6am - Is MLB going the way of NBA super teams?

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Tuesday, February 13th
Chuck and Winkler 6am Hour - Chuck and Bart talked about the direction of MLB and super teams being formed. Also, they talked about their favorite and least favorite events in the Winter Olympics.

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No shock and we blurred. Live from them earlier this correctly colleague just letting studio. On sports Radio One 057 against them. The fan that is Jeff Freeman it I'm borrowing caller Cody grand our producer. Alongside on a Twitter Tuesday a fox Tuesday. Big bucks Tuesday or had Tatiana us. We're talking Ray Allen we'll talk a little scary Cummings as well the best number 34. In bucks history is Janice got there will be that neck. Our John Horst GM and a team at 8351. Small bit of box news from yesterday. They did not get Marco Belinelli so. If you're a Marco Belinelli Fannie was waved from the hawks in the box have tonight he is signing with Philadelphia the Bucs were reportedly. Interested so the Bucs gonna do some tinkering with their world their roster he would still expect. They did not get chapped. Marco Belinelli yeah. And we talked to Gerri last week carry wolf for Milwaukee Basque one side and he'll join us today to yet he's ET said that the box to be adding a veteran somewhere somebody's cast off. We Derrick Rose zero I don't think he's so he's cleared free agency is considering our eggs he's cleared waivers and the job in Sydney update their end up. Is a free agent putts on the key might be going to Washington with the absence of John Wall there. But. Yeah I didn't. And was unsure of their grimace recite or sign sign him but. You know I think the bucks Wilson bolt somewhere online here at media piece. If only we had the GM of the show on today all we do it up at 835 that a bug NB a 35. Couple of brewers news in notes they make a sagging yesterday. Clinton barely remember him. Yes he was the outfielder they brought in in September. They have brought him back on a minor league deals so quick Mary. Was broad and he's well this this guy ever he was rotted in light. On ist there may be July 8 you know and we knew right away out came his designee Collins at tavern to steal bases. I believe he got thrown out a few times. I did get nabbed that crucial moment he struck out. But he's back said the brewers making moves cell. Attentive adult day from our team is both of them expected to maybe make some more moves. But as of now just kind of minor stuff although there was a report late last night from Jon Heyman that the brewers. You have interest in. Tim Lincecum and Ayman tweets brewer's plan to attend Tim Lincecum showcase on Thursday. The two time Cy Young winner is looking for a comeback get. Age 33 in this is safe Tim Lincecum at this point we'll be getting twenty million a year. I know and if he does something's gone horribly songbook with missiles the results heard a number or as front office this quick very. Should Jimmy and his just the designated pinch runner. The arm. The police to have a guy call Herbert Washington. Okay sprinter. And he was stumbles east teams of the of the bill would always go to the World Series in the seventies. And his baseball card just showed him leading off first base he was their designated brought him in for sure Pitt he was their designated pinch runner even outside of September. Yeah he was he was just again with a team dearly and I think yeah big east running gaffe. As our call. Ended up hurting his career but he was a guy who just came made him one job he would never been out. And even on his baseball cards said pinch runner. Wallace a designated pinch runner doesn't it's does vary never let it get at least economy's terrible hitting he's he's been bounced around a couple of movies ever you know. But he can run. And that might be a spot me dual use in the short version and Ronald a bit more anyway this season. You know what eligibility to run and they did that in September and that bad. Teams do that because you can expand authority. Are whenever you can expand here in you can bring up whoever you want a guy like 35 guys in the dugout that they bring up a guy. For pinch running specialty but you timing this herb guy. Even outside of September Collison is on the roster yes that's and test of Washington and the guy was but yet idea about it I believe me in a big city. Big east running here. And was it was a world class sprinter Selig Billy Hamilton. Is the fastest guy in the bigs and he's that the reds. Or did he go somewhere else he was at the reds acting keystone piece he always homered against the brewers yet so that's that was the problem the dude is only in the major leagues because he's ripping off 400 stolen bases and AAA. So they need to find a spot from did you need that kind of speed or if you can utilize that speed it's amazing to use such a from the leadoff spot. Is Billy if he gets on base he's at third base he'll get either a walker it. Steal second steals third and you've got