6am - Brandon Jennings big night

Chuck & Winkler
Tuesday, March 13th
Chuck and Winkler 6am Hour - Chuck and Bart talked about the return of Brandon Jennings who was two rebounds away from a triple-double and what he can add to the Bucks if signed on for the rest of the season.

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A no chocolate we blurred. Bly is from a brilliant innings striking colleague just letting studio. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. The system as a champion for this game like the ball movement like the way that. He shared it pushed the ball. But overall really positive night for him a lot of things were really good so like we're here again a lot of nerves. You know I was more excited. Called up from the G Lee essentially it's not how it works sole civil safe side and from the G lead on a ten day contract Brandon Jennings. Comes and it messes around merely get that triple double to 44 minutes sixteen points twelve assists. Eight rebounds. At the turn overs just two turnovers 59 shooting three of six from beyond the arc three of three from the line. Brandon Jennings making it like 2009. All over again last night frame Dallas site he's. Only present be clear right now he's up there and he knows this might be different this might be its final shot beast when he is old and in note would have thought five years ago that he be in this position. Buy dot he played with a lot of commotion last night a lot of energy and it was great to see you Seattle's a throwback to. Now 2009 when he first came up and he put Apple's big numbers right away. But I mean the numbers it said there are that's fantastic night. I didn't quite expect from him last night but you know we got more playing time because of off foul trouble to Bledsoe. And dumb you know they beat at the depleted met this demon in only went down bottom line is that viewed it went down there too and got a win against a bad best ball team. That. You know they don't let that team hang around. Aux will mull by eighteen points. Well they hung around a little bit I mean they had their sort of well young guys keeping it close it's just too early to within ten within twelve blocks he thought. K I got to within eight at one point in the fourth quarter. That gave it in the box were able to pull away a little bit. And a large part of that was because of Brandon Jennings and the energy that he broad. When he came under the floor and I know there's been a lot of people that when Brandon Jennings signed with the herd. There or you I think you are either in holy crap this is awesome it could he actually be a buck again camp or you're in. Brandon Jennings we don't need this kind of guy on this team Brandon Jennings back then when he was 1920 Tony one. Oh god is good point guard but he he wanted to hear you know he wanted to get. Point and he wanted to fill the stat sheet and he was young he's been a hard and over the last. Decades he's gone to Detroit he's gone to the G league he's gone to Orlando the knicks the wizards China. Back to Oshkosh. And then with a box and like you said he's kind of playing for is NBA career. On a ten day contract he can earn another one he can be signed full season he could be on the playoff roster from what we understand. I have the Bucs decide to do that and the way he played last night he gave them a boost. At a position where they needed it the boxy look. They need a big man sure we can talk about that but they also need some point guard depth with pride in being hurt and alum adult maybe being her longer than we thought Jason Terry. Is a decent player especially at forty years old but they needed more of a facilitating tagged guy. They're people saying he's better than Bledsoe let's not go well that you are that that that's illegal war really setting the dike topic today. This is the only thing about Jennings and those were those are coming here and have a deal audio here that the boards and brought the far end with Jennings. Our and that that alt field this guy should be starting this that I mean this one game. It's it was a great team one game yes Tom and at least he fought out he's NBA ready. Yes but I mean the road the road. To getting back in the commercial sports China. Gosh gosh. The Milwaukee. Ten out cash like he planned six and one half dozen in the other but yeah China is a great night. Now but I mean it'll say that he should be starting at a book but you went on to say and you know anybody thinks that no no you should start. I mean this sketch replay in major minutes. Let's to go we get for him and and that's what's pepper that Sparky and the post game show in LA problem afraid to hear what he had to say because I know it's. Now if he was excited about the night is a lot of people or he said he had a friend text them law on. That said trade go itself. Bragged injured starter Jennings full time backup point guard while next season and beyond its relax that look there's some things that Brandon Jennings does that or refreshing. If you then a may be fresh lead so the last few weeks I get that but. Eric let's as your starting point guard Brandon Jennings when he came back to the box I was hoping. Ten to fifteen a night would be good Meehan. Minutes OK are there ever redeem points at 6810. Points come in when they need a little boost come and take some shots. You know find the open man impede the guy that he was last night only he was like that. And