game Wendy's big show's style after the season opening win for you brought us last night on. Give us your thoughts on huge performance by an honest and a win over the one seed last year in the Eastern Conference 7991250. Amen. But the bucks right back seat on name on this. My name was allotted in the cardboard box that it came in with a buck I threw it right. Joseph ball as well sweat pants off. The bucks well I mean I will walk away from this like nice income grad that right out your hands and a dodger Wanamaker down in the U Rudd beat me up. I gotcha cool days. Yet business they sent some nice things to the bucks Saturn lane would you start. Erin Jones overtime Montgomery and the return mind how are you feeling about Brett coming heading into his first start. As the Green Bay Packers quarterback seven financial picture you can tweet us. At 1057. FM the fan Sparky your thoughts on the bucks and a big night for me honest open the season. Yeah a game play all that well I was slob brand basketball crumbled teams last night. Early on jas had. Horrible call jargon calling in singular umbrella movement and they still called a charge called it's still not do them without more you gonna do. At some point though you're really seeing it superstar calls and probably a water to go his way last night if the free don't want fourteen times in eleven album that's we talked about it. Yesterday does he just hit your free throws. And you'll increase your score average by about alone. Chris Middleton a running. The point guard port forward with the second unit with frog and not out and honest out I love that I hope they continued yet throughout the season went double double play out the ball. While that concept a bench played good not gonna do this insist they don't know but Hanson played well dulled the double played well Monroe played well. What can they do it all year frog and had a really good basketball game. And there's a lot of good things to light out this gamers also things you can pinpoint that angle what they really it. Improve this and clean this up and do different things and I get cavaliers. And B Myers broke senate tomorrow night overnight big shall be out there at the Harley-Davidson. Entrance tomorrow from two until six us senate sub I'd say hi annually wears a harder and should. In one of the corners that Verizon thinks it's got to cross cross from Jerusalem and Mecca. Our American now want to panther. Your locker room records. Poker. It will be the Mecca again on October 26 and will be there as well Libyan or other in the lobby and that day from two to six at the Mac that noise so that's the right lane Harvard. Give us your thoughts on that big bucks win and a huge night for me honest to start the season 7:9 central figure you can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan moving to the center lane and moving. Twosome Packers talked Tom Silverstein today at Packers news.com actually went up yesterday. Talking about the eve running back decision that Mike McCarthy estimate. And Tom has a definite opinion on and he says best way for Packers to help Brett only. Player and Jones Gary dollars and do you agree. You play ball well I go to you on all things running back strain on larger numbers Margo Rome. On the way to the way he he praising Ares he says make Aaron Jones the premier back. Obviously know your enemy territory below there. We've seen. I see one game of Mary Jones and an old fingers. And so and in his shoes. Everybody sees it's he is the better running. The department. Decisive explosive details. Growing CNET warned it into his and so missiles got a good if so I mean I just don't know what to big bugaboo about now we have this huge debate about Eric Jones and time ago. For me had to be in Eddie lacy. Retirement gummery yeah I unrated but no delays just aren't our dialogue about right big bad red or beg him to pass that list. I think he more errors jolts let me know what was. Really it's. I think to me abyss is that your position. I'm here by just one and then I guess minimize. What. Pat McGovern did against Chicago mayor's. Nothing. We forget everything we always get that new thing. You know they've both of these guys and really that great governor Joan with a great he Steele ripped off from rug as a result of the net. The president so the better defense so. Legislative port right now is that your position. And two so there would be no premiere back no I don't think both have strong suits. And both have weaknesses. So that's a Saturn lane excuse me and I don't think you want right now for me is greater than the other. Would you start Aaron Jones overtime Montgomery and make him the premier back now with Brett Conley. Under setter 7:9 now central figure you can tweet us at 105 president if and then Ryan Grant. Yeah take mobile phone. Or below if I had Dorsey levens RT mobile home audit loan but Edgar Bennett. The press editor Brit accountable for all your mobile although they loan for bear and a terrible. Tell us what you would do it running back at 7991250. That's certainly moving through the return land. Are you feeling about Brett Conley had a. Into the first start in the royal we asked this in the 4 o'clock hour I was surprised yeah areas sort of started the ball