5PM: Pick a lane and meet the new intern

The Wendy's Big Show
Monday, February 12th
Gary, Leroy, Ramie and Sparky reset the day's topics; reaction to the Darvish signing, Jabari's response to Prunty and do the Brewers have to answer the Cubs. Plus, Gary gives the new intern a nickname.

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And scored key. Hours what happened crashed in burn. It's time for the guys to reset the big topics from today's big you know. And let you pick a lady. Nickel and brought you by the legendary Great Lakes dragway in your bro yeah. Great Lakes drag wait dot com for 28 to your season passes and ticket discounts. That's Great Lakes drag away dot com. I'm here on the Wendy's big show along with the water only Steve's. Marquee fight for it are two former factors Gary Ehlers and and LeRoy Butler I'm running back off and here's what you have to pick from in Great Lakes dragway pick a lane this evening right lane. What was your reaction to the cubs start reciting left claim. Are you worried about how Jabari responded to Joseph front teeth from Friday night and the return lane. To the brewers have to answer what the cubs did. Over the weekend and overpay. For a pitcher for 14. 799 full picture you can tweet us at 1057 FM the fan to know which line is you wanna jump in go right ahead and now that number percent to tweet at 1057 FM the fan. Or lettuce reset the big topics discussed on today's big show and you jump on it when it what did you have something over their heard. Our new review I'm just looking average view of its Q of the diamond counts used them as we get right now OK Seahawks fans aren't cool experience no. The Bali was during his forty votes. That's normal. That's how I oppressor and but now as far as actual tequila drinkers that yet I drank. I guess is and it's all this that it's who is it's a George Clooney deal. To George Clooney I'll its Vista California. Aren't I never heard in their. The right what was your reaction to the code signing and Yu Darvish or what the president did take the wind died years sales and Ellen yeah came from or your tires. I've spent the next I'll she tapped. It is an attitude well it makes sense Merrick thank you heard memo accuse it has the sailors what do sale last week armor and last hour. You didn't want amber you would be surprising signs Biden and want president rather what I yeah yeah right right if you say you're at edged. Area at a M but they're probably in gating. Darvish. I would some fast and run him on as I was surprised at all I mean because I felt like. The brewers have made in my hall for a while back you did accept you okay I'll move and on. So. You know the money aspect that it fits with the cubs are trying to do. Get because one of worst fears came in and actually to the playoffs would date they wanna keep winning they don't want to be a one. Once they wonder I was not surprised. And the headlines. Really. But brewers to me it would talk about this later should. It will be the brewers. Just a just to search you know as far as pitchers are concerned there's not a panic mood to brute in panic in the Internet. Knows much action. Union believes that Amber's efforts Yu Darvish was a real offers of being that they thought he would take. Now I being our lives our way at this SEC might have would have by your wine 100. One he asked for it now yeah. I just figured that that that hundred million dollar long term deal is kind of money they floated out it field and it floated out at sabathia we've seen that before. In a bulk both situations they knew they -- and take them money but they dated as. What LR Arnold he archetype the PR while. But if you want to give Likud but look like and think about the burst perspective they think any chance it is due. One month goes by. Yeah let's go back. And any price of drumming Dell. Offer these at this point. Other record they say he has no offers that anybody's been documented so I'm that he want it is still what. What can we offer and that we're OK with it we actually when there's things we're gonna go up just what you're not the only team on Iraq is Steve Alford then now to record the brewers the cubs and the twins went in with a three on the record and I are okay. The brutal for hours so. Oh OK okay now the first woman we heard back so I was well it's good to be part Olympic precision is. What number admits the number they came web of we're not gonna hire anybody say you know I've version land in each other now as he takes stars tech we could do that week. For that so they thought got a drop their knowing they weren't gonna go dollar higher than what they offered and then waited to see Allen as it was gonna play out. And at the end of the day hey Chicago. They were playing ball. Chicago I think added that six the year to get this deal done if not a few and they were all in the same neighborhood Chicago Milwaukee. Minnesota I think they were all right their together. And that sixty your got it done for Darvish to go to Chicago just think that's why I think it was at the end of the day is he wanted to go to Chicago leader wanted to in Milwaukee Minnesota base are pointing out. They really get off from five years at a hundred million it's twenty million a year. The cut I ended up paying him 21 million near a bus he hits incentives but he hits incentives it's up to one hit right but if he's hitting incentives that means it's all worth it right 100 best while yes I mean from NASA back right so it's if if what he one million a year plus incentives what he was looking for really all the brewers had to do. Was upping it a million