6am - Chuck guaranteed the Brewers win, Terrific baserunning, Chase dominant

Chuck & Winkler
Wednesday, June 13th
Chuck and Winkler 6am Hour - Chuck and Bart talked about the exciting Brewers shutout victory over the Cubs to even the series 1-1 as they took a look at the incredible baserunning play by Lorenzo Cain and the dominant effort put forth by Chase Anderson.

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Had to drive around town hall today and I see the W flags fly and it break it. I've broken 845 album I've seen the land of Lincoln might displays a get tired of you know history the Chicago Cubs it's horrible. Yes I think they're gonna win tonight that's a definite Garrett. And now hold your only choice for local sports talk in the morning line. No this is chuck in winter kill. Wisconsin broadcasters so. Awards for excellence on sports Radio One 057 we have Sam looks the fan. Good night for Travis shocked at night for Lorenzo came good night for Jay Sanderson good night for the Milwaukee Brewers. With the Florida think victory over the cubs. A good night or chuck Freeman yeah brewers beat the cubs for the second time only busier out in nine tries aid ten tries not who cares. Check guaranteed it that's top story this morning on the fan good morning everybody huh. All right ma'am calm yeah it was easier figured out. It was I mean I just thought man you know. The stars Bruce lining yesterday and sometimes. You know the I don't dumb. Idea. I don't the forecast ahead and look at a lot of things he give them correctly what comes our sports teams in our state. I'm on the them and I didn't win or lose sometimes and I just was on the team last night I thought okay. Abbas Beck can win this game you watching Anderson might you know he could give you something. Yeah Travis Shaw was huge last night how much need win but dom. He had just was it chase Anderson that that led you to. Believe a guarantee our as a magician that reveal a secret I just think overall the final way to win that game. Up there to win the game. But did get the check what little more than he did and as they did not real early on those two. RB I doubles might shop but maybe. To stump. Or patience but I but the big guarantee out. Boy did I get a lot of negativity for fans don't you call me names course on Twitter that sort of thing him. All of the brewers are your sweat Smith the security since that they want not just unbelievable resume more. On you know going the other way that nobody. Really thought much of the team as a course that you are here for most people anymore once saw you know what to write him a prediction but I'm just glad that they won. He moved on and you know they can. They avoid a sweep. And I am at the defense of way to look at that is but you did wanna be down two and a half games of the cubs leaving today. Any of a chance to be upbeat team and a half if you get the job done today. All soul. I just want to. Like the brewer game is very it's very important that we talk about the specifics of the game. Cain's base running. Jason Anderson's performance Travis shop. We're going to talk about all that today I really just want to hammer the point about this guarantee. If if I may for you sure because. You know you can coming here and brag whatever me I think you'll be modest about it for the most part. I just. I dug the hole or he's in the guarantee. For me floored me was because you never do anything like that. No I don't you in fact barely make predictions. An ankle that's you don't like to be wrong ball I don't know about you don't like when people. Hold it against you that you were wrong of us coming Obama with thome right have a made predictions are right at the moment that's what we do here. We are based upon a prediction this will be division chips which not swim across this. Okay that's an avid but you don't like close to one to fourteen on the TV here icu like every time I play that'd. Don't you just a little bit because your go out and looked at many other predictions those write about. Com Butler. Yeah it was apparently Monica morrow was capacity in Kentucky you know on at the games go on not. But that there that are not thought about something that I Euro bought it but don't write it's now. Your toy out of my face in the first ten minutes well a savior if your not a stranger to checker like our if you are. We like to do this thing I don't think we'd like to do it I think we end up doing it. It's called the semantics game where we can say one hour but we can't say another you could say let down he can't say HO. If it's a prediction which can't they guarantee. So the fact that you use the word guarantee. When you've chided me and here at C yeah I mean any Jack Jerry T is there. Now if your now I don't make me pretty centimeter Brit predictions which is wrong now it appears that brewers with the division title. OK to do the birds when the division title I've hum. You know I predicted the origin of the parts you and I respect him for that the books remarkable what a first round playoff series of his level one. Now a rigorous safe. I only predictions of the chimera ridiculous that some faults. But he cinema can guarantee that's true I mean you and I which we knew what I. I've I've never made it. I guarantee. I'm the show it is on visual and I've been doing I've never that was the first time I've actually east that made a guarantee because I think people throw those guarantees out. And they just they just got a billion toss them all their of them though they lose wellcare. I've