then. I guess on steroids for lack of a better phrase you're not getting get this sort of night from Brandon Jennings every night but the fact that. You got at least for one night when he came back again. You look at it's weird as the bucks thing he represented different era. Of bucks basketball so to see him now playing along side Jabari. And Middleton and yacht is the way to ERS is now. You I didn't cry. When I would've been the dumbest thing ever cried about I was just so happy and patted. Taken aback and away like I can't believe this is a thing ultimately were watching the guy from that air up player with the guy from these errors and do it successfully resist. If your box fan. What do this being the bucks and can be art in terms of you don't see a lot of good stuff this is a fun night bad tee shirt in Los AT and are all fine. This is a fun night Brandon Jennings may damp yeah I just. What to me it's a ball what's your bring to the steam come and you know he's gonna bring. I guess that you we follow the V to play arm and you know peace deal and get. Let him shoot like last I used feeling it's five of nine shooting him 8363 pointers. On me to expect can be liked at all what I know we really give ready to give him up a big contract extension. He's got nine days left great days left and it Contra we seen guys. With the bucks before it's side to attend a contract. Before you know it's a two year deal salt but it was a fatal one day at a time like Gary Payton. I'm Gary Payton wasn't ten day contract though nearly. All the testy. When he first picked up that's that I think Payton was leaking glory Zurich okay. Gary Payton to unsolved get eight all all tuner patent to Rea Carey patent armed guy I think he might have been. But you know this anger you gotta give some minutes off the bench. And nearly did we follow the dull dull dull the could be out longer than expected. Mom and all of that they need some minutes and appoint our spot and courts with. Brockton out until we knows when. Come back from his injury. This. This was a big pick up for the team but don't kid yourself bought Eric Bledsoe Bledsoe is still play. Bledsoe still good let's source still be a starter. All but charities to help on off the bench and you know import. Dinosaur have nights like last night to give us some minutes off the bench and facilitate and I think that's the work facilitate. And you don't eat. Little different types from you know when he first came on the scene it was him and ball was hit the ball it was that was their team. Google's years got a they could bring pocket tax on how Yahoo! wells what's Carlos Delfino out here. Bring them all back is just Al go to any day Charlie Bell all of them he's Charlie Bell was John Henson. Before John Henson Charlie Bell was they got it John Henson who does all public service visits at all can Turkey trots and let it out. Before I was Charlie Bell. It did make the visits. To fill and I only have one block player in studio. And Vegas that was John Henson Hanson's four year forty million dollar contract guessing that's all basketball snob now it's it's eight. Eight that is public appearances he's acting really upset the trillion dollars a year to play hoops the green both contests yet eight million to milk cows OK Jason Terry is now. You know he's out there. Two stroke to me outside he's not there to facilitate. He's not. At what he brings right now is a guy of forty years old and shoot the ball but Jennings can do some different things on court. As Marcus said in the broadcast Marcus Jensen. If Jennings is speed was a ten a few years Nordson eight point five still quick as quick as it once was he was lightning quick at one point but. Yeah I mean that was a pharmacy and you know more importantly. The hawks don't win last night and have won two in a row and over and still think he still open. That they can get debt for five seed right now the Dalai now darling ample ideas behind that but. You know currently anchored down. In the seventh spot. Were the eighth spot there are happy game ahead of the Miami Heat now and they are. Two games behind Washington for the fifth spot. While wanted to ask you about that because when they were losing last week. I was thinking well you know maybe if they get the seventh the eighth seed. Maybe you'd rather have and face the raptors or the Celtics then a team like the cavs are even not the hot pacers so. I wanna ask you that in a couple of minutes here will do that in just a moment also. We will hear from Brandon Jennings who Tony minutes after he had his performance. He was right here. On the fan with Sparky and the post game show last night just a couple minutes. I'll have that for you around 635. Chicken wings are on the fan you are Doug Jennings we're here for that 4147991250. What do we hope from this guy going forward. Nights like that I don't I or not I'm not putting him in my fan bill lineups you know I'm not picking them up in my dynasty leagues adding that might be the peak. But if we can get half of that just other night testified that just. Our school up there. Dole hurt the team to slowing help the team and less that he helped the team more than expected by mom lets the ounces temp brutal bitten this. Let's see where is an Orlando next I am on Wednesday comedian he has some distant plea came with three minutes left solid solid night but. Com announces key play your minutes off the bench stay in your game and you