6am - Bucks/Celtics initial thoughts, Snow in April

Chuck & Winkler
Monday, April 16th
Chuck and Winkler 6am Hour - Chuck and Bart talked about the Bucks' game 1 loss to the Celtics and what went wrong. Plus, it was a snow storm in April and they shared what they dislike the most about the snow.

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It's. Know chuck can we blurred. Live event from the brilliant days driving colleague Jeff flake studio. On sports Radio One 057 against them. Chuck right where we are served up by Perkins a bad morning ever about a half. As chuck Freeman. I'm borrowing or. Yet Russell's deal with the city. April 16. I hit the bulls things like phone Ahmad Omar FaceBook yesterday where it said. Don't what did you do a year ago today oh sure yeah FaceBook yeah yeah FaceBook what did you do a year ago today. And it showed no chance tonight on meet Camelot golf course in short sleeves golfer and a slight a year call. You're you're gonna yesterday and then I mean golf public there's no way possible that's even happening anytime soon. Which rose sucks for golf courses because they're losing money businesses should be you know which we keep collecting right about now on the team to have an operation ego and soul. Here we are. January whether people trying to get in the work everywhere schools closing. Just a miserable weekend. Yeah it's actually not April 16 it's January a 103. And out I'm his ex is a 103 day of January it's amazing because all cross country. Baseball games are being caller has been more polls Bozeman pulls moments of baseball games then now than ever before it seems. Six of on yesterday Texas man they're supposed to be the Boston always plays the state 10 o'clock as there on the marathon what they're still running today it's like 35 degree winds with a rain. And then there's a game at ten and that's already been called off against six games in. Baseball call Lott yesterday. Throughout the country it's not all because of snow but the same weather pattern. It's kind of wreaking Havoc on everybody and not a morning where. And we will. You know there's some things going out the brewers have lost two or three there's some questions to be asked the blocks lose game one. I'm not on a heartbreaker in a game really they should add in we I think we learned a lot about their team in one game. But don't domain I mean dubbed the main thing to complain about the main thing just to even talk about. Is whatever they elvis'. Well because it's played Havoc with not only our lives. But sports through. You know if you know if you enjoy. Getting out purity April and a wave going for Heidi currently sit golfer whatever. If it's re Kiki courtside merely. It was fun elect yesterday. A hometown interesting I was in funnel like yesterday. Okay what what was going on nothing everything was closed all the restaurants are closed. I went up there Saturday like I told you for a bowling tournament. And when we were bowling. The power started going out on Saturday so the turn him and actually got cut short new. Because of the power going out so I stayed in town that night in and I was gonna hit the road probably 7:8 o'clock whenever I walk out get home wash numbers on the box. By the roads were treacherous my my buddies live right off the highway again right off the highway. You couldn't see the highway now so watch the bucks game hit the road about. 330. I don't know my wife still stuck in Appleton she went there for the weekend although further north you went the worse it got she can't and the Appleton to final act is like. Trying to drive across Alaska right now yeah I thought I was able to make it on the took a little longer yesterday. But you know the roads and I think I I I think the roads are worse this morning and they were. What they are weekend your apps right at least down here. Mom don't north of votes that would she get to low Myra frozen view however is that the state of Wisconsin now that stream. There's a harness on doubt what it's slow. What you get north of of LaMarr then eat because your drives nice and then there are small and the further north you go it gets worse. So yesterday. Arafat electable six clocked. And we're look at replaced. And Saturday. He was in the admit it was impossible. To two to grow up in just was bet you can it's that he couldn't do it does look due times ever. It's like they're being your re not what you gotta dome. And where did they did it's not gonna happen so I did not couldn't rule out so what divides of the B or drop off finally and we called. Jewels Clark Sutton downtown little bar downtown fought like that nobody America. And I was like panels looking for some sweet afterwards you know the desert. Dairy queen believes everything closed. Or driver around it's like all the mainstay restaurants everything. I've talked him. The fast food places are closed then you know you got some problems did he know you're at it and they only an inch isn't far off. Now we get to rebate Green Bay have thirty inches of snow. That's amazing. You have a friend and Shonn they had that much now a whore. Don't hit it big at the worst in the state so he was sending me pictures and then Green Day. You had a ton of hackers tweeting yesterday. That they're stuck in airports and they were tweeting. To see if any packer fans are in the airport. They wanted to grab lunch