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Tuesday, February 13th
Chuck and Winkler 7am Hour - Chuck and Bart discussed who the greatest Milwaukee Buck to wear the number 34 is.

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No shock and we blurred. Liars from a brilliant didn't strike me colleague just letting studio. On sports Radio One 057 against them the. And Josh Heupel. 057 FM the fan 1250 on the AM hey we've got an app. He'd he'd get out arrange also won a 57 FM the fan that count Ray Allen. Yeah I was an addict who vote Terry Cummings that number 34. Has been worn by some grades until this point who's worn it better that's Jeff Freeman I'm borrowing cooler. Frames when I asked the question. And I you hate to do is that I asked him when I asked the question if the bucks were to retire the number 34 right now who would they honored to. That makes sense. If they do it right now if they young does right now I've got just came out today down at. After the game tonight said you know what I just play by last NBA no no that's not part of it. That's what people are getting confused as of yesterday so maybe I need to. Fix my train of thought while I asked if the box retire number 34 right now and people are going crazy on FaceBook. Which really some of the some of the finest people that were ever created by god. Somehow know our FaceBook page and love to congregate there. Yes not retiring I'm just asking her who at this point. Take yon has up to this point compare with the careers are great and Terry Cummings who has played the best in the 34 uniforms so far. Is this a real question yes it's a real question I said I did a question mark at the end. Cannot I what I'm and his are faced a break out of nowhere these people come from man raised worries accomplish more. Obviously raise accomplished more. I would say race team. His teams have a twelve has more on it was a malt ball star. When he was here tube does Yeltsin got she is two time all star ray has made what the real star teams let me give you the tale of the tape OK if I can do it. Ray Allen. Milwaukee blocked in the late nineties early two thousands he started 490. Times. In 494. Games. His best season overall the 2001 season Tony two points a game five rebounds per four and a half assists a steal a half and a block. He averaged in his career. Nineteen point six points a game with the box this is just bucks numbers. Warning half rebounds nearly four assists in just over a steal a three time all star. 2001. All NBA third team and all rookie team in 1997. That's Ray Allen. Yeah honest data come talk to this point in 369. Games this started 304 of them. In his career as a block he's averaging sixteen points a game seven and a half boards nearly four assist. A steel point to a game. Obviously this season's incredible these 28 points 10 rebounds morning after says he's a two time all star starter. Tony seventeen all NBA second team. The Tony 142 rookie team and Tony seventeen most improved and let us not forget. Terry Cummings who did not start his career with the bucks. But then came here right after his rookie season was all NBA in 19852. Team all NBA third team in 1989. 404 starts and 480 games. He averaged about nineteen points per game seven point eight rebounds 2.3 assists one point three steals a two time all star with the box. Never a starter we can compare and contrast these a little smoother. Throughout the next 1530 minutes here but is not as far off statistically. As I think you would be led to believe and the kicker for me is the two time all star starter. The Tony seventeen all NBA second team. And the incredible season he's having up to this point I'd say that all of this three. Yeah honest is the best to Wear number thirty forever for the Milwaukee bar. Walks if you were to select. If he had all three guys there in the time of the box still brave. Yet with take out the knows talent Boston Miami winning all these asking about Ray Allen got a bit nobody gets flashback in fifteen years ago. When he was here com. And Terry Cummings made these kids have never heard up had a great guy exactly which is the bucks fault who the yup with a box treated. You know that's they Trimarche Johnson for a Terry Cummings. Beckoning the mid eighties. On a Saturday morning Erin Burnett deal being consummated that was very sick and I would say OK at the what occurs all said and done. No we're doing the right to do not always say other courses can be yachts and its purpose of missing in the house but. The other two of one playoff series. The other two have been to conference finals. Udonis has not accomplished anything yet. In the post season. From a team perspective rate is still young in his career or not pull them against them we just hasn't yet. Raise a better shooter. Yeah honest does everything else right. The only thing that Reyes got on him is. Can shoot three better than. Yes Ray Allen and his career as a block from the field shot forty. 