a guy at third with. Nobody else right away. Any never homers he never homers except when he's playing the Milwaukee Brewers. Yet is this her Washington. One is a world class sprinter. Charlie Finley the owner of the EC was one of those guys who do a lot of unconventional thinks he beat his guys were mustache is actually. You look at the team. Those teams of the eighties guys got bonuses for having mustaches and paid him to their mustaches we paid him to Wear mustaches in or as the Yankees make you shake shave yet the a's are just the opposite. So the day's pay their guys. Let's thoroughly Figurs you know where mustaches and they brought up pinch runners just in normal plane while they review the it in the seventies the eighties were the team. In the early seventies they were Z you know they were they were always feels like a copy of the shorter season began Reggie Joseph Rudi every day they were. Eerily they had a lot of stars and the owner there was you know he did lot of unconventional things. But he this guy who was they will whisper to be brought him up. And it's signed him and he was just gonna be did designated pinch runner sleep brought about am there was a crucial game. You obviously the World Series. And he got picked off first base. It brought a bit as a pinch runner. On team to the World Series or read your idea picked off. And that was then now as herb Washington anchor well you know you're young when jobs Kamal Aron. And run the bases and not get picked off. And and was there any golf Aysu upon injury time John Edwards in the face those alternatives permit classic current Washington. 77. Allison and amp a with DePaul. YouTube that good poem so big and NBA players punching people might want he would interview Rudy T after that. When his teams were in town and always like chickens peso because it was that was on the that was broadcast. Via lawyer had it been years later and scarves up for you know every cent. Outsold. To gold act of violence in the NBA. My wife and I are watching celebrity Big Brother can't. One of the contestants on there is not a world peace all cared so ran our test is on the shell. And run a test in the show Big Brother they all in and policy on its celebrity edition it they're there for three weeks. He doesn't know how to play the game. He's doing everything I mean it's funny it's fun to watch him he's like everybody's favorite houseguest. He's just kind of aloof. He was talking to the cameras and playing would docs in the pool and making them five to play fully the Siegel by mellow or does he go by Iran until he does that matter on the I don't world peace okay. And my wife's like I I love this guy this guy is. This guy is fine and well let me show you X here's video of a jump jump into this this essay due charging major ends. At a metals and analysis so it's weird to see. Him now. As opposed to where he was that fateful Friday night as he talked about that incident at all they have not talked about I'm sure to be brought up some more. Armor roses on the show and she mentions her time in the White House every second sentence on don't leukemia has meant so she's on the show. Mark McGrath from sugar rays on the show. When they say celebrity big brother and they used the term celebrity little loosely has been submitted yet they're they've all been on Dancing With The Stars suns team event celebrity's Donald Driver on there. I'm Donald Driver is not out of this current season okay. Perhaps he would in the future Kobe Bryant is a fan of the game and as always said he wants to play. Either Big Brother or survivor. They did not bring him in in this addition there was one season of survivor that Jimmie Johnson played. Like ten years ago I remember that out Danny got voted out pretty quickly former on public torture dads are he had voted out pretty quickly. But Emmy it's always fun to see. Things I never it is weird to see meta world peace. As bike if you just introduced him for the first time always vesco player always kind of funny yeah. But. So I mean did that he got a second chance they. Altered I. You know I never told you only speak of guys were a little off the wall Michael Beasley. Are back with some that are Twitter. Couple we Skokie of the New York Knicks and formally the balky box. Michael Beasley kind of showed me a couple of weeks ago now that as if you know we did almost anyway. Why the guy who has catapults the route so I gave it a little glimpse as to why the guy has been. Bounced around a little bit why was he kept years. Were interviewing. Can't of the New York to scout camp there. Cantor and this tennesseans can't hear a knock out cancer. In this cancer. After the game in and Beasley is like yeah. Maybe five feet away now 510 feet away Burke. In a winner interviewing these players. They got a bike torn up there and you know trying to. Mom gets whatever he's saying the players Benson and beat Tampa had a big night eighteen points like nineteen rebounds. Sort your view and I can't let the John Henson get a job has performance. He did it colossal we're doing