7 am - Are millennials ruining sports?

Tim Allen
Friday, August 10th
Chuck and Winkler 7 am Hour - With Tim & Tausch in for Chuck & Bart, they take a look back at the strange and surprising sports stories from the week. Plus, Tim Allen unwraps a Werther's Original to tell the world about millennials and smartphones ruining sports!

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Florida. Authentic and how we doing today fantastic thanks a little over the biggest smile on Texas haven't talked in the morning here on the fans served up by Perkins restaurant bakeries. Right here in the Bryant and Stratton college athletics I do videos your remake of a big glass of milk. And one of those double chocolate muffins from birds. And a little ball call little. Yes her role Genco morrow Friday UW Whitewater with the Audrey love always showing out prodded him yeah. You gotta love that buddy of mine what played high school football with and he played up that I UW Oshkosh had a run with god the Jacksonville Jack wires on a couple of days. Or for a couple of chances so he had yet Iran he had a chance. To make some money. Playing football but. You know he he didn't quite make the cut he wasn't able to it to get himself. A tough you know a big time paycheck sure you can get yourself a big time paycheck right now. Thousand dollars and our national tax contest. That's like 72881. That we don't worry we give you right now it's your keywords per thousand bucks. Text HK CA EGE. Cage. Just seven Q8 81 of your chance 1000 dollars international textile does pleased about Texan drive messaging data rates do apply. Are you kidding me I was married I was there are you kidding me moment of the things get it after the says. No that's not that's not the worst. That was that was like a few months ago Romney's I think it was Romney spelled ghost repeatedly DO ST ghost cool really on. I didn't I love this business love this is an existing folksy mis use. CN CDs. In a GE Ellis let's nature. Timmons Alice morning extravaganza. For a Friday continues here. Little bounce around what are we learned this week in the world of sports. How about this your Milwaukee Bucks they're gonna play on. We wish you merry Christmas Day I came away. First time since 1977. Tom not many people grin and get excited about working on Christmas. I am excited about working on Christmas so Steve Sharkey Pfeiffer already defaulted that day off deal of Nester when I was with the bucks it was like a goal like I don't want to spent and my mommy you don't wanna spend Christmas with your family. No I'd I'd rather spend it with 181000 bucks fans screaming their heads off. Freon is dumping on somebody and chemistry first day on the air ever at any radio station for me was Christmas. Morning. During the differ or Null on I was not rolling these big reel to reels of a big big turn style real the real type things Christmas trees. So is like Corel ideal about high school lost hunts. Are they getting near. But that the cool thing about that was that Christmas Day after that Rio was done is like. You don't get smaller and smaller and like I'd just of this aid this out but still the faded out. In due to weather. Our whole lives kitty tells what the weather was like in Kenosha Wisconsin that are on iTunes seven I remembered it for years after that I would lingo gold record it listen to it to hold that. Just over an I would check this out I was on the hairdo in the weather today. Now now they just give morning shows. Way. Now you're hired full time are you can speak and walk okay yeah yeah c'mon man. C'mon Ed you're on the air here on the fan. Brewers TV broadcast team you hear about this the ranked eighth in the big leagues. We'll take that that's maybe about a little lol maybe a couple of notches loathing Bryant would say out job share. Now. Matt will pay and Brian Anderson it kind of does yeah. As yesterday was that the pace final game with the brewers for this year he'll go out often you know call touchdowns a camp Randall mile yeah. And rioters and I believe will be back on Monday or Tuesday in Chicago right I think it's gonna because Sean here for the next couple of days the weekend series in Atlanta. Has BA's to a golf. But a guy that is literally on every other week because he's doing some huge national story. Yeah it's amazing to NBA playoffs NCAA turtle man lucky to have GA championship Brian Anderson here. For sure. Let alone last night's broadcast team. Marlon and James Lofton that was exceptional is beautiful it's just who maybe were a little nerdy about that stuff you thank. I would I would say so OK so we think more of it then saved people listening to us. But I also think if Europe. If you're an accountant. And you see you know another CPA that that. She held the puck clean that excel file is that he's got I mean it's doubtless I just. I wish I'd say my spreadsheets like that I guess so I guess if you're in industry Agassi you see the nuances of but I feel like everybody enjoyed that broadcasts last night. Yes