6am - Sparky at Ikea, Brew Crew Review, Thoughts on Power Rankings

Chuck & Winkler
Wednesday, May 16th
Chuck and Winkler 6am Hour - Chuck and Bart checked in with Sparky at Ikea. They discussed the Brewers loss to the Diamondbacks and shared their thoughts on power rankings.

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No show and we blurred. Blue line is from a brilliant didn't strike me colleague just letting studio. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. I'm borrowing for this is shot and wait learn lots to get into today the brewers. Fall to one another late one last night. The cavs go down over two we'll talk about that would bill writer and the NBA playoffs as a whole at 750 but there's a huge story. In Milwaukee still frames I've what the surprise guest here this morning to church it's burning not the church that burning. Not the bus that crashed. I Kia is opening today Paul he and there's be there's people in line. Already and one of those is our own Steve Sparky fight Verney joins us. On the agreement West Bank outline I Steve. Good morning gentlemen. Well I'm currently outstanding line with our guy Andy Murray a space here does dark. According Sparky accord are aka. While it didn't hear yeah I they are. Now that he people in or so. We're standing in line on each stage were the bandits white it'll light. Air there's a band that while so why you are sorely. That then you're sort itself but it stopped at a couple and while we got our while we're talking. And that's why all he almost at the front of the building all ready. And there have bump watch what you the first thousand people today to get away like 250 dollar gift card every birdie that. My can be I want a clear this is not a radio promotion Steve what is God's own time okay you are you as you do in life brought Romano your dollar well this there are these Anderson bright spirit that I didn't wanna Dahlia. The area around his own time. And I thought it was funny. Got here at. 4:15 this morning. We pulled up they were not a par five so you cannot park on that I've read that brought. That beat it thanks yeah I get the other way or another wax. So you're already like. Now forty cars are so up front about what probably pulled up on the side street art and other cars. About 500 by their luck at all they had and it didn't hear they keep grounded. Brit fan auto. A reprise your way to get crowded Edgar yet family member art. Card giveaways throughout the day as well on our big. Get cardboard pop art art the art a work it out our Jakarta. I love IKEA and sells it will be charging a key for the so little endorsement I these I guys this big shows docking yesterday about what you stand in line four for a long time and and Sparky. Is it an IKEA today it opens all the news stations are they're covering it I think inside your head on TV. Albert. You can hear that my picture up at 4 in the morning to go there aidid's side I can't comprehend this. I'd I'd been it'll actually an art it's cold why. But now all you could pick all Italian brand. And I bought the radio station why not give up its app that he got somebody. Not only a week ago batter that Blackberry did it live with people like every member of that video area. Already that had thought otter I don't buy out yet I'm autumn when you want you back lap Saturday. I bought up last Saturday to dot I really are legal side. I did hear that tribe would describe what brought you eight I'm being what today yeah we see those people all right tell a bit on day. Well at 9 o'clock or beat you get loaded up my current law hall. All right we'll let nobody think changes out there but I mean I know there's a lot of traffic out there and they're they're trying to divert traffic everywhere who's the Mets a mess. And is used that. Not a bad by Iowa and agreed to be you like I thought that the Canadian way to orbit electorate. Our spot the belt or a parking lot. I am not I don't know yet but yeah. Although they are hot here are going to be up there on stage why a we're gonna beat me out here which it that are there. Critical leather chairs the air they're like it brought a cooler and boom will hold real. Arm amp. Steve Sparky fibers out at IKEA idyllic he has been out to be outside and you know what's he gonna restore. I mean it's as furniture there's meatballs. Okay you can buy food all right for him this is the top story Milwaukee today called game. Now. Did did to me at a store opening up. It doesn't dumb. You know it's like. Wind. With the dawn a place that opened up down the street back to melt the cheese in the late nineties to early two thousands. There was a big crease and Matsu I mean some these stores open up at the big deal right away. But I don't get it. Why are people Steny has the stores eventually and I mean at night he had the big deal. OK it's only a 481 in the country. So there's none in Wisconsin. Knoll wow this is the first on the eve formerly had to go down to Illinois and cared and so they don't open telling 9 o'clock today. But Sparky is fair and he's been there since 415. One at the Sally your time off for fifty wait on line store. I'm way to like forgive tickets before a concert tickets. But not to get to the store well that's what he's doing now it to IKEA is is aria speedway and it's it's. So he's been to IKEA stores and he just had to be go to this one. He says he's been to this and I didn't know what RD open but there were like some special promotions I guess. Anyway that's the big news I know you