because they're all trying to get the Green Bay. Which is impossible they were supposed to do their workouts that there and start them as you have some of the NFL guys. Starting to get back in that mold now there's some guys that live there. I think we saw video from Mason Crosby. May be linked Taylor but there's a lot of guys that that don't in the offseason and they cannot get it. Yeah up lot of home so well known actor worked out today some guys are detained in Minneapolis. Some guys are still in the south. I like Donna in the Atlanta area in an airport take it appear they keep it appears solely they've delayed the start of app. Metal thing but now you know for you know us guys just you you don't expect that this time of year Reynolds was Johnson but still leave this. Ask for. April 16 this is on me all weekend you're pretty was detained in your house couldn't get out. And do much of anything. And that's it's probably from front and it's been want it's precipitation. Continuously from Friday night out in one former via. Yet it sucks and that's amazing. That is just amazing man and never start a series of Cincinnati that night and home but nobody will go to. Well now play plug into spamming him hi spice ball is what. Like Dick played their team in New York yesterday the melting of the Mets and that what there was little the boy the first that is like 75 degrees in New York got an Austin US figure a choice that I look the beat them a forecast. Friday and Saturday was supposed to be a seventies which they were. And then Sunday it was force of a ball by thirty degrees and had to pick exactly did that meet nice two days out their. In New York it and Sunday I mean these guys are risky mix he should have to Wear a ski mask to play baseball. The brewers started in San Diego in like the best place you can start you won the day is very almost kind of cool then had a few games home. But it seems like every road game they've played since. If you don't like you're viewed as a CS today there are in the forty twos for Jackie Robinson. There were some guys with no name on the back of their Jersey and you could meet you can see their face but their eyes if you don't like no the brewers job. You don't know that's Orlando Garcia I'll play. Now aces say you are doing him because he's a bigger guy I mean these guys that are quite a batting stances on recognizable. Arab. A two weeks ago where we had that that I debt of brawn. And we elegy brought went back to back to beat Saint Louis. Ever coming out or cars afterwards after the game we had a big snowstorm. Not big was in the belly despot there was snow or snow everybody coming up the courage to weasels like all my job does a usual. So here are two weeks later and we're dealing with a worst snowstorm. Ever get the Miller Park inn and and thanks IBM. Here here's one thing which all baseball stadiums going forward should do all baseball stadiums going forward. That are going to be built need at least in the upper midwest. Should be like Miller Park. And build. A retractable row Minneapolis they cancel five games so far in Minneapolis because. You know they debated the the counting her encounter either did not wanna pay for a new retractable Rauf. And you know number two is the ball they they were just so sick of the dome there for all those years. The fans were turner go to the metrodome they wanted to open air stadium and how they're paying for. I mean literally in a sport like baseball. You know like you could still have a football game today at Lambeau as bad as juror is insane to Minneapolis day could still eager so play football but for baseball. I mean it's it's impossible it can't play the game of baseball weather like this in Minnesota for them not to put the retractable roof line. They try to boast about it and say well this summer times and degrade its gonna be wild and it's going to be awesome yeah right so for. Fifteen to eighteen games a year. It's picture perfect but. In Wisconsin we can still have a game tonight. In Milwaukee. Despite the roads as they are despite the terrain as it is we still play baseball. And there were Minnesota fans that they it's still are against the idea. Alvaro off of any kind and and I don't I don't understand that and all you've got all these games which are missing they're gonna have to do a ton of double letters. There's gonna be a lot of games made up later in the season outside of baseball who knows how that will affect pennant races the Yankees officials have to yesterday. To reschedule that they all up double that are already in council the whole thing's a mass baseball specially. The six games yesterday already won today is sure to be more. And then just everybody trying to around here get to work on time if you wake up to the sound of our voice. Did give up get out of better right now you have leave early you don't know what you're gonna and need time for. I'm a good example of that guy and here at the nick of time. I was delayed for a couple of things there was a ramp clothes on my way and and my trunk door long closed down an open it's not a trunk like. But the car trunk like picture when you are dead body in a child in the movies. It's of the giant doors off again SUV. A Toyota ramps so I opened the door to get my. It's no brush and I shut the door. And it holds back at twelve. While it isn't really their solution