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Tuesday, November 14th
Chuck and Winkler 6am Hour - Chuck and Bart talked about the Packers looking ahead to the Ravens, the Bucks win over the Grizzlies, and where the Badgers will fall in the CFP rankings.

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I know chuck can we blurred. Lie is a from the brilliant didn't strike me colleague just letting studio. On sports Radio One 057 against them. Or 30105 set then FM the fan exec Freeman I'm borrowing blurt. Does that tell you some friends play out yet do it. You. Gone. Get a job review gimmick and that may not age do you bread you can you can drop your one I'd like yours you like my and you never do it. I don't do it because you do it because stole from. Let us and stuff doing while that's fine I feel bad about that that's that's fine. Do. You race. We take advantage really wanna I don't wanna that would be like me steals your you don't speak this Jacqui voice that you acknowledge the idea robot as if they do birdies and talk when. Yeah you do that out the doll I don't know and now can you just take good morning that no no no no but what happens yeah gotta root for me now I get on the air first on the one that's as high rate. Yes so I talk first dude yes a water homilies bulls say. The morgue thing would you battery. When he cracked my first maybe I won't crack might. Well we didn't have and then you say. Mark and larger this morning everybody double leg of a you bull. Now alright arm luster guilty today right shenanigans aside who love the off not only. With football. The box last night college missile starting up. The baseball winner and a baseball when army report coming up a couple of weeks there's a GM meeting the GOP senate had a kick starts Abacha trades. And in his lot of rumors that are coming down there and all that them all work certain players are gonna end up in with the brewers might be after. And out of the game lies at the box game last night a lot of the talk your talk in the media. In the media room last night a ball out about the brewers and what what they can possibly do in the off season. And I think you lot of guys are in agreement in the media that. Arms to go after. RJ teary four years in a hundred million. Would be just if third the books or are the box supporters aren't they are yet worry should be spending their title money especially meat cheese Gerri yeah. We five million a year. So let's go throw money at my dad but it shouldn't be the brewers. It would seem. To me that and a signing would seem like when the box a couple of years ago were feeling good. And then they went and signed. You know all these guys for an eleven million new it's a lot of its contract this is he red nosed over catcher but this is what this is 25 million well. I. Cannot I don't like it to make him the highest paid the world's all time I'm not or that Al Estes. Knoll. Now they're not there yet I'm idle starting pitching is a premium Amanda does appreciate pay for that. Man I just I just don't Syrians are at this stage of his career being that type of guy. This is one of the reasons why I wanted them to trade for a picture. In July. Because the free agent contracts. You know and the market. Is not you know as good as it's historically bad in different years so you if you want him. Top of the line guy here at the pay 45 million per for Jake Ariana who has had a really nice career. And I mean he won the Cy Young two years ago I is an all star last year and twice sixteen I should say. Or seventeen a little down for him but he's an east thirty wanna I wanna guy that's a little younger. If that makes cents and guys don't wanna win have you seen the brewers throw money at up pitcher. Asked the age of thirty and it's worked out. All yeah exactly this means missed them 25 million. The Sarah ready Jake Syriana we wanna make you the highest paid Milwaukee brew of all time it doesn't seem like this all turns things are reasonable doesn't either so where were these rumors come in from. That he's down their look. For some pitching and you know this offseason. And he could be that guy now I mean eight. You know the yankees' other Dodgers. Toronto made the angels Texas a few other teams. But when you're hearing for your your hundred or five years were hard to thirty million we have been all backed away that's not that's not abortion be doing. A public this would you rather have the brewers sign a free agent. Like Jerry Jake area at a for for for a hundred so big free agent sign him or would you rather have them. Trade for somebody getting rid of prospects. Including as up to. A guy like Domingo Santana would you rather see them deal guys or pay the money. Arm well I I I'm OK with it second tier starting pitcher right now the free agent market. I mean I wouldn't go ought NP. This kind of money for 32 year old Ariana. And I don't want to give away prospects just yet and I would maybe at the trade deal and if you're there. But I I there's going to be some guys in their secondary market that would be worth paying. That