made predictions and was very confident in them that you said. You can't guarantee it like. Because of my cap and you thought I was guaranteeing that so much chuck does not like it Gary why you don't like Europe even as a strong prediction. And it sounds like a guarantee but you never say no word guarantee. It's not good for free and ears he doesn't like it somewhat you know I know just can't see there on guarantees around get I don't know what you're coming at today but. I like I have generic and off. I am in I would I don't care if they won or lost last night in terms of lawless person you know I do but. I'm in awe that you may guarantee to begin with. And you picked the spot where I was a little shaky other captains of the brewers and still almost see what happens today. All the oh yeah did you got it right I know it doesn't sound like it chat but this is congratulation and praise. Forgetting heroes and he has bird turn to dirt. He's trying to set up the contact I just love Apollo. How important it was for chuck free men. To make a guarantee you know and that's what I that analog only give no guarantee for today amid some guarantees were not pleased guarantee today you don't. That's how it works on there's I don't have a guarantee I have no idea that it but I have a great field yesterday. And no stone is one of our reporters here I thought both Sunday a city on the brewers archivists who this three game series in Philadelphia. I know the history these guys seek insist it's tougher than men do that and the only went out they lost deployment would lose in Philadelphia so sometimes you right. In the army UP you can predict it of their if they're gonna win or their doom but you know I just thought you know we got the job done yesterday. Today. No guarantees no predictions on today I don't know I don't know what's gonna have a whole they're gonna win. But I don't have a feel your way I'm. What's gonna happen to them. All those an afternoon game that's to guarantee the incident yet at that. And that will be in May at mellow out. And I have to and I set for space you can't it's that Shaw's RB I singles don't force baseline RB I doubles. You can't see the ball in section two the ball go to Korea has no idea what's going on down there. That's. To have a flaw Miller Park you just if you sit down one of somewhere dumb aligned to cutesy. Here soon play. Or is beautiful that places there are certain plot certain places this thing you can't see the action on the field. And you know the first inning Charl rip right to right field line and all sudden boy he had no idea what we know what the repeal is gonna do with it. All you can do is see the guys circling the bases and get your chair from the circle the bases but you have no idea what a lawless. Chuck org or we are served up by Perkins restaurant and bakery is the brewers beat the cubs or nothing we'll talk about the game specifics. Coming up in a moment especially. Cain's base running. I thought it was very interesting that. You know I've been talking about how the brewers mentally have not the edge against the cubs and you've been talking about the base running being a problem. And it was may be the smartest base running play. The was her there was no this is brewers well there was. If you look at. Those two guys than yellowish in team arm and at the high peace boy accuse. Him you know the cubs obviously the cubs watched him but the brewers. We're Smart enough to take it bit ME would you but when you Bob would you botch. Would you give to collect their pitched if the defense usually the screws up but. The those two guys of the dispensed were Smart enough. And and Cain and getting back the first base you know to solve the puzzle. The cubs left the door open on that situation in the drawers. Where it would jump through it with some dairy intelligent. A base running led by Kate. Will have the breakdown of that here from Karen counsel and others on that in just a couple of minutes. All right just did wrap of the guaranteed portion of the program. Chuck Freeman has won fifty dollars from Jeff for a lot of ski yes is bullish pipe bomb Nancy made them that would not meet despite. Me getting a ton of tweets to suck it. Because I lost about TU I didn't now that's. Did not bet you you low. Yeah we that was about to meet 728 in the job Bard's got to Wear a visor and eighties close. Now that they were when they get there from that didn't happen I don't know what you guys listening to Larry David listening to this right now period. So you want fifty bucks and Jeff. And you do not have to Wear a slayer T shirt if the if the brewers were to have lost the worst clear teacher yeah they probably had did Tressel idea for a lot's you always dresses like he's going to slayer countered he's going to rock concert to cover a game and a and that's not happening but then there's one piece of the video that you put out on face I added another CIA at a table a little weasel and fifty dollar Bennett put a couple of bats up their worlds one side worldly guy to lose and I didn't. The other person lost. Arm didn't have to give up one for just not have what I threw one in a among win the game last night for you my friend. I can't put anything not a lot enough and alive in fact it was all favoring you can almost Sammy rooting for the count my adult. I thought I was wondering about that. Maybe that's why people thought we bad at all you had nothing on line no hold that there is Noelle you're doing it. Edit this just shows you no ambiguity this just shows you