regular Matt will pay the badgers offensive line on the cover of the regional Sports Illustrated that was announced this week. That is cool. If year old linemen. You wanna go play for Wisconsin known chip I would yes. And 12 and three and if you're running back on the ball you wanna play for Wisconsin don't ship and that's what they've gotten such a run of guys from New Jersey. Leads n.'s Dana but PJ hill was from from Jersey. Jonathan Jonathan Taylor is from Jersey he a lot of dues from around the country Jonathan or James White was from Florida. If you wanna be a big time running back odds are well Madison rumpled ball clock his stick in and on the badgers 2018. Championship seasons so wouldn't forge some badger football really soon. Earlier this week. Is he the commissioner of NASCAR's what they're calling him yeah I think it's. Got nailed for do you why. So c'mon tremendous to cupid. Don't we learn. We learned something here. What what is the first thing you think of when you hear about rich people getting nailed for do you lie. The first thing we always think up. Couldn't you just pay a driver. To drop and you around to get hammered. You have 43 of on the you know all. I imagine one of the kids and a pit crew wants to be a driver give them a limo get much Jack about eleven driver. A Cold War I there was that was Gregor the creditors opens and not and he can wheel you around every bar you wanna go to. Hulk Hogan this week showed up at the this is right up your Alley showed up at 20 yeah I've seen over the bay Buccaneers training camp. You that you Trout. Let the 28 and python's lose now I don't know the Ulster I don't even know it was worth mentioning but I mention. Just some might mean you like you like wrestling you disliked tease yourself you don't I don't. No. And it's not real not even like a little taster of that it's not real this is right up our Alley. Charles Oakley. Well what office former NBA star then. Now you know he had that run in and Madison Square Garden I think there's some pending litigation through that with the owner of the the next yeah they tried to kick him out of the game. So yeah it's gone that's still pending so what is Oakley do he goes to Las Vegas. Osgood spots a clear your mind can I sit and played a few cards. Play as some roulette. He was caught cheating. Allegedly. Caught cheating on either taking back ships on a loss or adding chips on a weekend. So ho you know sleight of hand whatever however you wanna do it he thought he was smarter than the house at the cosmopolitan. Dude thought that he was just in a hole the chip back yeah take it yes. Got caught. Got nailed got arrested. And after all was said and done. He pleads out to a disorderly conduct ticket. In and nice. Just that just the DC a DC. India ever get a DC let's let's give him. That if you're gonna DC. May. No no no I've not I didn't know I know you have. How many do you have just one just won a good that you learned your lesson your Forman I think he's he's hoping change yeah I think just one. I forget the other one's done. We'll get to this in the second I think the knuckle heads yesterday the producer that was known and Morris yesterday. Got to this slug away leftist FaceBook opened so there's that all of that is good and then at at is god. Off into sit back and so wolf. Let us on the we we could they got to that's what I wanted to bounce this off you Arizona Cardinals University of Phoenix Stadium has the. Great idea and burger. The grid iron burger. Right up your Alley now bill yeah its a seven pound burger 51. Third pound burger patties. Five all beef hot dogs five brought worst one he slices of American season needs slices of bacon. Ate chicken tenders that slide twelve ounces of Fries lettuce pickles all on a ten inch bun. If you eat it under an hour. You get a Jersey in your face on the score saying another thing I don't get is. So I have a burger right and and I'm all for a mayor for trying this this food challenge. But hellish chicken doing an. I give the brought us I don't get the Fries. I mean output Fries and Lego like a small burger I figured we're kind of like a crap like us small fast food while I'll throw some Fries on there and mean jumped 340 pounds you don't do that on accident. But. Chicken tenders don't mesh they're like I'll get up rot like I get dealt a bad idea bacon for sure. But chicken tenders that she's good but she yeah loaded up for 120 out there I'm fine you know much is this. Let's yeah I saw at 75. Bucks and then no thanks 75. Bock also invited him Jersey course. Every five bucks can't you buy it like three jerseys on line 175 bucks. Love overt. I and the names will be flipped over but yet you probably too good to Simmons house in the morning here and as we move along what are we learned this week Harlem Globetrotters. I'd see that dude made a you know bucket from an airplane. Newton now that's cool. That is people were all trying to outdo each other just rusted out of the sky is is all snap jab video world isn't it