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Friday, January 12th
Chuck and Winkler 6am Hour - Chuck and Bart discussed the Packers busy week as well as look at the divisional round of the playoffs.

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Still. No shock that we glitter. He lives up from a brilliant and striking college athletics studio. On sports Radio One 057 against them. I'm borrowing more. 1057 FM the fan 1250. EAM. Dial. One thing we got to do a better job of frames. Admittedly. Yahoo! is. We do this show like yesterday we do the show. And then I sit down at my desk in May go on Twitter and I'm looking at stuff. And I see a bunch of pictures. Dez Bryant whether or not he caught that ball three years ago and it was eggs. After. Or off the air you mean. Dole back in time. Yeah something like that or like Bart Starr's birthday I think was this week. I didn't realize that until 1015 million cinema take a lot like the top to bottom all I'd like to wish him happy birthday you know that's a damn good with that you know as far as. The dead Dez Bryant case the only thing the ball debt sketch. It led us into the 2014. And seek shade Chiquita Seattle and there's there are references that for the man. That not catch so. If not threat and this that we would head at a historic collapse so you'd rather. Dez didn't catch it in the pac golf is that game doll looking back part graduate and had the McCarthy. Play calling shake up the right you know what that led to a lot of things now what do if they lose the bears early was the public game. May be durst goes a shakeup. Come on man at about the armed. Based one way or another thing may have occurred who's gonna. Make some moves that year because there were other. Problems seem like them earlier in the season. But dumb yeah. But I three years ago today either of them yesterday CBS three years ago that yes you do see it from me all I have to do is I get death I'm on FaceBook where at which her FaceBook is making some changes. I don't know it yeah FaceBook is Mason I guess I believe that it was during that on the national news. That FaceBook is making cheats is and how the new speed it's going to be in and other present things and all that they do it like once a week. I I don't yeah at this to me it sounds like it's Dotson different than what they're doing I don't know I don't a publicity and news story admits his salad he was. Or draw attention sells for no reason they changed their feet now that Erin complaints. And and that he used it. Yeah so I don't know with the chiefs are but anyway I usually in me. What I do like him he spoke where it says. Up one year ago today you posted this or five years ago today he posted this yeah sometimes you did it surprise it's sad that you make up man. I was actually doing. Had a net night and tonight about a minute while Nelson get deceit. Because I jumped on FaceBook in 2005. I was in college. 2000 flies out it 1213 years was even around a 2005 it would face that came out it was limited to. Whatever school Zuckerberg went to I forget Harvard TVE. 2005 you'll meet 2007. Well 52005. Revis the only one out. Yeah well it was it was out for college you had to have a college email address to get on it okay so I was able to get out because I was. Eaton college and then eventually Zuckerberg. Realize that this is a very popular thing in any expanded to. Real people. In strategist college people. You know FaceBook is responsible for a lot of things. Good and good and bad. Teenagers are fighting in schools cause of problems were administrators out their teachers out. Good in that I'd be like there's people I like the high school with and I've seen in years. And yet to see what they're doing. I mean if people I'd never thought I'd ever hear from our CE ever again. Ever. And over the years they've just popped up on FaceBook is like oh man that's what that person looks like that's going to be doing this these days that's pretty cool. FaceBook cell so a problem. When it comes to spreading false information. Well this is shared kind of on our FaceBook page yesterday side it was a picture of it was a picture of the Seattle Seahawks. In their locker room. And one of the Seahawks. Had an American flay in is he is holding it hot in it was on fire. And he was light. Cheering it and then the rest of the seahawk team was around him and Pete Carroll's life. Yeah AM like he looks like he's at a craps table waiting you know for for lucky twos. Or whatever it's called. And it was clearly Photoshop. Moon but some people see that and they don't realize its Photoshop so then they spread. Spread it around his of the Seattle Seahawks and their locker room burning a flight home care cheering about it and and that's the kind of sad that that FaceBook is bad full if. You have to have the one. Keep one eliminate one FaceBook. Or Twitter I like the Q. Knowing you you'd keep Twitter and eliminate FaceBook if the world came to you instead the government said mark. Where only allowed one social media. Per person in this country. What do you want you got to take away one well I would move because that's a violation of freedom of speech of the government is going to. Decide on so from the music. That's a little at the little two months I would move to a different country. But to answer your question just like I think people we're gonna move to different