rolling with optimism. Saying he was excited. To see bread only get his first start as a Green Bay packer. But it just kept on going from there I am legitimately surprised. By how many people. Heavy positive outlook just four days after you lost a franchise to a broken collarbone have a positive outlook. I'm Bret how lonely being your quarterback effort not only this Sunday but the foreseeable future. Well yes if the summed equally don't you wait to their romance story right. So that's what you mean when. July come with a jug full look late yeah. Odds Mallorca movement effect on the team as it read now like there was the day that. There. Was the books those memento green in box in. Grand way as mama into it causes. Green and they're calling that cream it looks more like gold to me than anything on the Packers uniform and you know it yet Furyk Steve vertical anyway. Clara cream a hundred and his residency the Prius the cream city during some of the green increase over the war risk. And you know what little bit ago he does. How ugly. Follows. I guess. You looked pleasantly surprised to know do would not be a dumbing down. The playbook going to be. Basically what you like wanna highlight we went through that. If he can get it. To where he's in control because you get the shootout are aware that we wish Joseph bring Egypt probably not gonna win that okay. Your ovaries puts up some the most glittering numbers you've ever seen this got throws the ball. Are surprises Armand is in a sling so you don't wanna be in the thirties Udall that you get into the thirties. In your press. Had to throw five touchdown or some like that you'll be trouble. But you can keep the game and it twenties or teens. Either a good chance of winning city got to figure out what's he good that. Not like they know that already. From all these years. But even when what people always say away Errol was it nine. No bread and get a lot of reps he got a lot of mental reps and basically what not to do. So they had to learn that what not to do you want an end only a few things. So you'll see a lot of screens and draws and not to mention about a guy to only got a really on opposite by the didn't practice. Practice Blaine Taylor so he should have is his basically. His line there but to wrap this up. If peeking get to protections down. Because nobody blitzes more than the sayings that I'll bring every era footage to present and started all of it is if I was a coordinated obvious about thirty to thirty and that. You you bring in everybody so you know they got a base their rookie guys you know and he's been there but he's basically a rookie right. If you can get these protections down you may sell but to be played. All you could eased to eight sanctity. So how are you feeling about bread on the gimme gimme a word Gary and emotion feeling better deal in a variety of Moscow. All right opting to pack wrapped immigrants tomorrow you feel good about it I got here aren't we reset the big topics discussed on today's big show. Now you get the final say right claim for your son's reaction it's a post game post game Wendy's facie style senator Elaine. Would you start Jones overtime Montgomery and the return land and are you feeling about Conley. Heading into his first start 7991250. In tweet us at 1057 FM the fan if you wanna feel good about home improvements rule. Who little road Gary Ellis and as the guest creator for is over JNJ Contras got all your home improvement and yeah. When goals don't Gore's old siding. Roofing. Interior. Remodel your bathroom really larger picture. Re Mario living room create a man cave downstairs. And your your show for an outdoor always is including a fireplace. But your friends or Ray-J NJ contrary can do all of that and more. OC rivers AJ AJ contractors because no jobs too small as they can do it now. Cash and from. On the temptation best side. Maybe perhaps there are certainly making you know there's a lot. Fred's got the menu district it's got to be the best intentions. And have a lot of grits on it but yeah anyone and you. And why it. So it's the only one he mouth before today. You you're not an end of that knowing one's son now are as good song to throw back Thursday presented by masters easily get an update on that just one sack but here's what Jeff picked from. And this evening's Great Lakes dragway pick a lane right linger bucks reaction after a big win last night in a big night for me on a sort of post game. Post game big show style setter land would you start Jones over Montgomery and running back. And the return land how are you feeling about homily. Heading into his first start 7991250. Treatise at 1057 FM the fan while you're treating us send off another treat every voice heard. Free throw back Thursday presented by masters he's. Send your artists at 1057 FM the fan with the hash tag big throwback. And you'll be entered for a chance to win a 25 dollar gift certificate to masters he's real quick before we get your calls or the other side at last for a voting update that may be tough. I'm gonna sing this song karaoke and Iran are right on the leader in the clubhouse is the listener campaign of slip now. I'd have been scares me Thomas. They scare me and my idol. Guess you think the polish pipe bombs. Who