6am - Who's to blame for Packers loss?

Chuck & Winkler
Monday, October 23rd
Chuck and Winkler 6am Hour - Chuck and Bart took a look at Sunday's Packers loss to the Saints and talked about who deserved the most blame.

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I'm so we'll just going head coach of the event. That's my responsibility so. Good cordial coached my. We'll console that doesn't think that in fairgrounds and comfortable levels protocol to going smooth movement Greta how far and away their. Coming up passing game with a certain important long so huh so which is the only coach there. It's good. Where who'll miss he's chalk can we learn more. Yeah. Yeah. On the sand. It's underwent first portrayal 1057 and then the band that's Jeff Freeman I'm far away were 414. 7991254. On 4799. 1250 what are you waiting for as the George as drugs on says what are you waiting for but to put blame. Screens on Mike McCarthy who I think. Pastor being. The most responsible for this Tony 617 loss of the saints now yes he does yes he does without though. The fact that he put the handcuffs on how many did allow him to do any thing and again when you're facing. Drew Brees and you have a defense. Deaths as vet the backers are the Packers give former 85 yards of offense yesterday. At some point because this the position you've chosen to go Brett Thomas. And you know Minnesota draft and develop things if you're gonna do it. Your to the quarterback position as well the top position to deal with but did you get take the rap sloppy your defense is good enough the play as conservative as Mike McCarthy did yesterday. And in the end it caution you lost on time of possession scored just three points in the second half and you had won the most. One of the worst. Offensive performances by quarterback in the NFL this year. It was really interesting for Mike McCarthy all he needed to do was look. 22 and a half hours to the south. To Chicago. Were mixed Robiskie a rookie quarterback throw seven passes completes four. And the bears get the victory that's how you manage a rookie quarterback however. Brent only not a rookie cornerbacks soul. What why does Mike McCarthy think that Brent on the the rookie quarterback and I. But he's a rookie in the sense that he is and have inexperience. That's that's the point is I mean you couldn't beat camp but if you don't have any experience in. In bigtime NFL games or meaningful snaps. That there's an issue om and an ice and I get debt. He's like too risky an effective means only think differences that. He's been through quarterback camps only has meant it director practices but in game situation. Too risky and humbly your body equal. Oh what the bears that it's like they're in a position it's almost better. The position that they're because they've got nothing to lose they've got no pressure you can approach Robiskie out there he can make mistakes no yesterday McCarthy. The game plan was to meet that no matter what happens in this game we're not going to lose. Because the quarterback made some mistakes so he can come Brett Connolly sold badly. That this offense there is no creativity. The offense there was barely any thing. And I found it really interesting that you're gonna put stack in a rookie running back. Well and not a rookie quarterback like Brett only the guy touching them on every play Bret Holley is the guy that's been. Under air Rogers for three years. Brett Conley should at least be given a take the training wheels off. A little bit what this whole and when your quarterback. That in the ability to make big time mistakes so much more different out of running back or a defensive player on offense a Wyman. You can damage your touch the water labored and we saw when he went down field party in his final play he threw it up for grabs and if you're gonna take the training wheels off. And you're gonna let him go all expect mistakes not the Packers were headed nowhere and they. It was going to be a lost season which it might turn out to be a bomb then I would say yesterday's game plan I Aysu McCarthy was trying to do but it didn't work. It didn't work at at some point. He needs that cryptic the training wheels off a little sooner. Am and see what homily could do obviously. I don't think yeah a lot of confidence in what on the can do I mean that was clear it's clear he does and and I don't understand well yeah why. You know what this goes back to what I told you. Last year and the year before that you know we talk about this forever and that the court Beckham quarterbacks but. You need to have a veteran back there but if you have a guy like Brett how money okay did you expect stuff like that yesterday he still growing. He's coming onto a team that's also Super Bowl contenders lot of pressure on him. And as you said he only the bearers they have nothing to lose the Packers they got everything to lose right now. And if if hunley was coming out of fort like 2008 when Roger there's some pressure for Roger 2008 because he was coming up. In the the previous season one of went to the NFC championship and there's been a lot of expectations over the Packers over the years. There's Richard this key. They have no expectations. He can do you know make