6am - Bucks make their pick, what do you think?

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Friday, June 22nd
Chuck and Winkler 6am Hour - Bart and guest host Kevin Holden reacted with listeners on the Bucks picking Donte DiVincenzo.

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Look at seventy. NBA draft. The Milwaukee Bucks select Dante. Or. I know literal only you Wisconsin. Broadcasters awards for excellence when your fans know why do you live from the Bryant did Stratton college athletics. Who knows. This he's shockingly good. Heard on sports Radio One 057 and have them. Movements Scottie dog they all these all these players for their entire careers and he's had really successful career. With the Villanova team and me and you know part of two national championship teams the most outstanding player most recently just. Part of winning again and high levels that we had a lot of options to washed out to play. Charter like third good morning we are served up by Perkins restaurant and bakeries and it's the brewers and how the cardinals may be running out of their double magic. Coming up momentarily. We will talk a lot about the box today as Dante di Vincenzo is the pig. From Villanova the sophomore who really came on a to the national scene in that tournament last year in that final four and specifically. In that NCAA tournament game had a great come by and decide to go pro. He is now Milwaukee block draft it would seventeen pick last night good morning I'm borrowing clerk. In for chuck today is again. Our radio friend Kevin hold and CBS fifty. The voting can I'd do here's the thing that your audience. As they must get their coffee at least 430. Other up and tweet me aren't I dared to mean that was. I can't applaud like that right now our studio audience that in the you have a steady audiences here again yeah. Yes and yes and yes the city audiences here and they looked tremendous guys you look great crew. But it's that they David sense though again he gets to chime in throughout the morning at 4147991250. It was the seventeenth pick of the draft. I am good with its. And good with that a last couple years stun maker I was very excited for now I dug the box sort of stage in their. In their franchise were they needed to. Go big or go home. The odds in the margin of air to win in the NBA is getting smaller. In this current period of of basketball. So you're going to beat LeBron and if you're gonna beat the warriors you've got to build just a free team of guys and you've got to get a mall hit but they've got to be big risk. And bomb maker was that his development continues. I was very excited about that because as accent of the fusion DJ Wilson last year. I'd not known you know entirely a lot about. I wasn't insanely thrilled. And then I would have liked to at least seen him play a little more over the last season instead of just. Randomly playing games of the herd. You know throughout the year. Which is what happened this year I you know I feel I feel good about it at the seventeenth pick. It's a guy that we're familiar with it the guy has been ahead a huge impact off the bench proven winner and when they needed him to step up last year. He stepped up so you know. You guys a lot of a lot of you guys know more college basketball than me and I am okay do admit that. Now some radio guys and TV guys. Pretend like you know everything at all times and nice guy can't do that now. I watched college basketball Iowa in that it's it's a problem I have with Cal's best running college football I could watch. A full day of March Madness starts offense right. And you could say what happened in every game and I'll say all. The five and twelve it was. Of Virginia against. Boise State in Virginia resentment and negative scar a favorite. Mainly three players you watched today. A calm boys. Their names are actual names. One other was the one kid in mid late red hair. Bully. I don't know it's the problem of mine and I can't can't give that information to stick it in college basketball is really an individual. Sport in most cases either and the guys turn amber so quickly I had it and there's a lot of guys' accounts basketball you think our stars Cal's basketball. And in the NBA draft comes around and I don't know if you were why would know he went to dredge in the NBA right there's a lot of guys contrast all that you're like okay that might be nice player. I'm college in the know he's an NBA bodies Emmys stark so there's more I think of of a disconnect between the Union College in their might be between cal football in the NF and the NFL. Yeah that Dexter you and you do have that happen to a lesser extent in football with someone with a free body freak size and maybe they had injuries or whatever but. If you look at the way. The college basketball season played out like you say a lot of those guys. That were stars. In March and April were. I you know not heard from last night right but in this case. Villanova is a bit of a different thought process and it was here's how is proven for me because you'd I'm sure you're getting this backlash on Twitter at that. This guy was a sixth man this guy spent a lot of his time as a sixth man. It depends. It depends how you want to if you like depict that there is every dollar the thing that's at Xavier like gays say. Oddly