for sure there will get to that the lowest grams ours and Milan a year it's a time it's are you offended by you millennial snow not really an all your knockoffs no. I couldn't be less offended by. Lets you get mad when I call you a baby boom not at all not at all be ducks. They're tinkering with the idea exploring the idea of sports wagering. At their location there we know send news on May humility here we go it's far and this this decision. Smart Smart Smart. Can you mood continued his rent a Booth and just sleep there sports. And gambling. Dump them wrong with that sold throw in some boos. And you got making Cox enough for a PGA championship over the weekend okay that's enough of that umpire and White Sox yankees game. At a live bug pulled out of his ear that was discussed yet hackers for absolutely discussed whose directors and royals. Oh god no part of CNET jogged off the field in the ninth inning was attended to by the trainers not your run of the mill knack or fly it appeared to be a giant moth that seemed to be still alive. That happened to me now with a mosque with a fly. As a kid flew when your ear and went right might earring was buzz around my year. Other baby sounds like ten years old baby sitter was undated there now because I lost my mind's. All right lawyer Niels. How old are Milan. What does that Mandela Mandela's what's it's like 25 I think thirty evil yeah that are currently like between I think it's like 23 and 38 years old. What he wanted to tell you pretty ridiculously. Huge rain that is a large age bracket what do you wanna Ali's old school sports fans. As I got a few things to say about. Millennium. They might be losing it's my face they might be out there might be ruining sports you're old man you might be. All right we'll talk more about that arbitration rights see these guys but yet baseball a little more wisdom medics are very. Now wisdom and experience learned. Seventh out of the moral of the ramp off the other man. 7:27. Good morning at 7 house in the morning here live in the Bryant and Stratton college athletics studios. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Now K were served up by Perkins restaurants bakeries how can I deliver this good news to you. I'm right you maligning else there's what I want to do you to do in the world of sports yes and when you first Obama mass today. I don't know how this happens at this is all old people stuff. The Boston Kreme doughnuts that I was seeing today. Because of the humidity. Is so is you can't that be a clean way to eat doughnuts now and this is just get a couple of donuts you're fine on. Have you seen this list I'm I'm looking at right now look at. A yeah. As all my shirt I can't I got a white Droid. It's a very good. Hopefully that does it speak freely even I don't studies do you like that for re a Graham puts him do you want green jello or yellow deal shaggy. So here's the here's what I wanna say hi to go and you army as serious verbal blows things out for you none of that would look funny. Yeah right we might cry shut a white shirt looks so weird all but that that's rock that's right all of my ears hurt now that's got an out you know I'm a mouse you got chocolate on your pants that's gonna. McGrath there. Here's what I wanna say two maligning stayed real nice to. Been in regards to be a world of sports. Okay. You go oh kitten cat in cat intact. This thing right here. This phone this is communicate or right here. I'll just extend lives next time if it does next time you go to a baseball or football or basketball game leaving the car. You wanna enjoy the game. For the cure has since of the sporting events leave this in the car. Let's start there young man. Can you do that. Now is it possible for you to do that I did at one time and I felt like I was naked because you're too busy doing a self he snapped chat a view and a girl in the third row behind you. Well here that you're not enjoying the 22 count what you wanna to out a seventh inning. Well yeah because I was checking the score this to the Seattle game. The Seattle's planes Saint Louis and and I got money I saw a wanna make sure that my over is gonna hit it to see how it's a bad thing. That I have this this device where not only caddie at the brewer gamer and I'm watching brewers and cubs. But I my phone I can also be checking out. Reds and Padres. And making sure that you know my under is gonna hit at the same time names are I don't and a torn about it. Okay. And at the same time you're doing that new multitasking. Claiming to watch the game and at an understanding and enjoying the pure essence of it. You're not talking to the people that you where. Everyone's varied in their phone. No conversation need it. Says some yeah exactly. That's the thing that's what I would say. We're we're so fixated and on that the well that's gonna probably say Graham opened the blame. Right Lang yeah sure bad. The slant right yeah. Yes we. We can't assists settled down and have a conversation. And enjoy the sporting event because a