6 am - The Tim & Tausch Takeover

Tim Allen
Friday, August 10th
Chuck and Winkler 6 am Hour - With Bart and Chuck off, Tim Allen and Bill Schmid take over the mornings...well, Friday morning. They review Wednesday's ninth-inning debacle in the Brewers' loss to the Padres, and a 31-17 Packers win in the preseason opener. First impressions: will the new helmet rule cause monumental problems to competition moving forward?

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Good morning Milwaukee is 7000 the morning of Friday edition. Tim Allen baby tell us bill Schmidt. We know how we doing fantastic anyway everything okay out. Maiden voyage estimates out in the morning start up here August 10. 2000 AT and a birthday boy in the house of millennial birds that need to wait four years ago will disallow straits of my presence there was. And still and still is every single day every day I wake up GeMS like and it's the giver I can't give me an idea of an idea. And we're gonna give all we got this morning as you know will do is show anytime anywhere in for anybody. I do on Mars. I think it's it's they're checking to make sure that it's safer. For human beings to be up on Mars so we did you want from there we could start with the moonlight as long as we got a wife like don't start with the moon moons good you gotta crawl before you walk. Yeah I don't look good white though that's why say Mars when it's worth little space out some where you drink and last night too little bit just to. Couple Beers didn't even but I didn't I would say it was weird as I was as us trying to go to bed you know early and be prepared for the show this morning. It was like my body was rebelling and you'd know. It's it's Thursday night thirsty Thursday a get out in a body here move around that there's another millennial drop. Thirsty Thursday and that was a thing. I don't I don't remember it. You know thirsty Thursday. Especially when when it was spurs day is how we chain coined the phrase as the the bar that had two dollar. Beers every Thursday karaoke. It was points its first day in Waukesha Wisconsin okay for the old school it would have been quarter campers. That's half 25 cents a beer imagine how a beer a quarter of beer yeah. So mum did dine campers. Now you're just a minute and get out now our guest is Robin and and college presidents pay for gas. Audit eighty cents. My neighbors sort of driving it was in the peak. Of the the gas prices going up it was like four dollars and twenty cents a gallon while I was gonna we're gonna get you sports and more ideals vs old school little bit later on the show we're gonna get to you drinking. Not you like you you. Which as you guys run during general yeah drinking during a Packers game I've always wondered how much beer is consumed on a night. Packer game. A Sunday night Monday night Thursday night while this Saturday played on Saturday nights over the years suit. Playoffs whatever we didn't think about a Thanksgiving game I mean holidays even bring more into it. So we have that come on out we also have very out. A brewers debacle yesterday. At which in which case I will say this that. Normally I have a chance Suze. Over the course of time after a tough loss like that to settle down and cope yeah. This that this is direct opposite I'm becoming more steamed as to what happened yesterday. Well our dog got kicked around the other way but that was that was horrendous yesterday. I'm more I was amazed the more you think about it it's like you really. Corey. Three walks in a two run save situation. Three consecutive walks. That's tough to handle that stuff so would get to that just a second and yet a football game last night. X.s and owes anybody a somewhat real football game guys doing. Football things at Lambeau Field it looked good there was a lot of fun. Quarterback play at thought. Mean if you if we really wanna talk about. The percentage of of high percentage throws that Brett Hundley completed in comparison to every time he stretched the field vertically mom man Jimmy Boyle. Public TD passes. Jake who Murrow anybody jump jazz lovers going to be lighting albino the show was big fan of Jeff Janice economist saint brown. And and V and that's that's all McCall MVS MVS the law firm yeah of Marquez Valdez scam. Yeah I don't know. I don't touchdown grab one touchdown grab a contested touchdown grab as well yeah he was in the mix in lot seven targets he got. Your boy Jamont more ago. Now James Lofton last night on the broadcast who went awesome. How did dad happened at the Packers had been so scrutinized James Lofton. Now I. I imagine they that'll a long term relationship as you know Bob and and Kevin growing up in that organization with his dad being a part of it. So he's right no own Lofton for for a long time and I heard Doucet and I've football and and he's now on CBS right. The weekly so ladies 101 of the main color is so area he has tremendous. Tremendous and those two guys I mean. We're lucky we're really lucky and I don't know a lot of us appreciated as much as we should. With a Harlan and Lofton last night Boston's I exceptional. He was insightful. He was funny. Heat and even I mean as big the broadcasters. Geek in me. I mean he looks in the post in to a break yup Phelan through the music thrown it right into a joke. That takes some talent to. Yes it's amazing we might get to some broadcasts conversations because Bob you Kerr is gap he sees. Yeah. Out he sees you in you love you but will we might get to that and now among other things that broadcasters here at the radio station on that the fan here. Yeah this should be interest thing. I guess we were slammed in a way yesterday morning by a producer yeah a little