who I don't know that I don't know any other song I'm saying you he's leading this revolution again if you Google this man. I don't know. I mean they would Mary evil and who else who else who else is in the running to block in Smashing Pumpkins in its I can't and some argue that this has gotten one vote our right. And yeah. Definitely wouldn't strike within striking distance of thriller and a definitely make this one and the gas that's what non. But that suit that's who they nominated who. Slut now and I Republican presidential. If you want to hear anything but slick and it's a public in 1990 and that soundtrack or Clinton or whatever else. Hillary Rodham Hillary Hillary is. Three Smashing Pumpkins or Chicago please if he saw for a lot of all that's good in this world street Smashing Pumpkins or two pot Celtic yeah Lebanon. That's a listener campaign pipe bomb. To injure artist around for a treat anything but slipped not an auto seven a sudden event. But the hash tag big thorough banks in Little Rock is it gonna listen to it any list know that yet you know they are noted owner and yes they will miles out of Benedict the miners didn't want me listening to two live crew were and what about wage without the Osborne right lax and been an hour. Anything else but kids are going to get their hands on what they want but not all kids are bad. Thank you all. Over your bracket wasn't bad either obviously yeah you. Or your parents are gone so well he had a kid at that point man and as a high school is Buehrle did thousand high school I'm doing here under eighteen you were accused tablet is risky business. He was a bad dude and maybe me and her friends and we had only today. We had fliers to bitch yeah. Yeah yeah DH flyers no tickets Kate. Yes it flyers reels yet if you have a house party I don't know if it was too. I thought he made flyers for your party. Yeah Amanda usually not how are we Charlie get and there are OG make flyers that are trying to make money dude. That you mama zone that are selling tubs and they did yeah and a Senator Obama yeah. Or beat Cuba. An asset is that I got. Our best for college is really answered the question is not almost various Jerry got to Dugard did do there zig. Am I the only one nobody knew that he had a party hammer how would you would you rather hard circle of friends are no we were. We reached out to other high schools. Get this thing was huge. And now. The study was trying to make project acts before that was evenly fought and policies. You drama out of out of were shot column and you. Bush's day cure it uses their buzz Fred still referred to it as rob stuff. All of us yep definitely one minute runs each and without. You bugle part. Yeah it did it was good old two slight back problem before there's one fight just one fight at a party as Osama drug I didn't. But for as many people as came through that out here that I all of guys and for all the all the I don't know. All the things that could have incited more trouble there's only one there was one problem in the whole night anybody put. This law no there was no diet wild and not a party another was the carpet got burned a little bit okay yes we dropped a cigarette our bit and smoke them on my dad smoked in the house that was that's a different way to difference so what I did see how does our sit on your apparent to wood to plastic now. What I did so on the spot of the carpet that got burned by cigarette I went to my closet in my bedroom and I cut out a spot the carpet. And I got up the staple guns stick to its legitimacy. And hey no job is a lot of bottom archer got to give me I'd like I Kimberly you're back yeah yeah yeah yeah thank you don't want or really. But there is to know anything about it's we don't have kids that you guys that's so good the cleanup was bumpers do nothing about it till we told you about a year later they're just not as little smoke and go home and my dad smoked in the house to house thirty smell like cigarettes. The problems rotten things about was like Chamberlain. That's not to put the more you know what every that we have what these discussions we find out most people were more like me that I'm like why don't talk to stabbing your brother before yes it did football Carl that I run. Lot of people compare more news than some of these people and we'll let a bit Enron stock without adamant sure what kind. Yeah it's not a. It. Leon. Okay yeah and if you have a big party blow out your prayers thoughts when you were younger. I do not one. Outsmarted them. You. Yeah how. And to talk about the Sino land. I would be tired and down overtime Montgomery. Because it produced much more that there. I wanted to you know mark again by a gang but I think he meant blitz pickup I'm lost some routes. Oh you are you okay out of. And exploited to Colin. Our board preaches that he sounds like he's and it runs the Akron now let's go to a fill in Philly you're on the Wendy's big show it's up filled. Filled the other big block party or two players miles and they didn't know about it now. I mean for Obama can't. Ever. Have an opportunity to live that out like. We now we did have a big outs we had because. We get a townhouse read through that after the 200000 ballots there was a big know exactly where