a year and add a year to the contract out and you aren't theirs. Long long time busters in five years and six years man tell us a lot what's it was 34 years of five years for Cain. All lots. But he's it's Milwaukee it's not it's not the cult run of signers they're just not a big gamble but if you're already willing to make a gamble a five years a hundred million. Six years I'm 46 million isn't that much mortgage buyer I understand that's why I don't think they do they glad you're in a playoff right. They did a team option they did before he had neck event. He drew everybody talking about it right. Did you dot yelling shoot dot came here comes up for Darvish it brewer fans were goal in the it's heading into that neck event that weekend. And since then nothing in the brewers might get one of these guys then your order comes out of talks on Jack I'm not money go get a star and a real starting pitcher at the top end and his free agent market. We didn't do this it's still possible. And so that leaves more fuel to the fire in order to get everybody I've dubbed by season's biggest I single game tickets all this stuff. Please say they did they play that very well senate he takes dear all your feet in bee doesn't you get all the publicity out of it. So that's the right lane what was your reaction to the cubs signing Yu Darvish over the weekend 414. 7991250. Can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan moving to the left lane move on through Friday night bucks taking on the Miami Heat. And there's a point in the third quarter were joke fronting not too pleased with young Jabari. As sound courtesy of fox sports Wisconsin. Others opera radio yeah and it's not a great while it's only cut it finds that men aren't I'm sorry are you were out on the dvi. And and I don't think so understood why they are likely probably as we taped to its are you worried about how Jabbar responded to prod the and his on court instructions on Friday 4147991250. G what did you make of the exchange. Why are especially thought Rami. If you're there is a way that markets explain your goals down. Usually your coach off no more importantly. He's trying to future ball. He shrinkage school more point you do what you want right estrogen more ball. If you think of anything about jaguars lose he's got a contract conference that he tried to score more points of view more money. So adjusting get the whole servers that are goal. Deal he had there were prod me this guy is probably in a lot of pressure. Las scrutiny. Contracts ago. Meg I feel so we're in his heart you know goes to his team mobile word thought it was his team is going to be used in number two pick overall mean Norman. Those guys are the main when they gave in to the images we have been yes it more yards to all star. And you know roars at that as you do when you when you talk about Milwaukee books right now. You talk about young's. On his own way and you look at Middleton who's having a pretty good season and definitely the talk about them. It could be also the guy commerce model could be you know he can be an all star has them all stars show. Circuit it's your bureau a lot of pressure Boris Diaw. Interview on that a monitors you got to know do we're trying to get to the ball we're trying to get you more touches what's bad about that. We believe that there's some online stuff alone in his is always. Sometimes when you go awful people sometimes it's always the stupidest of that you go off on is really some underlying stuff that you gonna hold onto for a don't. That comes out like that way. So slightly concerning. I think when he shoves down and figure out his way in what he means his team where he belongs on this team and give his money but his role yeah just a Nokia as far as he's fighting for August. Ushers has told. People watching. But to me I'd. Like to support people when they need support not just wanted to anchor. He's he's twenty and ten air valves to be his friend I like to help people through tough times and not bail them. The support people at the because he's welcome promptly good they got a lot of town and we all have off days. Some that I mean you wanna tell you got a man I do meet me ask that may give mistake. I don't go look it I love you guys I tell you ignore coached and can't do that came Tuesday and do it new king do it no mom probably not. Allow it happens in baseball is resilient Naples I thought our name got a lot. The list goes zero tolerance but. Mark it was some guys who did it go light Italy don't have an affable also I got us there colts know we definitely you know that he no. But he is a guy gonna try to. Lot of ways it's okay he's don't probably July like you know I am not saying duels and enjoy a lot about why why. You got to contain you got to contain wage is key walker you know let me say this yes sir. And when I go away and culture I think that. Good as the runner go the rudder blowing off the third base coach is sort of a unique. Situation notice in the world of spirits again. I mean I know what it's residency I mean that's that's literally in the middle of like high pay you know fast action where your every acting you know what I mean and it's easy. To blow right through code to signal it with media to disrespect to blow off the coach at all you know what I mean yeah. You could easily run through a third base coach a signal. And it I mean there isn't a lot to read into it it's just a guy reacting. And and playing in the moment and not this kind of thing that we treated and goldmans don't. You're very on it now via. Does he has like stuff he was always stopped just reacting. Don't not thinking and just play is aggressive that's his style cars the same right that's their style plays so that's yeah that's gonna happen with third base coach is maybe it happens morning Ed cedar than others are middle to notice that border but as he's been doing has allowed you doing today. You go more than be right that's the left lane how are you worried about how Jabbar responded to front tees on court instructions Friday 414. 