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The Wendy's Big Show
Friday, October 20th
10/20/17 The Wendy's BIG SHOW 5PM Hour: Great Lakes Dragaway Pick-A-Lane 

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You sparking. Hours what happened crashed in Bern. You end. It's time for the guys to reset the topics from today's big snow and lake view picked to lead. Nickel and that brought you by the legendary Great Lakes dragged away. Growth for the 27 team racing season continues. Go to Great Lakes dragway dot com for the full season schedule daily track updates and to purchase discounted ticket packages. And it's that time here all the way these big show live just outside the vehicle tires Bradley center at northwestern mutual insurance and right next to the Harley-Davidson display up front to back off. Along ways feet Sparky lifer and a few former Packers Gary dollars and and LeRoy Butler ahead of tonight's. Home opener against the Cleveland Cavaliers to become out here. Not only to beat everybody up a big show but chuck Freeman right now you can see this on FaceBook live around it Larry. Go all areas he's now if I got three right now I got courtside. After that you are in the sports I'd read your future acts. That is outstanding. Public had a right now on active. It here's what you have to make ruff did he lose it matters not that yeah off the mark was over. I don't remember. Him. But I'm not sure what yet to make for a light weight rightly. But it answer theories about the factors. That may. Well the way it can we still. Can't beat it or not our. Your game wise as LeBron not sold out. It now it should be now we've got it yet at the port it more upbeat about the art. About. The public it's O line. Market recap quickly with pop it in there about them which here's the third on. Here. I don't. Kyra lower your idea not that it on the relative not a touchdown passes at least. All right this game and about a bank 2 o'clock hour I said we it has no interim report for the Packers. Now right which is to it until what it was an added bowl tackles are starting a plane with game login box the RE. That was my brats they both play at least do I think he will probably touched down. I'll pass in this game because they're concerned about the Packers run defense. Just go back to what degree day. Best defense. For now what I'm concerned that. There to get running against this team 12550. Yards and that happens that opens up pandora's box. For Drew Brees and that our help if they beat all girl group that now. What is that last year periods yes. The court I'm curious to see help red Huntley carries himself throughout this game he struggled. Curious body language are curious to see. Who around him on the sidelines. Albert shots last week were sitting by himself on the back after he came out. That was a little concerning. So I anxious to see how these guys rallied around him. Especially if if things don't go well for Brad do they rally around him and if his body language he Jay Cutler rest. Not he's become the operator Aaron Rodgers that the cockpit. That does he have rob. Well ha ha. It's hot I don't like that it I don't like there may not kinda thing it well but all our god is he even keel I got that really show a lot of emotion. We don't know we've never seen only that the election I guess it curious that. All right. Gary can you recap which are confident concerned about it now or which are curious about it not yielded. Or at on ourselves to pick out what it was that game plan I think McCartney. Yup property game plan for our mark McCarthy emote with. Partly through the that the discovery differently I don't think you can have this thing game player. That your hair rod I look for him to look more blue to look at you don't remember a look at move sparked a little bit more. So confident that went down there that happens we use your character per game. Curious but secondary defense. The patriots got a good stuff he first got to give them that we don't. Brief to a total Moffitt. No doubt about it but it got to get out. All right LeRoy Butler you're here at the 2 o'clock arguments are confident considered and I thought well yeah. Accessible to the who's who. What was that knows what's root root for. Gerber. Ineligible. As they believe that news withdrew with their roar. On the forget about the revised you're here with. You look wonderful want god. You can argue really turned it can't remember any of the three could not be heard about the optics are. Very good. If people. They don't know if they'll bring everybody else it's obvious I'm content protection. And I read it this guy if they don't protective Bewkes eighth that day. Could go live even if rod there. These guys. It's you know there. I. Mean this Arctic usable that. You know. He you know. You know. That they blitz and hit the wrong yet they give him a screen you know draw. Is that he's go. So. The thing keeping me. When he curious about so be yours. NC. If they keep me on that. 375. Yeah that's that's where you set it apart and 75 yeah. If it for 375 that's a wrap late. Raised. One. It's got the growth all. Morning. Six. These loans. He's and have the added water. But giving gays go play them through it all please so Ascap yeah yes that victory