Reeves yeah. And and related. But. Game and a lot of pars. Your original film feel. Obama. Now normal that is. The. But. McCarthy. I'm certain I'm I'm making is being an errant shown. And not get the problem at the it's. You're able to say if you 200. Resigning next gotten. That's that this group. And assume it's true as it did in the Youth League right now as a borrow running back by committee what decides to. Everybody thinks they guarantees only as good leader I think there's going rock acts there's only five teams in the and are fairly good to have feature that. If your body is Rebecca black community. Yet but I. I'm wondering not. That I mean if your parents don't ever it is more yards per carry. It. He'll culpable. But. You know but aren't in order to get ready get the ball and the other thing I want. All the hotly. Is that how this total. Well what you know starting in. Victory it. And effect we have a better team. In its entirety. That it is because. In try to cornerback again we go to air dealt with it and know that OPEC back. So. Alma all of the I. Eight acre you're. About different project this. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah just did it's they'd political retreat did. Back in the it's not a man through and hear more about JJ catcher and his. We're in the midst of Great Lakes drag away pick a lane right now here the lanes to pick from right lane. You bucks reaction after a big opening night win and a huge night for me honest Saturn lane. Would you start Jones overtime Montgomery and the return land. Are you feeling about homily heading into his first start did at a staging lane did you throw big party at two pairs I'll figure it out alive around you are at their that in their jobs bald eagle or burn a number I think that's good that's like a good top. Owner. You and I wish I had when I threw the party of a pair of dozen guys who were some better food to serve to the people. It was right around this time merely an October. Offers a cornucopia of sports watching from the baseball player council the heart of football season plus basketball and hockey getting under way with so many choices for viewing. 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Only visit make sure that you pick up some of their cherry wood smoked beef steaks or jerky the perfect snack treats and check them out online and Robert specialty meats Waukesha dot com. For more info on money saving coupons and for the best and meets chuck Roberts specialty meats your hometown butcher. It up yeah. We're very. If I asked. Him about. And I'll. Then now. He's. And out and pay back. Obama is doing it and it's. Yeah. Bounce them. Cap might have been wrong as Levy resigned their attention so. I never knew and it's it's our event Thursday here at Wendy's big jump. Presented by masters he's let us know we like it here next week slip knot in the lead. But to pock. And the Smashing Pumpkins. Tied outside their tail tied up lieutenant pockets slipped now okay I'll take two pocket too well those though you'd like to hear creature artist at 1057. FM but I Odessa with about it like. With the hash tags big throwback you'll be entered 225 delegates had to get to masters he's. I was never sure when they say. All he left us was alone. I was sure there's things how would ensure there is saying alone like keep he left a solo interviews that he left us aid. Eight loan. You know I left alone right likes of buddy Melo know like leave me alone alone like some buying our debt you know what I mean by Karen puppet diet. Now left us left us with a loan to pay off. Toppled off from house to house levee latest is all. And mom kidnapped find out which could cut back. As a brilliant and and everything they do let's moment. That's great so negative. Re setting the big topics discuss not today's big show giving I say thank you listen. Whether. And it didn't rule of me and Casey or he's an apartment viewing an abundance of her tweets I was just gonna say my parents were out of town at the start my senior year I had a blob elated seventeen birthday party in my babysit her locked in a room. It. I did you ever tiger's name he had a car and regularly jacked in I'm. And she pursuant to twit again my parents made sure they learned it was there might epic 82 birdies and party. I retrieve some people in the ravine. Only casualty. And the all lawn again now that. Party. She. Never even heard these stories she she locked her babies enter a room with a tiny TV. And slip food under the door notch I've yet to I see TV on cars she's out there and regularly. You need to marry that girl. Go over to jewelry center we really ugly isn't it odd that that's definitely a casual creeping I don't know I. I have ever been more proud to call that my girlfriend and up the Yankee go round surprised by how shocked and surprised you guys are by this. I can be the only one to. As nominees who threw a big bash at my parents' house 1000 high school combined mail my brother hey guys Henry is my brother and Orion did. Really Powell is scared you didn't mean and mama all my again no. We just gotta know how to cover their tracks and here's Julie told me their and never leave me. You home. Yeah. Dude we had a gap between you and we had guys created. So they