7am - How far could Hundley take the Packers?

Chuck & Winkler
Tuesday, November 14th
Chuck and Winkler 7am Hour - Chuck and Bart looked at the rest of the games for the Packers and talked about how far Brett Hundley could take them.

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Oh yeah. Your only choice for local sports talk in the morning. In Scranton college athletics studio. This season showed it always blurred on sports Radio One 057 FM. Hey Steve Novak. To join the program around 735. Able side to it. Gary wool pulled coming up as well. You'll join us around. 818. You're chanted free food from Perkins coming up. With a question bass down and divisional matchups. In the start this hour with a wreck. Rick says no bail for one or 7991250. Are really badgers before the break break what do you guy it's your moment to shine. I thought that into my corporation bought time to talk a little bad for all we talk on your show. All right op Ed. Block. Out I bite taken as in the old age. Like I am pro pro am party Shula and everybody else in the pro and allied Irish or maybe. Well prepared or X or eight. OK so. You. Our nation are now. I think this is like out a season long question with the Wisconsin Badgers that the badgers should should be sitting order for now and always make a lot of mistakes. What are you gonna do they're timid don't. The American League quarterbacks which must the west corner Burke gets his knees taken off from him or not gonna do. I win football games the Los gay disease has not lost the starting quarterback effect he broke obvious interception record Dijjer and I and all thirteen interceptions he's broken record rating list with Davis. And I make that point straight. And they won that game. Yes but you don't wanna see Jack homecoming in an untested guy who's never played it down a playing in this game do you. Oh and assert it was as bad gut. Even checked out why Oklahoma at number three when it looked like eight and bad. Because their name program and they have a guy named army time and that their toughest hole except talk how football rankings work. Name programs get more love. It or it would now. Demand is gonna. Also taught and if so you trek game. It's a tough kid gets pushed him that's the top 25 T met the deaths of legit. Pre season top ten I wanna say to all America look amazing and ultimately. Edmund and try to apply it trapped in other point Yemeni similar. There are reports out stay at Palin out in Ohio State. Asia. Or coop and Bucky. All documents we agree with Iraq yeah but did not make it quarterbacks which incidentally but how much we are first reported some states. Mean we all agree artist and he throws hopefuls pick sixes. So it does kill this man I need it and I was funny watching the packer game I'm not Sunday one of the furthest. The cause that oddly addict who is one of those outs by him and how he's balls I mean. That sounded weird but the ball's only through you can there be no. And at the better with what they're the balls Conley through. In the flow in the air a little longer than they did have a lot of zip. All but not like to hoard books though no corner first drive right now we're gonna see it expects just like Iowa. Porter Brooks of your receiver out there you can run in the stands get yourself a couple of handfuls of pop or comeback a doubles still here. Now that's success if that's the that's where he has found a drop or this morning granted full no matter what the Michigan band. Well. I'd check freedom of ethnic there at and it's one of these kind of mornings are. Am. At. The badges and more I come soul. You know just in all there is no message boards and all that justice. Twitter. Arm are just irate because of or reverse or perceptions they say well bring in Jack home. No what do we know budget cone arm. You true freshmen know that he's a guy from they recruit on New York. But Crist portable Chris Chris guide reported Burke was at the hip with Crissy ever remedies that bit and when Chris came back it was Johnson. Portable came back with food does that. They've they've followed the U doubts over here he did note no it has now I don't know he was a Pennsylvania guy. He wants any cut eight comes to a foreign land in Wisconsin yes. Crist you know. Yeah those two are you would check on those when he was in high school. This big sport wasn't what was what course he was gonna goal. He was gonna go to look it was a little Notre Dame employees across. Mural cross does not have a lacrosse team believe. Across Dallas right. All yellow cross does not have a lacrosse to enable schools Tuesday conference not a big East Coast thing now visit him across is and the eight time on the East Coast big tax. Not here bomb that some high schools here in the state there are some high schools that at a dental university school. Channels opera. Upper tier schools now there are some that there isn't strategies to go through and I ripped out a few Paul's last night on Twitter and this'll transition us into your chance to win Tony