type of month not that type of money but you know less than that type of money. I did I not in not a big picture I don't wanna see. We talked a little yesterday about. If you do traded Domingo Santana or casting here or Luis Ortiz or some of these names that. You are so reluctant to trade. And I can Trace airline mr. Roberts are reluctant to trade in July. While the senate would you trade him now could we do this we week that we give to the see how the season goes and then maybe at the trading deadline. Mean but then who who is your rotation and a beard down Jimmy Nelson. I am I believe. That haters and sustainable plan sounds like him so then what's your rotation and mean you need another. Year another guy. The out you know later saying maybe here's a guy out there. I think Kansas City and try to remember his name offhand freeagent. But I mean Darvish and our area are two guys who should not go after. Without without missed a nation go after you one of those guys and try to think of death in Kansas City board. Names appeasement is now. But he's really picture yet he's a secondary gives the dusty. I don't know of the idea could be Duffy you know any Duffy yeah on the Atlantis landed. That's going to be there he won he's a free agent pitcher now. And I added I'm not not. UC Davis and what well did you know bull cars and you know I would meet. You know them to get on a bullpen guy too and again the user spends money on but even another look any TV guide to set up. Enable. Wouldn't and it it whether it's. You know what they have right now or off maybe Bergen over army hero billion each having nine that would be the worst in the world but. God I just think you were gonna see this an act of things going on and Regis did legalities and I think about. Number you forget about the Amy Duffy yeah I had not. Now all five years fifty million as all being done for any Duffy. Now you know premier would be was under five are westerns of good ERA. But he's looking to give five year sixty million how old is he he's been a guy that's they've been waiting for for awhile he's like thirty wanna I wanna say let me rattle off some free agent pitchers career. A CC of course is who brought him back. No they eat Peterson could catch up there yet to with needs some good overpay for him there are two million but somebody's got some good cash. All right since we're on this Agudio starting this is from sports track while website dead. Does contracts and they also put their market value how much they think they should make a year off these were twenty he's on he's twenty. Okay well I mean so CC sabathia date thinking get for twelve main theater OK and Jeremy italics then. Or sixteen. He was an expiring deal that we thought the brewers might go after is a rental last year and Abel Sanchez. John Lackey. Held now and no Jake area is gonna cost you about Tony five per John MacKey we just got really him do we in the name of Matt Garza yes. Matt Garza is a free agent call balled over men as cell Ricky the last go. Chris Hillman he did look at that Yu Darvish is gonna Kaiser about Tony to me now. Cashner. After sans the IRA Dicky Lyons land sea for trading. Trading for the coming Garcia Michael Pineda. Trading for gadgetry divine. We've we are active seized during has been active at the trading deadline. And maybe trying to trade for somebody but not me offseason. One of the names that floats around a lot. Is Alex Cobb beyond the low against Tampa Bay he might constant 171819. Or use their purse continues you'll put him to. This is why lauded. You stick their name. What are just two guys you said you like no I'm the big airline. Com what I couldn't stop talking about try to which one wasn't so I need your own son Gregory van. In China. It would touch amounted to a bowl things are thrown out there that's for you wrote on a sunny day. So anyway baseball dead dozens are remained married at the general manager meetings are going on and we'll see if any ground workers laid this week. I'm getting a little nervous because. They did this a lot of bills show yesterday. Just highlighting. How good this state is added the last even four days. You know wind Scott since coming back will ya thank the Packers and badgers basketball. That you know we're talking metal that a couple of weeks ago Paul this is kind of a high time for sports again. But right now all of our teams at least for a four day stretch. Are winning and it's so rare and then you have the box winning three in a row you throw Matt any zip. Into this puzzle they'll wave of the admirals. I badgers soccer. UW is upset last night over Iowa State yeah so in in the problem is to me. I remember when it was the wind stands in mons drop back and Tony eleven. Now when things are going very well and all went to held in my book two weeks right when there's these like four day stretch since. Where everybody's winning you have to look well what do we really wine beer bad bears teams now and you know the Bucs are just it's November irk. You kinda starts. You as soon as we start winning. I'm like OK there's no matter what we said OK I'm very yeah of course I'm not going to the next game thinking at a table and I thank him now this is going to be a trainer while that. The way we're trained you're a student athlete usually at its. As the way usually ends but dom the book's gonna win last night did their three you know since the Bledsoe traded. That's a defense storm last night and in the fourth quarter when I look like. Yeah Evans was gonna lead Memphis to the promised land. And the bar through to the win three in a row now and impeding a Western Conference team to. Well talk funny about that today it is a box Tuesday. Steve Novak will join us now with fox sports Wisconsin. 