came off the bench some teams are better well they can do like either are. And and here's the thing Villanova while one won a national championship for the second time in three years they also had three players drafted in the first round of the draft last so. What you had was a special collection of bodies so he was a sixth man. On a great great college basketball team. In a great atmosphere and he look you your Marquette fan and you saw him do this he scored 45 points total in the three games against Marquette only one of those as a starter. And then the thing that attaches to me that I think is at least interest Inger intriguing for his right now prospects. Final four most outstanding player which is. You don't want to lose. He's the one. And yet and did the big weekend he had didn't necessarily get him. Drafted but it did help him sail cap that's a name recognition now. I can go to the combined. Where he did well while counts and I can give myself drafted the bucks look at seventeen. They say they've been scouting in the the last couple of seasons is again daylight. He's a guy that they think can fit coach booted holes there I would assume they had a big part in this. John horse that would assume that a big part in this this seemed to be a good pick and others other in about Scott took place at seventeen or there was. I handful of guys that I think we could come on the air this morning and say. It was a good pick yeah it and I know there's some guys that may be some of you would've rather had. Lonnie walker who goes the spurs with the next pick is one of those guys. And will you no longer wait and see but I think that this is I'm I'm saying. I can look back at that and say I was I mean we it Kevin it was a it was a party has to love and it. And mean we it was like over the top pick but I was pumped. Last year is like. The easier Wilson. But the brewers did not act act this year I think. People are feel okay about it I actually last night I put appalled at my Twitter account it winks thinks they said. I am not good college basketball. Choose your own adventure morning show tonight like the dad they deem it sends a pick on the air tomorrow as big bucks a 450 votes while 76%. Say yes wow OK so you know bucks bugs Twitter. Seemingly excited Martinez's and for Washington you guys can Dallas up 414799. At 1250. Where we feel at this pick Martinez dictate my opinions. All of America won the integration order any regret that they hold very aggressive and open bad. Got that look like on that note I do regret that what you want his players about the dollar recollect him about the law. And I'll buy it then being part in a big video. Pretty good match for at a couple thirteen rebounds. We've beat army of god actually agree also. So yeah. All it got great volume is light repeat. Well little more darn it if we ever Bartlett out there we were shooting every great because. They're. About and again at the bottom or one of the biggest date you know. A cook college at all like a band that's. Been. Do you think you'll play a lot right Roy Martinez. We're told by the possibility of an outbreak. It. And it was all about that on the blog apparently got two weeks ago oh only apple picnic parity. Window should be let it go look all I weird. All I know I've you know I beg glad he says and as I've kind of been missing yeah. Call in about you know albeit a big week won't allow. Well six to 630 signing a lot of days chuck and I just like waking up during that time so we did years you have killed two minutes. Good luck with the new job by the Martinez our friend out and for Washington he had six to 630 is is. Chug your favorite energy during time. Yet at any rate that's and that's what it is very. I drive I've worked I've worked with freeze on Friday. And he's got two cans or two bottles of his favorite energy drink over the hill wolf we like them five hour energy that okay yeah Ellen look at this thing out of that old I'd. I saw big bugs the big bottles probably at some notes and oh yeah any Gibson's and soda in time to time which you know it's fair but yeah. Thought coach butch and l.'s third Kevin to your point on coming off the bench. I shared with them how it invaluable that was for his coach seven player that would sacrifice and be willing to come off the bench because he knew that gave. His team the best chance to win the best chance to win a championship and he just you can sometimes find guys that think on another level that are you know maybe a little more advanced than that might be a great fit with the locker room culture. You know away from the court then of course on the court to. So the coming off the bench saying a positive at least for his new head coach and big guy that he played against several times in his college career Steve would you how ski. Said it is is quoting out of a an article in the local news sentinel. I think it's a great pick for the bucks counties and explosive athlete tremendous playmaker a big time winner he will be an immediate impact guy. In the NBA. And what is no reason. Too it's just a row praise at. Opposing guided he had to face rate I mean not that quote Joseph would come out if they give if he was a good quote don't wouldn't come out say well I stare. Right but he did that's big crates. Immediate impact guys. I just look at the box and their draft picks over the last five years even Janice I mean Wu which of these guys were immediate impact guys. I that's that's the most that's the most interesting to me is how much are they going to fit him in. And you know. Have a plan for him now DJ Wilson they drafted. I aids is understanding and like before they don't plant. Yes the met the press conference the next day where what's his position. 