and Beasley is like 510 feet away just humming really loud. Really love soul that it erupts. You don't gets our microphones are all trying to interview the player. I put them at what are some people woman standards at all is a zoo has beer B member of the media image senator do your job. Interviewing you know outsourcing if you were. Oh waiter in somebody's standing right next do you do the same thing. Many of your inbox currently in reviews guys that this guy was just being annoying so you're interviewing can't hear her and be precise air these these rights are just nobody's interview them because impolite. And he's just make him and get dressed he's making this harm harming noise on purpose. And of course nobody for the next bull gore didn't say anything no equate that to why he's bounced around well I just don't I just. That was just a little local labor. I'm sure of stuff that he's caused. From place to place the place but there's a reason as Dan was a top of the top draft picks in the NBA and Mike a year later he was he was he destroyed it. Because I did see that to waited years and I did see there responses Elway out and edit would whenever. You can't. You can't say stuff like that because people get mad you. You can't leave here in the media. So I'm only talking to you or me I guess right now. You can't we can never complain. All I know that because dolls and he's been through the doors because Garcia. We try to let people in the it and you know behind a curtain. And it's not yet we can civic or were complaining about it but dealers Stoner dude to a job. You wanna game ends you go in the locker room in Puget Sound bites and all my engineer release players. And it's Iger and for fun I mean your anger of sort of to do work did you gotta get some lights and all that and but you know he come back and also new kids use any. Stuff on the air because you hear Beasley coming in the background I'm just like anybody else what I said the waitress thing or whatever some of your career your job. I'm not asking like I'm not asking to complain. I'm just saying that there's a disconnect so if you agree if you notice something in them in the locker room. About Michael Beasley and you say and then you have the thought well maybe this is why he's bounced around or fight on the Bucs locker room. And there's a guy who takes forever to get dressed yeah and I say well I'm a little worried. About this guy taking forever to get dressed. And what that might do it begins in the big pads on and so forth and then I share at Ed that's part of Florida are sharing what we know locker room. Are there he would cut shot yeah exactly my idea I get I get it I've just sharing. It was just had a little microcosm. Elements say yeah that's the reason why you've been for many teams but it just he has got a microcosm of how to disrespectfully once. And it's like him is that just. Does. Your reasons why was. The box and I want to bring him back is a hell player when he wants to be surprised at Goodyear yeah he's you know he did play at all in this game where is that he's so very limited time. The box game. Yeah yeah I remember that those disappointed because I EIA rosters and in yup and then the LP reports tell me all he notes his teammates love him and all that I guarantee cantor was. Not the same thing to him I don't know why he's in play wants and he's put out like Tony came out throwing and I don't know what the deal is he's like news the knicks don't have a lot of dudes they're little gore now that for saying this is out and you want to but it was just kind of an annoyance. And it's like well yeah wasted every time I guess again exorcism herself you know according to the masses now. Well just little behind the curtain here which is all fairly long while to death. And there. I'm telling you that I'm interested. I don't I am interest but it's just yeah you know what this means but. You know I just I wanted to Gonzales there or paper airplane in my face what but the Japanese aren't about that but yet you have. And pregame manager and yeah now. You were interviewee. To review the Dodgers when I was. The general ones Chase Utley Chase Utley. And but the Chase Utley rule my aging and salad Gonzales and that was last year row and then a paper airplane whizzed right by my face. Soul and I talk about that we you have I don't know if he had native reaction of but do people care. Made a ball player there that's like it until there's some unwritten rule and that whatever happens a locker rooms it stays there. There's the brewers is demo. Little signs are locker room and the visiting locker too when you see here stays here when you leave here. So I mean I've heard guys talk about where. You don't turn tape recorder out of it now can't resign when these guys are playing cards or they're now talking about other stuff out of out of turn reversed wary bottoming out there is an airplane my fate astle different price your Beasley just being annoying like this. And you know sure little right Byrd thank. It's chuck and I go we are served up by