itself. So that's overconfident considered. And curious about tell us what your company concerning acres about a 7991250. Or tweet us at 1057. FM the fan like I said we're asking earlier. Why is it yeah honest efforts abroad opening night defending Eastern Conference champs. A Bucs team with high expectations. Sold out that was that was in the 3 o'clock hour. That's it's changed though Steve chassis by effort that we should be scrapped that stay out of our rapist out. Bob or third at that for the bucks that they expect to be filled up at 5 o'clock in fact it released liked when he was that's not only did it but there's a lot of that won't. What a lot but there were some single seats available but pretty much a virtual sellout at this point it out but have to. They'll they'll light of that. Was to order what was you've got the broad gains from the grant play at the end game in the conversation. Against your old superstar if you haven't had a superstars and the wealthy and for goodness sakes that well there. How it is not a thought it. As ticket a couple of bail out not. Think he'll get tickets now available booms to hold up the brewers right. Miller Park opening day how quickly its opening day tickets go fast fast yeah you want to be opening day. I don't get if your plate active adult. -- box itself backed down there playing LeBron James and Kat if you grab your first superstar has now since. I can't wait out that now that's he has. Yeah. There. Yeah I guess I love watching what somebody gets market. That bad but that. When I got this week we've Richard your golf if you missing your play list. If doctor and I don't know how long he's going to be all right Eric K expert grant ways that goddess is going to be years old so. Opportunity take your kids to see ya take. They at least once at all which. You'd go to nationals who did not Italy in the the eater yeah week. You know people don't. That's exciting to know beer. There. Are. Oh is that you wanted to go they have not thought that. Well they get you what you get with your quote there ought now so you're not gonna see that again. Arms. That. You know. That we agreed that. The big topics discussed on today's big show you get the bottles they out of with Great Lakes drag away pickle laid right way it would be confident considered a curious about what it comes to the Packers taking up the saints Sunday and senator Elaine why was it yacht this Bristol brought an immediate sellout I guess now we'll spread out tiger 79 well if you could Prius at 1057 FM the fan. Harry's razors and instead it was the same rate differs August you can remember never even thought about THE great right well now it's top frog like KG event. Now it's your chance to make your union act happier than it's ever been right it nice smooth close day. I use robbing. Robbie did advise that everybody he's married raisers right now that you can't do it Harry's racers it's gonna hook yeah articulates itself. For decades what big razor company has relentlessly increased prices and raped a. That's profits at big spent all their customers by taking left Roberts on directly over the Internet Harry Alford their lights at half the price. Now what you get it very well like with everything you need for a close couples today. Wait ergonomic handle five precision engineered lately getting strip it for replace rich lather shave gel can't travel like Albert. Now that's cool or hear it all compliment the Alter their blades they want you to try to shape set for. Let's respect that are very very. Right it's not pay a little bit my birth for the shipping it with god that you're that like just partnership when he signed up. Plus as a special offer after the big shall go to Eric dot com right now and Turco Sparky as Jack up Markey at eight boat shaped ball. For free tree that's hearings dot com votes Sparky RST. A RKY. Spark. We're outside the people here Israelis that are in the Northwestern Mutual answered right next to the Harley-Davidson displayed. And you've got the waves to pick for what he's confident concerned and curious about that right away. And the Saturn lane Wallace the oddest person LeBron for the home opener. An immediate sellouts at midnight tonight we'll pick between us at 1 o'clock seven. FM the fan they pick a plane with a Wendy's big show returns. A sports Radio One 057 at bat the fans. I'd choose life. Our energy he brings energy and he's a little clues. When he gets and so he's elusive to him about it. And now has been through their program breweries. And through the room and luminous there were sort of the most confidence and I've seen for four years or less it was the music doesn't want movies. Can benefit burden magazines he's ruined. The most confidence in those of us. Palette with courtesy of the NFL on fox and Kenny Clarke talking about his teammate pulpit UCL I end up in Green Bay. Brett hotly this is the Wendy's big jump on a ticket saints football Friday live out here at the people here as broadly as and it's just outside the Northwestern Mutual gate. Early. And like 3:34 o'clock or want to yourself yeah there was half caf half book. That's the last there 45 minutes and now if it all there's got an olds who can't. Can't or ruptured yeah yeah. There at least not at record