799 total panic. In your kids do you like. You gotta straighten that out. So product he has. Nice hole not entire namely to coach Bret and down you deal article you mean wood and say this is keeping them as respect each other. When I call you. Just tell. I would and conduct the word scared don't I get to today and well I would lose my mind as a parent my cues out the door and I don't and you know you're an oil is doing ignoring a coat though. And note this only now homes on audio I would altering what would you do Gary brought up the basketball floor ignoring his coaches do what he wants brought in that Derek. Actually would happen. We. We we've seen where there can be cash animated. Please humor I figure. And placed him on the island that. Anything worth though that weren. Cold. Two. Demo tomorrow. I'm doing right now. You're about. Development and again went. Don't you can't on radio ready to coach told his mom and Malcolm gets in and come get it did and we're talking. You're from two different you know he was gonna run and not let it. Ideally like because he wasn't playing what where was he was around America on the would do its attention to. When these have been used this beautiful. It a model illustrate how you do if he went. It right now. He's glad it's no secret DiMaggio always noticed I don't know if you don't live like yelled. No we have been. Fantastic marketers do you the new dozen. Most golds. Things that you and so we talk about you know both from things you learn when you're younger on how you know yeah polls reactor reactor you know. You know it Jabari either. He's done that and you know do you know all that I mean. A lot of these fees or herb they're there hoddle. You know they're the best players I mean you know it is but it is why are they on this levels. Different bunkers. All of sudden this is. My livelihood I mean this is this I mean this is all the might I'm ever gonna marry is not just did its job. They're there comes a lot of other pressures chair. Where followers to. That's the right land are you go there there was are you worried me of not you heard were in the lane are you worried about how Jabari responded to prod the on Friday night and moving to the return land returning. Do you have Darvish had a conversation. To the burn is now have to respond. To what the cubs did Sparky and probably overpay if they're gonna get one of these free help with pitchers are more on the mark ice and you're earlier. This and a memorable or are really I don't I'm not know that they don't have to respond and over. Maybe because again if you think your window is fox Sears and K what time you know. I mean if you're an idiot and think and I think at that and author of the outage you have brought it back copyright. If you're an idiot I think we got it where this is just vision it whip out adding a pitcher this rotation. Then I'm sorry not all I can't I can't fix that beat you you are not what in this division about adding at least one or two more pitchers you have. It's chase handers in that game he's just seeing who you're with your free agent signing earlier voter fraud authority where the front three in Chicago. When depends I order and Darvish shooter handwritten note Darvish can tonne let's there probably okay. You could put Hendrickson Blair make eagle four the I'll bet salt before five for the brewers any sort and organize and Edwards are two in good rotation Woodruff pick your brain and I wouldn't ordinarily Woodruff could be your full war that would be my choice right now currently in and hopefully he continues to pitch well behavior that you got junior Garros. You've got your body guy art oh remote and good as soon and Princeton and that's what you're looking guy Jeffrey I don't lie well if you wanna compete for the as the vision you wanna win the NL you need to starting pitchers. Does that mean act happened on an apostle you could trade for a did you did not. Expand that another pitcher next off season and then gold Florence plus. The season you don't have to gold Ford right now Robert knew what the owners is we asked and is now mean it was a war that there. I don't see dog. I can't fix all of yeah. And now. Opponents say the current owners they brought it whoa. Don't know why wait for 21. Or not priest brother we decided winning in 2018 how long as to win in 20/20 hours a dying thing is that the bill from a and then it had to grow its. It play that video again isn't that. So we've reset the big topics discussed on today's big show. Now you get the violence say otherwise and rightly and what was your reaction to the cubs Darvish signing left playing are you worried about how'd you Breyer responded to punt deep. On Friday night and the return mind of the brewers. Have to answer the cubs and potentially overpay. But so are you fit your 4147. That I eat breathe between us and went 057 they've resolved at that would help graphic. Thank you are okay that's if we don't want the ace North America calves and general and I think it. Your time is right now it's crunch that never 100%. Wild caught. North Pacific not covered and careers he ankle transportation you can year. I don't like Thomas Austin topic