African pressured him baker is now that we got all that out our chests how will turn attention back to the Milwaukee Brewers who. May have to Carner I mean you could argue that the cubs countered the brewers could the brewers counter the cubs. Either way it does look like on paper the cubs do well they definitely have a better rotation as of this point and they could be perceived as the favorites in the NL central. But should we make that claim right oil tactic Tim Allen of the baseball post game show and also. Where's the brewers will turn it. If there's problems at the back end of their bullpen in this season. Tim Allen baseball post game show hot stove weekly jones' next check in when gore on the fence. Always look from the Bryant's hand strength talented athletic studios on March then just shot. But two hours from now 835 John abortion. GM as the bucks bulls joining us on a box Tuesday but Saxony out missile talks some bucks his career achievement so far. Compared to others that have worn the number 34. From Milwaukee will do that around 7 o'clock starting some brewers baseball and the big conversation yesterday. What's regarding obviously you Darvish in the cubs as. And where's the brewers 6 in the central not. The cousin made. There moves. It doesn't Tim Allen host city baseball post game show even with the Darvish move and at the brewers don't do any thing else. Can may still win the central. When they're competing against a team that's so stacked wood there rotation and pretty much everywhere else. Think so I I think they've that there may be a peaceful way out are you guys talking about partnered. You know you say that you know maybe a picture. I'm really insisted guys and you take a look. At the bowl time and I know they brought in Boone Logan and JJ who burn free area. Obviously Albers says it is probably a lot can have them but you also have Jefferson there at Jacobs bonds is there Josh haters there Corey can enables their. That's going to be a Brad suitors out there and let's see who takes one of those some rotation spot. Their bullpen. I don't know I think maybe still want on short people talk about the rotation. I still think may be a ball and arm is in the cards here. Why the F somebody guys that bullpen how many more guys that need to. Are legit guy alleged guy that if esque enabled us as much as MLB network last night that top. By the ghost 45 break out players of 2017. And ink and Abel was at sixteen. You know what he leapt up guys in there wasn't there is a wonderful year for work and able but don't see let's sub who's the closer on the state. Exactly and we could go to theater as a close. I guess you could but I think they'd like given the more personal role you know that sued to a third and on one night and two days later he gets too big outs against lefties. I think they'd love I love it and that I really do that. Don't may be may be one more legit I close before and save thirty panic I. That that I think could still happen but there is a lot of competition back there that's good. And emerged a couple of times about Knuble feeling I have because of because somebody guy is the Bruce have had close. Have had great years and then you know couple years I have an idea what the organization anymore. Yeah and it's just the volatile situation you guys know that that good. There are many closers that will span years of of high grade success that this does not and has just the way it's been. The rope areas of the world on the hot in the world. They're rare guys say they are and they and we see him before here. That these guys have a little flash in the pan am a year two and and then they go down and that's why Doug Melvin never would. In a pony up there with a long term deal would close this this is too volatile I. You know odd and I got my fingers crossed record can handle on that and I hope he does repeating his outstanding that strike out streak in the ERA a decent. So a user uses dynamite you laws and if that's the case I mean if he if he does repeat. That open isn't obviously much much better shape. Tim Allen host of the baseball post game show hot stove weekly is coming out it's Mondays at six. Is that you can catch him in maybe house on that program always good do it. Get a look at what's going out at the brewers a more inside look Tim I think what does Yu Darvish thing. I think here's where people's minds are going OK I think it's six years 126 million may be 150. With incentives. And brewers fans like hot that's a lot of money that the cubs you don't have to pay that's water relief. While that might be true let's just look at their rotation in the year 2018. Darvish came town out laster Hendricks and Tyler tabloid. Then is a rig that's the best in the league that's a really good. Rotation. And even if they're gonna get burned by this contract and Tony Tony one Tony Tony to Tony Tony three. I don't think the cubs care right now I don't see the brewers without making. Chris archer type move may be another one I just don't see them overcoming the cubs at this point in the central. And