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Thursday, December 7th
The Wendys Big Show-Gary, Ramie, and Sparky host Pick A Lane 

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It is that time here on the when these big show along with the watered only Steve Sparky Pfeiffer. And the former packer and badger running back Gary Keller since I brought him back off and here's what you have to pick from. Then Great Lakes drag away quick blame right lane do you think Jordy and copper dropping off. President just right Holley settling your roots Osi Umenyiora are Mike Mitchell when it comes to the safety. Of the game and the return Elaine do you see a difference between O'Dell back in junior and his antics. And Tom Brady and his antics 4147991250. Or you can tweet us at 1057. At then the fans and get in on Great Lakes dragway pickle in less than an hour left for a voting. Free throw back Thursday let us know you'd like to hear next week by tweeting your artists at 105 Lebanon and the fence with the hash tag big throwback. And you'll be entered free 25 dollar gift certificate command. Tizzy to address on a who's winning who's running maybe touch it's crazy there's a four way tie at the home with journey. WW Wi fi music aka. Bing Crosby Christmas aren't taxpayers nominee Geary Oki Christmas is too early for Gary and how do you miss Annan now. And military already Christmas they get it would still do the stupid traditionally before the Thursday before Christmas you can still do that just don't do the throwback Thursdays the week before. Aren't Sotomayor for either and so it's about four way tie between Gary yogi Christmas WW we themes Bing Crosby Chris is that your hero. And as the last Thursday before Christmas are you two weeks two weeks from today are yet to yet. Or you're not gonna he's off. Yeah or at all so we gotta do it next week and I've struck by took some days off this year aren't so yeah than it has to be karaoke Christmas next after another and yet. They are I think I sixteen or call and that I think we just record that. And not even have voting for throwback Thursday next week and play Gary again the following week that's a little easy but he that your. Works we got to okay. I'm just trying to keep with tradition meant sparking you think jordin cover dropping offers it just spread on the. I don't think it has anything to do it that money and a lot more to do with quarterback now cup. As a before I think count that as one off little bit but. Jordy Nelson there's just no way he's fallen off at this point. I just I don't buy that at all I don't mind amount comp you get a single target it is the quarterback is Brett Hundley. That is the reason for the isn't about to Adams he feels comfortable with them and they're on the same page so that's worked out. As sad when he got in here that he very well may have a different better wide receiver and Aaron Rodgers Rodgers guys torn Nelson. On his guys in Delonte atoms so albeit that's how gilts. When Aaron Rodgers comes back he watched Jordy Nelson catches will go what yards with a lot of the touchdown drought house or get a more catches. I'm this offense looked like it did before and we wouldn't be having this conversation as I said earlier in the show had Rodgers been healthy all year can you retire Martinez nine or ten wins. Now and the vikings for first place probably tied for first. I would be shocked about. You know. How much they're going to be Cleveland by may be much point 530 points out do me a roll up helmets game onset time our rollout how much it means Cleveland were scared to death they're gonna blow this cell. At that that's kind of where we are as a fan may sending there's a lot of real overreaction going on right now about majority in Randall Cobb and where they are in their careers because of horrible quarterback. You trust Bob McGinn. And his assessment of players he and I disagree sometimes. Rob reichel who we just talked to announce on his Twitter timeline while we're talking to a bombing it is very very good and he quotes Bob McGinn on his anonymous timely follow. Rob it at rob reichel. On Jordy Nelson watching Nelson maneuver is like seeing a Great Lakes freighter entering port everything is labored there isn't any sudden it's. Then when riders from back. Imus I'm assuming that we still won't see big gains on Adori Nelson is 32 and is that a torn AC until I mean I progress. I don't drop off OK fine but in nature of it if that's the case. Then are they not doubling Jordy anymore. Here. Yeah and that's stopped. No no they are your student government what you saw on doubled the last thing but why are based on the description they're jewelry and I don't know I don't know why and then you could you that's why you couldn't do it that's where you can really can get that passover attack. I don't know why you will be doubling him I guess when you're in the playoffs you see because what's gonna have have to happen. He is if the running game is what it is. He you gonna have a single coverage Jordy at some point. So we'll just have to see how that shakes odd thing Jordan has lost a stereo images only happens when age. But most certainly I think his numbers will be greater with Aaron Rodgers because in garage has got this on the special where they know where to get to