a video of this is the guy I have a bungee cord now attacked that all adds to my I got the rehearsal to admired as injured I dig a little received five minutes to six would nobody was around here. And I'm old boy. Yeah our time trying to get here and that I'm missing turns jerk and then I thought my car got stuck in a gas station. All the whole thing was just a mess. Well I when I left I I a martian weather forecast last night and they said well you know while a dusting overnight well it turned out you don't dusting. And you know whether it's an inch or whatever still difficult. They said they'll watch the side roads souls are gonna be tough to deal with but the freeway system should be OK for it was a it was not a kids' sports respect it's worse than these national worst habits was. All weekend long. The least down here. And yellow stuff is it is cute you know obviously get yourself ready to. Yourself some extra time to real you know one hour 45 minutes again in this morning from which is normally a 52 minute drive from. Elmira. It's a column or 45 minutes. Or four requirements so I'm behind meatballs well but I got an idea of global water and I expected even bloated system. Ya you don't think your studio that this time of the year but we all have to do not complaining about it. We are but you know no Australia's ten minutes complain about archaeologists and it affects everybody's lives that it affects you always covering your sports. It affected the sports if you don't even though. Like New York yesterday didn't. It was a it was it was damp but it was the summary and and all that but it was more coal. It's more cold like Ian in Chicago on Saturday. Arm nearly dealt although of the brain lightly but it was more the cold and the wind chills late tonight the cardinals and cubs most of plate and the wind chills are going to be in the one east hockey playing that type weather yeah act Kansas City and the angels yeah Ali fifteen or Tommy was supposed to pitch. And they want on the bids they want a bit of a bitch and they want of a bitch big user of a national TV in for only half hour game easily said okay. Around have him pitch. If you're not gonna have act I get hurt in the coal. And pitchman couldn him and because he's one their top attractions right now. So here's a will do and please do not do this and let's it's safe to do this. We've got some brewer tickets to giveaway today. Because there will be games all week now the tickets we have for today are for Saturdays the Saturday night 610 just regular. General admission tickets are not part of any other special giveaway or anything but we've got a pair of tickets. We've complained about the April snow storm. You can have your turn to. The worst part of the snowstorm for you between us that on a 57 FM the fan use the hash takes CW tickets. And will I read some of those throughout the morning again the worst part of the snowstorm. For you. If you're us tell. Just an absolute cycle path. And you'll like this. Thing you can tweet us a reason why elected. But tell us the worst part of the snowstorm for you. We will do that throughout the morning at 1057 FM the fan use the hash say CW tickets now would be nice. If we could put that you know upset part of the time behind us in moving to some wins but the brewers dropped two or three New York. And the Bucs fall yesterday a quick broad Kerviel. Will talk a little basketball with it startling the horse served up by Perkins restaurant and bakeries. Ain't no other gonna stop this train chuck and wiper on the fact. Now it's shocking wing doors brew crew review brought you by by offering beer Milwaukee's new favorite imported beer Triad beg your nearest total line. Michael most can't cheese pizza. Rumor of great tastes that this is the only station brewers fans need sports Radio One 057. Chuckling where we are served. Down by Perkins restaurant in bakeries in the Brian Stratton college athletics studios. Again take care time on the roads today. If you're at home listening. Get get going. Make sure you have enough time to get to where you need to be that mr. Freeman. I'm borrowing for brewers over the weekend that dropped two of three to the Mets and I think it was last week. There might have been two weeks ago now. But there was this that we kept reading about how well the brewers were doing in one run games. And maybe law of averages. Are coming in the play here brewers fall on Friday night 65 they do win on Saturday. A decent performance 51 with a victory and then another a loss last night three to two. Wilmer Flores with home run the game winning home run in the ninth. And screw that gas. Well over flooring yeah. Yeah I don't care much room remember anybody got traded to the brewers here I'm just trying. And I mean I've never seen him I've never seen a pert and there's. Crying you know it's it's good to get a crowd every non answer now. But they'll be ME. Wow that guy when he that is getting traded to the upper I can't get that image out of my head whenever I see his face it just always looks to me like is crying because s.'s. Burden in my retina. About who he is so he in us seven good decry about yesterday walk off home run for the New York Mets and they beat the brewers. Now upgraded to well. Tee off Mel Purcell was had a mole to to tell what the wanna to. And then a sinker that didn't sank off the arm