his mistakes out there in no one's really gonna complain about it. While Europe homily I mean the mistakes are gonna do with each mistake is gonna cost the Packers dearly as far as the playoff race well for this. Can weaken a role. They lost a winnable game I mean clearly die you win that game with a Rodgers but you could've won it with timely and that's why Mike McCarthy. Immediately taking the blame after the game 4147991254. On 47991250. Wanna hear from you guys this morning let's go out to first up as usual job in Franklin Johnny good morning John John. Morning. I'll. At that point appointment in the and the whole community. In all not a dollar of the ballot the running back a little running back in this respect the Montgomery. Well I didn't want him to be the the running after the game that pretty obvious. They knew that all the crap saying that they did this little move that this was just not working and it didn't work I'm getting a little bit of all right not terrorists. Shoot them differently when older there it concluded the lowest level he's got an ability to take that and I'll at least on the first dry. The other item as a spy for Montgomery and his team is not as a featured back. Correct. I can't get to the ancient. You've heard in the league grades how much like that and yet it Eckert who would it technique yes I was embarrassed. The bears in the amidst all of the money. Meaning that the cabinet and get to. And they'll complete a couple patent and I won. It. In the game. The ridiculous that that slot. And that could be this way and then I don't want to certain whether the who won and then that is that we need your wallet all over the field and especially the play an actual one want to make a legal one the other. Went with the with the potential probably to get himself. One thing happened in the world did he get kicked off on a one good drive. Yeah I don't want to advocate. Because I think it can accomplish a live the moment in this division certainly not a not a bomb them not bad blood. And knowing that you've completed product. Let them put up a challenger and after what happened according yesterday and we're going to be looking at the embassy in light of wiping them. I'm a bit of their. Earlier game back the bears are only a game back of the agreement actors and there are some people who don't think the pack. Packers are gonna win another game in you know what if they have quarterback play elected yesterday in the odd. Yeah. It's a homily to I've in the side. Take any criticism weight from him he didn't do anything to help his cause but McCarthy. You know he had he takes the wraps off calmly public probably throws few more picks in that game. Maybe it's a lot moral up lobs that a team but you know I mean bigger a couple of gifts in the first after Brees all that is take a throwing interceptions the red zone McKee did yesterday. They got a few gifts they had opportunities in that team Europe fourteen to seven they could've been down by a touchdown or two. And happen with your fourteen to seven and they did nothing. On either side of the ball in the second half. You know that New Orleans had the ball for 1250 minutes that fourth quarter the common your house and miss an ultralight longer it dead about a twenty minute fourth quarter right. And that newly edited nor was at the ball for every second of that fourth quarter but it was just disappointing. I'm many levels it's as. Now from Ted Thompson. All the way down to the coaching so I mean come up with some of the son Ted to. Because in a deport Huntley and a tough spot which I don't think Conley should be in this spot. But on the new look at new England and it was 31 last year with rob along and percent. I just think this is McCarthy's did add this this one falls on McCarthy yeah we can into tad and we can do Brad Pitt Mike McCarthy. Is coaching scared for some religion and I don't understand why what you wanted to do we go from there I want Mike McCarthy to let Brett Conley played football. Which she'd he getting do. If he was clearly handcuffed any time that there was a play that broke down may be. After the first read Brad I'll leave it seemed was instructed and again I'm not in that room but it seemed like he was instructed to. Run out of pocket and throw the ball I mean they only had they had less than. A hundred yards so if you're Mike McCarthy. Your Mike McCarthy I think you have to go into the remaining won nine games. You're gonna lose every game the way your coaching scared like this and you're going to lose every game sell. Because it doesn't matter how much you lose by. You need to. Change the entire approach might be coaching you're used to coaching a good team with a good quarterback. And you used the managing that well now I have to coach. A bad team with a bad cornerback Reggie Lisa how do you manage that but they shouldn't be bad but they got three excellent. Wide receivers. With Cobb Nelson and the final days bigger guys on the defensive end who who can make some place. Marius reveals got interception each of the last three games we c.s got some good hands he's an even makes the play when the ball comes to him. But the Packers have some playmakers still on their team. Where they