5% yeah honest shooting 50% coming shooting 48%. From the three point mark. Yeah honest Tony eight point 1% three point shooter in his career as a bloc Terry Cummings. Tony 9%. Ray Allen the big one. At forty point 6% and you want to add about being a better shooter Hubble from the strike. Terry Cummings 70% free throw shooter yon a 74%. Free throw shooter and Ray Allen. 88%. Free throw shooter so from a shooting standpoint. Array I think would take sure obviously. That are outside shooter. Bitter free throw she yup yup and 74%. Youngest is gotta get down when over 80% he misses too many free throws. Think we ought to remember being different we critical bought him obviously we know. His potential and he's Jimmy better better better but he's got to get in he knows that. You know he kicked the there was one game this year using the fifteenth 32 lines too good a player to be like them. I would stay I would say for accomplishments so far. Terry Cummings migration plan or their green tree I would say. Global. Boy yeah ounces of two time starter. Two time all star starter ray Allen's a three time all star at the box now Terry coming went to two all star no Felix ray got even better at three left here. I needed his best years were in Seattle you out. Where it was going from averaging about twenty points a game to about 25 point yep but to be the Boston Miami when news and then he started winning titles and entitles him. I will say. You go to your body can you got it right seats Harry Cummings number three. Okay. You know Terry Kelly number three the other two are all funded blouses. Plotted stories be written about him nepalese potential hall of Famer. Ray hall of Famer can be hall of Famer Terry Cummings. Not a normal payment now so I'd say. I'd sight at this point it's still take raid. Ray yeah honest. And and then Terry Cummings out to this point until this point his career not the end game he has not surpassed that worked their Ray Allen is what you're saying yes because rate. Has accomplished more with his team's. Winning by going to the conference finals. Now if I was going just like one player to. To grow which is a team of course have to take Yassir group share. I alleges it's an exercise and I doubt has Yani is surpassed not only Ray Allen. But also Terry Cummings who I think you can strongly argue for his well in the current he had. And when I first thought about this question yesterday. I'd be reminded honestly I'm Terry Cummings knowing in the late eighties and how good he played let's go to Martinez. In Port Washington for a 147991250. Guys can chime in as the best blocked too where 34 opt to do this all right. I'd Martinez you go Cummings right. Coming decode the Obama commented because there aren't inflated. Coming played an area what are called little. Basketball like being a man or other. Barely has declared a well. What are they got it it's are you expecting it and play coming what I wanted Barkley. Wayward Jordan Isiah is let out a prelude people in the game well. Outlawed some yet they under to light in a fight we thought rated alt. And while they head. Or be considered. Obsolete. Now you might delete lull while people and rep like. Well he played with the magic and blurted their primes doctor Jerry. Not now say that the I mean I think the players today. There's more great players and there were in the spirit beckon me. Well it has brought great players but it did put it more. The brutality of basketball that it is still without all the important but I basically. The door on it yet they're coming up and it ain't got it. Will be better in every. That is par putt. I mean don't bottles east teams Bart but Terry coming shot a little bit too much. The guy's method that I rarely test of a shot. Mcguirk called a ball hog wild man he shot an awful lot of god. And I tell your boss Jerry Jihad Obama Terry Terry column boss Jerry did miss too many open shots that fit or shots in general. 7991250. Ray Allen yeah honest or Terry Cummings or there's a 34 I'm missing. Tuesday I'm so worried I would be honest you Williams I think the two time all star starter for that I know it's a different Arab but there's so many stars now. Any honest is able to eclipse a lot of these guys and be in the Echelon of LeBron James V in the Echelon of Kevin Durant mean he was nearly voted. A captain this year I think John this is a transcendent player. I think you're seeing that I think there's some a lot of off the court stuff in terms of what he's done for the city what he's done for Greece I do factor that in a little bit. And he was an all NBA on the second team ray got up to the third team. Cummings did get an all NBA second team in 85. But I think day yeah honestly especially would this year if you look at his career stats. Yeah honest sixteen point two game this is his career is about okay young as sixteen point seven points a game. Seven and a half rebounds in his career three and a half assist you look at this year what he's done so far he's nearly averaging thirty he's got Tony it gained ten boards. Four point seven assist. One point five steals a game nearly a blocking game he's just gotten X. Exponentially better here in year