bit while we were we were tasks and I guess is the best way to put armed. I I usually am the one that gets called the gig lurk at the station right right there was a little chuckle. When saying talking about you and I breaking not a Packers game you know. I get so excited to hear that break down the x.s and those of a football game. A lot. So. Yeah we're gonna spend the next four hours rip and on of the staff here on the fan that's serenity and primarily known primarily because every single time. Tim when I wake up in the morning the first thing I think of is ways to make everybody that I work with. Their. And and it was of pretty decent size slate NFL games that was cool as a fat Thursday night you know was I could use some red zone knows the first game of the priest's first we get a pre season. I got Lamar Jackson playing and in Baltimore. A wanna see that. I also wanna see sic on Barkley breaker may feel get a very the first time yup put up some monster numbers is a ton of games a lot of uninteresting. Plays on the whole time but as your flip it around from the Packers to NFL network bid brewers were obviously off last night and so you have got to compete with. But you'd football over two. Catch a highlight in any game and you like as a touchdown for the niners or whatever you're like well who. Who crop. At type of deal. Will catch on here you guys a catch dinosaurs sort of are easing yourself into the NFL season it's dress rehearsal for France to. Like you're not you're not making your bass Wacom holy for. Pre season game number two no your just getting things that you might have just done it delicate last night you got just got here and gotten some of the frozen chicken tenders and throw those in the oven probably a quick trip to the drive through yeah. Just a little sultan some slow taster of what you're gonna have for a for a packer party yet some cold Beers that it was an. It was an all out Packers blitz on. Drinking first last night so I wonder if that's going to be some of the reaction to him we talk about that come you know drinking during our regular packer game. If if you're just easing yourself and today it's you I was last night. That was still that was. Scaled down Tim Allen that was scaled back. Up there aren't so out last night's game. 3117. Packers' victory Tim boils seven of 15130. Yards and a couple of touchdowns. He never really know how to gauge this stuff because it's all pre season specially Lleyton a ballgame yeah when you when your plan against and in the third quarter of the first pre season games Heidi and no. You know out of me and added you can't win you can't lose either either way. Either way you does that wildwood there's duty indeed headed up but then on the other hand you have but it's it's three seasons like an insult bunch of practice squad players like tomorrow viewers are Wally cotton. Right after the long touchdown catch. They have only had trouble you know separating against that the first and second steamers are okay. That's that's the guy couldn't do anything right the fourth Corbett you know might as well plays are. 414799. Twelfth and how did the senator played looked real last night. Anybody pay attention to that. Although I will say mom man. Jamal. Is stuck a livelier Atogwe your boy Byron bell. Look at me like Flickr like. Well bred Utley is like you that he was able that these kids get the ball up in the error the other thing was going to be dip full laid it. But how hard the president and now you might wanna cut bait on that bell. Just right of way I don't know I did it did look good at all Murphy didn't look much better either now. Disarm Kaiser nine of eighteen a buck 34 and his performance now what is reading this morning. Was that Hundley. Looked a lot better than Kaiser. I don't know about that. How wasn't convinced of that. Kaiser I thought had a good dug two minute drill them I thought he had you use his legs had to move the sticks on the one ply. I don't know why I. Hunley figure out showcasing itself. A bit today make that trade to acquire Kaiser. Only needed to cut him or to hold three quarterbacks. I don't think so I don't think your home three quarterbacks and neither one owns a vet. I mean if one of them is Ryan Fitzpatrick and I understand EU trade for Kaiser in team as a third guy but with hunley. Well I think a lot of the plays that he made last night. You could see as him just being familiar more familiar with. The offense then thank Isaac watts but he was pretty bad last year. Mean we all have to bombings raise pretty bad and guys are inside the red zone I think that might be where people are having some knocks on that first drive up against a half. Yeah I he had 44 rows inside of the ten yard line. In your right at two minute drill was well executed we had some some clock management. Differences yeah. And ultimately it works out that it's 46 seconds to get four plays inside the ten. That's for you look at for no Russia can play you so got a time out his security blanket and he's wasn't able to push it through. Couple balls that probably could add some more zip bottom but it was good good defense by the titans tight enough but he takes him down there in that situation. You're able with cash and points there and he takes him down and that long drive to start out the second half. Wait long drive seven and a half minutes each minute drive or whatever yeah. Com. Brett Connolly. Nine of 14108. Yards a touchdown and interceptions so that. I you know I didn't really mind the quarterback play last night I don't think it was horrible of all three of them played well it should have been Aaron Rodgers in their for a series. And we'll get to that suit. But then. People