countries troubles may present to answer your question. I would boy I'd like Twitter not Twitter more. Yeah I yum. Yeah I would probably take Twitter to. Late FaceBook but it the Twitter for reward for information zeppelin stuff out there I like it more for reading whatever he's got to say. I'd like to I don't know something with Twitter I feel like I can post forty times on Twitter and it's fine. But I'd probably won't post Tony time on FaceBook in a year feel else. Some people use FaceBook like Twitter with constant updates. Anticipates it seems weird I think I think each things got its own. You know purpose Twitter now news information quick thoughts conversation. Of FaceBook is for like. Sharing life events and re connecting and a little bit in news and then. Instigator and just for fun pictures like today. I muscles that sports go to C aerial speedway in the Ian. Northern Wisconsin tonight disturbing their winter tour and in bowler. Faldo dead have a corona seven emergency surgery. And a big part of his first part of restores cancel. Seoul. On up to date you know I heard it was canceled when on their farm a mobile mobile look around and he's having surgery. Select. No no counsel for me tonight you found that out on FaceBook I found that out and well initially Sheehan was called up they're trying to give us a hotel. And then most you try to get some hotel he told the chances for rice canceled out so that might crop eyes canceled when a quarter of public that he was having surgery. I actually side yesterday two on FaceBook on you did or didn't for some reason I saw the aria speedway in FaceBook page. Share this message Kevin thinks you for the well wishes. We all wanted to update you on our concert postponement Kevin will be back in a he's the lead singer yeah they'll be back in action for all shows scheduled for march and on. For the fans in the cities that were scheduled for Jan and fed it were working on getting those rescheduled stay tuned for more. Details tells the third down playing this surgery her saying how it's routine did all that but who really knows they always. You want it seriousness seems like. They downplay things oh don't worry things can be all right so you're going to that tonight Aurilia that's a set I was so I had not there tonight after and never got to get. Or another week. All I guess in a few weeks that's the recusal to via. Was posts ago to Guam. Oreo and ask a knob on Friday night. Later on this month. Well sucks it's are you going to want at the hoses let's. They didn't he was this rather Johnson are both off the calendar for a while now that's two things a you have to figure out. When you well your eggs in an aria speedway in Melbourne it okay when they're just an undated 280. These kind of problems are going Tyler guys that's. It's not leaders and outside our bottom and stop at a well the thing that's double album okay. It's like to Russell's tickets will be still good lives if you get. If in a concert were. You buy tickets from particular date me rescheduled for to predict which take that date. I don't know. I'd and I think you might be as so on Sox. Why don't make good date for the one at the boulder which is tonight in March I can go to. I've checked out the make the dates for its canal. And while that that'll keep you busy today. Yes that is. Well you know what you. But it's Siegel stayed put it here in town. Gold states in town and it was on the reasonably conclude the team. Tonight is a net number acronyms there watching him on TV you guys are grown and covering the game but. I have looked at fort. The box hosting Golden State you know the warriors are tell nobody will make a big deal about the warriors that of the nickname to warriors. It's almost its golden state courts god forbid Marquette had to change their name. The Marquette warriors but nobody ever plays well the Golden State Warriors all the Marquette warriors were. Hosting the Golden State Warriors last night you know he got into town in practice of the Al McGuire center. And I don't know how people Null I don't know how people find out about that but there were I went to the practice last night and there was. Bunch of like fans crowd of people outside looking for autographs. And then as I've told you five million times my brother works for Golden State NPR so. I gave him a right to the hotel they're staying at last night it's not the Fister it's different one normally athletes state Fister they're saying it did phone. And site to go to the hotel. And there word of throngs of people there to I don't know how you find out about that now they sing a different. Hotel because there are traveling rock and kind of. No I don't think it's that. I don't think it's there now. Sanders did because. They're they're their own special deal. Even more sold in the Cleveland Cavaliers these days yeah you're right especially in Milwaukee because they only count your watch to receive a brand twice. No I just think that I don't know if they hear. And in the united got tired of Fister okay to be ghosts. Not just an old hotel based always stay at the height teams would stay at high it and then walk across the street to the game. Yeah deal there re not and then later the Bradley senator but I like to stay alive I think a lot of things that the Fister you know. A global baseball teams say they're not a lot of baseball to baseball