out where some of these other guys careers. I don't you know they were always there worst thirty knew ray was gonna get to it Tony Tony on Tony to a night same with Cummings yeah goddess is only gotten better and better and he's. Boosting his per game point average like Ivey season I'm gonna go deal well with gray. With ray I mean he was so he's won the all time great shooters. And if your pick. If you're to pick between the honest and an acting comes on the Wii written and the Imus and in your doubled the off the course of all three of these guys were terrific. In the community. I mean Ray Allen was in a movie was Jesus shuttleworth now yeah I should factor that honest about it and a movie yet meld with Terry Cummings was an ordained minister Hussein the national Terry Cummings is not a cover of SI and then it did happening Intel yeah honestly don't. Great ever got as a side box cover. But you Terry. Urgent would come out once a while he would do the National Anthem before games. Cool okay sort of veto Brown's life due to the hole jeez yeah he was an app factor that it was the original veto groan for old and scored 7991215. Let's get jog in Franklin John Abell I what's gonna John. And boy it's. That's very common man who lived through the great box. Always enjoyed watching him play you'd very exciting player. Now now he's my number three on there's no question that out of the trajectory. And cannot make this question in two years. Pretty obvious. All but number two in my archive like I still remember mr. Milwaukee. I mean Ray Allen what that sweet shop man but I've never met and he loved this city. It's that he loved him. Who triggered the Ben what are they can shop at one of the city. Edit an awful their that you could seek. That it was it and are too because he never out of it be traded because there's relationship with the city. I'm law. Pummeled Milwaukee got all my life and I and I appreciate batten who play at this point I'd silly inappropriate behavior. There really want to get traded to Seattle. That was a George Karl deal you know rape never complained. You know he didn't see eye to eye with ray with Carl the coach. But now rate now he was part of some big moments. Ultimate championship nor did you know anybody since Korean but. You know raid. Ray's gonna go down as one of the all time great Milwaukee Bucks but it if you read retired at 34. The white he vowed to vote number 34 because if you're gonna adversaries never some day you couldn't because Yost. Hi yeah I can't I thought that they were I he noted that era and Jeff thanks to the call they indeed retire any of those guys when you know no big dog not. And ray and I guess to salad the other on whether or not not read your big god none. Guess would now wanted retired his split you know I think dot enough postseason appearances for those guys probably. Amid it was a stretch from nine before I wanna say some 99. Aim at. Maybe three to 9993. Denying the analysts say. Where you know them vin baker Glenn Robinson. Dual couldn't win the team in the playoffs. Isn't he let's on these other teams like the grizzlies they've already said they're gonna retire Randolph they're gonna retire Tony Allen whom they're tired commonly. And they're gonna retire Marcus soul they're retiring although as is customary. Now that because it's that era of grizzlies basketball they want to honor they have not done that for the bucks back in the 2001. Are they haven't done anything. Like now but you look at the seventies. Bobble here is up there. Paula they NBA hall of Famer you know eat the team took note another step up when they traded for him they got into the distance for Kent Benson. Junior Richmond was six meant as a six man in his jerseys retired Brian winners. Terrific shooter. His jerseys retired mark of course Marcus Johnson as the daylong argument obviously. Marcus Johnson best player moles late seventies early eighties sports teams which was among the best in the MBA Mark Johnson the best player. Then Delhi's earned his number and his Jersey not retire. How do you figure that 7991254. On 47991250. Can reach us. On FaceBook and really has some really intelligent and conversations there are also Twitter and we do little pull out that we put out late last night with nearly. A thousand votes so we'll look at. Who you guys have decided from the masses who the best 34 ever up to this point for the boxes van. Weather's been Ray Allen young mr. Terry Cummings. I guess if you wanna throwing Dick Cunningham or Reece Gaines you can you can argue for one of them I think when they handed out 3040 on us. They didn't expect. I mean I thought he's been good where I'd think the expected him to take it to this level. I don't know him. I'm you candidate I don't know you know and so they handed the Jersey 34 Iran think of Marie Allen at all. Struggle like that where served up by Perkins 4147991250. Also the talkback feature. On our Smartphone. There were certified Perkins if the box Tuesday. Bill Monday it. We'll continue our votes Tuesday throughout the show at 815 or so Gary wolf