of Albers and home run. And Alice. Now it was this morning it was still moments after the bucks have lost. Not moments maybe fifty minutes later in the box of Boston in overtime. The Boston opera series spot. The only at least they took. One of the teams in New York the Mets have played some good ball the hung in there should seem. But for earnings estimate bark and they don't give five hits. Yes council says there was some progress made even though it was a shaky four innings. But you know they they get the didn't feel comfortable enough to pitch him. Past the fourth inning yesterday they want to win that obviously we want to win every game by. How he thought location scene went four innings. Give him out of there while Gordon's big is good you know sales 11 or as one nothing they're trailing in some Garrett. Get a body here because we can't afford you anymore runs. With the way Sid the guards deal and on the other side. Well and and you need longer stars are starting pitchers you definitely do especially with the way. They've been unable to make it through early six innings consistently that'll staff. Then you have what happened on Saturday were chasing Anderson came on after 87 pages which it seemed like a fine time in the ballgame means the seventh inning but. I think chase wanted to be in their little longer the brewers to get the win on Saturday at 20 let's say from Josh hater but that caused some discussion over the weekend which. We'll talk data McKelvey about I think we talked to him Mondays at eight. I don't know what his travel plans are today I don't know if he'll get delayed China into the game today because he was in New York for the weekend so. We have a lot of questions ask Adam hopefully we get to do that today because travel for everybody. I mean the Packers at the call off their workouts today because the Packers can't get to Green Bay. So will will take things as we go today but Adam McKelvey. We do that Mondays at. And another injury to deal with Eric themes. Has got an abductor. Injury got taken out and you'll are. Dodger to jail for that. I begets abduction ul abduction. Which I guess it was an abduction more yesterday to. But this was an abductor. Yes it was an abduction on the on the news last night. But figured out I don't know it's as though my nights and you know we now that's not good. But and abduct or injury. To Eric James and he had to leave the game early. And no regular came in late for space regulars like been the most consistent player for the brewers on head of a big single. In the getting really got the two runs. And you know he went one for three years he spent four point one the playing time. But you know about things and not for what they're gonna do and of course we saw. A pinch hit appearance by abroad who are. On first injury a year LeBron to back. Stiff back goes out of the United Center in itself all right but the need couldn't get out of people with for a capital Ron. Is it just to me I mean is there something to. There's got to be some karma at play here 'cause all offseason you heard Deborah saying. Well or protecting k.s an injury and that's why we have so much depth or protected in case of injury. And all these guys have gotten hurt now famous now her brawn. Obviously yeah Alex is still out and Keon is still Donna took what he'd been wondering what it's gonna be is third camber accident has seen everybody get hurt yeah yet it and Perez is getting multiple starts in a series. In the outfield Satterfield who left fielder. Still betting 167. He's the only at a home run of the night but still. If he kids it is the you projected out there and yanks sit down AAA. And he's like matching home runs now. So he's got the Pacific Coast League MV PRD wrapped up and another carrier A games another area there just heard it right now I mean haven't run. Jet ban the enemy of the home run on Saturday but so haven't rented a video up there night after night as a catcher because Kenya is hurt. Would you be Andy's stranding guys that they see that there's two is a two way. Nigerian production from that spot of all com. And you know of the nearly struck out the other day we did strike out and nearly thrown out of the game but Kelso had to come out. Yesterday and save him from getting thrown out because there's no backup catcher. Reza what have had to catch. So that's where you are you're catching jet AME every day because he can't play with a calf injury. It bandy was like arguing and you can almost. He didn't say it worked for or you could almost see Craig say. This get out of here I'll get talks yeah I get tossed secondly dump Obama in. Did during the the dial when he's running out the saved shipping Eddie from being. And injuries. And I don't know what it is again but man. Our team and maybe it's because we just see our team's ball what does that with all the injuries with every team. We cover here and does it seem like the brewers are 88 doesn't seem like they should be better as it seemed like they should be worse or does that sound about right. It seems like the losses they've had Bart are dramatic losses. While same with the wins they've bad boy yeah yeah one of finally on Saturday there. Policy it's an easy one numbers 151. That was that was like their their their most distance win I'm when SE distant. That was probably their biggest margin of victory they