know if you're feeling it go ahead stroke it. Chuck annoying gore. A special Brandon Jennings tribute show continues next. Yeah. Like our brains shrink elegant athletic studios. So we are gonna go back to 2009 today we Brandon Jennings being drafted then. We will be bringing you it's not hits balls this 2009 and 2009 beyoncé single ladies of the 2000 now I thought there was late nineties. I don't know it was oh wait to own nine what do I think it of that Destiny's Child. Knowledge that the single ladies a thicket of some of the song. Thought there was some thought this was like earlier that okay well at it seems like it's been around forever because they've played at weddings only time of year I yeah. All other single ladies and get out we got some flowers that there oh yes and then no. In girls are pulling girls on the sales force the girl is the wanna go walk there because they got a boyfriend or whatever won't judge you say you know. Their yacht choose you know a lot wherever single. She's won all her friends who don't wanna go off their because they are boyfriend and names always aiming to the one whose job. Perennial single again because you don't YDER. A M a drama. Drama law and he asks. Hey ladies and dad. So barely the young guy parents make sure you instill this series like my sex fed ex wife she's a pain and the answer to instill listen dear daughter said. Getting married it is not like the greatest accomplishment of life. Know some of these young girls all they do remote is getting married. Let him carve their own path I don't think if the case had to borrow some it is now I think. Today is girl is. Independent they wanna go to college. And they want to bomb or trade they could do trade portrayed or they wanna deal they didn't know they wanna conquer the world it's like when I was kid. When I was in high school you know the girls won the plate you'll wanna be cheerleaders yes. Today. Betsy girl is saint street that. I want to go out their kick some ass myself and play some basketball yet and is up playing volleyball on via pom pom girl amounted to one of their play and ask yourself. And you know more power to a man but girls run this mother. Boy yeah I think you don't need more girls now than ever ladies are rock you know they're career women they're. When Gaulle during conquer the world so go ahead. Just take my job. That's his second Wrangler and here on the fan at 40147991250. Brandon Jennings last night. This is why we're playing it's of 2009 because it was like 2009 Brandon Jennings comes around nearly if they triple double sixteen points twelve says. He was the eleventh and ninth at halftime. And they don't count assist on gold tends jerk otherwise you're had a double double. Add at halftime it's a sixteen points twelve assist. And eight shows I don't have the two points I know I understand that four on 47991250. Ian is in Hartford Ian Brandon Jennings last night you and your thoughts. Or let that argue that we should period what ball. Yeah. I. Bulk let that there's more to this and it and I'll give you credit getting both a mayor Rudolph lot. You more of a true point guard and I use through. I get a limited if he would generate but the fact that he will break down a defense and out the ball and what sort of record all of the light. Don't what looked and looked out on the ball into the ground there a moment that they are. We had to I'd get an open shot last night because of the actually broke down at you that kind of like what Malcolm brought to our old might theory on this that trading up. Is what those still young we get good value ever get legal of one year lap that they're here. Even if you package of what that then or honor I don't somebody you may be really get a bigger. Better player back. We have another issue that salary cap trouble. The what I already know updated quite well is fifty and sixty million a year. The key artery get out the pagan hit forty million here. They're gonna keep Ogden back in two years they would do what what though that's going to be another you know ten million a year at least. While the obvious Q Ian did you take this way before Jenny says night last night. Yeah if you go through my Twitter I've been I've been not just a blood till the last couple weeks because. He would still be offered. Yup all Jennings he likes this shot Stuart. Jennings like are due to. Look nice shot. See you would productive income and yet all the best well he's getting other guys and ball I don't think. Dividend and appeared that I do think our blog that. The thought they'd better. And getting now lol what he contract and backed up. And they did not even getting out somebody like that actually want the old days after all little. Make the team a lot better and what about some good things but he let you realize. There were a lot of video lap and I couldn't agree more. That what are what old Brandon Knight 2.0 because he did what he wants just. But to forgetting what outlets so let's also strong and getting into the paint and in on the offensive end you know he's he's built here. Anonymous senate. Espoused by the crap policy and he's built. He's built he's strong he's physical. And you know I think he holds his own man defense on the event recorded these debts and that's something that Jennings doesn't do. I just two different types of players like I noted. I think Bledsoe still really really good I think it was a great trade in any good cop thanks