that's it's going to be tough and you're right that rotation has good and I think the one guy point two. You know people yeah bu fans are saying look let's get that front line starter. It's got to coincide with stones plan and that plan has Scientology that's got to be good. Offer now and the end in the future and and to sustain a little bit and Canton as a guy that's that's the guy I point to and I was pointed Doug Melvin biggest mistake as general manager of the brewers and it was Ken Mok. I still alive and on the record as saying that I'll stick with that that was his by far the biggest mistake so far stones as good as he's bent. His biggest mistake was not going over the top and it came time. And and now you've got a base in the use under team control as a portable it just made a lot of sense. And and so it lets you replace them with a guy. I'll like it archer that has seen control affordable Yong. Things like that. That's still gonna go now for me as as one of the bigger mistakes if if if any mistakes at all that's that's the one that. Although if you did that move Tim could you argue that may be able might not edited the chips to graft over Christa George. Yeah baby baby and and so what they did was I firmly believe that's what they did was they said. Well we can't get the pitchers we're gonna we're gonna block their view of what offense. I heard one your callers say have. Police say a situational baseball and you don't get a runner over and get no money in and I fully agree with him. And I think that will be much improved this year. You know you look at that Tampa Bay game down not. Up. Hater I think gave up walk off. And they giving private topped out of that inning. Many Piniella had an opportunity to bond some runners over. And get a man and then that's ABC baseball I think he was referring to I think you're gonna see a lot a lot of improvement on that would these two guys now line up. Along with with what you're talking about chuck was that Garcia takes that step forward yup brawn that these states helping. That offense is gonna win games it well and we'll see much better baseball sense of. Especially in the hitter park I mean you gotta you gotta have you know some new defense out there is pretty good I think your defense the outfield defense is as good as it's ever them. But I mean I think you've got the offense too liberal for this ballpark. It is it has an end. Council's right guy for it I mean put pressure on that other team continual process so he can't veto what the pitching I think they. They just it is what the script a little bit here and and Stearns went with that offense and I'm so little stunned by other big believer of pitching and defense but. It sometimes. The geography if you will dictate so you know what you can do this cease seize the moment he did that now will that will they get a picture of me that's. That's the thing. Jason Anderson shot seen and exact Davies common Nelson injury is looming large guys is this I mean it just isn't how you gonna. He's in the lead on a Woodruff you're gonna lean on. May be or surgeon. Nobody got our Dolan Aaron and I am a little leery on the rotation right now is a competitive yeah I think chase banners and that it is these guys are out editor's note no question. But our date what Bart just talked about. That's your competition there. That cub rotation are they that those guys now they're there or not he give the nod to the cubs on the road. Tim Allen. Baseball post game show there is more to that interview you can find that. 1057 FM the fan that Connie can also find last night's episode of hot stove weekly. Tim and maybe Josh go through the torrid five man roster projections. Are that have won a fight seven FM the fan. Dot com click fan and a man presented by John Paul's Buick GMC highway 100 in Greenfield. The other 45 man roster as tennis that is give you more plumber competitive camps we've seen in recent years. You know were some of these guys that play. This reading the then the Q NATO's on the marquee journal sentinel. In today's paper. Craig Counsell. Says he's not worried about recent law itself eventually shakes itself now of course with the month of training camp you know there might be as the some bank ups along the way some guys. Hurt but it looks like to be a really congested outfielder. Who's playing right field and you know who's played first base. Why they were going to last night a little bit spots like 122. Mean we can come up back and forth and come up with 42 names that seem to be a lot for the roster it's that Tony third Tony for Toney fifth. To 26 or seven Tony eight it's those guys. What do you do with hazy say you are what are you doing Brad Phillips at this point what do you do some of these guys in the bullpen who's gonna. Who's gonna make the team ages eight yard that we're talking about. He was a guy we were not mentioning at this point a year ago when he came mom because of a good spring training so will one of those guys. Developed this year. Down in Arizona so. Yeah I think heating definitely can start