dollars a Perkins and a Twitter Tuesday. I put a few pulls out about the NFL. As we have been talking a lot about the NFC north and and I don't think it's that good so I put NFC north bad good. 82% of people said bad. On my Paul grant date it was to people that follow me. So it was a Bart friendly audience that the embassy nor his bail to be an easy and aren't as bad on one of the common. Kansas that I that was part. All divisions are bad well that's always told yesterday so then I thought. You know Ohio is complain about NFC north games now. Appealing. Intra division match up and what do you think want. A part of vision gives turf down 30% said the NFC north 46 said the NFC south and NFC west and only 10% of the NFC. East or because this division even back that is it was embassy central so has been labeled as the black and blue. Three yards and a cloud of dust at division was Sunday's game between the Packers and the bear is not a classic NFC north all this crap that's all. Yes. All about a terrible game it was video entertainment value was terrible without a doubt I've we are great grief the IMAP. At the Packers have lost that game might feel even worse about it but the real look. You know oil did you lose that game actually the over under on animals like 38. And actually went over the total. When it was like 33 game at the other one but a couple scores and home Aqib what the over will guest on those two best football teams. There's just sloppy game all the way around the Packers do it that way and what are what in the AFC. Putting the what do you think is the least. Appealing intra division match according to people in the age I would say AFC south the meat has always been unappealing. I just the unity FC south medals teams they're talking titans vs Jack wire is Texans vs colts system cults verse tighten the that that the vision Thursday night football are not exactly but if the vision I would say that's the one. All right now the way the AFC is set up. In the playoffs you could have Jacksonville Tennessee as a playoff game you know and you're right 43% of people say the AFC south. Is the worse and then the AFC nor. AFC east and then the AFC west's support sought the. C west. Has always been an injury would that. You know from. Denver in the chargers pass the ball around the yard. Oakland is so in other then their quarterback situation hurt them for a little bit there. That they won this past weekend the city's often starting goalie lost its last week. But the west to me is the best aren't as the most intriguing counts most on the war actually see where. Well that's the question on Twitter Tuesday today out on a 57 FM the fan which division do you enjoy watching. The most when it comes to teams that play each other which division. As the most entertaining. Games tweet us at 1057. FM the fan use the hash takes CW launch. You and Tony dollars the person's today the cash take CW launched at 1057 FM the fan. And going to radars the perk would you say. The solve the AFC South Dennis Thursday night football. I look at the NFC east IC prime time football with the Mossad excited writes I did a football giants cowboy I feel like that The Beatles album yes Washington Dallas and value dwindles those teams earlier. Chances are risking your prime time game. Yeah I would say that the NFC east. You know on the front of markets and because of the East Coast and now the network's feed into that and any get the cowboys and their two and I buy into it those games. They are compelling and young the F Italy the markets in Philadelphia huge market Dallas huge market. DC huge market like we're in your Eagles Washington is way more compelling surely then. The lions bears I do that although on Thanksgiving this year its lines of why keeps and I am excited for that one because we need you know we mean the vikings to start losing some games you know that's the only game I wanna watch Thanksgiving next week. You're gonna have chargers cowboys. And then it is an NFC east game but it's giants Redskins. And Annie and I its roots that's the night game bonus of some o'clock game and we any cowboys chargers are 330. Or not that's. Not that's chargers and not that appealing and assailed by the different than Armenia. You know they've lost you're now. But I mean that. Hasn't but we both those games have an effect on what we do here I also reels you rent. Now in effect on the Packers yeah yeah I'd say definitely more the first on you know 4147991250. Its check in Waco or here. Out of box Tuesday. John in Glendale wants to talk a little bottles that John or John. Yet each morning and they take my all. On the items are today I hear your thoughts after a lot meet at he game. A lot under all I've been pretty impressed. The play up and let beat you look. Energized in an aggressive and act I'm glad he looked dominant in the paint. Yeah I think that we are eating troop and sort and now we've all that waiting or. Now disease to a consistent. Is. He's you know he's got some hands issues. In a catch. And