creamy deal dollars and three pickles from that they can really huge holes. In the lead and had more is how do I like she's a mind to elect those keys on a humid about it so much delicious crunch it up pick Lulu bridges damaged lovers. And it's all yet Wendy's for. Eight limited. The big show in the midst of Great Lakes drag way to collate right now. Giving you the big topics discussed on today's show. And giving you the final say out of here's what you pick and from the seeming right lane. What was your reaction to the cubs start reciting what mine are you worried about Roger Bart responded to Ponte on Friday night and the return mind. The numbers have to answer and potentially overpaid. For his starting pitcher for 1479912. Victor Rita sat 1057 FM the fan while we're talking about the birds minds what tiny Tim Allen. And building detachment coming up. With hot stove weekly from six until seven tonight for reverse Richard Wagner joins again hostile also know also worth mentioning that you don't buy and experiencing cactus league game in Scottsdale Arizona does it. 57 FM the fan back on you and enter for your chance to win. Two tickets to see cameras and the Rockies march 3. At salt river fields at talking stick to unite the country fun in the valley's only spring training pool party country double header doesn't which march 2. Old Dominion in March 3 game where both at talking stick resort in Scottsdale log on to 1057 FM the fan back down. And for your chance to win in this national contest round trip. Airfare is included. Two to Phoenix man known as well and hotels at talking stick resort Scottsdale two tickets to see members of the Rockies march 3 antic is the dust and let's march 2. And Old Dominion on March 3 again go to 1057 FM the fan back count. And enter for your chance to win let's go to your phone calls beautiful the west side in Santa earlier in the when he makes those odds at all. And returning to keep 100. I agree with Sparky is mr. did you mean aptitude aptitude test. I think only wanted to divide the side until and also comes back to campus god. And I met with your yearly salary onboard years without uttering now once I'd years you know that marketing eulogy at its offer 120 point five. Let's do it with commitment but it unfortunately. It was interesting infinite. It's just happen that track last year and just the people think it was the people that. Well you know into the movement in the kitchen and it doubles on. The east side and he went to as a right now. Thought central line. No shock. Cubs we didn't go to tech guy and I on the sword about a year ago at the end. And I admit I did a great deal with you and Arnold doesn't tax system. The good deal. Politically typical we can't afford that should steer with the title to get our five starter. At the appointment of most likely. But it continued and I know yes for all of fortified that you want to what are we get the candidate of the year. Our marlin but I think you'd remember that our kitchen cabinet that is terrible. As people on the airwaves to didn't sound like we have some decent pitching but we have to don't want stud when Nelson comes back I think we do to keep toe to toe with the tribes. I think thanks for phone calls don't fire you yelling all the sudden this segment and you all right that's happened though it hasn't put your hand on we know your mouse on it he can do whatever it is out to enemies and a U mocking me in a break. Madness tournament so you. Ask yourself. Let's go to did it more here at Wendy's and a show. Let's. Look at him and. I have you ever noticed that high school basketball player should. Actually either Chicago or shall we are where we hear. Little ivy jarring there grows. About their bill's friends and count all putting this okay. Stop. Upon all I played in a junior league to. Are you might school that played it like being. But our whole point. Is if you go back to our first they eight trying to make about eight key nobody asked questions. Air it would yeah it. Who do the players vote in what could let their harmonies. Are so like which of problems. You know army. Effective. I think Bardner Kabul was actually tree and also believed to bark if folks socially awkward department it would. Could honestly not. Art Chicago and broke off your eat out just right. Appeared. In the war for. Me to TT ES TSA army yeah. I. But they all look shorter production orders from back the spark for. World wait. Blocking Jabari model. Jabbar postmark and it was somebody like. What turned back to. Get technical. And you'll. They're not that quote wait law should. But at this thing on it I would think people need to get these views entered art. What are probably what we should. Probably the most folks are normal people are dark and are Libby are an academic. What was it to address. It. Toyota and it is first and you. Is coming out about Osama earlier in their defense. Yeah. Harder on the field everybody up about keep that in mind. That we. We were. I like. The moment and for. Acting will promote lane departure of what he's. Supposed awkward. You people are tired weird from the board like I know there. A lot more attractive but I annoying track. Kind of like the record I think from top of the way. Watch it. Yeah bed to fill I don't know. I don't and I. Ottawa Ottawa against the company collect the Iraq meant. You know and they don't know that easily. If that's. Your why are you Latin. You don't. You Judah. Like a mountain with Lehman and children. And education and Wisconsin when his COLT you wanna go there. Drew his goal of viewing need to do is go live when you better