won says series' first weekend San Diego two weeks ago on Saturday and then the F 51 and a so but I realize close games but the gathered winning winter medically. Lose dramatically and you know losing in the bottom of the ninth inning yesterday it was a span they've had a couple ovals. They're two of those type of losses on this road trip they lost an extra innings in the bottom in who went the tenth or eleventh having a Saint Louis earlier in the week. Suck at my home run. Let's take a look at the NL central standings the pirates in first place still they count eleven and four. The Pittsburgh Pirates the cardinals. Cardinals. And nine and seven pages feasted on Cincinnati this weekend which we'll get to in a moment the cubs are seven and seven they've play yesterday. I did watch that eighth inning where they score like fifteen runs off on Saturday against the Braves you know I I yum in another just really ugly. Game weather wise here's what it was tended to. And that might turn exit there will be packets are turbot off. And then you are doing stuff from a house and all that. And you knew TVs so what's so Wal-Mart. To deceive but. To check out TVs and all that third nobody yet in the story on Saturday. So OK Beck and it's our turn game on missed ten of those have as a background noise and the culture is Monty this rally in the listened Len Kasper. I'm doing stuff and I'm taken alone got a third of a comeback to win this game before you know it. And yeah that was a did you see that the bottom be fitting and it was for the cubs. The brace played upon him about a bed a bottom of the themes you can possibly play any game I mean. I saw it it was terrible. I was a little sloppy on Saturday but I put on the Braves announcers as at the press box at the time you are drove by the press box bottle testament. Ours is better yet so you earlier Saturday afternoon yeah after Bolick well yeah heaven and is burger. I did not eat there today. No. But I gave a lot of money to there did you bar machines all okay. But what you deserve what went to a restaurant yesterday alt. Joe's box out and they had the machine reap the claw machine down. And got lost. Okay bowling where we were in bowling there's a claw machine there and I said guys hold out amending it as a team mascot I walked over grabbed stuffed pig. I don't know lot. I mean I think there needs to be a claw machine league cities I would I would win all the money in all frame I'm very bits like I'm I'm very good at it. Mountain while an analyst is saying this guy dispute that I saw the sketch of diplomacy just played the Joel's box that he went down quickly can tell you trek. A play that trick a lot of people just look at it straight armed and you've got to walk over and look at it from the side as well home room. I don't that's sicker problems that would feel because it perceptions off center play the clock machine. Don't just look straight on where your little lever is the dignity some practice have yet to lose to win right. You guys have really always been good at OK it's very odd parent so the cubs are seven and seven. The brewers eight Nate so. Fourth place in the standings technically a tie for third and little dip and the reds a two and thirteen I don't like to see that in fourth place right now I don't like to see the reds a two and thirteen coming here because it. I'm just worried about the series he got a to a thirteen team in here. I don't think Joey bottles crank Denny and other parts yet this season. I was thinking the same thing and only hear it out the reds are on the worst starts ever. It may be the worst start Cincinnati cancer history. But they've lost ate a roll. Do you do you wanna play a team that's lost April because you got to figure I don't they. Are going dole win at least one of the series full victory soon earlier effect. They have to. They have to well like Robert the Baltimore Orioles coming in here one time at Ford fifteen. And they left hole and eighteen for the worst art and American League history well let's leave and had two and sixty and 1988. That would be nice that's a look at your standings this year brew crew review we are served up by Perkins again. The weather outside is frightful. Very much so. This snowstorm. Is stupid and that I think the dumbest part about it is that still going. Well it like won't stop we need like about a 75 irrigated melt boldest and has no there's got to fly yes that's at best bet yeah I know that but. Com. I ate from a selfish part where are ya I wanna get all start it's a golf together. I don't I don't look at the weather forecast is all thirties all week. So that's not gonna get it done. Com but insists we might not get a summer. Yeah exactly I mean I'm I'm starting to believe we might not get a summer. Secure right we have agreement have spring. At all we've had a seventy degree day we've not had a spring mill you know what's what it marcher default with seventy degree day. But not we've had not that march and certainly not maple. So we're gonna try to reward you with the brewers tickets for putting up with the snowstorm. Because chuck and I started the show. Yes complaining about the snow and adding a lot of people are going to do that I walked in there's other people in this building in there for Janice though because. They can get here on time I saw a guy who took his Jemison right the double