Fuller more hockey basketball insider. And it doesn't give more inside than talking to the GM of the team. I'm John horse will join us at 8:35 this morning stick around finder radio. For that. Up to this point who is the best bucks player. All time to Wear number 34. The three choices that that I think we can narrow it down to our young and it's. Ray Allen. And then Terry Cummings. We put the pole out last night on Twitter now. I don't know the demographics of people voting maybe there's people I got into the box watching out as didn't seem much a Terry Cummings that could be. A factor to the right now of the three yeah honest is leading 51% of you guys that want a 57 and on the stand say yeah on this already. The best not to Wear number 34 Ray Allen comes in with 36%. And Terry Cummings it's about thirteen ball. And Terry comics probably should be third but most guys their mid thirties never seen were me I'd even born when Terry Cummings. Was so play for Milwaukee Bucks or that are very very small replica which but he's clearly the third guy between you on a sin and rating. Two potential hall of famers. And I mean obviously Jimmie Johnson's 23 amenities that we can all safe to say he's on his way. But you know Terry tucked her job as a rogue player all star but he was in the all. If her put him and hall of fame hall of very good. Where the other two are great. So muscle listeners go beyond this doc Cody goes of the NS I go he had this mom Margo rain you go with Ray Allen. By the course of three years not to change that oh sure well. Which they right now we're to save them right now I just say obviously your daughter is projected to be amazed so yeah I'd be somebody could listen to safeguard you think you honest is better than rain. Well as far as what they've done their career up to this point orders they had to this obvious point qualifications. Be what they made. I Dave tweets and says. Hi this is directed to you frames he says this is yeah oddest of blame that his teammates staying. He can't win a playoff series by himself. So one of the reasons you put I think ray over NASA's policies and success. I'm days asking is the honest to blame that ray had better teammates and he'd use. What's that could be up for debate too. I mean big dodge Sam decides he was pretty gut I mean they made Eastern Conference ma yeah. I mean this. Mean to me that a conference finals but I mean this year. There should be an excuse for jas having influence they were teammates he's got to teammates this year the best teammates that. This surrounding cast that gases have so far. Ian tweeted and said do we take into account already destroyed the team. Big Dodd and Sam and Tim Thomas couldn't stand him. And it ended the same way in Boston. KG and Paul Pierce and Rondo won't talk to. I think George Karl destroyed the team. You know George Karl. All sorts of mean George George is a great coach. There's also reason why that. He doesn't last that long in any one spot you look at Sunday though I mean it was a celebration for Paul Pierce Rondo is their dock was there and Garnett was there. A Ray Allen was golfing when George Lopez. It's not a joke was he at the Pebble Beach he was I don't know but I saw a picture him with George Lopez yes. Now. From. The George Lopez show and whatever analyses and slate meaning go back as did the retirement for Poulter a little odd. Little odd diseased part of that victory yeah. That he wouldn't be here for that now. Chris Christie says that qualified seven FM the Fannie says yeah this is the best player I've personally ever seen in a box uniform. I'm forty. Ray got fake MVP chants when he had good games yes it's real MVP chants. And could certainly win that award someday Cummings was very good but not on the level of the other. Geiger. And guys are. Coming soon not on the boo them rain however ray every MVP chants. Bought. But he is taking a ten time all star. Lot of ovals all stars after he he left Milwaukee. But. In a ray was in great was was re ever starter in the all star game and he was not I mean three channels there after leaving here I united them. He's ten time all star overall I'm sure he was some point that all NBA team. He was when he was Siri was third team all NBA right. The honest as a second team all NB AM Cummings and his time is about as a second and author if you had the ball in one person's hand it's. In the closing sector it's. To shoot or do something with a basketball. You probably take a break this is better shooter only one of the great all time shots in NBA history outs but got us where he jas without question better on the correct. Mat suites in says. This is dumb. Yeah I says it had a better career than Ray Allen not even if you just look at their blocks career. Ray got them within a game of the finals and you honest is not won a playoff series. 