shouldn't be bad they shouldn't mean to lose to go three and seven. Now you know two and six the rest of the way our three and six the rest of the way if they if they do that a final 39 nine games that's terrible. I think we will get an idea to over and we saw the 2013. But it lost Rogers where they were terrible. We're gonna get another your ideal boss how good a coach McCarthy years. And you know this is goes back to work you know I know you're saying he's a hall of fame coach I have. A lot of doubt about that we saw a glaring example yesterday that pay. I am not a bush ever did they have ever said about this guy Rodgers makes everybody a lot smarter than they really are 41479912. Fit dudes get Brad in Mount Pleasant good morning Brad. What are Dylan page. For me and guys just kind of touched on that truck. Was boast they have this great core of wide receivers. That can make it easier for my inappropriate Huntley. And we get some separation. Make it easier for these for him to coach emperor. Press on me at all. I mean there are tired yesterday that I just outsmart receivers that you are out and make up. It's like come on it's and separation and make it easier. Invective or might occur in public. Cares a futures are expelled or rose zero you'd still lose. Open up the playbook epic natural law. It does but the one thing about that if he's at all but the playbook expect. Public to make some mistakes too and that's his way to which is fun because otherwise you're gonna lose if you coach the way coach yesterday you gonna lose every game ot. And every game I think we saw it doesn't matter if you lose by nine or three or forty. Do some thing. To make it at least appear like you're trying to laughable it all happened a lot of times when you evidence your quarterback against agree quarterback. The coach would be in your quarterback would try to ugly beginning. Make a low scoring game and try to find a way to win that way unfortunately as his defense is good enough to play. An ugly up typing game and we saw late yesterday. Mere couple plays the first half. 485. Yards of total offense as defense gave up yesterday lots to get into it this 14147991250. 4147991250. You hear more from you guys on eight. Green and gold Monday Mike McCarthy what does he need to do with Brett Conley has he been exposed. As that head coach the big questions this morning we're back when mourn next on the fan. This saves marched to Lambeau and rolled great they. Call us soon and there aren't we knew we knew this game there's a lot to say about this loss and then work doing just that all day it's an Aurora health care green and gold Monday. Presented by Robert had diamonds and roaring health care for your life. Yeah obviously you know it's a first start. Off speeds are little different but. At the same time Celtics team. Vanessa name of the game we got to put points on the board a special plan of big time offense like New Orleans we know we're gonna outscored. And unfortunately just didn't didn't which is going to go through that. Yeah finally me. Check your regular Sports Radio wanna fight seven FM the fan mr. Freeman I'm borrowing there from the Brian Stratton college athletics studios a few tweets coming in this morning you guys can tweet us that would provide seven apps found a on Twitter use our FaceBook as well same address find us. On the app or. Alice up 4147991250. Years is a couple of tweets so far from you guys up this morning Bruce says McCarthy awful play calling. Makes me wonder how often Aaron Rodgers is changing. Plays I'm Molly says I think people have ignored the issues because we've had winning seasons for so long now the warts seem much worse. Lou Chiming in says the only thing I can confirm from yesterday's that. McCarthy doesn't trust timely light even a little. Big no and made clear he does and and I don't get why you've had him for three years you're at a admit that he was the guy didn't just in a press conference last week. Subtly that Colin cabernet question that looks a stupid. What Mona don't pay any exactly. But we do a Super Bowl contender like the Packers are OK I think they are. Even with a backup quarterback. Com not necessarily homily but if they have somebody else in here this is right told last week I thought well if there's Tony Romo. And I'm not. You know. I'm not trying to get Tony Romo in here but a total rules quarterback yesterday. There's no way he passes for 88 yards 387 yards and McCarthy puts the reins on him or jeopardy. He'd there's no way puts the reins on him but this is what's gonna happen when your quarterback like this. I'm to give some criticism took it to McCarthy but again I understand the spot because. I humbly so inexperienced. That's you know this draft to develop its commit combat the bite of a quarterback spot. So Brett Conley it's clear they he had the reins on right it's clear that Mike McCarthy didn't want him to do. A lot of stuff and when he anywhere anyway downfield he overthrew majority and there were some now accuracy issues which he owned up to after so it's not like. Read only the hall of fame quarterback Dan McCarthy said don't do anything the Brett Conley at thought for the most part wasn't put in. Good situations or at least