four point two. So that's the right lane. Do you think owed Jordy and Cobb are dropping offers it just spread only moving to the Sunderland. Yesterday Mike Mitchell had a lot to say about the players' safety rules in the NFL including those from the Steelers safety. This is football. You wanna thief let the ball then let's take our heads off they'll make it easier for me now got to Wear head. Give us life for me to pull up that way I know what we're playing. Not on the plate full speed contact global we're not doing that I gotta ask a guy hey are you ready for pitching right now it's him that's great. Osi Umenyiora heard those comments. And tweet it out the former giants defense cement our players really this Tom. Hate to say but c'mon former players have died and are dying horrible that's because of head trauma and you're complaining because the league is taking steps to at least try and reduce it. Hash tag or excuse me quotation marks make it flag football. Ridiculous. Gary you with OC area with Mike Mitchell on this one. Our. A word you when you're on this I think you know he's got a lot of passion which I loved. There we returned. Beef in your own Romero get a statement from you and is really good because that's where we did thirty years ago forty years would that mean that we should cleaned up and make a little bit better. Today I think we know more today. About the game and we've ever known it. We've got to go out walk around shoot and kill themselves are going to commit suicide there blowing heads off. You know it might my good friend who was a lot of reforming Tom revealed basically you know. Forced to cops kill him yet issues so we we just we wanna get that taken care we kind of want that out of our game. So that's the Sunderland are you with Osi Umenyiora are you with Mike Mitchell when it comes to. These safety rules vs the entertainment value. Of the NFL 4147991250. You can tweet us at 1057 FM the fan I'm moving to the return mine O'Dell Beckham junior. He soft. Tom Brady's latest sideline rant on Sunday somebody treated at him that it's passion when Tom Brady does it. But O'Dell Beckham junior against gets called selfish and everything else in the book. When he doesn't Beckham agreed with him in many other people on Twitter or agreement that sentiment and then put a video up on NC Graham yesterday sparking a 42 montage. Of of clips of O'Dell Beckham juniors ransom sideline antics. And Tom Brady's grants and sideline antics essentially join himself and Tom Brady during the same exact things back to back for forty seconds. Do you see a difference between the two and their antics. And double standards and double standard for a long long time in this league. But to view the face of National Football League you can get away with whatever you wanna get away with and the media has been. Ball down to you in fan you would do everything have to do. On the view our wide receiver in this league more times than not you're viewed as a pre Madonna all about yourself that is. The perception of wide receivers National Football League and has been away for a long time and tell wide receiver steps out and does something. Outside the box they are criticized in May be overly criticized for the same thing. At a guy like Tom Brady is done is one you know a bunch of Super Bowl rings I can justify what he's doing this if Tom Brady does it's for the good of the team. See he's got five jewelry he knows what's for the good of the team he can yell and scream and embarrass people on the silenced but it's okay for the team thought about him it's about making the team better. O'Dell back in June it does exact same thing and then after the good of the team it's about making O'Dell Beckham. Junior but get more catches yet more throws to him thought about the demons about a Dell back in junior. Horrible double standard it's been that way for a long time now but every quarterback gets way that like I said you are defense national full bowling day color cannot get away from what Tom Brady Alley at camp who cannot get away with what Tom. Brady got away with so not every quarterback in a way that Peyton Manning. The in doubles gold for years UCL a coaches often the Limon there's video all over the united him dancing and guys. However that nobody ever said booed him ever about him doing it never got brought apply because he was one of faces and National Football League it was okay. So at that. That really is I think is that the big difference or the position I don't know about computer plays. Puts in a bad position on Mac because those are attending it's attached wide receivers. I Nader you're comparing yourself to the face football which is a horrible thing now if you compare himself to another wide receiver. In football and said while he does the same thing gets away with it and I can't. Then that that's a whole other story but in this case I just think it's double senator that's existed and in football for a long time. So we've reset the big topics discussed on today's big show and you get the final say rightly do you think to forty and copper dropping offer is it only left playing do you agree with OC or Mitchell and the return lane do you see a difference between OBJ. And Brady 4147991250. Can tweet us. At 1057. FM the fan with Christmas right around the corner as he worked down your list of gifts for friends family co workers at the office or your best neighbors. Here in his here's an easy item which pleases nearly everybody. The gift of delicious meat products from Roberts specialty meats Paul Roberts loves to play Santa and he'll help you create a gift box of quality Parra products. From USDA prime beef tenderloin pour house or T bone steaks bacon wrapped filet is their legendary Al Capone Italian pork roasts ribs out a stake. Or assortment cover assortment ma'am trouble this aboriginal sausages and brought with over thirty varieties to choose from. Not sure what to buy no problem. 