4147991250. Let's go to Schuyler on the north side Skyler re honest or Terry Cummings by. Barbara. We district are outnumbered them why he did not see them play. Pocket movement what you don't let that I have curve it to come at Purdue we're here now look what my every hour Larry. Out of Iowa I huddle like nobody to break elbow where you are brought our brought up though. Army. Argued yeah what you get better if they know what are not our people were great. And I have a say or bricks and you can just put more books I mean art world you. I reject it just tell you give yourself in Syria. I heard Doerr Milwaukee buck yeah Iceland did that but couldn't hear anything else though so he got Ray Allen and their scout yeah but now now now you are you we have that in. The grave resonates with a lot of guys who. You may be an early thirties early forties. Growth globally a tea I've never been more. Heartbroken from a trade then when Ray Allen got traded. Yes the yeah we did think a lot of time it was going to be. Bomb I I just I didn't understand it I don't why didn't I got a text from my body. Did you text back then that he call called I don't remember about my buddy was the one to tell me. And he said Ray Allen got traded Michael what for you Gary Payton fat guy Gary Peyton who's who was at the end of his career out. Pomp and Desmond Mason and then we all like try to just a five a good trade because oh Desmond Mason is going to be the next great day now. And there is part of that though. And that was a terrible trade. That was that your depth of Rachel ration of finishes careers are played a few more years here at least right. But know that that it was a terrible trade but at the time I don't think people were debt down on the trade because. We're getting the glove a year. This team needed some defense and the global Islamic great defenders in the game. Bought gloves and wanna be here and he was in the final year as catcher Demi when he was leaving after the season so he was basically a rental. Georgia Strider. He brought it is guy Gary Peyton traded out of guiding you along with her three album that's ways it probably. Should be looked yet. Tavern to eats it and says ray had a great coach. Yon has had a wet clock for a coach. And inputs or gets Jason kid. Out looking clueless. Well Rabe what do those are define ray had Chris sport it. And George Karl Crist Florida on government Chris or why are that I that the bark stripped of the the height of the Gabriela that was on draft night. The bark straight it is very the board straight at that they draft the star Barry. She just retired this Stephon Marbury who is gonna shoot named after him but. I'll Marbury got you rated team has played in China for like nine years out but he but he the bark stripped him on draft night. On this but the bush used all the public draft on the Bradley Center. Forward fans come down and watch it as the last night it didn't tune sold the book stressed that Marbury and everybody's excited drafting barber. With the believe the fourth pick in the draft. Sold and Mike Dunleavy was the GM at the time and Chris sport comes out and say well you know we made an announcement. We are treating. Stephon Marbury. To Minnesota for Ray Allen and boom is wrong out of the Bradley Center those guys whose smooth solved. Knew. Same and alcohol may be booze afterward but fears were not happy. If each rated Marbury for re obvious. Just like he. Ten K Jean Louis Dallas 79912. JJ were value then. Go up big in a beautiful island nobody is right now is that. Wonderful. Our list all the notes that for one days so arm. I'm real pleased welcome back. Well thank you. Could be that shooter in. Cold and snowy Wisconsin so who do you pick Cummings ray Arianna. Well I go by clutched jeans and I'm practicing nearly an hour and at this point. Beer he was up there malevolent Michael Jordan. Kobe Bryant in terms of the clutch gene and came through and beat. Spots throughout and so career. You know and with a box and every other team she's just been one of the best. As it in these shots. It seems that about John Asia. Being redundant to a place else. Weird but media as he goes along it might happen but I have to go through right now. Now houses it's a big shots against the knicks. Yeah it's neck and he's a Mick Taylor he's in New York Hillary is getting into Brooklyn and then that you know the next now. But yeah I'd like to see some were game winners from him I guess I think in all though. So jump. 799 told videos can chime in do wanna bring out the Golden State Warriors I don't know if you ever heard that my brother works there you know a couple times OK so he's not the head coach you're rose up that joke you know but last night Steve Kerr wasn't either. So we've had that discussion about how. Steve Kerr packages not coats and the warriors would be just fine Steve Kirk let the players coach last night they won by authority. Will hear from Steve Kirk. 