lot has learned through that conversation I will agree with every part of that statement. But not only just that would sporting event. We've ruined that like at the dinner table. That's gonna launch I mean you eagle out of date with a girl now. It's like OK so I got seventeen minutes that I have to fill out this hour and a half because. The rest of the world word both can be updating our our Twitter pages and making sure there were texting our friend. Let them know how it's all noise my first experience with that was with our colleague chaplain Steve Sparky father Pfeiffer bother Steve. When will these things got prevalent some years ago I was at lunch with a and I couldn't figure at some must have been Boggan hammer whatever laws that's I thought our. Just buried in that phone so what would you then say. To. The old school. With regards to sports that old you guys are too old you don't understand sports these days I just told you why you don't understand sports because you're not. Focus you're not just chill and back chill out watched her game talked about the game enjoy the game. It's got to be more than the game doesn't. Yeah because I I want as much information as I can as possible I have it in my fingertips no but that the that a mechanism to. Intelligence is conversation and experiences and I can have. Conversation with twenty people on my phone and impairs ended just once and I'm here SC. Paula. Why the sit back and watching game with who do you do that with your dad. Never once along when you go to the game with you daddy very your face in the phone. I mean I've been to a game in my damn about three years but I mean it depends. Depends on the game at the back I mean if if the games 303510. Then yeah I'm checking my fantasy team I'm seeing I'm seeing have Jamaal Charles was able run for for a touchdown and trim the lead I think you could make that claim. That that disconnect. At a baseball game is hurting the sport of baseball. And people say well as baseball is it pot as the popularity. Go on now. If if it is now let's say it is or it is let's say it is that's why. Well and it also. There is there is concrete evidence that it's it definitely is hurting other sports and helping some look at the NBA. I mean it did you wanna talk about a sport taking off and and getting on the millennial bandwagon to gain as fast pace it's a highlights for. That's what it's it's a 6102 clip sport where everybody can see a dunk that happened 25 seconds ago and it's its world. Why instantly have what's got their phones out and got there or that there's Dion as soon as LeBron and no one wants to see all our Jeremy Jefferson threw a ball. Right now let's wait fifteen seconds I needed to wait this out I just got the corn doll what that will not show for OK he's gonna throw another pitch. Yeah OK you know what do you what do you think he's gonna throw your attitude to towns you've been yeah I usually NC because we can talk and communicate well look Iggy azalea is dating younger Hopkins outside the when full senile what would you do young man he did announce a full count. His cutter has been working a little bit what they want bigger. Picture. If this keeps you that you should throw the curve ball here 7991250. If you're a millennial what do you tell the old grant was in the world. Like get what he would tell you like get with the times land T you can start there again at the time what times. We're still enjoying the same damn game. It's still the same game why don't you love it just as well telling it as much as you could be that I love the game of baseball. I love sports. And you guys you guys seem to want more. There's enough there. I guess more. So you have some does tell the old old ramp as the world. That I got some really good it's Elliott I got someone should I got my fist in the air too often. Address your lawn chair in your newspaper the and and listen up here after the break. It didn't sell out here on the fan. This. Good morning Tim taos in the morning here on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Having some fun this morning. Yeah. Little messy here. Graham voted dribbled. See if you would this had your bill but like everybody else what do that this at the home. We've been all right now I don't know if if if you're at a ballgame. If you're at a ball game. And you're younger in your with your dad or your uncle heard boo whoever. And you say. It. Why did they do that thing down there and they scrape the infield. Why why did they do that and then you answer than you learn right. Isn't that the way it works when you talk zoom you chill you enjoy. You have. You're in conversation. Instead. You'll O'Neal's. Yup I set it. Yeah are you people basically yes 740 yeah we'll get more into the conversation but what would you if you're more audio loads says the old school and your old school what are you set a more ideal yeah. Yeah I'd I just I just start with the phone leave the phone in the car when going into a sporting event just try it one time one