735. They'll join us. For a bucks Tuesday also talked to Gary willful today. At eight money and hear from the guys inside that locker room throughout the show. Zillion bucks Tuesday a highlighted by Steve Novak. At 7:35 this morning also more Packers negated due today where there are Nagel are Packers and is that comment nine. Botox in college football playoff predictions coming out later as why I feel we see Steve Novak. I feel like estimates from you Marquette Tuesday. Zednik. But he's Steve doled out carrier market. I think of the New York Knicks do you and I think it's caveat don't take two's I think of Bala you know that final fourteen in 2003 with Novak. I honestly when I think of Steve Novak I think that was on your tail and based on the the particular box. I see your muscle to be less then I think he is itching to get out there. Well when he does his pregame. He's sitting out one of those director's chairs on the or out and do the pregame. For box live and the guys in the lay up line at the same time and they come over and bag. Much of the you know government I feel he feels like is here and stuff that he's like a heartbeat away from getting back to minute on I mean it may be up. Less about that now if he's truly done. They'll say is but it will staying on works 735 or talked to Steve Novak we'll talk more on that Bucs game big win. Including from an unlikely hero. They get some fourth core health. From jayhawk. Type box next checkpoint on the. It's a girl Harlow or. Take this child is itself but I thought it was a great quarterback. And that where he thought he was opening on the Sharpton and also find making plays are used in the past that they do a great job tonight. Head coach Jason Kidd called courtesy fox sports Wisconsin. Structure Lechler from the Bryant Stratton college athletics studio's box. With a 110103. Victory. Things are looking good for the box and in the grizzlies started to pull away they brought the starters back in. And the Bucs took over from there including a very impressive night. From John Henson who finishes with seventeen points once hey let's give them another odd contract extension. Followed that Hubbell yeah. Our attitude problem that he had a couple good games and a box bulls' playoff series a few years ago that earned him a big contract extension into your game last night paid a match. Alternately there at the solve the center spot. Because. They are they have two guys at the center spot right now. Who yes of a bigger physical team the boxer has problems. Yeah I thought bond played well last night's rallies as well stretch it out of the season and of course Henson had a great fourth quarter. Seventeen points eight boards in total. But yet they you're gonna need it he got to solve that and I know they gave a great Munro to get Bledsoe. Has been just terrific. But at some point they are going to need. Another guy because of why you want it down there yet to push of people round and they don't have that and as Don plus and then. The size of one answer. Yeah outside Drummond at the bush combined or Jordan in a vote vote the way you know Don is both those guys are. Sports. You know senator being advised by the power of sports really John Henson doesn't have the body of much of a senator. Our shores you do a few things in play. I just look at him as ago about a ten minute dying anyway. I don't look at him as the guy who makes me extended may or you want him replaced in minutes. All their gives him energy block a couple of shots play some defense. Possible few times of tickets. Judy Korea with the basketball. When he gets down ball no you don't wanna see that your seventeen points last night around the hoop. Less than it was good John Henson offensively. Enforcement are we don't see that that's just not him. What are your that you're ten minute guys averaged 46 minutes. It's too in the month of November sonar in and emits a business on a necessity because they don't have an organic. So he's gonna have continued to. I'm all laud those kind of minutes because they don't know of a true. Center at this point but they had to go against and me and MB physically to beat him up he was eating up the lakers last ounce on his video. Now all of that the yet Israeli DI entry jordin here and I's stunt or he stared down Blake Griffin. And John bead is is the real deal he's not he moved to Philadelphia if he just