for the calling out the limits that's a Jennings Kia went just as. That's as good as Jennings. Honestly I'd seen him. To meet back to his days the box where you guys are completely different like man rebounding. Shooting and passing the ball. You know just. Facilitate everything out there I mean that's as well browned well rounded. As I've ever seen Jennings well I mean and all three big phases of the game with a decent defense. Of course to put a bad team but I don't care he went out there. And still an NBA game. Where is the stakes are much higher than the Dili for that you can players are much better in the -- he went out there and proved he still can. Play there's a did tweet last night. Stop what they take a picture of the young audience. Looking dejected on the bench. This using some foul trouble and you know yeah missiles and having a great night still had twenty points and four assists and six boards does. He's Janice and he's awesome. But it was him looking a little dejected and it said when a G leaguer comes in and takes his team. All bet that half verve currently thought that I anybody that night and Ellis felt that well now Brandon Jennings was taking his cronies the young buck yeah. No I mean Jennings. Thrown I've combined crown and. Jennings knows his role on this team. Oh it and he you know why Ellis encouraged you know it Andy got minutes because what's got the ball trouble last night. But dom that seat yeah movements let's wait a little bit and see how he does and I'm encouraged all the want to roll union Tibet best the visa they won both of these games. Can't you know like to see them close up went to an area Orlando and let that this was a streak this was the a stretch he gives you thought I've played most playoff contenders. That you're starting with some. Starting with Friday night's game asks creditors if snakes we thought or at best teams time to fed net record back up again. Before you head down the homestretch. Did the trade Bledsoe conversation is a fine one to have. I think because of the salary cap alone now he's due to make fifteen million. Next year Jabari Parker you're gonna have to give more money to if you do want to keep them which I assume. The Bucs do I would hope the bucks do. We traded up big man to get a point guard and so do you trade of point guard to get a big man ever going to be in this. Ever never ending circle. If you are in the trade Bledsoe camp for whatever reason whether you think he's more of a a screw them true point guard or do you think he shoots too much. Whatever makes too much money. That's defying conversation to have. Again but temper on the day after an Intel makes it funny dead are. I don't think your argument OV given the credibility that may be it shed. It's like up a pitcher getting called up from AAA. And going up there and you know a guy who's our reclamation project in wed once some game and the call mop and AAA. And you know he is wants a sixteen game winner. But he's trying to find a spot back demand amid a brewers or any team calls already pitched seven strong innings of one hit baseball. That have before and it's like off this guy. What about the top of rotation now sign a long term. But I mean Jennings is a reason why he's bounced probably hearing he had the Achilles injury and he says he's heal from that. Let's just say give it some time at park where about this team and and all that other stuff we can. You know the trading him to see video of the policies are why I'm concerned about Howell Vargas team. You know that once they get the play of City Hall farther ago Paul this team to gel where they're going on because they were going in him. Had bad direction. Until recently. The box by the way can offer him Jennings another ten day contract. And then they can sign a full season. They were talking last night on the broadcast and you could mean. Patched it. Patsy specifically they were you could tell they were just. They couldn't believe what was happening but they were talking about sign this guy is the full season contract now and get him on the playoff roster I almost think. Make a verdict still may side and another ten date object you know if you have any Jacobs Hungary Gatti keep monger you have doubts about Jennings. Keep calm Hungary keep on humble keep them honest. I eight think that he is a completely different guide than what he was then and I'd be finally that I don't think he's going to regress or start over shooting or any of that but. Maybe just you know keep cared dangling just another couple week. Let let's face it when Jennings was here. Toward the end of his time here elbowed their attitude and when they brought him. As a fewer guys that brought him. And generals start to change a little bit a little bit of an attitude and column in Osama under Skiles. And that was a good thing you start to go on a bad direction. And then eventually they traded him make Chris Milton deal and many heard his Achilles a few years ago and but now he appears to be fine. And and healthy again but. Yeah I mean that's. I think we all knew goal that Jennings was eventually gonna get a shot with a box. And I can only tell you I when I was nineteen. To equate my life to a pro basketball player when I was nineteen you know you thought you were dot you're the bee's knees at thought I was the man and then. Struggled a little bit after college to find some footing had to. Go into my own version of China. To try to gain any traction in this profession and by the time I was Tony eight I was completely different guy 'cause that experience than when I was nineteen so. If you look at Brandon Jennings last night and yeah I'm sure you guys have all grown in your life do if you look at Brandon Jennings last night. 