to end if everybody put together she'd have this is what I think don't 45 man roster is gonna look like I think a lot of us have come pretty close. From one to 22 but. Those other three spots are going to be I mean any anyone's. There might be a pitcher that's left out somebody who we think might make the roster might be left out the door of the bullpen looks pretty set right now. You know house guerra get a fitted to this is is he gonna make the team. I mean I typed out wouldn't say on a percent that he CO assigned to a oddly a minor league contract so like I wouldn't guarantee that. Durst yes I mega market traded. I mean because it looks like looks like Ron is going to be playing against lefties at first base and then. That would lead you Martha nor. Just record why. We are served up by Perkins restaurant and bakery easier and more from Tampa. Qualified seven from the fan back count the Yu Darvish move. Not just sending shockwaves through the NL central but kinda sending shockwaves to the rest of baseball and as the casual fan begins to look at baseball. They're starting to see it more and more. Becoming like. The and BK we'll explain why and if that's a good thing coming up chuck went clerk served up by Perkins qualified seven FM the facts. Yeah. We. Just like where we are brought to you by Annan's deputy. Think you're looking to buy a home whether you're first or last contact and then deputy. Online ad deputy dad counties of mortgage. Equal housing lender. Well I wish that the brewers went got you Darvish. For that kind of money and I don't see too many people so upset that the brewers can sign him however he didn't sign with. The ride to the Chicago Cubs but team that is that it's been not to. Sort of the new yankees and there was a Joel Sherman tweet. That I'd seen over the weekend that said is the MLB going the way of the NBA on one hand it's good to have big free agent signed finally. However the Darvish cubs deal. Feels the NBA if vacation of MLB. Where feels like there's a handful of super teams that can win at all. And then all the other teams. You feel like chuck that the MLB is getting dangerously close to. Becoming the NBA or we all Null all the dramas finding him but we know it's going to be warriors and probably sell the cast Simpson in the NBA finals now Seattle. I don't feel that way another voice said you know anybody. You get you get anybody in the post season and you have a shot earlier that one game up wildcard team oral whoever. He's still got to play the game you know has been teams at the Dodgers Lester a great they wore during the regular season. And I mean they were like 19351. Point. And every sellout just give them the World Series title now look at little whenever the dep oh it made it to the World Series. Maalox you know the city of the world's that it went championship. Chairman there there I think there's only a few teen if we look at it right now and we can say the brewers could get to the World Series because they can I mean. I guess anybody can do anything. But if you look at the MLB. There's maybe seven or eight teams that. Have a shot to win the whole thing the Dodgers who the cubs. Washington and Houston and Cleve land Boston New York seven. See I think there's going to be a couple of teams it's still merge. Give them beat teams that emerged in Minnesota's not gonna win the World Series from Tampa and I and all of the world's gotten a lot he's not gonna win the World Series Santana. But do you joke but if you get the post season part of the things you just on. I IC I don't think it's as clear cut as basketball. I mean this baseball's ever been that way. You know I just think things are just evening out a little more. In in baseball where writes I can't say right now well brewers have no shot at winning a world championship this year. Whereas you can go to the best will seize right now in the playoffs and say it. Well Washington bullets probably are not gonna win the NBA title or the Milwaukee Bucks or. You know maybe in Denver Nuggets were here on on thirds I think you said the same thing a baseball. I think this you know you do you get to the policies like Lester if the dollars we got to the post season. What happened and give them a post season he had a couple of hot pitchers. Guys who argue our role. I remember the cardinals in 2011. I'm big barely got in the postseason. And he will win the division and that they were taking out the brewers. In the EU on the playoffs and eventually want to the World Series so the turtle eggs at the girl's 2006 to win me. Nobody expected that the doing in the post season they beat the other the tigers in the World Series. Well I mean that seven years ago and now I think baseball is rapidly progressed into. A situation where if you have money I mean it's always been that way of your money sure. You are more competitive and what is money usually buys worthy of the free agent contracts though a lot of times pitching and pitching is what decides. A lot of these post season. Matchup Yu Darvish. Located take him again he would