take pictures of every room where every piece was on data make it everything break we'll put it it's a sever and nobody did suit so that what everybody left to put everything back exactly where it was. So that burns when he didn't. And energy. In school. I mean you would LR zero what GPL drivers from your high point rules that are set up a but is it. Point 04 so you get side learning something that was aftermath of the net that is after my freshman year ahead of point 04 GPS but the whole year just by and yet or the first day now. The hole refers to my freshman year high school a whole new runner and you rent an addiction I. Is a bit so so right now a hunt and I don't know how it is in high school half Blake in middle school right now right in grade school this Jerry has a soup. They an app but you get beaten and you'll get. I'm your phone. Several every missed assignment every test score. Every assignment score every score comes to your parents that happens in class or. Are you every single day enjoyed it once again missing something we know what they kid's got a bad score a test we know we don't ever say hey that happens. Everything. The first road I mean it does go through high school there or else there's route because parents. Does not argue there's an ordeal what you're getting antsy or cargo Ryder ask onto a great big double the idea like a Dutch you're doing great. Well I don't know what happened to come home early and got it all apart no and run this this Fords or forced up never would have happened had there been answer phones welding and hassle is that runs it. But back then. If there are at a rotary phones they did implement it out of your parents were never money let it get them now. No they really went but here's here's the flip side of the story OK to have that I had a port O four GPA after my freshman year in high school graduate with a two point nine. The running as his BAC after. Rom whatever rob stock that is so I figured it out to. No two point nine ball yeah see the teachers like I got very average yeah but it gave the three point oh they liked me like. Actuality of merit to even my T even by teachers who were annoyed by me. Yeah and my distractions and glass still like me. Its purity etc. couple that give us you'll distractions this. Our class of your teachers. You mean distractions and that is shoes that balls. The brought nothing or another order under the meant. Just you know blood in the water that's Connery to class you can hear the story of one my mom went to pair teacher conferences. My sophomore year high school I was the first time my mom ever. Not the last. What did you do not just about as well yeah I wish we could use and I want those kids that. They talked back give him that he always always. You know what are these guys in the room yellow would you do what did you do so I had this one teacher. Never forget. Her name but I can't remember right now and god. She used you give me light cases of soda and like different snacks and stuff like that because like when I would skip class when we had like quizzes and stuff. To go in and retake the quizzes that I skip class for. Let's just telling this to my mom. And she slamming are you really gonna disrespect this woman went to college to die this. I was like well I'm sorry. And did you controller and. Reynolds got hit for them it was pretty bad it was it was pretty bad it was all so it when you get pretty disrespectful as well this is muted. I told together before about all of their Josh mama my we'd prize ashes my Spanish teacher. Dismiss an animosity. Ninety. It's robbers moms like my mom yes they're very similar but looked like tears mama's sweet she's my Spanish teacher miss Smith a ticket told Diaz has not not long ago yet. You know spend a little little bit and here's I failed it twice yeah. It's a phenomenon. How did you gradually he'll feel twice we have all the answers you feel Spanish won twice yet so yeah. Yeah and that's about it. And why. Do guys beastly hot. I don't know. The new van wilder and there's no love getting kicked out of class doctor Graham for years to an interview and I GPA I think that lot of ways seven years know about my my Spanish teacher would literally you. Laugh at my high jinks as she kicked me out of class. She she loves me she just couldn't she just knew. I can't have this kid in the class. Right she that if it was ignored to be a productive day if I was there are directly to about mentoring glasses and about weigh about wind out whenever you kick me out of class this is in the heyday of the day Michael Jordan Scottie Pippen Dennis Rodman bulls. I'll got to put his rules and why is it's a type that I multi directional and order a play the international data files where it falls wearing two shirts. Yeah out I'll take off the top shirt and throw it into the they're routed to the crowded aisles as out leaving my class a lot Dennis Rodman when he guy kicked out of a game. She loved it she got a great big kick out of it if any and she and he's seen me in our house whole crap. They'll be outside. And on the lawn mowers out here today. Maybe I'll give them a mattress. This scariest moment of my tenure working its into ourselves and Ryan so much like ram yeah I've never understood. I'm