mentioned right away there was a church that her church to burn them downtown and that was the big news yesterday but then. None of the news stations care today because I can't open. Okay. Good. That's produced the east but I did. Give reduced visuals it's very weird to me that as city this vague right Milwaukee's pretty big yeah yeah. How excited they get over a store openings. Let's Lou we are here and that one of our own. State Sparky Pfeiffer and who's been at the station since its inception. Is a die hard I key again OK some of that rejection all right. The newly me. Did you hear you plug his podcast. You didn't know agreements but yes now it's the world according to Sparky it's a Disney Todd OK he's serious is Disney Hannah. Yeah he's a big Disney dad so. If you want to send Disney once a week. You can go 201057. FM the fan back down. And download the podcast there's another podcast on our podcast network. The Tim NTELOS podcast you know they do is make fun of Sparky. For having Disney projects. There's a lot of good stuff to check out to the podcasts ago you saw us. Yet and they college tenant Josh in the morning yeah I don't know what I call a warning does it did and did that night they debut in the morning now so. All right our Marty five that I don't I don't I don't like yes I mean if you know. I could go we're kebab we keep talking maybe a little blip on the you know through supplement the incident with a box here. You have the basketball game last night we cover we cover every day the start the show we cover the biggest story that's going on your world. And today have been IKEA. Turkey is opening. Okay. Again this is not a paid ad as you can tell by I would sucks completely yet I don't. Why IEI and computers I was confused woods is like had died and it got me off guard I thought maybe there were some. I don't know I'm just not sports with Steve he ticked about the followed well. If you aren't your form I want it's Steve's take out of these things always are in bed last night he would get a bit early on I'd never got the chance to ask him. I stayed up last the other teams that were you flew by so quickly last night that I got this as typical game. I didn't think it was going to put their team now 21 game. That went by quickly of course the ghost anyways they have to leave for the game always ends badly for the home team. As did last night the last two nights ago you didn't stay out lives and it gear and get in the good last but he did stay up. And with the notion seepage is ass off and the leader of that team went in and you know so they brought I don't know I have no idea whether brought table two waves in the eighth inning. But I just thought okay. The I I didn't have a good feel like. And they lost the game. But still but a great road trip. -- lose to one has been a good road trip that took three or four from the Iraqis. They lose 21 yesterday and your right she seemed pitches the seven innings and they go Taylor Williams Boone Logan. And Jorge Lopez there in the eighth inning. I don't Noelle we would expect Jeffords or can able or. A Josh hater maybe that would have been spot for Jake barns but he's been sent down. Too I guess work on some stuff although it looked like he was I mean I thought he was rolling along all right. And now you have a situation where maybe those guys are. You know maybe they're over worked a little ball you just responsibly go to Jeffers hater and and can able ever since he's been back and I thrown Taylor Williams who's been good but didn't Taylor would just it's the other night but he can't use Jeffords right now. I know that's the problem these guys are overwork melanoma. Jefferson got next it annexing don't wanna IEA is day today I saw that Sony so he he he did when he was that it pitch him. On the other night. You thought maybe that did they would they would pitch him. But at night maybe it was them so he's been unavailable according to council. So they went to there with a Williams there in the eighth inning but he couldn't go hater you're gonna go can naval those like wrote a first big moment that Williams's Bennett. And as a big deal with a tight game like death obvious than any person trusts behind him and you know give the worst thing possible and it was doable leadoff walk. Nash is seen had a great night seven innings seven k.s. Here Enron and then that's the longest he's gone as a brewer and now open. Just configured out all of more on this the brew crew review coming up next also the cavs lost again and they didn't even look like they were trying I don't know what. Yeah it was the first half will get the first half I mean LeBron was unbelievable loud and I think he got a concussion. Really don't know what that man needs that it did was earlier reports and I don't. Null but it that you didn't play like he knew was only the I mean he's came out he went twenty the first half first quarter. And then. We're was. And just. Credit and that was quite an easier email he got hit in the face now owes quite 42 struggling for Cornwell have that led the brewers club much more check point or served up by Perkins here on offense. It's shocking way anglers drew crew review brought you by both turning the air Milwaukee's new favorite imported beer try it your nearest total wind location. And by Paul Hamels can cheese pizza the ruler of great taste this is the only station brewers fans need. Sports Radio One 057 FM the fan JJ was down. He needs he's got a he's had a stiff neck looks questionable daisies