he's staying there forever ago. Yeah forever of baseball tees as there mister but a height. He would stay at the height their one year Charles Barkley. Got in trouble because the other rule wells' right down in the hole for roses waterworks. He threw it through got through the door that Rosie is back in the eighties on water street and wanna feel Rosie is. Charles Barkley Beckham's playing days mid eighties. Tim was getting his face rumor. Has Torrealba. Of industry. I decide to I can't believe that I can't believe that. I don't know holly found out where these guys are all right. I don't know you may be social media I don't I don't know no gets out there I didn't tell anyone arm and Italy get. So army movie and he's just standing out front trying to get autographs these people get their late thirty people. Well I guess if you drive by the Al McGuire center last night there's three Jain coach buses okay and these guys are staying at the golden key motel early and I would under. Well they're staying in a nice hotel market. So figured out from there and accurate ruling on the course don't sing it now the third deal. Well when I was driving home I was driving home. I took my brother back to the hotel we went out for wings. After practice. And it's that curry stone there in the lobby. OK you in the restaurant and nobody to around in a bottom in the the center. Of your life in downtown Milwaukee. Of that as a nine year. All ego there downtown so here walking around in Asia you just you go to your right as many hotels and you know you're not expecting any a tear right. It did vet. Took her to sit there. There this key block today yet you know you go to town on during the of all of the teams are in town. I mean these guys would also go to the mall down there I malls close now but that didn't go to memorial walk around underneath it NBC Paul guys. NBA players usually. NBA players steps about six to. Six low tar than the 363 SARS taller than me attack designed them last night which we'll hear. Around 70879. Incident and and there's a picture meaner hearings as a he's that he's a legitimate foot taller than jas as they were you on a letter picnic here. Because I'm 510. 511 if I'm wearing a nice pair of boots. These guys as at least 611. And we talked about yeah honest as he played with the onus on us tonight Mike Timlin was here I like him too he was cut by Jason Kidd we talked about it. If the regular season sucks for an admitted he's blower did you ask him what his tied here because they should let him go they should let him walk. Obviously they should be kept him we thought of later that they be needed him. Yeah he had two stints here one when he was like Tawny that the first no the second one we could use them. The second one was when they had those bright red Christmas jerseys will the second one Brandon Jennings when you on this was starting with the loss of the bulls. Yeah the Mets series. I didn't I I asked him what he does when he comes back to Milwaukee SA you know you hear a couple of years the and he he basically Selanne and catch about sleep. You know there's not like a spot. He's not that goes to well I don't know how many people he's still stays in touch with here some of these guys in the tub here like I'm looney whose frog hair is that the warriors. And I don't even know all I'm sure he's still out party. In you know these guys come all my night is the one night c'mon Lou he's able to be home all season but sure he had a fun time while also. Friends saw it probably come down on him as he grew up with him and relatives on the number at a hotel. But most of these guys have that clip on throughout from tee and just does has been a couple of the teams. They bounce arousal slate now go back to Milwaukee when there's a player twice and nobody deal. Right yeah he might know some people still in town but did this as some of these guys is just the businesses as the business stuff. He'll know a lot of the workers at the Bradley Center board that teams vastly different than he was last you know here so models. Difference point from the box bucks warriors tonight we'll hear from Zaza around 708 this morning. That chance and time with him last night and thick European accent but very distinguishable eat it deacon. It easy here ordered sang in. A while. Employs him he's always means wanna. Nicer guys analyst and they're all pretty very Izod has yet they're all pretty friendly to of the books players of all is generally bad guys come through to the brewers. Good guys come through that locker room. And he is always he when things are bad the I was always stand there. Generally we are served up by Perkins restaurant and bakery is on a 57 FM the fans all of that just after 7 o'clock Michael Cohen. Will join us around 8 Tony this morning for the latest. On the Packers lots to look ahead to eject and went on the fan. I'm seven FM the fan that's chuck Freeman I'm borrowing where we are lives. Inside the Brian Stratton college athletics studio we'll hear from Pete Doherty as well this morning. Packers news.com. Pete's band of of all the guys that we like kind of check in with the Packers NASDAQ pounds maybe the most skeptical of some of the GM structure changes and some of the defensive coordinator. Type changes so we'll talk Peter about that here about ten minutes in I was listening to the big show yesterday. And this