34. Oh I don't know someone and as we say yesterday's position was there was an opposition to him play. So that's what I'm most curious about Doug's in Saint Francis 7991250. Doug Doug. If you mark it down and think big Mac you know I'm what do you bird on this one I mean seventeenth pick. You can't expect much straight look back at it is that he picked in the NBA. He's not going to be an immediate impact player at a great college round or Wendell. But this is the pros break even the big bullet everybody's pagan app and athletic. Well I think you're the underside of the command and wraparound and get a couple of a couple of points previous I've waiting game guy. I think that we can really expect. And hoping that this move again and relevant to all of the packing and get him up off the team. And we've got a bit of a belt Michael McCall and I think that we drafted. An apple overly excited by this and you're spot on with BJ well and that's been a train wreck. I'm Matt yeah I'd rather be at you know veteran on the team that can shoot the ball and Matt and terrible time on the I am and. That things are the calls 7991250. Even tens of six foot 5205 pounds. There have been some Delaware Dover comparisons from some you guys that I've seen. On line and in talking to you. Will see that that's that's the one thing when I you know title cameo on the big show yesterday with round. One of the things that I said for the pick my want to was wasn't so much a player was that if you could find a way. Last night to get rid of a bad contract that's ultimately that was my number one priority they didn't do that adult adult. Was all of those guys at that could've got traded last night. You saw a lot less may be movement in the draft in general. There was a pick within the top five but I thought we might see. I mean at a and I didn't think we'd seek a widely traded but I thought we'd see a little more action now but none of that early came to fruition so. If if there was something that I wanna see us then it was that. They get the taken even sends though. I well I am just am I'm OK. Let's see yeah. Bring you any it's the start of something new it's the first draft pick and then in the boot and all sir Harris so. We wanna see how much is he involved in that and how much will this guy's feet into his system. Which we know from watching the hawks but we don't know how that's gonna look here yet right it's it's gonna look a little different. He's gonna have a different set of guys at that one of the most interesting draft developments. Was what happened with the hawks. Early in the first round because. One of their guys who has been sort of angling for a trade became more expendable what the hawks did last night in a short. So that was intriguing to me in terms of the buck's future maybe even more than the di Vincenzo pay for enforce. 991254. On 47991250. We'll keep talking bucks that you guys will get a little bit on the brewers. And their big win last night but if you wanna Todd Stephen Jen so we wanna talk TU 4147991250. Checker like the Kevin Holden. Denver frames on the fan but the seventy. BA draft and the Milwaukee Bucks good Don good. I think there's always high expectations hood. You know everybody has to come in here and earned their opportunity and earn their minutes and earn their ability to impact the the team impacting game and certainly dots is going to be given that opportunity to earn it. Things that we think give him a chance and opportunity that are physical toughness that the level which he competes in the fact they can shoot the basketball in the united. You know not to compare mr. Aaron Brown but those are a lot of things that we like sterling actually drafted him thought that you become and how pictured and so to what level he's able to do that. I in team situations is to be determined there's no doubt in our money is to contribute to the roster in other ways you know on the roster in practice in the locker room. In other ways again because this character is going to step. To be part when it. Up for the very observance. The music bed was another one bites the dust that was purely coincidental. And not a plan and that was just in and it in the rotation. Bumpers back from break okay. Purely coincidental I noticed that as we're listening to coach Boone holes are and then John Horst but it would be fitting. If this pick does not work out. As the way that the Bucs have gone over the last. Recent memory I'm borrowing by Kevin hold it in for check today's checkpoint the from the Brian Stratton college Atlantic studios toxin brewers. In a little bit here we are taking your calls as Europe bright and early this morning talking down to a even sense so I just I don't know what is future's gonna hold Kevin. I just wanna see Dante's peak now. There's the real lot of that today. The on the scene almost see you see right through today as he says. That they. TV