jumper but he despondency probably just body now I'll get the body you think he's all about this remark. Right leg of red Doherty playing. He's that old out. Of brawl that. He'd probably bird is old cats bought you can thank that stuff with the brunt it's that's pilot did a lot of heat or the original bra and a lot. Adults who does this that about anybody query or that's the kind of runs the editorial that immigrants are all the browsers spotted you're right I am yep it's that you could actually get. That hell no and yeah okay that's what she surged yeah I've heard back louder as he did. Worries that if the big topics this guy's got today's big showed giving the finals they out of with greatly dragway pick away rightly. Will be competent consider it curious about it comes to the Packers take on the saints Sunday at the center lane while I was LeBron it's the honest for your home opener. An immediate sellouts at twelve victory readers at 1057. At them but not the phones and not to Saint Francis. Jacket with bent on when he's make sure what's up that. Our guys happy Friday happy thought opener is there. I got to go it the first lord. I am confident that yeah this is gonna put on an absolute hero that night. I outlined. National television. Fit figure this out at the hearing I think you're gonna ball out. I am period is tonight the night that we find out that the arts are the number one vehemently. And concern and they're about the packers' balloon go and. Our pentagon thanks for the golf I ever thought about doing that topic that way but it's written on the up efforts about it. That was done like I don't want it damper anybody's vote here. Even if you win and it is obvious this team yet it's. Physically equipped are the projected it would take it. You best teams in the east yes but yes I will be super excited about actually happen. But it does it mean if you're the best team and he just mean that what the first step in the right direction no questions it raises hopes. Raises expectations a little bit. You've got the right direction but do realize that you remember last year and I don't almost of all ivory or this attitude abroad but today. Always got up for quite as much. Every time they got out every trash talk about the Bucs don't feel. So we'll see of that state that happens now tonight. Putts drop. They're call something edited out there at the rate at three people I've seen since the great. Where the the purple box. Here whether it's yours here now exert whatever the case Ray Allen one of their received a lot of that out here today and al-Qaeda out of gated. If you haven't you're a member of the story about why they like the purple. Will go to web overall yeah yeah yeah. They would herb went a little bit oddly are doubly dollar write definitely senior Mike comedy cedar who has the highest paid guy or sport technical made up. Yeah outlets that Wimbledon like you guys came back in May request of the collar case I was up at out of Scott Nelson down not out not now never. While we're talking about fashion at the bucks marching band that you're not battled flavor. Don't mind do the land is not arts and add cardinal aren't there are lineups aria I policies that are right. Apache question and copilot LeRoy it area this I think it out Victor of that area and our friends the morning so Barkley there. Mark has he shirt tucked into his khaki shorts. And I sent T shirt tucked into the back you are today. It might it by the right people back and we always. It's unanimous day the book for my Twitter followers are or Expedia and brought. Have you out party are not yet not and you know Percy it's lighter legs after the summer that. I had it at historic. The editors noted. Okay here's. Where you pull this point it starts like up like what we want you to eat out Wear shorts also I heard. It okay. Words are gonna be rigidity. Carrier you are qualities. That aren't I mean I don't think so at that name right. These are titled album charts then that's a big day. Why people you know we were I don't think so yeah these toxins in honest and taken out what else do you want to defend yourself aren't that light truck that rear naked yet of the bike or relativity as the as the third satellite detected in the lights. It and looks a little better and you know that world lose well they like rotting might Wear tighter. You know looking that are not your problem that. Now it's two tight you know look like. And I see what you Wear tighter. It looks better not not with me. Exactly I doubt that's not the case of maybe it is I lost a lot of weight rapidly so I have like really never have that I have that Levys yet that left overs yeah he's the bad that it stayed there I don't know a lot of people know that. So would I Wear shorts when Howard tight tighter clothing you just see all the roles atlas it looked terrible eyes that looked back. You even not and it's as bad anymore but I would never took it featured in the khakis. Thing why. One off army. Right. At the launch. Party took off into the bullies and it. I I don't know something. Not duck boats are accurate there league players. That's it for injured your bowl which it. I'll be tucked in the front of the new arm and certainly the about the horrible. Thing you. Know right now thanks Marc we appreciated mark. Castle laid it crazy pilots are like eight re see that's what's regarded as not believe what you're not yet yes we just started. Still got Albany or are you a bailout will make that go along with the other five security. They're machines. Raked out for more than five minutes. Our add up more than five minutes look at your league feedback that we both leagues are under twenty dollars plus cash award. 