he's good around the basket. At times. No jayhawk. Title sweeping hook it's I just I'd always have this vote John I get nervous when you push the basketball on the offensive and he was really good last summer he was during that fourth quarter was his order but we don't see that enough from him. We don't see him go out there. And I mean an Arab imposing senator guarding him last night. Wells Gasol skip. Yet he had he's not he's not shooting threes yells he's a perimeter guys here is a resort to any outside the basket. But some. Yeah right I mean hasn't. Mean how long we wait for this guy to be consistent heat that he is what he has he's not a consistent player. He's not an offensive threat he's a ten minute a guy player. I don't even know if he'd be here feet and in such a good series against the bulls the couple years ago. Now mean this is that contrary to the John Hammond sort of point dumb like ten at ten enables series and we fifteen. And he helped the won a few games on both ends of the court but then now ya paid. By men assist. I don't see he is not. Our good basketball team he's not your starting center. You know the further we get away from the Jon Hamm era the more I get mad at them. Mean even Jon Hamm and air mom I was all about yeah and then still the fact that he followed the goddess or is scouting department. That's the fact that he brought him over here him acclimated in the mall walk eat. Can't say enough about that taught them how to drive yet not a lot of drive he would have been able to make that video last night if the was over John hammonds right isn't the Graham live here right now. I don't talk is John Hammond and to organize some other drive but this spending spree Horry just the route ten million dollars that everybody out now. Some of the trading deadline moves he made no Meehan bias terrorists that one. Rings out. Yeah that's true that one hurts you know he's playing very well you know ever since he left Milwaukee but. The the summer or he went guide Delhi and Kelly. I like Dell of adult. I can't believe I'm saying that I used to hate remembering Adam. Only can. And ten million a year for a third string point irate which are paying them and tell letter of its. May we may be that sick maybe it's not at the box have been so good these last three games because of Eric Bledsoe. Is because a lot of it has been hurt. We thought it odd that. Yeah he's he's been on the last three games can shorten up his bench is only had a nine man rotation right now. A lot of time at the end relations. It's working. Keep doing this the Andre. Like a good hustle guy they have out there. The corner three believe last night that was nice and so great at the fans you know these as a few things of their but I. You'll these guys come around a little bit numb but. And I'm a senator make a deal tomorrow the somewhere Donald line I think they'll give the hidden of the bodies is that because. Those two guys at the center spot where are out by February or march. You want jailed playing 25 minutes. He tweets and at what if I seven FM the fan don't forget Hammond drafted Brock then yes also draft in my voice non. Yes these contracts. He's counted there's one thing that's gonna mess up the box in the next few years it's trying to get everybody pay all miles calmly out one. Yeah what was that I mean that was terrible credit him for getting rid of on. But still it's usually a sign that the media take out some contract. Now. But I don't think the biopic of box maybe have one or two more moves in them this season. Total to bettered themselves but. You know I think they can still get better as. 21 more trade at least. No doubt about it big contract someone who looks to be in line for one next season is divide they Adams he was on the horse and while. Huddle last night we'll hear his thoughts on Brad only and how that conversion is going from going to a future hall of Famer Aaron Rodgers. To. Brett Connolly from the mall of Dovonte Adams that's next on the fan. All right this week. And that's a nice weather outside it shouldn't matter what the weather though when it comes to grow and out and when it comes to grow and out Roberts specially beats. Is where to go now of course your season is starting this Saturday followed up by Thanksgiving weekend but now's the time to start planning your food menu with quality meats from. 