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General or governor Brian Stratton college Atlantic studios warriors head coach. Steve Kerr I don't know why we find so funny the Charlie Brown teacher. Won't won't or more on. Yeah yeah. We have Canada. Obama never get here. Not our hand you never know what it is now. Is that one of the shows too I don't muck that babies who like this where they never showed the adult faces. As the kids are so small. They show the teachers faces and Charlie Brown wrong I think leadership there did ever showed Charlie didn't show the parents and Charlie Brown writes I just all of the bottom of their body you always politics of the but themselves. Now did you hear from. In making his deepest the work. This sounds this is actually that was Charlie Brown's teacher's voice. It sounds a lot similar to the promo for today's bill Michael's. Nothing. Bad will happen. Yeah we have. It is at all for me it does sound a little. Yeah. I don't like goals at at work or you're having fun tended to today. On the fans so Steve Kirk play that sound byte because he says his voice is getting worn out from. The warriors and a couple of weeks ago warriors obviously best team in the league although the rockets are giving them around right now in the last. On said that we just need to get to the all star break we're getting tired this is getting hard are getting tired we need to renew a couple of days off. Pot so yesterday you mix that out yet I Drake were dollar run shoot around he and another guy run the video session and then during the game. In timeouts it would be either drain on that was coaching up a play Seth Curry coached up a play it would Dallas coach double play. For all the Collins Steve Kerr did not coach last night that game was won by. The Golden State Warriors as a unit they win 129 to 83. The suns are task because it was disrespectful that's and they beat up on. But we talked about that Steve Kerr. While he is a good coach we can all say. How much a bit of a coaching job is he really doing because of the talent. Betty have a big one question they came in a couple weeks ago fresh check went very thing was if I coached the warriors can I lead until finals. And you'd say yes and it's Steve Kurt can just sit by his side and watch his team win by 45 boy that's a credit Phoenix team all maybe there's some truth to that ball hit all the. Second time Phoenix's head has done to them. Last week must and how San Antonio with pop. He didn't coach the fourth quarter against Phoenix there are reports 3540 points when he level of assistance told you this kind of setback. This site that is Phoenix is headed dog that we ought. If if if Phoenix and exits the disrespectful get better. At that should be assigned its a real motivated to get better disrespectful. Yard that you are disrespect to your terrible. They're terrible basketball program right now and the rule the below Kurt do we do this I think this is gonna be a chip for. The players because the players won't. Dollar around the league say seat all along which it coach's team ourselves and be better so the days of player coaches may return Williams sent. Oh really just under torture us who do you do well is he a player coach for IOC wants our Russell yes. Jared Dudley to ESPN after the game says. It shows a lack of respect for opponent may be right now we don't deserve verse merry go Jared Dudley when you can just a besides forty teams are respect to units I've tested change that this is Steve Kerr on. I told Jeff. Towards us and there you know people may make big deal others enough. Had nothing to do this with being disrespectful and had to do with me trying to reach my team I have not reach them for last month. They're tired of my voice I'm tired of my voice. The NBA think of the Big Three sports is probably the one sport you can get away with this for put you couldn't. The quarterback he calls all plays but. You know defensively. You need at defensive coordinator to put guys in position I think baseball. I guess you could probably do that baseball but I mean you would decides when a pitcher's got to come out of the game and whose championship. Yeah NBA's all differ especially if here. One of the greatest teams ever assembled against the Phoenix Suns I guess the NBA every item. When they may substitutions. How did you washing him that I did the limit all I did and I am trying to go to bed before 9 o'clock in the missiles late ninety million was an NB ATV 930 armed with a meat substitutions of. That they do that. I'm not sure now but dove for the most part in the timeouts the players were calling things. Or might have told dynamited just ran the same sort lineup but they were down a few guys last night you know I dream on was injured seed and playing so. He kind of in the second half took over the role as coach disease guardian suit sure anyway the he just anted up at all he had ET on those nights and incurred they have to ask him. Well you're tired of your own voice what does that mean long term he said let's not get carried away I like it here I want to stay at like this job I'd like to stay on the job. But tonight they needed a new voice now the words are gonna get rid of Steve occur any time soon now but interesting tactic that went. Yeah after the signing your fist of the warriors. Look at the regular season is boring as hell for these guys would just like any other coach in any of the sport. Kurds last