308 our bowlers last year racked up honored dollars. 101000 dollars last year act out the late in racy. Spring practice but it court from 10 AM to what he had to get perks for family members and friends. If you sign up for league play at castle link to Racine on highway thirty want the wild side up always. Got that north would feel like you're cabin up north. It is the coolest bowling Alley I've never been in in my luck up and planning is you check it out Catholic tallied 31 race. Get to the full injury report for Packers and saints for the way he speaks a returns on a pick and saved football Friday live outside the people here is Bradley Center. At a tonight's home opener against the cavs the right there at the Northwestern Mutual gate. Fourth and State Street right next to the Harley-Davidson display back right after this not sports Radio One applauds evidence that the fan. You know and all of Famer. And I want to be out of Famer when they end. I Willie deceive in a while to have fun. While and while they're capable you know this disappointment of the day and articles some from those. There was cracked halfway efforts that are for the Green Bay Packers this Sunday when they may not to say. This is that when these pictures on tickets Xavier football Friday around here. Outside the people lawyers brands that are ahead of tonight's. Mobile and against Cleveland Cavaliers come say hi a lot of people haven't that Northwestern Mutual gate of Augusta right here at the Harley day I got out but now I know they all are due out. Hi my throat tight packed. It's helped write them yet with them now man and that is that buried. Like. I don't know and I go do not miss snapped through so much and so it was not a complex. That system that's there to relax and that it has to be hard pressed advertisement. Do I don't do I got to. Well actually three now I got I had you the truth you tell and decals you know pre. Garlic noses then. Com. It. And race you know and I just discovered another one that's been around forever but I never lived on mats we're. Cutting back on it pop Lou Reed. Since he's. Not out to hand out like the first. At least I have their job. And it. Another time resident. In the yeah and they do it you do everything you. Yet so maybe. I'm not on are they got today OK I'm I'm just yeah yeah OK Erica food. You know. Yamana I've missed my at a TV upgrade build a lot actually felt like I got outmanned. It. They had to go to. That the act of these ads that today that well. I bars lucky trying to pull that crap in Brooklyn and then opened the trunk and tonight you on that yeah. And I let it jobs that you would be a better president. Allegedly. And I don't want it about a government that I don't know and I'll let up on the report could not what you don't give a reason and that I'll if not all of them it wouldn't do and that dollar up your report like these guys. I can say what. Football for. Banged up this week for the this weekend's healtheon Abraham injury report if you're injured. And Abraham voted best and rated best year after year QB and Abraham tell you mean business. The following guys are out for the Packers this Sunday when they take out New Orleans Saints linebacker Ahmad Brooks with a back injury or inferred that the safety is out with a mystery injury. Aaron Rodgers obviously. And I are now Yang that you know Aaron with a broken right collarbone in two Thomas. Is still out with the ankle injury doubtful. The guard Wayne Taylor with the ankle injury and the following guys are questionable about house with a quadriceps injury you limited. In practice today analyst Gloria lately who's questionable with a back injury. And it. The various rated quarterback is questionable out at answering it but I know there are limited practice today is Bakhtiar and who log off the report small plane. That's the best new art of the pack at the tactic or an ugly. All in app but while they haven't bought another who profits that line. May not play Sunday. Report. Torre lately antley and obviously that tackle doubles Taylor made out like I find Hartley. Without. LA Taylor probably well I think it. I think with the appeal to me in just McRae at left guard and Bakhtiar hopefully make the outright with the bikes are reliable back so. Me from bat and at that point you're right side. Iger regulars left side MacBreak aren't like you better guard tackle like that that's your left side interest or Communists or back. Right you'll start to knock it on the back of them. But the secondary and Gary Gary talked about it it's considered that that was the secondary or bird that still out. And got the bond southwesterly it can actually back but don't against your greens and that's saints' offense. You want your full arsenal back there in the secondary and they don't hit it it does look like they'll