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Chuck Roberts special to me it's sunset drive or walk to show your hometown butcher. I. You do a great program. That's not easy tore off. You know obviously very bargain if you live Romero knows rudderless. In itself so far different news keeps us felt good luck has run the ball. He knows the system that's received was older quarterbacks you know in the regardless lethal. You know roadside formed on the road. I braves from divide there Adams and stop proud of that and jokingly color from the Brian Stratton college athletics studios. And about they items on the horse and Paul Hubble last night talking a lot we've Geary Eller sin and our bill Michaels about. And all Bret Holley finally getting a win is the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. And Dovonte Adams has to be the happy is guy here that receiving trio because. He's the only one catching touchdowns and only throws. Yeah develop guys look chemistry between those two autumn of field which is so really good. Arm but that was referrals guys get the bounty on the show last night. Working a lot together according to divine. I think numerous. Have kind of government same page over the past couple weeks kind of figure now learning each other's mannerisms they're just so we can no we don't solidify. I need to know wing you know colonel what he's thinking on different plays so. I feel like we've connected him with kind of a little bit extra time outside of the stadium to try to figure some things out and I think it does help us. Phil yeah that that long pass play at the end there I won't that the back shoulder and plea for the touchdown that was set to root those probably. The Vontae is best moral so far that that long pass on the third down call nearly a fourth quarter. The bomb to divide that ma'am I think they caught the bears off guard that one too. It's. Okay. It's. It's. Now they have no Mon day. Not a bad call there from town I'll give credit where credit's due Thom Brennaman fox sports. Dovonte we thought okay Rodgers goes down this guy's gonna lose a lot of money. But. If he's performing like this would Brett Conley. Maybe he somehow finds a way to earn a little bit more money. Adams on the horse and -- huddle last night with bill and Gary full podcast online but he says one of the things he's seen from Conley is the Grohl. And breads and able to sort of discover. Just in the huddle alone. Absolutely I mean just is poison just the way he commands the code itself is. Is you know us it's amazing to see from a young guard and you know auspices lot of veterans and and I hope you look around you see Randall Cobb Jordy Nelson. They're about your you know link Taylor and you know all all everybody from promote partisan and other than 33 in their dorm we got a lot of but years in that huddle and he's one of the youngest US open and the command that total and don't have our and it's intimate details this is gonna carry him along with Lee. He's Vontae. He's not gonna get as many balls thrown to him because it is harder pass the ball as many times as they wouldn't Aaron Rodgers who. You know these there's not a regular shootout with how many and the opposing quarterback so the thought these numbers are Nancy's gonna go down right as though that's the only thing. I have a nice gesture but these there's like a passable so. Ought Holly's kind of found Dovonte is his guy how does in effective. In getting him the short passes and then some yards after the catch and also summon as a wildcat that we've been seen. And now majorities become like the odd man out of the three. Yeah well but he'll he's. Date have some numbers for him to immunity they called the best place for him down field that was a pass interference. He's still gonna make some place importance team but they're Rodgers always says it it's a different guy every week there's no design guy and it's just that he seems a more comfortable Dovonte these days humbly. I think the other key quote from Dovonte last night or supply huddle Mondays at six. On the fan the other big story was with Martellus Bennett and everybody trashing doctor McKenzie my Dovonte Evans coming to the doctor's defense. It's been the complete opposite of any thing. It's you know are going there were my ankle. Is hereby know both ankles going into the your reward game was last year when of course though the playoff period when he did you grow wanna me to play in the in the NFC championship game would've with a bum ankle so you know our can't really see that happening in that way but it. You know different people are out of one call people liars right. Are you know this is is definitely a sticky situation effective I don't think anyone on the team can relate that would he says but our. You know it. Maybe he was made Coke foods with the way he kind of was confused maybe but yeah I'm I'm I'm I'm not too sure what that. And Danny Beasley Goldwire had to overcome a liar but he's a liar. And the Martellus has his latest comet that is every time we haven't distraught this. But Martellus keeps it going in as the media we just keep running tournament. Out in Boston he was so he says he just wants to. He said it it was all. F up. All situation. He's moving around. Do you think there was some sort of collusion. Do you think Martellus during the bye week and contact with the patriots or anyone from that organism I would not put any engineer this sort of Contra are well knowing what the patriots have done the past. And now or learning from Martellus Bennett he's just not a good guy. Who now I'm not surprising at all. Chuck and like earlier served up by Perkins restaurant and bakery is it