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And that will we decided we have to have karaoke Christmas and next week will be the last Thursday liberians as commissioner of electors dale lynch who commissioner like self no lack that I mean I saw a longer look at the schedule not I don't trust Gary's memory all right. And while look at the schedule here and make sure. That is indeed the case Gary is here emperors in point first. So that is the third to sure up that mass yes I am often Jeff. Gary you're very hold on I'll tell Gary that. Means. Are you working round in. The last Thursday before Christmas and a bottle I'm Austin among them all week but areas off next Thursday and Friday. Next Thursday and Friday but it's here the Thursday before kids so it's actually I isn't Jerry is confused we need to eliminate karaoke Christmas at be the voting open to the other three artists that are tied what are what again maybe dodge. Home on the road redo when they ask. Journey WW we themes and Bing Crosby Chris I'll say so those are the three that are the Ruddy right now Gary okay Christmas is well the following week will be Gary yogi Christmas here's what you have to pick from. In Great Lakes drag away pickle and I should say tweak the artist you'd like to hear at 1057 and everything is also makes sense it's WW we week on the USA network next week just throw that out there. Can street charges at what do I seven FM the fan with a measure that zig throwback for your chance to win it's what it by selling certificates. To master Aziz. Posed you know I was thinking about today we don't have time for the 500 errors out I don't know why I think about random things when I'm walking my dog in the morning. I miss watching wrestling I do while like I loved wrestling growing up is just so awful right now that I can't. It's terrible the superstars the story lines there's nothing appealing about wrestling today. At least to me it just seems awful I've tuned in a few times I turned an odd. And within minutes some like this is terrible and I'd just change the channel. I can't do it I'm sorry can't do it rotted my fears Baier on the Wendy's big show what's up round. Good afternoon gentlemen Albert think the are quietly talked about cop and Nelson and I'm an edit of course is currently heat. A rep humbly and people. And he center that quarterback Matt and our receivers but both parents rob and repairs. I mean I've I've been watching packer football awhile and Jerry might appreciate this. If you go back to lob the eighties he reminds me. He's probably while mr. Meyer and operate the worst quarterback played attackers and read write. And call Al I not been let out of radio. Appreciate the call and I are much much Randy Wright did you spark greater it was. I gave you talked Gary Siemens Wisconsin may disagree I. I thought red or it was going to be a pretty good NFL quarterback and men raining right got obliterated by the bears in the raiders. And physically was never the same quarterback we're meant to write him in league you as a mobile core reading out Ron. Ought to make throws at you want to make and then like I said. He got shell shocked after that loss in the same guy I don't think. Going forward. I don't mean we sort Ahmad. Guys like that I don't. I don't know who the comparison for Brett Hundley necessarily is a at this point I don't know if there is a comparison for Brett Conley. I've already right could've been a lot better than any right turn out being I guess my point now here's an injured right noble eagle back in your weakness in the same question. Meanwhile. We edit break in talks are Milwaukee basketball and Senator Kerry woeful but first Sparky Pfeiffer. The elements I don't know that I it was a lady vols can't dealer. What is coming up four blazed heats up again. Untie right now what's coming up they are having a grand opening for a no other new place. Now you you really like that please do I do. Yeah he's been like ten and I feel like and lastly two months while you are all over the place yeah I mean you know who's got stake metal deal. C.s for five or LeBron James. A crime gang that's Al variety Indy jets that's LeBron James said there LeBron Sparky is pretty much same guy I don't have the same guy I'll find all that far and our community get a cop shot and their ball floated I don't think that's. What I don't know Oakland avenues they again open physically place that actually touch what it idol seven north Oakland and a quarter of Oakland locusts they opened today. But what you need to know is tomorrow they're offering free. Build your own Artie is Null is on ice that I was pleasantly as seasonal Pete says are