needs. Doing better but. I was gonna uses nine. Craig Counsell. That's why Jeremy Jeffers didn't pitch last night I had listened to some of the post game show and they did their bullpen wheel of doom which. I ID was surprised that the bullpen has been very good for the brewers. This year might have been an incarnation from years past Jack might blurt. From the Brian Stratton college athletics studios but they do go after seven strong innings from Jolie's jazz scene. They do have to go to the bullpen and and things fall apart in the eighth inning Diamondbacks got to run Taylor Williams. Gives up on a couple of base runners Boone Logan gives up ahead. And the the Diamondbacks plated one and they win tutor line. You know you don't win some realism we know that the brewers a 2.5 and eighteen however are on pace for 94 victories. Had they won again face for 98 just the way that math works but this team is is rolling along looking pretty good. And I think you gotta be if anything if you take away anything out of this game I'm not gonna freak out about the pen or Taylor Williams imminent be happy about the job performance and Julie. Shed seen friends yet he just continues to pitch well amid those first couple performances were bad. There in April but he started around and that was his best with deep in the game seven innings which. I mean a gaggle of seventies these days is like in a vacuum few years ago a guy going complete team route if you take a picture go to the seventh inning. Which rarely happens anymore I mean that was great. It's a celebs he's going its creaky and you decide to agree he got to be heroes like off thank god. No he's out of the game I think he went six and other brewers could capitalizing couldn't get anything going. Arm had a guy on guy and I base in the top of the night that he Trevor shark got aboard what is pop up. Was dropped in the infield. Arm but they couldn't get event. Wind the brewers have a pitcher go seven innings that says a lot win win baseball like you said. When baseball when you go seven innings now it's like a complete game but when a brewer pitcher goes seven innings. Like pitching fourteen if this. Now in a long extra inning affair because. It is have not seen that a lot from this team whether it's been at their reliance on the bullpen. Council going to use these guys seven innings then not being able to go seven innings but a good performance or she scene and you think back to when he first started and he. They didn't really go ought to get that big free agent pitcher I mean numbers to get away Miley. And they gotcha scene and she was really he was really the biggest free agent acquisition the two year fifteen million dollar contract that first game just recalling here. These three and a third inning performance for earned runs is next game. Five and two thirds against the cardinals. Three earned run six runs total there are some mayors and their game against Saint Louis again not a great performance finally got the the sixth inning. On April 20 against the Marlins. Then the brewers won the last five starts that he had they won the last five games he started finally has his best performance but then as baseball goes. That's that's the game that he lost last year. The I am and you know we start bought their Jeffers out of it tells us that what the next. Yeah out yet an accident nag and we talked earlier all that min now so he was available he says he wanted to jumpers last night's 41 batter I don't know why. So he brought in Williamson. El Amin who wins on the team to pitch. So he gonna pitch in the eighth inning and Neil give their leadoff walk in and no else council got the base that off of a Bob Boone Logan. That was it but I mean I think the you know the best portable game is that the election seem pitched well. We're set an early one nothing lead on that the Trevor shot double. Armed but they eat they couldn't build on it but so far for two on this road trip but I mean you would take. We believe it's okay for to scrape and you do comedy and facing great he is going to be tough the world beat dat guy no matter what and you know was he was he was pretty good list right. But they've they've lost two game and have a chance with the winter pitching today vessel scary. But a chance to take two or three in the series before corn on the Minnesota this weekend. It's the recurring gay guys to chime in 7991254147991250. Is always and we top crew is they're on pace that they're on pace for 94 wins. And this road trip is off to a good start because of that Iraqi series take 34 from the Rockies. And a and a lot of this road trip now is going to be gravy the last two nights yet Greinke and Patrick Corbin moon. If you got to remember coming into those two games. Let's just split and that they were able to do night Deborah and Woodruff today against I don't even know who this guy is Matt Hulk. Matt cook. And that cook hot she. Out on cautious about this guy like watching okay what they announce that there was one more way I was gonna say okay. I didn't OK millions yes I'm like yeah that's yeah Matt cutlass is column touch. This is column that K okay Mientkiewicz as we say we have it in we edited out a couple of years ago. What Betsy spelling was less it's KO CH. And if I remember correctly TO CH Xia soul. Yet there was I just called Koch. Which was not his name. I don't but I just to be safe but now I don't know Israel and I don't know our interns old name of the up and because of that I don't know this guy's name