coaching job will not be Golden State. So Pat Riley Phil Jackson. All these I approached a row I think with Kirk. When he's dining that go back to TV I think I don't know a lot of possibility August saint you know if you want to coach again. You know he's not gonna finish up. If you wanted to coach against not could be you know he's not going to be. He's a beard to music coaching you'll see fifteen years about chocolate or served up by Perkins restaurant bakery you can Winfrey Perkins just Telus which Olympic sport you hate more details on that Max. Served up by Perkins restaurant and bakery is a chance to win some free food to Perkins today for the winner Tuesday. We came up with the putter Tuesday idea by the way all these other. Places capping us on Twitter Tuesday your question today which Olympic sport Winter Olympics sport do you like watching the most. Which do you like watching the least tweet us at 1057 FM the fan. Use the hash takes CW line she can win Tony dollars to Perkins one winner. At random. You know I think you and I are very high on the Milwaukee Brewers going into the season. We like the offseason moves. You know you said last week you know I get a via live at morrow a fan than a media guy when it comes Milwaukee Bucks but I think that the brewers. I have let myself go there and think that the other there I honestly think in my heart heart of parts of this team is never great summer. All right I I haven't felt this way about the brewers a long time but I really think things are set up for the Milwaukee Brewers. Do you think you are nine. Who did the station started the morning. And set the tone for the rest that you think. We are setting ourselves up for a let down with the Milwaukee Brewers. Considering you and I both think it's gonna be deadly day yet but it's going to be great summer. I would caution. That I I think you might be ahead of me. Which is where I L. I joint chiefs might be academy OK I figure pop the breaks little more I think guy might be mr. pump the brake guy today. Okay. Why. Well look early time in a lower talking about yeah pumping the brakes. Yesterday we were talking about if the brewers don't make another move. Can they win the central. And you had said yeah. Tim said yeah. Maybe teller said yeah. I said no I think they have to add another pitcher they wanna content with the cubs in the central I think I think is going to be a fun summer don't get me wrong I think they could. Top the 86 wins I would put them right now around 88. I think that this team has a wildcard berth in their future and he's going to be a fun summer. I don't think go in the central. And I don't think they'll. It much farther than the NLD yes I think if they're gonna go far in the playoffs they need more pitching now they trade for archer and and bring in. Alex convert glance Lander whoever. They make a couple more moves and bolster the staff did not I mean then I'll start talking crazy but as of right now I think isn't your fun summer I just. I died when woods don't think of the jobs I yeah lending because I don't sent. I do I think the virtual challenged him on I'm epidemic comes when the division but I think. Milwaukee deftly can challenge them and I'm not discounting the brewers. Making moves during the season. That's gonna help this team get a little better I thought beyond them getting Neil Walker last year helped them. Certainly the second base spot when it was a big hole and VR let them down and play well. Arm that was a big pick up every so there was a big figure for these guys to. In all along the way of the brewers can make a couple pickups to make them better but I. I eat. Wonder if we're going to be setting ourselves up for because I think a lot of people are on board with what the brewers are doing this year enough. Type a team they're gonna hand of and yet they mailed him you did that night couple weeks go on upon a Thursday when Amy those. Killer moves by getting yelled action came. I think what they did their bullpen. I think there's plenty of reason now. I would be really disappointed at the finish below 500 with this team okay. So yeah I'm at now if they. Don't win the central I'm not gonna be crushed because I don't think they're gonna win the central or if they don't get a wildcard. If they wind 85 and ninety games a missile wild card. I don't know if I'll be Christ. If they'd. Underperform from the season ago. Then I'm going to be crushed and I don't think there's a lot of brewer fans right now that thing gets even a possibility I think everyone's taking. 500 for granted. At this point don't you. Oh yeah. All absolutely. What was the latest over and under we have last week was that the 83 I had to look at al-Qaeda might attack about that with all the added you I don't know. But I think it you know 8283. I type I do think they're officially record anything I mean even a couple of games of a firefighter mark I think would be. Wouldn't be good at this point. Are we are we have set and self selves up and a firfer heart break 4147991250. For winds. Frames I'm on board not the bad.