continues to stay healthy board he is going to be sought the special. Very on both ends of the court do out very good but the box. Hey I mean give them credit. They had a four game losing streak but now we are kind of in. Not panic mode but definitely wondering what houses team and get better while they made a trade we can go today they went on got Eric Bledsoe. Who has completely changed. At least from my eyes reams. The intensity of this team the kind of make up on this team. He's just changed the whole sort of hold sure which they just seems like they're trying moron colleges it seems like Bledsoe is arrival his. Really changed the makeup of that team does and on the defensive end to arm which I think he's he he's ruled today. In our tees are enormous tree was and also you I were doing out on a Tuesday after a packer game and yup sparked heated in here what is the post game show. Our and he was he was like dead against the trade news or business and MIT's. What's wrong with this and he is like the only guy when who did against the it's been good so far he was concerned about bench scoring and you're getting that with Malcolm bribed and Malcolm Rogers has been able to move to the bench knows is a guy who wins rookie of the years comforting guidance about himself as a starting point guard in the NBA. And he's got to go to the bench but this. This when you make broad in your second point guard which. Then bonds Delhi back to your third point guard. Mean Delhi is a third point guard is it's a good third put your dad now offered 109 dollars by Delhi's are great third point guard to have. He can come out there for ten minutes. And do you like him to do and that's to be. There's an article that CI obsolete but what do you both those guys will be done match. Lucky and the barks a lucky to get two guys that are because it's not personal sports are guy loses spot. And I went supply and those guys are we complaining rug is such a good teammate. And such a broad there. That was rookie of the year way this year and to lose his name is the spot starting lineup. Many guys around league which just be bitching up a storm that not brought them. Only nineteen for him last night minutes wise when he could've been somebody that the suns one of done the deal without luckily. The suns really had no leverage in that and the Bucs are able to just flip and expiring deal and and some X with some conditions this trade. As it worked out great now I know there's knee injury history with Bledsoe and there was a question whether he would play last night and they're negative and I seen so far as it keeps trying to force the three ball did hit one last night long but other I mean he has. He is Ben just a huge difference for this team and the thing that blows me away. And you probably saw last night to. The way he's lockstep with the obvious these two guys. Dude it does not seem like they've only played three games together in their career. No no no no not at all I mean guys of the MB all know each other. But to actually get on the court and and make a few things happily those two guys are yeah it's come to your quickly and that's that's great. That's fantastic and you know there these are going well for the bucks right now I mean their remote holes out Memphis and when their third and roll. Got to Detroit team here tomorrow night the markets are just honor roll you know the rates are. They showed standings last night on the broadcast and I haven't really you know on that earlier this easy you know proves them as much. And size got a surprise they did zone but then I cited Detroit. Eight at ten in three ya it's known and well you know I agree drama is off to a pretty good start. Ought to bias terrorist has been hit threes. It's an old friend advised there initially looked like. Win. Van Gundy got their job I thought man did they give him too much there because he's in charge of the whole operation. He's in charge of the whole lamp as to maybe Stan van going to be. But he is you know he's damaged our skis got things going and right motion there. And the pistons are doing well this is there also rates are why are better starts and in recent years and you know about the other team who. Always affected done you know the top four teams in the east we account on the trip beaten her but not you gotta cal look at the start that they. Chart waiting current and being in a tab eight. Double look at him in to ease the look of their their winning games and announce early mere. But it's their best start in a long long time. I'd I didn't think Bledsoe goal last night's I wonder from going bad I think that they have. It worked him pretty hard. And he's got here and he's been a little tired are you know the reason that these three games have been so different. Is his little connection with which the Imus and this is yeah on a Saturday night. I after the game media at talk to Yana says they did last night by. Genesis describes how much easy don't party keeps using easy much easier it is to play when Bledsoe publicis east. You know. I've done I have to like