good outing against the cubs so the Dodgers move on from that series then Yu Darvish does not perform well on the World Series. And all of a sudden they lose to the Astros but he was at least a front line guy can the brewers and a seven game series. Go all there with chase Sanderson Jimmy Nelson. Zach Davies. And Jolie shot scene is that gonna get it done what against. Yu Darvish Jose can top out who Jon Lester and what I think is gonna have to scherzer Stephen Strasburg but I. Think what's gonna happen I think teams are gonna involve over Hart 62 games developer or is evolved over the season. And you might see them for a squad make up about acquisition for a player to. You know they did that last year to solidify the second base spot. And you know who knows is remembered man who thought the Trevor shot was gonna have the season. He did. I'd I just figure despite big baseball that's I think that's the beauty of baseball where. You have of course is going to be teams that have no shot at winning. But idea I'm I'm I can't tell the result I teach on any team you know he said there's seven teams I mean won't. You know this man. You know injuries or play a part of it I just that there's it's it's wide open when she gets to the post season. How many teams come in the NBA tyrant. Four he had just I'd just to test positive for sport or. While it is the best calls the difference or ten days already dispersed competitiveness. I just think you know there's a there's a couple of teams you you can't see every year. I RE dot did you pretty much say. Golden State's gonna win the west better win the finals and but I mean at least they're gonna go on the west okay but. If you policy your views seem to right there when the finals. Do you sit baseboard you can't say right now this team is gonna win the chief Richard. No all but there's there's not it's less then 13 of the league I think that has a chance. And it's not like the NFL where. The Eagles have a thirteen and three year and went over the back of quarterback the NFL. Every team's got a shot at it next year even Alley in the bronze to catch some magic next year they get the right. Pieces you know but it's tough I mean they're not realistically probably doubt when the Super Bowl next year. And baseball how many times you see teams go from worst person in the Minnesota Twins have done it many times where they've had. The twins last year. The year before that they put this girl a hug their games sitting in the postseason there will be surprises there will be teams that we're not talking about that make the post season. But they won't win the title I'd I just don't think I think there's a they're one of seven teams will win the title. Between Boston the Yankees the Indians the Astros the nationals and cubs in the dodgers' you can confidently say I I don't. I just think it's it's I always looked at baseball is just being really really wide open yup there's a couple of teams you can pretty much. You know guests are going to be either. Bought would you agree baseball's closer to the NBA in the NFL and in that sense. I mean the NFL is just parity city. Sure you've got New England who. Makes everybody look man bread. Seattle's made a Super Bowl Green Bay Atlanta all these different teams. Eagles have wanted all these different teams of one out in the NFC. And based I don't have as much as this one based. All you can make it the world you make of this horrible as a wildcard spot to. You know I just I I wouldn't like it football I wouldn't say or baseball the top two seeds automatically your gonna make. Is it figures to be upsets is going to be pitchers that get hot. Don't stars are gonna merge. On election. Well the bullish for the cardinals in 2000 and I thought the brewers were to win their series damage here and went with the brewers beat we're a when the Burris. The night they beat Arizona we're in the press box watching Saint Louis takedown Philadelphia. To advance to put the brewers nobody wanted to play Philadelphia because they were the team that Dan. Saint Louis all men thank goodness played Saint Louis you know barely got to the post season and hurdles to the result sixty games. Generally go we are served up by Perkins restaurant and bakery easy can chime in on that via FaceBook and Twitter. Also our Twitter Tuesday question coming up and for those of you that low. Will try to reward you today with some free food at Perkins we'll have that coming up next check and went there we are served up by Perkins. One of my seven FM the fan 1250 on the AM. Jacket white glare from the Brian Stratton college athletics studios that John Diamond Bar where served up by virtue and where does the Tuesday which means skin deep freeze tonight. After 4 o'clock Tuesdays and Saturdays kid needs. Free get an adult male and any of the kids meal at no cost and again is Tuesday's. As well Saturdays after 4 o'clock. At Perkins he can check out there savory suffers skill exit tonight yeah it might have a skillet for breakfast how about. For dinner the all new steak and pepper skillet to kick