play football that's would you guys do you play football. You can't run scared. And say well I'm afraid he's gonna get hurt as well as you know I think the only time he was running as to when his boy Jake tumor elsewhere as touchdown bag I was Jews. Up now viewer if you need somebody to light you on that team you have sixteen. Has done a really good job of coddling up over a number twelfth in trying to make sure he's making the 53 that's a guy you want loving it or you. For sure. There's no doubt but will get to us some brewers conversation here in just a couple of minutes. But and a lot more on the docket here there's some weird stuff going on in the world of sports do I have very VO lighter side of sports according to. Well my notes that I've been taken for the last couple of days knowing that our morning show starts today. Now wonder if people are gonna be used to this or not. Awesome the more and yes I mean we are. You guys that you might need a little bit warming up to what you get enough of that later on that night AB. Do you receive received well okay we're gonna find out throughout the morning as Mandela put it what's what are poll would you like more chuck and Bart hurts him in town which. I'm kidding don't you act how they kidding you don't want that yet now they don't want to learn the plays out or cameraman and producer got gas and and bored out but. Yeah well that we can do. I mean that I know we don't need to put up with Twitter now let's we already know yes yeah we we don't know what happened yesterday morning did anything go on. Mandela was in here where you win here yesterday morning I was here a or the voice as a great time. Was a great time one of the most fun shows and overwork I was at like one of the great times like when when you go to the dentist and and you're expecting that he heavily to cavities right and the lower part of your back Muller's and then you come out there and it was just teach to colonial. The great nose is pretty good time. Good time is on time. Serve on here and share and Erica are cash today I didn't have a lot of on. How. No I didn't. But I'm not edited Doug Corey can navel and the brewers in and that made that the more I the more I think about that game yes there we have the yacht. Brewers review coming up here in just a couple of minutes years of stick around and Evans will go over. The heartache and whatever word you want to put to it. But what happened yesterday in the ninth inning as the Bruce close out their series they closed out. The Al homestand and in a tough one over the weekend we've got that coming up. And also what you guys at 7991257000. The morning starts today here on the friends. It's shocking white colors brew crew review brought you by both burning beer Milwaukee's new favorite imported beer try it your nearest total wind location. But Blair most came cheese pizza the ruler of great taste this is the only station brewers fans need. Sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. 6:21. Good morning Timmons house in the morning here as the brewers yeah we added some issues yesterday. And yet they they had a couple that went well for. Eight innings. Yeah. Yeah I double what it would miss snaps nice to have a runner to additional in there with that type of offense but boy junior Kara look good six innings and scattered eight hits quality start and and so you have that then the brewers. They'd lose that series of the San Diego Padres although they do take. Four of the six games head to head against the Padres so. You can't complain too much about that part of that. But where we're back now with 44 games remaining tough tough loss yesterday as the cubs were idled the brewers now fall. To a couple games back in the National League central. It just bum. We'll get to Deborah thing in just a second year John and hang on Forrest wood Jesse wanted to chime in on the Bob Packers game last night Jesse let me ask you this. How much of that game did you watch. I want all OPEC. Almost the whole thing. Yeah I actually enjoy watching the third of fourth quarter. What's in the guide duke it out could really you know you'd never know we're gonna. And I agree would you just because my favorite part. Well last night guys is you see just the pure adrenaline the entire game from all these dudes to you know. I'm coming in with five and a half minutes left in the fourth quarter of the first I gotta make a name ID in the NFL I don't know if I'm ever gonna be able put on a packer Jersey before I ever again. Why not all out. Well it Beckett Lester quarterback that was playing creatively. And by the end. Callahan was a gallon Alsace and held down and Jason Hill and it got a New Orleans got a little. Well I can make a great but I've wanted to talk about that. You can't use your helmet to initiate contact ever been in a running back about employment last night. You know when you're heading into a pile of man. What you gonna do an. You know it. Over the arrest really an up. Put that together and all well you get at the moment at all and so which is great but I mean at some point. Watching your running back lowered his shoulders and you might use the helmet if they run over a linebacker DB. That's what gets you excited to get the team excited it really adds everything up and it can be taken away in the apartment. I don't know and that somebody is going to be out it's going to be a judgment call by the referees this year. There's going to be some. There you market down right now there will be some pivotal. Flags thrown in a Green Bay Packers game that you are not going to like. And that's that's pretty much what I was trying to get ahead yeah. It's gonna happen and every game yes it did