fight that you can't make plays tomorrow. Are multiple. When no one minute feel like I need the book didn't get the ball back. So he's just discloses these phone doesn't include. Just makes plays and help others get voted sit designated mothers for me MEU is doing every hurt him by himself well you know how we always late. We. We convey sports in the room. I girl relationships. All I love that yeah RB two. I actually don't I love. OK because we you that you use the analogy and I cringe every time OK but on this case is slightly meet their chick in used American chemistry with you know. And sometimes you bite bureau and it's like elect him to polar opposites. Slate. Need to teller. This is the way to get therein shall take her own way and it's like dances. Or vice Versa it's just not not there but it seems like these two. No chemistry was there at first sight. Between Hyannis. And or Bledsoe. Yeah it's been great and the way they yadda says it's easy amuses me is if you did you can sense. This sort of relief. That he has that he doesn't have to be the playmaker. On every sure single play well sometimes teams make trades. And every player rim and can be ruled good but it just somehow. Doesn't fit the rest of parts and the team. And it's a mess but this one so far course winning cures a lot of things but you know they der der. There going well there on the court and the other guys who've had to take a step back to their point guard duties. If you go late dole though delude dole luck and specially. With the rookie of the year every night it you know go on and eventually getting ninety minutes last night. Ogden that's I mean he's taken a big bullet there and you live. Aux another home game on Wednesday and then there on the road Saturday. And Dallas could crowd last night I was the cries to host this little sparse but energetic. In the fourth quarter wells author list night in just the the Monday night and your doctor to get the greatest browse when I thought OK and there was a few empty seats there. But you know begin Mets lose like for Monday night on for a abort Eckstein had done you know has won a playoff series in sixteen years. Hey I've been very impressive the crowds so far and aid even if it was a sellout with the game going to Saturday but even if not. They've been very energetic young and that that that's really all I ask where that's all I ask where in the pennant race of the brewers. It was about 151000 people there but it was all it was light. It was like you're going there against your will be energetic and basketball's different than baseball. There wasn't a but it wasn't until the fourth quarter dislike the MBA well and Syria and Libya was with him the fourth quarter of no there was some new people or to the media as much out cause he can take orders on two and three then they cut us sales and any chair both teams have figured dancing with each other in the first half. I was going through the motions in Eugene is accused settles like fish who saw the shoot around. Were just. Casual for him now while led that is the one glaring problem with the NBA. Even from a NBA homer like me but I can animates them these first half's are that are worth and I will be a levee MBA too. I love it and love basketball. Blocked you know sometimes the MBAs have said its first averages rule watched by. Did you the second half and especially the fourth quarter and we are ball game here. It's a box Tuesday we'll talk to Steve Novak 7:35. Here this morning. Gary willful are walking basketball insider joins us at 820 more bucks coming up in our trends and some packer discussion as well as the injuries continue. A pile up. Stop me if you've heard that of sports chuck why we're here on the pants. Now from the Brian Stratton college athletics studio. This is chuck can wing pillars three brands brought Jill Biden got. Deputy Adam deputy can help you buy your next home because he gets deals done that others can't go to Adam's deputy dot com. It's. Like we're here on the fans served up by her guests as you heard in the out from all drowning. I'm a big show today David Bakhtiar in for 35. Excited to hear that one today aside some of the pose locker room video at the Packers and backs Gary gave a little speech and the last thing he said it was. Just shouting out a few guys did a good game he said Brad. You just keep being Brett and the team rallied around in its guys they'd say it's really got to me I can't understand how good it is this team. Knows what it's like now to feel what a win is like. Whitbread only under center yeah I. I think there the last of playoff spot ray nauert they're tied for last playoff spot though there it's a mess and all I thought after last night and now last night was a bad result. I don't they I can't leaders until they drop down to six. No there because the Panthers are seven and three. And then. The Seahawks are 64. Six and there's something so see outs in the sixth. And in the polio drops daughter okayed the pad now the cowboys Atlanta they're all around five and four year household the council