time try. By the way yesterday the brewers had a a little bit of a meltdown actually specifically Corey can naval had a little bit of a meltdown blew that game. Yesterday in the ninth inning. We have the potter economy hotel and casino big money play of the game you wanna win some reward play over there at pot a lot of me. Do you know the big money player of the game we go to sharing sharing your on the fan your morning. I. What's happened. Sharon. Well as the big money play the game yesterday. Unfortunately. It lacked the Iraq Earl grant lap. I'm a liar says yeah right and donate with the buzzer sirens stopped and shared OK all Dow gets information but let me ask you this how old are you. Okay what would you tell Malloy O'Neal's about enjoying sports these days. Not the audit. Am happy I am very Eckerd and that I did it didn't help. Well yeah and yup yup that's it. I. Read this troll you can't you get information off that's scroll right to step dad's away Soros. And then you can talk K I wonder what Doug Baldwin didn't that sea hawks you can see all check on its way. I'm five and what do you think Doug Baldwin is gonna do today Billie and Phillies are no little Billy. What do you think that and just shut out all right Sharon all on a forest are sharing your information it's your info 7991250. Seriously it it is impacting. I think a way in which these NFL. MLB. NBA NHL organizations. Handle a lot of their day to day activities it is it's planning huge role in this it's changing their game in fact you can make the argument. That it's changing the game of baseball. Because it's a quick fix things in our launch angle exit velocity home run. Dynamic strike zone. Did you hear this new thing that colonials are trying to ruin baseball what there's this new idea that the base that baseball to possibly go to. And you're a laugh but this is actually an idea to move up the game and make people swing yet at first pitches. Is you shrink the strike zone on the first pitch. That it's it's it's tightened into what may be half of what the regular strike zone is to encourage you to swing first pitch speed up the game. And then you're also using lasts less pages less innings on arms starters you're making the game safer seats immoral about making things quicker and say oh Croshere understand that. Well what were grown up here. Let's look I don't I don't wanna get injured playing baseball. But I do wanna have some fun but I also do wanna go over to Johnny's house after and that's going to be an like an hour and a half yet so we can get this thing going. Yet and and here's here's another thing I can tell. An invention that really has a curtailed conversation. For a lot of people. Fort night. Fort night abort night fort night has turned idol bit. Has turned my millennial child. In do a freak in zombie oh for sure a zombie yeah that's what he has been can't wait to get home to play fort night. I've thought for a night session tonight who's in my squad who cares and it was college duty before that asks you out it was seven I'm aware that so. Let's let's hold the phone here. Rampant graft attempt. Grab your notebook because I know you don't wanna put it in your in your phone you know notes which should be easier is that you have and at every point you should tell you don't have to remember a piece of paper because what the thing is. Is this thing is is also a phone. But it's also one note taker. It's also a computer. Really GPS. It's also a way for me check my email so why not I have all these things going on right. What I want to do is I want as much information as possible. To make sure that I'm enjoying every part of this game. Very productive skills that these phones may is technology to understand how quit my thumbs are to be very productive. If it Camby. But it's taken away the essence of conversation. It's taken away that and an ambient serious it really is an end. The older I get. And and the older I get in general in the older my son gets I miss those days of conversation. I really do now you grew up. In you know when you first got your first cell phone right if you. It was texting really dead that was the thing oh for sure that T nine yet ahead you know the seven button four times the UT yes. So now if if you're you have a 789 year old child on on the horizon you're gonna get him their cell phone and it's different world out there I don't know how I would do it I had ties about your rates my son in. So it it's a little different now. I would put on lock down a clamp down on that phone you'd think I'd tell you do you think word that we are battle with our phones. And I'm talking about an accident an I'm at right from the back end of the millennial phase you know. Turns white format are the back and it right. We're going to be in and in a new era where these. Kids that are grown up like go and and high school right now in middle school right now. Do they what's elementary school was Smartphones the porn. They're not that is so low is viewed. On these phones and devices