not just being prepared it's one thanks Jesse it's one of those. You know instant replays that your what do they look at that type thing you shake your had gone I don't even know what to say well in and to. The the fundamental tackling that they're trying to it's. You get in here is is continuing to drive through with the hips man I mean like every. Everybody that's listening that yelled guys coach their kids and in fifth and sixth grade four bullets. They'll bring your hands make sure you hear lift with your legs right live for the lags that direct. It's trying to teach you to use the rest of your body to be able hog role at tackle but. At some point. It's 32. Jamal Williams is Lauren his head down. And I'm on the other side I'm linebacker out on the Redskins gonna take it I'm gonna go in there and make sure that I stick him right now it's gonna be it's gonna be so tougher. For guys that to change the nature. Of the way they play the game for so long the game. Is that of a contact sport and we're gonna have to stay with that. That's was who or else the game's gonna go way down. You can't build a flag football. Power house like the NFL. I don't know if there's an easy solution here outside of you sign your name you know the wrist off you don't you don't wanna do it then don't do it. We get it don't be a football player that frankly I doubt. I'm one of the few in and maybe I'm maybe I'm off balance on this maybe I'm off track I am not concerned if I'm football. I think football is in a great place right now did you see him totally insane athletes. That are are fighting. Tooth and nail to get onto a roster for sure that's not gonna change. Especially with the money that still involved with this league as much as they want a snowflake it up man is they do when their triumph. Oh for sure and they well and it will continue to make it sabres a dude that I mean. You heard last that I Brett 7 o'clock rain in Meyer comes through and put the bad. It's not like it it's not a trade off. But the game is going to beat that game they have to attempt to make the game safer for PR purposes. Do they not. For PR purposes I think and for fur alternately is the health of the game it OK well I really needed to be safer but okay. At some point where do you stop now without changing the game. Because we would you go on and on with the rule changes in equipment changes in the whole deal pretty soon. We put yourself in a time warp and fast forward eight years he'll look at this day of football game in the NFL are we even gonna see the same thing. But I think you can also talk to people that that we're watching the game back in the fifties when you had leather helmets is that Matt. Put this this bar on their face for what do you need that. They better market we didn't play with any of that the game continues to change and evolve to make it safer. I think give the sky's the limit for how safe this game can be still being football and in the game's gonna change. But they're also. Trade offs here. They you can make if you're the NFL is still give the defense a little bit more of an advantage you taking illegal contact out of it and let you ball but run with a receiver do you think. That running the football becomes 200 as there is plenty of ways you can change I I don't think that that is necessarily the issue I think the issue is when I wanna stick a guy. What I wanna hit a guy. What I wanna send a message. Out and pay the fifteen yards I'd do you do that you do is still the same thing if your offensive lineman. And I want to send a message after you hit my quarterback I'll take the fifteen. Yes you could yeah illegally and knowing it's illegal and knowing it's just I'll just in the nature of hitting and tackling now guests were treading on some thin ice here. We are. I think athletes are getting sued too good and you're gonna see more of a rugby style tackling but I don't think it's gonna make the game any worse so it's going to be standup tackling instead a stick and now. I mean honest Telesis form tackle legitimate form tackling so a guy can towards his body because. The young quarterback threw it in a position in which he's going to contorted as body. The DB is also out of the third throw is on target he makes a form tackle. That he would be in the chest plate right I do what you're saying and then the wide receiver catch the ball comes down. Anything towards his body because he had to adjust a little bit and it really looks as if the DB is. Lead with a helmet when the reality is no I don't know the receiver. Made that happen. I don't know how you're gonna govern that. That's got to be a judgment call right. Has to be a judgment and all of these are judgment calls them well then let him play football let him and let him get judged here I get make in the big game better. You knew you messing with a freight train but now you're also talking in my if you wanna talk about a judgment call and let's make a judgment call on court when we're going through another lawsuit. Funny I felt take about balance and make the game safer. I agree. Make the game safer but don't change. Change in the game you have to go. You do have to change the game that well let's go touch football. Now let's make it flag is that's that's more fun for a flat yes and everybody can play you can even make it color if you really want it's. Make sure everybody was include UK Jessica. I'm sure there's a lot of people advocating for that. 7991250. If you wanna join the conversation I know this is are you enjoying our Burris conversation during the review further review yeah. I. John yeah you can you can help us out here you heal and up from yesterday's ball game. No not at all well. You know