where he can. Where he can. Try to win a game I mean when it's 37. Why's everybody running a fly pattern now wire two guys during the same routes now. Now here Donald to McCarthy's defense and Ottawa I'm not defending them all day I'd say it is the fence. He probably saw humbly all we can practice. And he's and he knows homely way more than any of us know him and he sees an everyday in practice and even though he doesn't give a lot of work in the sky LT and he knows right Hellman were last three years. He probably thought go again you know what there's no way epic a big chance of throwing the ball downfield this guy. He's just not ready. And if he thought he could throw downfield with coming he probably would've done more now off he throws downfield calmly and he takes more opportunities like you know you're talking about their. And he's getting picked off and hubby comes away three or four interceptions bad plays. Everyone's complaining what does McCarthy doing with this guy. Why is he let him make always mistakes. So he tried delay he try to put as quarterback in a position. To make as little model mistakes as possible on this one but at the work. Chris streets in on a 57 FM the fan you can do the same chime in 4147991250. Chris says game plan seemed overly limited great three year player this is his first start shirt but he has experience in the system brat. Deserve better yet you know and someone think that Bret Holley has done too as we're talking here. Brett Hundley it was it was clear as I mentioned that there were handcuffs on umbrella only. What does Brad hunley. If you answer Mike McCarthy he's getting benched. What is Brett Conley you know take a little more risk maybe he's not getting get Bedford John Callahan while our personal way. Try to. You know how many times did he run out of bounds or not out of bounds and run towards a silent sort away. Only time bogey but he see the first guy not open threw away. But you you don't wanna compete if he thinks he can't stick it in there it is never row armour Rogers or. Far from the quarterbacks we've seen in so. That's about it I read them do that to get picked off. I'd red white and they're tried to win the game. You know in the NFL they were down that was it down nine point 22671. When they were backed up in their own red zone they get run run short pass this final play Wii sold force it down field and one half agreement in NFL the way it is you guys on the same routes you have four guys were on the flight pattern. Where it all they need it was sells cards I would always throw that ball to who. What receiver was apple was at towards better there who was at two I don't know I mean just threw it up but it's like. I'd get and Eminem was right there four on 47991250. Word is the onus fall in this one let's go to Dave in Brookfield a sub David gave. Morning guys I've what are our McCartney. If you watch the first one way relatively. And they want. They're deployed them the game brigade were. They had nothing. And there are there were five or. Where. There were too wide receivers within two yards of each other because they didn't know what to do there and play. It was third down. The second half where Doherty and out were both raped her and they have no idea what the Iowa and part of that is is. The quarterback and part of that is not the political play in the huddle but you have to be able. Amplifier or are back up you have to make sure they. The guys are running routes that they're comfortable with you go away and you say OK what is whatever. And fifteen point why I'm late the bat that all well exposed. Today you can answer the well. That locker yesterday and any clearly the receivers. They elect. They don't stick around yesterday after the game because they're probably. Pissed off at the game plan. Not the receivers start around yesterday. The talk after the game did see anybody not like were. Palm which kind of a packer thing you know things go bad you know no we sticks around. But. There was clear frustration I wanna say it and you tell him that team. That they weren't allowed to do certain things that maybe should have been able look opened things up not they want it Drew Brees throws touchdown passes. Fumbles two possessions were yet picked off in the red zone. May be McCarthy opens a PD planet is down 216117. At that point. I mean I don't even know chat at addicting that McCarthy. I think I think sometimes you watch these football coaches and they. They care about how much they lose by. And they are now well they don't want to lose by forty. So they're not gonna take any risk losing back nine I that you want to put Drew Brees and short fields of the army in in a case where. His quarterback's going out there getting picked off it also increases coupled with 25 yard line a breeze is it about the second half and and they McCarthy did what how times. I get the answer for. Well why only twice. In the McCarthy eleven years has he won the turnover battle and lost the game the F two is one problem. He want he won the turnover battle in the defense. Got some key turnovers early. We haven't talked yet today he wants to win lost the game we haven't talked yet today a lot about the defense and we spent the first