is staggering. There's so many movies I started. Infinity. Is. Excited as well what do you tell the other side. This is the other side to divided on which side of the fence around here is the evil side view the old school side them one sells a room and things that view of the maligning ails you old school you can't change. The different world my eyes will be a different planet out there and Mike you're on 7000 the morning in my. Guys here killer mute girl in my. Purse from all what he does go by Kim a pair of pants or Wal-Mart before Italy's. Somewhat positive as some others megaplex like us and might you know well that we went on our on our a great today. Nobody would nobody would want dance with as a. Ought to I have to say guys is what oil and kids that are. No clue how our own form of older. I have chocolate crowd today. And other it imposed since it get a picture that's how little they edit it. Old school guy go one new face right and I did when I don't. Yes photo I have to get out like the rotary. All your Polaroid and and then bring talent and the flash ball a little explode and kill one picture it's like a 150 dollars to take well. All the all the time I'll wait I got this disposable camera wanted to take a picture when you guys sweet the sound sweet sweet the sound is that you have notes we we don't. This all called the Marconi today I mean that there it doesn't like keeper I mean that it's always. So real. Real quagmire what would what would you tell the millennial site as a hot enjoy sports better. Well fervor over a quick interior before it's quite afford the things literally PCR I want a pipeline will actually. Okay and and I do you know. RA and he won't financial reform and yes I mean like and second. The great lost art of conversation man crawl right. God yes and any and you guys guys no I'm an umpire and I gag order these schemes and people. You know you're what you order at soccer game Tim and nor is watching the game they're all on their damn full. Yeah it's like people I I could probably and I'm not gonna Biller cracker Arctic are all about her naked in order even know I restored it. Because aren't paying attention that it gave. Well. They'll notice they'll film it too. Yeah yeah on twelve hours a week that's that's about this you don't need to do this I'm. Moment of any thing yeah you are missing a lot. Not resist sir I mean they're you're kid there is not sacred cows anymore I mean. No matter if you ardor or whatever it's going to be on FaceBook and through that and because they're dirt or privacy anymore. Now I don't know it is an organizer except Isner is X and tickets excepted. Speak getaway it's. This lets forget that I thank you Mike. This this is the other thing how times have changed word win a society where things are so accepted that certain parts of a conversation. Years ago 506070s. That. Were taboo. It's like you didn't see. You didn't talk about your. Private moments. Your personal. Alone moments. There are masturbating. Yeah well Yuen Yuen toggle when he went read a magazine. Well. Now you guy does boggle your dates would jail. Rule of and these other. Youngsters. Yeah it's. Such a natural. Like well. You gonna what are you guys go on a night well I'm gonna do this this and that. And you're like I have 1212 yeah. After words now let's watch her hands of those who will be back on the fan. No hope Radisson hotel and conference center green and gold training temple gates presented by Robert pack diamond swear they'll pay you clean. For your gold from title town here's Mike Clemens. The Packers defeat the titans 31 to seventeen Tennessee scored first on a nine play drive and a touchdown for Marcus Mario to Darius Jennings. As an offensive being brought there operations clean. You know we're able to move the ball obviously score points. But staying out of auto just little things that are getting back into the temple regain. To space servings concludes. Packers quarterback Brett Conley responded with a 48 yard shot to Dovonte atoms and an eight yard toss to running back Jamal Williams to tie it up public. After the game I just executed. You know whatever it's called and just know we do you know we can make plays and our feet as a quarterback question you know we're gonna make it throws and you make amend. It's just really placed before us so as long as we do Dag gone and to the temple moving at the business investment for us office Mike McCarthy. All right college up. Just look at things goes forward to this individual there so productive decision making sound yeah iPhone clearly his temple was the best and through quarterbacks. It was a rough night for Green Bay rookie receiver Jamont more ways to drops just three catches on seven attempts his longest completion for just nine yards. Me too. Couldn't really tell you. That's the plan makes so. I wouldn't. Want a life you. We'll have some medals so. I was blown so bookings for. 1057. Talking up more deals verses old school. Let's go to TJ. TJ it's a great debate what's on