with a pretty cute and darker. Back. Development yesterday I was just believe defeat no major injuries coming out of the game goes. Although all these players that are made under the other guys are gonna shake out and figure out who's gonna have a don't have a job. And that and that's what physical well. I wouldn't celebrated I think to hire two lol considering our period scheming and it's just been a lot and since we should not a whole lot of that's a matter but let's talk about on the boat matter let's talk about the brewers. Hell no gone. I called a couple of David ought to look first at your loss and I. And I'm buying that item and next. They don't win these next two games extremism army debacle playoffs and I understand that may be a little bit of an old all the reaction. But you tell me. You tell me what went up at the event and abstract because. I'm not and I'm not a Major League manager I think console on a lot of good things. But when Aqua batter got walked a couple. When that second batter got walked. Oh yeah and elderly cannot Alter and I don't put your orbit until almost regularly back often the that dog you bond. Yeah. I don't understand. This that I'm here and I understand you don't have your best option available but it can sure what and why the guy you've got to interrupt. He couldn't hit that strikes on what not an actual. You need to do something anything and sort of yell and do an injury I guess he ought not always close White Sox. But I'm not big I'm a guy I just don't think he's ready for primetime and you know what he did say that after giving up all our Grand Slam all largest cluster you. But I know I've had a couple days ago you know and now you've got to go on the road by the way and you don't got to go out and Atlanta and AdAware let's go back. Let's hope that fabulous babe haven't been all week and you know you're. Don't for the majority of baseball I. Piano right in the middle there you got you have the cubs were a couple of games. Right and I and I don't know younger generation don't understand the frustration which I call what let me give you know what parts. Articulate celebrating. Early sixty usable a World Series loss OK but not the place. That the plate uncommon for guys. I'm normal I don't millennial brew worse fan. John and I share every single frustration that you just voiced your celebrating a team that didn't win the championship. Over thirty years ago over and over again I was I was there the first time guys that I really was it was it was given it a taster of this was in 07. Nominated a little Bobble head game and I went and got all O all the little mini Bobble heads right up all the guys and 82. I was like man yeah how cool was it when they won the World Series as well paid they didn't. He didn't know they didn't. And that that looked out my news watcher that I got and it was. AL champions. 1982. Thanks John. 1982 AL champions. World Series champions know. Now I I got there though right I'd think they're becoming less and less. With that celebratory. 82 thing for sure over the years so yeah it got into. It got into epic proportions some years ago or is this is seemingly every single weekend every homestand there was some than ever insists that seem like that it just seemed like that. And and it's nice to celebrate some success at times like to see the benchmark 25 years. The thirty year you don't have some sort of reunion in which they did. A bit after that I mean now I don't see why you do that is creates her. Your own memories like right now and start winning they're they're getting there they are winning they're good baseball team let's not overreact here with 44 games remaining. Are there are some issues Syria Al little bump in the road here there's a bump in the road prior to the all star break as of pompano and the road back in April. When they lose four straight scoring two runs against Chicago. No doubt the entire series two runs one was earned. Did they recover from that hell yeah they dead. Did they recover from the also prior to the all star break debacle hell yes they did. And they're gonna recover from nests they are it's a tough task here starting tonight in Atlanta for sure. This Craig Counsell thing is actually quite insisting. I'm start ended just the last I don't know what do you think sixty days. Craig Counsell coming under some fire here serious fire. We will always get a guy or two on the on the post game show though Collins and I never gonna council fan I don't like Jimmy can't manage. But is becoming more and more prevalent with the dudes that. Had backed him for so long are are becoming more and more frustrated let's get to describe council thing after the break year. Because I'm curious about your your thoughts on Craig Counsell. I don't see a problem whether and then I actually think he's still developing I actually think he's. Becoming a better manager as he moves moves along he better read. He'd better have not stepped in that position two and a half years ago think it he's a great manager. Because that's not a good philosophy and I don't think he did and I think between him and his dad I think he gets a lot of advice. And I I do think that he is still developing as a manager and people say relax chill out. That the process trust levering on on the flagship. That's his latest thing Billy I don't know if you've noticed says. It ease into this thing where it's trust the process I know it sounds cliche but the technology allow him beat him yeah you have to trust the process I know it's them who that's a close Javed -- really true it's really chip. OK well then that goes for the manager to. I don't see how you can hate counsel. I don't see how you can seize a