joined it is yeah. This appointing yourself like you. And so yeah and how. I'll play how did though. I I've loved Wendy's net Torre went most days for launch in my high school days level of Wendy's going all the way back to my high school desk and never try to tell you started American heroes went there this week there you go I'm a level four for four men didn't try the new chicken tenders neither one is awesome sauce costs dated have some awesome songs back when running out of school wrote a college television. In South Bend it now that's my guess amateur Bratton I always my go to has SM it's when he says higher expectation project and that's why they're new chicken dinners out they. Perfect balance attack or exotic crispy outside. At what Wendy's new sod up so it would make. So talk us. So some saw the toss and they're even better try to put together a small Roger Draper just five dollars again just some sub souls lost. Ab participating Wendy's for a limited time and Andy Geiger to dessert have you heard about this state just Wendy's as delicious cal mills we knew that. And now other sweetening the deal how about this. Giant cookies now Wendy's on come try Wendy's new fresh baked John Madden cookies and three delicious flavors chocolate chunk. Sugar or doubled chocolate chipped. Add one any cobble for 99 cents giant cookies at Wendy's now. Outlawed a giant cookie in a frosty. Al wanted it that sucker right in to a proxy it sounds like your idea in my right eye and cellular data rate idea I think I'm stopping by Wendy's on my way no how participating Wendy's for a limited that's sounds outstanding double chocolate one would be great with a Vanilla frosty we were debating yesterday you weren't we weren't hurting you yesterday. Which one would you prefer the chocolate chunk bigger piece that chocolate or the double chocolate she. Well I'm on the double chocolate chips chocolate cookie with chocolate chips right I am not here to your question I just. And this. Was that resign on nobody giving somebody column that's a free advertisement while Ronnie can't figure it out of that commercial literally just by. It on its own parents and older talkback. No privacy. Played to be out of no I still by the playlist that good old JS errors throwback curator gives me and crown burn. This is the Rod Stewart. If you raise their playlist. Playing the other way leisure viewed as you know it's the Motown song. My rods to I think that's the Tokyo reenacting and I also think that's the temptations in the background. The guys are at the beginning listening and that. Now that's definitely Rod Stewart I'm looking at the video actually admitted yeah absolutely Rod Stewart is a good song. Bits are yeah I'm pretty sure temptation that the backup singers to Rod Stewart in the sun and that's why don't look at it at that level yet. Who won a throwback Thursday present by masters the Davids out. Don't do it don't tell me. No don't do that unites or my microphone on the other scenario. Slip no know can we override that. Now I am eager to show he's the captain Jim Rihanna show it will be at the Mecca plagues let not our speakers as people are walking in the bucks game now the only person I can overrule it is commander Joes and allow us what authority does Joseph have you resize that demand bribes locker room I'm not indicating can we as a show how. Vote to overrule the voting. Oh to have Google is well we've only got to go to boss I don't mark I don't know given anything Rula I. I would be totally OK with Sudan's do it very much the show us not everybody on the show decides that we don't wanna listen to slip and I can we only ours said no now. Is is this is what. We're judicial more rights for people of votes that we live it again until they pick slip knot I I'm more concerned about being on location and people coming in hearing that that's my organs are about. That next Friday there were the measure next Thursday I mean. That we're gonna save his like Marilyn Manson out of that now they are they're very much in the same vein and I think Marilyn Manson might have discovered slip knot factors in their Larry and I shut up Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers who broke his collar vote on Sunday had surgery to repair it two day according to Ian Rapoport no. No diagnosis as far as how long he'll be out with they found when they went into the dead and gone past. So like I assembled for and they said dated know when it was gonna be or is going to be Els a robotic arm when he noticed told them our thanks to John Mack Tamara was. That's an insider for joining us rob reichel from Bob McGinn football dot com she missed either of those interviews or anything on today's show. Check out fan on demand at 1057 FM the fan dot com that's present about John Paul's Buick GMC highway 100 in Greenfield tomorrow is a football Friday. And will be out at the beam O'Hair is Bradley center at the buck some opener when they take on the cavs will be at the Harley-Davidson entrance stop on by its AI. Under way into the game next six and state as the bill Michael's huddle 68 at the white palace in cut pay for Gary Sparky Le Roy baby tout some Rami saying thanks for listening talked to tomorrow at two. All right don't do it.