have that. Abuse and lets you edit Mars accurately counted yet throwing the football. They're throwing it book law you have to understand that if the article well covered Erica topic portable hard. You know Joseph Thomas would have been warned they got to do but this is game with 27 gets back on track. He's been quiet since the bingo game and now you see him get back right to. So you're not too worried about that secondary out at Morgan Burnett possibly about as you know lack about that the coach. Went out that it deepens indirectly in the press competently it actually. You talk about the I had a question for you. How you evaluate hot Clinton explained to the sport. I would thank you love I lost. One. I would honestly I would. He is it's best of whatever you play. You struck chords. Whatever you led advances that you got up later now. Every time he took their safety. It is it is. And it has to step up ladies think every week it has not been doing that at a level that our. But he's adamant that he's nice. He's guards. But he's not. He's done that Colin. They don't it needed a top that you need to be closer to an account that he has now brought. He needs you more of quite may not gonna happen. But he's not. I think Obie whose owner is right when blogs I looked at me democratic nominee. Support. Or without board today is still to bundle. Now there's this eight minute Collins that you and he didn't and now that frank. It was then they realized that it from violence. That you please. Safety. How did that I'll edit it out now about well I yeah he can play his playing good. It doesn't mean. You buys into this season goes I hope that. That you need to to Ronald Maloney has allegedly Matthews. Gary actually dates have stepped up very well. That's that's no gray area with it it just happened to us that's what the back of what it. Last night safeties coach dared periods as strictly by high aces he's too confined to bed there's a lot we're out of it fit it and and he said something about the long lines of a he's he's playing through some things but that doesn't account for. And angles on cattle are easy hurt my yet. That's when Darren was suggesting but you know there everybody turn. Roaring around turn to our run amok code written via public activities of that I'm going through now I'll keep that. But you know at this goes a pro bowler last year. An account none and to hold up that day and you know they have they have the bird bird that bad deep but it says stuff in front of them you leave you scratching your head. The good news is that guy he ethically slave. And you. To. It's not a lot about the people out here at the Bradley Center query the the camps here obviously. None of us want to see that. You just walked by with to wait wait Marquette entered is that is that cool yeah I got off the home team. To I know I understand that there but at the top places third payers back to its market daily Rhett. Actually played right neared the credits that are people that we point right school and the people rat out down. You know on the they showed Iraq. In all live downtown surge pretty well. You know Wisconsin army. To weigh in ways properties marquee schools that lately market ideologues Atlanta offense. That's our thought you don't stamp it here currently get for a lay up Saturday night. Not what our. At me like an outbreak there when he was here but it held up a. Rolled out a bill that spends its not that I want you spit out your speech here for that now now that doubts about animals and people now lewis'. I'm okay my equity dictator if you want a fit aperture and lightweight negative and it's okay when. He got up on art. Write that down right I don't stand up out of Kabul well I think about. All the Rodney Scott's body. It was not an active. Thank you very much yeah I've treated this there I've treated but yet here that that I have on that your habit to have yeah I think it out. You know. In over the marketing under your loyalty to the it are you. This truth it. You you know. I don't write about it it's better. Look at the look of services lately and I don't move moan rose atrocity next to bring it right there on the fact that more. Let's make an argument that America do you Berg's got some new stuff that Madonna project yeah you guys are back. The new do you right now where he's going to be key U remorse that you review the bond who threw. OK even more convenient for you. The mission run yes Garrett. OK. I have no money while no I got nobody none of health and Jerusalem it convenient for you. Bought jewelry for your bureau. Lay away a lot transplant. Along those lines up finance. They're aquatic plants are now made that I got I got no idea that there. We've come and would you Wear me out. At all like oh we've delivered. A lot last night of bad news or maybe covered a little you and I worry you may not have to give up odd Josie. All okay W. That's what they do go to a different Dodgers and they got everything you needed illiterate and have an odd it is always on a commitment to do with being in Mickey. Jury for affordable for you jury serves notice that lately who hookers or repeal of the modern power I think definitely. Gary you know there's one thing about it's not movie. But that's not all about