is not I'd like I'm not at not taking a shot at anyone. Well if you if you harm people take your shots you and I Aaliyah and like that I don't get nervous to limit how she in the morning. Post team her morning show Hillary called the the road they have a pot podcast I don't know. That was us through yesterday they take shots at us all of course all they were all of course. My life. LT shots at you move. Four B missile defense of a wider due in this taking shots at me because I'm claiming that do you how dole I'll Tulsa well he was hired here is an internment. You know I'm taking pro I was under the idea to start your soul and bills that whole thing so I mean if they want to do that defied. And the that the Tim Allen and maybe two hours of podcast yeah they have bit dashing like Austin. And it's pretty job. They swear I'll let out there they college Tim NTELOS in the morning and then. That's confusing. That's confusing yet. So they took shots because you were complaining about it and that like I complain about because it was it's confusing. Yeah. Yeah that's of the cadets exact reason why. Whether whether Bob I don't I don't believe you were complaining about a sodium to say and that's what they were doing anyway they can go to 1057 FM the fan that comments that are new podcast. Tim in town which is the morning in the yeah morning in the more delegates still to beat that and more doubles guys are you know this early. Not gotten so they you can check that out and a bunch of different on demand podcast we have online on our app and modified seven FM the fan that come but I wanted to mention. What I don't wanna take I'm not taking a shot at the big show. But Sparky. It's key man. Just. He's very worried about these meetings. That mark Murphy's claiming that he's gonna have. He every day that I've tuned day and Newton I I I either he's tiger whatever four hours are catch it every time he brings it up. Big show two to six today. Mark Murphy said that they're going to have these weekly meetings some with McCarthy and Russ ball in anger tickets. And if you take Murphy at his word Yad OK I guess they're gonna have a weekly meeting and that would be annoying my Mike McCarthy's category there say here's the plays I chose a real ball law that's I just I don't believe that's going to happen. I don't honestly think these four guys are gonna meet every week occupants and talk about the game play. I don't know to meet what they do or not who cares. Who cares if they want to meet every week I don't but they do it or not doesn't really affect everything. That doesn't mean I mean Mike Murphy is the changing the game plan now what would affected me like sixty planted McCarthy does anyway. Well it McCartney goes in there and then starts talking and herpes like hey. Close game the other day the board was telling me that we should you know it begins to be like that. That would be bad but I just flat out don't think there's going to be any meetings I I just think that this whole restructure. He's just to open the lines of communication because it got really bad now Mark Murphy probably should've stepped in earlier. And there may be somewhat of an over correction here I don't like that he hired to GM that doesn't have the ability to hire fire someone. But as far as a coach but I don't think. I don't think destruction is going to last long having Mike McCarthy's got all the power with this team and if it works at like if they were in the Super Bowl well and they're gonna keep this. If it doesn't work. Will and they're gonna take that power away from McCarthy I'd think well. You know this whole thought to be a weekly 2 o'clock Tuesday meeting. Don't I'm I don't we don't know if it is or not but you know it. Exactly. Where they have these meetings let's fight for his senate comes marquee kickoff forty year old man spark. Sorry if used 2580. You know I was Gilligan the icon Steve called Pfeiffer on fife. Call forty romance Sparky. It is the forty guy wants of he called Sparky. Who were caught it's we'll be heat. Build my it's called Julia. It's hard if that means. That the people on that a problem go on a forty year old him Sparky but anyway Sparky Pfeiffer. What is his deal with these meetings whats is problem that these liked him his words to be meddling what is it well yeah if there's actual going if there's going to be meetings he's worried that. Russ ball's gonna have a say in the game plan. That Russ ball's gonna tell depends on not what I'm doing now alliance. That ever was gonna cross the streams on their jobs that mark Murphy's gonna tell McCarthy what to do all he sees that seriously worried about their. When I turn on the big show on geez I've heard and thought on every week they're a little bit dramatic. I guess I think it is don't think there's going to be meetings. I don't know what honestly if there's meetings or not. It doesn't matter I mean does it really. What matters is what happens on Sunday would have loved McCarthy with the these guys going out there and getting some players and off the field who can actually play. Where they hit a 2 o'clock medium Thursday or Friday but that's why does is for the game I could care that is one of his concerns to. That McCarthy might say well I want this guy named it accounts might be good or there that has balls and on this meeting. And you might signal and you've got the power