screen we have to shorten their name suggests that the get on I like that. My favorite is probably it's not delivery it's Steve mentions. Success. At. Still I'd I yelled out in the middle of the news German my you know no one understands and everyone looks at me like I have three heads moment. On. It is like fifteen minutes after they made the pick and I see if you get it it's it's obscure but I just in the middle of the the madness I just yelled out in the newsroom. Donnie d.s on the back up. Drug free support yeah yeah yeah. A sob yeah Marky Mark. And and no one got zero people understood what late Wednesday that said you're new reasons to ya got act. There was one real good to be that as that the birdie game last night and as a friend and I was. I put out there I put it tweet out tweet me funny and stupid that they'd even sends a nicknames the sand here tomorrow and a lot of them from you guys and we're gonna read them throughout the show. But this one that we cannot stop laughing at was from shaft the Breaux on Twitter he said. Do not day depict him as though. I can handle a do not day is that he didn't like the peck. Obviously. Do not days depict himself 4147991250. Did you again I ask you guys also on Twitter last night should I like the tech. 76% of you said yes so right now seems positive Ian isn't Hartford at 7991250. Give. Big is the. Morning guys I don't object I don't know how many. I don't know why so many people are sold on their I mean there were a lot of people that don't know what they're talking. Number why wire might seeing Joseph Alexander counts and. I have I have no clue I mean this guy is pretty usually aquatic you know 42 inch vertical he can shoot the lights off at the center. I mean he's our second best shooter maybe our best shooter on the team right now. Boy we yeah Middleton and. Middle that's a mean he would you'd better shooter than sterling brown and sterling brown probably expand on start you cannot do things. That even gentle camp on the defense the band. And you awfully. I don't care what anybody says it and then I love Twitter guy who says. Oh you are. Everybody a flight and yet one Yemen you don't want the rest it and no walks around that a yeah very good speed and he played with or guys that got drafted. You don't lectured awkward in that light at any point. He'd get 41. Minutes a game. I mean it played out in Florida racetrack that analyzed national championship right I'm I don't know what people expect him to be doing a lot more. Yeah yeah I mean made big east off freshman team big east sixth man of the year than last year and got the stats here thirteen point four points a game. About five boards through nap assess the steel per game got 48% from the field. Adult would make a shot at anybody ever feel go don't make that compare this has on real. Dole but dole was just the bowling ball. Then maybe yeah I think that's more of like Grady this compares and then a shooting compares in. Yeah that's good yeah it looks like he's shooting a bowling ball. I mean there's different during gritty Atlantic. But don't let. Atlantic. You're more. I think get a great kick I think people are very surprised I think he will be an impact player right away I mean Heidi it could be a bench player that gives you that he. He met that night maybe forty. And I think some of these guys are thought I'd like early round and the reason like I couldn't they come or last year. Well I mean he's a guy you know that thing get a lot of time last year than you've got the bigger contract guys like Tony snell Ian thanks for the call and we'll try to fifth you know it's it's a puzzle that coach booted balls are now has to. Worked out and we'll see which direction takes. It was just one pick but the bucks have already added a couple of other bodies Jordan Barnett from the zoo is gonna join the summer league team has a training camp invite. Brendan McQuay from UNLV is agreed to join the team as well so. It's it's not like they added one body and then they were literally like we're going into camp wins just not to be Nintendo that's it. You know they've they've been working as other teams have as soon as the draft was over to try to add body so. No they did not have a second round pick but the bucks were immediately adding bodies to the roster in just think. They were one selection one pick away. From adding. What's it what well how life has to say from adding Milwaukee basketball royalty to the roster they were one pick away from another antenna come up. I'll he was the sixty at Becky was mr. irrelevant. Yeah I Kasten is now yeah when Katz has got drafted the very end yes his brother. I thought for sure I didn't know that there was a trade. Who call and so it's still said the sixers didn't cite that moment the sixers coach there's trauma they're taking us is. I didn't realize that taking our have been traded so he will go to the mat right. Fact fact that bird right away at that on my dad if there's bribery just ago. Very weird turn Schuyler is on the north side 7991250. Skyler good morning how we feel. A little pig I flew into it. Are being paid MR part of part of the release feel like what I watch is sort of a priority and let them vote. In my heart of our they economic advantages now where the albeit rookie you're not not want to have our. The economic