half hour McCarthy. And Conley and the offense but there's a lot of people Chiming in now on Twitter and FaceBook and etc. About the defense you're gonna give up 26 points of the New Orleans Saints. And you had a couple of turnovers. They looked or some third down addition to stop it in the second half Michael Thomas and Ted Ginn could do whatever they want it you know put I don't I don't look at this game and think. That's another one on Dom Capers that's another one on the defense. I look at the solely on Mike McCarthy and him limiting read only in the office. How the world is to be came in here with the defense playing pretty well. And the packer defense even though the above almost 500 yards of offense they are almost seems the field goals therefore while the second half. We were the bowl teams are trading field goals back. But the Packers. They were leading in the scheme fourteen to seven and I don't expect them of what nor owns a way. But I didn't think that they would goal of the Packers. And now when McCartney stalked into the second half that they had no intensity. Who's had a neither side of the football played with intensity said became the second half we were flat yeah well that's a new coach now it's on the players and inside the whole team. 4047991250. And his second went over served up by Perkins here on the fan are trends coming up. And as one MVP candidate went down to injury. Perhaps they knew one emerged. In this state over the weekend we'll get to that coming up in our trends we are served up. My Perkins restaurant and bakery is hold all of the great plates menu. Available seven days a week from open till close fourteen different items price anywhere from four to eight dollars great food at great prices the great plates and and you. My items like homey meatloaf the big blt sandwich the fabulous five breakfast and more you can get all these different items per reasonable cost anywhere again. From four to eight dollars at Perkins plus today. Is Monday. Which you know what that means I society Monday free slice apply every Monday after 11 o'clock. You get a meal whether it's breakfast lunch or dinner and then give you a free slice applied I society Monday at Perkins. Let's get well more calling here before the trends let's go to Scott in New Berlin. What's that sky your second week on the fans can. Thanks guys very early I relish its internal music that out. True colors shining through it it'd shining. Who sings that Armani Phil Collins Carlyle. True colors are Cindy Lauper any locker Phil Collins that are the news. For the worst songs ever by the way. That's a neighbor of debate as seen Democrat he's been in it hurt I only used by a court act I. Great coach Knight or motivate is like they're your attic the winter we eked it out all year to get worse or a year. Yeah ideas I I I hope not all yen and look at the great coaches in the league and they find a way I think. You know you look at. Doing the situation last year Belichick goes three and one would drop below. And percent as is quarterback so pupils guys don't have one help a lot of NFL experience putting three of one to start the season when Brady was out which a cult members set. Will. Was not you know. Right he played a game. Rob Lowe was in their but percent started one of those yeah I'm that is a segment we do need those guys not a lot of at a whole experience yet they worry about. Something that prince was a great and bring them last year. Yet somehow. Belichick and the win and game and we talk about hall of fame coaches that's a hall of fame coach. Chuck and weight or again coming up in our trends may be the Sao ordinance of a Packers loss. Was. Sort of raise the little bit over something very positive coming in happen at the Bradley Center over the week you'll that a mourner trends check in quickly here on the fact. Now from the Brian Stratton college athletics studio. This is shocking. Wayne Taylor's three friends from Roxio by Adam deputy Adam deputy can help you buy your next home because he gets deals done that others can't go to. Deputy dot com. Secondly we are served up by Perkins restaurant and bakery is on 057 FM the fan of that's check Freeman I'm borrowing flirt Cody granted in studio with our trends good morning Cody. Roads good morning let's start with those factors that first app was pretty good guys they were up fourteen a sad and that defense forced two turnovers. All coming in the first quarter. So what happened that second half while Clay Matthews had this to say it. Bright energy more than anything I mean I you know you can't really. Sure once we look at the film shirts little stuff here and there as far as. Miscues missed alignments missed tackles we'll stuck in there that you know we haven't heard long. I felt quite a few times and you know they're they're making plays so you know give credit where. The major differences you guys often first the second arm while we could do a damn thing in the second half. On the couldn't do everything we. Couldn't find his receivers and you know what time of possession the saints controlled the second half. The Packers early have the ball in the second half they have the ball four possessions of the second half. And now I mean