game chicken tortilla. The everything the big country. And more only. At Perkins he do it Tony dollars to Perkins and. You via our Twitter Tuesday questioned. Tweet us at 1057 FM the Fannie is a hash takes CW lunch which Olympic event do you like to watch the most. Which Winter Olympic event do you like to watch. The least. Frames I know that I think when I say the least you could maybe say all of them. Are you tell me yesterday are now watching I am after the Olympic eye is not. Gap in the Olympics yet so far. And that's unlikely because I usually have watched a lot of it bombed the hockey. Yeah I do like the fact that the United States go back to via. Damages blank. In particular pros out of but I think that I mean it but you know I states amateur shot. And winning gold. But dumb like I did I do like dead aspect of it but mom and I wish they offer basketball. Was the same way. We know we have the greatest players of the world here. Ian in in basketball but I'd I'd I would might seem Kalish game. College players all of college game today is not what once was refused to give away of pre callous players on an Olympic basketball team. Com sort sit at the sport like watching you know the sub. The snowboarding I think it's pretty cool. That's interesting because that's my least favorite to watch I just think the personalities there. Yeah the different there's great personalities I think with snowboarding. For whatever reason and I know I'm like of the millennial age and just just outside the very when he was torrent. Yeah I just I don't get into and I I don't know why just especially when they're on the the halftime these up around in spin and now. I don't like sports that are. That are judged and that's one of the sports that are judged. And I don't figure skating is a sports that the ads judged diving in the Summer Olympics that's judged. You get scored. I'd like to to be a clear way to. Tell winner either the most points or the fastest time so I do tend to stay away from sports that better. Reliant on judge Blake. Ice dancing. When you're reliant on judges. And who's to say band might get some proposals judges there Honda take. Maybe some of them bias toward other countries and are told to not score them well. Even if you're completely clean and your from let's say Norway as a judge and the person dancing is a Norwegian. How do you not smooth and give them jerk a little bit of a bald because they're from NORAD Adam I don't do that. Otherwise you make and I don't want to look too obvious I'm gonna take points away. We've seen appealed assault and also in our minority Tutsi Sweden. And all sudden you know this this duel was out there. Now Swedish judge gives them a high ranking of all the other two and it's like Jesus of course. All Americans on the panel know get a fair call. Don treats instead my favorite so far has been curling. Although watching the young Americans woke up on the half pipe was incredible the event that makes me change the channel is actually hockey. IC hockey all the time in the Olympics I wanna watch sports that aren't normally. On my TV. So will discuss. More of that throughout the show it is your Twitter Tuesday questioned today. Which sport in the Winter Olympics do you like watching the most. Which sport do you like watching the least. Tweet us at 1057 FM the fan with a hash takes CW lunch and you can when Tony dollars to Perkins. For participating on personal win at Rand I like speeds giving. Especially the short track OK I love them but then the other date have you ever seen the replays for that's. Yeah there are hard to figure out ball once you're once you do at first that he sent TV your watching its short tracks speed skating realize. You like this makes no sense but once it clicks in your brain like seeing one of those three wall images once it clicks in your brain it's fascinating. We're watching that little bit on Saturday. It is the power of these people. Com am. Just that you don't that is always been Wisconsin speed skaters tonight just that the law competition. You know live of the of the distance skaters from the United States very weak field this year. Very very weak and try to not find that out in my Olympic region as cherry very weak but it is good to know yet fully trained here. Over at the F that I serenade of the you know the world championships here but not that distance is not very you know not good there's nobody from Wisconsin things involved witness to. Does that 1057 FM the fan is the hash takes CW lines had a lot of people. Tweeting last night voting in our poll who's the best buck ever Wear number 34 up to this point. So don't worry about what got us is gonna do in the future has he already surpassed the career not just Ray Allen and bought solitary comics DC about TC. Will do the tale of the tape. It might be a lot closer than you think that coming up and you could chime in 4147991250. And don't forget 835 today. Detected a GM of the box John horse joins us at 835. Ray Allen. Borealis. Org team GC. Would setter you allowed 414799. Both fifth but.