how Kapanen chuck wasn't the brewers are not going to lose lies in the bowl record this one goes out to you. And he matches up and on the show today that you don't make a very nice to you on the show and I treat you poorly and all of there's another thing if the brewers lose the ninth. We will have been nice the bark. I will do anything you set the ground rules you pick the day. But as they're gonna happen. The brewers into the job on them in a well thought of that is that gonna. The deed based apartheid. Jimmy beat the arc de PW going here's the of the of the deal was those elected to it was like a money in the bank thing. You can Richard date. You can pick out the stipulations everything you want it like the bumper music coming back every round and I get it the mood I was going to be yet that you get it out about the World Cup coming here and Tony Tony says he expected debts that dampen down the brewers with a flow loss that you list that you could dictated. I you can have them come all the updates I could of you know. Not been on the updates to erode as you can have chosen roads you could of he had me get you coffee all morning you can have done whatever you want. The lead for so that can we put this offer back on the table so that there another time and maybe today you know my well now. A and we bet on the game today now know. Now on on now that's that was you know he just in. About to throw that out there are all the time it was a one time. Shot. Where I was so so confident in the game that I would have done anything. Judge like where chuck got the guarantee robbers get the win thank you Trevor shot. Think BJ Sanderson thank you Julius and thank you Lorenzo Cain we'll talk about you hear the base running. Brilliance from the Milwaukee Brewers which I think. Lorenzo Cain surprised most everyone on the Milwaukee Brewers back coming up next. Also hear from you 7991250. Chuck went Ari on the fans. It's shocking what anglers drew crew review brought to you by both turning beer Milwaukee's new favorite imported beer triads your nearest total wind location. And by Blair most king cheese pizza the ruler of great taste this is the only station brewers fans need. Sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Came back. Here the body has about yell at us. Okay. What happened was I thought the pictures against the wall so I went back that's like a bonds causing a third and revises on the backs actually go back and then I just can't cut no man's land Sean to stay long enough for Andy at second and dead once the second I was trying to I was going back because they're on the back of the guy and I heard of all times and all about all of MacKey arm and pointed the back side just kept Raanan. Got there today they took off the first. Christine LA it's in box towards Wisconsin. And. Maybe the most brilliant base running play you'll ever see it's definitely going to be. A highlight of the Tony eighteen brewers' season. And it's gonna be a highlight of the Major League Baseball season Lorenzo Cain if and Christian yell let's on the base that's really only I think Lorenzo Cain knew what was going on. It was afraid I'll play practice in Kansas City never had to use it in a game but a lot of times you get caught into a pickle right Christian Yeltsin between second and third. Came was over at first a lot of times they guy at first is just like. Okay well that guy out get out there's nothing I can do and how this you know I'll be here first but Cain manufacturer is way over to second. Like all the cubs started like a magnet coming to second moon came never touch second. The case of Christina Ellis was able to beat the pickle beat the rundown get the second and then Cano who is standing by second was able to run back the first. Because again all the 'cause it gravitated towards second you're out there was known at first you know I've been on the. Doris to have a brewers I think fundamentally. Does that they've been very bad met area this year. But that was a great place. And Blake makes up for any base article under Colorado ever robot that but are fundamentally they don't the there's a lot of things don't do right. But that one was of Smart play in a result went home recover home. In amid the many many levels that was just a terrific play by team. You know the cubs let European style a little bit there and Cain was started out the execute data I could just. He could his business I still don't think that the right phrase bird he was. The oil analyst at the audience you screwed. Bomb but Cain is a Smart adopt well he didn't touch second base in the tub spotted at the normally came in that situation. Most place he's a stimulus second base Berger take the out in the also OK he's your guy at second base yes. And you can when you're sitting stand to watch him like man. How that happened how hot holiday and I got to sit there before it council. So the same thing is an item is unreal but man that was that was terrific unit help. You know help produce president. Added another run. The call on fox sports askance and Bill Lockyer through again everything that went down on that base during play in here from Craig Counsell Christian you Alex and Lorenzo Cain. I'm not sure if this is the clip but at one point Brian Anderson did say. I've got goose bumps they were and all are off of what was happening. BA specifically set for a baseball nerd like me and to see something like this is incredible. This is the plague and Lorenzo Cain Christian yell it's. This happened in what it was this the third