just is a bad message to send that you know and a you can view it just. A jerk and do whatever and get yourself. Moved off the team and swim to a better island I don't think I've ever seen a group of people rally around a guy. Quicker and M with more intensity than the Packers have doctor McKenzie yell why would you come after him. Because he can't this heat can't sing anything. Pneumonia comes as same rates are you don't want the power move it is all this the other team doctor should be he could align himself he can't know present laws you know sit. Exactly oh shall wanted out of course. No we can't do that he can't talk the most pretty sure it's Tampa. Yes because can't. Can't say that he can't even see they say he's rockets agent that they're cap confidentiality absolutely. So what is the only kid the fans so please don't he can throw monitor the body exactly the us. Our trash now. Trash. Chuckling gore served up by Perkins Steve know back to join the program in the box Tuesday now doing pre and post game coverage. With a box but it seems like he's got one foot on that court we'll see at all times and talked to Steve coming up next on the. It's bucks Tuesday on chuck good way to learn now the all access box conversation. 1057 and. A mountain broadened Milwaukee's best Bucs coverage here on the fence. It's a box Tuesday don't forget 1235 and five at 35 more highlights the Milwaukee Bucks we take. Behind the scenes look at what's going Alex this team's shock. What's going out with this team. Is that they're winning games. Eric Bledsoe has sort of changed the culture in checkpoints were here on the fan then talk about that and more with former Marquette star now does. Coverage for fox sports Wisconsin for them walking box Steve Novak joins a program welcome back Steve hi event I don't I Steve. I guess how long ago while there which is let's see. The impact has done. Pretty instant that they're pretty amazing you know what he got here I think notebook and Ernie had played a few weeks shortly going to be an entire print practiced. But here we are and played three games for the books and three at all. What some. Restored the practice at all. A little slow to quote the famous how diverse and I don't know what folks practiced yet important on this police news brought quite the spark. Well I mean. What is a likely come to a new team and when you score with city. And you mean maybe don't know anything about it. What does that all like at getting acclimated getting used to your team all that amaze us it's tough to jump into I would think. Yeah there really is ability to trigger the fusion like hey you got traded the jet will be here at 7:30 tomorrow morning shall acts or. The next five months and off you go also I mean the transitions open. I think helped put a good to see how he's gonna come to the box and then kind of seamless there is struggling. Great to see because you worry I think when a guy went and got com's that's an ultimate effect other guys obviously at that point guard spot. The books are good they have built a dole on bargain and so I'm confident you were like what does that gonna look like there's there's not gonna have had a ball that has as much but really. The first two games you tell what sold kind of transitioning back in a little bit and deli and profitable play great obviously don't. These so Bledsoe really Udonis even more involved and could touch as time in transition which is. Let's just give him some use your touches goes after Russell does as much when reasonable doubt Ron and someone else have the ball on their hands. Steve Novak joining us now with fox sports Wisconsin here on a box Tuesday I'm chuck and went cooler. You know when you go to a new team it might take awhile to get acclimated to the city year lie if these guys are teammates. I've just been so impressed with how it seems like. Bledsoe and the honest particularly. These two seem like they've been playing. For a long time together much more than in just three games did have you seen. A sort of pairing like that words come together so quickly and how where is it for that to happen. Yeah and naw I do think it's unique I think because the box. Are are playing like really unselfish basketball they have the guys we're talking about. If they're all guards right I'm not gonna let you look pardon power forward who got a simple what is the point cart. And blood so the point guard and go in broad. And I think that the huge credit adjacent to it because he's a guy that he said look I'll play quite a simple guy airport I'll click position of basketball so. I think a lot of that has to do with they'll put the guys out there that are playing all the other and are all the plots minuses are good they're they're effective together. Some code would look at him go. The Creighton got 34 point her adult their you know which disincentive this group that's playing all together on an illegal and I think because they're. A group of unselfish guys that are there are raising their mid level that. And it's