take thought on the Wii doesn't men and women. And examines are all Wear pajamas. I mean it's it's knocks it. They'll Wear masks that are on the road at bats and of course they had no time to go home are no time to get out of bed. And change. I don't you wake up yours too late you gotta you Golan while it. I mean I just I don't know if that wasn't. Joked they are doing. Or what but I mean the X two seconds putting pants. So what's the worst part about this April snowstorm for you whether it's today or yesterday. Organ alleged complaint tweet at oral 57 FM the fan. Use the hash takes CW tickets and you can win bursting gets the Saturday night's game against the Marlins. Now please you have until 10 o'clock to do this so don't rush. If you're on the road right now in. Don't pull out your phone by any means. But before 10 o'clock if it's safe. Twit does that on a 57 FM the fan with that Stacey W tickets in you can complain. About the snowstorm as well all right frames let's get into at the Milwaukee Bucks all in Boston. A winnable game they let slip away will have. Our thoughts wanna hear from you all that coming up box down 01 to Boston. They lose one that they should had a starter likely here on the fence and and there. And. Hustle plays too don't we I don't wanna take any event at a concert we've played well and we played hard. And you know that's what the series is gonna be both teams fighting and each little play will match. Chuck Wexler we are served up by Perkins that's Bucs head coach Joseph front tee who the first time ever a head coach and a playoff game and he's not only one in his career won thirteen of 107 the final box cod to Boston. Lose in overtime. Terry rosier. Makes a shot there's point five seconds left on the clock in regulation. Just an absolute prayer. Which will be forgotten in history the Chris Middleton. Three point shot that he made which is a shame because it was awesome but then the Celtics are able to take care of the box. Outscoring them fourteen to eight in the extra frame and getting the six point victory taking game one. Now won all they play against tomorrow yes of course it was a deal many here. Other areas they losses schema Bremer defense wasn't very good. You know I I put on their you know yeah honest missed a couple of free throws late. That didn't cost in the game but in the douse the game you know when their pay trying to hang in there. You know again this is gonna make the street by a great games though he'll holy to tell you this it afterwards you know academy street throws and that. I know that frustrates him a lot when he misses free throws in tight games or at all. What he's not just sort of say what he's at the line now I feel good I feel like I feel good throughout the gave you at least thirteen for sixteen at the right. Felt good in so. I had a lot more confidence in him at the line and I did this time last year. Yeah but still you know missed a couple of free throws again I'm not. Wouldn't put a finger on him because he played well but the turnovers out of missed free throws there. No. The shop there rosier hit the step back. I know that he he got was sort of jump a lot of issues anatomy of the bridge Bledsoe was lost OK but I thought. When you watch a replay Bledsoe to recover on something like. He's got you know it was here to step back but then Bledsoe just it was helpless and didn't didn't didn't name a rush the shooter after her. He could do nothing either stood backe he gave up. Not not enough that it all he gave up completely. The average price you would mention the free throws as the like the first leg. Salinas couple free throws ladies thirteen sixteen. The bucks and not lose because of that what do I think he said that what I'm going to surprise you mention it at all artists while. Now because your star player. Down the stretch is get it free throws a mean when you're you got one of the top players in the game. And it for you gotta hit every tree right but if I'm gonna lists the fifteen reasons by the Bucs lost. I don't even know if that's top fifteen what that I say I said yeah it's of course it is it tested the arm when we your star players get it free throws. Bledsoe. They allowed too many threes. I'm big glob a bunch of different reasons why it lost this game. Turnovers as the top of the above capitalist and they started off well yes the united turnovers the first quarter point total. But on I mean there's a number of different areas. That they lost to skip and there's you could run now in turnovers. You know this boot or defense at times sleazy defense at times. Letting guys cut to the basket. Horford the only they couldn't really control him you know Horford did miss one free throw down the stretch to the owners of star clarity missed one. But at the ability on Boston is able overcome. Of the missing some key players. You know you look at the talent we talked about the slowest week about in the box yup you look at the tell the box him. With Boston's injuries the box you would think would have more talent they're better than this team but. Bottom line is that could win a game wrecked the seas made all the plays they know they have some those guys who. Maybe aren't as good as the box players what's ovals are to be able to make. Plays to win a game toy turnovers. Absolutely. Ridiculous. Of the box. Eric Bledsoe had maybe the worst