stuff I mean it's it's tough sledding your heating fuel goals and missiles possessions. It just was a flat second half on both sides of the football program. I don't want to feel like they're sound like I'm making excuses for the defense and made a lot of third and long situations as. Clay alluded to that they should have gotten stops and for the saints to grind out as much clock as they did it. I mean that's as somebody here at the fan would say it's acceptable you know he can't be doing that. I think still more of the blame falls on on the offense on hunley and specifically. Mike McCarthy. The defense. Did what they needed during the first half. Another step or two or even better in the second and I think where people. I have so many problems. Is because you've got all these guys that are supposed to be stars top Clinton Dixon Mike Daniels Clay Matthews and making a lot of money and Morgan Burnett was out in this one but you've got a lot of guys that are supposed to be stars so I was taxi with a friend during the game he said. This is on down and I said you know I have a hard time. I have a hard time. Looking at a play and saying that plays on down. Where that plays on the players I have a hard time finding where that line is what is it on down and what's on the players deals slots because. Dom has been the coach for so long we can't really tell the players are good or bad or not because he's bad it started I doubt well get over our game. Bad cop I. I think OK but it comes down to x.s and always. Couple times he played some soft zone. McDonald's bad and but I don't think he did I don't think he did enough yesterday. To earning degrees that's for treatment doing to help the defense. Hole underneath the defense. Should not be giving up for an 85 yards and a breezes on the other end. But still they should be much better than an animal but scheme or pellet part. But 485 yards Sox were indeed did you see this that I don't know if you saw this drew praise that he gave he might become the first. Quarterback ever. To throw for at least 300 yards. Against an opponent seven games in a rotten and so the last seven games that Drew Brees has faced the factors. If they give him. He's going to ask jury hundred yards I would guess he threw in the end zone that was picked off by Randall for Mary's friend operates. But tells a terrible paths and Elvis. Terrible pass six general for Randall now three game I don't know but I mean about insanely you don't so you don't see Brees throws pass like that throw past now they gave you some gifts and then the offense can capitalize in the second half. Nobody can do. Nobody could dock and do nothing and the castle and out of the vibe house yeah actually yesterday to yet I get an interception this year. Is that. Get Miguel I'm Steve had wealth okay well you let this goes back I write us finally got Lester in the air so all in all the backers of faith. If if hunley was the quarterback did go eighty and eight pub I really the man now when not a game this year. I'll because of calmly and because of the coach. Might not win another game. Totally it's really realistic they could not they might not went out again I don't think that happened but I don't nerves that is with Palin. The realm of possibility but that's the case. Man I'm telling you what. McCarthy. McCarthy and Ted Thompson would be to blame because they let this season go to hell. With a rookie with a young quarterback like dad. They were not prepared for Aaron Rodgers going down that and yet they worked and McCarthy even with a week to prepare still look like out he wasn't right now for this match you have to get ready again it doesn't matter. If you lose by to lose by one eat. You're going you have to assume coming in now that you're going to lose every game at your Mike McCarthy. You have to assume you're gonna lose every single game the rest of the way so close. The other way well college student loans for once all these coaches coached not to lose I'd like to see him coach to win okay now connect to take risks and ought be painful and ugly I hobble the starting on offense. Bigger running back we we we finally. They got a running back who can run the football when Sarah Jones will definitely and I was on hand and there was a piece the paper today. That maybe the offense should be focused around Jones and what he can do with. As opposed the hum. Now back. All school football. In the 70s88 in eighties was on if you got a great running back you go along way or you can do a few things out there the teams that have great running backs. Now it outsold all the quarterback spot of back then it was off of running backs the Packers. You old school and focus on the running game with with the wave jones' run in the fourth definitely more regarding air Jones time Montgomery throughout the show here this morning Cody turned number two votes well nick Gary tuchman media as well and he was asked same question is quite match. Use wife pat. Happened a second half. You know our economic control what I can control room. Everybody else has his job to do to stop those because. This. They sent everybody else has a job to do to stop those big plays I can only control what I can control. Is snake Kerry