looking like if you borrow it it's kind of unique that's so many cars. While their one time. John Henson a plea 26 minutes last night and Hammond thought that sucked a couple of minutes at the center spot but do they need another body America. Eventually to take symbols minutes away. You know I tend to wanna say yes to you but. Are. Helpful in that. That the way the books in the play in the way of the basketball is trending. Is just it's away from big guys I mean Greg and roses as a great player for somebody who played really well with a greater pure passer. All but I think. We saw that the priority being put on speed and I'm on on selfishness and and dark place and that that kind of let my order one of the biggest star in the league market salt content. Like you said John has in the farm. Just a great job with them and there's just so much more guard what our top four guards right are averaging collectively over. Eighty points a game the Celtics and raptors talked for a guard to top two teams in the east are doing. Just collectively 55 point here so I think the box right now all our word guard to worse beats you that's I think how we are going to view. So I'm just wondering if our center is gonna come on her with Kevin Love did last week and just eat it just take care of the paint. You have no I do I do think you know that if this for a big guy comes along and that it did try to make a wrestling match with what stepfather John. This comes down I think from the box as morbid defensive scheme to take that away and double team. And make him kick someone else and then have rotation Donovan is what the votes are there right now first of being. Do we have a single guy that can stop like the dominant. Big guy. And if if that means so we got to Dublin and wrote in and finally just got so ethnic we've shown that. We're got the box our guards that are all in light in strong immune Donna's semblance on this guy as are all they can guard format as it sounds crazy but. Will serve their strong couple good guys offer now they're doing a good job. I go with Steve Novak here on a box Tuesday. Steve I was with a box recently now with fox sports Wisconsin. How different is it from your vantage point now being able to see. What Jason kids trying to do with this team offensively defensively. How different is it from your eyes now. From when you were within the team and and being a part of those plays are you seeing anything that you did in both or if that makes sense. Yeah I know are I think that this team is or seeing dollar with the Bledsoe traded as doesn't like that evolution. Of you know what Jason hasn't it had in the front office as their minds and you know I think that trade signifies very much of that is you know like I said Greg Monroe as they're very good big man. In this league. I'm always make the boldly go get a very good car. Even though we have some very good guards but. I think that you just kind of evolving out of the box we are playing small ball we are playing faster we're getting out of trying to get in honor you'll look back in transition where. You know when your done has come about on the court that you I think he couldn't concern equipped to guard you know about their load up and try to stop of but now what's it what so run alongside your artistry on the other I think we're just starting the spreads on the defense then and I think that's why. He secured to get a big role wouldn't San Antonio which ones style. And then come home the lakers 10 really push the pleasant place to play another way we beat them. And last and again Memphis is one of the popular personally. And the first quarter we were shooting 65%. So it was an up and down game but I think we're showing that we if we do we do really well. And it's going to be tough to be discount on the matter. We're facing. When is this a seamless coverage from night with Drummond. And they're off to a really good start at ten a three were you know much about them of what's what's the more comfortable against. Outside this day and then Gundy is just so grumpy I feel like there's just to his is of huge persona and vote because there really are. I played for his brother about it that's that's also not a helped dispose. What. No they are there there are bigger and and the three dose of low over the last of the last night and they're playing great it's going to be another. Per protest of reported insist on how to strike now. Common and they are what play defense without. Scores older very similar team and out there they're the long athletic guys that try to make it difficult for. For all the can collect the books are so I think it'll be it'll be a great test. Steve Howe for you as the transition to the TV world Ben because you know it's not too far removed from when you're on the court in. It can be tough when people. Our Don and then they go on the TV in there around the sport constantly and we see in the pregame and everybody's coming up in the lay up line in. Hugging you reflect interior Osgood on the transition