structure in struggle. Wolf that would else. It's just a convenient excuse of the good things could happen. Shots. But at this point. I I'm worried about it. I now. Amid does this the way you're gonna run things right now yeah I mean public when they went Ellen McCarthy. Restructured. Low play calling duties a couple of years ago that it was like a little concerned of autos like McCarthy's best. The best thing he brings the tables calling plays why did he get away from doing that. And we thought that didn't work. So is that what the conservatives maybe they're making change in him from making it changed a pass what didn't worked at media feel the same thing here. Do we know what Joseph Philbin is doing that way at no. No we don't offensive coordinator is it gonna be like well I just on bill Michaels on the huddle last night. When Joseph Philbin was the offensive quarters it seem like he had more say. In the offense. And more respected more be your coach McCarthy than the guys after him. Only guys Clements had no respect. Tiger Medigap I don't know what about it. Or what McCarthy and trusted editor Ben yeah but. I know with Philbin. He had a great deal of respect for Philbin and older guy. And with his now is until but obviously. Early this in the Gideon head coaching job at voters had coaching material and work out in in Miami. But. We'll see what the structures like when he gets back here. I still have that gut feeling that they don't name a true offensive coordinator that McCarthy. Well technically also be the offensive coordinator. And Philbin will be named as the lakers assistant head coach a game the dominion does or I don't know if they officially did the did honestly Adams. Anything only drama the Packers as the Packers turn Pete Doherty you'll join us saying just a few moments is startling clerk. 1057 FM the fan. Good morning. Free and then the alleged 1057 FM the fan that's chuck Freeman I'm borrowing learn. Were brought to you by Adam deputy if you're looking to buy a home whether your first the last contact Adam deputy online Adam deputy dot com. GSM mortgage equal housing. Lender. As we mentioned so many move to Green Bay Packers. From the front office. To both offense and defense. The coordinators changing. Position a culture is being hired to left and right. And we check in with our friends and Packard is that calm and you know they give us. Report of what's going on but one of the columnists who will talk to right now Pete Doherty. Pete a little more skeptical. Than maybe some of the other guys. Yeah I'm not I'm not a fan of them that don't mean it can't work. You know on our I get that Mercury was and a top spot where. Yet some valuable employees that he really likes you know secure what are your ball. And so you wanna make sure kept on and so this was the scene at least two of them are kinda compromised. To nature to you covered import what. You know I'm skeptical that it could work long term it's just dark. As follow Arlen was saying and there are you know they have their clear lines of authority Wear on guys responsible football. And the and he hires and fires the coach. I Clearwire has just. It's for accountability it's it's really good. And I got three people reporting to Mark Murphy and there's always those. The potential for you know people jockeying for her position and are stating their case. You know whereas when he had the foot or arrogant thing isn't just one GO a lot of things. On the everybody reported to him and what he says or sorts that it is open book and a warm but it I mean I don't mean it can't work or to other places. If it doesn't work. I'm hopeful that if it unwilling to give it a shot but if it doesn't work. With Mike with Mark Murphy having the fire to her having the ability to hire and fire McCarthy. I would think if it doesn't work we'll know quickly. And maybe Mike McCarthy's job would be on the line how long of a leash do you think Mark Murphy is going to give. His own self in the structure that he sent up. I don't know but it can be kind of a wild card here in the article would be you know let's say what's in the purse is not here in a year to. You know that maybe you feel more comfortable. Elevating good accounts. Or things go well were. Several years and you know politicos is doing records up the navy seal clutter or you know. Unseating. All of us soared beating him on the other candidate goes well maybe you'll play it doesn't work in great we keep doing what they were doing that. You know like. I can say oh well you know early soccer everybody because a lot of them. It's do put you know. It's such a tough business and you lose you know two or three games overall in the heat starts coming. You know forget about seven and married needs season. You know and recrimination and it's going out start then. You have three different guys. You know going to Mercury in player that's you know that's the problem and that's the problems that happen. You know a year so that you have. All of us so. In August. Or yourself on the road record receivers the end the initiative. Is. Mike McCarthy in mark Murphy's eyes. That hot I mean he's the Mark Murphy Murphy muscle apps would love McCarthy that he is kind of out. You know maybe taken his bison you know that press capita might dissuade a few things. What mercy he must love McCarthy. Sure looks like it looked like he really