impact and even bit I don't know where did the comparison would be about Dover are prepared or more to. I know a lot of gotten remembered as book like about sore. Well maybe even a clay Thompson. I mean that's our book. Are the key to our beat could be just good it's great up and I'll know as far as the shooter brought the heat in that article the I think he can be. That's probably there are just really got that villain. The watchman and a combo just what ought to see what he can do that some lead budget I think Bob's stores and quite comfortable mamiya and our biggest. It was big big art art art art they got to write a big group food and it's you don't but that's no knock off the they just more fit and update the books they they thought it was not a word. I don't get the Joseph Alexander I don't get the Joseph Alexander comparison wise that happening. I don't know that never thought about. Needing one. I'd say I'd Allah bring it up and I've seen it. Like scores of people saying. Not one not out amid the applicant to a better outlook that lady as part spoke well when he did. Now this is ticking and nobody got you've got to get this deal that. Yet that I think this guy is way more qualified than Mallon Alexander was terrible. I'm not. This at least there's like a foundation for Alexander is like. Why do we do that Scott I think you 7991250. Checkpoint where here on the fans so will continue talking you guys 4047991250. Dante di Vincenzo. Is the pick. I could decide last night also if I was gonna column that pages aren't all or if I was gonna really get it wrong. And coming here and say his name was David Chen's though. That today that I can see that Debbie get a funny wouldn't couldn't you see someone out of station today may be reading an update or whatever not knowing much about sports buds are getting it out here is saying. The bucks slow like David sends out a mr. Enzo will be in Milwaukee on Monday the did that happen with a demonstrated had to where it was like. And the deep combed vote Iraqi mr. Cooper will be here. On Thursday. So the box well and find a higher they would not find the right guy you may be looking to do the same. Because you know that right hire can really make an impact on your business. Night policy job boards and hope you find the right person for your job. You can do that. But how often are you going to job boards quite stressed that chance and you to post your job. To place for people go every day. To grow professionally and explore job opportunities were 70% of the US workforce is and that that link didn't go to polling data and find your Stephen Jen Zell. 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And and then Brandon Inge and and for me being on the job three or four weeks and then. This is understanding. You know helping all of us get on the same page with what works with the honest what's gonna fit best around yachts and certainly. It's an influence on the draft day then you know we feel like Donte'. Visibility issues ability meg play and play off the ball sacrifices understand. You know the team concepts and really just. I think he honest is the ultimate competitor all just wants to do is plans for the more guys we search routes around it where they have that Sammons. Ali. Coach bud. Yeah this that was at the come by and so he got the CD Vincenzo up close jogger white blur I'm borrowing clerk Kevin holding in particularly back. On Monday eight Tony were attacked Gary willful. Ovals prospects that come. Gary willful there will fall and then nine Tawny. We might tactic Andrew Wagner. Oh yeah who's been covering the brewers I would state journal this year. That the game last night. And I. We sat right in the section by the press box. Like create a picture of on these deleted and he said what time I coming on a Marron said that's a great idea. What's hammering you he goes. And and obviously Pia. So how about I'll say nine Tony will call you. And if you wake up. We'll have you on it and if you don't. Will mull all move on our merry way and if so will enjoy every awake at night fight today that's good at the big mystery of the show. Also asking you guys do you like that that they do even sends a pick some of the tweets coming in this is from. Stop for 14. I feel like Blondie walker was the guy to take the spurs snatched him up the very next pick we all Null. They're draft record. Vs our draft record. Drew says only if he gets a good amount of playing time and is not just sitting on the bench taking up a roster spot light picks. In the past Ryan says you guys love the pit. I think if he continues to work on the three ball he could possibly be an updated version of Kyle Korver. One thing that sticks out to me or says there was a dial along the Bucs had a plan and they got their guy. Land back 88 says Nadal what is the plan second year row horse takes dad gets hot march he's just showing is no idea what the hell he's doing. He's in way over his head. Where do you fall four on 47991250. Jakes on the west side Jake how we feel this morning and bucks make a pick. I'm a pretty good effort both skeptical picture that group you're going to have a good program. That's the affair but records. Picnic you can run but you alert presents some blow once beautiful little more time it's just. I mean looking at over its they're