bad bad manager. Did you see that. Continue to justify calling that due to bad manager. Notes I don't believe it. I don't think so I'm so we can pretty good manager some feel they can then. So so help us out on this because Craig Counsell. In my book not a bad manager I think he's becoming a better manager I think he's a good manager MB becoming a better manager that some fair. Will Woolsey 7991250. It's given to house in the morning. I don't know how long I know we're gonna do this still ten. On Monday. Yeah I guess we amber and given the word but I'm assuming we go I I could I'm fine I have nothing else to go I ousted him. We kept an open end guys my schedule for that he had no doubt timid just in the morning eighty and sunny today. Like in that the weekend looks pretty good as well. We get an update here from Mandela yes sir and sports class now we're back to 1000 in the morning here on the fan. What a beautiful day in Milwaukee this morning Tim tells in the morning here on the fan sports Radio One 057 F I am and Anthony Mandela's here weather says still healing up from yesterday's have brewers debacle. That was it was awful. It was awful awful the blew that game as if this is hanging out displayed it braver as shown go to the bathroom this morning I was like looking through the box Oregon. And just pot. Three X yeah I was three and I I got a little more upset instead of the other way around where your BH heal up after after a game like that. And and then the Morey knew more I was thinking about it last night as were watching the Packers in. And I know existed do our thing. It is yeah I was more incensed by the situation yesterday that should have been a victory and in these that you spin spin that whole thing around. Back to a game back in the central you're headed with little momentum into Atlanta. I don't think there's much that Kregg council could have done or is there. Something he could have done. Corey can naval couldn't find the strike zone. And you just it that this is the one thing we get a lot of times. From brewers fans you just kind of knew we didn't have it right you just gotta felt he didn't have after the second one I think it was pretty pretty evident. I'm one that would tell my entire staff that they don't be testified. Got someone warming up behind you. I don't care for it's the first or ninth inning. Don't you dare get upset if I got someone warming behind you just in case things go sideways. It's that simple. I did these guys I don't know if they're too delicate. Over the years has kind of been an unwritten thing in baseball one of those unwritten rules of baseball. You don't wanna show up you pitcher on the mound I have an avenue guy warm up because then that shows you're not confident. With that situation. No I doesn't work like that it's called. We're gonna protect ourselves just in case and when we talk about how tight this clubhouse is and and how together everybody is. What do you intern and believe that that would give you confidence in doing that they're gonna look back and say our guys got stories come back today. If if I mean he's got my back that's supposed to be the brotherhood out in the bullpen right down next and a way we play for each other so would that fall into line there. Just none of these dudes strike meets him as being. Overly sensitive to a to a stuff fault like that Leno where they would swear quarry would see. Our and I walked two guys I'm on eleven pitches. I look back IC blocking move in the armor on it ready to go usually is my ninth inning I use a lock this thing down I got three outs to go but. I get it. Yet if if if skips got to make a move I get it understand it I'm America Ken Giles and when he takes the ball away from Intel and apple offering him myself demoted and trade and. They'll Corey can Abel is not the closer for the space faulty right now. Craig Counsell all but said it yesterday. He's not the closer they don't they don't have him penciled in as denying what's at night to day guy. He's not the ninth inning guy anymore now who's who that is remains to be seen I'm probably think and it's Jeff Frist. I would think it's Jeremy and there will go from there but this. Bullpen is so much better with Corey can navel in the ninth inning I can't even begin to describe how much better that bowl finance. World Series side bullpen. If could navel is close now games in the ninth you're stacking up with the baseball fans in baseball you're stacking up with the Indians if if Corey to enable. Is at the back and you have three guys that within the last two years. Were all stars check that box. Check that box as a World Series. Part of your baseball team if Corey can naval that's why it's so important if Corey can enable is close and down ninth innings like he did last year. And last year wasn't always just 123. Now you have the strikeout streak he was the all star you have thirty year whatever saves 3830 and nine saves. But. He was a little Dicey at times last year of a surprise who cares via the job done you get the job done. But this is a World Series bullpen if you shut things down at the yen is just not happening right now on how does that say there are bad bullpen now. It just says you can't check that box as a World Series bullpen. That's nice to be having that conversation isn't it. No doubt is nice to be saying totally different than what you've had before that it's a World Series part of your baseball team you're that close. That's why it's important to get cores head on straight. That's why it's important not to give up on that dude that's why it's important not to give up on Matt Albers. I know you guys are just a deep cut bait with Matt Albers out at the bit to get