yeah it's KO CH wall the Packers used to have a offensive lineman named Greg cooked. But on the Michael show he's an agent down in. Texas and said. Greg cook. But I despite I don't know touch and it swelled KO CA ES MI. Now. Via the big ball I can that I. Just a little bit of information on this guy he's pitched well he was called up from AAA. Win Taiwan walker got injured. I believe he's offered this season so then Mac Kay comes out here's who met Kay has had to face. In his four outings as a visually year including tonight's. Clayton Kershaw. Justin Verlander. Max Scherzer. Brendan Woodruff that's like it calls ball was sounded like an all star line up right there that very last name. That Clayton carriage. Justin Verlander. Max Scherzer. Brandon Wood welter of which of those they'll belong on the final yet he pitched terrible on his list the attitude Demi their game last Friday night against Colorado. Well it's built about the man he was he was not good. Begin today I'm just look at before it beef maybe five innings out of Woodruff and hopefully the offense comes the play. Well what are I mean he came up he was the five starter to start the season although I didn't need a fifth starter right away so they worked him out of the bullpen where he's not pitched since. I don't know high school he I did talk to on win we nice guy that's yeah I did ai and I got my guy we have that. We have the red beer bonds so that's always good. On the two lesson nice thick red beards. And I asked them is really good guys as a whole I can't get mine that nick and I won't want to get to scratchy but I asked him. We knew coming out of the bullpen. I mean it's one thing to make that adjustment does that does that tinker with how you also perform as a starter and of course pitcher speed they're gonna say Knoll you know he's got to be prepared for. Ever since you're innocent as an artist talk these people waving at this. With a cliche stuff. Well I think it affected him now I mean he's bouncing around between the rotation. The bullpen at triple a he can't find any consistency when he's going to pitch. And I think that's affected him and I that's why CRA's above eight. Yeah well hopefully mom gets it going today. You know he's one of those guys that you know because of pitch well will be back down in the minor league system. But. They've set the route to Asia for the weekend to Souter could pitch Friday. Pearl was getting you know start Saturday and Europe on Sunday soul at fort twos so far if they can. Big win two more games on the strip if finish of six and for the ten game road trip coming back home next week against Arizona men that's a hell road trip. I'm looking at Woodruff on the Kellogg. And he debt that must have been steady start against the cubs that he not be set against the young Friday night the cake is the only went 32 thirds thinking it was a Friday night and a many start here it is start against the Rockies that Friday night game. Yelling in three innings and had seven or Enron and so now. Whether it's been relief. Or as a starter he is not well he's not gone for inning so you want four innings from him tonight he has not gone yet this year. Yeah now come in last night you know army at Arizona with great Jim Hill and they have lost six of a role. Sold in Arizona's new team did they were gonna keep on losing his seat in us. Weekly good team that's lost that much. They're gonna that the odds are stacked in there when a ball game last night hopefully was of the last one to get in the series with Milwaukee. And the worst of all Specter winter. Tonight's game by. Yeah I would just got to pitch well and the offense has got to be able to hit tonight Brennan Woodruff against mats. Let's Seko of silica wreck okay Matt cook it over America. If that's wrong. You know. Welcome to the stage Koch. Count cause closely. Let's say that but we have roads look it up for us. Yeah old there's literally littered you know it. I here's what I always do when it dawned on pronouncing your name. Go to YouTube with tight in the guy's name. And listen to highlights of the broadcaster called play by play because inevitably I don't know how YouTube fits every I mean anything is on there so you could probably find ten minutes of the sky news highlights that somebody's that some relatives put up there. And you'll hear the broadcaster console of the broadcaster for the Arizona ibex is gonna call by the wrong name them that were then that's. Down officer. See I'd like to do it with interviews. Our vets who went interviews then you do I've found one were sitting talked to met coach. This is some lady named Melanie Newman and okay and it's called inside the Southern League. And let's see if she says his name here. Adding Kodak Tennessee covering the suddenly this week smiling image today joined by mobile de Beers and Diamondbacks prospect pitcher Matt Matt Matt in nineteen. Yeah it's okay. And like the former all pro peninsula minute's quote pack up our tape hate it we all the things they do on the station is. A set the tone for the day so well that everybody should be pronouncing cook it right where you know that's like but now we try to set the table by. Surely by the end of today you know he let him have. A couple of the for denunciations the game is at 240 today saw a little later as it is utilized in the last couple of days alone afternoon game get away day by. Openly that'll lead afternoon starlet well that's nap time that's why you. You know they play at noon you can still