does have enough. Okay Islam watch teams knocking on the door so what happened last night is that. These two wildcard spots and that's it your place for yes one of them got a lot tougher to attain Cody grant their producer. In studio with the trends with something I think related to what we're talking about Cody. Yet talking about those playoffs right now the Packers were nappy ended a season ended today. Some nine games through that means or seven games left the Packers are five inch or how many wins do you think they needed to make the playoffs and is that attainable. We'll tell is always the match. Number. You know if you attempt. Ten wins so I title this year Lindy Infante. And I'm wasn't good enough enough when they were intense there PM 99 out now what's the fight with the Monday Night Football. And coach of the year day here I believe was CF but and 99 and they went. The Cincinnati with Boomer Esiason. Had to go to Minnesota on Monday Night Football on Christmas Day night. And everybody went home that night to watch the Christmas Day night monitor football because of Cincinnati won at Minnesota Packers or go to the playoffs for the first time in awhile and maybe win a division title bar reversed Pamela while. And Minnesota just kept on kicking field goals left and right may eventually the small law make crushed Cincinnati. They might need ten again this year if they don't win the north so again the we talk about this alight yesterday but these next four games from Minnesota very tough love and for the Packers not so much. So hopefully I think best case scenario. If you wean. You got to win three year next four. Five of the six teams are no more qualified work by cats and a playoff race of Milan Italy seven games so far yet that's its top that's why last so maybe ten might not even do it. I know all the wanna see right now is so much better AA record wise in top heavy to at least. In the AFC Packers would be in the playoffs than they are in the AFC the maybe sixty but not now our boy AV. You've succeeded thus Seattle Seahawks are six and three. Maybe that's your best avenues now and again and and of course of the Packers tie with Seattle did of the tiebreaker who beat him earlier this year. Dallas' they're titled Dell streak now five import in the tiebreaker republics to I think you're in need to weather even if you're trying to win the north or get in as a wildcard. I think you're gonna need. And in need and you know you get some wins against three of the next four would be really nice you're gonna need tan you know Cody. Yeah. On to. College football with the Wisconsin Badgers. ELD cal football playoff rankings do come out later on today let's just say. Badgers go undefeated they'd make it out of football playoffs giving outs corner brook can do enough offensively to beat those elite teams. Geez. Can he can limit his mistakes that's the problem. I mean those mistakes are just fumbles all parents the sideline passes that's worries dispute himself in the big time trouble. And Bart I just. I weeded out after that first one that pick six on a set it's like man he just doesn't aren't. Those are all better receive close holes balls off there and you could see it coming from a mile away as defensive back safety step it up to make him quite. Now there's been some turnover problems and out sort of bread that's not a secret to. Anybody there coming early in games. One of the reasons for that is. The badgers. Have been able to. And a pull away at the end of these games so if he does make eternal related that in a matter of earning up to three scores. They've been very good at being able to. We in in spite of the turnovers and I'm not just talking about Arnie broke the whereabouts of the fumbles from Jonathan Taylor I don't. Although a deal's been made about Taylor you know he's a Heisman candidate you hear all that but man net cash fumbles a lot I mean one of the perks you hear what is next what. Like Taylor sure cost of the ball held a lot else you know. If it's covered up like what times gossip Walt recovered fumble man. Hold on the football. Without their defense says and the resiliency of the offense the event. You can you can beat some of these Big Ten opponent like I think you can turn the ball over three times against Michigan and still win all thought she's not a role. I mean it depends. We turned the ball four times against San array and still won handily that's tough. And it's not it's it's tough to turn or four times and still win going away but it your play like Alabama. Or even the turn over defense to turn over chain of Miami's. And you're playing a game in order Brooke throws a pick six in the first five minutes that game's over yet this but this game when Michigan. Baltic Michigan lightly. To rescind the show dole sleep on them bomb there on a roll. The arm big time role since may go slower start. And the rate in two. And they're coming in here with tar ball and they have visions of just preening on the badger parade. Well I about where the badgers could fall tonight in the playoffs and if