thinks LE oval mode. And Watson in the Mexican any Mexican serve be considered all of a really important employees so you want it. To keep both guys happy and this was a way to do it by now I have bring in anybody and are only taught them. Majority Packers news.com joining us here on the great midwest bank outlined in all that going on in and you have the staff building them McCarthy is doing Mike Patton were learning a lot about him seems like. He's done well in the past. Is it going to be a case where he can step in and implement his defense of scheme to this group of guys. Or for Mike Patton scheme to word do you think they'll need to go out and find different guys. Well I heard it's going to be trouble also on the in. You know it's like when it first came and I mean what's and so her strict. And what it personal duel that globally used at nickel cornerbacks are meters. A couple of guys on the roster who had generally lower. What what does. They're good aren't in Alltel problem and that's sad but also they need you guys no matter who the court currently 85 mortality. So mobile it'll be a little but a spokesman. You know what test of a coordinator has yet you have scheme but he you. It got to be able to adjust it took a tale that Al Amin once sisal and so all of lost excel. You know we'll see what kind of coordinator here let you know Miami maternity. Unit you play that Rex Ryan defense and you know McCarthy knows that he hired and so local security wants a deal. Do you think patent was McCarthy is number one choice or does he want the French cargo and you're. I do not know for a fact I loose my suspicion is probably the strangers and that he wanted Ngo I also wonder if if you wanted it to Gus Bradley do harm. I think there were reports that he wanted to interview what them Bradley did the deal with. The chargers so up but I I don't know if you guys thanks so much specimens that you know banjo might have been his first choice. You know I don't think he wanted to stay and how Semih I know he interviewed those guys. I now they've Bradley. And Patton and change your all's like taking I don't know what he wanted Donny did give the promotion to. To gel win but I think Pete more than anything. McCarthy wanted to new voice on the defense. Yeah and then you know. You know what you mentioned earlier about the Caribbean. And can't possibly have a short leash here meeting to have. It was a stories what you want that I here obviously in his interview with. What's your reaction this season. You know anything you must've made clear subvert issues that have cropped up or perhaps and you know not aqueduct to create and neglect that. Without ego he thought he wanted the W wanted to do because what about a preferred choice personal attack. So he needs to land and it would have been awful risky to. You know prior to promote Perrier whips or Winston Morris. Geithner is now recorded before may be at stake there but they've ever god of war. The much safer move is to go to the guidance and that you were a proven track record. You know three guys that we've talked about all have been unsuccessful court next mostly. Pete Doherty Packers NASDAQ com we did have a chance to talk to Pete about some of the hall of fame stuff re airing Jerry Kramer and LeRoy Butler that is available on our website qualified seven. Have to understand that conflict fan on demand. Presented by John Paul's Buick GMC highway 100. In Greenfield some bonus I intend for you as you drive around on their today and as a driver on the rose actually not too bad it. My driveway though is and I rhetoric. 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Be known because they had a huge pain mailbox in their front lawns so that's kind of been a tradition that stays with them. And they had it there for years some interesting reasons and Tressel tale about that brightening mailbox. Dot com when you get in some decisions in overseen struck a wake they'll hear from Zaza Pachulia around 7:0 late this morning more Packers and Michael Cohen coming up. 820 were served up by Perkins here on the fact. About five Perkins restaurant bakery that is Jeff Freeman. I'm borrowing players' eyes up but Giuliani had a chance to speak with him for a few moments. His thoughts on Jason Kidd is a coach beyond this as a player and if the honest he sees today. He saw when he played with the Imus. Four years ago we'll get his answer on that around 708. Here this morning checkpoint where on the fan one more chance for you to win it. The Dave Matthews tickets to the night before the Super Bowl we had a winner it's a national contest. So every. Or or part of a company called intercom. So there's a ton of if her radio stations and they got up all over the United States. But the guy who won yesterday at 7 o'clock. Was from Milwaukee so you can wish I mean he did that guy won yesterday. So you can win too so lap they keyword coming out just after. Seven so I serve to show it differing aims talking about the Dez Bryant catch from three years and one day ago yet. How we need to do a better job of again on this day sort of thing right or at least knowing 'cause. With Bart Starr's birthday I didn't talk about it we didn't talk about it I didn't know talk after the show was done and now saying with this Dez thing I didn't know it was three years ago yesterday. I think you're OK in the Bart Starr. Think