thinking that by 330. Get up watching basketball that simple schemes Scholl. Is this going to be the the post game show meets the big show today yes like thirty minutes if it goes like three hours. It's oppose that we scheduled the postgame show for 530 today. These games actually and airs on and on last when did pretty quake last night really yeah and a one minute before wasn't I don't think it took three hours either. So if that happens again the big Scholl right up the show but if it's like 540. I've forty that is. Oh yeah. An island Tim and Billy you know Dino and whoever's always hear we're those boys. Wrapped things up it's jocular way cooler more on the crew coming. Apple take a look at the NL central because this is it's a four color horse race right now and it is very interesting the standings. You know one teams up one teams I go to ignore from first to fourth. In a night's Olympic village or the brewers are. In relation to that coming up in just a moment do wanna tell you about my friends over at international autos Hyundai. Two great locations I told you play any of times. And a lot of you guys have gone there to the location west Dallas also a great location in green field. Both stores offer award winning customer service. And really good deals right now it's amaze and they have their may saving gays. If you take advantage total savings of 3750. Dollars or did these 0% financing for the 72 months on their hottest models including. The Tony eighteen aligned chart again to great locations highway 100 Hyundai west Dallas. Or Hyundai Greenfield 127. Street. 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Bartz sends you more on the crew a look at the NL central as that race continues so far to beat. The best one in baseball it's chuck went on here on the face. What I'm from too much. Who who. In it and I'm. Generally learn from the Bryant and Stratton college Atlantic studio as Jeff Freeman I'm borrowing cooler our producer and Cody brands alongside. Him as well aides and ask chuck and wink or anything Wednesday any question you have her dreams are myself. Tweet us out 1057 FM the fan and make sure to use that saying ask CW. And Cody will be your vessel around 8:45 this morning tweet us at 1057 at famine. The fans. The brewers lose last night to one. That the big take away I think we've agreed on is the performance of Jolie should scene there couple other moments in the game. Wanna talk about now when she seemed got hold. He got pulled it for a pinch hitter that pinch hitter was a guy who is not hitting very well at all jet ban the council after the game. Bronze unavailable. Or none available is gonna bad wrist. So we're we're stretched. So I've got a couple guys down and I wanted to save versatile player in case we had to something happened so. Now president come in as a pinch runner later but again you don't really need your wrist for that and much slide in brawn. Unavailable I'm not sure if there will be a DL stint for hand they the you said the fifteen day DL. We're down to the ten day deal to make things easier for teams. Ron could use like a four day idea of there was a four day DL yeah eager for Ryan Braun in the burrow he was younger like ten times a year ago all right but it would be better than it. Losing our roster spot to get out of his. Gator castill repeal is. Varicose veins or whatever Allen comes a bullet there gonna have to do something about the backup catcher spot Tuesday to keep running jet and be out there either off the bench were or catching because it. His many many note to kick catch every game out nation may be decent but the starting catching spot while and you don't easily into to wanting your eased come around a little bit. He's better that late yet I mean he's he's. He's come Iran as a plate but he still written BC Europe to twenty. What ya if they can operate but being that I think durst there Lloyd B would keep exe F five game history for Manning yeah he's playing well. Arm never I'm. No he wasn't if he wasn't as good defensively than he be no use that the game. I always that would be any where you you know he's so good he's such a plus catcher. The but he's got to go to the 220 but the back of spot when you keep you know keep catch every day is just kill them and and Danny came off the bench last night and who did anybody think the guy was gonna get base hit. I did not economy's terrible. Not hands hurt again or Donna AAA now Stephen Vogt is out for the son's career. I mean mean mean mean that could still be that could be the career ending now injury for him national issues he was again you're counting on to be the backup catcher. But Tom he they do they have eventually down the road here this season. Because you know pennies at 191. Now the death situation you would like to see maybe sell a deal come in but they were saving him for whatever reason yeah and you could have been the other option they did go bandy. Again teeny I mean. Eased boosted his average from 167 the two join in the matter. A five days what are they went out and got another catcher that would start over premium and that made team in the back up I mean I when I went like yeah. Freak out and have been good thing he can always improve in that position even though a Kenya is a valuable part of this team I can't to calm. EI I I have I'd be surprising Kenya. Has has got such a good relation to that pitching staff. That I I don't see. I don't see them really changing. Help Kenya I'd be open to it but I don't I don't think veto