their pets got a little easier this in about six minutes. Here on the fan Cody. We've got two bucks basketball they got their third win in a row last night defense that first app was atrocious though 65 points second. I have a lot better head coach Jason Kidd. You know we did the last two games we've taken our eye on the defensive end and I thought in the second half. We focused on the defense of and a lot of good things happened. You know it seems like the author stretches of defensively where they played like a top five defense and there's other times they look at the Washington generals out there. What do you think the problems are when they go to those as precious. Laziness. Is offensively he can be often make the defense should always be there. A so I always say roads. I like Dallas can always says energy and effort right up energy and effort defense should always be there they just look like they're trying more awards Bledsoe. They just look like they're trying more these last three games there was roses put up there in that first half. Don't look like a layup line in 26 and storing it now one of the worst shooting teams offensively and numerous distractions that. Third our second quarter to put up 36 points of the second quarter. Prisons that in five minutes if Brittany she was shooting seven of eight from the field and the rotation was bad enough points in the paint and they picked their only give them down the stretch. The grizzlies from throat in the ocean. By early on made a myriad of shots from all over the gym and a third quarters empty in the books in the one way in the fourth quarter but on the other defense is gonna get better too but early this season. I'm just happy that wants six of they've won three grow your partner cannot score five on a marked. And I am too I thought I was gonna be late this morning because I stayed up a little late last night you know housing go to bed and then I got an alert on my phone. I might consider an accountant because. It's set up so when people alive I get an update now yes it was live audience to it and so I watched it and it was just and I think with his family made his girlfriend singer missiles something. Up an audible alarm went off on the phone. Abu an audible on me ill you know what no no at all not audible not sound I've always staring at my phone also I cellular okay cash app. But I opened day and it was the honest driving home. And I watched him for like twenty minutes. He was driving home. Today is driving home he was he was actually driving driving here is driving the car and he's doing and his program well he's either set the phone on the front power gave it to. One of their life for other people in this car OK I think maybe your brother. I don't know if people were in the car wasn't teammates are also pretty good start by the way Dayton peace. He's got like four Brothers and her brother candidate candidate who's your two runs in their older than. As I just watched him some of the songs are like if pop some of the songs work. Straight from dead. Greece charts. Now sit and watch it there was that mean there's nothing compelling about it I just now watched Janice drive home listening to music. With badly last night to. Get all of the dealers couldn't who falsely. I yourself hyped up on he adrenaline you're not as effective from doing something giving worker whatever for me at least it's just tough stuff. Though the falsely front I just can't just go to bed. And it's dry cough medicine comes in frames. Here now and I can't I they'll only do and had some knockouts saw I'm only doing that check in white where we are served up by Perkins powerball here wishing you argue it. Mean. Africans today kids eat free after 4 o'clock kids eat free Africans on Saturdays and Tuesday is so Saturday and also today. So you can look forward to Saturday or you could do it. Today greatly a great way to break up the week a little bit had to Perkins. After 4 o'clock in an adult male and adult entree any country whether it's up the great whites menu and new butcher's best menu a lot of meat savory items there. But after 4 o'clock. You're able to score yourself. A free kids meal tomorrow is a buy one get one Wednesday so sign up for their. That counts these deals are good at Perkins they're out the Milwaukee. Area kids eat free today. After four. Four and be a good number for the badgers will they get into the top four. Off the college football playoffs will discuss next. Is your chance to win twenty dollars to Perkins coming up. In about ten minutes as we take a look at the NF. Chances that. Playing in January 8 spots Tuesday today Steve Novak joins us. At 735. And I'm excited for about 607608. Six or nine tonight that's normal Knoll where Wisconsin is in the top 25 for the college football. Playoff. You can check out online at 1057 and from the fan dot com radio Jo baby Tauscher myself a little podcast yesterday talking about this bad. Team in trying to figure out where they'd be rink tonight hi Judy fetch you all got it was a meant to be. What a dead trio destined atop