right yes there are hotter crowd parted. These risk I would get a quick break it out the other side are picked the quick and predictions for Packers and saints. Out here outside of the Bebo lawyers Bradley center at the Northwestern Mutual gate. Right next to the Harley-Davidson display and a sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. No who'll be this week's perkins' restaurants bakeries MVP. Let's check in Gary Rummy Sparky and LeRoy and get their Perkins picked a clip at. It is that's not where we all make our pick to click. And predict who will be the MVP. I am reading if I said you know with Gary others are delighted they were up and it did not want to buy tickets at both games show on the back after a box games. It is happening without telling you about sixty knots at the nearest path. We've been delayed because of Apple's game that we haven't at shelters battles gains this year it changes. This year all but both schedules will be out immediately folic every bucks game. A 1057 app and they have to say where the admirals will be as well. Op Ed because they've been Sheboygan Mars and thirteen cent in north when it defeated support. Tomorrow at 11 o'clock about it too well over its Borger reminds you what you're being asked gosh I'm a cross total 23. But I did. Gaga got it all I don't know I'm out dome got the prop jet all gassed up. They are good. Guys the recipes of growth notable that we. Were a couple Steve Sparky piper you're practically your prediction for Packers days please there. Pick to collect it that's not out of the Packers and yeah they've got a lot of that test every about it BP to iron out of we don't do it now that's like after. I. Saturday morning. Think it's evident when he seen as opposite as the Packers all right on this day Packers win. Remember what that art when you are simply for that what does that are at videos FaceBook page yeah a dollar predictions but their bases in that basement that job. Slash 1057 at than the finance LeRoy Butler you practically topic either. Hysterically bad news to reduce all right de Oca. I mean that is the they've Matthews and doctors win. When he went one on me well. Money named Gary dollars that your pick to click. And your prediction for Packers it walk over you and as low roar like you. Are very cute. Right out clinic the clinic but yet you have to announce the right to pick the click. It. Luke Perry White is Cuba. Gary Alison please give me your pick to click your prediction yet it basically keep it. All the critics Lilly went just your prediction man all 24 to 41 walk off amazing broad money for your money and dorm room. Walk. In Rodman Mason and program make all of our Crosby. All right I'm hopeful that their way to depict him. Me you ought to vote already die of it if you. I'm not Montgomery. Argo hoc without him. Gummery added I apologize I thought I wouldn't let us. Hot couldn't they get that interception and a public that would mean I'd be all right at the royal Waco. I told me they get about. That Dick before and I still have the atmosphere out here is outstanding. Very aggressive right dreary start out with a picture of permanent. And that it's a price to tell that guy carrier is not not a MacKenzie yeah it's all right there is no way I should let it out leaders both the burden that it is both the Iron Man number Arnett. Hot Jihad is not there that is that's a. You're the compliment I wanted to argue that verdict. Yeah. All I don't think that don't ask don't edit execute and you know we've from moments. He throw little ignore them ignore. These should all it or structural gentlemen it's time you come up instead. Hey these. The last that he would be if that Brett Favre. Minutes doctors. We're waited too loud I noted he was I was worried he would react order that Hillary did they explain. Did you watch you decide actor you once been an almighty knicks. It and you'll hardly go get a not a threat. I eat one actually being get a cut that they adopted that outfit from my relative to your balloon. Today is there growth bolsters. It there. Why. And now he doesn't make any pattern as they did not just let you know that is the magic Kabul. The basketball game in Chicago through the river walk and you know I would have recovered were brutalized they got. I yeah. Superstar that guy you know we or rebuilt while wanna hear. What are your past and we got through this you better stop. Our thanks to that are coming to hear how this room you're building that they think the Bryant will Leonard Green Bay football it's thanks to all of you for this thing is that putting stuff then on out here. At the people here's Bradley's that are covered up this weekend. I'm back Sunday morning that the fantasy football week. Show presented by David busting my favorites along with that ballot that's like get otherwise like Gary Ellis is back Sunday afternoon after but. Box after Packers and saints go along with bill Michael's onto the green again and older I don't know post game show pristine Arctic might very scary elders don't. LeRoy Butler like Clinton along with it serves forty sizable Muslim bill probably and it really listening to the way these big show. After we hear from an article Duckett Mondays starting at news. All right don't do it.