min for you and what are you learning what are you enjoying. Are monitored on just learning so much right now what he stood at. It's the stuff but you can't expect that the out of the lower our trap but I do all my stuff. For pregame write about my thoughts together and then amok OK here we go. And I got somebody Kelly is that coming to pick up my earpiece out massive might pair up well like I have preferred other they're all my years element. Welcome a New York Cameron's three seconds and so it's been a cool what an experience with the bureau of again still on bill talk about these guys been. Has been ruled on. Did you think you are given the TV or in the has brought just don't. As good as a kid growing up my dream was to play basketball and honestly like even though they have is you know I hear you're gonna. You know you're gonna do something else longer than you're gonna play even if you have a low trigger point for a long time. I'm not sure how that never saw Jim yeah well I figured I would outplay you thought it was seventy mark it as if there agree go to court. For sure I think there was never question that I would always bureau on the industry goes on bigger Marleau so I'm. Thanks for the author of something else would have liked him speckled throughout. What if they threw Jersey at you and so we need you tonight. Are you doing completely Donner would you go that. All Millwood who would the minimum sellers rather read our I would have no choice if he. Up to the call your earlier than the word about our outlook and then then negotiate the moderate. I bet I basically is that's the of Steve do you like money do you welcome more moderate heat do you just to play at all late army Houston even ship. I do I do what it immediately became very strange to me work it out because. Once I realized I was not a that he was not working out for like the performance of playing well on the game. I lost so much motivation also at numbers like running or lifting you're going whatever. Thanks in what what am I doing right now we're more I don't have to play well on the game tomorrow and I. But so I guess it just wanna I'd I don't wanna get fat I want it still alive and well my motivation. Yup this sewage saying here and I greet you working on Sox verdict at Darrell Russell Smith is like the worst or your life. We're on our your cover our. Like forty minutes on the truck and only a list will not good for you let's sucks though it's like you don't do what you'd done your good but I mean she's all day it's like counting on workouts and or acquire the do you vote so Witten now Indian NT medium aspirations to get to a certain point or is it. Whatever comes at you logo. There. You know honestly right now. I have a nude adult also looked at but I've literally been trying to figure out of the benchmark ought we're gonna have been picked in my your consult so. Are obvious but I haven't really given it that much a lot of so what next well. I think I just rude and having a good topic because the box team is it really is an exciting our minutes or so much to talk about that. It has been out of you because there's always the other guy honest you'll invest or Luke Bledsoe trade that in so. On what you're becoming an excitement or on the pima feel like the whole community it's kind of or having problems that are so much to look forward to. It's pretty awesome and we will watch the team grow and we'll watch. You deal would John Henson and these guys in the treated. As well Steve appreciate some time keep of the go to work we'll talk soon. Are your partner Steve Novak joining us on the great midwest bank line. Where they've been committed to personalized. Common sense lending since 1935. Mean the market to buy build or renovate or refinanced. His agreement was being dot com discover the benefits of simply local. And the I mean working out is not fun as it's just. Mean just if you don't have sports or losing the trade agreement then as a spam. I've regional work of three times a week. Monday Wednesday and Friday. But when you don't really feel great and you feel like you taco world but going you do it all day in May and I have I don't wanna go to Jim. Three times a week I'm not going to a gym but I've I've worked on it is these arm exercises I do moon. Where I'm sitting down forum but I'm. And reaching out my window. And then tackle balconies and in my hand all of the drive's workouts so I'm doing okay that potentially okay and the did the Vegas gotta be heavy ball ten pounds yep and I for sure yet chick in case idea Alia. OK so I reached out my arm and that. Right here this statement. That repeat this in the back Yahoo! and in the packed oral muscle yes because sometimes what I'll do now as well art. A little further from the window in sight rarely have to reach. Or the vague and that really gets Mike or burning. I would say this though white coaches work. Ronnie and and run back because that's. That's a good few hundred yards maybe on now you're talking crazy chat but not the same you can