putting blame on his teammates. Sounded like yet. Little baby ya. We run I'm embarrassed Eli hill yesterday which he threw the entire colts' offensive line unit. Under the bus and they got shut out at home by Jacksonville. Yeah I mean these guys need to step up and they need duty as a unit and you thought maybe the defense wounded. Take it upon themselves to say look we've got to step up we've got to a young quarterback here but. The couple interceptions up bad throws but other than that the second half the game. Appeared to here's a problem through the defense some feel most of the time in the second half true that's the death of your offense can't sustain any drives so the defense. Again we're breezes got the ball for twelve of the fifteen minutes of the fourth quarter that's an issue. Your defense is giving off the field but Troy offices and control the ball at all. Let's end it turned down a positive note Cody Rhodes yeah audits the superstar for the Milwaukee Bucks what a game he had. 44 points a career high on Saturday night against the trailblazers now 113 a 12 and win the fans of the Bradley Sadr were saying this. I know about it guys about getting chills and goose bums right now just hearing that exciting it was my funeral or early. Today here and BP gentry got us there is this they legitimate he was just going. In the first quarter against Cleveland he was at the free throw line it was like a afforded to game and the MVP chants were going. Not in outs but the season play out what about the man after three or four games. We know fox have played three games what you know somethings have played four. Yeah he's he's very don't have 38 points a game he shot 74%. And it and my guess Saturday setting scene of bloody three he's been amazing. He's been an Asian missed a couple free throws late made up ordered the couple steals. I don't gonna block I mean isn't it great that we have a guy in a player in this town who's a basket player. A legit superstar like this it's like tonight's game what does jas gonna do tonight one thing about this MVP race. It's so so early of course. But then there is already there which is god which like when you're in. In college in the rankings when you start seeing them in the top five it is good seeing what are going to be there at the end yeah this is the MVP. Through the first week OK you know yes OK but more importantly guys. The famous to a one. I wanna I mean more than Meehan. But more importantly is how the team does if he gets the MVP in there to leans over 500 mark than who cares I want. If it doesn't get MVP I want them to win upwards of on the high in the forty wins. Well insurance 49 and that's why I think I killed while camels anyways might do it now I think we saw Friday night they're not Cleveland's category. We saw that well they're closer. No it was bad. The opposite crowd it was right at that we knew though they were in Cleveland's category yet melt but don't fighting if any thing. Weekly one making by eighteen points. LeBron. Did even exert himself and had game he had Cleveland win that series right now and five may be saying yes yeah and the box are closer to the caps and they were a year ago I think it's idiotic. The better when jas is better bonus material. On any stronger but Cleveland. Is still the cap mean LeBron basically. He took a handful of sharks and it gave me a 24. You know Korver hit a bit of three straight threes they didn't defend him and got a couple of open looks that you know. They need to account for one here's the best three point shooters in the game. And in the blues night game and I'm sliding away from them but a Cleveland is now this but the the remarks about a lot of teams in the NBA that's we'd often enough and hungry. Jim pesky tomorrow at 735. Jim passion evil join us tomorrow. At 735. Times more. About this possible MVP season for you got a sister. You wake not a green and gold Monday why every you guys 4147991250. As the Green Bay Packers fall to the saints. And no it does not look like they're going to weigh in anytime soon hear from you guys coming after three trends in brought to you by Adam deputy privileged to buy a home. When did you first or last contact Adam deputy online and Adam deputy dot com Adam's deputy I mean you can trust. GSM mortgage he causing blindness. This saves marched down the Lambeau and rolled great they. Call loss suit and there aren't we knew we are news name there's a lot to say about this loss and then work doing just that all day it's an arm. Rory healthcare green and gold Monday. Presented by Robert had diamonds yeah roaring health care for your life. All those shelves and out of me today said he didn't win. The cult Mormon in the pocket and that's that's more responsible so import job coaching. Any senate himself chuck and littler Brian Stratton Khaled Atlantic studios. Aren't call of the game I'm gonna go with. Every decision Mike McCarthy may with a bad ones you download that. Every decision that every colleague made that is bad you are out. I'll I'll say this site and I'm going to do this overly conservative I knew I was gonna do this at this press conference where he picked the play well I had at that at least. You know he accorsi you know