your mind. Good morning guys. A memorial with Garvin old school mentality. I grew but sporting game on the outward Obama for at all. But I achieve you know common people around me that are. The other head buried in the form and then they wonder why they got a fireball or by a batter. Missed you know big turning point game whatever kind of game it is football baseball whatever but. You know it's it's kind of helped me out because I by insulting is kind of a side here. You know people have lost all negotiating skill seems like saw in court that. I give what I want for oppressed so once sold through more border forward and it's such a neighbor game. But that in learned a negotiated from wrecked on pawn stars. She's eager no negotiation skills all communications skills all that's why relationships suffer these days because they don't have the mentality. Philip desire to work through problems and while it's easy L issues they don't argue it. I'll agree with Joseph Mathieu what also has gotten weird arm. Does the symbol for cage simplification. Of ordering food just on your phone now that I do have an issue with with millennial doing like bacon safe. Robert Higgins and now you can order your groceries or. Hold up. Text and say hey I'm here and they will walk your groceries out your car in what do men and then you don't have to see anybody now that as we. It's miserable human interaction I'll think it's gonna. It was that's no way to so living go through life I don't think all of liked old timer over there I I do enjoy it played Florida it's still. Little boy all right all right how old are you TJ. Or radar OK okay cool I'm very good I have gone brother thanks. So you're out of football game and it's 32. And you've got the play clock going then and you say well they cared what would you call here. Well here let me see I'm gonna check with Packers are on third downs. Hours are three of eight from on third downs here today yet but see that's announced third and short even run the football well on this drive. Seeing other sports though here as arm as I'm looking at it I have there they're Romans was there. The only averaging 2.3 yards carries on and off I don't know if you're gonna trust that are running all the plays Dario and noted no and you say wait why. That's that's that did them the phrase I hear most weight what you say something. They award you wanna go for dinner way what. Wait what what am I waiting for free to finish your staff Jack. And yet so someone to weeded and it was speaking of which social media do wanna thank Joes and Zola some kind comments on FaceBook. Of of the shown. Yeah said look I gotta be honest people. I loved him in charge more and it was nice job that was really nice in all seriousness are also at the mentions them. I'm here are not necessarily back he knew all that much. Nick says typical man I took my dad a box game that I had to yell at him more than once to get off his phone. And it was a Mac a game. As you swipe and writer what was Hedo you must have been also here's up mr. curbs. Saying it dumb a vacation and wimp wimp but vacation I don't know exactly that's a word Mandela's that is not a word no way we've had a on -- to have a better vocabulary and they said looking up real words at. The location of society derives from the cell phone. This is why we have to watch baseball games threatened that because these spoiled idiots. Don't have any attention span and the powers that be prefer it that way mr. Kurtz tweeting. All right here from an iPhone so. Now all they really are just they really are the worse thing around now I'm just thinking internally and throw that in terms of conversation man idea I think at that. It is a lost art these days at times. Rubin's it is as bad that this generation had to pay for pork if I. Salty I do Sylvia yeah quiet normal and it's fog I don't want to admit they're paying 2999. This either because it's studied Daniel though my girlfriend asked me why do you still have a VHS recorder now I don't haven't hooked up. It's just downstairs where shall order that the the other a VHS player of the video cassette tape player policy when Eisenhower. I'll tell myself it's about as morbid camera a little studio because I have a lot of things still on VHS cassette I do I haven't transferred him over to. Your way up there and after the digital so if I ever wanted to pop that it I you know got the VHS in them boom and off we go always good Watson. Whenever no baseball game something. That's withered on the these as an old ladies and if he had not at all not that date though well. Not balance. Now known not tax returns 1998 nuclear as you doubt one it is an interesting debate because there is this divide a little bit here at. In all seriousness there is a divide here. On the way we except sports these days I think it. Probably is a blend of everything we've discussed. Or commerce say more about that Tim and tiles. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. You win a thousand dollars details coming up.