get a testosterone blues before you go out there. Yeah is it a bit enemy combatant. When I usually go on a little. Should still do I don't know why Schuster not to go to the finish. I that they do yet we're still look at the by Cuba would mark. Yeah but you don't know underwear. As back in what April. Of last year there bonafide. Oh now he has run out there in July and July ams in Canada and heard from my accidents. Interested parties. June with the mentality before it does an average. Abacha and I don't travel on sports tried I think you know I love being active in being in the best shape of Yeltsin here for. Mentality help in the war. If you've finally made it looked USC dark now. You guys doctor that who wish you were more active with just a little bit more energy. Many of you to do with an exhaust itself I mean all of them more energy when you're home to go to the wives or. You want to be more active in your keys well. Mentality geared to help you mentality. Is they knew him here through the dedicated to helping me and just like you. Feel their bet real bottom lives and format battle that when you felt the effects of the wrong your burger retired years you have. You just don't. These are for him sleep in a fetal position and while you're when you're what you're working. Review boards or for our position. In the Rio medical facility that provides do you approve. This stuff wrote fringe or back in the game again it is unlikely of places. Mentality takes germs on these guys the GA with 9%. Success rate as a win the guy you want to be and make an informant for your free. Consultation today admit. Him or again to US and England. GE is very young men in the in the intern box or so ago. When good and I don't really hadn't yet. Mayor Adrian meet and they in the interns and our next president you'll likely go on the Wendy's big shipment that sort of thing. I hit every week I'm running back off along with Steve Sparky Pfeiffer and are two former Packers Gary Allison and LeRoy Butler house a weekly coming up. Just a few minutes to Mallon bill baby touch a hostile like there's numbers from 67 former remove or attracting an instance and you that the brewers' rotation is just as good as the cubs are obvious there'll be an hour of that going on I wanted to some cross dock with him if we have a minute but first we have to meet. And name the new intern who's over on the other side of the glass first of all what's your actual name young man. I can't tell you might know not use the Mike Mandela while I thought it is. It's. And. And I assure you ought to run aboard suffered his message on my board allowed on go to Israel my name is Marty Martin moments Marty. Is he knows intern Mardy Taylor is I'm 3030. Now he's not her oldest injured jaw Biloxi are said Tanya were you go to school occupied last may legally monarchy were to go to high school at Schwab and school. What's your major. Broadcast journalism okay this is actually some new wanna do if they got his wife's parents and tight and Idaho thanks got a voice generated a parent and he's a nice guy to anybody else have any questions for our young men I don't agree with Tim who said behind Marty make fly out as my guess and when our nickname was going to be my anemic why I'm right. What's more an excellent back to if you did not just ask then back to the future you never see you back to the future look like they know nothing remains Marty all. It could open up the Gary heads of the Allison bud for the men and here Tony and I had that there's an official neighborhood theaters march. And week out with the debate on but it looks like. I stormy. Like who were yachts. Was done largely nobody knows who you're talking about little asking outback last year. We got a gallon and a diplomatic effort and that they're afraid about that. And now. It's never. The girls. And countries ego and a fuel. Well. The countries are jewel on army. Armament and I don't. Yeah who. You gonna cube to lose a lot of elaborate a bit off what's his name. League his last name is Lee and we're talking about Judith known Ali to the same show three. I you have. As traditional I'm gonna. I don't know Nadal would have gone is a dared I should dog bit wider hurts law is an. Yeah what is now. Yeah. And they Soledad general all I was shot off his daughter message and can largely because she's government allows it. And I know she ever she is about Atlanta get better operation dubbed the I don't think there may jewel yards channel's big. Holes. Jules. I don't. And I brought brokers from so we're gonna call him let's Oxley. Hopefully. A junior does you they did you have long hair you know you. Aaron Aaron jones'. Trying to get a daily that is not a long. Men. He's in the army now router between you rule that. Front yards and you guys who were the questions answered that. The interview him through that Lovato was dazed and swung the other way now look. Is it. Different. What's your and they play on the call in konduz and thought she'd hit the others not at the plate so his mood. Demoted I mean yeah. I'd get in and Wednesday or Monday yet aired Joan. Picture I support him bulldogs. I think that in the bottom. Seem Demi Lovato she is something healthy and good music to boot. Thanks to elicit an infusion into the Wendy's big showed today how do it is coming up in the next admiral Saturn rising to seven in the LA times. We're here colors in the right butler's teams will buy for my final us don't and odds are running high flying since I actually think it not being show. We'll talk to tomorrow starting to meet all the Ibuprofen right now. I don't do it.