operator for him he meant. On because there I think he really love the way he works of pitching staff and yeah but struggled offensively him if offenses what you are gonna look to improve at the deadline yeah all the way Australia Canada is going to be available to be last year he actually you know he hit well is is that you you wonder goal. OK was that a career for Pena is the better the net is he I mean does it better than what he's showing this year. Is it too early to pull plug on him and get somebody else I mean are kept up certainly but. Mom I know I hope we can turn that around I'd I'd I'm he's gonna have some time here. But he does it you may have to think about maybe somebody else so that was a moment that maybe got away from the brewers last night an inning prior. Sixth inning two outs runners on first and second Domingo is at the plate. I think it was a 31 count at the time yup and it looked like Domingo drove locked down the home plate umpire. Said that it paid off Domingo is bad and it into the glove it like the underside of the best I can see it the bad at all either that I celts looking up briefly and argued that. By dom I mean also most of incensed over your mute whole plate umpire there because he went back to the doctor right away. It looked like the catcher putters and head out and it looked like the because Domingo Santana. He didn't swing but he did like bring his bat into his body and it looked like immediately start. That it it may be touched the glove of anything maybe the glove touched the baton now and you can add catcher's interference call them loaded the bases but. The umpire I mean Domingo was starting to go to first and he does what wait wait wait wait wait. It hit his bat tip tip set in council came on the dugout. For like a sec can't now went back down and then Domingo ended up I believe it was a strikeout. And I got an amount I thought in the ninth inning. Pace is singular I mean he is I mean he's at the plate. Got the 32 count against him and it works it starts the count to all works at the 3132. And then there's a pitched. That the whole plate numbers have said that the outside corner. And one Lamar late to his cases like hell yeah that was it I had no later than the ninth innings ninth getting out and run them up l.s lead off hitter. Seeing him on and on them. Shaw hits that pop up in the infield. That is drop by the catcher that's up to catchers ball to begin with and in a sharp jogged down the first baseline did not run it out. Should've ended up on second base the matter anyway because Nixon guys made out and that was that but ducks two guys made how old yeah. Made guy got out O. Donna out she solely the identical thing I don't know I don't know enough. So they were out and that was a biodiesel. He argued Sunday because it's second and third media job runs that out. And nobody out but still lose a game. So the brewers again a lot. It's a close game he is a good team is going to be a lot of these situations Rican blood bag and they may be could have them on but. They split the series so far though the chance to. Take the rubber match today they are in a virtual tie for first place so we can still say your first place Milwaukee Brewers. In their tie with a team that we keep trying to count out the Pittsburgh pirates' Tony foreign seventeen. They are technically in first place they've got a better winning percentage but the brewers there and that virtual tie Tony five and eighteen. As well so they are no games back. Under tyrants. The cardinals are 22 and seventeen as are the cubs. Both teams a game behind Pittsburgh in Milwaukee. And in the reds are also in the division so it's a fourteen race. Again you can drop from first. Four in the matter of a night without competitive. And how tight this is night you thought it would be a dog fight between the three of them all season long I don't know how long pitchers going to be around here but. So far it is taking on. Sort of narrative and story line that you thought it might Wear these three teams are just going to be jockeying entire season here. What comes to you from behind this court to in the ninth there jumped to one top of the ninth inning. They scored two. And and won a game 32 in Atlanta after all it was a game. That was odd they played one game at Wrigley a Monday. And then Tuesday's game was in Atlanta. Was there were some sort of make a Kenya Monday was Emeka from earlier this year yet Monday it was a make up and and they went to Atlanta their Atlanta again today and tomorrow. That's what I know I don't know all. I didn't know that they've what do you say they did they won. I don't know you're paying way more attention at a cubs and I am what I mean these division to right I'd pay takes the elective cardinals in the cups I'm not even like him. But yet I'm looking at the standings there and I'm looking at the brewers in my fantasy stats and if I happen to cius chorus the score in lit those up to one. Edwards gave up a home run in the bottom of the eighth inning. To Atlanta and then ill and it takes two to one lead and then. You know Mattel's core two of the top of the ninth inning when I to say were attacked so much about the cubs in August and September and now. I want to know bottom right now the better if you look at the power rankings. All of several power rankings if you look at the is. But the cubs are ahead of everybody in the division can we tackle power rankings and a second I wanna talk about power rankings in the second I mean the