opening it against a team like campus that's so notorious for being. Well obviously king and bit you're fifteen points eight rebounds I mean you start him against Michigan at 31 points in the Bible yeah and I federal and yen. Little weather at all or eighteen points or more it gained eleven and all the other than the law on the part of the ball. Outside for fired the latter part of all the same boat Michael Gordon. I'm not that they're the is that Melbourne yet but I think if you look consort with her coach it would look older inflate your own. I think Libya are growth growth. Do we get. Are we getting Joseph Alexander and then Michael jarring comparison that's awesome. You know what I think that the ball was its southern offensive who's going to be very year I offense. It is part and look at anyone else and yelled at all possible car that was my. You know there's a lot of that our boat people look at the box so quickly because we haven't heard really sent what sudden look themselves. Let and in in reality many. Really voted for the rest is let the well because that is the number would be released her and also on. Take things for the call it's all about the guys jam on the roster and they had one pick. And they don't have a lot of flexibility. Roster wise. You don't know what's gonna have more Jabari. You can at this point neither guys to have them to produce them and so this was a huge pick at seventeen. And they seem to be thrilled. The blocks that they got their guy. Bite have a plan form play him. I've I think had to double check but I think DJ Wilson's on the Ben Simmons treatment. It quite so literally gets heavier rookie of the year this year I think I Chirac but I thought I've. I read that here. That's funny but you know an indication of what's happened at seventeen in the past. When you've had. A shot on. I don't ever told you this but Scott Gretzky was starting a campaign to call the Wisconsin heard the Wisconsin Rashad bonds. Yeah piano I was that I supported that now. He you know they were in on him trying to get a name that was Kati would every want to call on the Rashad markets Imus I was half joking yesterday and I would like as he Russia on curb cut. All of it. That's now that would started topic admit. I mean if if we get. It for a shadow on as the lightning rod the station needs to. Did calls straight from six the six. I'd be real surprised the promo like. First set bond yeah upper chuck Wexler the promo in what he signs you make the promo for the next morning the good morning everybody voice. All okay. So what were were saying to shad Von Sion yeah yeah days they go back in aid they say we we made a mistake with Rashad bond we we do mean to let's ago. And other four teams that really issue of the week after didn't mean to let you find a solid get title to on a Wednesday. I'm just going to learn this fan base is so insane we can actually big twelve hours of golf on the return average shot I thought. The three point assessed its weekday morning six descend on the fan why all. That is that is the work of it at home. That's next level stuff Cody thank you thank you hate don't you brought this little music and not only did you have this great thing to say you. You'd you know the audience hit the end of perfect yet at the end Korea I was the the box you were there last guests in the draft. Yeah it was it was fun and let my Mayfair apart was. Watson were huge not report on. Who is gonna be drafted but just taller after doing different like they're really targeting this guy so we'll see what he does yeah. Read some of the good ones coming up around seven. We were or his dimension what the brewers did last night we'll do that coming up next the bucks though did horse did. The bullet holes are these guys. Like terror. If you can read into their body language everything that they seemed pretty excited. Yeah they seem really excited I mean the my job to horse did mention that if you saw us in our room you would have seen how excited we were four. Grab in this guy and did two things I took from at the the biggest thing they liked about Dante was. It is terror terror indeed mention constantly how he came off the bench and knowledgeable in all but in how he made that sacrifice and that other thing date. Where you John as. Will the system that Jay Wright. Runs in Villanova how he compared that to pro basketball. And how they think dot is kind of ahead of the game and other rookies speak playing at Villanova plane across our system but Curtis how some other college. Offenses and defense Iran. Well then I hope he plays because. This is you want you need an impact guy as best as you can. Mean you're seventeen so it's inside five top five but you need impact guy. And and I hope he plays sterling brown to play a lot last year EJ Wilson barely even exists. I would like to see this guy play that I mean that that's. Let's let's have the opportunity to find out if it was good picker not. Unlike we've had you know recently I an amateur shot on because. I don't know kind of real opportunity he had. And DJ Wilson has not had the opportunity now didn't matter in the opportunity. I don't know there was one game I think EJ Wilson played 11 half all of last year in the petrified. Footwear to see fit because sting callous he played it too. But the way officers