that those fine. But why that dog parks are like my he's my guy yet about going Bart Starr's birthday that was a couple of days ago. That's. I don't think we're gonna did he docked any points in their boss because. I don't know I just I wanted to talk about it. OK and last night aides and that last night but yesterday afternoon when I got home that you always want to turn back the clock. Well OK I watched the NFL network thing on the timeline. It's called the timeline and it was. Peace they did about the ice bull. Gave and I was off that week do you country has talked about. Yet Don Meredith signed. Michael Meredith the other had him mono the Michael show. All they did announce a cool out yet he he was good so he put together you you talked all these people that played in the game. And when they showed the reunions. They showed a cowboys reunion a fifty year reunion and the Packers fifty year reunion. I started to cry okay CI I didn't. I did some stuff on the ice bowl that we you were gone and I I figure I'm Alex I was like glad you're here because I know the how much disrespect effort history. Betsy and that's a bad as the president just when I'd when I talk about history or 82 hours or so you just completely this. Goal with south I don't mind when you tag on history you dot noted too much. I don't mind when you top bodies I don't. Probably do it too much. But history is part of sports I'm trying to that's what Mark Murphy yesterday you're doing all soliloquy on them they've found it but that's because the deflation. The packer history of how. And it's it's come a long ways and it'll waves come a long ways the Packers get in some ways they haven't. Yeah that's true but when I was watch its eyes watching this thing so. It was when they have their reunion I think in October maybe the last time Bart Starr was able to come back out October November they had to debt. Britney trio birdie tomorrow and asserted for packer game let me for the Baltimore game and nobody did a fiftieth anniversary. I mean what is up what I you know this year's been very tumultuous for the Packers and as part of me that things. Well you know the more that I I cover the team for war the less of a fan that I you know the fan part of me dies a little bit. But man I was crying like I was I was in tears. Watching these guys get back together. Watching Buick. You'd they showed fans fans are gonna say there's fans and like 95 starter jackets now standing up big football guy mad. There in tears I'm just it's 2 o'clock yes I am on my couch crying. It was I because I was I saw. I saw an interview done not agree base station from a woman who lives up there yet she was a cheerleader like it's from saint Norbert college. 181920. Years old. Now and in the seat hurt the Herschel picture of her cheerleading on the sideline and then today she's an old lady. Just was kind of vibe well that's the CD of his is right but I just it was just kind of odd to see this deal. Well shaped Waldman you know benefactor twenties and then you know she's. Barely walking today while I mean if you close your eyes you can. But either way but does did the I don't know fifty years takes the that's that's that's what this these guys to these football players. Some of these guys who played it it's their tough they sure have a tough time getting around. I seats of those guys who play and they have some that that's what football those two they have some injuries that turf the Philippines every time ago that. You know Willie whilom Willem Dafoe was at that game okay the actor Willem Dafoe yeah he was at the baseball. Lot of people claim Europeans have have tickets and programs and all that but I have a program I put this on FaceBook of the game before. The game that gap and into the baseball. The semi final game was played at county stadium. How ironic how you would never think that they would play a playoff gave Milwaukee the played a playoff game here. And then they decked out they beat the rams and that got him up but he graceful. We started the ball that team to beat the cowboys and want to act I like history at this didn't you know. I don't not like history but you look at some of the guys who played in a team the NB Don Meredith was the the quarterback key leader resigned Monday Night Football. With Howard Cosell. Broadcasting it. In the past we have a couple years ago to put I get to see that special policy. It's very. Michael Meredith put it together was on NFL network might edit DVR so I don't know if you wanna watch it. How you can find him but I its goal try I'd what is our ya do wanna try out. Brent I want to bring a box of Kleenex yup sold set about. Just seeing the guys get back together you know like I don't know whether it was the music there just was a different times for us it was sad when I was crying and resist. It was enjoy either it was just like C Becton guys. Oh man guys packer fan thing there was a free agency guys didn't float from team to team so we salute you today it's generally go over served up by Perkins restaurant in bakeries. Your last keyword from us this week to try to see Dave Matthews the night before the Super Bowl have that coming up and Zaza Pachulia. Heat. And the Golden State Warriors in Milwaukee's I played with a young artists. Did he see him becoming the all star that he is today we'll talk to him next on the fan chuck went 1057 F.