cubs are. Let's pull up as many as we can OK in the next three minutes and I wanted to. I wanna talk a power rankings and amend it. I've had enough although baseball once. Ball falls chuck doing color will look at the power rankings all right let's check in Waco do that next. On the fans. Just in whistler on and ask you just can't wait for anything Wednesday. You can tweet us at one of my seven have been the man we your. Cassidy asked is CW we will answer I mean Lance and pretty much anything. We've proven that time and time again what do that at age 45 so you've got two hours eating your questions. I am glad you brought the power rankings just because I've been meaning to. Yell about power rankings Furl wild dreams. And not I'm not not hate you but just in general. I don't think. Who cares. Right. Well Kyodo meet me thankful we we we do our own glory user to football season but that's us. Can I don't care what other people's barring what I care bars are right. And then the other thing I haters and people go did you see the power rankings the brewers are eleven. There's a million orange that every every every news organization has won did you seized up power rankings work with Alli talk about now. Now is a million of them. But the only check them out of the cubs. People stop the cubs rank tie even though the the brewers and you know a couple of those other teams have a better records and accounts well I've pulled up a few album. CBS sports this is their latest power rankings like the top 25 poll. In college ask more relevant than Alexander well in college a couple of kind of does. Arm but really I mean those PCS not a BCS rankings police brutality football standings they're called now. Depth really is what counts so it with a 137. Teams and they never play each other at least the tab Tony five is a good indication. Of who's good of where teams are and what teams need to do. With baseball and basketball and even football. They know better the standings are what matter of course that. I mean if the brewers are in first place and fifteenth and the power ranking is as a matter why do semi guys like care about if I don't get it I think put those to show one of the strongest teams in one of the weakest teams in baseball. But yet does matter all right so let's look at some CBS has the cubs at seven. And the brewers attend the cardinals at eleven Pittsburgh at twelve. Yeah I still think it's personal lines and Cappy was older. Right there are just thank you wall secrets were well for higher. At the end of the season the sporting news. And the top teams by the way like it when he Boise reds when the brewers got that a great start. The glory is they were still like eighteenth which I didn't care about then out there on now the matter sporting news the brewers are nine of the cardinals are ten. Because our eleventh the pirates are thirteenth now is that good all teams that are revision. Let's looking Yahoo!'s. Old. The brewers are sixth. C. The cardinals are ninth. Work cubs the cubs are twelve locate the pirates are fifteen he vets keydets though with a few ones were the cubs the brewers are had a cups let's look at ESPN's. The cardinals are sixth. The cubs are seven. The brewers are twelve in the tire at their sixteen now so basically what these writers do is look at the standings. And then. Right the teams out one through thirty and move a couple around like Elena 'cause it is and I always wonder to some of these guys who duties. Do they have they've really NC the brewers. Ole hit him really even see the Pittsburgh Pirates one who's auction brewers Diamondbacks. Politics I spots you know what's funny the other day collect mlb.com. I get like every. Every day. I gets up and in an Indian emails colder morning. Lineup for whatever sir and do is give like the top two have months or three have died since right there and it's always the Yankees the Red Sox. The other night when numb. Roth ahead it's thirteen strikeouts Julie chest that would have been. One of the headlights at all no and even there Diddy to make the tough now go to the Yankee pitcher or Red Sox pitcher. Art out of it right there so it's like. What mlb.com. The and and you know. At a Matilda works of them but I mean the national writers will be directed even watch the whole the pay attention was inevitable walking. Null sold two things that I would just like to ask of people other than Michael Ball fair I would like to ask of people wind. Don't pay so much attention to the power rankings it's it's the standings that matter now to. If you care about the power rankings. Don't say did you see enough tolerate there's many where our RV from did you see the power rankings. Well it's not that. Did you see the power rankings the old I didn't. And neither should you them when they come out anyway I mean who knows that end the week beginning of the week. Yeah I don't know. Coming up but secondly there are new segment. MLB power ranking gets go to 7 o'clock here or all the gonna give away 1000 dollars. As we are doing every hour for the next few weeks and then bill writer for Ahmad CBS is going to join us bill writer on this very station. From six to nine we'll talk some NBA with him both sides and NBA next day actually because another interesting game in the association. LeBron and the cavs. Did not fit that did not feel like an Eastern Conference finals game to me I wanna ask you about her friends come and not stuck in wake that are served up by Perkins here. On the banks. Super power rankings.