get some current UN their way. So I mean you're already get my yard work out but maybe you can do make you one day you do the arms by going to the drive through now McCarty oh my audio. Eating the case ideas fast they can before all out of the drive the because that's thoughts mixed sweats checker Michael. Here on the fact. Chuckling where we are served up. Buys Perkins restaurant and bakery is Esther Freeman. I'm Barbara we learn. Critter Tuesday questioned today your chance at twenty dollars to Perkins tweet us at 1057. F and the Fannie is that state. CW lunch. Of the eight divisions in football we are asking you which one do you enjoy watching. The most to win the teams play each other these intra division games were talking either. And it's seen are like lions hers vikings. Or the NFC south like falcons vs Panthers. Which division. Do you enjoy watching. The most. Hewitt said what the NFC east did you say he said it this seven nor the one I do enjoy watching the most out I'm a free entertainment. Million this Sunday night probably eight football AM. C west OK I was the PFC west is gets an exciting ball but of course we'll see the Packard IOC DFC north teams play because they involve the Packers but we're talking about entertainment value. Oh football yeah it's not very good and our division. I mean it's not as do some of the other divisions maybe the NFC east or AFC west Dave to each and says. Daddy doesn't agree with me he says personally he loves watching the NFC north. He loves watching the competition within the the division. I just those games are so boring to me. You don't so boring to me in sports right now bar what chuck Keller. College would art college basketball nonconference. Why all the Wisconsin. Wisconsin jail on Sunday in thousand Wisconsin South Carolina State yellow all right team. But still these non conference games. It's like to me to the conference season you've got to diocese on JFK you Kentucky's tonight. It dual they have some different level yup but was can possibly do computers go in nonconference game. In the it was in the ACC challenge is sort of like dead maybe. But still. Some of these. Horrible nonconference match ups and I didn't know why the in the schools like Marquette Stasi and schedule them. I get debt but it's like as a mini satellite it while the Big Ten and big east or during their. Challenging javits games so Marquette host Purdue tonight you know. And then the badgers host Xavier on Thursdays we should be third game trying to make it a little better yeah I mean that's should be a little about her but it means it's Purdue game in my market Purdue. November 14 I'm just not feel accounts best what do you mean Kansas Kentucky and and this is a year where I'm trying to get. More into it night and that and I am you know there is still football more now I'm a football MBA mode it. College football molds the NFL. College basketball nonconference. Marquez just you know it sucks Eric Johnson do with sex or college basketball team is wearing you. Schedule somebody on your. Schedule and you haven't come to your home building anything he's gonna whack some and then you lose by eighteen paging Iowa State's all. Beijing I always stayed WW I'm going Marek. You know like Iowa State basically paid UW hematoma at their place so they couldn't you know these dumb little bit and you know Williams turned the tables on them. We'll mandate UWM right now als that 'cause they be look that's. All Friday named mile crawl last week you know you don't debts is that's another one. A team trailer crossed you know here and did that the lacrosse now or is it Milwaukee what do they like. I feel like they don't like UW as well and order but they're the the matter what they say may know would they want to be called the walk keeping answers for longest time. The tradition here people know them as you WMM I wanna be Wisconsin state but to but you don't you let people call them. WM with the longest Tariq he would change. His kid for 400 years economy WM. Really walking. Mostly you know William here in Wisconsin. Two teens people's thoughts Amedisys not gonna happen well it's article Milwaukee because if I say walking one last night. What I referring to of the payload the box box now now the Milwaukee cancers like who. Mean you don't hear him the box at the admirals. Brewer or get a national stage or call Wisconsin Milwaukee. Yeah that sucks the considerably turbot Wisconsin Milwaukee with the fifteenth seed after the. Big win last night man you know usually pat Baldwin starts to dole now for the Panthers. But that tonight like Marquette with a number 21 Purdue. Heavy duty schedule. Please and I'm with yeah you in the Big Ten schedule. Struck and went over served up by Perkins restaurant and bakeries. Fox Tuesday continues Gary willfully join us in about. 45 minutes on the Packers running game taking a hit within injury but will their production comma. And their running game. From Ol wide receiver again haven't they done this before. We'll explain coming.