inning are ya third inning Jesus lemon shark came up in delivered a two run double yeah and then it got paid off by a guy actually. Driving some runs homes that may dull thing even sweeter this is the play in full from fox sports and scouts came back up. David why is about yell at us. Second. Okay. He's nobody at first base go. Exhibit has been effective first base it's. So good. The six it's. That base running play by Cain is flat out brilliant it really was and I'm nursing inning like that. He knew exactly what he was doing I had no idea what he was planning on doing but I was amazing it really was. You talk about. See in the courts and see in the Flores a basketball analogy but that's that's see in the field and understand what's happened and is not of my captain that was incredible. This is a great heads of baseball player council on us freak plays you really don't see that very often. Now comes just a few times this season probably for him to think about that I got it done something was up when Hasan stand like a step off the bag. What are you doing. And then he started obviously on a point so. Great plan as part and I think helped us if that when this special one critically too rustic for weeks we've actually. He supports simply Rubin please he never actually happened reported that tonight was no news though it means guards must put. All council LA it's and Lorenzo Cain obviously the three guys that you just are from there after BA is still probably. I'm receive at the park today frames. Maybe touches arm and see if he's still got those guns bombs those two guys were jacked up as they should be as I think demos brewer fans or. And a lot of I mean you're in the stand that you can hear the crowd. Sort of realized that something different was going on just an incredible play and as we talked about yesterday. When there is a team that has the mental edge on you is I believe the cubs over the brewers. You need you need something that turned the tide. Maybe being meaning guy could be something maybe a fake rain out could be something. But I I look at that play and I think. There's no there's no smarter play maybe in baseball. You wanna get the meant the ledge from a team. Be brilliant and that's that they were yesterday they were able to go on finish the game at the Ford nothing win and now or viewing the series. In an entirely different light and we were Tony for all law also want him it now worth about the mental the mental block to lift the is that what you're told me. No clearly that is not. Clearly that's not what I said well I mean but it's if it's gonna start somewhere. Now Juanita turning points. Yeah and I can't think of a better guards point then that will find out you know if that's how they do it but I mean I just you know but for the three game series yet I feel different about the three game series. Overall being the cubs still own you had your number well but if you need a turning point what a great turn mostly. We'll see it whatever is the day but I mean good disposal a solid win Demi held two hits. Helms' two hits chase was terrific I mean to the story of the game really but that was a terrific play by. Came there and kept you keeping a two runners on base. Which is something you probably don't see him. And emblem but the great thing about it the old fox the you know the Joseph Maddon. Discipline that Chicago Cubs in that situation that was chemical. I think the great thing about it too is only Lorenzo Cain who is an out. What the building call for an if you're sitting in the stands chain are yellow it doesn't Mel because you're sitting in the series that he stands at noon bomb great feeling like. Meantime the American he would be what's key dual goal back the American get double locks I thought maybe. I don't irritate Kjell it's and throw back the one. And there was nobody over one Rizzo was steady at home. Seoul on it was like why hull won a terrific play and being one of the odds of you. Getting out of that situation I'm very very. Very slim not yell which. He was he'd initially he broke for third on that as he thought the ball was going to get through it didn't. And that's Hubble halting near the base of the little white team he thought that was gonna go through and it didn't as the articles throw he scores easily from second base with his speed. But. MMS how all all happen and I give the brewers dribble we have an extra Brahma they have not only but he put the four early runs and the head much a threat to the rest of the way by men they held the you know they they held the cubs at day in early early office about. The key in making him get the two runs to get two guys though that the start the eighteen them. Yellow started being with base hits. Setting the table for Shaw. And that was at this another opportunity later medium and or our third one out in of course him be our first ball sweet aspect to the mound. And they don't give the runner from third thought you know maybe there's a chance there they brought the infield in. That the big did that maybe are currently don't bunt with yo Agile for a third base but they didn't do it but. But the matter the only held bill the cubs to it's they won the game. Jay Sanderson the first brewers starter withdraw hundred pitches and gain since deletion seem dated on eight brawl. Twentieth them so one of the things I said yesterday was if you're gonna. Manages certain way against everybody else he might have to manage a little bit differently against the cubs and differently. Means getting back to what baseball