from 10:30 AM to 8 PM tomorrow. Free build your own pizzas tomorrow wanted to per person she's a freak. Furry one verse pizza per person tomorrow on the corner of all quit and locus warning now seven again. It's like going to a sub shop where he gets to drone agreed same thing it's at the pizza. Pete has done in like three minutes and it is. Few weeks ago so they got a point 97 north Oakland have. And is Bates inmates don't fire pizza oven that changes the way pizza tastes. Again a lot of these pizza places are putting out and I worked at pizza places. They're putting our guys like quit the first that a printers like conveyor belt out of and that's pretty much just like the oven you haven't known him it changes the texture and the way it tastes. When pizza is baked in a real stone fire pizza I feel better about myself eating the blaze peet's I feel like it's somewhat healthier. It's match sunny throwback Father's Day present my masters scenes of the Soviet like to hear next week it's down to UW WE themes Bing Crosby Christmas. And what was the third one maybe touch. Journey it's down those three. Give us your vote at 1057. FM the fan is where you treat your vote along the hash tag big throw back and enter when a 25 dollar gift certificate. Two masters he's right now got chicken to. This guy's on the inside. Basketball inside here don't we won't fool don't feel like the law offices phone call was full. Only on sports Radio One 057. And that you'd that covers the Packers the Packers the bucks for the Racine journal times and Racine sports zone. Dot com joins us now on the great midwest bank count land we call might carry around these parts are very hard this afternoon like Gary. I am doing well and yeah. How active are the trade talks for the hundred Jordan recite rumor that the boxer interest and how active are these straight. Well I think they've been an ongoing union. He'll be gone way they're good people it could be going until February. When the deadline occurred some you know what sir what do you know fourteen. Express. Sincere interest in this bunch of other teams that are interest as you know the clippers obviously are in the early. They'll wait to look at the bill still chain and go from there. I like with the nets are doing I'm marks is a nice job as General Magic it's De'Angelo Russell is terrible horrible contract to Brook Lopez last year and now. He gets to Lille Okafor installs kiss in another deal today including a second round pick. And India will really anything and all hot I just from for me you know yelled there's no guarantee Okafor is their pass this year Virginia his option picked up. I just they had adding him in De'Angelo Russell to guys that are lottery picks high and lottery picks that didn't work out and their situations. This this this is how you might take a a horrible situation and turn it into something bright if Okafor parents ought to making keep him along with a Rossi got some. Now you're absolutely right and I mean they have a truly comfortable winners. Of a controlled dark and in history yet you know all all the better. You know I heard the books and bought one and it is well what. Boca towards the talent you know the problem is off the court but it. You know he's obviously listens and then yeah yeah yeah of this teams don't want you or. In. You know I think Brooke Wednesday upper hip place. In a bush says they went and find true you have Jabari Parker here they're both good friends. A name that would have been negated it was a slip into what I had Julio Okafor here I don't think you and handles off court issues. Yeah and at Brooklyn really didn't give up what you mean Trevor Booker exactly as I see nothing. You know but I mean yeah and to commit the bucks an alert it's yet sure. You know mention to you what their stances. The price for Okafor was there a point lower than that morning. Shear. So our public Rashad vote. Bought I bought and Gary. And Robin. Wright and sure we all reactor which we do. He had rehearsed ershad operate well and that's a good sport last night. Talked about being professional and one of the raps got shot and maturity the lack of but you know the guy. Retired he held and find out of this contract was extended. In Chris Middleton was called me last night that. He's worked hard in practices stays after practice of Gupta setup so. Not yet give credit. Well and now now the question is whether or not it'll stay with him. Or not we've seen this before Borchard Bob plays two or three games and now we don't see him for three weeks. So the question is whether or not it's coach staff or stay with him and believe it hamper or abandoned ship like they always do. Glad that the bill played you like team were shut com they'll stick with the but that it you know they'll go to them what you're ready. Even play collapsed to gain some of them in the scheme that easily click one minute so. It's not like get cute as a lot accountants and you know. But again without Jason Terry here for a couple weeks mile away we had Jason Terry on the watch bush pigs or post game show last night presented to buy puller Mozilla team frozen cheese pizza and Terry said yeah I national security. Not only talked a lot. But I asked Jason Terry about how how how his victory is is that gather saying two weeks I'm saying