48 year old Brandon Jennings is not the Brandon Jennings that we know all right on the back then yeah I think Google's. But he about a high school and all sudden. You're. You know your you do he's playing it up Obama prep school but do you coming your eighteen years old. Elsa you're traveling going here going for Foyt went overseas and come back over here and plan. You gotta grow quickly and he was forced to grow quickly and you trade it knew when I mean where most guys. Are kids his age. I can deal is no stone college but he's claiming MBA strip about a round at least try to find his way. In India MBA and you know he's just you know we forget the fact that was 192021. Years old at the time. Like a lot of these guys. So yeah what he had a lot different just like the rest of us having. Discuss his guest when he NBA 28 is a hell lot different than nineteen just like those guys. Brandon Jennings twenty minutes after the game last night was right here on the fan for a couple minutes we will hear him with Sparky. Coming up in just a few minutes on the fan when I was younger as I referenced I had one goal in life chuck and that was too. Having breakfast named after me Sunday ought to know that yeah that was my only go all I was at your high school yearbook if bottle like fiscal I think it is indeed junior year it is showcasing got to go back and find now want their. It happened last summer r.'s big breakfast and then it came to an end it was a fun promotion. And it came to an end. Well my wildest dreams have come even more true. Bard's bigger breakfast is now at Perkins Bard's bigger breakfast is now I Perkins this is what you get three eggs. Three pieces of bay again. Three pieces a sausage. True pancakes. To French toast. And hash browns so that's that's one meal. 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The year Brandon Jennings was thirstein points last night for Vijay three stretch that BJ I'll let them. Twelve I says I said this last night on Twitter I think that. Brandon Jennings should be forced to Wear the old jurors think every on the Bucs should be allowed to northern New Jersey. But Brandon Jennings and I think and I think him that read in wagers. So yeah like that position in volleyball. Hubble this if you were they Wear different Jersey. I diving is the look Barrow. I think Brandon Jennings shouldn't -- to this view if you bought on Jennings Jersey. You know few years ago mom you know now. You can bring it back out again some guys still word that Jim eastern Adobe elect guy who wears a Jersey of of the team with the earlier from like ten years ago now. I read but not you can bring back this Jennings Jersey Jason Terry's number three are now. But it's just weird as it is we're deceit Jennings that a number. My friend Jeff has a Jennings Jersey that he still wears a lot before any of this ever happens. It's like wearing a Santana just Dotson packer Jersey at that and you'll see that it gives you the oath. If you set a pipe packages seawall in the stance. All the you know audio the EC's Terry Glenn Jersey. Adam McKelvey traded on a picture that spring training wearing Chris Narveson insurers and it's great the other day Chris Narveson. So. Brandon Jennings back but the club. Big night last night as the bucks beat the grizzlies won 212103. And about fifteen. Twenty minutes after that performance after their game. He picked up a phone and dialed in to the post game show the Milwaukee basketball. Post game show Brett you've I've taken say we do it after every bucks game. Odd most of the time on the radio sometimes on our second stream but we've got one Sparky last night and Brandon Jennings chatted. For just a couple of minutes. And we have that for you right now on 157. FM the fan this is what Brandon Jennings doesn't big games and I'd have to feel like you've probably felt like it was kind of a big game for reading commenting your first game on this ten day contract. If men elect rookie year again. You know out so you know start exactly intersection so. A lot of nerves. But I you know I was I was more excited in local people. I've already looked ahead on the schedule I don't really care about the next two games review I'm looking for showtime against the cavs on national TV that's an imam Marty got circled for you. But sixteen points twelve assists eight rebounds. A tell a little bit about how this writing Jennings was different than the Brandon Jennings the last time he was in Milwaukee is Juarez. Talent surrounding you on this team and you know be the ability to play within a softens. Yeah I mean you know my time there are so. You know I'm proud that help people markedly injury. And home. You know my aunt is here to help the team the second unit. And you know the public much as possible so you know no ego is no. Don't book on another day prompted for an inning. In obvious here just to help the team. I'm a whole Lawson. Of numbers while you're always young blocking moloch. So you you aren't gonna shake that bad you don't look like you're 55 result they were you could shape the young buck load that act out so forget about ally via a mall. The last time you were