traditionalists would say. The starters should go ball a hundred pitches seven innings and chase have the outing to do it yesterday doesn't pork well I mean he almost. You almost got to pitch in seven innings and he's Roland because he can't have that you can't have this starter go short because you're out here. And souls of the guys out there on because the previous night in that 111 innings. And you use those you know your three stars of the bullpen so. Last night yet some chuck Williams in the eighth in. Now only time you CJ departs up their in the ninth inning and finished finish got a game you're either up heavily or downhill. In this case. A comfortable for us to believe that and that's always true I mean it's been marchers lately you actually forgot to appearances on the tee and Indiana University what do you. I forgot about it if it's true every time when we're I think we're seeing them once bar is gonna be in the ninth inning closer Bobby. If DC bars and a game in the ninth inning. Very her awful lot more closing out victory. Are down Donald I guess he gets choice in the Phillies hitters he's not mine yeah yes he did and he's but he's not going to be in any. Save situation. In the top of the ninth inning or. You know just pulls out a game like got a list of games sculptor William hand. And failure that it it's also worked out perfectly pitching him last night. And Edison was strong you know PS a short start the appeal the bullpen last night but they didn't need to. Just an infield single to have those two guys on the cubs that in the second inning. And you know blue line of double play depth the brewers out of the inning and from then on cheese's rolled. More on the outing from Jay Sanderson coming up against in chime in about brewers cubs Jason Anderson and the light. 799125414799. 1250 it's chuck a point where we are served up by Perkins where it's a buy one get on Wednesday he can get free meals all day long and Perkins. Whiff. Wit that the valid weekly email coupon actually this is after 4 o'clock on Wednesdays so after 4 o'clock. On Wednesday's need to buy one get one go to perkins' restaurants that comment you sign up for the so you buy a meal and then whoever you go with. Whether it's a kid or mom or dad or friend or co worker whoever. They get a free meal as well. Now maybe don't tell and then have them pay the bill and you get the free meal and all works out. And Perkins you can order up the great plates menu fourteen different items price from 48 dollars. Favorites like the homemade meatloaf the big blt sandwich a fabulous by breakfast and more. At Perkins more coming up on the brewers specifically chasing Anderson it's a Wednesday. So it's and asked chuck and wait for anything Wednesday. Well do that around 84845. Today. You do when summer press take it to be asked us a question. Will take one person randomly tweet us at 1057 FM the fan use their past eight ask. CW. Some questions RD coming in on Twitter including chuck how does it feel to work with a bed wetter like part of com. Thank you but what were you what the best. Don't know you do and I disks showed up to work today and what's the definition of bad weather now I think things I've literally wet my bad. Means facetiously or I don't know but these are the kind of questions will follow me face to answer around 845. This morning check in quickly here on the fan. Brewers coverage. This destructive way color so got business done on the field this segment has brought to you like Granville improvement district. Granville feel the energy in the power Granville business dot ORG. Every fifth day as visibly different starting pitcher so punitive for this team is in over a million doses against the cubs even better. So just continue to build off that and you know markets and looking back at Leicester but it's good to have that feeling again can get the feeling from last year and know that I can continue to to be like via picture that was western continue to build on that in on this very thankful that I you know that the women as they went. Jay Sanders say and I really nice start for hand seven innings just gave up one hit in that time. Walk the couple bullets struck out six get a 107 pitches through seven was the first time a brewers starter. Through a hundred pages since April the twentieth when she seemed dated a brewers get the Ford nothing victory and it's chasing Anderson's fifth win. Of the season if you care about pitcher winds. I think that that was a really good start for chase and was really good to see because he's been can't Iraqi as of late. I may be losing some velocity not having the command on his pitches every everything you can wanted. Was back last night he was throwing hard in locating well and he did give up the home run ball which is really. Bin. It's sort of a problem for him here in 2018 so if you get that kind of start at a chase Jack. He was your ace going into the season or your number one starter whatever you wanna call it so you did that. If you get what you're getting out of guerra. If you which are getting out as she seemed. That's all pretty good now Suter. There is a decent for right now you're gonna get five innings three turned out sooner it seems couple home runs every outing. You've got Woodruff sort of tailing that five to get Davies a little bit you take this rotation. And then if Jimmy Mickelson comes back. And you're getting here David Stern's say well our acquisition was so you engine Jimmy's house and they you know IA. I look at this pitching staff. If they're all