badgers a couch bidding together. Scholl and you ask what those like three different time slots there about people. Where are dedicated to the craft your defense were to death I've that'll come to be. As we just knew. OK we just kind of polls showed up and just like tonight studio and we went OK just like chemistry between Bledsoe and Yana CBS camera team all the other. I've always thought that I was the yeah honest and Joseph as the airplane it's OK I shrink. Baby eats now or she is. DJ he's about DJ. The Bucs DIC a Baghdad it spins the ones and twos at the game so what was the gist of the composition and well we figured out where we think the badgers who will probably fall tonight. Where do you think they'll fall table we came I think they'll be fifth. When it's also done the key if the we're on the table go unbeaten I think they'll give him the right now I think door or fifth the Notre Dame loss was huge and for the badgers I think week. We decided B Alabama outline. Miami and Oklahoma. Two or three not sure the final order probably Miami at two and then Clemson at four badgers at five. Joseph is a little worried this weekend and we talked about this on the podcast that Auburn. Could top Wisconsin. Auburn has to be better than Georgia we would think because Auburn beat Georgia. I don't know if they'll push it to las team over an undefeated Wisconsin right now that I win against Iowa. Was I think more appealing then were realizing they held the clock as a 66 yards off. May be dumb handle eaten despite to pick sixes. Or Iowa I would expect the measures that come in at five and then you look at the teams in front of them amonte. Are right. Miami and clients that are gonna have to play each other most likely ACC championship Oklahoma stuff that's a tough sledding. So yet now we're at a point where if the badgers go undefeated. And don't gain. I just don't see that happening anymore now the question is can they go undefeated. Yeah do you think they can give him with a W there you thought they can get a 13 the big unbeaten if they go unbeaten now you know. Because of what's happened now there's a there's a few funky scenarios that could still keep the mountain if they fall in love with the SEC. And if the Auburn Georgia Alabama thing is a mass and if Clemson beats Miami in the ACC championship. And only five bio like a point or two or three. They're and they like all Byrd and but I really think that it's down to seventeen spam on Miami Oklahoma Clemson Wisconsin Auburn and Georgia what does happen. Here are hub badger fan missiles and a team when they are ninth two weeks ago but. And as always happens college football things happen and there's upsets and the last two Saturdays or have been. There's two more Saturday is endemic conference championship games the week so basically three weeks of college football highly competitive cal football left. This is gonna shake out and I think Wisconsin is going to get in there you're going that you you know the last two weeks have been great with although. The the upsets and all that I think received more Rick coming down the stretch here. Hopefully Wisconsin not won a bomb he was Katz is gonna get embark IP tonight they'll beat that they'll be on the number five coming yen. I'm gonna say it's gonna be Alabama. Local all law Miami Clemson the argument against Oklahoma if your badger fans you can say Oklahoma. Lost Iowa State at home Iowa State lost Iowa law. Majesty dialogue now if you look at the eye test on the badgers got their defense is fantastic. But will the committee look at and say boy that he'd just heard the boy makes so many mistakes on offense. They make so many mistakes on offense I just can't put them into the playoff Ares I must say Meebo well the committee to say. Geez they can state that fort turnover of one when you wanna see that defense go up against an Alabama want to say or Miami I had to save two to look at the big picture are complete football team. Which you like to think could top fourteen was pleased football team that's the only thing that's missing. The mistakes made from the quarterback spot. And their Heisman candidate running back Jonathan Taylor keeps fumbling the football. I did nothing is for certain because it's a committee then and you don't know how humans are going to decide things but I think now if we have the badgers do go undefeated. There I think that that looks pretty clear trying to explain this my girlfriend. Shannon the other day about the whole committee thank. As a fellow committee decides. And so are we can you win your conference and not get him. And air yet the best. It's harder expert explain it's artists where a lot of sport and I related to the NCAA tournament that there is video you can ever us when he went season and maybe. Not given that he a silly gospels are. Explain to somebody right now off the street the rules of football. You OB still having that conversation. Two weeks around just explain the differences between kickoff returns and punt returns. GAAP as far as our swords are hard to explain they are.