game that I've seen him play as a book. And he was just terrible Tony snell. Was no good yeah there's a lot of people Matta Jabari Parker which will talk about a little bit more in detail at 7 o'clock because there is a pot theory. Growing amongst Bucs fans. About how many minutes he should be playing tomorrow and the rest of the series and the answer is zero. Which I think is blasphemy. Well here's here's here's Roy getting Korea. What do they call these that they have the core three year what Pellicano that are key theory bomb George but of the two Eagles players on the marquee victory. He's better than what's always been the metal well Middleton I mean he's not Middleton bald polyester but Parker's better than if you order chews up. Okay I'm empty your choose up which clergy want to take out us and them sexy you take Jabbar. And now people are dom Jabbar for one of five. Shooting and two points at fifteen minutes OK but but you could take Jabari. Middleton and he would take him over blitz. Or 47991250. Lots to talk about coming out of this one Bucs lose 113. 107. Does it change your viewpoint on how the series will go. I said box and six you said Celtics in five know what I'll what I'll tell you is that I think whoever wins game two will win the series. If the box when game till then it will be box and six if the Celtics when tomorrow night. Then you're probably going to be right at a driving Celtics in five because they go up 20. I don't know of the Bucs have to take that come X-Men. See the box. They should at least take the series six or seven. They should think that the with the tell they got. Now if you lose this series in five games via the this team which I think happened and which are predicted. Mom it's like Kama. Each and it's in a few loose try that tomorrow term blow the doors off here. If you lose whatever you Donald to and it's like man you couldn't come back after a plane a tight game with these guys have played about a ball game. The beat Boston army gen and they have the best wearing a court. The box do and yet you know there are other guy is brown make a tall order other guys. Dell stepped up brown stepped up had a good game road jeer the shots that he needed Horford. Jason Tatum play itself Marcus Morris off the bench played great a look at the guys was just to report for them to win that game. Point 1479 natural for any water to the Celtics do that again I mean they have some of their players play the X will absolute maximum win that game. They still only shot 41% to make it even do better exactly 7991250. Martinez in for Washington. How we feel after one game by the. Oh all right a bit they'll do it that it is very very. Supportive king informing me you are. What is light. Vehicle. While I'm Null team temple there. OK we've. They're called it. A little character ranking all of and what you know. Our Buick Open but. Don't doubt that but yet they edit audio at Purdue. I had a guy. Yeah yeah I didn't play a lot of Tyson's punch out because I was bad at it. Quote. Well I didn't know who would bring about the ball in let they were at a man coming out the gate they all. The data. I don't then why all the bat and not let him I mean come I'll let go our trouble. So bad it didn't help that eating at school yard these crappy play and you don't want a little bit ridiculous. Our medical also bet like the black culture all meet here there and don't quite well and and Doug. Were the bat well had our trouble. But the problem. The book is that. Rainbow man. A look at any. That brought that it's okay we got the ball a bomb went out they don't care. Milken had a chance we're still. It got hard the ball go to all the while they've got what they do is cooler. And I kept popping it hurt your. Our thirteen but I take rebound off because there is silliness and all these. There and do something mag is ridiculous I'll take it. Obama ought all what any or all of our. While all fifty missiles 5050 balls you know what when they say 5050 balls people don't know that. It's a ball that's loose where you and the other team have an equal chance of getting the ball but a couple of times guys. The Celtics came out of ball on the box didn't almost 5050 balls. It's been that nervous on the stories and including Tony Snow. Who couldn't get a 5050 ball saves life. All their double rebounds that I mean there's been times Wertheim maker. This season. Has had the opportunity for a rebound and instead of the rebound you like. Swat the basketball until the court in Tony smelled that a little bit yesterday. Marches things for the call 7991250. It at the John in Franklin Johnny good morning I John. Good morning met available. You know. The witness whether I mean look we live shot so so that score out there on the winner. Of the all of these wearing. And it the last several years it just seems like I would. Ask what should I not have a when it. That's called climate change ya nobody believes that there's a snowstorm in April 13 Bethpage I when I every summer so doesn't start summer dress sic a week of summer for us now. How dominant Florida lightly and a half ago and I'm thinking to myself all that could get a good night's sudden I don't know about Wisconsin in the warm weather is gonna calm. Then. Let him and it just completely different war now. I cannot I don't know put up Parker in the corner of your living room. I