first of all said the rest of this team player no energy which is right. But then he took the blame for the quarterback. The quarterback spot com where homely could do nothing. In the pocket he took the blame for not I don't know what he could done differently. But he took the white port four on 47991250. Let's grab Jeff. In heartland always good to hear from Jeff would somebody. RA very predictable. It burned out but I mean. You know we we did what we have. If he if the our beat you even a little better knack. But it does have very predictable response by our people and in open you guys are predictable by guys in the sense that. Heroin when Roger all worked out of a hat we operator Rogers were and what a miracle worker and India. They can lose that we blame the coaching FB. It was an Aaron Rodgers whatever out. What I'm saying is what I would look or is improvement. Did occur at the this team in in the best position papers that are in the whole quote they're is later in the position to see they did not do that. I got it be that mean. Admittedly. At stake in the lane that certainly. That protect court back to this point beacon that role currently under a lot about him a heartbeat if that idea but probably what. Under a lot of rats. And he was missing guys. It would just it would not. Oh. You know at that point you're looking I'm looking for improvement. So are we blaming the press we blame him apparently too much as you said that was predictable. I I think that put it in on an epic poem when I turned it onto it a government policy you know are about to come that that's. Somebody who doesn't like are at the it will never give McCartney street. Lot of excitement to what the number one wait automatic like me who wants to give him ten year who put him into camp in the week before Rodgers got hurt. For me to come out against McCarthy. I huge McCartney homer okay peacock says. He got this team the last two yeah so you're gonna take all the way all that that you would lauding book arduous times of one immigrated you're Donald McCarthy beat all criminals say about a parent is that he cost the team the last game he did I mean your. It's very quickly on all did you'll you'll throw your weight behind McCarthy's all this spam by him at the monitor check outline where he's buying a -- best on those commercials I but I he has cost the team the last two games like oh challenge now. There may be it but yet outlook or improvement guys I mean that's basically. There are currently that this is pretty darn obvious you know. I can expect in the look. I mean what we've been its oil for 45 years with. All in order backing it we're gonna find out a little or are what it's like they have all league average ordered the. Now coaching again yesterday like Bart Starr was the quarterback. Like arts and I was very pleased he's real Bart Starr yeah OK yeah. OK. Who by the way. He's their own two when he comes back. Some losses and it always rains actually there underdog yesterday and I always give it always rains and Calista near radium. OK okay okay fatter toad that we for the game. Yet it seems like a lot of people aren't putting any blame on how many which he deserves blame now he does McCarthy deserves some blame a lot of team. In the whole big picture this. It's on Ted Thompson. Reporting McCarthy. And homely in this position should never come down to putting a rookie. To an unproven you could say all you want to what this guy's been the system. But it's you get on the field of play on the corner of old game it's it's tough man in my book I'm a rookie because he's coaching and like either rookie will yup because he's. On season. Do as an adult and one half years but see but that's tough minutes of talk it's a tough situation not your Rogers. Because we're finding out here Aaron Rodgers was a great quarterback obviously. There are registered 2008 he had some mistakes by the heat you know it didn't take him long to adjust because he's all for anti corporate. I don't think we're the only school in the hall of fame and can't matter what Dahntay Jones says. Probably not going a little hall fame anytime soon it is jacket white Golar soul lord Lima today McCartney robbed and our defense and it is a dead body. And Ted is Ted Ted put. McCarthy in a bad spot. Evan to go with the guy in without with a Super Bowl contending team heaven go public. If you ask McCarthy probably same outlook with the the position tell me that gave McCarthy limited Michelle instead Intel Mike McCarthy. To try to run time Montgomery when air Jones was working. I didn't tell Mike McCarthy to have the most conservative game plan. In the history of the NF now well them let's go mortar and Jones as make him the centerpiece of your oh lead the offensive operation that would have been a perfect. Mike McCarthy called the perfect game for 1940s now felt before the forward pass was entered is a guy 592 army pounced Capel walls. Get the ball 2530 times a game. Kenny holed up to a second point or more and everything it is magic. 7991254. On 47991215. Who are we blaming today. Actors or all over the map Roy guys out here everybody has yet to do to pass cap the this Marjorie L picture arts well they sock chuck and we are on the fact.