hitting it's really really impressive and I think good he could still use a 45 whatever okay but. I still would like another arm in it because you need all of these guys to hit their expectations and hit. Well above their expectations. I was still like another arm but didn't the staff starts and ends I think. The rotation how it should be viewed which Jay Sanderson he's number one guy you get out things like this from chase suddenly. Maybe it's not a big of a problem starting pitching and I I sick because I deep down. I think they want to acquire starting pitcher if they don't have to. Well I don't think they wanna give up the assets at WWW Stearns is ready for that I don't even think that's gonna help the team. Well well we'll see you know you'll have gone back for weeks now about you know often limited offense this scored four runs list. Is Jeffrey Anderson and out for him to go up there to say. You know she Sanderson of defeating the you know things like this latest one hit over seven innings I mean of course of weaknesses like depth the deaths. That's WB is best outing of the season that was his stellar last night. Yeah I mean if you get an Ali like this you don't need to get in regular pitching or whatever but that's I don't expect that to continue because he was just so good last night. Well I can say that I don't like saying that because. That's what he did last year I mean after a tough may last year he had six starts in June. With a 156 ERA total for the month he was. Going out there and throwing 67 innings giving up one. Zero earned runs his September always great. As well the last few starts the season but he is doing stuff like what he was exceptional last night and he didn't have a hard hit ball. Yet that tamper or infield single. And that was. That was that he was I mean that was dominant last night comet. I mean yes he pitched well in June a but I mean this was even to a different level last night. Just was so good I mean he was showing any signs I was great that was great team ball for the seventh inning. And zoo was at ninety some odd pitches like 95 pitches. And then he's continue to roll through the inning. And that was that to calm you know eight MB up four early runs that'd help much ball after that but he did needed he was just. He retired the final seventeen hitters he faced last night so. The idea he's pitched like dad I mean he's had terrific outings but that was exceptional last. Yeah and you know that was more of what we seventeen definitely. Idiotic him we I think we thought we'd seek closer is that wrong to say. Feel like you don't watch what I think it. I feel like when I thought we're gonna see Jason Anderson Tony eighteen. We're gonna see more of these kind of reform does I mean if there was a seven a five innings bush earned kind of prevent might have been the best university in the chase last night. I've ever reasons good outings as it and get out any doubts right about that nearly seven innings. One hit baseball and you retired the final seventy hitters. Edgar you'd be hard pressed to find a better outing. Of chases in his litany of solace starts he beast because that was just so good came at a great time. You know again if people feel down about the brewers who have lost their hold on first place for the first time in about a month. And Eagles out there and does what he does last night adamant just. Was wonderful I mean that he had controller simply evidence. Campbell the base hit dollar third baseline in the secular and it was that was the only bit of that was only hit off him. Not knows no singles to the outfield at all no doubles no home runs. I you know I just don't remember any time of the night when anybody are at stake. I've right. It went to the warning track a line drive to the warning track. That might have been it and that's the cubs fans thought it was a home run well you know any pop up as a home run he had a he had an arm bright struggle. Rice. Right into his own way right now man he's site he Scotland. He's a little bit of a home run funk and you know he's he's not that he is not head and agree year. There was a stretch dear member of the stretch may of last year late may he faced the Diamondbacks. Went seven innings gave up one hit struck out eleven. That could be his best starter right there in the next game he followed that up against the Mets seven innings three. Heads and no war runs again seven strikeouts he followed that up seven and two thirds. Six heads for k.'s no earned runs. He followed that up with six innings one earned run eight strikeouts. Jason Anderson was one of the best pitchers in the game for a stretch last season without a doubt that he is going out there so I was hoping to see more of that sort of period in the period that we saw here in May of Tony eighteen chasing Anderson there is. Like there is an ace pitcher within him when he's got it like he did last night. But then there's also. A four starter that he was an Arizona and he was I I was fearing that he was reverting back to that. And then you sell what you saw last night you saw pumped up he was. That's the chase Sanderson the brewers need if they're not gonna make a move and if they're gonna try to go somewhere in these playoffs. Should they get and that's the chick they date chase is chase is more valuable than this team then I think we understand. He's ms. Williams cubs over the over the years to. And that's a man yeah Joseph Maddon admitted that after the game last night as well so but you know you when your to a short bullpen Albers. You know landed unattended disable this he of the five runs the night before. We'll find out yesterday at the ballpark of -- game that -- he's on you little emotional but it was shortly O'Malley an editor shoulder was not given up five runs must learn to show little ditty a dollars thing is that he have the short ailment going into the outing because because the other shoulder ailment going into the outing. Was he doing out there. It was a good pitch or did he never get hurt and they just put him on the DL we get a fresh arm. Com. DV. Was tired. I don't I don't that's the case I made. He's having no control of its of these cities have a short checked out. Okay untended disable his totals I don't Woolsey but you know and he in any case if he had a sore shoulder width to say heated. Nation of impeachment. 