Ronnie at times to be a playmaker. So I mean brutal holes are mentioned last night that he. Has the steel to play a little bit a point guard we are god sends a yat. Dante deep Terrence WRE got Bledsoe there's a starter in the mountain Roger backup point guard. Well see and valleys in the mental sees him move Bledsoe or we have no idea and I don't know how good this guy hits. All find out I just want him to get the opportunity to play more on the bucks more on the draft. And how. How low gin other NBA reporters. Tipped you off without. Technically tipping you off. We'll do that around 7 o'clock as well let's check in Leclerc served up by Perkins here on the. Now it's shocking swindlers brew crew review brought you by both burning beer Milwaukee's new favorite imported beer try it your nearest total wind location. And by Blair most king cheese pizza the ruler of great taste this is the only station brewers fans need. Sports Radio One 057 FM. Does Sam chapter like there were in the Brian Stratton college Atlantic studios Kevin holding CVS 58 in for chuck much more on the NBA draft coming up in about. Ten minutes actually less than that. Including one guy who really likes this pick. Which may change your mind. Yeah the brewers blue hats now I get the 113 victory. They scored some runs in some weird ways including. This page which I just. Whatever the audio is I don't think that we can describe. Well enough what Carlos Martinez that through. That allowed Travis shot a score from third Tina's deals. Well we've lost the ball again. The video walking. For a wild pitch Martinez let it go and Sean Penn itself. Takes home plate did the right thing. No actually Brian Anderson did a good job there lost the ball Carlos Martinez. I never seen anything like is like these. It's like he was throwing. Shot put and then it hurts and he just never gave up. So weird did you see the same thing happened to Max Scherzer last night. Home the same thing happened to Macs years it was one of these sites so it's an epidemic yeah it's weird and and I mean look Carlos Martinez. Has struggled tremendously this year but he's not aid. You know that's a guy who's had a lot of success in the big Max Scherzer is one of the best in the game. And it happened to both of my asset searchers was weird too because. You mean you could picture scherzer is delivery right you know you did disorder herky jerky thing where he comes that led. From late comes up I guess rights of the front leg came up high and he's get ready to deliver the ball home and all of a sudden he does this weird like. Turn toward second like he was I'd arguably was Lou ET honor senator Johnny Quaid you know I don't equate or does that that we returned. He comes up and invest this weird turn and then disorder. Half. If you say like shot put the ball from a to have almost an underhanded angled toward home plate and it was at fifteen feet away from the plate as a while it. And the whole thing so. Last night and there were you know balls into the wall that were misjudged you in weird ways by the cardinals. Hayes is a U liar or no air Spain's late look like he's gonna hit a Grand Slam. You know budget is gonna get caught in the in the edges dropped it. I mean just a lot of weird different ways so. A one of these crazy plays 735. We'll have our big play of the game for pot or rewards and then 835. I can tell us in the MBB is as the brewers beat the cardinals last night the first of a four game set cubs lose to the reds. So you've got a one game lead the half game things dawn. For now is the brewers were rained out the other night so it's 44 and thirty. In 42 when thirty. You do the math at the game lead right now for the Milwaukee Brewers over the Chicago Cubs which. You know ID and it's like every game. Again I will preface this is much is I have to I'm untoward to wait two months. Way way way too much but after every night it's. If the cubs take first place or even tie yeah. But they're technically in first place because of that winning percentage rent 'cause has gone nuts. And then the verse take it back and and word on mats. Me a long summer this is if we're back and forth and like Israel long summer you go and meet some caffeine to get through August and September. All my guys you imagine if that continues that late in into the summer and and into the fall. It seems like it's going to I think the cubs somehow someway are under estimated by brewers fans. But also the brewers its key. They keep winning and they are good baseball team so it is going to be a back and forth race that hundred dollar that I have with bill Cody and shot. The cubs they're gonna in the central by ten games. I will lose that bet three times but I will hold 300 dollars. That sucks. The money I want a pot on the other day that's a fax at seven. Keep doubling down I gotta stop batting with Marines and just continued of that with you because when I had really I didn't lose money now you feel when I don't view I win money. Juggle it earlier served up by Perkins. I am led to believe that we'll talk about injured more and are asking and asked. The tea leaves say we may be talking about. Major award generic ski NetSuite we would be to attempted to pass on the chance to talk about that act. Maybe one of the greatest toward and I think history will explain coming.