ready and I don't go back and look at. What a foresee was in April and Mac. And that's why it's worth the risk to work with this guy down the stretch along with Corey can naval so you can check that box into a World Series full time. Right now good bullpen upper third and all of baseball for sure. And that that's just then they've been on you a bad little brawn here as of late. I expect Obama's bounce back out of that thing that men that was half. Half. Hoff yesterday. And you just it was like a slow motion car accident and you could see it happening you're young who was at once Hosmer flies out Austin out first well. Who is that now now don't say it's route right and ran for now of don't dead don't give us now here earlier the San Diego Padres step plunger renfro. If god help anyone but yeah. Anyone who advised him. 7991250. If you wanna join the our conversation here. As will go to a Glendale and say good morning Alex Alex orient. Good morning military. So. Can only you're just saying now is it was incredibly hard to watch or not I'm watching the game at work lucky me and I I just can't believe after you walked the first two everyone in the medium ever all watching to own accord enabled does that not have it. And and Greg councils that their rubbing his chin looking around and you know I didn't even think there's anyone warming up. Many walks that third guy and he gets but the bond then you know can even make the play at home. And you know I just I don't understand how it it takes that long I mean. I do you know certainly not been experienced the baseball as much as accountable and times that they're watching in my computer chair work and I can tell that he does that not have it. And I don't know if it Blake if he did in one network or cable stealing. But I think he's got him open duke and to a bit there were key probably would have taken him now but at that point even have anyone warming up and it is but in a col Jacobs aren't there. You know cold Joaquin Soria. He got a warm them up at least a couple batters. The they say no but I think you could you could make the argument that the hurried. Readiness if you will of slow walking Soria may have led us to get him and yes was there may have or may have led to the injury and I got there they're gonna say your full of its down that had nothing to do that. I think you could make that argument. On watching him pitch to I mean I can't remember. The better and San Diego Bay hit that Grand Slam but. You left I think three fastballs right up over the plate. You know up at the guy's numbers. You know three in a row and view he missed the first two and I don't know if it's not okay media can get them what the third but he had two good looks bad on. And then he was able to crush at the left. Well council is becoming a better manager. Oh I think it given those situations yesterday it makes you a better manager. By greatest virtue of going through those experiences. Yes and I'm not saying you know Pryor Corey can enable or trade him or anything like that understand that. It seems like he hasn't had it is let you know let these days. And I I don't think it would do any damage to let him pitch in situations where normally your you know putting and Jacob Barnes. Known only yes that's that story you'll see him Alex that's where you see them from now on low. Lower pressure situations settings for the call. And then that's what that's what you gonna have to do and that's what you should do. He ought to give up on this dude are you kidding me but he's too good it is give up on get better. Get better counsel it's just continue to get better. Not blaming you for a whole ton of a lot of stuff but. You will get better as a manager he'd better admit that you need to get better as a broadcaster. I mean yes for sure that you need to. So to see all of my god answer right now. A football is up back okay. Would this sought. And you leave it shapes kids' camp Randall soon enough yeah they are and the Packers get a 3117. Victory last night. Does that mean a whole hill of mountain of any then. If they get a win but we'll talk more after the break here on the fan. Yeah yeah morning is Simmons outs in the morning a lot to get to later on today. Good to talk because some trash talk when I Dalia. Cubs guy big cubs fan. And we're gonna we're gonna set the record straight because I think this has gotten too nice it is to not we have we have rob me any it. I'd like to brewers as I don't mow if it's a right exactly favorite team friendly rivalries. That. We're not we're not Denver around Seattle. Ran LA we can't be having that kind of nice lobbied on the track who wants to be nice guy hubs and I don't get that part of it. A brewers fall yesterday in a really disappointing ninth inning for Corey can naval and they've got a defensive have a conversation about Craig Counsell. And and I am. Well I will say this like anything else you get a new job of longer you do it. Just simply by doing it you're going to get better at those that are intelligent. Those that are into their jobs are going to get even. Batter at a at a quicker pace that's where I think Craig Counsell list. He's getting better quickly. Is he great yet. But at this pace I think he could be got a great support system around me talk about his dad he's also got his college coach right next on yup he talks to every day I mean we talked immersed. Pat Murphy and he talks about. Don't disagree every single day every day slip it will but it only breeds more confidence and in those two guys in what they're join in the long term plan they have a productive disagreement is is never a bad thing if it's never about the tell some of the people we work or purchase I make