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Yes I think they're gonna win tonight that's a definite guarantee they guarantee came true for Jeff Raymond who was there in the span. What was shake down light play cubs fans brewers fans as Monday if something Monday it was closed at 5050. So. You gotta think that is a win unfortunately your brewer fan here on stadium lot. Tough stance I think it was set next a couple of guys that three guys who were from. The Chicago land area the very nice guys. You bomb the kids come down here they talk about what you'll T done here or can go to the game today and tomorrow stay the hotel downtown. Got a cheap hotels. And they're talking about how much cheaper it is to come up here for game that was to go down a few of his Chicago and concessions at all and everything is are much better after Bob titan where I was sitting on the first baseline. There was a ton of confidence and just a ton of them I mean everywhere around us. You are you trying to get it we're trying to get a camera Sheehan want to human girl from wanna get a camera so every time VI Jumbotron on the Jumbotron. But I city nor McIlroy too because the worse eroded by somebody cub fans. The camera is going to try to you find people who. Are almost were fans in Chia brochure on us about in which we have just so many cub fans promised. Cameras are coming our way. There was one time I swear it was a brewers. A day game I was that against the cubs and this is like one of those 8515. Games where it was all. Cubs fans. And then they would show shots of brewers fans on the Jumbotron. But then it was a day game but on the Jumbotron it was Erica. And I think that he used. Video government different series. How does a gunfight in a brewers fan all through together okay I I saw where that happened are heavily years I mean it is an all time high with cub fans at Miller Park. Can you do not like a breakdown was like sixty and organized and. And it's it's hard to say but I just know there was a tolerable and there was at at at I don't know the exact count is. All I that there wasn't sold it was a sold their a lot of seats open along the right field extension we get these seats on. A secondary market for the twenty bucks apiece in their section to wait I mean. Weekends you would never people see that sheet but just last night we are able to. She got a couple of days at a time but the respect receipts that he had. Yet the game in the upper reaches but. There was Luka I don't know what the percentages but I think there was definitely. News look for the Bruce Morton 50%. Smaller close sixty. And I think yeah I don't on I think Monday was closely eve then. From what I've heard it got more of I think there's gonna be on a cubs fans there today Yahoo! there used in not you know working during the dame going to a baseball game. And as they can drive up here for cheaper. Which again is why might Jack up the prices campaign because they'll still come with your Jersey man die. Did you ever hear of Lee yulia rant that the of the cubs manager. Where he talked about. All of the cubs fans here an eight or 9000 cup is it about the regularly every day. That there unemployed they got nothing better to do. And so they can evolve there. That this was the you'd like if it was the thirtieth anniversary. Of her recently. And the only person yet he catch it was. On audio was less rusty her from a scraps to. I do think about that from time to time anytime I turn on the Chicago a day game and it's packed and it worked out of where we're well. Alia I know Scott is much bigger in and I and the guys with the cub fans were supposed to last night there were to you know you guys were on a couple years or Mattel's. They're just yet we went to home. We go to games and you need to stand outside Wrigley Field and somewhat would be. Just go along hey you want to tickets are three tickets for the game boom get informed your continued good seats yeah. And I were watching those games at WGM for years on channel nine's my group been revealed before cable. You could get channel nine in without. You know without too much problems and you look at games to be nobody Apple's games crystal cover terrible what. You'd even have cub mania going around like the rose right now and of course brewers covering different leasing universal company and is so White Sox fan after. Just like we are served up by Perkins restaurant and bakeries. Aren't checks day at the ballpark will happen again today we. Enjoy not a little kids that showed together but four more hours on top of that will we get jock. To make another guarantee you were last night. It worked last night it did checks rationale behind that it's juggling their next. On the fans.