here man yelled you rats got to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders you're kind of looked at as the savior. All of this team Ed to be quite honest and I'm not banging on your former team as would even have probably nearly as much talent around you as you do this time around to where. You can kind of let the offense come get the assists and let the offense kind of flow a little bit more to yet. If it now don't play a little Oskar. The united. You know Bledsoe kept let's so we have good notes and so we have guys around at least four bit. You know young and she's in VP caliber arms so now you know my job is to come off the bench and help out the second unit pushed the pace. And couldn't put a lot of pressure on certain that. How do you see it in to look this locker room in the loses you're the guys. Norman who really juniors and so you know kind of like of debts so. You know now just north is caught it my numbers car matches and try and so whatever I've just. Go out there and do my job play harder and. If you play five minutes and again I'm would be protesters horror conditional on say that right now. People already talking about getting you signed for the rest of the year Matt hey so glad to have you back look forward to watching the rest of the way. A box get the win once 11103. He had a young buck Brandon Jennings a Matt thanks for coming up. A record. Brandon Jennings on the post game show last night those are always available on line 157 FM the fan back com fan on demand Rajiv by John Paul's Buick. GMC having 100 in Greenfield sounds like a Mormon Church Brandon Jennings the same kind of thing we've been saying throughout the show and a more low. Key to Pfeiffer. Her arm of the night that they'll leave the Bradley setter went by for head. Jennings time we scored 55 points. And fife oh my god. You want to go to prom with Jennings that's outside of the US or allied and all slightly less and I also it would flood fight is talking about played him more than five minutes it is now like all. Keep it on the tracks go too far. Sparky author and is he does but you know there was them both since the up. It's a book it is just I'd I just want to get. To a report of the sketch they've seen this thing these things happen in sports before where a guy comes initially and as lights of the world. And then before you know it dissent is when app that a guy we just saw a couple of weeks ago. As well for what it is for right now it was one game that was a very fine. It asks you think of former jobs that you might have had. And you can't even dream of going back off as some of these places but Brandon Jennings able to go back as a Milwaukee Bakken Ambac and a night. And it Saturday night or they can neither don't foul trouble and it was it was just on it was fun it was a fun night. I think how to relate. Public if you liked about urban on the beach you've ever been unemployed any thought. Man I'm never gonna get back the workforce in knowledge you might be going to work outer he would sit home and living out of my every give back. Is it ever gonna have forming. And you know especially you later on in life and you know he's twenty years old you know later on life and as an MBA player as a bass player he's he's moving on here. And he's thanked him got him over China I'm open Oshkosh is a gonna ever happen and then you get that break. And then you fueled renewed I think it's a jet instills right now. That you know he did know these are you this chance again and he was self there any was like a man given new life. Given new life in a chance a second chance. And he went out there may the most of last night. Inspired by the Brandon Jennings return our Twitter Tuesday questioned this week twenty dollars to perk insect DJ a couple of Bard's bigger breakfast his. Is that the breakfast breakfast. Practices that's not a word parts bigger breakfast. Whatever Tony dollars a Perkins and which active active. So not like Bart Starr are robbing you out or homeowner paying care and now. Which active. Former Wisconsin amply would you like to see return of the Packers box or brewers to somebody in the NFL the NBA. The MLB that is played with the teams here before which active former Wisconsin athlete would you like to see come back. To the state tweet us at 1057 FM the fan use the hash tape CW lunch and you can when Tony dollars to Perkins. Odd Cody says that Zack Greinke it's our own Cody Douglas might as heck and he that was my. I would look it's Zach would at the top of this rotation. He'd be opening day starter yeah yeah all men's Zach have been mine ought to think about mine yeah. Put erode well and I think gonna save this morning at Cody Rhodes says that now right here are very. 57 FM the fan is bash takes CW lines of you guys are just waking up a lot of NFL news happening. Overnight we had a topic plan for what's wide receiver would you like to seeing Green Bay can't do that. Today these guys are signing their signing quickly at least agreeing to terms also big quarterback. Off the market will update you on that and what it means for the Packers could they be in play for. Tight end however chuck went eleven necks on the fact. I sit I. Life would suck without you this how that goes on the number one hit the week of Valentine's weekend 2000 not. Saying it only year end Brandon Jennings was drafted by the bucks so we're taking you back to 2009. Throughout the day today. About