fire apps it's high you get some some things done. And how you learn and how you get things accomplished. Everyone just thinks whom they disagree so it's it's advanced of a ball the other is you take that right now it's not a ball of flames again be very productive don't don't take it like that. Anthony Mandela came up with some insisting. Tidbits here to sort of measure Craig Counsell. Verses his peer group and now we say peer group or we imagined him to Joseph Girardi. I don't think that's fair right now you know. Look at Joseph Maddon now know him put him in there I don't think that's fair of Bruce bode she I don't quite so show's been around forever a Tony La Russa woody out. Yes so. Think about his peer group other guys in Major League Baseball so they had experience managing today's baseball landscape I think we can agree. It's different today than it was ten years ago right via different. Different way you go about getting a win. So there are creek councils are part of a group of nine guys. And have managed between 741. And 417. Games so where is Greg counsel on this just under 600. Yeah ice that 57 or not. Okay 507 and I understand it two games more or less than Craig Counsell one seasons with a baseball Obama more or less than Craig Counsell is the fourth. That's winning percentage. Behind Jeff banister with the Rangers Dave Roberts in LA. And what's the consensus Scott service out service like the service advanced out what the Seattle Mariners on and just a little bit of perspective on that to you. All of those teams almost fifteen million dollars more in talent that the plane. That they have makes a big that's a big different look and made it may be more importantly Anthony who's behind Craig Counsell in terms of wins and losses. Guys like Paul Molitor Bryan Price. Andy Green. Although he might you might think it Andy Green but the Padres maybe I'll manage it and this week got him got him this week out of this week our Rick renteria Brian cash. Above Craig Counsell that's a good thing 7991250. Let's go to Andy. Listening and Appleton and you're on Tim tells in the morning what's up. And again as I just wanted to chime in on the whole council thing. I would like all these people are hurt our common out and just completely condemning emperors for further play recently and. I don't know why everyone keeps forgetting that this is still pretty good season and even more so. Two years ago. Who expected it to be anywhere new in the playoffs at this point I mean everyone was expecting us to beat Ford. If port walking in there in the division and we come out of nowhere with council and start when he bought. That being said I do think. That council begins to be in trouble if this season gets blown like if the brewers collapse and don't make the playoffs even as a wildcard. People are gonna start going okay and he finished off people. And I think they know we have something approved next year because if he can't do it again if they get out to another hot start and make the playoffs it Java on line. That's Ornette DL is an ideal scattered yeah. That's sort that's sort that's what caused Ned Yost demise there in 2007. They got off to a great start and it frittered away and then in 2008. I don't know Casio and Melvin just we're not gonna have that. It's not gonna let it happen 2008 and there you go to jail slam a full time job. Yet dead and then they went on to some high grade success obviously both those guys. No doubt no doubt by up next to back into the football conversation football is back the Packers last night they beat the titans there are first pre season game of the 2018. Championship season. Is that OK to say here like you agree on that do you do whatever you want them I can I'm not gonna rain on your parade ever okay. I felt like Clemens with his hacker wrap just might I'm not gonna speak from he's not gonna rain on my parade would've loved to have seen Aaron Rodgers in that game last and I know you'll I'm not kidding you'll talk more after the break. I'm not sure if I were in for anybody anymore it's heaven taos in the morning here on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Oh Radisson hotel and conference center green and gold training temple gates presented by Robert peck diamond swear they'll pay you clean. For your gold from title town here's Mike Clemens. The Packers defeat the titans 31 to seventeen Tennessee scored first on a nine play drive and touchdown for Marcus Mario that Darius Janet. As an offensive being brought there operations clean. You know were able to move the ball she score points. But stand out of the auto just little things that are getting back into the temple regain. To space servings concludes. Packers quarterback Brett Conley responded with a 48 yard shot to Dovonte atoms and an eight yard toss to running back Jamal Williams to tie up public after the game I just executed. You know whatever it's called and just know we do you know we can make plays and our feet as a quarterback we can you know we're gonna make it throws and you make amend. It's just really placed before us so as long as we do Dag gone and did the temple moving but the guess best investment for us office Mike McCarthy. All right solid job. Just look at things goes forward with a big name to controller so productive decision making sound I spoke clearly his temples to Boston's record barks. It was a rough night for Green Bay rookie receiver Jamont more. Who led to drops just three catches on seven attempts his longest completion for just nine yards. Me too. Couldn't really tell you. Discipline me so. I wouldn't. Want a life you. We'll have some that is what. I was blown so bookings boom. It's coverage on 1057.