fire. It's just when it is what it is amended that he got the blues and ended up. Lower in saint elsewhere or this is the final scene a saint elsewhere where there is snow globe that's what's happening to us today in Wisconsin as Sox you know. Well at least at least just rigorous and he'll must exit Basil it's nice outside you feel guilty mostly an inside and watch sports but. There was no guilt yesterday it was horrible video side. So sometimes the box and it just seems like the disinterested. And you know and then get them on there was a lot of a little bit in the first half from the looks somewhere in the early in the game where they have like. At a bunch of the Russian political ball away from about. I want you guys Doug Herbert that one is really what Beckham's just because it would effort because. Yeah no load up what you have to look at all culminate you know attempt when we've got Lamar governor stark yeah it may just talk to go to work for. Quite a while and all the bad shooting them on behalf of Boston that stretch weighted toward. That said these are all worse. And as an a lot these stupid problems in the way a couple of the other can restrict at work today in court column these terrible after the in the leg and just. And compassion to weigh. The defense and hope that came and all the supplies that they I would be surprised at that would prevent. How they take the series I just don't think it's gonna happen. Yeah I also want thing about the box and you know it should be expected but with this team discovered on a playoff game you should certainly expected. At least I think I saw some effort yesterday and Johnny kind of touched on little bit but I I mean guys I did see them come out with. Being interstate implying and yet it's a playoff game I would hope so but there's been times when they've have been disinterested. In several games this year but I thought effort and interest in the game was at least that's a good started parts of Milwaukee books. Well as one guy who is getting accused for not having either that that's Jabari Parker again moron. The future him in this series coming up just after 7 o'clock 79912 fit deals go to ram on the north side. Up ram ram aria. Of the look good dad hey man I don't the important probably quote you are out of fairway with a plane. Article I don't get there off a total disrespect rivers is in the process he got destructive. And chipped it to about go to episcopal. And the available law that little stiff man. Lose the Bucs players of the Celtics. It's hard. Normally that he would but they wouldn't look at a couple of clear the rosier offer. Or around the table here athletic peers quit. With the way the game was paid that if they do you know grew by. Well it'll be any golf ball in the fact that both in Europe and don't call. In their credit about who's likely to walk around it and the other thing is. Bought who have been able to or is very. The business basic issue. You know try to figure what the book store the book is so far but must insist what they escorted Papa. It is it is I have definitely plays of the people in this case to. We have so you relatively directly is that we elect a board approval to Cairo capital of the world there are always look we're just trying to get of this he's is that. And it could go. I almost Winthrop in prison and David apart in the. The one thing and obviously you know yours best one to let's hear talk here you you and you've been around the game a little bit so. Let me ask you this did you did you think Bledsoe after it was faked out of issues and let's step back I rouge or do you think he gave. I get a meal looked like he gave up or was there enough time today for him to cover and at least she have been to the shooter. Created in new track. So it's been met. Oprah days like it at eighty Darnell it is. Off the court you know we don't know effort I've ever competitive and provide order and they'll. OK okay all right guys won't make sure I'm not a off base of that when I get a gap faked out of shoes terrific move by rouge here but I thought. Little's recovery they'd meet shortly in cinema broadcast about that but I thought man has recovery was horrible. I mean I was happy when he got fallout I honestly. That he had a terrible game what do he had one play he had the blow by late in regulation. Where it took it to the rack yes that was it. If they either steal my little bite out lands for this team with as much talent as they have to have the artists there's two possessions were Eric Bledsoe gets the ball. Dribbles past half court. Eighteen seconds left on the shot clock. He plays one on five basketball chalks it up now nobody is got in position for a pass nobody certainly ready to get a rebound. And what's so resist having shooting practice. On his own I I thought he was a big reason they laws as he was I feel we've seen it so much of eloquence of this year. Yeah that's his game what if that's a that'll work. In a coma muscle shots on then let's go down 01 in the series won thirteen. What a 74147991250. Some box people that you guys really trusts and really like. Bringing up the possibility that maybe Jabari should not play anymore this series. That's the real thing that people are saying it's going too far four on 47991250. It struck a point where we are served up by Perkins restaurant bakeries. Here on the fan migration.