that. Well Kelly. I'll Philippines. And I also on the show today we're getting near term Jay shot and it really hear from owl city beginning here from Jay-Z. We'll hear from the Black Eyed Peas so we are going all the way back. Since 2009. Throughout the show went on our brand name Janis Kelly Clarkson at checks favor. Slide this got a great voice. To us. Terrific voice and you know she was it wasn't for American Idol you know she would never been discovered on American Carrie Underwood to say McCurry out. Did you watch the return of American and Allen did you know it was back never watch any about a back okay. Is that Simon not there yet know he's long gone. Alec the Sparky of American Idol said that not bad. On Katy Perry's there okay Lionel Richie. I Richey. And in some country guy. We show you know he's on the voice Lou Bryant maybe. Hum. I running our country guys have one of the country do just fainted from the hydration on that stage who's married to Faith Hill. Tim McGraw yeah and he just fell over he didn't and he's performed Michael's got some good. Stories about him Tim McGraw about Tim McGraw yeah see any friends a far. McGraw yeah I don't know. I don't know and he was I think I'm Carrie Underwood used to date Troy Aikman. Tony's Tony Romo was Detroit are OK was that okay about it was maybe from. I knew it was cal quarterback goes Aikman. Troy a dated he was dating couple country stars are for a while. Back in a day yes I like Trisha Yearwood. If before she married Garth Brooks at all but that that aero. Right that era. Only missed Trisha Yearwood but submitted my event as young as your pop culture corner notice how 1057 FM the fans think but I about the same age. The human beer all the be all that school. Records that I had Troy and having not won a couple of games late this season in 99 mediate tree and what about agreement hacker out cases are going back in time and you mentioned that quote or hear is that drafts. Nine was 89 that was some. 89 in April of media. But of the season was 88 may they won their final two games including pumping Minnesota the number one seed in the NFC the Packers are terrible Muirhead for the first. Pick in the draft. And that he didn't. Somebody was just sharing this the other day I saw this on line debt that draft 1989. And you guys all know it's. The year the Packers to Tony mantra which. It's just unbelievable. That the first five picks was Tony and rich. And for order all of favors. Aikman at the cowboys. I'd tell either the Packers Barry Sanders to the lions Derrick Thomas to the sheets and in neon Deanna to the falcons so. I don't know what. The packer history of like if let's say 888. Sanders instead of men drifted date eight Derrick Thomas if they take these guys and into getting even Brett Favre. You know what happens but it's it's crazy to think of him they would have more or somehow less championship about a. They would of continued to lose and it would Detroit is a look like trait deserved to be Green Bay and then when did you make and it was like. You got to draft man church because he got here no doubt that he was on because he was on the cover Sports Illustrated but he was on the cover of SI. And he was this new age of tackle guy who hit the weight room you know he was not to some big fat guy he was a big strong tough guy. Coming off coming out of Michigan State. And you know there were rumblings bought him being as steroids. Are still testing bag them. And sure enough he was. And turned out to be one of the biggest busts in draft history and yet as you mentioned for the top five guys in the draft of 1989. Were around. All favors the one guy who wasn't. We got a Packers draft the Tony managers what were. Tony Manfred and then after that that hole because Bennett had just the attitude. And he was holding out and then there was rumblings he was gonna box. Mike Tyson was an additional. The kids were less hurting his right or golf course in Canada. Was running a golf course in Canada. But. The last thing that his Wikipedia page says. Is in 2009 mantra to sued by his former girlfriend for posting explicit photographs of her on the Internet can't do that anymore. Evict the good old days of coming onto it is when you reduce shamed or good good though the days of doing that somebody. They found they quickly came monologue that app though they give us the good old days. You know that girl took that you pitches for you. He better not doing with a right now or at least if you put him on the Internet. Make sure it's not for you. At least cover for phase. Yeah. Not on Sarah don't cheer their owner of the guys that don't don't positive rooms stuffed toy Poodle is served up by Perkins. So those little advantage legally at the Packers forty years ago. Where they are now. Or is it thirty years. I can't do magnitude nine at thirty years ago almost almost neo the Packers did OK we were gonna do this topic on wide receivers. Both the right right receivers have been signed yet agreed to terms hackers were urged that in two guys. At the top the list. And looks like they're headed elsewhere so a lot they chew on that and for those for the money that they're signing. Suddenly I Dovonte Annan's looks like a bargain and also they get touchdowns. Used to be the vikings next quarterback there's a lot going on in the NFL have that story coming up checking wake butterflies in your chance. At a thousand box all on the way here on. I'm so offense.