I'll be back in four days. He as I know my body and be back in Fortis so. Mean that's a big difference for two weeks to four days but even if that's the case that still puts him up to this weekend. So you have now two home games coming up against the mavericks and the jazz rematch against the members who embarrassed you and its Jesse doesn't play pretty good as of late. For me Vaughn meets flame ball goals games continue to get his 1518 minutes and every play bumble those games that your urgent time in the next game on its next Wednesday. Yeah I mean. Again I think just completely years it would happen. The critical thing about it was shot actually awkward. Compliance group the grateful for the decides not to his country. It and you know he's become actually a pretty decent three point shooters so. It'll be interest industry. You know they chrome and some gobble packaged deal you know the deadline or you know it's well blocked at least. That's another player on the nets I'm interested in May not have these guys that were were thought to be. Yell gimme really great players that are really still very young were shot bought is still very young. Did take a gamble on him makes all the sense the world that you're trying to shed contracts are long term deals are. Or whatever the case may be I think were shot Vaughn is gonna make these guys regret not playing him that's how I think this he'll play out. Maybe I'm wrong but I. He did he's not just a shooter he gets of the rim he finish around the reigning gets a little the free throw line obviously with contact I just think there's more to his game and so you can you really must do. Are always so are they doing a poor job interior are getting a mound I mean warming as a coaching in east used by our side well so Charles. Mike is great if you Steve tells it to what's wrong. Well I don't really Russia born until you know the college remember that yeah that's. Logger. So what broader where's the disconnect. Well I think part of it is you know has people that were shot on you now let me. I think he's gotten sick the other more this season. What do you know previous seasons but he is very mature that'll be focused on being a good player but you happy to be the NBA and you know that's what happened to see that up with a lot of guys do that you can't get either. So it worked for his work ethic is in. Needs to be better mortars. Yeah and I think they have got better to its credit you know what you unfortunately it. That was between Europe and. And it happens I think. Is it happening and I fell as much as did Diego where guys are just happy to be there in that that first Patrick maybe not work as hard until after they're looking for job. I think so I mean it comes to laughter well I think to help was more so in the NBA. Then in the in the other two major sports because guys can come in Seoul young. And they've had so much success in college and then all of a sudden. They get smothered right away any would you go forward fifteen. Guys on the bed to me fifteen gathered a team in the you have to go to those guys more than any other sport I think it because. If you look at baseball guys got the minor leagues were they can go to and kind of get it figured out. My comeback in the Libya it is the only other well they've got a Gatorade league and you'll see that ends up being that waited to see they're out. Considering putting a Gator league team in Mexico City now that's giving them. I did see that it. It went to see. What work or don't they show I saw that exceeds playing really well. They've got a lot of guys that have been one player of the week already in console formats and in it. A very exciting product to watch right now third. You know I've got to or Peyton. Junior the other day well system. He said it's actually been great up there really likes what he does course you don't wanna make it a permanent home but. Yeah that the fans at Oakland got on board and extremity. Really positive situation. It's also find his work inside there and journal times racing sports zone dot com wolf pulls press box dot com and on Twitter at Garry. With an. Thank you white Jerry Jones on the great midwest bank outlying great midwest bank has been committed to personalize common sense lending since 1935. 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I've Brooklyn N dot com nets beat are all okay LIN EN dot top promo code Sparky Brooke let it least under the sheets up. Our thanks to our guest this afternoon Larry Harris former Bucs GM Jerry wolf old Milwaukee basketball insider rob right shall. From Bob McGinn football dot com John MacNamara. I was not an insider from bad to blitz dot com if you missed any of those interviews check out fanned on demand at 1057 FM the fan back number two by. John Paul's Buick GMC. Highway 100 in Greenfield two weeks from now will be a karaoke Christmas for throwback Thursday what will it be next week baby tout. It was that I like it. I'm very very good with that coming up next it's the bill Michael's not open meanwhile for Steve's marquee Pfeiffer Gary Ellison. Baby couch. And Chansi intern I'm running back glass and thanks for listening. We'll talk to any Pickens save football Friday tomorrow starting at two. All right until later. 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